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#daily aftg hc
jensen57 · 23 hours ago
daily aftg hc: neil secretly hates the color orange. it was too bright when he was on the run, so he always avoided it and eventually grew to dislike it but didn't have an option when he joined the foxes. he doesn't tell anyone but andrew, and it's when they're trading a truth for truth and andrew says something about a rare good memory from when he was younger and neils just like yeah i fucking hate this color
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palmett-hoes · a year ago
Do you have any Jewish Neil hcs? I have some but a lot of them conflict with each other and I can’t make up my mind which I like best but I love hearing other people’s because they’re always better anyway.
aww no no no i wanna hear them!! message me @hoob-gooblin if u wanna (it's my main nd where i can answer messages from) (no pressure tho if u dont wanna)
and don't worry my hc's for jewish neil and his family history and stuff are all over the place too and changing all the time. i just stick to the one central tenant that that boy is jewish no matter what
also, i'm not actually jewish. it's a long and complicated family story but suffice to say, my dad is, i never was, and i've got some... feelings about that
so i kinda project my feelings of alienation from judaism onto neil and also use him as an excuse/motivation to learn about judaism and jewish history bc also i fuckin love? ethnographic research?
so first off all. very fun to read aftg as an exodus narrative. neil as moses. exy as religion. (this is straight up ridiculous i swear). nathan and mary as pharaoh and pharaoh's wife that keep him in the dark of his 'truth.' his time as a runaway as the flight from egypt. tfc/most of trk as canaan (kinship and self-discovery). taunting riko, protecting the foxes, killing nathan, negotiating with the moriyamas as the plagues/miracles (not to mention that the basement has a lot of 'death of the first born' energy, prevented with lamb's blood (neil's sacrifice of his life for the foxes) and the intervention of an angel (stuart)). defeating the ravens as crossing the red sea.
oh and this mf?
Tumblr media
ABSOLUTELY one of my neil refs
so yea besides all that insanity
the parts of reading neil as jewish that really make me emotional is his status as a runaway. moving from place to place. being chased away over and over again. never having a home. always looking over his shoulder. the entire jewish disapora for thousands of years have just been a play on that again and again, of having to flee from someone trying to kill you. reading jewish history is so sad. i mean, spain, russia, britain, germany, north africa, the middle east, ethiopia just to name some of the biggest ones. it's a story of constant migration and the way that mirrors neil's own journey speaks to me very much
BUUUUT some actual headcanons
nathan was much more dismissive of religion and actively discouraged his wife from practicing openly and would punish neil for bringing it up. at times he would even 'play christian' by decorating for christmas for show.
to me both nathan and mary were jewish (bc i have this complex about not heaping more ideological weight on either of neil's parents so i pretty much mirror any identity-based-hc's on them)
mary would attend synagogue sometimes but only the services, she never stayed around or made any connections. sometimes she'd bring neil and he'd LOVE it because he never got to go out anywhere, ever.
i like to think that mary was always multilingual with neil, and is of some maghrebi jewish descent so has been speaking to him in french and hebrew his whole life when she could. he's only fluent in languages he lived in daily but hebrew is his most personal language because it was the one that was just between him and his mother
he primarily knows emotion words in hebrew 'i'm tired.' 'i'm scared.' 'i'm hurt.' it's his secrets language, the only one that wasn't about blending in.
neil's version of 'abram' for mary was 'ima'
they stayed in a number of algerian jewish communities when they lived in france, and tended to seek out synagogues when they needed food, but couldn't afford establishing a pattern that could be used to predict where they might go
he leaves one rock on the place where he buried his mother
anywhoodle less sad hc's
psu has a jewish center on campus. neil attends occasionally.
