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daydreamingabout-not-you · 2 months ago
Stardew Valley Villager Aesthetics:
✨The Boys✨
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lizardfootman · 3 months ago
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"You who swallowed a falling star, o' heartless man, your heart shall soon be mine." (a little bonus under the cut ❤️)
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lord-ozymandias · 10 days ago
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elliot my bestie elliot
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zippity-zope · 12 days ago
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@minalover finally finished!!! sorry for the delay!!!!!
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i hope u like it!!!! :)))
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wasabichips · 2 months ago
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a man that so loved the sea moved onto her front porch, so that she may forever be his muse. but why, wondered the nearby townspeople, did he stay hidden away, all alone in his cabin all day? but no townspeople ever learned the answer. none that lived to share, that is.
+ gif version bc tumblr killed the quality
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misochee · 9 months ago
Ok so basically...
Stardew Valley as South East Asian doing Random Shit
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I saw this post and i immediately need to do the stardew valley version one.
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megandrawsathing · 15 days ago
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More valley bois.
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spiders-on-the-walls · 5 months ago
Duck Feathers (SDV Elliot x Reader)(150% SFW I’m sorry)
I am horrified out of my MIND to actually post but here we go.
Alright, I have a few things to say
1, this is my first attempt at anything like this, please don’t bash it too hard.
2, this isn’t anything sexual, its purely a romance (With kisses tho)
3,it’s actually mostly a buildup of my idea of Elliot’s backstory and character, mostly because I wish we got more of it in the actual game.
4, it’s probably kind of clunky and the dialogue is probably not great, but I really tried. I’ll get better the more I write, as well.
5. I am aware this is very cliché and not great, but honestly, I just wanted to start with something simple.
6, I am aware Elliot already has a heart event where you kiss him, I just wanted to do this for fun.
It was the 100th time you had walked into that dark old cabin. Somehow, though, the calming atmosphere never once changed. The bit of sunlight peeking through the window, the candlelight flickering from the desk, the old piano standing proud.
The centerpiece, though, was Elliot. Being a writer, you would expect him to have horrible posture, hunched over that old wooden desk all day. However, the exact opposite was true. He sat straight up, pen gliding across the paper with ease, his hair gracefully falling over his shoulders as his eyes moved across the paper. It’s like he was consumed in his own little world at that desk, one which he had handcrafted himself. He didn’t even notice as you opened the door and stood staring at him for a moment.
Eventually, he put down his pen atop the paper and leaned back in his chair, running his hand through his hair as he let out a long sigh. He then turned to you, finally seeming to notice you as you shuffled closer quietly. “Oh, hello.” He said kindly, smiling gently. “My apologies, I didn’t notice you come in.”  He stretched out his entire body before interlacing his fingers and placing his head atop them. “So, what caused you to visit my humble little Cabin today?” He asked, just turning his head enough to meet your eyes.
“Oh- nothing, really! I was just in the area, figured I’d swing by,” you said, caught off guard by the sudden attention you had just received.
“Oh. Well, that was very kind of you.” Elliot replied gently. “Pardon my manners,” he said, standing up and straightening out his vest. “I’ve just been so involved with this novel lately, it’s hard to tear myself away from it. That, and I wasn’t expecting anyone today.” Elliot paused before chuckling lightly. “Although, I guess I should’ve expected you. You’ve been visiting a lot recently.”
You felt yourself blush slightly. “Well, in my defense, you told me I could come over whenever I want. That, and the door is always unlocked, so I just let myself in.”
Elliot laughed lightly. “I suppose that’s right.” He said, looking down and smiling to himself.
You looked just over his shoulder at the mess of papers on his desk. At this distance, you couldn’t read what was on them, but his writing looked neat- almost like a cursive font poured over the pages.
“What’s it about?” You ask, looking back to meet Elliot's eyes.
“Oh, my Novel?”
“Yeah. I mean, you’ve been working on it for a while, what’s it about?” you repeat, clearly curious.
“Oh, well, I actually recently began this one.” He said, turning slightly to look at the pages himself. “I ended up getting rid of my previous pages in favor of this new idea.”
He walked over to the desk and gently ran his fingers over the paper. “It’s actually a…” He dropped off before clearing his throat. “It’s a romance novel.”
