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evelynhugosbitch · 7 months ago
This is exactly what I’m paying Netflix for,
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scisetforever · a month ago
Arcane but just the swear words!!
if you're a little kid i advise you not to watch this as this clip is full of s**t. Thank you.
I think i got all of them but i don't wanna jinx it (get the pun) but i'm sure i forgot one or two little fucks or shits. Lemme know if i did so i can edit them in!! or if there are any other words i could add into it!! I also added the 'shut up' and the 'hell' cause i thought they were worthy of being in this :)
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nanvji · 5 months ago
Arcane modern AU and lockdown HC
- Silco being SO ANGRY because his network disconnected him from meeting (And he’s host of the meeting so he would be angry af)
- Jinx would just pretending that she’s listening to her lessons because Silco was kinda mad and „EdUcAtIoN iS vErY iMpOrTaNt”
- imagine, Silco’s going to make himself a coffee in the kitchen and he see Jinx, who is just eating smth or laying on the counter
„You are not having any lessons now?” „I have” and Jinx being this meme:
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viktordomwife · 3 months ago
I have been gone for too long, bc of my job . so here is what i think mel / jayce / vik / and silco would do in my job /
- She’s the regional manager of the company
- She’s in charge of keeping the business afloat .
- WILL NOT , I repeat , WILL NOT have sales go down . not on her fucking watch . she will boosts sales even if means whoring jayce to the public
- Holds a manager meeting with other branches to check up on them , but also doesn’t listen to their concerns .
- A sale is a sale. No matter what.
- Has argued with the actual CEO at least five times in the meeting
- Makes the hallways her personal cat walk .
- You thought the CEO would wear the nicer clothes? No sweetie . Mel will walk in with gucci dripping out of her pores.
- Starbucks. STARBUCKS. or if that’s not available . . . STARBUCKS. somehow.
- Her assistant cries , not because Mel was harsh , no . Because Mel cares for her
- Goes to bother Jayce and Viktor . Jayce more so.
- Has flirted with Jayce
- Got rejected by Jayce
- Is still trying with Jayce
-her office ? it’s on the top floor bc she said so and she will not take no for an answer
- has scared the CEO more than once
- mommy ? she is your mommy at this point
- he came in on an entry level position .
- the optimistic and go getter employee .
- training jayce is like training a dog . he listens , and easy to teach . he was basically self taught by the end of his training .
- he buys everyone coffee , he remembers EVERYONES order . and even labels the cups too .
- when he answer phone calls he’s always polite . but the entire office can see the murderous glare that jayce has when a customer is pissing him off
- one time , he received a call ; and instead of arguing he simply hung up and emailed the customer to fuck off .
- he could had been fired , but he was given a warning .
- he has lunch with Viktor and Sky , and he always brings them lunches because he makes “too much.”. he purposely made a lot bc “Viktor has no meat on him.”
- is the first to come into the office to finish off yesterdays workload
- who needs the IT guy when jayce IS the IT guy in the office?
- once changed the CEO picture on the website to the statue of liberty
- has more than once rejected Mel
- he’s just there to get paid and leave .
- ofc he has decorations on his desk . what kind of heathen is he? there’s no windows in the office and everything feels like a prison cell .
- with that , he has his funk pops , dog pics , mama pics , and and his ✨rocks✨
- is the sale branch manager
- he wants to be anywhere BUT work
- he initially came in as an intern to get points for college , but the CEO gave him the manager position bc he was just too good
- has developed dark circles and a caffeine addiction because of it .
- he worked so many over time hours that he has a futon in the office to sleep on when he wants to nap
- has mastered the art of ✨Not giving a shit✨
- has trained Jayce . at least jayce is competent. my god
- he once had to train a whole employee how to use the snipping tool
- literally gets headaches from the amount of times the company has changed its rules and systems .
- he once had to whack someone with his cane to get to work because they were walking too slow . yes . TOO SLOW .
- he is surprisingly strong , he once lifted two whole boxes of supplies from the FedEx delivery man
- literally chips in for happy hour even though Mel said no more alcohol
- never listens to Mel
- somehow his office is always on top of sales and marketing .
- he likes to thank jayce and his team . . NOT MEL .