he talks to renee sometimes, about god. he doesn't really know if he believes but sometimes he needs something to be angry at
after he tells the foxes he's jewish he never has to celebrate christmas again. it's a relief for a million reasons
nicky, a baptist born and raised, doesn't really 'get' it but gets really enthusiastically into trying to celebrate 'neil's holidays' until neil tells him to tone it down. they do go out and find a purim festival every year tho
he never officially joins a congregation but does eventually have a bar mitzvah
neil has no taste buds and will eat gefilte fish
'can i be buried in a jewish cemetery? i mean, i HAD a tattoo, but then it got burned off with a cigarette lighter...' 'jesus christ, neil' 'whomst?'
one night, when they both have too much rage that needs to be released, andrew and neil go to an empty lot and smash glasses and bottles together, stomping on the shards. they leave holding hands
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hi-raethia · a year ago
Why do you think its bad? I mean at least theres rep (not trying to be rude or anything, Im just curious as to your thoughts :)
aight well i’ll just open up the floodgates right here
there are a lot of issues w aftg and one of the ones i am especially mad about personally (since it’s something i wrestle with pretty much daily) is how fucking evil the only canonically confirmed asian characters are.
don’t get me wrong - there are obviously asians who are bad people. i’m not saying that the only asian rep should be good and pure, obviously not. but it becomes an issue for me when the only people who are confirmed to be a non-white race (correct me if i’m wrong but i’m pretty sure she never specified anybody else’s race other than the moriyamas) are the evil scums of the earth. 
there’s a lot of issues w asian representation in media in general. they’re fetishized as soft and pure uwu things - not humans, not individuals. they’re often whitewashed without regard to all the different countries and cultures that make up asia. they’re sexualized or made subordinate. or they’re just made out to be very twisted, filthy, dangerous people (thanks, yellow peril). 
so yea at least there’s representation of asians in this series but it makes them (particularly japanese people) look absolutely terrible and very very easy to hate. it’s a slippery slope from there. 
that’s why i hc a lot of the characters to be asian. i hc neil to be chinese because if there’s going to be representations of asians as scum in aftg, then there damn well better be representations of asians who are also just as human, flawed, and capable of growth and recovery as anyone else. also because i’m chinese and like to project.
tldr; maybe i’m reading too much into this but regardless, i am not okay with and never will be okay with the fact that the only way asian people are portrayed in aftg is through evil 
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inactivedaddymemeyard · 4 years ago
We Can Be Soft
Andreil and their daily lives. Fun ensues as always. Some of my HCs and some HCs from Tumblr. This has no plot or timeline please forgive me.
Ao3: here
It wasn’t supposed to be this way. When did it become so consistent and overwhelming? He would’ve stuck harder to his initial “No” that day when Andrew gave him this present, which now that Neil thought about it honestly seemed a life time ago. So much had happened so many truly awful things had come and went and here he was throwing a mental tantrum because Andrew was sexually texting him at the most inconvenient times.
           The first day that Andrew started this war on Neil’s peace of mind Neil had followed Nicky’s previous instructions on how to text someone you liked and sent back an orange heart, while he smiled to himself thinking about acting on the text the next time they found themselves alone.
To his disbelief and frustration Andrew quickly replied, “wtf was that? Do better next time. “
So started the most uncomfortable and tense weeks of Neil’s newly safe life. It soon escalated from every once in a while to multiple times a day and specifically when Neil was in class or talking to someone. Neil was living in a constant state of arousal and competitive irritation. If this continued at this intensity and consistency Neil was going to have to assign Andrew a specific vibration pattern and new ringtone before just the sound of his phone going off made Neil aroused. He’s honestly tried his best to not engage too much at first but he quickly realized that not only was Andrew playing with him but also Andrew was enjoying himself. Neil would gladly endure the tension in his lower abdomen and welcome Andrew attention even when it was riddled with mocking looks and jokes, he’d do anything to keep Andrew’s undivided attention, especially when he was being playful.
