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normal-horoscopes · 3 months ago
regard the set of all sets. see that it contains us; for our universe can be represented by a set of infinitely many “frames,” each an infinitesimal slice of time. see also that every other possible universe is represented as such; and as such, there is no usable information there, only noise, and maximum entropy. therefore, we do not meaningfully exist.
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troped-fanfic-challenge · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Round 1
Welcome to the very first round of TROPED: VISUAL! We hope you all are as excited for this magical event as we are!! The writing period starts NOW, and will be on a rolling basis, with a moodboard dropping every ten (10) days! While the OFFICIAL writing period for round one goes for ten days, you can submit a fic based on this visual prompt above until the end of the event and it can still be included in voting! Try to include the concepts, imagery, and inspirations you get from all nine (9) photos in your fic in some way.
As a reminder, we have included a 'mod-interpretation' of the visual prompt, to give you some ideas for what direction we envisioned for this round, but that is just our vision! Feel free to take the prompt in any direction that feels right to you!
Mod Interpretation: If you need more direction for your fic, we have envisioned and are looking for a Potterverse Fic!! Founder’s Era to Next Generation. Crossover, Fusion, or Alternate Universe, it's all welcome! Take the HP characters and play around, or bring your faves over from another universe, we don't care! Show us what kind of magic you can come up with from this visual prompt!
*All photos featured in the TROPED: VISUAL Moodboards are from —a source for freely-usable images.*
The Round 1 Bonus Character can be found here!
The fics must be below 10,000 words (with an extra 500 word buffer to close out a scene if you need it, making the MAXIMUM word count allowed 10,500 words).
Writing Period: July 15th at 12:00am — August 25th at 3:00am PST (6:00am EST)
Voting Period: August 28th at 12:00am - August 30th at 11:59pm
Winners: August 31st!
All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) unless otherwise specified!
Don’t forget the rules! Include characters from your chosen fandom, try to follow the theme of the board, and include ALL the photos in some way! Ratings G through M welcome. Also, no smut. no rape. no incest. no underage. no plagiarism. no negativity!
The AO3 collection can be found here, and the name of the collection that should be entered when submit your fic is ‘TROPED_VISUAL’!
You can also always submit a fic based on this visual prompt at any time during the visual event (if you don't want to be considered for voting) or after to our non-anonymous collection! We love getting non-anon fics, and we will be happy to share them on our blog! Just enter the name of the collection ('TROPED_Non_Anonymous') and be sure to message us if you don't see us sharing it! We try to check the collection regularly but we sometimes miss things!
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neurosciencestuff · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Eye pupil an indicator of effective decision making
A team of Army and academic researchers are investigating how eye-pupil size changes can indicate a person’s cognitive state as a means to enable teaming with autonomous agents.
The future Army battlespace will require humans and AI agents to team effectively to accomplish mission-critical goals. Although AI agents can fill gaps in human performance, they are rigid and lack the flexibility inherent to human behavior, which could interfere with teaming.
“Humans’ brains are amazing, adaptable systems that automatically apply the right cognitive processes to complete a task and initiates each process at the right time,” said Dr. Russell Cohen Hoffing, a scientist at the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command’s Army Research Laboratory. “However, our brain’s resources are limited. Being able to predict a Soldier’s mental status before resources are maxed out is an opportunity for an autonomous agent to deploy capabilities to aid the Soldier. To make progress on enabling this technology, we wanted to better understand how physiological signals, such as pupil size changes, are related to performance and cognitive states.”
A joint effort between researchers from the Army and the Institute of Collaborative Biotechnologies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, the Cognitive Resilience and Sleep History, or CRASH, project seeks to understand how variations in state (as measured by physiological sensors) influence subsequent performance. PLoS One journal published the team’s research on a subset of the data set, “Dissociable mappings of tonic and phasic pupillary features onto cognitive processes involved in mental arithmetic.”
In this research, the team sought to understand the cognitive processes that affect pupil size changes--and the reliability of these relationships--as a foundation to estimate how human cognitive processes and performance can vary in real-world, cognitively challenging tasks, Cohen Hoffing said. The pupil is a unique data source, as it is the only internal organ of the body that brain networks directly modulate and is visible to the outside world.
“The potential of this research is exciting because eye tracking technologies are becoming universal in both commercial and military contexts,” Cohen Hoffing said. “Inherent to eye tracking algorithms, pupil size is estimated but rarely used for analytics. Our research program aims to generate knowledge products that enhance usability of this type of data to have greater insight into cognitive processes such as attention and decision making.”
The researchers collected repeated measurements from participants on eight separate occasions over four months. The data provided insights into the consistency of the pupil response and relationships to behavior both within and between individuals--with a unique glimpse into cognitive processes over time rather than in single-session studies, Cohen Hoffing said.
The findings of the study demonstrated that researchers can use pupil features to index both static and rapid-time varying aspects of cognition to understand how cognitive processes influence performance. Results indicated that at the trial-level, the time that each participant took to answer a mental arithmetic question correlated with the time to maximum pupil dilation and the size of the pupil. The relationship between performance and rapid pupil features indicated that a latent pupil response correlated with the process of reaching an answer, while pupil response increases correlated with the amount of attention applied to provide an answer. In contrast, average pupil size correlated with variability in how fast participants completed questions--suggesting that average pupil size indicates a readiness to perform the mental arithmetic task.
Results of the study confirm and extend previous research, showing that cognition reliably influences the pupil on at least two time-courses: a rapid, transient influence and a longer-lasting, sustained influence.
