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What y'alls opinion of TLOU2? i finished playing the game recently and i don’t understand why the game got so much hate. I mean I’m not that happy about the ending, but the game itself wasn’t that bad 🤷‍♀️

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Even though I just finished The Last of Us Part 2, I feel like The Last of Us Part 2 finished me.

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My favorite Ellie quote is when ever Joel takes her to the dinosaur museum and she says to the first dinosaur *Ellie in a deep Voice* “Das a biG bOY.”

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Guess who finished permadeathhhhhh, see said that a few days off it would help me get past the abbey and Ellie theatre confrontation.

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“Once we’re done with this thing, I’m gonna teach you how to play guitar.” -Joel to Ellie, TLOU

“You know what? I’m gonna teach you how to play guitar.” -Ellie to JJ, TLOU II

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A/N: ok hi hello since i played tlou2 when it released i’ve been thinking cONSTANTLY about ellie and the time following joel’s death to the time ellie leaves jackson for seattle, and i’ve been desperate to write a fic about it for so long now and i finally had the motivation to do it and i wrote this in an hour so its obviously top quality;))!!! this is an x reader just because i think that makes stories a lil more fun and because i struggle to write in character pov’s but here we go. i am also in the middle of writing a kylo ren multi-part fic, a part 2 to my abby fic and some mando content because <33 why not <33 i love all of you and i wish you all a very happy new year<33

warnings: mentions of death? i think that is all :))

word count: 1.6k+

description: Ellie and the reader have a heart to heart after the death of Joel.

You knocked quietly on the door of Ellie’s home in Jackson, a plate full of food in your hands and your lip between your teeth in anticipation as you waited for her to answer. Truthfully, you weren’t sure if she would answer, or if she was even home. You weren’t sure which one worried you more.

No one had seen Ellie in at least a week, not even Dina. You had left food outside of her home, which you knew she had been accepting, as each time you returned an empty plate would greet you. Other than that, no one had had any interaction with Ellie. This was the first time you had stayed, waiting to see her whilst you delivered her food.

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This has been eating me alive but I need to ask this even though it’s probably been asked before. If Ellie somehow had a kid biologically, is there a possibility that they would also be immune? I know the answer is probably no but could someone smarter than me answer me?

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SOOOO I’m a little, just a tad bit, sad with how last of us 2 ended and decided to just write it out until naughtydog decides to create another of 🤞🏼 hopefully at least. Also just testing out my writing so hope ya like it.

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