           That is how Neil found himself quietly approaching Matt’s door. He knew that there was ridicule, and potentially anger from both Minyards, waiting behind that door but he was just so tired of always being steps behind everyone else socially. Andrew had to teach him everything and while physically that was not only a good thing but was also a blessing; there was no eager grabbing or asking to try this or that Neil gladly let Andrew lead him and he saw the relief in Andrews body language enough to know there would be nothing to gain from researching how to be better in the bedroom, but this wasn’t about touching and heat this was verbal and he would run sexually worded circles around Andrew if he could.
           “Neil? What are you doing in the hallway looking like a kitten someone abandoned?” Nicky said from behind him.
           Neil dragged himself back to reality and the door he was still just looking at before answering, “I need Matt’s help.” The words that could potentially save his peace of mind or ruin it completely, either way something had to break and Neil was ready to take the steps needed to win.
“Oh Neil will you ever stop looking like that.” Nicky mumbled as he walked around him and unlocked the door.
Neil didn’t know what he was talking about but rather than take on that fight he wanted to tackle the battle he’d started the day ready to fight.
He stepped into his old room and his eyes immediately locked onto Matt’s back. “Matt I n-“ Neil stumbled not wanting to really ask for help.
It was enough that Matt tuned to look at him with curiosity written over every inch of the man’s body and face. When Neil still hadn’t opened his mouth Matt nodded to himself and got up.
“Never mind it’s fine. I’ll figure something out.” Neil realized his words meant nothing as Matt strode across the room and patted Neil’s shoulder before walking out.
Neil took that as a motion to follow the giant, so he followed him out to the hallway and down the stairs to the lobby of the dorm hall. Matt stopped and asked if it was private enough to talk, when Neil shook his head the upperclassman started for the door and unlocked his car.
After both men were seated in Matt’s vehicle Matt waited for Neil to speak. After several minutes passed Neil finally said
“I need help. Andrew is sending me sexual text messages and I don’t know how to respond.”
As soon as the word sexual escaped Neil’s mouth Matt released a giant breath of air in a short, startled laugh and visibly relaxed to listen to the rest of Neil’s sentence.
“Jeez man I thought you were in danger!” Matt managed to yell out before he started laughing.
Neil had not expected Matt to laugh and didn’t like that that was his first reaction so he reached for the door handle before Matt’s hand shot out to stop him.
“I’m sorry I don’t mean to laugh man, but after everything we’ve went through I was ready to talk battle strategy not sexting.” Matt managed to say without laughing but he still had a mirthful smile on his face.
“But we do need battle strategy. I’m losing and I hate it. I need your help to win.” Neil said knowing Matt was the only one he’d be okay with asking for help in this matter.
Matt laughed again before calming down enough to say, “Of course it’s a fucking battle with Minyard” and shaking his head.
Neil didn’t understand that part, he assumed normal couples “sexted”, as Matt had put it, but did they not try to see who was better at it? How is sending a text and not getting an equal or better response worth it? He didn’t care much what other couples did he cared about making Andrew content and safe and if sexting did that then he’d be the best sexter there ever was.
“I want to be good at sending them. Can you help me? What do you say to Dan?” Matt smiled again barely restraining himself from laughing again before responding to Neil’s questions.
“I can help you, but you can’t say the same things I say, Andrew doesn’t have boobs.” Matt had chuckled through the last couple words but Neil heard them just fine.
“Of course Andrew doesn’t have boobs. He’s a man. Here if you read his you might be able to help me beat him.” Neil suggested handing his phone to Matt.
Matt began quickly skimming the messages between Neil and Andrew and choked out, “Jesus do you guys never talk about normal stuff?” When he saw Neil’s confused expression and his slight tilt of his head Matt shook his head and remembered that this was Neil and Andrew of course they didn’t text about daily things.
