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#Yennefer of Vengerberg

Yennefer’s fingers twisted expertly in Tissaia’s auburn locks, tugging at twisting the strands into beautiful braids that she ended up wrapping into a bun once she was finished, pinning it to the back of Tissaia’s head and finishing her work with a peck to her wife’s bare shoulder.

“You’re ravishing.” Yen breathed, her fingers dancing over Tissaia’s arm with smile on her lips.

“You aren’t so bad yourself, darling.” Tissaia teased, turning to face her wife. She leaned up and took Yen’s lips in a tender kiss, her fingers tracing the outline of her wife’s jaw as they kissed, before she pulled away with a cheeky smile on her lips.

“Why do you always have to tease like that…” Yen pouted, eyes scanning over every inch of the woman who stood stark naked before her.

“Because it encourages you.” Tissaia replied with smirk, turning and making her way back to their bedroom, her hips swaying so pleasantly that Yennefer found it hard to tear her eyes away.

The raven-haired woman stood from the couch and dutifully followed her wife, though she had planned to be the one who took the lead tonight in properly pleasing her wife. With a feral grin on her lips, Yen gazed down at Tissaia’s figure laying sprawled out on the bed before she closed the door behind her.

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Ciri, Yen and Jaskier sits by the fire. Yen is brushing and braiding Ciris hair.

Jaskier: *wistful sigh* I always wanted to do that.

Yen: What? Brushing hair? Don’t you fix Geralts hair all the time?

Jaskier: *blush blush* I never had long enough hair to have it braided.

Yen: Would you like to?


At dinner, Ciri sits at the end of the table, ready with her clipboard.

Jaskier: *appears in the doorway with long, flowing locks falling over his shoulders*

Geralt: *spits all his food out*

Eskel*sitting opposite of Geralt*  *regrets every decision that led him here* UGH. GROSS.

Geral: *mouth open and staring* *Geralt is really good at blushing nowdays*

Ciri: *hums and scribbles*  Subject two with long hair makes subject one eject all the food from his mouth on favorite uncle. Gross and hilarious. Idiot symptom list keeps expanding.

Ciri Science and the Idiot Syndrome

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(647 words | rated PG 13 (suggestive not explicit) | no warnings | written because @geraltsays​ poked me to | also on AO3 )

“Yennefer was capable of being extremely extravagant. Geralt recalled some pleasant moments spent with the sorceress on a sloping roof, in a tree hollow full of rotten wood, on a balcony (someone else’s, to boot), on the railing of a bridge, in a wobbly boat on a rushing river and levitating thirty fathoms above the earth” - from “A Shard Of Ice” in Sword of Destiny by Andrzej Sapkowski.

{Chapter 1; Chapter 2


Geralt pulled at the scratchy collar of his doublet. “Yen, you know I hate these stuffy parties,” he said.

“Really?” Yennefer asked, her voice thick with sarcasm. “I had no idea. You’ve never mentioned it before.”

Geralt glared and said nothing.

Yennefer smiled her dangerous playful smile and curled her fingers into the silly decorative ties of his doublet, so she could pull him against her. Without thinking he pulled her even closer, pressing her body as close to his as polite company would allow. She knew how much he wanted her. Even when he’d had her just hours before, he always wanted more.

“Why don’t you follow me out onto the balcony?” she said, her eyes sparkling up at him from under her long black lashes. “I’ve an idea you might like.”

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I have to say, I had high expectations but it was better and more amazing than everything I could’ve thought! I really understand why it got awarded the best show, but OH MY GOD. IT WAS LIFTED STRAIGHT FROM THE BOOKS. Almost all the dialogues were word for word. The show was over three hours long, so to fit into that time frame they adapted the short stories faithfully, just chose the ones to fit their storyline (Geralt finding his family – Ciri and Yen) and they shortened some of them (the Shard of Ice was the most shortened down story, just very symbolic) or cut out some characters.

I think we had only fourteen songs (the rest of the show was your usual talking ;)), but they were so fucking AMAZING. I have to say, I wasn’t expecting the musical to be the best adaptation of The Witcher, but it is. It has the soul, the right personalities, the look, the atmosphere, the adventures, the hauntingness, the comedy—ahhhh!

Oh, and you know we currently have protests in Poland because our government made the abortion of sick and defective fetuses illegal? Yeah, so all the actors (at least all the female ones and Geralt) had the symbols of that protest painted on their body! It was such a great gesture

Alright, so chronologically:

1. We’re starting with Jaskier getting out of where the orchestra is usually hidden and telling us that he got his lute from the elves, so it’s enchanted and can play by itself! Very clever :D. Then he starts his song about Geralt, telling us that we’re about to witness his story. Jaskier, mind you, is our narrator and he’s freaking perfect at it, joining all the short stories together and commenting on the events, providing entertainment and breaking the fourth wall with Geralt sometimes :D

2. Our beginning is Something More. Geralt gets bitten by the ghouls while saving Yurga. Why? He gets distracted because the small monsters remind him of small children, and we hear this haunting laugh of a small girl. Remember – it’s when Geralt thinks that Ciri died in the fall of Cintra. So he’s too slow, gets bitten and Yurga saves him. The short stories play as his memories and hallucinations because he can’t stop thinking about Ciri and Yen, about this family he wasn’t able to create for himself.

