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Cobalt Blue by Sachin Kundalkar was translated from its original Marathi by Jerry Pinto. Set in Pune, it features a brother and sister who both fall for the art student renting a room from their family. Through Tanay, Kundalkar writes of the difficult and frank issues of gay men in India, while Anuja’s experience speaks more to a desire to escape, to break free. Their similar feelings of repression, their suffering alongside one another, is moving. While I sometimes found the book’s use of referents confusing, overall it’s a quick and emotional read about longing, love, and difference. 

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Funny how this morning I got the idea to have the group follow a line of glowing blue arrows on a cave wall (that only 2 of them can see), and later on today, I find THIS on the beach…
That moment when you realize the universe is just playing with you. 


Behold! The chip of power. (That’s about the color of the MC’s energy, too.)

So you all know, blue sea glass is rare, and on my beach, sea glass in general is hard to find. If I ever find an aqua or turquoise piece, I’ll turn it into a necklace and let you know.

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I was tagged by @idontactuallyeatflowers, thank you! This was fun 😌.

Rules: unsplash (or just google it) your name + your favorite color + the word ‘aesthetic’. Take 4 (non collage) photos and voila you have your Aesthetic Mood Board! Then tag others to participate.

I tag @agenderandanxious, @thetimeiwasnineteen, @bi-wreck, @gummigf, @sargentglitter if you all want to do it! I wanna seeeee!

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Omfg YES

  • And the thing is, Eddie’s sneaky about it.
  • He never pulls a prank when it would be obvious that it was him. There’s always someone else nearby that, in the eyes of the firefam, is always more likely to prank than Eddie Diaz
  • Christopher and Eddie have a tradition of pranks, where they gang up on Abuela and Pepa. Nothing too bad, things like fake spiders/snakes or replacing salt with sugar.
  • But then Christopher has the brilliant idea of pranking the rest of the 118 and Eddie CANT refuse his kid
  • (Also he’s totally down for it)
  • So they get planning. They start simple, with Chim, then Hen, then Bobby.
  • “Buck has to be last, Daddy.”
  • Now Buck knows his boys. Eddie isn’t as sneaky as he thinks he is. At least, not around him.
  • The flour that fell on Chim’s head the other day was conveniently smudged over Eddie’s sleeve too.
  • There’s a stray fake-feather stuck in his hair after a real-but-not-real chicken prank on their resident chef-slash-captain
  • Slowly these things add up. And Buck goes on HIGH ALERT. Tiptoeing around the station, keeping Eddie in his sights at all times.
  • Turns out, Eddie gets him back with a very classic prank, coupled with Christopher.
  • Buck doesn’t think too much of Christopher asking to put his backpack in Buck’s locker. Eddie’s is technically a mess and “it’s further away, Bucky!”
  • Christopher, the adorable conniving prankster he is, swaps Buck’s shampoo out with a new bottle. A new bottle of with cobalt blue dye in it.
  • And Buck doesn’t think anything of it because Eddie’s right in front of him. He doesn’t think anything of the faded dye caked around Eddie’s fingers.
  • It’s only two days later, after a particularly dirty call, that Buck goes to shampoo his hair and no one keeps their eyes open when they shampoo, right?
  • Chim takes one look at him and bursts out laughing, whipping his phone out for photographic evidence - all while calling for Hen.
  • Hen and Bobby come flying down the stairs before nearly falling over themselves in laughter.
  • Buck’s so CONFUSED but at the sight of Eddie’s smirk, his eyes widen. He immediately darts over to the mirror, almost shouting at the sight of his beautiful hair ruined. There’s dye all over his hands and it’s dripping into his skin too.
  • “EDDIE!” he screeches, throwing on whatever clothes he can find and chasing his best friend around and out of the station.
  • “It was Chris’ idea!” Eddie pleads, still laughing at the sight. That takes a little bit of the fire out of Buck’s body language.
  • Eddie isn’t above playing dirty, so he FaceTimes Carla so Christopher can see his Buck.
  • As predicted, Christopher HOWLS with the force of his laughter, and that in itself takes Buck’s indignation away (though he has to keep up appearances so he continues to protest and gripe and whine)
  • No one tells Buck that it actually suits him
  • And that’s how the 118 finds out about Mr. Eddie Diaz being the resident prankster.
  • But yeah. Eddie Diaz y’all.

Send me your funny!Eddie headcanons

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