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I Wrecked the Ferrari || Nikki Sixx
✧ pairing: Nikki Sixx x Female!Reader
✧ || Nikki Sixx masterlist
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^^ that's the car we're using for this fic 💀
“This is bad. This is SO BAD!” Jude yells from the outside of Nikki’s ruby red Ferrari. The car had just been waxed and detailed with a deep cleaning performed on the interior. When 17-year-old Jude Ashton Sixx convinced his father, Nikki, to let him out in the town to impress a girl – he never expected his son to crash the car. 
Jude remembered the talking-to Nikki gave him just before he left with the keys in hand.
“You take care of this thing as if it is your firstborn child, do you understand me? You park far away in parking lots, you protect this car with your life.” 
Already that sentiment made Jude’s head whirl.
“What about the second kid?” He asked with a gulp.
Nikki squeezed his son’s shoulder.
“First born child.” He states with a stagger in his emerald eyes that makes Jude look around.
“But what about the second kid?”
Jude swallowed. “M-my name isn’t–” 
Nikki rolled his eyes and pulled his youngest into a bone-crushing hug. “Just get out of here and have fun.” He ruffles his fingers through Jude’s brown strands of hair and opens the door. When Nikki saw his baby – the car, not Jude – depart from the driveway of your Los Angeles home, he had a nervous feeling rising in the pit of his stomach that he couldn’t quite pin a point to. 
You were looking out of the window with a sweet smile as you started dinner, watching as Nikki waved goodbye to Jude who left with the shiny red Ferrari. Nikki returned inside and immediately came to find you, arms wrapped around you as he nuzzled his face into the warmth of your neck. 
“Hi, rockstar,” You giggle quietly, leaning into his touch and nearly dropping your spoon in the sink when Nikki did that all too familiar tongue trick where he licked you on your sweet spot, knowing it sent little shivers down your spine and an ocean to form in between your thighs that suddenly ached for him. 
“He’s gone… Ella’s out of town for a show… Come on, kitten.” He purrs in your ear, catching your earlobe in between his teeth as you groan, gripping the edge of the counter.
“But dinner,” You protest with a subtle whine.
“Is the kitty between your legs. Come on, baby girl. Daddy’s starving.” 
That was all it took for Nikki to coax you to the bedroom. You were giggling on the way to your destination, two tickets set for Railville, and you couldn’t wait. While you were having your world rocked over and over again by the hottest guy alive who you had the privilege to call your husband for the last 22 years, your son was facing a midlife crisis and he was only 17. 
Jude sat there, seeing red paint smeared across the rear end of a woman’s white sedan. “Sweetheart, it’s okay!” The middle-aged woman said with a smile, seeing that Jude’s facial expression clearly said that it was not fine. It was horrible. It was terrible! His grave was being dug tonight! At this rate, Nikki would make Jude dig it before throwing him into it!
“No, no, no! Y-you don’t understand!” Jude whispers to himself. The police had arrived to take a report, Jude automatically being put at fault considering it was a rear-end hit. He wasn’t paying attention. He was messing with the radio dial and didn’t see the woman’s car stopped ahead of him. Next thing he knew, BAM! He hit her car and he saw Nikki’s raging infernos shooting lasers at him like he was a modern-day Superman. 
But an unruly Superman. Like – the Superman who had seen some things and done some rather questionable things. 
This car was both Nikki’s strength and kryptonite. 
It was his baby. 
“Mr. Sixx, it’s alright.” The police officer told him. “No airbags deployed so the car is not considered a total loss. The front end is–” As if karma heard Jude’s demise, the front end of Nikki’s car fell into the concrete. The police officer craned his head to the side and looked at it. “Well, that’s not good.” 
Jude was on the verge of a panic attack. He threw his hands out at the cop, the guy’s eyebrow cocking in confusion. “Sir?”
“Just take me now! I’m better off in a cell than in my father’s hands!” He squeezes his eyes shut. 
The woman looks at the officer who’s staring down at Jude’s outstretched wrists. 
“You’re not being arrested, Mr. Sixx,” The guy laughs. 
“Jail is better than my house!” 
“Oh, no it’s not,” The cop laughs. “Go ahead and give somebody a call. We’ll wait here for you, but I am going to go ahead and contact a wrecker to come and get your dad’s car.” 
Jude felt like he was going to start hyperventilating as the cop walked away. He hurriedly pulled out his phone and with trembling fingers, dialed his sister’s number. 
Across the states stood Ella who was preparing to go on for a show. She gazed down at her phone and saw Jude’s contact picture – his terrified face when she put on a clown mask last year for Halloween and hid in his room. It was a picture-perfect memory. 
“JUDE! WHAT’S UP?!” Ella exclaims as she plugs her ear to listen.
“ELLA! I WRECKED DAD’S CAR!” Jude exclaims. 
Ella’s eyes widened. “The red Ferrari ?! Ruby Red?!” She exclaims. 
“NO, RUBY BLUE! YES RUBY RED!” Jude frantically says. “They’re calling a wrecker to get his car and it was my fault!” 
Ella hisses. “Does dad know?!” 
“NO!” Jude screams. “What do I do?!” 
“Is a cop there?” Ella asks. 
“YES!” Jude groans.
Ella sighs. “Tell him to take you onto the jailhouse. Daddy’s going to be PISSED!” 
Jude’s eyes widened. “That’s NOT helpful advice, ELLA!” 
Ella shakes her head. “I have to go onstage, Judester! I’m sorry!” She exclaims, already being pushed her bass by the tech. 
“ELLA!” Jude cries, but the line goes dead. Jude rolls his eyes and decides to go ahead and make his amends. He thought to send a text to his girlfriend, Sarah, and say he loved her. Because today would probably be the day that he officially died. 
He was already thinking of what his headstone would say.
Here lies Jude Sixx. Died at the hands of an enraged bull named Nikki Sixx. RIP, but not really. He’ll be haunted forever. Jude. Not Nikki. Even in death, Nikki will torment him for Ruby Red’s death. 
As Jude made the call, he closed his eyes as the cop approached him to say that a wrecker was on its way to grab Nikki’s Ferrari. 
“N-Nikki, don’t stop!” You scream as your husband’s pressed deep inside of you, his strokes hard and rough as his lips hungrily find yours. You’re raking your nails across his tattooed back, surely bringing blood to the surface as he practically scrapes you from the inside. 
His hair is a curtain around your face as he kisses you deeply, tongue pushing its way into your mouth for a sweet taste. He heard the sound of his phone ringing, but he did not attempt to get off you. 
“Come on, pretty girl. Come for daddy.” Nikki growls sweetly in your ear as he can feel you squeezing tight around him. His words alone coax you forward and you’re spilling over the edge, walls pulsating around his fulfilling length, hot spurts of his come filling you to the brim.
Gasps flood from your mouths as his phone rings again. 
“Who the hell is it?!” He groans, reaching over your head to snatch the phone from his bedside table.
You giggle with a smile. “You’re the only guy I’ve ever been with who keeps his friend inside of me while reaching for the phone.” You smirk, playing with his chest at the one nipple ring you begged him to put back in a few months ago. You liked to bite on it while you played with him. Plus you thought he was so incredibly sexy with a nipple ring. You remembered it being one of those things that made your head spin when you first met in 1990. 
“But you love it so much, Bunny. You’re still pulsating around my dick.” Nikki smirks and licks a stripe over your cheek, earning you to playfully shove him. But his smile drops when he sees Jude’s face on his phone. “It’s our boy.” He sighs. 
Nikki answers it and puts it on speakerphone. “Jude?” 
He can hear the heavy breathing of his son’s voice. 
“D-dad?” Jude quivers. “Um–” 
“Jude, what is it?” You ask.
Jude breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe Nikki wouldn’t scream too much with you there. 
“I wrecked the Ferrari,” Jude finally blurts it out. 
Your eyes widen and Nikki’s eyes widen.
“Are you okay?” He asks him.
Jude’s eyes snap open. 
“M-me or the car?” 
“You, Jude! Are you okay?!” Nikki asks. 
“Y-yeah, I’m fine…”
Nikki’s already pulling out and hurrying to the bathroom to clean himself up. “Where are you?” He asks. 
“On the strip, right in front of the Whiskey A Go Go,” Jude answers. Nikki cleans up and rushes to put his clothes back on, you do the same. 
“Your mom and I will be there soon, okay? I love you.”
Jude was in disbelief. “I love you too?” He says more as a question before the line ends. You and Nikki are rushing down to where the accident occurred, only to see cops and Jude standing by Nikki’s car. 
As soon as Nikki saw bright red paint on the back end of a woman’s car, he felt his heart drop. 
“Nikki…” You call his name quietly. “He’s scared.” 
Nikki nods. “I know, I know.” He walks over and the cop greets him.
“Mr. Nikki Sixx?” The cop questions.
“Yes Sir,” Nikki answers. He’s given the assessment of the damage but was nice enough to not write Jude a ticket. 
“Because of your son’s behavior, I’ve decided not to write him a ticket. He’s very shaken up and even asked me to take him to jail.” He chuckles as you walk over and pull Jude into your arms. He wraps them around you, still eyeing Nikki. 
Nikki nods. “Thank you,” He sighs.
Then he saw his front end on the ground. “Oh, Jude…” The rockstar’s heart was already breaking. The wrecker pulled up and Nikki scrunched his nose up when he saw the guy pick up his front-end piece and load it into the truck before wheeling the crashed Ferrari onto the wrecker. As it was mounted down and whisked down the Sunset Strip, Nikki cursed under his breath. But when he saw his son unscathed but shaking, he walked over.
Jude’s green eyes widened.
“DON’T HIT ME!” He screams, shielding his face.
Nikki laughs. “Jude, I’ve never hit you a day in my life.” He sighs.
“UNTIL TODAY!” Jude winces, peeking through his hands. 
Nikki pulls his son into his arms, a tight hug ensuing.
“Are you going to suffocate me to death and make it look like an act of love?” Jude whispers.
Nikki groans and shakes his head. “The car is a car, Jude. It’s not a human. You’re my son. I’m just glad you’re okay and it wasn’t worse. I can get the car fixed.” 
Jude’s eyes widen. “But what about taking care of it as if it were my firstborn?” He remembers Nikki’s advice from earlier today before he left. 
“Your life is more important than the car.” Nikki reiterates to him. 
You smile and walk over, wrapping your arms around your husband and baby boy. Kissing his head, you sigh. 
“However, you will help me pay for the damages done to the car. Is that understood?” Nikki asks. 
“Yes Sir,” Jude answers.
“Okay. Come on, let’s get back home.” He smiles and kisses the top of Jude’s head before getting the three of you into your SUV and returning to the house.
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turns out all the edgy x readers where one direction all hated each other secretly were true all along
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Group sex - Måneskin
Okay I had started this YEARS ago about Queen but I knew what I had to do! so here it is, my first maneskin smut, I hope you enjoy it! just keep in mind I haven't written smut in a long long time so there might be some inconsistencies but I tried my best. It's very explicit and out right so just be careful.
- In which your boyfriend Ethan introduces you to all his bandmates, in the most delicious way.
Tumblr media
wordcount: 3,507
relationships: b/b/b/g, g/g, b/b/b warnings: smut, literal smut!
You didn’t know what had got you into such a mood that day but something had made you feel absolutely foul, you just wanted to cry. To cheer yourself up you decided you would see your beau Ethan Torchio- you had been seeing Ethan for several weeks now and it was brilliant.
When you got there a very drunk Ethan answered the door, his face lit up when he saw you.
“Baby!! My little clover! Come in come in!” He flailed his strong arms motioning you to come into his humble country home.
“Nice to see you too bubs aha” you giggle as he pulled you into a tight hug.
“I’ve got a few friends over for drinks, come meet them” he ushered you into the large sitting room from the magnificent hallway.
“Babe this is Damiano and Thomas my bandmates. Guys this is my lucky clover!!” He kissed all over your face feverishly making you blush all over again.
“Pleasure to meet you all” you hid behind your big hair. Damiano was looking right at you, scanning you up and down and it made you nervous truth be told.
“Oh honeyyy, the pleasure I’m sure will be all mine” he winked flirtatiously, the way he dragged out the honey made your stomach drop and fill with butterflies.
“Dami come on, stop flirting with the new girl, that’s Ethan’s girl” Thomas hit his arm playfully, making Damiano scowl.
“That’s right, she’s my girl” Ethan has his arm around you again handing you a drink that you couldn’t quite work out what it was.
“Hey now we’re not exclusive Ethe” you removed his arm from around you and sit on the sofa beside Damiano, shooting Ethan a playful wink and he smiled.
“So pretty girl wanna play a game sweetheart??” Damiano asks leaning closer to you, heat rising to your cheeks as you could feel the sexual tension fill the room.
“Only if everyone else will play” you looked around nervously at the men who were all now smirking.
“Oh baby baby baby, we’ll all be playing” he has the most delicious smile on his face, one that could only be compared to that of the Cheshire Cat.
Two hours and many many drinks later you had somehow lost your leather jacket and your leopard print tank top. Damiano had been the entertainment of the night, doing stupid things to get a laugh out of everyone, you got the feeling he was trying hard to impress you.
“Thomas gives it back” you laughed and clambered over Damiano's lap to get to Thomas who was on the other side of him.
“Fucking hell, your boobs are massive” Damiano states out of nowhere, a smoke between his beautiful lips.
“Fucksake Dami!! Stop hitting on my girl” Ethan pouts, it was obvious that all the attention from the others was getting to him, it honestly turned you on to see him get so mad over the attention.
“Oh my gosh!” You jumped as a firm hand lands sharply on your ass, “Damiano!” You giggled and face him, he has the same devilish smile on his beautiful face.
“Come on now, that’s not very nice, little Ethan is getting upset” Thomas mocks Ethan who was sulking on the other end of the sofa.
“Hey Ethe, I have an idea” Dami pushes you off of him sloppily and you fall in Thomas' clap, he softly plays with your hair.
You watched Ethan's face light up in a way you’d never seen before as Damiano whispered in your ear.
Before you knew what was happening you were in Ethan’s lap, lovingly grinding against him, his hands were all over your body and you were getting hot under whatever clothing remained in your body.
Dami was sat beside him, his hands around your back undoing your bra. Thomas had been sat the other side of you, kissing and biting at your neck and shoulder.
After throwing your bra at Thomas which earned a laugh from the whole party Dami was rubbing up and down your now bare thigh, your matching leopard skirt had come up around your waist.
At some point, the party had moved up to the master bedroom and you all lay on the bed.
You got up on all fours, Dami sat beside you watching, Ethan lined himself up at your entrance, spitting generously, the sensation of the cool liquid running down from your ass to pussy caused you to moan out, earning a frustrated in response from each man.