Neil leaned back and watched Matt as he searched through the messages occasionally lifting his eyebrows in shock or approval, Neil couldn’t tell. Neil had warred with himself all day about whether or not asking Matt for help would be beneficial enough that it’s be worth the consequences and finally he was starting to feel safer about it. Matt made a few comments here and there mainly pointing out reoccurring actions Andrew had sent and said that meant it was probably something Andrew himself liked. Neil listened carefully and took mental notes, content to sit with Matt and plot his victory. It had been almost an hour since Neil had gotten off the couch, carefully removing Andrew’s feet from his lap and had marched to Matt’s door and he was feel so much better about everything that he jumped a little when his phone vibrated earning a whine from Matt about how far up he had scrolled. Neil looked at Matt waiting for the older man to read the message but he just quickly handed it to Neil and got out of the car.
Neil hopped out as well and was following Matt inside when he opened the message from Andrew expecting it to be another inappropriately timed text, but all it said was Why have you been sitting in his car this long. Neil’s heart raced at the thought that Andrew had figured out his plan so he quickly snapped the phone closed and raced up the stairs to the roof where Andrew was waiting with two lit cigarettes.
Neil accepted his quietly and sat on the ledge with Andrew content to be silently together for as long as he could manage. Andrew was looking at his face as if waiting for an answer to his earlier assertion, but knew he would receive none willingly so he said, “Did I interrupt something?”
Neil nodded and turned to look at Andrew. He took in the sight before him slowly and gratefully before resting his gaze on Andrew’s hazel eyes and giving him a small smile.
“I hate when you do that.” Was all Andrew said before moving his eyes back to campus.
Normally Neil would’ve sent a quick witty response his way, but he was feel too content, from gaining an ally and mentor in his struggles and from seeing Andrew with the sunset lighting his back red and turning the ends of his hair orange, to say anything so he just smiled again and laid on back on the ledge watching the clouds and smelling Andrew’s cigarette.
Next Chapter
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foxesrefuge · 4 years ago
your were tagged ;D What do you think of Riko as a character inside the books? (no HCs) / Any fave HCs you want to share? / Any pairings/ships you like with him? / fic recs? / art recs? / Kevin&Riko - do they have/had feelings for each other? / Thoughts on his finale scene? / Did you read Nora's extra content? // tag other bloggers you think have something interesting to say about him! (maybe someone we don't know yet??) #Thoughts on Riko Moriyama
HOO boi XD here comes the trainwreck.First of..all thank you @c-valentino for tagging me and…. making me uh and think on my own (sobs) haha *nervous laughter (noreally tho, thank you, целую!!)I probably won’tcome up with super new or hyper interesting stuff and… actually, Icould just link CVal’s whole post here……………………but okay here wego, then!!Ugh, I guess I have to out myself now real quickbefore we dive in: I was always kinda very interested in the ‘BadGuys’. No matter what, I’d try to find out more about them, try tofigure out how their twisted brains work and why their Morales werealways a bit questionable, which doesn’t necessarily mean I’m okaywith whatever they’re doing or understand and support their actions(hell fucking nooo).I’m just finding it super interesting tothink and sometimes even talk about.
Now, since that’s settled:I think Riko is justas interesting as our MC’s, if not one of the most interestingcharacters, and maybe also one of the most tragic ones (imo). I don’treally think you get this impression after reading the series for thefirst time, though. He seems super flat and not interesting enough inthe books. I wouldn’t have given him a second thought if I didn’t getthe chance to read the extra content.