“These findings allow us to further understand in which cases pupil data may be useful for human and agent teaming,” said Dr. Steven Thurman, Army scientist and senior author on the manuscript. “For example, it may be the case that pupil size is most reliable in complex, real-world contexts only when averaging data over the course of several seconds or minutes. Such a case would enable the ability to track longer timescale changes in mental states, like vigilance, workload or fatigue, but potentially limit its use for tracking moment-to-moment decisions. It is important to employ longitudinal studies like this to understand the utility of pupil data on these varying timescales.”
Future studies will examine how to apply this research in real-world contexts, such as using virtual reality to test whether pupil size features can be exploited in dynamic contexts. This will be a steppingstone to test the efficacy of adaptive autonomous agents that use pupil size as an effective measure of hidden human states.
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Johto Berry Trees Reference
Tumblr media
Prior to the overhaul of the berry mechanics in the gen 3 games, which gave us most of the pokemon berry types we know of today, there were a couple of berry varieties in the Gold/Silver/Crystal games that haven’t appeared since. These fruit having been essentially retconned out of existence to be replaced with Oran and Sitrus berries.
I decided to redesign these original berries and the weirdly shaped trees they came from into a usable form for the fannon of the pokemon world as a regional fruit exclusive to the Johto region. Feel free to include them in your own pokemon role plays and the like!
Tumblr media
Brown Berries:
Are similar to Oran berries, in that a pokemon can hold them and eat them in battle to regain health. However unlike Oran berries, Brown berries are not safe for humans to eat, causing liver and kidney damage if a lot of them are eaten, especially over time.
For humans to eat them, they need to be pickled or fermented, traditionally with the help of the pokemon shuckle.
Because of this, and because a lot of non-native pokemon often have a mild allergy to the fruit, the trees were removed from the main routes of Johto for safety's sake, so kids and visitors from other regions who don’t know any better don’t end up hurting themselves eating the sweet but slightly poisonous berries.
The Trees getting auctioned off to nostalgic locals to replant on their own private property.
And there’s still plenty of the trees around for the local pokemon to eat, just further off the beaten path where most young trainers and tourists wouldn't find them.
They taste a bit like a cucumber or raddish, but much sweeter. With a rubbery skin that helps keep the berry resilient enough to be carried around, and soft inner flesh full of tiny crunchy seeds.
Gold Berries:
Despite growing on nearly identical trees to the Brown berries, Gold Berries have a lot of differences.
Being safe to eat for humans save the pit in the middle, which has the same toxic effect on humans as the brown berries.
They have tasty jelly-like flesh almost like a lychee, and taste a bit like melon flavored candy. Their skin having an unnatural metallic sheen to it, and the star shaped patterns becoming somewhat transparent as the fruit ripens.
The mythology surrounding the fruit say that they’re a gift from ho-oh, made similarly to the legendary beasts.
When long ago, a town was struggling during an intense winter and swiftly running out of food. Knowing that they wouldn’t make it, the people decided as a last act of good will to share their remaining food with similarly starving wild pokemon.
Ho-oh, who had been flying around helping those in need, upon seeing this charity, rewarded them by not just giving them enough food to survive as had been done elsewhere, but magically causing the seeds of the last bits of preserved fruits and veggies that had been shared with the pokemon, to rapidly sprout into a tasty new form of fruit laden Gold Berry trees, which helped everyone to survive the winter.
Many are unsure if the legend is true or not, but the traits of the gold berries do imply such an origin, appearing like an appealing mix of a number of different fruits like pears, lychees, mango, and the brown berries.
As a held item for pokemon, they function similarly to sitrus berries.
But can be used for the creation of some more intense and arguably miraculous forms of healing medicine’s if prepared properly.
Growth stages of the trees:
Tumblr media
A cactus-like succulent tree, they grow into a distinct 7-8 armed shape (A close match to the original shape of the berry tree sprites in game referenced above with the pokemon cards) growing berries and flowers on the middle/lower parts of the arms, and thick and somewhat soft fluid filled leaves at the top of the arms.
As depicted, it takes about 8 years before the tree starts producing it’s first berries, needing to reach it’s teens before producing berries regularly.
These trees will not grow from cuttings, and thus their growth time cannot be sped up for farming purposes.
In addition, they are very picky about their environment, only growing naturally in the Johto region, often not even being able to be kept in greenhouses that mimic the Johto climate in other regions they’re so particular.
They’re distinctly out of place as such a cactus-like succulent plant, having somehow adapted to a moist temperate zone with regular winters like the Johto region unlike most similar plants that stick to deserts and other water-scarce locations.
Though their evolutionary ancestry and how they came to reside in the region remains a mystery, as no obvious living or fossil relatives have been found.
They are very long lived plants, with the oldest recorded tree being just over 500 years old. The trees reaching their functionally maximum height of about 11 feet tall at around 200 years old.
The Gold and Brown berry trees are nearly identical under most circumstances, though Gold Berry trees often have noticeably more yellow flowers, and it takes about three times as long for a Gold Berry to ripen as a Brown Berry, making them harder to get.
However during the winter, Gold Berry trees will keep their leaves and continue to produce berries over winter (albeit slower than normal), while Brown Berry trees will not.
Instead their leaves, fruit, and flowers dry out and drop off during winter, and the fluid in their trunk and arms get flooded with a thick, toxic, syrupy sap with antifreeze properties as they hibernate.
It’s theorized they would be able to survive much colder climates than Johto, if only they weren’t so picky about locations in which they would grow.