“I love you y/n” Ethan kisses you passionately on the lips.
“That's nice baby but I just want you to fuck me” you kiss back and he thrusts into you, sending waves of pleasure down your spine, at this point your pussy was dripping from what had happened downstairs before but you got even wetter watching Damiano go down on Thomas next to you.
Thomas knew exactly how to work Dami, running his tongue on the sensitive underside of his head, causing Damiano to throw his head back in pleasure, his eyes met yours momentarily, a devilish grin appeared on his face, "like what you see princess?" he asks, the words rolling off his tongue deliciously, you couldn't say anything your head was empty, only the sensation of your lover fucking the life out of was present.
You got the impression Dami and Thomas had done this before, maybe even Ethan but never you, this was the first time you had had sex with more than one person at once and to say you were nervous was an understatement but it bought you some comfort knowing that Ethan would be right there with you. It made you feel quite powerful in a way having the three men all naked around you, like they were all just waiting for the chance to feel you, to taste you.
Ethan pulled out, you instantly missed the feeling of his very considerable sex inside of you, when you met Ethan you were kind of enchanted by how shy and sweet he was, he was like no one you had ever met before, and then you were shocked when he got you into bed and you saw a completely different side to him, he was dominant and just the right amount of aggressive, but he always made sure to take care of you afterwards.
"on your back angel" Ethan pushes you back against the mattress after sloppily kissing your face just moan in response, your eyes widening as you watch Damiano and Thomas position themselves against both your holes, you had only ever done anal once before and you were scared to have both holes filled at once, but you couldn't hide the excitement that was building up. Ethan leant down, palming your left breast whilst his mouth worked its way around your right nipple, your eyes fluttered closed as you moaned out his name, he knew exactly what to do to you.
"you ready gorgeous?" Thomas asks, rubbing his wet thumb in circles around your asshole, you nod slowly, unsure if you were actually about to go ahead with it. "I said are you ready gorgeous!?" he asks again, his voice sterner than before, pushing his thumb slightly applying pressure. "yes sir" you had no idea where sir came from but you can tell he liked it as he looked over at Damiano and chuckled in a villain-Esque manner.
"Good girl," he removes his thumb, rubbing lube that Dami had gotten out of the nightstand all over his length, it was always the skinny ones with the biggest dicks and Thomas was definitely no exception to that rule. At first, it was only the tip that he put in, allowing you to catch your breath and prepare, but no matter how much you prepared you were not ready for when he finally inserted his entire length inside. An electrifying shock ran up your back and through your legs, causing you to clench around him, he moans your name as he begins to thrust.
"you're doing so good baby," you look up thinking Damiano was talking to you, but he already had his lips locked on Thomas' own, steadily moaning into his best friends mouth as he stroked his own cock, getting ready to fuck you. It turned you on, watching the two of them get off whilst he was fucking you, Ethan could tell too, whispering dirty things whilst biting your ear slightly.
"Such a dirty whore, you're going to be fucked like one" his words made you quiver, before you could even say anything your mouth was already around his cock, doing the most you could given the position you were in, he thankfully did most of the work, though this gave him the freedom to push right down your throat, making your eyes stream with tears.
"I knew we'd have fun with her Thomas, didn't I tell you" Damiano laughs, his cock now lined up at your pussy, he doesn't give you any sort of warning before he pushes inside, the feeling of both Thomas and Damiano inside you was almost enough to send you over the edge, your moans sent vibrations around Ethan's dick, his hands now in your hair pushing your head down further and harder.
"You feel so good, what a good girl you are" Damiano moans, thrusting slowly but deep inside of you, Thomas matches his pace, it was all so much at once and you knew you wouldn't last long, the room filled with a symphony of moans and pants, it was so hot and for a moment you couldn't believe it was even happening.
It was all too perfect, Thomas passionately kissed Damiano, his thrusts slowly falling out of rhythm as he grew closer to his orgasm, you could tell everybody was close but no one wanted it to end, so you held on as long as you could, not wanting to be the first to ruin the fun you just focussed on making Ethan feel good.
"what the fuck!?" a voice that did not belong to any of the party interrupted the flow of the room, you looked up from your position on the bed to see a gorgeous blonde woman stood in the doorway, she was the most beautiful angel you had ever laid your eyes on, you felt nervous being displayed sprawled out naked in front of her, but none of the other guys seemed to mind.
"Vic, this is Ethan's new girl, y/n...this is Vic our bassist" Thomas explains, his cock still firmly in your ass, it was all so surreal what was going on, it was so not you. "and you're playing with her without me? you guys no better" she begins removing her clothes, discarding them on the floor as she made her way over to the bed, crawling over to you on top of the sheets.
"Hey baby, don't worry I'll take care of you, I know what you really need" her tongue flicks over your nipple as she wraps a hand around your throat tensing lightly, so much for first impressions, she was absolutely perfect in everything she did, you could see yourself having fun with her on your own. Thomas slaps her ass, her knee's either side of your hips as she worked at your chest, Damiano leans down and begins licking her asshole, spreading her perfect cheeks with his big hands.
"Nice to meet you by the way sweetie" she looks up at you momentarily and you both laugh, Ethan was no longer throat fucking you, getting up to grab everyone a bottle of water for after, that left space for Vic, crawling up your body she places a soft but passionate kiss to your lips, hers so soft and tasted of fruits, you were under a spell.
"you too gorgeous" you whisper back, breaking away from the kiss to look her in the eyes, you just got lost in them so inviting, she was a dream. She resumed the kiss, grinding down against your pussy as Dami kept up his pace, this was the first time you'd ever been with a girl and honestly, you knew it was the start of some kind of awakening.
"you're so wet princess, you're loving this, aren't you? such a nasty little one" she trails kisses down your neck, all the way down your body, repositioning herself so now her face was only inches away from your clit, her own pussy over your face, you were nervous as you didn't really know what to do but you just did what you thought you'd like done to you, she was a woman too after all.
"ready angel?" she asks, you let out a small "mhmm" in response and she starts, her tongue running small laps over your clit, the sensation of her warm breath against your pussy caused you to moan out loud, earning a small laugh out of her.
"Such a needy little baby huh?" she carries on, sucking lightly on the skin surrounding your clit, you copy her movements and you lower her pussy to your mouth, the taste was strange to start with but you quickly got used to it, you found yourself revelling in the taste, wanting more and more of her as your tongue did long strokes up over her entrance and clit, and over again. "you're so good at that, angel girl" her voice was hushed as the warmth of pleasure rose in her stomach, moans getting caught in her throat.
Ethan was back now, the shocked expression on his face amused you as he sat down on the edge of the mattress, you could tell he didn't mind not joining in as he knew if he wanted a turn all he had to do was say, he just sat there watching his favourite girl get fucked by his favourite people.
"fuck..."Thomas draws out, you could tell he was dangerously close, his grip on your thighs tightens and his eyes shut, "you feel so fucking good y/n" his thrusts became out of rhythm and his pants louder, a string of curses left his mouth as he was getting ready to come, but Vic stops him.
"Don't you dare cum yet!" her voice stern and dominant, you knew that they must have previously had a similar dynamic where she was a sort of dom and he the sub because without even so much as a whimper he pulls out, on her command he sits on the edge next to Ethan and starts making out with him, stroking one another.
"Don't you even get any ideas Dami, you know what'll happen" her tone was somewhat threatening, but he loved it, throwing his head back, moaning with each thrust, "I won't, I promise", though his strokes had also become sloppy you tell he wanted to come.
"Ethan you get on your knees, Thomas you get his mouth, Dami his ass- this beautiful girl is all mine" she instructs, they all obey, you were in awe at the power she held over them, you could only dream of being that incredibly sexy one day, to have men at your mercy, to do whatever you wanted with.
"Isn't it beautiful?" she asks, the of you now sitting up on your knees, wrapped up in a mess of kisses and playful touches, you looked over to the three men getting off on each other, each of them begging for their release. "it really is" you look at her, getting caught up again in her beautiful blue eyes.
"I'll teach you one day sweet angel don't worry" she laughs, licking along your jawline, with your hands in her hair, you pull her up passionately kissing her, she moans in your mouth with pleasure, which sent a wave of euphoria through you.
Vic lays back slightly, spreading her legs wide, motioning with her finger for you to come over, you do, mimicking her position close to her. Pulling you by your arm your pussy was now only inches from hers, you knew what to do, you'd seen it in a video before and always secretly wanted to try it. However, she takes the lead, grinding against you, lightly at first but it became more vigorous with each moment that passed.
The feeling of her warmth against your own was wondrous and you never wanted it to end but you felt so close to coming undone, quicker than you ever had before, she knew what she was doing and boy was she good at it. "You're doing so well baby" she purs, rubbing her own breast with a free hand.
"I'm so close Vic, can I come yet?" Thomas pipes up, his face screwed up tight as it took everything in him not to let go as Ethan's mouth worked up and down his length, the vibrations from his moans only intensified the pleasure he was receiving.
"Not until we do, you know the rules" she rolls her eyes, he whines needily, his hips constantly bucking up into Ethan, causing him to gag every so often.
"you close darling?" she looks to you, asking so sweetly, completely juxtaposing how she was talking to the boys. You nod, unable to voice a coherent response, "just let go then baby, I'll wait for you" she leans forwards, caressing your face so sweet and soft.
You matched her rhythm, her sweet moans sending you over the edge, you looked her in the eyes as you let yourself go the warmth that had built up in the pit of your stomach spread over your whole body, your legs shook and you let out a tremendous gasp as you feel yourself completely spilling out over her, it wasn't until you caught your breath that you realise what you'd done.
"aw angel, you squirted" she runs a finger through the liquid that covered her lower body and placed it in her mouth, savouring the taste. "you taste so delicious baby" pulling her finger out of her mouth she motions for you to get down, you happily oblige, licking up your mess off of her, her hands wrapping around your hair as you lick generously over her clit, inserting a finger or two inside of her.
"oh, you know exactly what to do, don't you" lying back on the bed she let you take control, you curl your fingers upwards with each stroke, just like you would do to yourself, knowing how good it felt you kept up your pace, sucking lightly on her clit every so often until you'd feel her grip tighten then you'd let go, teasing her.
"oh shit, y/n you're gonna make me come" moaning, she pushes your head down further, but you don't mind she tasted so good to you that you'd simply never tire of it, you quickened the motions of your fingers, using your spare hand to play with her nipples.
Her thighs close around your head as she screams out in pure pleasure, you pull them apart and don't stop, intensifying her orgasm, your thrusts were harder, pulling your face away you feel her squirt all over your face and chest as she came.
"holy crap" she pants, out of breath from the body shaking orgasm that took hold of her, you felt proud knowing how good you made her feel, especially after what she'd done for you.
"I can't hold on anymore" Damiano cries out, his forehead covered in sweat, his knuckles white from his grip on Ethan's hips, he looked so pathetic and you loved it.
"You can come now baby, thank you for holding on" the two of you sat wrapped up in each other's arms as you watched each man come undone one by one, Dami was first pushing hard into Ethan's ass as he came, you could tell he'd been holding on for a good while based on the euphoric look on his face like a weight had been lifted. Ethan was next, his moans were muffled by Thomas' cock in his mouth, but loud enough to send shivers through your body, he sounded so good, spilling onto the bed covers he collapses from the weight of Damiano on top of him but not before Thomas came in his mouth, his moans were more soft cries, he sounded so sweet, you knew he'd be fun to dominate.
They all lay there in a sweaty, panting heap on the sheets, you wanted to go over and clean Ethan up but you didn't want to move away from Victoria, enjoying the warmth of her embrace, her hand running through your hair as you just sat there watching the boys sort themselves out. You knew from that moment on nothing would be the same, everything you knew about relationships had completely been destroyed and you were glad, you wanted to be shared between this group of gorgeous people and you couldn't wait for the next time you'd all meet up again.
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wake up calls | a. knight
summary: in which a surprise awaits you outside your front door at the cost of your sleep (but at least it was worth it).
contains: gender-neutral!reader, fluff, light swearing
authors note: i’m bad at summaries
Tumblr media
The sound of pounding on your front door woke you up. Shooting your head up at the sudden disturbance and glancing at the time, you let out a sigh of annoyance when it read 8:13 am. You had only gotten three hours of sleep.
Bang. Bang. Bang.
“Alright alright I’m coming!” You shouted, knowing full well there was not a chance that they could hear you. Whoever it was. You weren’t expecting guests today and there was no notice of maintenance coming so who could it be?
A string of colourful muttered complaints left your mouth as you dragged your feet across the floor towards your front door.
The apartment you stayed in was often quiet throughout the days. Especially with your boyfriend currently travelling the country on tour for a couple of months, this left the home you shared to slowly become drained.
Oftentimes it didn’t bother you. It was just one of the things that came with being in a band but on others you found yourself rereading messages from whenever he could last find the time to hold his phone. You just wanted him back—but that wouldn’t be possible for another week.
By the time you finally reached the door, the constant pounding had begun to give you a headache.
“This better be important.” You muttered as you leaned forward to look through the peephole where an awfully familiar figure stood waiting on the other side.
It was him. Awsten was back.
Shaking fingers fumbled with the locks before swinging the door open, surprising the boy waiting outside in the process, before pulling him into you.
“Holy- hi!” He managed to say as his arms came to wrap around your waist, burying his face into the crook of your neck as you tighten your arms around his neck.
He laughed at this, the sound slightly muffled by your skin before he lifted his head up to say, “I can't tell if you missed me or want to kill me.”
Finally realizing that you basically had him in a headlock, you let out a small gasp before removing your arms from his neck. Sadness seemed to cloud his expression at the loss of your touch before lightning up again when your hands came to cup his face.
“Sorry, did I hurt you?” You asked him, eyes wide with worry that you may accidentally hurt him but Awsten simply hummed as he shook his head. His eyes were closed as he seemed to practically melt into your touch with a content smile on his face that you mirrored.
“I missed you.” He mumbled, finally opening his eyes to look at you but kept his cheek in the palm of your hand. He closed them again at the touch of your thumb caressing his cheek, the action made you laugh
“I can tell,” You said as you pressed a kiss to his forehead before removing your hand from his cheek and wrapping your arms around him. “I missed you too.”
He instinctively wrapped his own around you, bringing a hand up to hold your head as you buried your face in his chest.
The two of you stayed like that for a while, simply holding each other and making up for the many times you wished to be here but couldn’t and it wasn’t until you had pulled away to let a yawn escape that it all seemed to finally click in his mind.