Which leads me now to my actually toughts on Riko, based  onextra Content and HC’s:The way Riko sees the world isobviously reeeally different from how our MC’s view the world,which is quite,.. understandable, regarding where he comes from, howhe was raised and trained and what he went through (bc hooo boi,that’s not a life I wanna live). This guy knows he’s the son ofExy, obviously The Number One and the actual King of the court. Thereshould be no way anyone could have the power or strength to outpacehim (oh and Riko is going to make sure of that). He is a Moriyama andthinks of his players as his property, he basically gets what hewants and who he wants. Sounds like a pleasant life, right? But Idon’t think he had one. He is living with this pressure form“above’, knowing that he always ‘has to be’ The Best of them all. Hehas to deliver otherwise he would be no use and therefore not worthkeeping in the nest, on the court and alive. I always picturedhim feeling the pressure and weirdly enough people tend to forgetthat Riko is not a robot… because being pressured like that,knowing you have to be THE BEST all the time, no matter what .. thatreally really really fucks with you and your brain. He isprobably under constant stress, giving more than just his best ,whichhe also expects from his players. There is no space for compassion,no place for weakness, nor failure. His live is Exy and there isnothing else than Exy keeping him alive. It’s his past, hispresent and his future for the rest of his life. His mentalbreakdowns always turn into violent outbursts because that boy can’treally cope with the mess in his head (probably not even aware ofthat) He never learned how to control his anger or himself. Why wouldhe? He is King, a Moriyama, he is the one controlling. So yeah, youbasically don’t want to be near him when he’s having his moments. Hisruthlessness makes him go overboard at times. A lot of times.He’salso never at fault. No matter what he does because.. what the hell??Such a concept doesn’t even exist. So how in the world is Rikoa tragic character, when we just settled that he’s nothing but anabsolute ruthless monster with no restrains???!!
Lemme explain ok. Riko was born into this world of Exy, Thesecond son, not the first(!!), growing up and having those insaneexpectations to life up to –  he would be a worthless piecenothing, not needed on the court. He had Kevin, the brother who wasalways by his side, on and off court; his number 2, his property,*his*. Riko doesn’t know how to treat people right though,doesn’t know the concept of actual friendship, It’s always just Exyand Exy and Exy, there is no time for friendship. I also believethat he deep down feared for his life, he just wasn’t aware of thatbecause his brain was too occupied with getting better.One of myHC’s is that: he was super restless the whole damn time, not able tocalm down, constantly under pressure.He basically barely slept.How is there time for sleep, when you can use that precious time ondrills?It wrecks him. The nest destroyed a perfectly fineboy, gave him the chance to basically develop this crazy god complexand also turning him into this Exy monster. And most of the time hewasn’t even aware of his problems because there is just no time andspace for that shit.
Now what happens if one suddenly takes away his Exy? Welp,there’d be nothing left of this fucked up guy. He is a mess, abroken soul, not good enough to be alive.He has nothing, not evenhimself because he was sold to the court and owned by the court.There are many many many demons living in his ribcage, twistinghis brain in the worst ways. I’m not even sure if he’d be able tolive a normal human life outside the nest, without being able to feelanything besides the need to do better and better and better. It madehim mad to the point of no return … so yeah uh .. don’t you thinkthat’s kinda tragic??
Fave HC’s: Mhh, I uh … you know what?
basicallyeverything CVal came up with and mentioned  in her post
…..…..(did u think I was joking, Val?)
Riko with freckles, I dig that!!
Riko playing an instrument.. preferably the piano (ok listen, just the picture of Riko, in a black suit … sitting in front of a piano…no?just me?ok)
Riko being an amazing swimmer
Also some Au’s
Riko and Ichirou → actually interacting with each other (Onii-san,y'all I’m chokiNG ( maybe some kind of Uchiha-Verse or something like that, why not? I dig it))
Fox!Riko ( @bvccvrdi  thank you for this and @shihoran for destroying me and my emotions daily w this)
Pairings/Ships and Feelings:
Riko/Kevin clearly. There is no doubt.
Especially after reading the extra content and old drafts.Thesetwo were boyfriends. Their relationship was hella unhealthy and probsreally violent but  … they just can’t live without each other(I mean can u imagine how obsessed Riko had been with Kev?? He wasHIS, okay? His and ooonly his.He didn’t even touch Kevin’s side of the room after all this time,can u imagine??). They were rivals for sure .. but .. they were alsoabsolutely obsessed w each other.I currently ship them likenothing else. Too invested. Even though I’m more than just conflictedabout this but I just cannot help it.