Berries in Traditional Johto Cuisine
Tumblr media
Since Brown Berries are so easy to come by, but need to be pickled, fermented, or cooked in certain ways before they can be eaten, it’s encouraged a lot of creative and diverse preserves, juices, wines, sauces, jams, etc. in the region beyond just foods that use the Brown Berries directly.
And for many of these processes, Shuckle hold a significant influence as a general origin point from which cooks made creative derivatives, thanks to their ability to ferment berries into fruit juice and medicines.
Often being maintained as a mascot for related foodstuffs, and still being traditionally farmed for this ability.
Though availability of Shuckle-created products has been diminishing as farmers struggle to keep up with demand, and they hold a place as a more pricey artisan good in the modern day.
The Gold Berries also benefit from the traditional practices used for making the Brown Berries safe to eat. With similar processes making for some unique local cuisine.
Though being much sweeter and being able to be eaten fresh, Gold berries are more popular for sweets and desserts.
Their naturally jelly-like appearance making them easily made into jams and syrups, as well as being a popular novelty additive to drinks similar to boba tea or grass jelly cubes.
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mysticstronomy · 12 months ago
Blog #22                                                   Saturday, September 26th, 2020
Welcome back,
Last time we talked about The BIG RIP, but we will be looking at the……
The Big Freeze, which is also known as the Heat Death, is one of the possible scenarios predicted by scientists in which the Universe may end. It is a direct consequence of an ever expanding universe. The most telling evidences, such as those that indicate an increasing rate of expansion in regions farthest from us, support this theory. As such, it is the most widely accepted model pertaining to our universe’s ultimate fate.
Tumblr media
The term Heat Death comes from the idea that, in an isolated system (the Universe being a very big example), the entropy will continuously increase until it reaches a maximum value. The moment that happens, heat in the system will be evenly distributed, allowing no room for usable energy (or heat) to exist – hence the term ‘heat death’. That means, mechanical motion within the system will no longer be possible.
Tumblr media
“Just" a couple trillion years from now, the universe will have expanded so much that no distant galaxies will be visible from our own Milky Way, which will have long since merged with its neighbors. Eventually, 100 trillion years from now, all star formation will cease, ending the Stelliferous Era that’s be running since not long after our universe first formed. Much later, in the so-called Degenerate Era (The Degenerate Era: When the universe stops making stars) galaxies will be gone, too. Stellar remnants will fall apart. And all remaining matter will be locked up inside black holes. fact, black holes will be the last surviving sentinels of the universe as we know it. In the Black Hole Era, they’ll be the only “normal” matter left. But eventually, even these titans will disappear, too.
Tumblr media
Stephen Hawking predicted that black holes slowly evaporate by releasing their particles into the universe. First, the smaller, solar-mass black holes will vanish. And by a googol year into the future (a 1 followed by 100 zeroes), Hawking radiation will have killed off even the supermassive black holes.
No normal matter will remain in this final “Dark Era” of the universe, which will last far longer than everything that came before it. And the second law of thermodynamics tells us that in this time frame, all energy will ultimately be evenly distributed. The cosmos will settle at its final resting temperature, just above absolute zero, the coldest temperature possible.
Tumblr media
If this future seems dark and depressing, take comfort in knowing that every earthling will have died long before we have to worry about it. In fact, on this timescale of trillions of years, even the existence of our entire species registers as but a brief ray of sunlight before an infinite winter of darkness.
(Wednesday, September 30th, 2020)
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carinasoftlabsinc · 8 days ago
Latest Technologies To Develop A Mobile App Faster
Tumblr media
In this article, you will get the knowledge about the latest technologies which are most preferred by industry giants for mobile app development.
Usage of Mobile Applications is now at its peak. Whether it’s Cracking a Business deal or watching your favorite shows online everyone now has become fond of mobile applications. The affection towards Mobile applications seems to be growing boundlessly.
Increasing usage has made people more aware of the new technologies are being used in development. Nonetheless, it’s not the terminus it has end miles to reach now. Technology advancement has reached a new station in the last 2-3 years. We can use several applications to develop just one single application.
There is a multiple choice to select the perfect language for the development of the application but we need to check which language is compatible with which platform. Along with this, we need to keep our eyes on the performance, Budget and operating system.  
In the last decade, native applications hold the maximum share of the market but now with new hybrid mobile app development technologies in place, the world is shifting towards hybrid apps. Top applications like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn are built with cross-platform technology: React Native.
So now let’s dig into the stuff
React Native
Tumblr media
It is a framework for building Native applications with the use of React. With this language, you can simultaneously develop for both the platform.  This is one of the most usable and optimized languages you will ever come across. Right from development to Further updates everything is just so easy in this because it provides the reusability of the code and Pre-Developed Component.
If you are looking forward to starting your career, you can try this. It is more reliable than other hybrid technologies and along with it works closely with Native applications so it will give you the best user experience and speed at a lower cost.  If someone is looking for developing the application which is kind of similar to naïve application but the budget is a problem, then I should Suggest they must go for React Native.
Angular JS for mobiles
Tumblr media
The angular was launched by Google in 2009. It is also a JavaScript Framework. It is used for creating UI of mobile development. Developing creative UI has become easy for those who have a bit of knowledge of Angular and Bootstrap.
This language has some advanced features which include Newly styled buttons, More effective navigations, Notification, attractive forms. This application was being used to create dynamic web pages also.
Learning angularJS can give you knowledge of multiple languages as so many mobile applications have been built by the reference of angular and which can be used for developing web and mobile applications both.
Native Technologies
Tumblr media
Native applications are those which require a particular coding language to run on a compatible device. For developing applications for android, it will require the knowledge of Java or Kotlin and for developing an application for IOS Platforms it requires fine hands-on Swift and Objective C language. It is a bit costlier than hybrid applications.