“Oh my god I woke you.” Guilt washed over him like a wave and he had to refrain from cursing himself. You had stayed up until nearly four in the morning talking to him on FaceTime as he—unbeknownst to you—packed his bag to get on the first flight home. That would’ve left you with only three hours of sleep before he began banging on your front door. Shit.
“It’s alright.” Your voice was just a little more than a murmur as you rested your head against his chest, all while he contemplated what to do.
On one hand, he wanted to stay like this for however much longer he could but on the other, he wanted to drag you back to bed and let you sleep. It wasn’t fair that you lost even more sleep because of him (and it wasn’t like he’d be going away anytime soon now). Awsten went with the latter, giving you no warning before scooping you into his arms bridal style and headed back inside. His bags remained outside but he could get those later. For now, what mattered most was getting you back to bed.
Closing the door with his foot, he carefully led you back to the bedroom before setting you down. He had just pulled the covers up to your chin and turned on his heel to get his bags when you reached out for his hand, stopping him in his tracks.
There were no words exchanged between you but it still felt like a conversation was being shared and Awsten understood it all. Shrugging off his jacket, he threw it onto the floor with little regard before getting into bed beside you, letting you adjust yourself so that you were lying comfortably against him.
His bags were still outside and he knew he should’ve brought them in before joining you in bed but he missed this. He didn’t realize exactly how much he missed your physical presence but now that he was here, he never wanted to leave you again.
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sleekervae · 27 days ago
When in Rome... [Remington Leith x Reader] Part II
Tumblr media
A/N: Okay... so this is turning into a slow-burn imagine. As much as I love fast and wild romances, I love writing slow-burn even more. Anyway, another big shout out to @imabee-oralizard for the inspiration! Part 3 is not far behind!
Also, I have no ideas how modern accolades take place so I researched as best I could and this is the result.
Warnings: nothing major, just mischief
Boy, oh boy, did y/n feel her hangover the next day. The blaring sunlight stung behind her closed eyes and her body felt as though she'd been crushed under a large dumbbell. The memories flooded past her eyes before she found the strength to open them, remembering with giddy when she accidentally pulled Remington down on top of her. She probably wasn't the best fall-breaking material, anyhow.
Sitting up from her bed she proceeded to stretch her sore limbs, crocking her neck and glancing around the beautiful hotel room. Everything was crisp, white and taupe with lush carpets and sandalwood furniture. After two years of being cooped up in her small apartment, this spacious room was a welcome change.
The cold tile beneath her feet sent a chill up her spine as she meandered her way to the bathroom. Her reflection was dull, with her old eyeliner smudged beneath her eyes and lips brittle and dry. Y/n shook her head as she began to clean herself up. After all, tonight was Emerson's knighthood ceremony, and his closest friends had been invited to attend the private church. That just left y/n with the troubling notion of what to wear to a knighthood...
Y/n picked up her phone and scrolled down to Remington's name, her finger hovering over the button when she was rattled by another memory. His voice, calm yet brittle, traversed her ears and had settled in the folds of her brain, echoing his sentiment of... love? Had he told her that he really did love her? Or had she just fallen victim to hallucinatory drunk dreams?
Y/n shook her head, picking the latter of the two. After all, what would Remington want with her? She wasn't like the girls he'd dated in the past; tall, statuesque -- almost Kendall Jenner like but with an emo twist. After all, y/n was much shorter, a lot less graceful and her everyday life was comparatively messy to his. It was more likely he thought of her as a sister anyway, rather than as a potential girlfriend.
Nevertheless, the notion had crossed her mind more times than she was willing to admit, and she wouldn't object if Remington ever did think of her that way...
She didn't phone him, instead shooting him a quick text asking what he was wearing today. Although knowing Remington, she had a sneaking feeling it would simply be black-on-black-on-black -- her favourite ensemble on him.
They had to catch a plane to Rome for the ceremony, not a long ride and the scenery throughout the trip was spectacular. Y/n had always been fascinated by the patchwork Italian countryside. After that, the group took a couple of hours to recuperate before heading to the church.
Y/n emerged from the hotel elevator, her nerves settling once she exited the tiny space, and her heels clacked against the marble floors as she marched towards the doors. She wore a simple black, flowing dress with patterns of foliage across it. It was sophisticated and at the same time she made it look so young and sassy. Exiting through the hotel doors, she found her friends already clumped at the side of the road as they waited for their cabs to arrive.
And just off to the side was Remington, head down and shielding his eyes from the glare of the sun. And he was dressed just as y/n pictured: black slacks, suit jacket, and shirt with a chain necklace to match. His longer hair was slicked back, sunglasses perched on the bridge of his nose and he looked so effortlessly cool. Y/n took a deep breath, smoothing down the pleats of her skirt and walking over to him.
Remington looked up when he heard the clacking of her heels, and he wasn't disappointed to see y/n, looking like a Mediterranean princess in that gorgeous dress. He exhaled quickly, beaming as bright as the blaring sun as she approached him.
"-- Damn," the word slipped out before Remington could even process. He felt himself go red in the face, however y/n simply giggled.
"So, I look okay, then?" she asked, doing a quick twirl in her dress, "This is my first knighting ceremony, after all,"
Remington had to quickly gather his thoughts at the risk of looking stupid, "You look fantastic. Princess of Monaco worthy,"
Y/n scoffed, "Oh please. What about you? You expecting a visit from the Volturi?" she pointed to his black ensemble.
"Maybe I am," Remington smirked, adjusting his lapel with one hand and then extending the other to her, "Shall we, my lady?"
She took his hand graciously, subconsciously blaming her burning cheeks on the sun, "Thank you, sir,"
The church was immaculate, almost as though walking into a high renaissance portal. They were surrounded by marble pillars, pews old but renewed with varnish, every mural and statue within was clean and regal, their eyes having witnessed centuries and centuries of wars, lords, and modernization.
Emerson was up at the front of the altar, kneeling down before the Italian prince as he gave his sermon. The others were silent, respectfully standing in the pews and listening to the booming voice in time to the atmospheric organ music. They had been directed by security to turn their phones off, hence this was a private ceremony.
Remington had his moments where he could be still and silently participate -- after all, he had spent a multitude of years in Catholic school perfecting his "church behaviour". However, he also had moments when the smallest, most insignificant things caught his attention, and once he was distracted his focus on the actual ceremony was ruined.
The priest went to speak of the heritage of this knighthood, behind him stood members of The Order of San Martino, and the Prince himself. Everyone was listening intently, even y/n as she stood respectfully beside Remington. However, Remington's focus zeroed in on one of the sitting barons, and a mischievous smile wormed its way onto his face.
He bumped her subtly, at first she registered it as him simply shifting his weight, but he did it again. Refraining from rolling her eyes, y/n turned to him, feigning patience.
"What?" she mouthed, just barely a whisper so he could hear.
He leaned in close, close enough so she could smell his classic, pleasant cologne, and he whispered into her ear, "Fourth on the left -- Spock,"
She glanced at him in disbelief, but when she switched her gaze to the intended baron she realized what Remington was talking about. The baron drew an extraordinary resemblance to the first officer of the USS Enterprise. She had always been a massive Star Trek fan anyways, she knew he could latch her attention like this. Y/n glared at Remington again, wishing she wasn't in such a delicate environment so she could smack him.
"Would you cut it out?" she whispered, a little louder this time, "We're supposed to be serious,"
"I'm being serious," he whispered back, "When did the Pope bestow Vulcans with Italian royalty?"
"Stop it," she chuckled quietly, "Or else I'll take you outside and spank you,"
Remington choked back a snort, much to the dismay of some of the other attendees throwing perplexed looks at the pair.
"You think I'm that easy? You have to buy me dinner, first," he grinned back.
Her already rosy cheeks went red hot and she turned her attention to the ground, shaking her head, "I'm going to kill you, Remi!"
"In the house of God?" Remington tutted, "How blasphemous,"
"I think she'll forgive me," she elbowed him gently, "Now pay attention to your brother!"
Remington relented, turning his attention to Emerson as he knelt at the altar before the Prince. Emerson kept his head down, unflinching when both of his shoulders were tapped with the blade of a thin sword. Once instructed to stand, the Prince placed a medal around his neck, broad and shiny as it hung by a thick red ribbon. Emerson turned to face the crowd, doing his best to keep his composure from breaking into a wide grin as his new official title was announced. The church erupted in applause thereafter.
Post ceremony the group flooded outside into the main piazza of Quirinal Palace. Y/n had fallen in love, gazing upon the ivory stone and marble infrastructures that reached so high, they could just brush against the sky. Cathedral bells rang heavily over the town square, thin veils of busking music echoed through the atmosphere, and the heat was intense despite the gentle breeze racing through the streets.
Y/n was talking with another one of her friends, standing at the top of the steps of the piazza. With her dress skirt flowing in the wind and the sun rays blanketing her skin in a gentle glow, Remington couldn't help but be transfixed by her effortless beauty. He stumbled forward suddenly when his shoulder was bumped, and Emerson grabbed him by his shoulders as he proudly held up his medal.
"You see this?" he beamed with pride, "This means that you and Sebastian have to respect me more. I'm a friggin' knight!" he didn't so much boast as he did speak with a sort of disbelief. And Remington didn't blame him, wrapping his brother in a tight hug.
"Hey, we're all really proud of you," he affirmed, then taking the medal in his hand "But don't let this go to your head; you can't just take my sunglasses whenever you want,"
"The Order says otherwise," Emerson giggled.
Their friend, Shae, suddenly shouted out for everyone's attention, "Guys! Guy's come on! Get in! Group photo!" she held up her phone, motioning for everyone to cram in together in front of the piazza.
"Shae! Can't we do this in air conditioning?" another girl, Rebecca asked.
"In front of a blank wall? Where's the occasion in that?" she replied.
The friend group clamored together at the top stairs. Y/n kept glancing behind her, careful that the end of her heel didn't slip off the stone step. Remington came up beside her, taking her by the waist and holding her up and away from the step.
"Don't worry, I got you," he assured her. Y/n smiled gratefully, slinging her arm around his shoulders as they smiled in Shae's selfie.
Dinner that evening was everything beyond Y/n's wildest imagination. She sat in a private dining area, overlooking the vast city streets from one of the finest restaurants in Rome. The atmosphere was lively, tables filled with rambunctious patrons and couples dancing together on the dance floor to the tune of a live orchestral band. The food was some of the most delicious y/n had ever tasted, consisting of fresh antipasto platters, delicious pasta, perfectly cooked fish and the most sumptuous wine she could ever have. It was better than anything they had enjoyed thus far in Italy. Y/n savoured every morsel, knowing she would never have another opportunity to eat like this again for a long, long time.
She was sat at a table with Remington and a couple of their friends, mixed with the crowd from the Order. They were older gentlemen, but friendly, captivated by some of the tour stories Remington had from over the years. Emerson meanwhile was sat at the head table with the prince, as well as some of his closest allies.
Y/n continued to pick at her rose hip and basil spaghetti, only haphazardly listening to the conversation before she heard her name being called.
"-- And you, Signorina y/n?" one of the barons suddenly called, "What do you do?"
Y/n dropped her fork momentarily, collecting her train of thought before answering quickly, "Oh, I'm a singer. I'm in the process of writing my second album, right now,"
Shae agreed from across the table, "Oh my gosh -- her first album? She basically wrote the whole soundtrack for 'Euphoria',"
The older man furrowed his brows, "Euphoria?" he turned to his aid. The aid quickly explained the dynamic and plot of the popular TV show.
Remington nodded in unison, "Yeah, she's really talented," he went on, "Sometimes even more so than us,"
Y/n chuckled bashfully, "Oh please, Remi,"
"Hey now -- I did say sometimes," he pointed out, smirking as he cradled his wine glass. Y/n rolled her eyes and playfully smacked his arm.
The baron laughed heartily, "I see. And how long have you two been together?" he asked.
If the room wasn't lit only be candles, everyone at the table would've watched the color drain from both Remington and Y/n's faces. They glanced at each other, him simpering awkwardly while she took a sip of her wine.
"Oh no, we're not - um --" however, Remington was cut short by a deep, reverberating ringing.
Lorenzo of Medici tapped his knife against his wine glass, effectively silencing the chatter and gaining everybody's attention. The older gentleman stood, addressing the room with the delight of such a jolly drunkard as he raised said wine glass.
"My friends!" his thick voice boomed, "I'd like to propose a toast!" the rest of the room raised their glasses in sync, "To my good friend and our newest member: Sir Emerson Barrett!" he beamed down at the youngest Kropp brother who was blushing furiously beneath his French cap, "May he continue to bless this illustrious world with his artistry in both the pencil... and the piano!"
The members of the order gave a boisterous 'Here! Here!" as they clinked their glasses with one another. Y/n jumped at the loud auditory break, laughing to herself as she bore witness to the most regal group of individuals in their prime.
"What's so funny?" Remington inquired as the festivities died down.
"I think it's just the disbelief that I'm actually here," she told him.
Remington feigned shock, "What? You've never been to a royal accolade before?" he asked.
"Sure I have. I've just never attended one with an Edward Cullen cosplayer,"
"Oh, fuck off," they giggled together like gossiping school kids in a cheesy teen rom com. And yet it felt so natural to them both, neither Remington nor Y/n would want to be anywhere else in that moment than with each other.
A deeper voice suddenly cleared from behind them, and they turned to find another one of the Prince's barons. He was younger than the other knights, likely in his mid thirties, a dashing dark-skinned man with deep blue eyes that looked to be straight from the regency era (think Simon Basset from Bridgerton).
"Pardon my interruption," he purred slowly, staring seemingly in y/n's soul, "But would you honour me with a dance, Signorina?"
Y/n was taken aback at first. She wasn't much of a dancer and no one had ever asked so regally for her hand. Her gaze fell to Remington, who's jaw was slack open seemingly in utter disbelief. Y/n waited momentarily, switching glances between the two men as she hoped that Remington would interject. For once, however, his voice was caught in his throat, and y/n accepted the offer politely before he could speak.
"S-Sure," y/n took the baron's hand, and Remington became utterly deflated as he watched the pair disappear into the crowd of the dance floor. Y/n peeked over her shoulder, deflated herself when she saw Remington turn back in his seat.
Get real, she thought, he wouldn't ask you to dance.
Across from the table, Ben just shook his head as Remington hung his over his plate, picking listlessly at the few pickled vegetables that were left.
"Dude, are you kidding me?" he said.
"What?" Remington queried.
"Why didn't you object?" Ben asked, "Y/n obviously wanted you to!"
"And what am I supposed to say?" Remington scoffed back, "Sorry Duke, you can't because she's not my girlfriend but I decide what she can and can't do?"
Shae then piped in, "Remi, I love you, but you're about as oblivious as a blind-folded duck flying South,"
"... What?"