Thoughts on his final scene:….I have to admit thatI’m super unhappy with how the AFTG series ended. I’m glad to have ahappy end, couldn’t be more great full but everything feels so rushedand off. And I think it’s all due to Riko’s super quick death.Everything happened way too fast, I actually hate that he died, orspecifically how fast and easy that happened. It just didn’t fit atall, in my opinion.
Art Recs:
Give @shihoran a follow and you’ll be well supplied!!
And here are some other amazing pieces:
I ♔
II ♕
IV ♗
V ♘
VI ♙
IX ♜
X ♝
XI ♞
Fic Recs:
 I haven’t really read that many, mainly because I know there aren’t that many. But here are a few I really liked
♥       what if i did    MadHatterNO7
♠      Meant to be mine    shihoran
♣       bvccardi’s Fox!Riko
I also know @c-valentino is working on something reeeeally really nice, y’all. So You better stay tuned, pumped and hyped!!! because I suRE AF AM!!!!
Everyone I’d love to hear from was already tagged, I believe. But whatevs, I’m going to mention y’all again. Feel free to ignore tho:
@shihoran​ @viviena​ @still-waiting-for-godot​ @bvccvrdi​ @ziegenkind​ @mochis-mullet
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jensen57 · 27 days ago
daily aftg hc: andrew continues to break into wymacks apartment for various reason, but he also starts bringing neil with. wymack has come home late to see neil watching tv and andrew baking some sweet in his kitchen. they usually just nod or wave like it's nothing. the first few times he says something along the lines of 'great you're multiplying' or 'you do know you don't live here, right?' but eventually he just gets used to it. once he heard the door handle jiggling at midnight and grabbed a bat, only to find andrew and neil standing in pajamas on the other side carrying pillows, blankets, and a few dvds because the player in the dorms broke
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jensen57 · 28 days ago
aftg hc of the day: the difference between andrew and neils night time routines is ridiculous. if andrew doesn't change into pajamas, brush his teeth, get a glass of water, and read one chapter of a book every night he can't sleep for shit. then there's neil who puts pajamas on either at 5 pm or 2:30 in the morning. he wakes up at 3 half the time like 'oh shit i forgot to brush my teeth' and wakes andrew up in the process. he has no consistency as to whether he takes showers at night or in the morning. it drives andrew insane sometimes because he is sitting in bed with his book by 11 every night and there's neil off in the kitchen doing god knows what, half dressed with either coffee or warm water he got that morning
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jensen57 · 4 months ago
aftg hc of the day (oh how i missed typing that): it's a big joke between the monsters that neil drives like a grandma. he just drives like a normal person, but compared to nicky and andrew it doesn't seem that way. after basically being a get away driver for so long, he enjoys the simplicity of driving the others around. until one night neil is driving them to columbia, taking some weird ass backroads with lots of scenery because they had a hard game and he knows it helps andrew relax. they're all a bit pensive and tension is high because it was the first loss of the season. they're just ready to get drinks and forget about it, but neil is driving like a fucking grandma. which aaron is quick to point out when kevin starts getting restless and sticks his elbows into him and nicky. neil ignores him until the fifth complaint where he huffs and looks over at andrew. andrew just shrugs and finally neil starts going faster. but he doesn't stop. he doesn't stop until he's pushing 100 and cutting corners and hitting bumps so fast they fly out of their seats. aaron is regretting ever life decision he's made, mentally writing his will. kevin is cussing neil out, only pausing in attempts not to throw up. nicky is holding onto every handle and grip he can find, also on the brink of vomiting. andrew is calm as ever other than his hand gripping onto the door for dear life. and neil. neil is fucking smiling like an absolute maniac. not his father's smile, his smile. he's having fun. because fucking with aaron is always fun. but instead of worrying about getting a tire shot, all he has to avoid is kevin throwing up on the center console. neil gets there twenty minutes before normal (despite that the route would've added up to an extra 45 minutes), and very casually hops out of his seat to watch aaron over the door as he stumbles out onto the sidewalk. he asks aaron if he still drives like a grandma and doesn't get a response, but none of them ever criticize his driving again
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jensen57 · 2 months ago
