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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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#but i'm too shy

Some people are doing this and since I’m very shy when it comes to talk to people via message, I want to thank you guys for making my days better with your posts and likes and reblogs, it really means so much! I joined F1 Tumblr this august, and this is such a great little community here! <3 (Maybe I tagged some people twice)</p>

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You guyyyys!!! So we found a bunch of my grandma’s old and unused nightgowns in her attic a while ago and tonight I decided to use one.

Like, holy crap! When I put it on, for a moment I literally felt like someone from the Witcher saga was looking back at me from the mirror! It’s like Corinne Tilly’s dress but completely black and to be honest I didn’t like that kind of dress in the game but in real life it looks magnificent!!!

Anyway, it’s kind of fun, being in clothing that feels like it’s from another world. The absolute aesthetic, I’m telling you. I wonder if cosplayers feel this way? I always wanted to try cosplay..

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There’s an elderly lady in my neighborhood that I see every time I go out. She walks around and sits near the entrance to the neighborhood, not begging or bumming, just enjoying the sunshine.

When I passed her for the third time I asked if she was doing alright and she shook her head and smiled and waved and I get the feeling she doesn’t speak English, but every time I pass by I smile and wave and she gives me a big thumbs up and grins.

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you can’t win with men on chatting apps, at all, because they’re just THAT stupid

you tell them that you’re not interested in their disgusting daddy fantasies and they reply that if you weren’t interested, you wouldn’t have said anything. but if you don’t say anything, they’d message and spam you with 100 of the same copy and pasted BULLSHIT

so you reply politely, they’ll reply like the idiots they are. you ignore them, and they spam you, because they really need the attention for their small ego.

you can never ever win with men on chatting apps and it’s exactly why i’m single af

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