Now a day Most of the new applications are being built on Hybrid platform as I have already mentioned the benefits of it. But on the other hand, some of the developers still choose to work with native technologies i.e. Android and IOS because:
It provides us the best development than the hybrid and web application development process.
It provides the best results and run smoothly on your device.
It’s superior for providing a better User experience. Because It has its operating system and each operating system has its standards and protocols to define UI/UX.
Thus native applications run on their specific platforms so they are more assuring more security and quality.
As the coding for the native application is not Everyone’s cup of tea so it requires deep knowledge which leads you to develop complex applications.
These are the benefits to go with Native applications as they are more reliable and worthy of spending more amount.
Tumblr media
This is something similar to the React Native language. The basic difference is more useful in building services like Push notifications and analytics.
If you are good with angular you can easily start your career with Ionic as it’s a framework of Angular.
Choosing to React or Ionic is big trouble so I would like to throw some light on it.
Before choosing the application first make sure your goals and a particular industry target. Like if you are developing an application which requires continuous prototyping so you should choose Ionic over React.
And if you are looking to develop the application in which you want a Native application then you can choose  React.
It depends on you like with what you want to continue. But overall React is a better and stable framework than Ionic.
Tumblr media
This framework doesn’t sound so known to everyone but yes, this is the language that has the fastest development cycle over all of the mentioned technologies reason being it has the reusable code.
It mainly works with languages like C# and .NET. Due to its RMAD (Rapid Mobile App Development Capability), it is mostly used for making business applications and it is also budget-friendly too.
It also supports APIs and UI of native so it may give you the same experience as native applications do. It also reduces the time to develop the applications because you need to write to code once and you can reuse it for different platforms.
For being a Xamarin developer all you need to be good with C# and .NET frameworks.
So this is all about the recent and latest trend technologies you can start your career with. And an overview of the latest technologies used in Mobile Application Development.
As I have mentioned about the increase in the demand of the Mobile Application it is assured that major increment in this in the upcoming years. Using Mobile application development technologies and the Use of Artificial intelligence in it will make every task simpler and easier than now.
So just need to wait and see what the upcoming years have to surprise us.
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themedicalstate · 12 months ago
The biomimetic hand prosthesis Hannes uniquely similar to a human hand
The biomimetic prosthetic hand Hannes is featured on Science Robotics' cover for September, 2020; researchers from Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT- Italian Institute of Technology) and Centro Protesi INAIL (the prosthetic unit of the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work) in Italy reported about its ability to replicate the key biological properties of the human hand: natural synergistic and adaptable movement; biomimetic levels of force and speed; high anthropomorphism and grasp robustness. Developed involving researchers, orthopaedists, industrial designers together with patients, Hannes is able to restore over 90% of functionality to people with upper-limb amputations. It owns CE marking and it is ready to enter the international medical market, but its future commercialization will be possible only when researchers will identify investors and industrial partners.
Tumblr media
The robotic system Hannes was born out of the IIT's Rehab Technologies Lab, that is the joint-lab between Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Genova and Centro Protesi INAIL in Budrio (Bologna), coordinated by Lorenzo De Michieli; the collaboration started at the end of 2013 with the aim of creating innovative high-tech cost-effective solutions for patients with physical impairment. Among the solutions developed so far, Hannes is the most recent result, whose name is a tribute to Professor Johannes "Hannes" Schmidl, technical director of the Centro Protesi Inail in the 1960s and pioneer in upper limb prosthetics. On September 9th 2020, the hand Hannes was awarded the international industrial design prize Compasso d'Oro, due to its original and highly innovative concept.
Hannes is an anthropomorphic, poly-articulated upper limb prosthetic system including hand and wrist, whose main characteristics are the softness and the ability to dynamically adapt themselves to the shape of objects to grasp. It is uniquely similar to a human hand and, being developed directly with patients, it is of practical use. To evaluate the effectiveness and usability of Hannes, pilot trials on amputees were performed at Centro Protesi Inail and researchers found that, after a training period of less than one week, patients could autonomously use Hannes domestically to perform activities of daily living.
The prosthesis is a myoelectric system that can be worn all day long and adjustable to different upper limb impairments. Therefore, an array of surface electromyographic sensors, placed within a custom socket, detects the activity of the residual limb muscles - in the lower or higher part of the arm, which are actively contracted by the user to perform multiple movements. Moreover, through a specially developed software and a bluetooth connection, it is possible to customize the operating parameters of the hand, such as the precision and speed of movements, to ensure the most optimized experience for each user.
Hannes hand has been tested for durability and robustness in a setting that simulated more than 1 year of usage of a so called "pro-user" (almost 500000 life cycles).
The true intelligence of Hannes lies in the mechanical design, which is completely unique in its market sector, and it gives to the prosthesis the versatility and the movement of a natural hand. The underlying mechanism of the hand is a mechanical differential system that allows Hannes to adapt to the object being grasped by using just a single motor. This also permits to dramatically enhance performance due to its efficiency, at the same time, to be coherent with the 50th percentile human hand size. Hannes is provided in two different sizes, 7 ¾ and 8 ¼, for right and left handed and suitable to female and male subjects. Its weight is 450 grams.
Fingers can flex and be positioned in a natural manner, even at rest. In particular, the thumb can be oriented in 3 different positions to replicate a wide variety of grips, including a fine grip that allows to pick up small objects, a lateral grip, which allows to grasp thin objects, and finally a power grip capable of grasping and moving even heavy loads. The overall grasp is efficient, robust against external conditions and natural. The system also permits to pronate and supinate the wrist ('key turning movement'), allowing grasps in different orientation without relying on harmful patient compensation.
