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More concepts of “Scarlet” tee hee hee…..its its this is not the shattered glass version. Its uh this is kinda hard to explain. I’ll just draw a picture later to explain this later.

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We ran into Doc Ock down near a major chemical storehouse while on patrol today. Notable quotes:

Lucky: “Tell me, Doc— what’s the deal here? Putting your fancy degree to use making meth or something?”

Ock: “As if I’d stoop *that* low, wallcrawler! Besides, the designer market’s where the real money is!”

According to the data Gwen managed to get out of the storehouse’s security cameras and inventory logs, the contents of Ock’s haul have him in a damned good position to start flooding the city with whatever drugs he can cook up. This should go without saying, but we need to nip this in the bud ASAP.— Scarlet

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Jason: posts a shitty meme in a groupchat

Rose: If I had a dollar for every pixel in this image, I’d have fifteen cents.

Jason: If I had a dollar for every ounce of rage I felt in my body after I read that, I would have enough money to buy you a cannon to fire at you.

Thaddeus: Actually, I did the math. They would have two-hundred and twenty-five dollars, not fifteen cents.

Rose: Dude, I’m right here.

Roy: If I had a dollar, I would buy a can of soda.

Steph: While you’re there, could you buy me an apple juice?

Roy: Sorry, I only have a dollar.

Steph: sends a frowny face

Thaddeus: I just realized, my “brother” Bart is right, she would have twenty-two thousand five hundred dollars.

Thaddeus: sends a pic of his text to Bart

Roy: If I had twenty-two thousand five hundred dollars, I would buy a can of soda and an apply juice.

Thaddeus: You can buy anything you want with twenty-two thousand five hundred dollars.

Artemis: Yeah, and he wants a soda and apply juice.

Bizarro: Apply juice to what?

Jade: Directly to the forehead.

Sasha: Great job, guys.

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literally no idea what to say, pls just have this baby

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Heyya! Thank you so much for saying so! And I absolutely adore this request! Sorry for the long wait and hope you enjoy ~

Headcanons: Kyros x Lady Scarlett


Lady Scarlett and Kyros

⚘🗡The moment Kyros laid eyes on Scarlet, he was speechless. None of the grand cliche’s ever existed for him, other than love at first sight. The whole day he would steal glances, smile when she smiled and overall just finds everything about her beautiful and mesmerizing. It was obvious that he was distracted since they had to keep calling for his attention.

⚘🗡Scarlet noticed him from when Kyros first walked in, mostly because all the attention was on him for falling over something. She caught him staring a few times and decided to play dumb as if she didn’t see it. The small smiles and the red that dusted his cheeks was adorable, and certainly caused a touch of curiosity in her.

⚘🗡Complete awkward vibes when they got to have an actual conversation together, Kyros was stuttering over words and trying to make a good impression. With Scarlet laughing over how cute and adorable he was when flustered. Her presence added a sense of calm, with reassurance that he was doing just fine. Kyros eventually moved on in their conversation and got past the greeting.

⚘🗡One of Kyros’s more daring gestures was when he had found some beautiful flowers and instantly thought of Lady Scarlet, deciding to get her a few and give them to her. It took quite a while for him to actually muster the courage to hand her the bouquet.

⚘🗡Scarlet smiled, looking at the bouquet Kyros had made for her. Feeling touched by his gesture and now knowing that she is on his mind. Scarlet found Kyros to be charming in a very subtle and endearing way.

⚘🗡For a long time the two of them grew closer to one another, a few dates here and there and spending time together whenever they could. As such there was the slight growing affections such as hugs and holding hands. A kiss on the cheek or two, Scarlet was the one who took the initiative and kissed Kyros feeling his shyness might make him hesitant.

⚘🗡Scarlet was often the one who initiated any form of affection, with the rare occasion that Kyros did it first but when he did, it was always a particularly special moment for the couple.

⚘🗡The time together was often spent talking together, about nothing in particular simply enjoying the company of one another, sometimes there was some very excited chatter about the future they had in store. A concept that Kyros thought was foreign the majority of his life was subjected to fighting for freedom, living in the moment and accepting day to day life. After meeting Scarlet he finally could picture a future, one that existed with her.

⚘🗡 The first time they ever had something resembling a date, Kyros was incredibly nervous. It was obvious, he was constantly scolding himself for how sweaty his hands were and how nervous he was. However, he did take great care to make sure he dressed up and looked his best for Scarlet, only to be completely floored by how beautiful she was.

⚘🗡It was also the first time they shared a meal together, Kyros had a bit of insecurity over things like his etiquette in eating and table manners, though Scarlet firmly assured him that she didn’t care about it. If he was so concerned, she would teach him. But aside from that, he never had to worry over trivial things like that around her.

⚘🗡That insecurity and feeling of being inferior carried over and could affect Kyros often times when left alone to his own thoughts. He thought that someone like him was not befitting of Scarlet, many people reminded him of his past and his ‘place’ in life.

⚘🗡Scarlet would not tolerate any of those thoughts however, nor would she entertain them. Instantly shooting down the entire notion of his insecurity, reminding Kyros that he is a good man, and that his past does not define him.

⚘🗡The moment Kyros found out Scarlet was pregnant he was in tears of joy, one of their most talked about dreams was being married and having a child was going to come true. He could not contain his happiness, smiling and even smothering Scarlet in kisses. Embracing her, with such an overwhelming feeling of emotion welling up inside.

⚘🗡This also leads to Scarlet being very pampered and protected by her husband

⚘🗡Kyros always grew flustered when attempting to cook, he didn’t want Scarlet to stand too much or wear herself out and he also wanted to be able to make anything she might have been craving. The first while of learning was difficult.