"You have a crush on y/n! Everybody knows it!" she said.
"Everybody except for y/n, ironically," Ben uttered.
"Or maybe she does now," Shae remarked, "And she's waiting for you to put your big-boy pants on and make a damn move!"
Ben nodded, pointed his butter knife in Shae's direction, "Now, that's plausible. I mean -- did you see the way she was looking at him?"
"Same way I looked at Sebastian Stan in those Pam and Tommy sex scenes," Shae sighed.
Remington huffed, "Jesus Christ, you guys are ridiculous,"
The baron, who had been eavesdropping on their conversation, stifled a chuckle at Remington, "And why are they ridiculous, signore?" he asked, "Because they speak a truth of emotions you think are worth denying?"
"And because he's being pig-headed," Shae added.
The baron chuckled heartily, pouring himself another glass of wine, "Signore Leith, if you feel so strongly for this woman, than I am perplexed as to what is possibly stopping you from telling her how you feel. You Americans... you tend to bury your emotions beneath your pride. Perhaps that's why they all have such a strain on mental wellness...?" he pondered to his aid.
Shae simpered, "That tracks,"
The baron continued on, "Women -- women want romance. They want to be swept off their feet! And I'm confident, as much as she may deny, y/n feels the same. Why -- if you were the man you want to be for her, you'd steal her away from Paolo right now. Show her some real maschilismo! And at the end of the night -- you make sweet, passionate love to her --"
Ben nearly choked on his food at that, partly at the shock and partly at the hilarity. He drew some concerned stares from separate patrons. Shae thumbed on his back and ushered him to drink water, meanwhile staring down the astonished Remington.
"The old man's not wrong, Remi," Shae shrugged, "But... maybe chat about a few things first before you do the boink-a-boink,"
Remington refrained from rolling his eyes as Ben continued to laugh his ass off. Instead he turned in his seat, his dark eyes finding y/n in the crowded dance floor. She chatted some with the baron, laughing at some funny quip he'd made. Remington was beyond frustrated; he had plenty of maschilismo when he was performing, and yet the notion of even hinting a date to y/n had him all choked up. It was his own insecurities that was keeping him from gaining the maschilismo that he needed, he was too in his head with his fears.
Ben cleared his throat, smacking his chest with his fist when he'd recovered, "Rem, go on. What do you have to lose? Just ask her to dance!"
"Alright! Alright! I'm going!" he took a deep breath, stood up, straightened out his suit jacket, and began to head for the dance floor.
The baron called after him, "Bravo, Remington! Bravo!" but his voice was lost in the climax of the band. Remington was only a measly five feet away from y/n when the music suddenly came to an end. The men bowed to their ladies and everybody went to take their seat. He was too late.
"-- Fuck,"
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stopeatingwhales · 11 months ago
hugs with dilf damon headcanon
hi guys im feeling like SHIT rn so i'm bringing you some cuddles w damon <3
i feel like damon is a fat softie... so whenever he would greet you, he would instantly pull you into a hug. his hugs would be so warm. like completely embodied with warmth that would put a smile on your face.
arms clinging onto your back and sides, pulling you into a really tight embrace aahhhh
his head would rest on top of yours, his hands caressing your head of hair
as soon as you slowly start to break away from the embrace, he would quickly plant a soft kiss on your forehead, holding your face in his hands. it would make a blush creep on your cheeks, which he would instantly begin to tease. aww, look who's blushing..
when you're both watching tv and he's getting bored, he would drag you onto his lap so that he could play with your hair whilst hugging you because it always makes him happy when you're in his arms. im actually gonna cry now
some evenings you would fall asleep in his arms, though when he wakes you up to tell you that 'it's time for bed, love' you simply shake your head and attempt to convince him that you're still wide awake, even though both knew that you were lying - you just wanted to stay in his arms for longer.
whenever you're getting ready to go out, or to go to work, damon would oftentimes come up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, placing a few kisses on your neck as you both looked at yourself in the mirror, him serenading you with comments on how beautiful you always looked this is too much fergosirgjsoirjg
when he was working long hours, you'd wait for him in the living room, and once seeing you on the sofa, he would instantly slump down on the cushions, lying down, his head nested in your lap as you ran your fingers through his hair as he would groan about how tiring his day had been
you'd take turns in spooning one another when you're in bed, though in the morning you would always wake up with him spooning you
he would simply pull you closer to his chest when you would try to escape his embrace, mumbling a small '5 more minutes' before you were able to get up, though you both knew that meant another hour.
his head would be nuzzled into your neck, his arms wrapped around your waist, like a child being protective of their cuddly toy AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
whenever you guys would go out, he would always have your hand in his, clinging onto you because he loved you so much and wanted to express his affection in any sort of way
you would always sit on his lap when you're at home, even though there's other spaces where you can sit. you can sit there, love. i don't want to sit there, i want to be close to you!
some nights when you wanted him to come to bed, you would go find him, most likely sat in his studio with a guitar in hand, and straddle his lap as you would wrap your entire body around him, your head resting on his shoulder.
a laugh would escape his throat as he would ask 'what's the matter, love?' which would be followed by a loud groan from you as you nuzzled your head deeper into his neck.
he would eventually cave in and end up having to carry you with your entire body wrapped around his to the bed, where he would softly place you onto the mattress before quickly lying down next to you to hug you again, kissing your forehead softly as he mumbled a soft 'goodnight'
okay i literally cant do anymore this was way too much for me to cope with im gonna cry now why cant i marry this fucking dilf
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imagineeditor · 3 months ago
Awsten Knight - Interview Conversations
original post by @cursivetalk
click here for the original!
Awsten Knight X F!Reader
Summary: You’re lounging around in your living room when you get a face time call from Awsten. In the middle of his interview.
Being in a relationship with Awsten was the most exciting thing happening to me in a while. And I didn’t mean that in a cheesy ‘I’m so crazy in love with you’ way. Nope. I simply never got to just chill with him. Not that it was something bad entirely, but that man’s mind worked in mysterious ways. Like last week. They weren’t touring at the time, just doing some promotional stuff and of course Awsten was always writing songs. So, as the good boyfriend he was, he took me on several cute dates which was all good and fine (a girl likes to be treated right after all). What I didn’t expect was Awsten waking me up at the ass crack of dawn to go — you fucking guessed it — bungee jumping. Because that was how my boyfriend’s brain works. I on the other hand (still half asleep) had agreed to it under the condition that Awsten made breakfast. So he had been clashing around in my small kitchen, telling me about how cool this was going to be, posting about it on Twitter while I was just trying to get my brain to start working, with a cup of coffee in hand. Awsten didn’t hold back to tell me how messed up my hair was – but kissed me right after it so he wouldn’t have to suffer from my death glare. I knew that he didn’t mean to hurt me - that guy loved to tease me and I loved to tease him. That was how our relationship worked honestly. All was good and I survived the jump but that taught me an important lesson: Never agree to Awsten’s plans before I knew the conditions. Bringing this more to the present, I was lounging around in my living room and fiddling with my phone. Later today, Awsten wants to drop by for a movie night but that’s still a few hours away. So goodbye tidying up and hello comfy hoodie and sofa! And then my phone lit up with a familiar face. It took me a moment to understand that I was in fact not looking at Dean hunting a demon anymore; but instead at a still of my boyfriend. Which was weird as I was pretty sure he was in the middle of an interview. Don’t ask me with whom, I had been still asleep when he told me about it. Don’t try to talk to me before my coffee. “Hey baby! Love that hoodie!” Awsten waved at me through the screen. I looked down and realized that I was wearing his merch. Arrogant fucker. “Aren’t you, like, in the middle of something?” From the way he was holding his phone, I could see the very tips of Otto’s curls in front of something red and soft looking. Probably a sofa. There was some distant mumbling in the background that Awsten simply ignored and pouted at his phone - and consequently me - instead. “Well yeah, but I’ve got a question for you.” This dude, I swore. I shook my head in fake disappointment, but I was pretty sure that he could see the smile I tried to hide behind my hair. Knowing Awsten his question had exactly nothing to do with what the poor interviewer had originally asked. “What is it?” I pouted, snuggling back into the sofa. “No reason to be so rude, Y/N,” Geoff peered over Awsten’s shoulder. He chuckled as he said this, taking the venom from his words completely. As soon as Geoff had come into the frame, Otto craned his neck towards the screen as well. He smiled brightly and then waved at me. “Hey, Y/N! Long-time no see.” “Aww! but you saw me just Friday,” I reminded him, grabbing for a pillow. This would take a while so I might as well get comfortable. “Would you stop flirting with my girlfriend?” A soft ‘ouch’ could be heard following the statement and Otto suddenly left the frame. Awsten looked up again innocently though it was pretty clear that it had been him. “Anyway. I was wondering if you know the name of that garage band we saw last week? We’ve been talking 'bout Joe and I remembered that I wanted to tell him about 'em but I forgot their name.” Right… A day after the bungee jumping incident Awsten had made amends in form of my favourite bar and a little book shopping trip beforehand. Not that he had anything to to amend for (it had actually been pretty fun), but Awsten claimd it was necessary. And there we had seen this small band perform. They hadn’t been that bad in my opinion and I even had gotten Awsten to dance with me to one of their songs. It took me some serious mind tricks but then I remembered their name. “Hang on, it was something with face or something like that in the name. No wait. They were called 'Poison From Your Lips’!” Awsten hit his forehead and nodded in confirmation. “That was it. Thanks, babe!” “No problem!” Muted mumbling in the background again - Probably the interviewer trying to get their attention back. My suspicion was confirmed as Awsten’s head snapped up and he asked, “What was the question again? Sorry, got a lil caught up here.” More words I couldn’t decipher. Still, I waited patiently in case there were more questions for me. But Awsten just nodded and hummed along, his phone angled up so I could see only his neck and chin. “Yeah, I really like working out all the details for the fans to find. It’s like scavenger hunting only through songs and posts. There’s a bunch of stuff you haven’t found yet by the way,” Awsten tilted his head at a camera and raised his arms while speaking. Which made him realize that the call was still going. I suppressed a giggle and waved at him and he turned the phone back upright. “You’re still there!” “That I am,” I nodded solemnly, surpressing a giggle at his confused excitement. Geoff and Otto were coughing suspiciously but Awsten didn’t let himself get distracted. Instead he rolled his eyes at me. “Smartass.” “You love it.” “True,” Awsten agreed and caught me off guard with the honest look in his eyes that he masked with a flirtatious wink, “but I fear I have to say goodbye for now. Wave for the camera!” And then, the screen got blurry while he whirled it around. I waved dutifully at the blurs that were supposed to be people. “See you tonight,” I said to Awsten before the connection cut off. A lost blown kiss and the call died. Shaking my head, I stared at the dark screen. I loved this man so much, it wasn’t even funny anymore.
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youlightmeupfinn · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy Little Accident || Nikki Sixx
✧ || Nikki Sixx masterlist
✧ summary: Nikki and you find out that you're pregnant unexpectedly. You thought it didn't work?
Tumblr media
“I thought it didn’t work anymore?” You ask Nikki who turns to stare at you.
“What?” He responds with a crooked eyebrow. You glare at him with the positive pregnancy test in hand. “What are you talking about?”
Laughing, you toss the test in his direction. It hits his chest and falls into his lap. Nikki tangles his fingers around it and lifts it. “What is this?”
“Come on, Nikki. You’ve had 4 kids. You know what that is.” You sigh. 
Nikki bites down on his lip. “You’re pregnant?” 
You nod your head. “I guess that explains the morning sickness, the constant mood swings, my weird cravings. Oh, and the achy boobs. My boobs really hurt.” 
Nikki feels a wave of nausea come over him. He’s 60. He can’t have another kid. Could he? 
Swallowing the lump that threatens to form in his throat, he steers his green eyes back up to see you staring back at him with a smile. “You’re happy?”
Your eyes widen. “You’re not?” 
Wrong thing to say, Sixx. 
“Yes! Of course, I’m happy! I’m just… Shocked.” 
A laugh escapes you as you walk over to him and plop down in his lap. “You’re gonna be a daddy again, Sixx. Maybe you shouldn’t have made me call you that in bed,” You tease him, finding your lips to wrap around his earlobe. Nikki’s breath catches as he closes his eyes and grips your thigh. 
“And it’s that little move right there is how we got in this situation,” He reaches out and touches your belly that was nonexistent with a baby bump. You two had just gotten married and everyone had something to say about it. A lot of fangirls who were in the younger age bracket sent you hate constantly, saying you were only with the Mötely Crüe bassist for his money. 
They were completely off. You loved Nikki with every fiber in your being and adored him. He was your soulmate, your twin flame, your best friend. 
“I’ll call my OB,” You tell him with a pat on his thigh. Nikki grins and catches your lips before you can leave, giving you the sweetest of kisses. He was excited. He couldn’t wait to welcome this little one into the world alongside his best friend, although his entire body screamed that this was not even possible. 
Or maybe this was another way for him to have bragging rights. 
The rooster still had it. He laughed at his thought. 
Over the next few days and weeks, Nikki witnessed morning sickness galore. He remembered when Brandi and Donna were pregnant, and how helpless he felt beside them, but he was also on the road constantly during their pregnancies. This time around, he was present nearly every single day. He saw the way this pregnancy took a toll on your body and he felt awful for doing this to you, but he knew you were so excited to be a mommy. 
The first time he saw his newest addition on the screen bouncing away, he grew teary-eyed. His heart doubled in size and as he held your hand, he watched that loving look cross your features. He saw the second you fell in love, the very first time you heard your baby’s heartbeat. 
You stared up at Nikku whose emerald eyes were glassy with tears and he promised he just had something in his eye, but you knew. 
“Nikki, it’s okay to cry… You may be covered in tattoos, but you’re such a softie.” You inform him. You knew that the day you married him in 2017. He was a big ‘ole softie. 
The weeks turned into months and he watched your bump grow. He would take progress pictures of you and kept every single one of them tacked to a wall in his office, showcasing you every single week. You and this baby were his pride and joy. He’d do everything in his power to protect the two of you. He had already purchased his new son or daughter a bass in every color imaginable, and he couldn’t wait to spoil them.
He even envisioned someday another Mötley Crüe tour happening and he could take a bubbling toddler on the road with you by his side. It excited him beyond measure. 
You and Nikki set up this nursery, deciding not to find out the baby’s gender. You wanted it to be a total surprise for the two of you when the baby decided to arrive and say hello. 
“What if it’s a girl?” You ask, rolling a paintbrush over the baseboards. 
“Then we name her Emma, as you wanted,” Nikki responds. 
“Emma Nicole,” You answer. “For both of us.” 
