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#but whatever

I like the idea of Rumus in the Babysitter AU looking (very much on purpose) like a stereotypical high school bad boy (just more fancy) which would probably mean he has a couple of visible tattoos.

(The bigger the contrast between his appearance and the way he acts around children - the better.)

But I’ve also mentioned before that at some point almost every kid he looked after wanted to be just like him and now all I can think of is all the children coming to him for temporary tattoos or asking him to draw something on their arms.

Only little Logan realized that what Remus has on his skin is permanent, but he couldn’t figure out for some time, how on earth did he do that. Roman also knew that Remus has these things on his arms all the time, because he barely remembers the time when Remus skin was plain, but it took him embarassingly long to understand that his brother is not secretly redrawing these pictures everyday again and again. (He probably tried to catch him retouching the tattoos on more than one occasion.)

Previous post for this AU is [HERE].

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please don’t reblog. don’t percieve this at all actually

#okay so my hair is blue now, #and i’ve wanted to dye my hair for AGES but the blue was a newer descision, #i wanted it red or pink and then i just went BLUE, #and my hairdresser did NOT do the amount of dye i asked for, #or that she indicated she was going to do at the beginning, #i only wanted the bottom half of my hair to be blue, #but my entire head of hair is blue and i HATE it, #and i’m just. really upset, #because my hair is short i can’t just like cut it off, #so i’m stuck with blueberry hair for an undisclosed amount of time, #and i HATE it, #like blue is NOT IT for me, #and i was already getting more and more self concious by the day, #and now i look like that girl who turned into a blueberry in willy wonka and the chocoalte factory, #and everything is just 1000x worse now, #and i already didn’t like the way i looked, #and now it’s so much worse, #and it’s stupid that imm having a wholeass breakdown over something that i did because i was having a breakdown, #but whatever, #and like i KNOW it’s gonna fade eventually (like i haven’t even washed it yet), #but now it’s going to be bleached or fucking blueberry for the next year and a half, #and i cant do anything about it, #and to make matters worse the hair appointment cost an absurd amount of money, #and we aren’t poor but like, #we aren’t by any means wealthy, #like we’re well below biden’s tax raise line, #and we’re renovating the apartment which costs lots and lots of money because everything is FUCKING EXPENSIVE in NYC, #so i’ve been really guitly about spending money on things i don’t need, #and i definitely didn’t need to dye my hair blueberry, #and i DEFINITELY feel like a compete waste of money and time and energy
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I was thinking about Christopher Belmont this morning and loosely scribbled down how I think he might’ve looked when he was younger. The outfit was based on his appearance in The Adventure: Rebirth, which is (pretty obviously) derived from Richter’s classic sprite, so I took creative liberties to make it unique. I also tried to take some physical changes into account, so younger Christopher is thinner and not slouching as much (you see where Simon gets that).

Speaking of, that little thing on the side with Simon and Soleiyu was something I gave up on ages ago, but I chose to finish it now since parts of it still looked kinda nice. (His grandfather said it before, but Simon secretly likes having his hair stroked~ :D)

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My therapist is a genius oh my lord. So I haven’t been able to get ahold of a friend of mine for zoom/call for like 3 months (she wants to talk too but has been busy) and so my therapist suggested just FaceTiming or leaving a voicemail randomly without setting a time to talk first (because she always flakes) AND IT FUCKIN WORKED. She called me back like 20 mins later,,,wild how sometimes u just need to be pushy

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  - At The Beginning  by   Donna Lewis Ft:  Richard Marx

-  Star sky  -  Two steps from hell. 

-   Meet Me On The Battlefield  by   SVRCINA

-  Warriors by Imagine dragons 

-  You’ll be in my heart  by  Phil Collins

 -  Saturn by  Sleeping At Last

-  May it be by Enya 

- King by  Lauren Aquilina   [ Mich being captured vibes.  Albiel @ Mich  after the whole mess] 

- Safe and sound - Taylor swift [  Mich being captured vibes Albi @ Mich after the mess ] 

-   Lady in Black by  Blackmore’s Night  

- Greg Laswell - Comes and Goes

-   Always  by  Beth Crowley

-    King and lionheart  by  of monsters of men 

- Please don’t say you love me by  Gabrielle Aplin   

-  I Bet My Life   by Imagine dragons 

-   I’d Come for You by   Nickelback  

- Talk by Cold play 

-  Against All Odds  by  Phil Collins -

-   Stand By you   Rachel Platten

-  Unconditionally  by  Katy Perry  


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(Mostly about little Logan and how he met Roman and Remus.)