⚘🗡In every fight, Kyros was as cool as a cucumber, the only notable moment of full blown panic was when Scarlet went into labor.

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Just finished an early workout with Gwen. For someone who spends most of her time sitting at her workstation, she’s actually pretty fit, though she did struggle with the weights.– Scarlet

One— I only struggled with the dumbbells. Two— you seem to be forgetting that not everyone can lift upwards of a ton. And three— you’re paying for the broken elliptical.— Gwen

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A Little Playful Flan~
Really happy with how this drawing turned out :p 

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Thanks for another ask, I love talking about those two families! They’re such a hot mess, honestly. 

For the Chelones, I feel as if each sibling has a lot of pressure put on them, despite what they think, just all in different areas. As the eldest, Florian is expected to put his desires aside to maintain the legacy of the family. Rather than being free to pursue his own career goals, he is shoe-horned into carefully following in the footsteps of his father. As the eldest, he is also expected to marry and continue to grow the family. He doesn’t mind as much, since, even if he hardly lets it show, he would rather deal with the burden than his siblings, but it’s still a heavy load to shoulder. Then there’s Milly who, being trapped in a more traditional society, is expected to be a stay at home wife. She has her own career goals and is rather ambitious, so she constantly has to fight against her parents and friends to get the life she wants. Lastly, Ronell. The huge expectation that really bothers him is, ironically, the expectation of there being no expectations. People view him as the youngest and most free child, so they behave as if he needs to or will do something amazing and introduce the Chelone family to new fields. Yet, all Ronell wants is to be like his father. So, in short, no, they’re all under a lot of pressure in their own ways.

For the Heartoils, that isn’t the case at all at least, not for most of Ewit and Scarlet’s childhood at least. Ewit was treated as an outsider and someone that constantly had to prove his worth, both to his family and to the outside world. He always had to overachieve for his other family members, especially his father, to accept him. Hence why, instead of doing okay in school and working towards a normal job, his father insistently pushed for him to work for the government as he had. This put an extreme strain on the other parts of his life, such as allowing him to develop healthy hobbies or connect with his peers/make friends. Meanwhile, Scarlet was encouraged to do the opposite. Her parents put emphasis on allowing her to develop her personality, encouraging socialization, and supporting her interests. This is why she ended up being the popular one that everyone knew while Ewit fell into obscurity. The tables are only allowed to turn when Ewit essentially leaves behind his family for good and their metaphorical dartboard is gone. The family was so horrible they relied on putting all the pressure and expectation on the odd one out, but Ewit just wouldn’t settle for that.

So, basically, all of these families need some help, stat. 

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These ones should be super fun to answer, so thank you! 

For 17, I have to go with Ewit. Florian is my pettiest character, but Ewit is a queen and I feel like the concept, “he’s pretty, just remove the r” is a long-running joke against him. He spends a lot of his time just plotting revenge on his more impish friends for the smallest of jokes. He basically has all the things they say to him filed away as ammo to tease them with later. Ewit is always really hard to explain to other people. He’s a sweetheart, deep down, but also deeply insecure and highly playful. It depends on the story you put him in, but, in his main one, he is also quite sardonic and sometimes can’t help but be in a grumpy mood/take things personally. So, he is 100% intentioned to be nice, sweet, and gentle, but combine that with everything listed above, how turbulent the world he is in is, and his own mental health, and those intentions can become heavily watered down in the best and worst ways. As for the playful side of it, it’s usually good and means he is being less neurotic about protecting everyone’s feelings. I rambled but, hopefully, you get the point.

For 42, Florian is arranged to marry Daphne, Ewit was once arranged to marry Claire, but both parties rebelled against their parents after agreeing it wasn’t right for them, and Scarlet is arranged to marry Casimir. All of these characters belong to upper-class families, though Ewit, Scarlet, and Claire are on the lower end. 

For 44, both Ewit, Ronell, and Milly suffer from this. Ewit, despite the one being trained for a governmental job, was always treated as the black sheep of the family due to having a different birth mother from his sister. His birth mother was also viewed as a “poor nobody”. He has no contact with his mother’s side of the family and no attempts were made by his father. Meanwhile, Scarlet, his older sister, was seen as properly born into the family and was spoiled throughout her life. Gender also ties into this, since his family was very traditional and, as a man, he was expected to be independent and strong. Ronell and Milly are siblings and both suffer because of their older brother Florian and their father’s treatment of him. Being the oldest son, Florian gets almost everything and is allowed to, as Ronell would put it “get away with murder” while they are regulated by strict rules. Ronell probably suffers the most, being, secretly, rather tender emotionally while Milly has an intense stubborn streak and doesn’t let much get her down. Their father wanted to encourage them to work hard for their accomplishments and go on their own paths in life, however, it mostly discouraged them and, as an act of rebellion against this forced idea of independence, Milly and Ronell are fairly close. 

I hope this was interesting and thanks again for sending them in!

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WandaVision: Vision and Scarlet Witch’s messy comics history, explained

WandaVision: Vision and Scarlet Witch’s messy comics history, explained

Superheroes are built around iconography: individual heroes’ familiar silhouettes, color palettes, and oft-repeated mantras about power and responsibility are just as important as longstanding relationships and nemeses. As studios churn through superhero comics, looking for movie and TV fodder, it becomes clear what creators consider too iconic and essential to a character to change. Maybe it’s…


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Random scenes I’m looking forward to see in the remake 8/?

Tifa and Scarlet b*tch-slapping each other 👊

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