Hannes can perform a full closed grasp in less than 1 second and, at the same time, it can exert a maximum grasp force of 150N, that is well beyond other commercial and research poly articulated hands, and it has an autonomy of a whole day of standard use (battery life of 1 day: 12V power supply for a battery capacity of 1300 mAh).
Researchers conducted experiments to validate Hannes's performance and the human-likeness of its grasping behaviour and they demonstrated an improved performance compared with existing research or commercial devices.
The fundamental principles and design of Hannes are covered by IIT-INAIL patent applications. Moreover, the prosthetic hand obtained CE marking, which is fundamental for future commercialization in the European market and a precondition for international sale. Researchers are looking for investors and companies to industrialize and produce Hannes on a large scale, benefiting patients with physical impairment.
Credit: The robotic hand Hannes is developed in Italy at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia and Centro Protesi INAIL. Hannes is able to replicate the key biological properties of the human hand and is able to restore over 90% of functionality to people with upper-limb amputations.
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soozylegion · 9 months ago
i just realized your weeb oc girl would fucking have sprint burst and do the naurto. I ask if this is possible and what else she would do?
Behold. Vivian’s perk loadout.
Tumblr media
Decisive Strike: Using your yaoi paddle, you smack your aggressor in an attempt to be cute, and to remind them why these things were banned from cons. After being unhooked or unhooking yourself, Decisive Strike will become active and usable for 40/50/60 seconds. While Decisive Strike is active, when grabbed by the Killer, succeed a Skill Check to smack their rear with the paddle, escaping the Killer's grasp and stunning them for 5 seconds. “I’ve got two paddles, one with ‘yaoi’ and one with ‘seme’. I couldn’t get an ‘uke’ one cuz Hen Da Ne had to stop selling them. -Vivian Miller, about her paddle collection.”
Spine Chill: Your neko garb are more than accessories, they warn you of impending doom. Get notified when the Killer is looking directly in your direction and standing within a range of 36 metres. “I’m the anime club’s co-founder, resident reader of obscure manga, second best DDR master (I’ll beat you in DDR one day, Ashley!!), Toon Link main, and local cat girl! Nya! -Vivian Miller, about her status in the club.”
Sprint Burst: When starting to run, break into a Naruto Sprint at 150% of your normal running speed for a maximum of 3 seconds. Moderately increases the change of getting judged by your peers. “Here I am with my Ninja Clan! Ninja Clan, here we stand! -Naruto German Opening”
Head On: When you see someone you recognize, it’s in your blood to give them a friendly glomp. While standing in a Locker for 3 seconds, Head On activates. While Head On is activated, performing a rushed action to leave a Locker allows you to glomp the killer, which stuns them for 3 seconds if they are standing within range. “Look! I think that’s Ryan over there!! I didn’t know he was going to Con as well!! I’m gonna tackle glomp him!! Yaaaa!! -Vivian Miller, to her clubmates at an anime convention upon seeing a fellow member in the distance.”
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sigillaria-svt · 8 months ago
More Than Enough (University AU)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dance Major!Lee Chan/Dino x Advertising Major!Reader
Word Count: 4,747
Warning: None
Genres: fluff, slice of life, University AU, schoolmates, Upperclassman/Friend!Vernon (minor appearance)
Synopsis: All your life in university, you’ve focused on making sure that outputs were sent and tests were passed. You’ve never really had the time to go out with friends a lot with all the demands of your program. One night, you had to stay late with your classmates to finish a project at school. You decide to take a nap in one of the dance studios, thinking that no one would be able to disturb your sleep there. However, the practice room is not as empty as you thought it would be.
You type away at your laptop as you sit with the rest of your group at one of the study hubs in your building. It was during this specific time of the semester that your department would allow certain rooms to be usable 24/7 to help students pass the necessary requirements for the finals period. It was almost midnight when you decided to take a break from all the work. Although you were barely done, you knew you had to take a nap if you wanted to ensure that your report was at least readable. While your other members were in charge of the graphical and artistic side, you were in charge of the technical side of the report.
“I’ll be off in the nap room if you need me. If I don’t come back in an hour, please wake me up.” You say as you close the laptop and head over to the basement of your building.
The nap room isn’t literally a room that was specifically made for students to sleep in, but it’s an old and barely used dance room. Ever since the renovation of the building a few years ago, dance majors have been using the bigger and brighter dance rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors for practice. The old dance room is cold, dark, and to be honest, is on the verge of falling apart with a few broken floor tiles and blurry glass. The school decided to keep it to renovate it into a different room, but due to mismanagement, it never really happened and it just stayed there for years as a technically functional, but unused room.
It was a horrible place to practice in, but a perfect place to nap in.
When you and your friends discovered it when you were freshmen, you ended up using it as a secret space whenever you just wanted to take a break. Two years later, all of you now call it the nap room so that other students wouldn’t know that you were secretly using it. Usually, the main door would be locked, but there’s another door at the back of the room with a broken lock that leads to the back of the building. You enter through that back door and take your usual spot behind some cabinets. You pull out the camping bag that you’ve always kept at the side and snooze off.
Your sleep was mostly peaceful and uninterrupted. However, it is broken by the sound of feet on the wooden floorboards.
Initially, you thought it was one of your groupmates coming over to wake you up. However, no face nor voice makes itself known to you, only the sound of feet, alternating between light and heavy steps. You aren’t entirely sure what to make of it--for sure, there are at least one or two ghost stories that you heard from your upperclassmen throughout your student life, but you weren’t one to believe in the supernatural. Despite trying to rationalize your way through it, you couldn’t help but think that perhaps there really was something else going on.