  • Remus always has a pack of colourful band-aids wherever he goes. At first he thought that little Roman is a particularly clumsy baby who always gets hurt, but it turned out it’s just a thing with most kids. And giving them a pretty band-aid was a good distraction to stop them from crying.
  • Logan is Roman’s first childhood friend. They met on a playground where Remus took his little brother almost every day even when he was too tiny to use the slides and climb himself. Both kids were about three at the time, but Logan was already 3,5 (a big deal), so they had a very serious conflict when they tried to decide who’s a leader of their adventures.
  • It could have been just one day of playing together, because Logan’s parents didn’t go with him to the playground very often, but at one point Logan fell from a bench he tried to climb with Roman and Remus was the first to notice him crying. He showed Logan all the band-aids he had and let him pick one. Normally kids stopped crying only after getting a band-aid, but Logan was so focused on choosing the right one that he immediately forgot about his scrapped elbow.
  • He finally picked one with little clouds and he told Roman that clouds are made of water. They argued about it for a while, because Roman refused to believe that (“They look nothing like water! You made it up!”). They would go home angry at each other, but Remus said that Logan’s right making Roman believe for many years after that that Logan is the smartest person alive.
  • Little Logan’s parents were not very happy seeing him talking to a guy, who looked like he spray-painted bathroom walls in his school (which Remus probably did do at some point), but Logan seemed fine, so they didn’t try to make a scene. Because Roman spent more time with Logan than with most kids who went there he really wanted to meet again or invite him to play at home. Logan’s parents reluctantly agreed to meet again, but only at the playground.
  • It took a few weeks for them to finally start truly trust Remus. After that he became Logan’s regular babysitter and started his completely accidental career as a local nanny.
  • Little Logan adored Remus from the very beginning. Remus knew that clouds were made out of water so he must be very educated after all. They would often sit together exchanging some trivia and explaining different things and Remus quickly learnt that the best reaction is to pretend he never knew about the facts Logan told him, because he would be very proud and giggly if he caught Remus not knowing something.
  • Of course little Logan’s curiosity had its negative effects when Remus had to stop himself from laughing when he heard a few questions like: “what does a dumb bitch mean?”. He also learnt to control his swearing a little bit more in front of the kids.
  • Little Roman heard his brother swear thousands of times, but he never repeated any of these words, because Remus told him that saying them is connected to some sort a superpower you unlock when you grow older and if you start swearing at a too young age you won’t get said power. Roman believed him for a very long time and even when he was already an adult he would sometimes bring this up, complaining that it was a nice lie and he’s very disappointed.
  • For a very long time Logan was shorter than Roman (it changed when they were about 17) and it always caused them to renew the conflict that started their friendship. Logan was almost 10 months older, but also significantly smaller, so they always “argued” who should have the last word. It also made them very protective of one another and they were going everywhere holding hands. Logan thought he needs to look after Roman, because he’s very young and Roman thought he should take care of Logan, because he’s tiny.
  • In reality Remus was walking behind them like a shadow removing all the obstacles and making sure they not get hurt. But it was still really sweet. It made Logan feel very mature and Roman like a brave knight.
  • The other thing that made Logan a difficult child to take care of was that his fascination with the world and curiosity went beyond just asking some awkward questions The problem was that he wanted to touch and taste everything.
  • So Remus had to always watch his little grabby hands and not let Logan try to check if anything he found was edible. At some point he had to sit down with Logan and have a serious talk, saying that he also feels a deep need to put soil into his mouth at all times, because it looks tasty, but it’s dangerous. He accidentally made Logan an big fan of microbiology for the rest of his life.

Previous posts:  [the first one], [addition], [HCs], [ask about Janus], [embarassing memories]

[If you have any questions about this AU the asks are open.]

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blink and wipe the dust from your eyelids. blink again. more dust. and again. and yet more. rub your eyes harder and the dust makes its way out at the corners even faster. little trails of grime that run down your face like tears. you reach up to wipe at your eyes again but you can’t find them anymore.

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3 years + i randomly posted many ficlets that i did… w spop i have been here like idk 4 months? djdjdjd and i am more strict w what i write now. aside from what’s already on ao3 i have like. one ficlet??? JDJDJDJ yeah remember the one time i took “prompts” and i wrote TWO (one was crackfic) and proceeded to not do. all the other ones i received 😔 they’re like buried now JFJDJDJDJ

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Agh, I’m on Aether, otherwise I totally would!! And yeah it’s a weird chicken and egg problem with Discord, I don’t feel invested enough in the servers I join to be active for more than a few days, but the only way I’d get that invested was if I was consistently active for an extended period of time, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

At this point I’ve pretty much just accepted that Discord is not a great way to meet people for me personally, since I can only really see myself using it regularly if it was with people I already know

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Vexx takes the princess to a bar and it goes better than expected (and then worse than expected).
2316 words

This might look familiar, since I’ve posted a couple different WIPs of it since July, when I started writing it lol.

There’s a second part, if I ever write it. In the back of my mind, I have the idea to write all of Vexx and Lily’s kisses out (there aren’t that many tbh) but we’ll see… 

🟃 🟃 🟃 🟃 🟃

Vexx pushes the door open and is immediately met with the thick scent of smoke and sour beer. It’s nice to know that dive bars in all corners of Seleota, even the rich ones, are all the damn same. Lily doesn’t know that, though. She presses closer to him, eyes wide as she surveys the dimly lit room. With her dainty hand tucked into the crook of his elbow, Vexx guides her to an out of the way table. 

“The floor is sticky,” she hisses as soon as she’s settled, pulling him closer with the grip she has on his arm. He snorts a laugh, gently freeing himself from her grasp. 

“It’s a bar, Lil,” he says, as if that will clear up her confusion. “Sticky floors are part of the charm.”

“Gross.” She wrinkles her nose. A rush of warm affection unfurls in his chest, and he can’t stop himself from reaching down to curl a lock of hair behind her ear. She smiles at him, small but endlessly adoring, and he kind of hates himself for being so taken with her. 

“What do you want?” He gestures toward the bar, lifting an eyebrow at her. 

“I don’t know,” she says, huge eyes turning toward the display of colorful bottles with obvious curiosity. “I want to try everything.”

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