3. So – Cintra! Calanthe (very rightfully a blonde, not a brunette ;p) was AMAZING! I loved her so much. I can’t even describe you how perfect it was when a royal jokester was killed by her orders while she threatened Geralt with torture. Then we had his bloody head brought back. Jaskier sang about Pavetta and about the banquet – “give us bread, pour us wine” – so awesome, and the song stopped every time Pavetta vocalized in that creepy voice. It was already so powerful and making shivers ran down your spine. When Duny appeared, Calanthe’s leg was bouncing the whole time he sang, she was so tense, her fists clenched – you could see how nervous and angry and frightened for her daughter she was! And then she acted! Ordering Duny to be killed after the clock struck midnight & he removed his helmet and we got to see his cursed face! Geralt intervened of course (after trying to protect Pavetta by lying that only she could accept the Law), and instead of a floating Shrek scene we had Pavetta screaming while everyone was fighting. Every scream of her was stronger and stronger, making people writhe on the floor in pain until Geralt managed to Aard her. The end was awesome, straight from the books, with Calanthe being happy that her daughter found real love once, with screaming about Pavetta losing her virginity to Duny (dialogue was word for word, and delivered so greatly we all were laughing and Jaskier was rolling his eyes). Geralt pointed out that the clock struck too early and that it was a trick. Calanthe – caught red-handed – made mocking noises at him and Geralt made mocking noises right back at her. I thought I would die laughing :D. Then ofc Duny asked Geralt about his reward, Geralt chose (consciously, like in the books, not that idiotic Netflix joke) the Law of Surprise.

4. After that we also had a hallucination of Ciri kicking her legs and asking Geralt if he comes for her in six years because she’s waiting for him. Which was so sad because he thought she was dead. There was a short imaginary of Ciri’s parents dying on the sea.

5. Then we had The Last Wish, because Geralt started to mumble Yennefer’s name in his sleep. And that means Geralt and Jaskier’s adventure with the djinn! Ahaha, that was the absolute comedy gold :D! Our boys were fishing for breakfast and Jaskier was composing a ballad about a mermaid losing her voice and getting a pair of nice legs (a nod to A Little Sacrifice), and Geralt was all like: “*snort* You have such a pretty voice, Jaskier, but your ballads are full of shit, no one will believe them”. Oooh, and THE FIT JASKIER THREW because of that! It was glorious! He started accusing Geralt of not understanding art, all but crying, stomping, and finally yelling to us that he “leaves us with that rude idiot for two more hours!” Geralt’s reaction was to grin and tell us not to worry, that Jaskier will be back. And, true to his words, Jaskier came right back in to yell at Geralt some more xD. He told him that he couldn’t leave Geralt alone because Geralt would burst into tears – and that he very much wanted to smack some sense into Geralt, but he also couldn’t, since Geralt, once again, would burst into tears surely! Geralt was humoring him the whole time before Roach interrupted them to show that a fish was tugging on the first rope. Our boys ran to it, Jaskier trying to help, but doing everything to make it more difficult for Geralt – tugging too hard, crawling on all fours between Geralt’s legs and such, haha. The rope broke, of course. The other one caught as well then, and Geralt was like “BREAK THIS ONE AND I’LL BREAK YOUR NECK” to Jaskier :D. Of course when they got out the amphora with the djinn, they were so fast to say “1, 2, 3, you’re eating shit today” to each other (it rhymed in Polish) – Geralt lost so he would be the one going hungry. He groaned, but then Jaskier was like, “ohoho, it’s a djinn!”. Geralt tried to catch him, warning him to stay safe, but Jaskier had none of that. He was running fast, avoiding Geralt’s hands and laughing at him, “Hey, djinn! change Geralt into a pig!” (Geralt had literal murder in his eyes, hahaha). But then he got down to business, opened the amphora, threw the seal away, and started with Valdo Marx and Virginia. The djinn appeared, got Jaskier and Roach, Geralt panicked, used the “exorcism”, and got Jaskier out, so worried and terrified for his friend. Jaskier was mostly vomiting and couldn’t talk except for “fuuuuuuuuuuck”, wasn’t dying or anything, so Geralt relaxed enough to tease him. “Let’s get you to a mage or a doctor. Oh nooo, you’re not able to sing now? Finally, haha”. Cue Jaskier trying to murder him and then vomiting right onto Geralt— with Geralt yelling “NOT ON MY PANTS!!” all disgusted :D. Roach was left alone, coughing - she died and changed her mane and her tail to new ones (we had like 3-4 Roaches, and tbh, Geralt wasn’t a horse girl, but Roach was a Geralt’s girl, saving his ass so many times :D)

Okay, it’s getting long, and we’re getting to Yennefer now, so it’ll be even longer – see you in part 2 of the “review” ;)

What will be in part 2? Yen topping Geralt (yes, yes xd), Geralt being in a horse-mill and singing about suicide and the Wild Hunt, Yen and Geralt crashing parties through various portals, Yennefer laughing at Geralt’s “exorcism”, Geralt attacking people under Yen’s spell, Jaskier dreaming about girls and Virginia, anddddddd CIRI AND BROKILON :D!

There will also be: #PART 3 ;)!

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I know I have not been as active on this blog as I want to be (I’ve been working on my masters thesis and that has consumed me beyond belief) but I wanted to post that I FINALLY finished my yen/priscilla, geralt/jaskier fic ! A Wolven Storm is complete! Let me know if you read it :)


It’s been six years since Niedamir’s mountain, and things have seemingly settled at Kaer Morhen. That is, until word of a Witcher’s bard captured by Nilfgaard reaches the ears of the old keep. Geralt and Yennefer team up to save Jaskier and fill a void in their makeshift family they didn’t know was there until it was threatened.

They’ll end up with so much more: new chances at love, and an opportunity to stick it to Nilfgaard once and for all.

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