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Tagged by @outofangband ! (Sorry I had this sitting in my drafts for a long I time, and a similar thing yesterday reminded me! ^^; )


I have small hands / I love the night / I watch small animals and birds when I pass them by / I drink herbal tea / I wake to see the dawn (I usually wake up well before the dawn though)/ The smell of dust is comforting / I’m valued for being wise / I prefer books to music / I meditate / I find joy in discovering truth from the world around me


I don’t have straight hair / I like to wear ripped jeans and overalls / I play an organized sport / I love dogs / I am not afraid of adventure / I love talking to strangers / I always try new foods / I enjoy road trips / Summer is my favorite season / My radio Spotify is always playing


I wear bracelets on my wrists / I love the bustle of the city / I have more than one set of piercings / I read poetry / I love the sound of a thunderstorm / I want to travel the world / I sleep past midday most days / I love dimly lit diners and fluorescent signs / I rewatch kids shows in nostalgia / I see emotions in colors, not words


I wear glasses or contacts / I enjoy doing the laundry / I am a vegetarian or a vegan (kinda- I do eat fish/ seafood very rarely) / I have an excellent sense of time / My sense of humor is very cheerful / I am a valued advisor to my friends / I believe in true love / I love the chill of the mountain air / I am always listening to music / I am highly trusted by the people in my life


I go without makeup in my daily life / I make my own artwork/ I keep track of my tasks and time / I always know true north / I see beauty in everything / I can always smell flowers / I smile at everyone I pass by / I am afraid of history repeating itself / I can love unconditionally

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I will make a detailed post about this eventually but!  Y’SHTOLA IS 100% BLIND ON BOTH EYES. While she can see some things based on the very aether [life-”energy] a person consists of, she did, in fact, lose her eyesight after the events of Final Fantasy XIV: “A Realm Reborn” [at the end of 2.0, relatively close to the beginning of XIV’s general story]. Please keep that in mind whenever your muse addresses her especially when she is a) in a different FF-realm which might cause her aether sight to weaken or become too tedious [in which case she is completely blind] or b) whenever crossovers are concerned. It’s kind of obvious since her eyes are white / basically burnt out BUT I had people in the past kinda not catching the drift either way. 

to clarify: to her, the PEOPLE SHE ENCOUNTERS APPEAR IN THE FORM OF A WHITE SHAPELESS MASS OF GLOWING AETHER AGAINST A BLACK BACKGROUND. She CAN’T i.e recognize facial features, expressions, colors, details of clothing or anything intricate really. What she CAN see is i.e the rough outline of a person, the approximate height of someone, magic radiating in or outside of someone & whenever they are carrying an object [weaponry, etc] or not. The same applies to animals & nature in general. Though the latter seems to be a special case granted how nature is often full of a more refined aether that allows her to i.e see a tree’s roots woven through the very soil beneath her feet, etc. 

Sometimes whenever she is around people, the color of the aether changes; it can have hues of red, blue, yellow, green, [or mixtures thereof] etc. – it depends on the person’s personality or whatever element i.e their magick assorts with. As mentioned above, Y’shtola can trace down said “magical energy / aether” in or outside a body; i.e.: if someone casts a fire spell, she is able to “see” it materialize & move [same applies to VII’s materia. She sees no color differences in that regard though].

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