You muster up the courage to slowly get yourself out of the sleeping bag with as little sound as possible, keeping yourself low as you try to peak from the side of the cabinet. From your position, you see a single person dancing in the dim light of a single cellphone flashlight. He seems to be dancing to the music from his earphones.
It baffles you why he would be practicing at this place and at this hour. Last time you knew, no dancer would want to use this room unless they absolutely had to. You wanted to get out and leave him to his business, but you didn’t want to freak him out either.
You plan on getting back to your sleeping bag, but the man ends his dance, taking off his earphones along with it. He collapses to the floor, breathing heavily as sweat falls down his face. Now that he has his ears open, you knew you had to be even more careful than before. With as little noise as you could, you slowly crawled backward, but the old creaky floorboards were not in your favor this time. As you put your weight on your knee in moving back, a sharp noise fills the room and the man immediately turns his head in your direction.
You meet him eye to eye, both of you equally shocked at the sight of one another.
“Ahhh!” He props himself up and moves back a few spaces. His hand shoots up to his mouth, scared that someone might hear him from the outside. “My goodness! Wah!”
“H-Hello.” You say with a small wave.
“Who--what, what are you doing over there?” He whispers, tiredness immediately replaced by adrenaline.
“I know, it’s a bit of a shocker, but I was taking a nap here at the back.” You say, putting both of your hands up. “Midterms week, you know how it is.”
He gets up and briskly walks to you, looking over the cabinet to see the empty sleeping bag by your feet.
“Are you even allowed to sleep here?”
“Who knows? No one outside my group has ever found out, well, except until now.” You get up as well, finally seeing how tall he actually was. “Shouldn’t I be asking the same question? Are you even allowed to practice here? Didn’t the department give you guys that fancier room upstairs?”
He shrugs. “Midterms week, you know how it is.”
You can’t help but smile a bit at his remark. “I should probably go back up. Keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing.”
Just as you were about to make your way out, he blocks your way with his arm.
“Wait, while you’re here I’m going to need your help.” He says with a slightly louder voice. “You’re the only one who knows I’m here, so I’m going to need your help.”
“What for?”
“Alright, here’s the thing. I want you to tell me how my dancing is, I feel like something is missing, but I don’t know what it is.” He goes over to pluck the earphone jack from his phone. “I’ll let you listen to the song, it won’t take long, I promise.”
Taken aback by his sudden burst of energy, you take a few steps backward. “I’m not a dancer, I don’t really think I’m in the position to say anything.”
“What’s your major?”
“Advertising...” You reluctantly reply.
“Then you’ve got a good eye. That’s more than enough. Better to have feedback from an audience of one than an audience of none, am I right?” He calls you over to listen to the music playing on his phone. “Please? If you do help me, I promise to dance to whatever you want me to if you need it for one of your projects.”
You wonder what kind of situation he could be in that he would need the advice of a stranger, but you were too carried away by his compliment and proposal to say no. Shaking your head, you walk to him and put your ear next to the speaker of the phone. With his energy, you thought that it would be some strong EDM or hip hop song, but you were surprised to hear a softer and slower song. 
After the song ends, he moves back enough for you to have a good view of him.
“I know it’s dark, but think of it as dramatic effect.” He says, putting himself into the starting position. “Can you play the song back to the start for me?”
You agree, increasing the volume to its maximum capacity. Instantly, you see him switch into performer mode. His entire expression changes as his body move fluidly in contemporary dance. As you listen to the song, you can see how much work he put into visualizing its story into a dance. Although you didn’t want to admit it, the dim light surely did create the dramatic effect that the song calls for.
He ends the piece with a pose and holds it for a few seconds before completely converting back to the ordinary college student he was before. “So, what do you think?”
“To me, it looks pretty good. I enjoyed watching you and I think your dance synced very well with the song. However, like, I don’t know if you’ll get what I mean but...” Your tilt your head from side to side, trying to shake your brain for the best way to explain it. “You weren’t? Your dance got the song, but you didn’t?”
He slowly nods, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’m sorry, what?”
“Oh man, I’m so sorry, I don’t really have a better way of explaining it.” You say, guilty that you may have said something that didn’t really sit well with him.
“No, I get what you mean, kind of. I just want to know what part.” He shifts his weight on one of his legs, deep in thought.
“I don’t know, up to you to find out, I guess.” You shrug, handing him back his phone. “It’s just what I think, so you probably shouldn’t think too much of it.”
“No, it’s good. You got me thinking at least, thanks.” He says, taking his phone and putting it in one of his pockets. “I’ll just sleep it out and think about it more in the morning.”
“Now that I’ve told you what I think, I assume that your offer to become a dancer is now set?” You say, making sure that you seal the deal. Although it seems like nothing to him, you knew that this could be important for one of your outputs one day. You take out your own phone and open the notepad. “I’m going to need your contact details.”
“Is this your way of hitting on me?” He says playfully, followed by his own high-energy laughter. “Nah, I’m just kidding, hand it over.”
He takes your phone and types in a few lines before handing it back to you. You check it one more time to check if he didn’t put in some nonsense information.
Lee Chan, 3rd Year Dance Major
Messenger: @LeeChan_1999 (please message me here)
“I’ll see you around!” He says, picking up the rest of his things before disappearing out the back door.
The next few days go by in a flash. After spending a few sleepless nights, you and your group successfully pass your project with higher than expected grades. Now it’s the short silent period after the hectic midterms week where everyone just goes to classes, but without much really happening except for a few reminders and some feedback on recent outputs.