Your heart skipped a beat as soon as he said that. “Really?” The words nearly slipped out of your mouth. However, you immediately thereafter realized how ridiculous of an assumption that it was that he would be writing a whole Novel about you. It could just as realistically be about Leah, or any other of his previous relationships, as much as you secretly hoped it wasn’t.
“Heh.” Elliot smiled lightly. “It’s not exactly the type of Novel I imagined myself writing when I moved here in pursuit of my dreams just a year ago.” He sat down on the piano bench, letting out a small sigh as he did so. “However, as many others before me have said, inspiration strikes when you may least expect it.”
You let out a small chuckle before looking around the room once more, putting your hands in your pockets. Then, all of the sudden, you feel something. “Oh, right! I almost forgot-” You take the feather out of your pocket and you attempt to realign the soft strands into order. “This is actually for you! I heard you liked duck feathers from someone, so I just figured I should, um, give this to you.” You hold it out for him, and he gently takes it from your hands, attempting to smooth out the fluff himself. “I’m sorry if it got ruined from just sitting in my pocket. I-I didn’t mean to mess up your gift.” You apologized, looking down, slightly embarrassed.
“It’s beautiful,” Elliot said, ignoring the apology entirely. You look back up at him as he turns the feather delicately in his hand, seeming to admire every detail as he ran his fingers across the tip. He then held it in the sun shining through the window, allowing the turquoise and blue to shimmer as sunlight passed through them. As weird as it seemed, it was honestly kind of inspiring, watching as his eyes traced every little detail as if it were something truly treasured to him.
“Just so you know, I am aware of how strange it may seem to somewhat admire such a strange object,” he said, bringing the feather back down into his other hand. “But to me, they represent much more.”
“Why?” you asked, without even thinking, before following up with “Only if you want to tell me, that is.”
“Oh- Well, of course.” He said, placing the feather on the top of the piano. “You see, when I was little, my mother used to leave me at my aunt’s house quite a bit. Where she lived, she had all kinds of bird feeders hanging from the big tree in her backyard. In addition to this, she had chickens, so she would have me lay the feed for them at the base of the tree. One day, as I was set to complete this task, a flock of ducks was eating the rest of the feed from the day prior.” He shifted slightly in his chair as he began to stare up slightly, seemingly beginning to daydream.  “I was hesitant on what to do at first. Do I approach them? Do I wait for them to go? After a moment’s debate with myself, I decided to approach them as quietly as I could, as to not disturb them. Just as I was getting close enough to start laying down feed, my aunt’s dog saw me and ran straight for me, loudly disturbing the flock.”
At this point, Elliot closed his eyes and took a deep breath in. “The ducks flew straight over my head, blowing my hair in their direction as they flew just above me. I stood in shock for a moment, as I watched them disappear into the big blue sky. It was a feeling unlike any other I can describe to you just through the use of words alone.” he let out his breath as he once again opened his eyes.
“After that moment, I combed through my hair with my fingers and retrieved a single duck feather, just like this one.” he looked back up at the feather atop the piano.
“I think that’s why I became a writer. To try my best to explain that exact feeling.” Elliot paused for a moment, clearly thinking about something. “Anyway, it is not my intention to bore you with long stories about my life. My apologies.”
You suddenly snap back into reality. In a mixture of listening to the story and watching him tell it, you’d gotten caught in the same type of daydreaming Elliot always seemed to be engaged in. “Wait- no, it’s ok!” You reply quickly. “Seriously, I don’t mind learning more about you.” you think for a moment. “Plus, for what it’s worth, you did a great job explaining that feeling to me just now.”
Elliot laughs gently. “Thank you, I truly appreciate it.” There’s a pause as the feeling lingers in the air for a moment before Elliot speaks again. “I used to think there wasn’t a more beautiful thing in the world. A more wonderful feeling than that experience. It felt like, for just a moment, that maybe if I jumped, I could fly. That the birds could carry me with them. It’s a feeling of pure euphoria. I figured nothing else in the world could feel quite the same.” Elliot paused before chuckling slightly to himself and messing with his hands as he looked down at them. “Come to find out, life is full of those sorts of unexpectancies.”
Something about that made your heartbeat a little faster. A picture here was forming, but it wasn’t quite clear enough to make out. So you ask, “Like what?”