Nikki grins. “And if it’s a boy?”
You sigh. 
“Miles Zander,” You tell him with a grin. 
Those months finally hit the point where you went into labor. It was early morning when you pushed Nikki awake, telling him that it was go-time. Your water had broke and Emma or Miles were on their way to meet you. 
After a very grueling 28-hour labor with the best drugs that you could’ve ever asked for, Nikki and you welcomed your daughter into the world. He even had the opportunity to catch her and you swore it was the most in love he had ever looked in his entire life. 
You remembered seeing his face ignite with happiness as he broke into tears, placing Emma Nicole Sixx on top of you. He then came to your face where he kissed you passionately, both of you crying together as Emma wailed, alerting everyone in the room that she was here and she was healthy. 
Your beautiful, 7lb 14oz baby girl was then swaddled and handed over to you where you and Nikki sat in complete awe of her. Nikki hadn’t held a baby in forever, so when he had skin-to-skin with Emma, he thought he was going to break her. 
You rested in bed with a smile, watching as your husband and daughter began their bonding. Nikki was telling Emma how in love with her he was and how back at home, he had her bass at the ready. All she had to do was tell him when it was go-time to assemble another band. 
“Nikki, she looks like you,” You tell him. 
Nikki’s eyes lift to stare at you.
“Really? I think she’s a beautiful mix of us both, baby,” He tells you as he leans down to kiss Emma’s forehead. 
You smile, shaking your head.
“Only time will tell,” You whisper with a smile.
Tumblr media
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𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐫𝐲 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐚𝐛𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 | 𝐚. 𝐤𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭
Tumblr media
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐫𝐲 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐚𝐛𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 | 𝐚. 𝐤𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭
Summary: Long distance relationships are tough, throw covid into the mix and suddenly it’s a lot worse
warnings: anxiety + a pandemic 
There was no better feeling than that of being loved. Nothing even came close. when you know that someone loves you, its more than just a statement. It’s a bond, one of unity, and trust and a thousand other feelings that Y/N wasn’t sure she could describe.
But she did know for a fact, that she felt that way about Awsten.
He made her happy and she wished that she could show it some other way than saying those three little words. She did her best to support him and be there whenever he needed, but sometimes she felt as though she fell short.
They were long distance of course given his busy touring schedule. He would visit Houston whenever he got the chance, and she would meet him on certain legs of touring if their schedules allowed. Whether it be here or there, one of them was flying across the country almost monthly to see the other.
It wasn’t like Y/N didn’t want to be with Awsten every second of the day, she would love to be with him on his journey. But she knew that as a couple, they needed to have their own space. She just hated that the long distance seemed to be the only thing they had as of recently.
The space between Awsten and Y/N seemed to grow daily. He was either three hours ahead, or she was four behind. The universe was getting in the way of them and it was proving to be a challenge.
Late night calls were few and far in-between nowadays. Good morning texts seemed to prove to be an annoyance rather than comforting and Y/N couldn’t figure out how to fix it. She knew Awsten loved her. They had been together for over a year now and she couldn’t wish for anyone better than him.
He was it for her.
Which is why her heart ached whenever they went without talking for a few days. Sometimes it was because they were annoyed at one another, others it was because they were just incredibly busy.
But this time, it had been three days and Y/N had yet to hear from Awsten.
She knew that the band wasn’t touring right now, they were in-between albums and while most days for Awsten were spent In the studio or writing in his Los Angeles apartment, he always found a time to send her a text or call her just to let her know that he would talk soon.
Monday was the last time they spoke.
Exactly three-thirty on the dot, PM of course. It was a simple exchange, one they had shared many times, but now that it had been almost 72 hours without a single trace of Awsten, Y/N was growing worried.
Had she missed something? Had she said something she shouldn’t have and hurt Awsten’s feelings?
Aws: Just headed about to finish up here and then ill be headed home :)
Y/N: Looking great! Tells the guys I say hi, sleep well baby <3
Aws: love you
Y/N: love u 2
Y/N didn’t know how many times she had read through her most recent text messages with her boyfriend. There was a picture of him and the guys hanging out in the studio, Otto’s hair tied back as he slept away on the couch and Geoff looking down at the frets of his guitar. Awsten took the selfie, his eyes smiling even though his lips were hidden beneath a black medical mask.
Covid had proven to be quite the strain on their relationship too.
Both of them believed incredibly strongly about people staying safe and taking the proper precautions- but when cover first hit, Awsten was on tour and Y/N Couldn’t fly to see him because of restrictions.
They spent almost 4 months apart and It had been the longest four months of either’s lives.
In such a stressful environment, you want the one you love to be there with you, not stuck thousands of miles away and panicking about whether or not you are sick with some deadly virus.
Which was exactly what had Y/N so worried.
She knew that Awsten was responsible and would never put himself at risk, but things did happen- sometimes people would say they felt fine when they had symptoms, sometimes people refused to get vaccinated and put the public at risk.
Her mind had been swirling for the last three days and she needed a break. It was the 5th time Y/N had reached out to call Awsten. She clicked his contact, looking at his picture with a new sense of panic. Usually his colourful head of hair would fill her stomach with butterflies and make her cheeks flush, but now?
All she could think was that something was wrong.
As the familiar dial tone rang in her hears, Y/N paced the living room of her apartment- wearing a path into the floor as she was sure if she continued this any longer, her anxiety would chew right through the sole of her socks.
When Awsten’s voicemail called out to her, Y/N’s heart ached. “Hey aws… it’s me again. Im not sure if were having a fight but if we are please tell me whats going on, cause I really have no idea and I need to hear from you.”
She let out a heavy sigh and took a moment. “I love you.” She finished the call.
Sitting down on the sofa, Y/N decided that even if she was going to be an emotional wreck, she still needed to get her shit done. She couldn’t wallow away just because Awsten had gone AWOL.
It just happened to be that with Awsten gone, she was usually on top of the house work. When her boyfriend was home, they tried to spend as much time together as possible, whether that be under the sheets having a lazy day, or going out and about- usually they weren’t just socializing while moping the floors.
So with her chores done and a day off from work, it was the first time in quite a while that Y/N realized she could do absolutely whatever she wanted.
She wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted, but she knew that she had to get out of the apartment. Anything to distract her.
With nothing more than a single glance back at her couch, Y/N grabbed her shoes and her keys and headed for the door.
Her car was nothing spectacular but it was one upgrade from a soap-box. She stood taller than the vehicle, almost by a foot and a half, it’s white exterior was old and chipped in various places that had accumulated rust over the years, but it was familiar.
Her parents and boyfriend had been begging her to buy something more sustainable and reliable, but Snow White- as her car was named- was family. Y/N couldn’t just throw her away. Climbing into the old girl, Y/N drove away from her neighbourhood, deciding to take random streets until she arrived somewhere half decent.
She plugged her phone into the fraying aux chord and listened to a few different songs, Awsten’s coming up every so often on shuffle. Even though she wasn’t sure if they were having a couple’s quarrel, she still sang along to every word like she was standing in the crowd of his show.
Concerts hadn’t been the same since Covid had arisen. Venues were closed for a long time at the beginning of the pandemic due to social distancing coming into effect and mask mandates. While Y/N missed the atmosphere of being in a show, she genuinely felt safer not attending.
It was one of the reasons she hadn’t followed Awsten to LA and Houston while they recorded the new album. Travel in itself was risky, even though she and Awsten were both vaccinated and she knew that everyone in their circles was too, it was hard to tell whether strangers would be honest when they interacted. And the last thing
Y/N wanted wanted was for anyone she held close to her to get sick.
The pandemic was no joke, and she could only hope that more people started to realize that.
As she pulled up to a coffee shop, she grabbed her mask and pulled it over her face. Nothing the patrons inside all wearing theirs as well gave her a sense of comfort. She had seen anti-masking protests before on her way to work, and it was not something she ever wanted to be caught in the middle of.
For an hour or two, she sat by herself in a corner, sipping on a coffee and eating a muffin. She read her book and watched the people pass on the sidewalk outside. The weather was beautiful and she really wished that she went out more to enjoy it.
Deciding she had spent enough of her money and gas for one day, it was time to go home. It felt nice not having looked at her phone once since she left the house. While it was a challenge, it did make her feel relaxed. It was great not looking at unread messages and feeling as though the world was coming crashing down.
It didn’t change the fact that she still hadn’t heard from Awsten, but it did give her a few moments to just BE. And not have to worry or think too hard.
As she headed home, Y/N bobbed her head along to some music, a lot softer than the aggressive tunes she had blared on her way into the city- her attitude had changed which called for a change in playlist too.
Rounding the corner into her neighbourhood, she took her time, passing her neighbours houses and looking at their yards. It was something she never did, but the day called for it.
Arriving in her driveway, Y/N climbed out, coffee in hand as she took her keys and headed to her front door.
What greeted her inside had almost shocked the skin off her bones.
“Fuck there you are!” Awsten let out a heavy sigh of relief. His tired looking self rushing over to give her a hug. As stressed as he appeared to be, his lips stretched into a smile the moment he wrapped his arms around her.
Y/N almost dropped her coffee. “Jesus- what-“ she was at a loss for words as she held onto him tightly. The familiar smell of his cologne brightened her day and she felt like her heart was going to burst.
As Awsten pulled back, Y/N saw the slight change in his hair. Since the last time he saw her, he had added a few more colours and changed the hearts to smiley faces. “Youre here!” Y/N gasped. Unable to stop herself from smiling brightly.
Her boyfriend nodded. “Were hitting a rough patch on the album so were taking a Break for a week or two…. This was supposed to be a surprise” he flushed.
Y/N giggled softly. “Well I promise it is… I thought-“ she felt foolish now. “I really thought we were fighting about something and thats why you hadn’t talked to me…” she rubbed her cheek.
Awsten pouted. “No of course not, It’s just been hectic with the album and trying to arrange flights and shit. Time zones and layovers and all that.” He reassured her.
“I saw all of your calls and texts and it worried me. I got here and as soon as I had service I realized I had fucked up.” Awsten admitted.
Shaking her head, his girlfriend lead him to the couch. “No… not fucked up- because this is honestly amazing. I do wish though you would have been sneaky enough to text me and make me think you were still in LA.” she teased, poking at his side.
Awsten smiled, pulling her down into the couch and bringing her into a swarm of cuddles. “Well- I’m here to make up for it now.” He kissed her cheek and let her head drop against his chest, a soft sigh of relief falling from the two of them.
It was a lot to love someone, sometimes it was hard and sometimes it hurt. But at the end of the day, moments like these were what made everything worth it.
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Homesick - Thomas Raggi
Requested by @fairyth0rns In which a homesick Thomas confides in you after a show. I changed up the premise a little but I love how it turned out!! LOTS of fluff and feelings! Hope you like it <3 this is basically Thomas Raggi stan acc at this point ahaha.
Tumblr media
word count: 1,914
-no warnings
Being on tour with your best friends wasn't always easy, there were small fights, drunken mistakes and harmful words that got said, but it was just the pressure they were all under, no one was ever mad at each other for long, it was just the lifestyle catching up to everyone.
No matter how hard things got out on the road you knew there would always be someone you could turn to for help and consolation, and things did get hard being away from your life back home. However, you knew that everyone gets that way and all you can do is support each other.
Loud cheers erupted from the audience as the show came to an end, you had been out on the road with Måneskin for a few weeks and as the tour was coming to the end you couldn't help but smile, thinking about how far they had come not only in the last few months but over the last few years that you had known them.
Every single milestone and achievement made you all the more proud of the four people before you on the stage which you called your family, that's what you had become a close-knit family and you couldn't imagine your life without them.
"Thank you, everybody, we have been Måneskin, goodnight!!" Damiano screams excitedly into the mic as the band begin to leave the stage, you clapped and cheered for them from in front of the stage, but in front of the crowd barrier. Snapping a few pictures of them as they held up their instruments and waved at the crowd, Vic stuck her tongue out at you and leaned into the camera as you took her picture.
After the show, you all made your way back to the hotel you were staying at for those few nights, there was an off day tomorrow so everyone decided that it would be fun to go down to the bar and have a couple of drinks.
Down at the bar, you all raised a glass to the great show they had put on and the successful tour also for good luck in the future. Music played loudly as you all danced together, laughing with one another at the terrible moves coming from each of you, everything was perfect and it was moments like that which made all the fights and upsets worth it.
Swaying your hips to the music you felt someone's arms slip around your waist, looking down you recognise the rings on their hand, It was Thomas and you instantly relaxed into him, moving softly to the music in time with him. Whilst you loved everybody in the band, you and Thomas had a special bond, you just understood each other a lot more deeply than the others.
"Are you okay my love?" turning around to face him in his arms, you met with a slight frown, you hated seeing him like that and would do anything to make him feel better.
"I guess, I just feel...I don't know I think I'm just tired" You could barely hear him over the loud music and the screaming from your friends as they fooled around, picking one another up and throwing them around.
You take Thomas' hand, leading him away from the dancefloor and out the backdoors to the beer garden outside. The atmosphere instantly softened and you could tell he was a bit more relaxed. "What's going on in your head sweet?" the two of you take a seat at one of the tables, he pulls a cigarette out of the pack in his pocket and lights it, he offers you one but you politely decline.
"I'm just so tired of being out here away from home, it's catching up to me now. I just want to wake up and not have to worry about how I'm going to do that night, the pressure is just getting to me y/n." He rests his head on your shoulder, your hands instinctively go to his shaggy blonde hair, he loved when you would play with his hair.
“ I know my lovely, everyone feels like that sometimes It's completely normal you just have to do your best and that's all anyone can expect from you, we'll be home before you know it" Placing a kiss to the top of his head he sighs, putting out his cig he takes your hand in his and plays with the many rings on your fingers. You never wore rings until you started touring with the band, they introduced you to them and would always buy you one as a thank you at the end of every tour- they were so special to you and you made sure to wear them every day for good luck.
"Y/N, I don't want to be at this place anymore, I can barely catch my breath" you knew what he was feeling was social anxiety, you had spent so many times with Thomas backstage just calming him down when he'd work himself up into a panic, it was never a bother to you though you just loved to make him feel comfortable and safe.
" We can go back to the hotel if you want, watch your favourite movie and cuddle?" you suggest, he doesn't say anything but just nods, "I'll just go tell the others, meet you out the front." Getting up, you place another kiss on his head before helping him up and making your way inside, for a minute you struggled to find anyone but you saw Vic by the bar being chatted up by some guy.
"Vic, me and Thomas are going back to his room, I'll see you in the morning" you hug her, Vic had always admired your relationship with Thomas, she knew that no one made him feel like you did, she would often tell you how cute it would be if the two of you were dating. Whilst you liked the idea of being with him, you knew that it was far important just being there for him you wouldn't want to risk everything and then not be able to be there when he needed you the most, so you were okay with just being friends.