You sit at the round park table at the small park at the side of your building, watching students spend time with their friends while they still can for the short rest period. Across you, one of your upperclassmen and close friends, Hansol, types out something on his laptop.
You take a sip from the fruit drink you got from one of the stalls. “Still doing that paper you were cramming at the last minute?”
“Isn’t it fine though?” He says, looking up at his laptop. “I’d rather pass a finished but late paper than an incomplete mess. I’ll be done in a few minutes. Once I email it to our professor, we can go over to the movies with the rest of the guys.”
“Alright, go do your thing.”
You cross your legs and scroll through your phone. You had to meet up with your friends in around half an hour at the cinema nearby. Although you were used to Hansol pushing things to the last minute, you just wanted to hurry and get out of the campus.
You put down your phone and lie down on the bench, looking up at the canopy above you. The weather is just perfect to laze around and have fun. You knew that everything was going to get busy again starting next week, but you didn’t want to burn yourself out.
Your view of the canopy and internal train of thought is broken by the face of Lee Chan--who you and your friends now like to call the Midnight Dancer--just above your face.
You jolt back, putting your hands up defensively. “Hey..?”
You sit up, looking at him as he takes a seat next to you. “I finally get what you mean!” Chan says, putting his hands on his knees. “I did a few adjustments to the dance, and guess what? I aced the performance, got enough good marks to last me until graduation.”
It takes you a few moments before realizing what he was talking about. “Oh, you mean for that dance you did?”
“Yeah! You don’t know how thankful I am for what you said. People always comment on the steps or the songs, but it’s the first time someone told me about getting the song myself.” He crosses his arms and shrugs. “Weird and absurd, but effective. By the way, I never really got to know your name. I’ve always referred to you as ‘that one girl from advertising’ when I tell my friends about it.”
“I’m glad it helped you out I guess. My friends always tell me that my thoughts don’t really make any sense.” You reply. “Oh, and my name is y/n. Easy to remember, I hope.”
“Good to finally have a name for the nameless character. Nice to meet you for the second time, y/n.” He leans his elbow on the table beside him. “Anyway, what are you up to?”
You look over to Hansol, then back to Chan. “We’re going out for a movie, getting off some steam after the midterm week. Want to come along?”
Chan’s mouth forms an ‘o’ as he raises his eyebrows. “Are you two... you know? I mean, I’m not really a big fan of being ‘that’ guy during a date.”
“Wait, it’s not what you think,” Your eyes grow big, flustered at the comment. Although you were 100% sure that you saw Hansol as a friend, bringing up the subject made you shy. “We’re going out with other friends, like a big group of friends.”
You see the corner of Chan’s mouth tilt up ever so slightly in amusement. "Alright, alright. I’d be happy to come along.” He takes out his phone and checks the time. “Just give me a few minutes to get my stuff at the dorm. Fifteen minutes, I think?”
You look over at Hansol, who still seems to be typing without a break. “Sure, I think that’ll be more than enough.”
“Alright, wait for me.” He says one last time before quickly disappearing over the corner.
“So that’s the Midnight Dancer you guys have been talking about?” Hansol says, his eyes still focusing on his laptop screen. “I didn’t think that the story was actually serious.”
“Does it really sound like something I’d make up?”
This time, Hansol looks up from his laptop. “I mean... it kind of does.” He types in a few more lines before clicking away at something. “I’ll send this off real quick.”
Fifteen minutes later, Chan arrives at your table, just as he said. This time, he’s carrying a backpack with him. “Alright, let’s go?”
“What’s the backpack for?”
“I’ve got a rehearsal tonight. Thought I’d drop by after the movie. If you’ve still got time to waste, you can sit in and watch.” He says, putting his hands through the slings of his bag.
“Don’t tell me you’re going to make me give you absurd feedback again?”
“I’m sorry, was it obvious?” He lets out a big laugh, giving a wide smile afterward. “Nah, you can really just watch this time.”
“Alright, why not.”
The three of you make your way to the theatre, meeting your four other friends. Despite meeting them for the first time, Chan easily blends into the group. Although he’s loud and friendly, he puts care into his words and actions. In the movie theatre, the two of you sit beside each other. You laugh at the small snarky comments he says at the side, grateful for the small breaks in silence. Although he says it quietly enough not to disturb the people around him, your laughter may have been louder than you wanted it to be. This earns you a few nudges from your friends, but you manage to keep a hold of it for the rest of the movie.
Once outside, the two of you can’t stop talking about the movie. You never really had to worry about running out of things to talk about because Chan always had something to say about everything. Even on your way to his rehearsal, both of you ended up talking about anything and everything. To be honest, you found the conversations more fun than the movie you were watching.
Eventually, when you had to go home, all you thought about was the lightheartedness you felt when being with him. You think of it as the buzz you feel when making a new friend who you know you’d click with for sure.
Little do you know, you’re already looking forward to the next time you’d randomly bump into him.
Just as you thought, the following week was leading back into the cycle of busy schedules. It was one project after another. You weren’t really one to complain--you had great friends that helped out well in whatever you were tasked with, but you miss having a person that you could just freely talk to.
Somehow, you end up looking for him in the random figure at a crowd, or the loud and distant laughter at the lounge. Even your friends were starting to see that you were always somehow checking out the periphery.
When you do happen to come across him, you find yourself unnaturally excited.
You and your classmates are currently gathered at the student lounge, waiting for the multimedia room to be open so that you could begin your presentations for a class. You decide to move a couple of meters away from the big group, reviewing all the things you had to say for class later on.