daily aftg hc: for the most part andrews instagram is just pictures of the cats or brand deals and other work stuff. occasionally there's pictures of neil (after the minyard-josten rivalry is dismantled). the only picture he's willingly posed of himself is a selfie. he's in the dugout seats of some baseball game, actually grinning at the camera with a hat and sunglasses on. and, of course, neil is next to him with the bitchiest, grumpiest, poutiest expression anyone could possibly manage. he is obviously beyond pissed (even hidden under sunglasses and a hat as well) and the caption reads something along the lines of "i love date night"
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jensen57 · a month ago
aftg hc of the day: anytime the foxes are sitting on the bench during practice while wymack gives the some speech or feedback, andrew is a nightmare to deal with. he continuously knocks his and neils knees together and steps on his feet while asking the dumbest questions just so neil and kevin have to wait longer to play. occasionally he’ll throw a wrapper at someone (usually aaron) or try shoving into neil hard enough that the person sitting on the end falls off (also usually aaron)
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jensen57 · 2 months ago
daily aftg hc: andrew and aaron trade books after annotating them. both of them read a lot of fantasy stuff as kids and teens to cope with the shit they were put through and their tastes have absolutely evolved similarly. aaron doesn't have all that much time to read but andrew gifts aaron books for his birthday and other holidays, but one time as aaron was reading through one he noticed little notes in the corner. he started replying to them in the margins and often making jokes back to andrew (who's comments have literally made aaron laugh obnoxiously loud in the middle of class). sometimes they'll draw out the fight scenes with stick people and the other will add on until the whole page is full. other times there will be a line like 'youre an idiot' or 'he was an asshole' or an ugly monster character enters and they always write stuff like 'i didn't know you were making a guest appearance.' considering they have trouble actually talking to each other it's a good way for them to have fun conversations even if they don't always have the time to do it face to face, especially after they move away from each other
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jensen57 · 5 months ago
daily aftg hc: people talk about neil falling asleep all the time around the foxes, but no. see, i raise you a more accurate andrew falling asleep. not with the foxes, obviously, but with neil. constantly. when they get their own apartment, neil cannot sit down with andrew for more than five minutes before he is a body pillow. when they're standing together waiting for coffee, and andrew is glaring at the sun like it's targeting him specifically, neil will just lightly touch his hair and let him lean against his chest. in about three seconds he's dead weight. neil has to fill out a whole mental checklist to make sure he has everything done (going to the bathroom, eating, etc.) before going to sit with andrew on the couch because he knows he won't be getting up until andrews done with his nap
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jensen57 · 2 months ago
aftg hc of the day: id like to bring attention to the fact that andrew minyard absolutely wears a blanket as a cloak and slippers around his and neils apartment at all times of the day. that's all. thank you for your time
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jensen57 · 3 months ago
aftg hc of the day: one day matt and neil are standing in the hall between their dorms, just chatting about something when andrew opens the door and stops so close to neil his nose is nearly touching him. instead of pushing him away or something neil stops mid-sentence to kiss his forehead and andrew wordlessly retreats to the dorm once again
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jensen57 · 3 months ago
daily aftg hc: i cannot get over the idea of andrew, aaron, and neil all hating the beach. when all the foxes go on beach trips, the three of them pile under the biggest umbrella and just pout the whole time. andrew and aaron burn after five minutes in the sun and neil won't go shirtless in front of everyone, so they're all practically melting. neil always loads andrew up with sunscreen when hes not wearing a shirt (or even when he is), but it never works. they're the ones to protect the cooler and other belongings, but that also means they have access to as many ice cubes and popsicles they could bring. the ice cubes wouldn't usually matter, but when neil stuffs five down the back of aarons shirt, all hell breaks loose. sand is flying all over after aaron tries shoving him into the huge pit the others dug out for matt, and andrew is huddled into the furthest corner of shade trying to read a book. they finally stop when he throws a plastic shovel at their heads. the only time they leave the shade bubble is to go get ice cream and drinks, where andrew has to walk between them so they stop trying to put sand in each other's hair