“ Don't do anything I wouldn't do girl, have fun" she teased, causing you to roll your eyes everyone in the group would make jokes about how you and Thomas acted like you were already a couple but you paid no mind to it.
Meeting Thomas outside you walked hand in hand down the road, taking in all the sights the city had to offer whilst you made your way back to the hotel you were staying at.
Back in his room, you changed into a comfy shirt of his, whilst he only wore a pair of grey shorts. You couldn't help but think how good he looked in them, those shorts of his were a weakness of yours and he knew that which is why he always wore them around you.
Relaxing on the bed, you lay your head on his chest your arm draped over his lower torso, he had an amazing body and you would often catch yourself sneaking a look whilst the two of you changed together. "what do you want to watch then?" you asked, tracing circles around his 'Må' tattoo, you had been there with him, holding his hand as he got the tattoo done.
"you choose" his voice was soft, you could tell he was tired, so you just put on a film you had seen a bunch of times so you didn't have to pay attention to it, so he could just relax and fall asleep.
"You know, I don't want the tour to end" you could tell something was on his mind. "why's that?" leaning upon your elbows you turn to look him in the eyes, getting lost momentarily in them.
"Because you won't be there" a tear falls from his eyes and you quickly wipe it away, holding his face in your hands.
"aw sweetie, I'll always be there, even if I'm not with you every day, you can always call me" you kiss his cheek, comforting him, wiping away more tears.
" it's not the same, I just want to be with you all the time, you make me feel like nothing else on earth, when I'm with you nothing matters y/n, I don't know how you do it but I don't want it to ever stop" now it was your turn to cry, no one had ever made you feel so special or important in your life and it felt so good to hear those words leave his mouth.
"Oh Thomas, I don't ever want to be without you either, but you know I have a life back home, outside of the band. I'm only a short drive away, you can come to see me whenever you want and whenever you feel sad I'll be there as soon as you call" It broke your heart to see him so vulnerable, but you knew there was nothing you could do, you lived about ten minutes out of Rome, you couldn't afford the city.
"I feel so selfish, I just want you all to myself all of the time. I count down the days to the start of every tour because I know that I'll get to wake up and see you every day, that I get to spend all the time in the world with you, with nothing keeping you from me" He sits up, pulling you into a tight embrace.
"I know sweetheart, I know" Is all you could say, you were choking on your own words, it hurt so much that you couldn't be with him all the time.
"I don't even just mean with me physically, y/n you complete me, you make me a better man and I..." he pauses, wondering if he was really about to say what he was going to say.
"I love you y/n and I know you feel the same way about me, I've just always been too scared to do anything in case I scare you off because I can't bear to lose you" you pull away from the hug to look him in the eyes once more.
"Thomas, I've been in love with you since we first met you have no idea what it means to me to hear you say this" the two of you lean into each other, your lips inches away from his but before anything could happen the door bursts open, causing you to jump away from each other.
"Y/N Dami's been siiiickkkk" Ethan whines, stumbling into the room throwing Damiano down onto the bed beside you. Just like that, you had been snapped out of your cute moment with Thomas and back to the reality of the mother of the group.
"oh dear, let's get you cleaned up shall we?" you get up pulling Damiano up with him and take him to the bathroom, stopping at the door to look over at Thomas who just had the biggest grin on his face that you had ever seen. Even though you had been interrupted you knew that things had changed forever and that you'd have plenty of time to carry the moment on later, running a bath for your drunk friend you couldn't hep but smile too, everything was perfect in that moment and you wouldn't have it any other way.
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When in Rome... [Remington Leith x Reader] Part III
Tumblr media
A/N: WOOHOO! Part 3! Should I do a part 4 wrap up? This is a good conclusion but there could always be more 👀. Song is "2 Die 4" by Tove Lo ❤️
Warnings: Drinking, some cussing, implied smut
"Leave it to you to be late to a dance," Emerson tutted.
"Why are we still talking about this?" Remington asked him.
"Because you've been in a bear of a mood all morning," the brothers wandered through the streets of sunny Rome, still exhausted from the previous evening but still enthralled with the beautiful sights of the ancient city.
They trailed behind their friend group, with Emerson slowly yanking bits and pieces of just what had happened last night. After the band finished their set for the evening, he went to sit down before y/n could have any inkling of what was happening, and made out for the rest of the evening like nothing was wrong. However, y/n wasn't stupid. She picked off the shift in his mood immediately, despite his assurances that he was alright. She felt guilty for the rest of the evening, wondering if maybe she should've denied the baron's offer in the first place.
Y/n stayed lost in her own head, sneaking glances behind her shoulder at the brothers now and again. Remington had continued to stay quiet all morning and she was troubled by it. Her best friend would only give quick answers and barely looked her in the eye, it was as though he had shifted into a different person overnight and it terrified her.
"What do you think they're talking about?" she asked to nobody in particular. Rebecca had heard her, and not having been as involved in this drama, shrugged her shoulders.
"Maybe they're discussing their movie premiere?" she then chuckled, "I guess it's not really a premiere. What's the point? I mean -- how long is a music video supposed to be?"
"They do it for their fans," y/n pointed out, "I've seen the plans anyway, it looks like it'll be a lot of fun. They got circus performers and a stage -- and they basically rented out the No Vacancy theatre for the night. They got this giant merch table --"
"Are you gonna' go?" Rebecca asked.
Y/n paused momentarily, taking another glance behind her shoulder. Her gaze locked with Remington's momentarily before he shifted back to his brother. Y/n sighed in defeat.
"I don't know," she answered.
Rebecca still wasn't catching on, "Well, how about their tour? You gonna' open for the band?"
"Not this one," y/n shook her head, "Management is talking about the European tour next year, though,"
"Hmm, that should be fun," Rebecca noted, tossing her long dark hair behind her shoulder, "You're already in tourist practice right now!"
Y/n forced a smile, "Yeah, yeah it should be fun,"
"Anyway, anyway -- you have to spill!" Rebecca declared.
Y/n furrowed a brow, "Spill what?"
"Your dance last night!" she cried wistfully, "You were personally asked by a Duke to dance in one of the nicest restaurants in Rome! You cannot tell me you're indifferent to that!"
Y/n feigned a smile but she couldn't disagree more. She enjoyed her conversations last night, there was no doubt, but she would pass over a thousand dukes, barons, princes and whatnot if Remington would have only asked her to dance instead.
"I think he was a baron," y/n corrected.
"Oh, whatever," Rebecca replied, "What did you guys talk about? Did he ask for your number?"
"He probably has people do that for him," y/n replied bluntly.
Her friend rolled her tired eyes in dismay, "God, you're always so cynical..."
"Well, come on Rebecca! I mean, he was a nice guy and he was pleasant to talk to, but even if he did ask me for my phone number, I'd decline,"
"You're kidding," Rebecca gawked, "You'd full-on deny a baron?"
Y/n scowled, "What is this, Bridgerton? It would never work out, Rebecca! I'm a singer and he's royalty. Our jobs are complicated, the time difference is ridiculous -- not to mention he's way older than me!"
"He's thirty-seven and you're twenty-eight!"
"I rest my case,"
Rebecca chuckled cynically, "I'm not trying to make you the next Meghan Markle, y/n, but I thought you'd be more excited! You got noticed by Italian royalty! I'd be flipping my shit right now,"
Y/n glanced over her shoulder again as Rebecca rambled on. Remington and Emerson continued to trail behind, seemingly bickering together in angry whispers. Perhaps they were indeed arguing about her, or probably something more important like their upcoming album, their theatre, or even what they wanted for lunch. Either way, y/n was disheartened time and time again as she had to face the ugly truth of her circumstance.
"Like I said; it just wouldn't work out..."
Tonight would be their last night in Rome before they would move on to the region of Florence. However, they would be catching a concert before traveling, and Remington and Emerson had the honour of being good friends with one of the hottest rock bands in the world right now.
That's right... Maneskin.
When the rock group heard of Emerson's upcoming accolade, they invited the brothers and their friends to catch their show, offering to take them out on the town the night afterwards. To say y/n was excited was putting it mildly; she had been a fan of the Italian rock group since discovering them on last year's Eurovision, and when she found out Remington had met them she was equally as jealous.
She was humming to herself as she got dressed up, lining her eyes in dark eyeshadow and dusting glitter over her cheeks. She was dressed in a pair of leather pants and a basic white tank, her wavy hair tousled to that perfectly messy effect. The melody stuck in y/n's head had been a tune she had been working on for a couple of weeks, a late-night work in progress that seemingly spawned out of nowhere. However, it was painfully clear after the last couple of days to see where this inspiration had suddenly come from.
"You don’t look like in your photo You’re prettier than that Now I kinda wish that you said so Woulda put in more effort"
She checked her reflection twice in the full-length mirror, unsure of whether she was trying to impress herself, Remington, or the band later on. Once satisfied, she grabbed her spaghetti bag and dashed out the door, continuing to sing quietly to herself.
"Man I hope you call me, call me Cause I know I won’t let you down And I hope you believe believe I’ll be here for ya --"
The next door down the hall swung open and Remington slipped out, dressed to her astonishment in a similar pair of black pants and a white muscle tee. The only thing differing in his outfit was the pair of tight suspenders he wore.
They both froze when they saw each other, him more over because he wanted to hear her sing some more. Y/n broke into a bashful grin. Remington thought the universe was laughing at him -- of course they would match outfits!
"Damn, we're just that good we unintentionally match," she chuckled.
"Seems like it," Remington grinned, "Great minds, eh?"
Y/n looked behind her, her door was only a few feet away and they still had some time before meeting everybody downstairs, "Erm -- I-I can go and change. It won't take long --"
"No, no," Remington shook his head, "You look great! And if anybody asks, we'll just say I'm your biggest inspiration,"
Y/n scoffed, "You wish," oh, but if he only knew.
They took the small elevator down together, y/n refraining from letting her heel tap incessantly against the tile. She didn't want to let on that she was nervous; why on Earth should she be nervous, anyway? It was only Remington, after all. Remington meanwhile took to watching the digital numbers count down on the display screen, sneaking glances at y/n in between takes.
"What was that song?" he asked out of the blue.
Y/n shrugged shyly, "It's just something I've been working on. Been stuck in my head for weeks,"
Remington nodded slowly, "It sounds good. You gonna' put it on your album?"
"I don't know. The melody just seems a little too pop for me," she replied.
"What's wrong with that?" he asked plainly, "It's your music, you express what you feel. If you feel like a bubblegum pop singer, than that's you're right,"
Y/n rolled her eyes at his shit-eating smirk, "I'll be a pop singer over my mother's dead body,"
The bell dinged and the elevator doors slid open. However, neither Remington nor y/n were in a hurry to meet up with their friends. They trailed slowly, the silence a test to see which would break the tension first.
"Remington," inevitably, it was y/n, "Did I do something wrong?"
"What?" Remington was taken aback by the notion.
Y/n shrugged listlessly, "You've been kinda ignoring me all day. This is the first conversation we've had since last night. You're upset I danced with that Paolo guy, aren't you?"
Remington scoffed, trying to make off with his pride in tact, much to the chagrin of that baron, no doubt, "Why would I have a problem with --"
"Well Jesus! There you are!" he was cut short by Shae's holler. She and Emerson were standing at the doors of the hotel, arms crosses as they awaited the pair with as much patience as a cat waiting for its dinner, "C'mon! The cabs are waiting!"
Emerson's brows furrowed together, "Did you two plan to match?"
Remington shoved his kid brother out the door, "Get going!"
The concert was electrifying to say the least. After two years of being locked away from society, it was refreshing to see groups of people mosh out together to a good rock band. And by God, Maneskin had to be one of the best stage performers y/n had ever seen -- besides Palaye, of course.
It was a combination of their catchy music and wild charisma that had her so enthused; it reminded her of all the times she watched -- no, even -- performed with the brothers. Damiano was charming and cocky, a younger, darker, more Italian version of Remington. He held the crowd's attention with a simple raise of his pinky finger, commanded energy to surge through them to ensure the biggest experience and reaction. Victoria was beautiful, but essentially a little brat on stage. She very much reminded y/n of herself when she was younger. But you couldn't take your eyes off of her nor Thomas as they raced back and forth across the stage, never missing a beat in their performance. And then there was Ethan, his long hair flying in all directions whenever he went ham on the drums. It was almost mesmerizing to watch him; he moved with such fervour and yet with a continual grace that could be matched to only Emerson's drum playing.
It was an awe-striking show to say the least, however, both of them exchanged private looks at one another, neither the list bit wary that the other was doing so.
"Aye! Bellisima!" Emerson applauded as the quartet ran off the stage, drenched in sweat as their chests heaved to wear off the adrenaline. Victoria was the first to leap up and hug her friends.
"You guys! Thanks for coming!" she beamed happily, followed promptly by greetings from her bandmates.
"Pleasure was all ours!" Remington replied, grunting briefly as Damiano slapped him on the back.
"How long are you guys in Rome for?" he asked.
"We leave for Florence tomorrow afternoon," Emerson replied.
"Oh good," Ethan grinned, "That means we can keep you out later!"
Shae raised a disbelieving brow, "You know, I'll never understand how rockstars play a two hour show and still have the energy to go get fucked up after,"
Y/n simpered, "It's all the energy, we need to wear it off,"
"Exactly!" Thomas declared, boldly reaching across and extending his hand, much to the chagrin of a watchful Remington, "I don't believe we've met..."
Y/n smiled and graciously shook his hand, "Y/n Y/l/n. Big fan of you guys, you're all so cool!"
Victoria's face suddenly lit up, "Oh my gosh! You wrote that song for Euphoria! I fuckin' loved it!" she exclaimed.
"Which song?" Ethan asked.
"The 'How Long' song," she smacked his bicep, "You know... when they're all dancing like sluts in the kitchen before Cassie puked in the pool,"
"... Oh, oh yeah," Ethan nodded, "... no, I don't remember,"
"Excuse him," Thomas interjected, "The cymbals shattered his brain cells again,"
Damiano shrugged it off, "He just needs a pizza and he'll be good to go,"
Thomas turned to gaze back down at y/n, his kind dark eyes lined in smudged makeup and glitter, "Are you gonna' join us?"
"Of course!" she replied enthusiastically.
Remington decided then and there that if he had a metre stick he would slam it between the two of them. He liked Thomas, don't get him wrong, but his feelings were already twisted up enough as it was. The last thing he needed was his good friend trying to put moves on his crush.