“Heh, well,” He pauses as he fidgets with his hands once more. “You see, I met someone.” Beat. You can feel your heart beating harder in your chest. You attempted to calm yourself down as Elliot stood and continued. “I met them on the bridge one day, and it seems it’s changed my life. Made me capable of things I never before thought possible.” Elliot once again closed his eyes and took a deep breath in. “They made me feel that same way every single time I saw them. That feeling of flying, the pure euphoria, and infinitely more complex emotions that I couldn't even begin to explain.”
After a brief pause, Elliot lifted his head to meet your eyes. “Listen, I…” He reaches out his hand before hesitating, pondering a moment, and then fully committing to the action as he places his hand softly on your cheek. He takes a deep breath in before pursing his lips together slightly, and then saying “I think- I’m in love with you.”
The sentence seems to roll off his tongue as sweet as honey, and it somehow hits gently. And yet, it’s still sinking in slowly.
“Can I-” Elliot looks away for a moment, once again pursing his lips softly. “May I kiss you?”
Without even thinking, you lean in to meet your lips with his own.
His lips are soft and he’s sure to be gentle, just as he is with everything else. You feel him adjust himself to get close to you, until your bodies are now pressed together. He delicately puts his hands at your waist, until fully wrapping his arms around you.
After a moment, he pulls away. He seems to admire your face for a moment before softly moving your hair with his hand and then smiling. “So this is what it feels like to fly, then,”  he says, quietly.
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qgunslinger · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
i am the worst husband ever
(i play sdv as diluc that’s why he’s there, but that’s me)
update: i successfully divorced harvey and made him forget about the divorce, and am now happily married to elliot
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incorrect-sdv · 8 months ago
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unhinged-with-no-gender · 28 days ago
Can I ask again for a bachelor's x reader with ayato's boba sleeves and here's a link if you don't know what I'm talking about https://www.tiktok.com/@sipsipstefen/video/7065265412115647749?_r=1&u_code=dk9ecm571i5h1d&region=PH&mid=7065265380407053062&preview_pb=0&language=en&_d=dk9ed4hilfcl0i&share_item_id=7065265412115647749&source=h5_t&timestamp=1653700446&user_id=6999943807538234369&sec_user_id=MS4wLjABAAAAxeTP9hLY_Snj-FqoWKON5QYvQMkG8LqC76iYGvErd_pJI31pBzIaT_JBBR3nKqJD&utm_source=copy&utm_campaign=client_share&utm_medium=android&share_iid=7101480354712815387&share_link_id=9b39e2ab-dd82-4e81-8896-2a2bc6756668&share_app_id=1180&ugbiz_name=Main
I definitely had no idea what you were talking about but I'm so glad I know now
Poor guy is so confused hdfjhkfhjgk
"???? Anything else up there?????"
"Can you pull out a football?"
He's very curious
He's not quite sure what to do after seeing you simply summon boba from what seems to be thin air
He'd definitely ask a lot of questions, similar to Alex but less 'How can I use this' and more of a 'How does this work?'
He's cool with it
He really wants to know how this works
"Where did that come from?" "my sleeve." "????"
He will practically dissect your clothes.
Even more curious than Alex, but figures it out.
I honestly see him not even noticing
You can pull out the drink and drink at least half until he's like oh where'd you get that?
He wants you to share.
Similar to sam, but he does notice
He simply doesn't ask
He accepts you're living your best life
Might ask you to hold stuff on occasion, using any excuse to figure out this mystery pocket
"What the fuck"
Will most definitely want you to stick a can of beer in there
At first he may be shocked, but finds this even more useful than you
10/10 on board with boba pocket
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lizardfootman · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
this man is the personification of sunshine
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lord-ozymandias · 3 days ago
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more elliot’s
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zippity-zope · 7 months ago
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prismatic-shard · 11 months ago
ayo ,,, ahaha,,, what if-
u did a hc of the reader’s first time being with shane or ellliiioooootttttttt im a hopeless romantic who prefers fixing ppl rather than myself
Tumblr media
pictured: me @ shane
bro what if I did,,, 😳😳
Shane and Elliott First Times
Elliott is a hopeless romantic, he fantasises about the perfect night with his love. Candles, rose petals, and music playing softly in the background..