- he brings his cat blitzcrank when he has another overnight shift
- at the end of every month when they count sales , viktor is stressed . and everyone feels it bc he’s grumbling and mumbling .
- not even jayce can help .
- his desk is the one with the stacks of paper work . he has so much that he no longer knows which is pending work or immediate pending
- he has more than once cried in the office .
- but everyone loves viktor so it’s okay
- if you thought mel was worse , ohohoho , silco was a nightmare .
- he’s not the CEO, but he’s basically the CFO . he basically oversaw the company financially
- he will come to the room and everyone is either on their knees or looking away
- he may be an awful person to work with : but he knows what he’s doing and nobody can stand him bc of it
- mel has tried to get him fired , but silco came back as CFO this time
- and to rub salt to open wounds: silco used to be the regional manager , until mel got his booted , but the CEO needed a new CFO and silco came to mind . so HA .
- he has a reputation to proceed with , and he will not let anything ruin it .
- turns out he’s got a soft spot for a few employees (who are not mel and jayce)
- his favorite is viktor .
- viktor listens to him and spills the tea . they both call each other to roast each other and others . nobody is safe .
- one time , silco was called at an ungodly hour bc he decided to take a two day vacation and the company nearly blew itself up
- he came back to the office with 150 unread messages
- he never blocked people so fast in his life
- he actually told employees NOT TO give out his email and contact information anymore .
- the reason why he’s single: the company .
- the company has successfully cockblocked him one too many times that he just gave up .
- he’s also the one who secretly gives everyone a christmas and new years bonus , but nobody knows it’s him . they all think it’s mel . the assholes .
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shadowcrafter-28 · 6 months ago
Arcane Studies (imma do full lil portraits of Vi and Jinx soon
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Btw theres a no flash version cause or looked good in that way too
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celiastjamesbitch · 7 months ago
I am SO le$bean for piltover's finest
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mechmoucha · 4 months ago
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Did you know that you can create your avatar in Arcane's style?
Here's mine 😁✨
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arcane-simp · 6 months ago
I’d like to know peoples’ unpopular opinions and just opinions and insights in general about Arcane characters/The plot/etc. Just a friendly page for people to write below and discuss on with strangers and maybe make new friends. Arcane is a very interesting show and there’s so many things I’m finding out and realising that I completely missed while watching the show! So if you have any opinions or just wanna start a discussion just write it down in the comments/replies bit and see what other people have to say about it. 
Remember that people have their own opinions and thoughts on certain characters and we’re not all the same. You can have a joke about and have an opinion without being mean and disrespectful. 
Let the discussions begin!!
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sadbugbois · 4 months ago
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good kids
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juluia · 4 months ago
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ffc1cb · 4 months ago
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i also watched arcane a couple of months ago. it was fun
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evelynhugosbitch · 7 months ago
Hold on wait a minute
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is that Jinx at the window?
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scisetforever · 25 days ago
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Gotta love milo mylo and clag claggor
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nanvji · 5 months ago
Ok just imagine
Silco x reader ff about Reader who is tailor’s assistant from a young age
And one day they met young Silco on the back of tailor shop, he wasn’t looking good, so they decided to help him
Perhaps they closed up his wounds? Because they know stitching
And they were helping him sometimes, but after that, he disappeared
And after a few years he was back
Yeah, again on the back of tailor shop
But now, this was reader’s tailor shop
And he told them only one thing, without any „hi” or „long time no see”
He just said
„I need to become a legend.
And you are going to make me look like a one”
Or smth like that
I need this ff, but I can’t write in English
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viktordomwife · 5 months ago
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click both. CLICK BOTH.
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tio-trile · 6 months ago
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He’s fine
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celiastjamesbitch · 6 months ago
If you could say something to Cait and Vi what would you say to them?? 🥰
"Now kiss 😳😳💦"
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ariespsyche · 5 months ago
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today i offer u my possessive viktor crumbs.... tomorrow...who knows...
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silcoholdsstuff · a month ago
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smolsawyer · 3 months ago
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Vi in Arcane (season 1)
“I pretended to chase my own monsters away. I’d say… ‘No monster’s gonna get you when I’m here.’ Then a real monster showed up. And I just ran away.”
(Caitlyn’s and Ekko's version)
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