After Maneskin had refreshed themselves, they lead the travel party through the town, pointing out all the spots they used to frequent as buskers and telling stories of their street work. Y/n was up ahead, only this time she fell into step with Thomas, the two of them hanging off of each other's words as they swapped tour stories.
Remington trailed behind once again, wiping sweat off his brow that he was unsure was caused by the intense heat or his stress. Emerson and Ben continued to watch him, mostly in sheer amusement at this point. They commented to each other how Remington was only diffing his own grave at this point.
They came to a nifty, exclusive nightclub just outside of the heart of the city. Given the intense two year lockdown, it was no wonder the whole of Rome was packed into the tiny space. However, getting in wasn't a problem for Maneskin and friends. They practically glided past the long line and disappeared into the dark.
Neon lights swung across the room, effectively lighting up every pure white fabric in the place in a bright neon blue. There was something about the effervescent blue on Remington that made y/n's chest tighten, complimenting his tan in an indigo pigment.
Bodies packed the dance floor, private booths lined the walls with buckets of champagne sizzling with illuminate sparklers. And the bar in the middle of the room was hopping crazy, encircling the biggest booze bottle display that anyone had laid eyes on.
Remington stayed situated at a booth, nursing his beer and sitting between Damiano and Emerson as he regaled him about his recent accolade.
"So they really do the whole kneel and sword tap, still?" the younger rockstar queried.
"The whole shit n' shebang," Emerson nodded, "You know in the high renaissance they had the knights kneel on the altar for the whole hour-long ceremony. It was supposed to be a last test of faith before the king bestowed their knighthood,"
"So what, you just stood there?..."
Across the expanse of the bar, y/n leaned against the smooth, but somewhat sticky countertop, intent on listening to Thomas' next story despite the steady reverberating pulse music.
"... and the next thing I know, I turn around, and that piece of shit was pissing his brains out on my guitar case,"
"Jesus, that's disgusting!" y/n recoiled, fingers tapping delicately at the newly finished drink, "What did you do?"
Thomas snickered, "Ethan wanted to teach him a lesson, but he was scrawnier back then. Still, it took the three of us to hold the karate-chopping little prick when the tourist walked away,"
Y/n shook her head, internally gagging at the notion. Without a doubt in her mind, if someone dared defile her property like that, she would have to face some hefty charges.
Regardless of her previous anxieties, y/n found herself having a lovely time with Thomas. Despite his youth (and yes, she couldn't believe she had just said that) he was composed and articulate, and he had a particularly charming sense of humour. Not to mention the drawl of his accent was most compelling.
They chatted about everything and nothing at the same time. Y/n felt as comfortable as she did with Remington. And yet, being with Thomas felt somewhat out of place for her. In the back of her mind she wished Remington would come and talk to her like this; the way he used to up until many moths ago. Nothing was inhibited, no awkward glances were exchanged, and he certainly wasn't trying to avoid her like the plague.
In between bits and pieces of their conversation, y/n would glance out the corner of her eye, only for Remington to swiftly look away and focus on whatever his friends were doing. It was a tense game of cat and mouse almost; the two of them silently wondering which one would be the first to break their friend zone. The passion within was building steadily, and when y/n finally caught Remington's eye her breath hitched in her throat.
His dark stare was captivating, the shadows casted across his silhouette portrayed such drama, grease and danger. Y/n crossed her legs, squeezing her thighs together as she took another chilling sip of her drink.
And Remington could feel his blood boiling with each passing second. Thomas was shifting closer and closer to y/n, much to his chagrin. Y/n shifted back a little, yet she did little to dissuade him when his fingers brushed hers across the table.
Remington swiftly downed the rest of his drink, praying to high heaven it would settle him.
"You better not punch him out," Emerson warned subtly, "It'll sour American-Italian relations,"
"I'm not gonna' punch him out," Remington assured "-- only briefly fantasize,"
Emerson scoffed, "Or you could... hmm, I don't know... intervene and ask y/n to dance with you. Since you were too chicken shit to do it last night,"
Remington glared back at his brother, "Really?"
"What? You think Ben wasn't gonna' tell me?"
"Remind me to stuff his body in our luggage tomorrow,"
"C'mon, man. Aren't you tired of this? Where's our band frontman when we need him?" and he slapped his shoulder. Remington childishly slapped him back on his bicep.
Damiano strided back to the table, returning from the washroom with a fresh bottle of Prosecco and a big grin on his face.
"What're we watching?" he asked, grunting as he took a seat.
Emerson scoffed, "Remington has a crush on y/n but he doesn't wanna tell her,"
"It's none of his business!" Remington scolded.
Damiano whistled lowly as he popped open the Prosecco with ease, "Well, it might be, my friend..."
"How so?" Emerson asked.
"Because they're getting up and heading for the dance floor," he replied simply.
The brothers whipped their heads back, and much to their dismay, y/n and Thomas has disappeared. Remington could catch glimpses of her through the bustling crowd, his heart dropping to spot her hand clasped around his.
"For fuck sakes," he shook his head, muttering, "Not again,"
"Again?" Damiano questioned.
"He let the same thing happen last night -- but it was a Duke instead!" Emerson sneered.
"It was a baron," Remington corrected.
"What's the difference?" Damiano asked plainly, "You're seven years older than us and yet you're still scared to go after what you want?"
"He's scared of rejection," Emerson said.
"So what?" Damiano questioned before Remington could intervene, "You know you're gonna regret it if you never make your move,"
"I know --"
"So stop your bitching and go!"
Remington looked between the two of them, staring blankly, "What?"
"Go!" Domino urged, "She can do better than Thomas, anyway,"
Emerson shoved him off of the couch, "You want history to repeat itself? Put your big boy pants on and fucking go after her! What's the worst that could happen?"
Remington stumbled forward, shoving at Emerson's hands like a pouting child. However when he turned around his blood began to boil further. Y/n was swaying gently, she wasn't much of a dancer anyways, but she had her hands laced around Thomas' shoulders. They were close, exceedingly closer than he liked. His fists balled at his sides, nostrils flared out and his jaw locked. Emerson was right, he was tired. He couldn't take the anxiety of wondering any longer.
To hell with it all, Remington had charisma, he had charm and he had the drive to fight for what he wanted -- even if it meant he might lose his best friend. Turning back around, he grabbed Emerson's Prosecco glass just as the drummer brought it to his lips, and he watched aghast when Remington downed it in one gulp.
"Jesus Christ. I'm gonna send you to AA!" he threatened. Damiano laughed as Remington brushed him off and headed towards the dance floor.
Y/n wasn't much for dancing at night clubs. They were loud and sweaty and a little too crowded for her liking. However, she didn't feel so overwhelmed with Thomas. If anything, she found herself enjoying herself immensely so. She didn't see Remington snaking his way through the crowd, too enthralled with the joke Thomas was laying on her. It was a lame one but he was sincere all the same.
Remington caught the look Thomas laid on her. His muscles tightened, realizing that y/n was looking at him the way Remington always hoped. He clenched his jaw, lowering his eyes whilst pushing against hot bodies. He swooped in just as Thomas leaned in closer, whispering something faintly in y/n's ear before Remington took her by the arm.
"Excuse me!" he demanded loudly. The pair sprung away instantly, Thomas ever so clueless and y/n dismayed at his interruption, "Mind if I cut in?"
Y/n was at a loss momentarily, wondering just where the hell he had come from. While she was happy to see him, she was also a bit tense. She was only trying to have a good time.
"Remi, what're you doing?" she asked.
"I need to talk to you," he replied.
"Okay. Well -- we're kind of in the middle of something!" she scolded.
"It's okay," Thomas assured her, "I'll go get another drink," and he slinked out of the crowd.
Y/n watched him go, a little disappointed but more than anything annoyed with Remington, "What're you doing?"
Remington took her hand again, nodding towards the exit, "I need to talk to you," he repeated.
"Outside? Have you seen the lineup? We won't get back in for hours!" she protested as he dragged her out.
"I'll risk it!"
Y/n struggled the whole way, looking back for any sign of one of their friends to help her to no avail. He took her out of the crowd and whisked her out into the hot night air. Once outside Y/n wrenched her arm away, shoving at Remington's chest. And y/n was right, there was a lineup going for a full block of people anxiously waiting to get into the club.
"What the hell is wrong with you?" she snapped, "I was having a good time!"
"I know you were, and I'm sorry but --"
"Why are you acting so weird, Remington?" she begged, her patience burning at the final thread of her candle, "You've been avoiding me all fucking day! And now you just waltz in and send Thomas away --"
"I'm sorry!" he shouted suddenly, effectively silencing her. Remington composed himself; he didn't mean to shout at her, but the tension was eating away at his own patience, "And I'm sorry for shouting; really, I'm sorry about everything,"
Y/n shook her head, "What's everything?"
"Everything!" he threw his hands in the air, "I've been a total dick, but I don't mean to be! I just -- I get close to you and I just become a different person!"
"Different enough you just decided to start ignoring me out of the blue," y/n nodded, "Did I do something wrong? 'Cause if I did I'm so sorry!"
"You didn't do anything and that's the fucking problem!" Remington exclaimed.
Y/n exhaled slowly, feeling her knees begin to quiver as she stood firmly over the cracked blacktop. She glanced at the bustling line, her cheeks going red under the neon glow of the club sign.
"Can we -- can we maybe do this somewhere else?" she pointed to the people, some of them staring with interest at them.
"Sure," Remington patted at his pockets, a new horror striking him suddenly, "Fuck,"
"What is it?"
"I left my phone inside the club,"
"I got mine," she assured him, "Shae has my purse anyway, I'll text her,"
They started walking, in which direction they weren't entirely sure but Remington's heart pounded faster and faster with each passing second. He was trying to unscramble the words caught in his throat but every which way he thought to phrase it, his words would jumble all over again.
The noise from the club dwindled behind them and they instead came to a quieter plaza. A fountain was crowded with tourists taking photos of the majestic renaissance statues in the middle, being effortlessly splattered by the mist of running water. Remington and y/n came to stand at the edge of the plaza, the heat only fuelling to their growing frustration.
Remington could feel his palms sweating, something that hadn’t happened since his show at the Wiltern, but he swallowed the knot in his throat anyways and stepped closer to her. Despite the sweat and grease from the club, she still smelled so sweetly, she looked so effortlessly beautiful despite smudged makeup under her eyes.
"Do you remember our first tour together?" he asked suddenly.
Y/n glanced at him, somewhat surprised he chose now of all times to reminisce, "How could I forget. Five guys and two girls cramped in a tiny bus that was held together by chewing gum and spit,"
"Oh, and the smell? Fucking brutal," Remington chuckled, "And Sebastian was drunk nearly every night; and he and Phil were always blasting Brit pop and driving us fucking nuts,"
Y/n began to smile, their adventures in that stupid bus washing over her just like it was yesterday, "God, yeah! And we'd get so annoyed we'd hide in my bunk and just watch movies together. Or -- try, what with 4 Non Blondes overshadowing,"
"Even with all those people, it just felt like it was always you and me. You and me against everything, all the time," Remington nodded.
Her smile began to fade, her memories flashing back to the brother's endless fights. She on more than one occasion had to get between and separate --mostly -- Remington and Sebastian when they would butt heads on set lists, hotel arrangements, or just buried drama that they had to work through, "Yeah. It was scary, too,"
"But you never left," he noted.
"You were paying me,"
"You could've left if you wanted. I know you were offered other jobs," Remington said, "You could've taken any of them,"
"But they weren't going to advance my career. I didn't want to be a touring musician for the rest of my life," she admitted, "Besides, I developed a spot for you -- guys," she added quickly.
Remington felt his cheeks heat up, his lips threatening to tear up in a little grin, "I did, too. And I think that's why I've been such a bitch,"
Y/n raised her brows, inhaling slowly as her heart began to swell. Despite her curiosity, she waited patiently, silently, "Because... you like me?"
Remington felt his pinky finger brush against the nail on her thumb, and how desperately he wanted to just hold her hand, "I love you. O-Or I'm in love with you. I think I've been for years, I've just been... scared," he sighed gently.
And just like that, a huge weight had been lifted from his chest. Y/n however, stayed quiet. She stared at the cobblestones beneath her boots, he couldn't pick out the emotions flashing across her face, "And even if you don't feel the same, I can't stand not having you in my life,"
"Remi --" she stopped him suddenly. She felt a rush of confidence then, the rush of adrenaline all she need to grab the band of his suspender, catching him by surprise. His mouth formed a perfect “O” before she pulled him to her and placed her lips on his. 
His lips were a bit chapped and he tasted a little like hard bourbon, but she fit so perfectly against him.  
Remington’s surprise vanished before pulling her in closer. He tilted her jaw up, brushing his thumb against the blade of his cheekbone. She couldn’t help the small gasp that escaped when he gently bit at her bottom lip.
Remington exhaled, pushing her back until y/n's back was pressed against the wall and he stepped even closer. His other hand took her by the waist, squeezing firmly to hold her tight against him.
Y/n reluctantly pulled away, gasping out from the heat of the moment. Remington stepped away, needing a moment to catch his own breath.
"Are you okay?" he asked quietly.
Her head fell back against the wall, her chest heaving from the kiss and the humidity.
"Remi... " when her eyes met his, to his surprise, she began to laugh, "Can we do that again?"
Well, needless to say he didn't need to be asked twice.
His hands grabbed her face, lips smashing against hers with brutal passion. Her fingers carded through his shaggy hair, tugging him closer as his tongue slipped past hers.
His hands moved down to her hips, pulling her tighter against him as he slipped a few fingers under her shirt. His touch burned her skin, his grip on her waist tightening as she nipped at his lower lip. Tugging on his hair as he pulled away, he trailed his warm lips across her jaw. She shivered as his hot breath tickled her skin, leaving open mouthed kisses along her neck.
Her breath caught in her throat, a soft gasp leaving her lips as he sucked on the sensitive skin on her neck. It was most definitely going to leave a mark, it was so public, but neither of them cared. After all, they were under the cover of shadows and everyone was too enthralled with the fountain. Her fingers continued to run through his locks, gently tugging on them to pull his lips back up to her own. He quickly obliged, his lips smashing back against hers as she hummed against him.
"Come with me," he whispered against her skin, "Let's go to the hotel,"
Her kiss-bitten smile was the only answer he needed, and she anxiously took his hand and dragged him out of their corner.
It only felt like moments later when y/n fell backwards on Remington's bed, the cool sheets a welcome respite from the heat, yet not for long as Remington crawled on top of her. Her back arched as he dropped kissed up her abdomen and between her breasts, her humid skin nothing compared to the burning between her legs.