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jensen57 · 2 months ago
aftg hc of the day: neil is completely horrified by root beer floats. milk and soda should not come in contact under any circumstances. this is completely unknown to andrew until a night at the columbia house. andrew loves them, would eat them any time of any day, and happened to make a stop at the store on the way. of course neil is in the kitchen with him, distractedly messing with things here and there, until andrew starts pouring root beer into a glass. with ice cream. andrew of course notices the pure horror on neils face. neil manages something along the lines of 'are you possessed' which starts the absolute shenanigans of andrew trying to get neil to drink one. the next time the two of them are out, andrew gets one. problem being neil is gone before he's done ordering. the entire time they walk together neil is at least five feet away from him until he throws it in the trash. the next time they're out for dinner, and neil literally waits in the bathroom until andrews done with it. next time it's at their shared apartment, later on with the cats, and andrew has the fucking audacity to bring that cursed thing that came straight from the depths of hell into their home. andrew gets up to go to the bathroom and neil tosses it in the trash, glass included. the last time is in a costco. andrew foolishly thinks neil will keep some composure, only to find neil and the cart missing. it takes him ten minutes to find him again, busily loading cat food into the cart. they make eye contact mid sip, and andrew very simply says 'youre being dramatic.' but instead of a usual smart-ass response, neil replies 'im sorry, do i know you?' unfortunately, andrew makes the mistake of thinking neils making a quick joke. he's not. which leads to andrew literally following neil around for 30 minutes like something out of a horror movie while neil avoids and runs away from him at every bit eye contact. when andrew finally finishes the drink neil just asks 'oh where have you been?' the very final time is planned very strategically (white board and cats included). neil is busy while andrew orders his root beer float, making sure it's in a completely opaque cup. he tells neil it's iced coffee. neil literally acts like he's been shot. he's never been betrayed like that before, and never has taken a drink of anything andrew has offered him since (unless it's in a clear cup and/or thoroughly inspected)
(dedicated [and credited] to @archiveofourfoxes ) (also the scenarios are just for laughs because i had way too much fun talking about this)
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jensen57 · 3 months ago
aftg hc of the day: i live for aaron bergrudgingly having to ask neil questions like “how long does it take for a clean break on the tibula to heal?” and “if you were stabbed in the lower deltoid how much blood would you loose?” sure he could use textbooks or the internet to help, but it also takes neil .02 seconds to answer with accuracy and the circumstantial factors. he hates doing it because he does not want to owe neil any favors, but it’s also too convenient to pass up
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jensen57 · a month ago
daily aftg hc: neil and aaron bother each other any chance they can get. after they get over the actually hating each other's guts, they find any way to inconvenience each other as often as possible. if neil walks by aaron in a swivel chair he will yank it so aaron starts spinning nauseatingly fast every time. if neil is microwaving something while aaron is there he will take it out whenever neil walks away (has resulted in many hot pocket projectiles). neil will draw something on like the first page of aarons library books and aaron has been charged for it more than once (hes learned to check). aaron will also purposely make everyone get to the car before neil and lock him out (yes andrew let's that happen because neils 'im going to murder the next person i see' face is priceless)
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jensen57 · 3 months ago
daily aftg hc: when neil is still at palmetto and andrew is playing professionally, neil visits him any weekend he can. and every weekend he goes, andrew receives one text from wymack that just says 'stop stealing my captain'
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