So romantic~
But he’s not smooth in the slightest, he’s actually really flustered at this situation. He loves you and wants to give you the best of care! He’s a gentleman.
I think he has some experience but not too much outside of casual relationships.
He wants to give you the world and to make you comfortable, he doesn’t want to harm you in any way..
He whispers sweet nothings into your ear, while gently caressing your body. He just stares at you in awe.
He doesn’t judge body types, he likes whatever he likes. A bit chubbier? Hell yeah. A little skinny? Hell yeah! He doesn’t care.
He is so slow with you, he cares so much that every touch every kiss is so soft and loving. Which can get annoying but he’s trying his best..
Big on foreplay, he will tease the hell out of you. He wants to feel every part of you and savour all your noises.
You can tease him back if you want to, he surely won’t mind.
He just blushes at hearing you breathe. He’s a mess when he hears you whimper and moan.
He holds your hand the whole time, no exceptions!
His dirty talk just makes you squirm alone. Praising you and mumbling soft words of affirmation.
He always makes sure you finish, you usually will finish right before him.
Whatever his farmer needs he will do.
If they want to bathe or shower together, Elliott is all for it, if they just want to cuddle, that’s fine too.
Big sentimental after a scene, he just wants to hold you and tell you how amazingly you did.
It’s your first time with him, of course he has to be cheesy.
Shane is literally in disbelief, he still thinks it’s some kind of cruel joke on him.
Who would ever want to date him, let alone sleep with him?
He’s really nervous about the whole thing. He doesn’t know what to do or when to do it, he doesn’t know what to say, what to look at.
You have to reassure him that you want to do this and that you love him.
He has like no experience doing this stuff, he’s not a virgin he just doesn’t get too much action.
For his first time, he’s at a rather medium pace. Not too slow but not too fast.
He gets flustered easily and gets impatient but will hold off. He wants to show he cares at least.
Not exactly smooth at dirty talking but he tries his best, is more like playful banter and teases.
He looks over your entire body, how are you so good looking?! He feels insecure about his body but he doesn’t want to ruin the moment.
You two will just spend time together breathing and touching each other softly.
He’s so red faced just by seeing you like this, wether it’s on top or bottoming out. He just adores you.
He loves your body so much, nipping and kissing at your skin. Loving all the little noises you make.
He’s more embarrassed about making noise himself, but he lets out a few groans.
He speeds up more near the end with foreplay, he’s really impatient by the end of teasing.
He squeezes at your body, always wanting to touch you no matter what you two are doing.
He always finishes you off, wether he finishes before you or not.
He likes showering with you but he’d rather just sleep and clean up in the morning.
He just holds you and nuzzles into your neck, he gets really tired after a scene.
He makes breakfast in the morning to his best ability for you.
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stella-welly · 8 months ago
I really love you SDV headcanons. Do you have any more that you wouldn’t mind sharing?
Awh thank you! I absolutely do have some more. These were just off the top of my head:
I know Harvey seems to be sort of awkward and timid but in doctor mode? Gentle, charismatic and confident. It truly is like the flip of a switch. He makes it known that he’s there to serve the townspeople and listen to their medical concerns and needs. He’s really loved by everyone. He closes the clinic early, sure, but everyone knows that they can call him for any medical emergency or question. He carries his work cell phone with him at all times with ringer on high. I truly believe he could have gone to be a big doctor in the city but the idea of being the community doctor really sold him. He’s never regretted the choice.
Sam surfs and he’s pretty good at it. Summertime is his favorite time since the water is a bit warmer. Willy and Elliot will sit on the pier from time to time and cheer him on. Elliot one time asked him what it feels like to be “one with the ocean” while riding a wave. Sam says something along the lines of:
“ Get a board and find out man! Gotta experience it first hand.”’
To which Elliot says perhaps he will.
And he does and they become surf buddies. Elliot cries the first time he witnesses a sunset on the board. Sam just pats his back and says
“Same bro, same.”
Thanks again for the kind words <3
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alpinecorvid · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
poor elliott my farmer is very reckless in the mines
bonus points if you know what doodle this is inspired from
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moonteacup · 8 months ago
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Holy re-draws, Batman
[Previous version]
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