Remington couldn't dare believe the sight of her; for so long he wanted this -- wanted her -- and he savoured every moment of her. Her freckles, her peach fuzz, the little whimpers she'd make when he bit her earlobe. If he died tomorrow, he would be fulfilled nonetheless. He'd gotten what he needed all along.
"Say it again," he whispered against her ear, loving how she shuddered under his touch. His own skin erupted in goosebumps as her fingers pulled up the hem of his muscle tee.
"I love you," she murmured, inhaling sharply as he pressed himself against her thigh.
"I'm in love with you,"
"... Again?"
"Remi," she giggled softly, a sound so perfect he couldn't resist nuzzling his face in her throat. She pressed her fingertips into his shoulders, turning her face to kiss against his cheek.
He lifted his head, his lips just inches from hers and her eyes boring practically into his soul. Even in the dark, she was the most beautiful woman he could ever hope for, inside and out.
"I love you more," and she was finally all his.
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stopeatingwhales · a year ago
"you're still blushing," x damon albarn
I haven't written something for damon in ages so here you all go <333
Pairing: 90s damon albarn x reader
Warnings: nothing :)
Word count: 2.214
Having a roommate was always helpful for when you needed to cut the cost of rent, and to have company with someone that you got along with since you either were not far into relationships to be able to move in with a significant other, or you weren’t in a one - in which by having a roommate, made things less lonely. Me and Damon had known each other for quite some time now as Graham introduced us since Damon was looking for a flatmate at a time where, for some reason everybody seemed as though they were already occupied with people they were living with and sharing rent. Perhaps he was a little too late looking into it, but when Damon and I met, it was practically a match made in heaven. Though he wasn’t the first person I’d want to share a flat with, as I had no idea who he even was, just that he was best friends with somebody I was also friends with, he was perhaps, as oddly as it sounds, the best choice for a stranger to share a flat with. We had been living together since his band was working on their debut album, Leisure, and since then we had developed a very close relationship with one another. We both shared love for the same music, read the same books, and he had a personality which formed out of pure ardor and benevolence, which made it very easy to be able to form a strong bond together. It was very enjoyable living with him, as we wouldn’t avoid each other at all. Whenever both of us were present, there was nothing we would rather do than just spend time with one another. When nothing was going for us on weekends, we tended to just sit there on the couch in the living room, drinking warm, hot mugs of tea made by Damon at his advance, simply chatting about anything and everything. We would talk until the sun had gone down, until one of us had practically fallen asleep on the other, which was usually me, giving Damon the chore of putting me into bed, which I would constantly be thanking him for the following morning. At certain points in our friendship it was hard to distinguish whether we had feelings for each other, or if it was just a strong platonic relationship; other people had consistently pointed out our relationship together, and how we supposedly acted as if we were the happiest couple in the world.
After being asked whether me and him were together or not countless times, I had begun thinking about our relationship from an outsider's perspective, and over time I had realised that I was gaining feelings for Damon as I started to take notice of the little things that he would do. The warm smiles that he would give me; his plump, soft lips curving in a philanthropic manner, almost child-like, filled with pure love and adoration for you that you would instantly urge yourself to reciprocate. The unneeded care that would ensue once he realised that I was sick and needed a day off, bringing me a warm cup of tea in the morning, also mentioning that he wasn’t attending his band session later on in the day because I was his main priority, and that music could wait. The way he would rush into my room whilst I was organising my laundry, his lyric book gripped in his hand with a pen in the other, practically begging me to hear the new verse he had surprisingly conjured up in a couple of seconds - my opinion meaning so much to him that he would force me to read his finished songs, changing whatever I thought didn’t suit. And not to mention his features. His angelic, ocean-like orbs, where your eyes would get lost in them instantaneously; causing you to wonder what sort of resplendent alchemy went forth in creating such adoring pools of blue; his foolproof nose, sculpted in everlasting beauty, locked in the middle of his face, showing there was no flaw in his features, that he was the definition of true excellence, and though not a part of his face, the hair from his fringe that would coat over his forehead ever so softly, so elegantly, the strands, though roughly brushed through, looked as if they had been done professionally by his hairdresser. You were unable to pinpoint a flaw on him - he was the embodiment of elegance. You’d simply wonder whether this kind of beauty exists, and to have it living with me, was unequivocally something my heart was unable to handle.
Stepping into the flat that we both shared, I quickly took my shoes off before locking the door. As I wandered around the apartment, the aroma of smoke was easily identifiable, implying that Damon was inside, and smoking. Once I reached the living space, I saw Damon was sitting on the couch, flicking through the channels on the TV. “You alright?” I asked him, leaving the shopping bags on the countertops of the kitchen. He turned to look at me, a sweet smile painted on his lips before he took another drag from his cigarette. Oh, to be that cancer stick.
“I’m alright.” He replied, putting out his cigarette on the glass ashtray in front of him, then getting up to help me with the groceries. “How are you, love?”
“I’m okay. I managed to get everything we needed before we both died from starvation.” I laughed, folding up the now-empty bags that were once brimmed to the full of things we needed.
My gaze was fixed on him as he shut the fridge door as I leaned my tired body on the counter, him making his way after shutting the door to stand as close to me as he could. There was practically no empty space between us as he held me in an embrace, his face hidden into my neck as he played with strands of my hair gently. “I missed you,” He uttered, my heart now swelled in adoration for the man that was holding me, unaware if my body was able to handle more of his tauntings. Once he pulled out of the embrace, he clung onto my hands whilst staring deeply into my eyes. I couldn’t help but blush deeply as I looked into his eyes, getting lost in the essence of his handsomeness. I noticed his warm smile form into a cheeky grin as I realised that he knew I was going red. “You’re blushing.”
Slightly embarrassed, I scrunched my face together and looked down to the ground. There was no way out of it, one day he was going to find out just how much I had grown a liking for him. Instead of responding, I moved away from the situation and headed to sit on the couch, knowing that he would follow suit. Once we sat together, I grabbed the cigar pack that was left open on the table and put a cigarette between my lips, looking at Damon as a form of asking where the lighter was. He immediately grabbed the lighter from his pocket and pressed it, causing a flame to come out. I leaned closer to him to allow him to light the roll of tobacco, my eyes not daring to move away from the sight of the flame. I felt his eyes staring intently at my features, the tension in the air being more prominent than it had ever been before. When it was lit, I instantly inhaled, exhaling sharply to expose the smoke that had quickly built up in my throat.
“What did you do today, Dames?” I asked him, attempting to instigate a conversation. His eyes were still lingering on me whilst my eyes tried everything they could to avoid embarrassing myself again, with another blush.
“Well I went in to do some recording, today was mainly for Graham’s guitar solo so we finished up early,” he answered, walking to the fridge to grab himself a beer, then coming back to sit right next to me. “Graham tells me you’ve got a crush on someone.”
After almost choking on the smoke created in my lungs, I felt the blood rush to my cheeks yet again, the action moving so fast I could feel my cheeks begin to sting. “Ehm- He told you that?”
“So it’s true…” Damon began, placing his drink on the coffee table, a smirk evident on his features. “I thought he was lying, since we usually tell each other everything, but your face says otherwise.” He added, my heart panging slightly as I felt bad that he thought that I didn’t want to tell him. Oh if only he knew it was about him. If only he knew that what I haven’t been able to keep my mind off for weeks on end was him. If only he knew that he’s all that engulfs my mind.
“Who’s the guy?” He asked, as I felt his body shift ever so slightly closer to mine, wrapping an arm around my shoulder as he noticed my stiffness.
“You don’t know him.” I mumbled, staring down at my feet as I felt his breath fan my face slightly, the redness of my cheeks still prominent though I tried to ignore the heat radiating out of them.
“Describe him to me then.” He said, in a teasing manner. Part of me felt that Graham told Damon that it was him, and knowing Graham he probably would’ve done that since he was one of the many who believed that we would’ve been good together since we acted like it. But I wasn’t planning on jumping to any conclusions just yet.
“Uhh well…” I felt my cheeks heat up a bright red again as I looked in Damon’s direction, quickly snatching his beer off the coffee table and taking a sip of it to calm my nerves. “He’s got blond hair, blue eyes…” At this point I was staring deeply into Damon’s eyes, full-well knowing I was redder than ever, hell, I was a tomato. However, as I stared at him, I thought of all the possibilities and chances I would be able to mention to him that I developed feelings for him, and chances that would be handed to me easily. At most, I would probably be forced to go up to him and tell him myself that I liked him, which I had no courage in doing so in fear of absolute rejection. Though the fear of rejection still resonated in my mind deeply, there was definitely no way out of Damon and his questioning - he wanted to know everything, and he wanted to know it all now.
“Hmm… Sounds familiar,” he began, the smirk on his face not leaving any second. “Don’t suppose this crush has a name, does he?”
The next few seconds felt as if they had been stilled. Every single thought that I could have ever mustered in my mind joined themselves together, making my mind and body feel as if the moment we were living in was not real, at all. I felt breathless, ironic to the fact that I had been exhaling large clouds of smoke in the room, but I suppose even when breathing, you can still have your breath taken away from the sight before you. It felt as if I was in a haze, a drunken stupor, a lucid dream that felt far too realistic, but I had never thought that this moment would ever occur in mine and Damon’s time living together, or even in a child-like fantasy, or ever. Our faces were inches apart, my eyes constantly flicking through his bountiful orbs and smooth lips, his eyes fixated on mine, as if he was searching for something. Something to tell him that his suspicions were correct.
“It’s you for god’s sake.” I mumbled before eagerly conjoining my lips with his. I felt as if I rushed myself into it, the feeling enrapturing my mind, my body, and especially my heart. There was no other moment I had felt equated to this as our bodies embraced one another’s, the pair of us slowly allowing what was happening to melt into our minds. My heart was pounding as if my life had depended on it, my mind raced with thoughts so anxious but elated as both our bodies allowed our mouths to brush past one another’s until we were at a loss for breath. Love had never felt so strong, love had never carried this much emotion, this much integrity. I felt as if there was nothing else I had needed other than this moment to characterise its virtue, the intimacy shared overstimulated my emotions, for I felt like balling into tears at this juncture - not out of sadness, but out of pure admiration and alleviation that all this tension over the past couple months was real, that the love we had for each other was real, and not some fantasy that I invoked in my mind. Parting away from him, my eyes were fixated on his features - there was nobody else on this planet that could make me feel such emotion than him.
“You’re still blushing, love.”
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noisebcys · 5 months ago
heart strings | a. knight
summary: in which repressed feelings resurface when he catches a familiar face at one of his shows
contains: gender-neutral!reader, light swearing, that's it i guess? ends on a cliffhanger lmao
authors note: how'd i end up writing for bands in 2022 idk idk but here take this
Tumblr media
It was often hard to focus on a singular thing while performing onstage, if not impossible.
There was always too much going on but also, never not enough. The lights are too much but also not bright enough, the crowd is screaming but they could be louder, the stage was grand and open for him and his band mates to occupy and yet, Awsten found himself standing shellshocked in the centre of the stage. He couldn’t make out what anyone was saying, if they were even trying to talk to him, as his eyes stayed focused on the familiar face of someone he once gave his heart to standing amidst the crowd of people who had come out to see him. And they were there.
He didn’t know how long he had been standing there staring but he guessed it was long enough for Geoff to harshly push his shoulder to catch his attention.
It felt like he was being woken up from a dream with the way reality seemed to crash onto him like a wave.
“You alright?” Geoff asked quietly, angling his body in a way that blocked Awsten from the crowd. Awsten only mutely nodded, suddenly wanting to end this set quicker than usual so he could finally sort out his thoughts in peace.
“Yeah, yeah let’s continue.”
The rest of the show went by like a blur. A couple of more songs and a few breaks in between to talk to the crowd—where he made the conscious effort to avoid that side of it—and before he knew it, the set was finished and he was rushing backstage to lock himself in his dressing room before his friends could say anything.
They were here.
He saw them.
They had come out to see him.
And he saw them.
Awsten slumped into the chair as he brought his hands up to rub his face. There was a strange mix of happiness and sadness bubbling in his chest as he replayed that moment he noticed them in the crowd. It was odd.
They were on the far left side of the crowd, standing towards the back where stage performers often ignored but somehow, he had managed to see them. And they noticed him.
He could still recall the exact feeling of his heart dropping into his stomach when they shot him a warm smile. The way it felt like time had stopped and all that seemed to exist in that room was the two of them. The way he could feel the heat rushing up his neck towards his cheeks. He could still remember it all, but what really made him freeze was the sudden rush of memories flooding his mind as all the feelings he was positive he had diminished seemed to ignite itself again.
It had been years since they’ve even seen each-other despite agreeing that they’d remain friends after they break up. Neither made an effort to reach out aside from the annual ‘happy birthday’ message which was then followed by a ‘thank you’ before they finally stopped. Deep down he knew it was because he had changed his number and failed to let them know but it was for the better, right?
The longer he held onto the threads of what they once were then the longer he’d be staying up at night wishing he wasn’t alone. He didn’t want to still be hung up on someone who had said they didn’t want to be in a relationship at the moment.
It wasn’t fair that in the end, all his efforts ended up being for nothing. It wasn’t fair that he still felt something for them just like before.
“Awsten? We’re leaving now.” Came Lucas’ voice from the other side of the door. Awsten sighed, taking a moment to enjoy the loneliness inside his dressing room before getting up from his seat and heading towards the door.
All he could do now was hope they weren’t waiting outside for him when they left the venue—and as if his prayers had been heard, they weren’t. He was able to make it back to the bus without seeing their face in the crowd of people waiting outside, though the memory of them seemed to be permanently seared into his mind with the way he could visibly remember them.
Awsten didn’t say much for the remainder of the night. As the bus hit the road and everyone else sat in the living quarters to relax, Awsten excused himself to bed early where the earlier memories replayed in his mind as his fingers temptingly hovered over a contact on his phone he had never used but always added whenever he switched his number.
Was this even a good idea?
What if it actually wasn’t them and he just mistook a stranger for them?
He wanted to find a reason to not click on their contact but he knew deep down he could never not notice them. Whether it be from across a vacant lot or in the crowd of thousands, it was nearly impossible to not notice them no matter how hard you tried. There was just something about them, something that attracted him to them in the first place, that seemed to make them stand out.
Fuck it.
By morning he’d be in the next state anyways, and what damage could a simple text even do?
Typing in a message along the lines of ‘I think I saw you at our show earlier, why didn’t you tell me?’, he gave no time to await a response before turning off his phone and rolling onto his other side where he stared at the wall before sleep began to pull him into its world.
It was sleep that prevented him from noticing his phone going off when he received a text that read ‘I was there, just wanted to see you. Glad to see you’ve gone this far, I always knew you’d make it.’ but Awsten wouldn’t know until morning came.
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