You are looking out at the parking lot, memorizing and spacing out at the same time. Yet, when you spot a familiar head of brown hair, your mind immediately trails away from your presentation.
After two weeks, you finally got to see him again.
Well, about a hundred meters away, that is.
As if he had known you were staring at him all along, he turns his head toward you and gives you a wide smile as he crosses the parking lot. You give a small wave in return.
You would have wanted to have a small talk with him, but he turns over at one entryway and makes his way up the stairs, presumably to one of his classes.
You didn’t really have much time to think of it. Just as Chan disappeared, the doors to the multimedia room open, all of your classmates flowing into it as the previous class makes their way out.
“Y/N, let’s go!” You hear one of your classmates call out.
“Ah, yeah. Coming.” You say, turning back with your eyes still lingering for a few seconds on the staircase.
Ever since then, you’ve been starting to meet him a bit more often. Usually, it would just be the small smiles and eye contact from across the hall. Sometimes, you’d get to walk across each other in the hallway and exchange a few greetings. However, he always seems like he’s in a rush to get somewhere. Although you knew that he has his own life to live, you were curious about how he was doing. After all, he was the kind of guy that practiced in the middle of the night in an abandoned dance room, then he has probably done other similar things.
You didn’t know you were starting to think a bit too much about it when Hansol actually pointed it out.
At one of the cafes outside school, you and Hansol just finished a small consultation session for a project you were doing. With all the schoolwork he has to do, it was a bit hard to find the time to sit with him, so you had to run to the cafe for a quick minute while your group mates continue drafting the project at the campus.
“Why don’t you just go ahead and send him a message? You have his contact details, right?” Hansol says out of the blue, making you almost spit out your drink.
“Come on, you know who I’m talking about.” He grabs a piece of tissue and hands it over to you. “Lee Chan. From what I hear, it seems like he’s a pretty good dancer. You talk about him a lot.”
You take the tissue and wipe your mouth with it. Of all the times, Hansol actually brings this up now. “I do not--you know what, maybe I do. I mean, I can, but...”
“You still have that deal with him where you could use him as a dancer for your project right? I think it would be good if you could use a dancer concept for the promotional video.” Hansol leans his arms on the table and nods. “I don’t think the other groups would think to go as far as to find a dancer to promote an imaginary sportswear brand, so maybe it’ll earn you some extra points.”
You feel a small drop of cold sweat break out. All this time, Hansol was talking about the project, not your growing affection for the hardworking dance student.
“Ah, you mean that?” You shrug, trying it play it off. “Alright, sure, why not? I’ll have to tell my groupmates about it first, though.”
“Oh, absolutely. Hitting two birds with one stone, right?”
“Nothing. Go ahead and contact him. Is there anything else you want to talk about?” He asks, giving a small comforting smile.
You check the time on your laptop. “I’d love to talk, but I think I need to get back to my group mates. I promised I’d be there by 10:30 tonight.”
“Doing one of your late-night projects again?”
“The woes of an advertising major.” You say below your breath as you hurry to put your laptop back in your bag. “Thanks for the time. Don’t cram too much this time.”
When you get back to the room your friends were staying in, you tell them about the advice Hansol told you. They seemed to be completely fine with it, so you sent a message over to Chan. It was late into the night, so you were worried if he would even respond. During normal class days, the rooms would only be open up until midnight, so you knew you had to finish the draft if you wanted to pass it on time by tomorrow.
After a few minutes, he responds.
“Sure, I’m down. I’m over at the secret dance room if you want to talk about it.”
You quickly relay the news to your groupmates, and they make their adjustments to the output. Elated, you made your way downstairs. Now that the proposal was done, all you had to do was make the promotional video within the week. More than anything, you’re happy to be able to talk to him again, even if it was just going to be about school stuff.
From outside the back door, you could hear the same intense footsteps, dancing to their own music. You open the door, seeing Chan dancing away in the dark room. When he sees you, he gives you a small nod and takes off his earphones.
“Hey, still practicing late into the night in secret?” You say, remembering the first time you saw him.
“Same goes for you. Still making outputs late into the night, but not in secret?” He says with a laugh. “Let’s talk outside, I could need a breath of fresh air.”
Both of you find a spot on one of the benches surrounding a large tree.
“So, what’s the concept about?” He asks with a bit of tiredness in his voice.
You give him all the details of the video. You planned it to be short and impactful, heavily relying on whatever dance Chan could perform to make the output stand out. For the entire time, Chan listens silently, nodding from time to time. Once you were done, he gives his comments for the first time.
“Sounds pretty good. Let me know when you have the song decided and I’ll think of something.” He says, a little less energy this time.
The both of you sit in silence for a few moments, the late-night breeze flowing between both of you. Either you’ve been observing him too much, or Chan has been very obvious about it, but you notice that he’s not really as upbeat as he was before.
“How’s life going on?” You break the silence, hoping that he’d open up to you at least a little bit. “You don’t seem pretty good.”
“Well, it hasn’t been going as well as I thought it would be.” He says, trying to lift his tone, but failing terribly. “I don’t know. Would you care to listen?”
“Of course.”
That’s when he brings out a topic that you never thought he would talk about. On most days, he had to work at a part-time job and would only really have to practice at night. He always felt that something was lacking with the way he danced, which is why he would always practice in secret at the dance room downstairs in fear of judgment. On top of that, he works hard to do performances for the dance group he’s in. He lets it all out, all the insecurity and burnout that comes along with all the responsibilities that he’s taken on.
“I’m sorry, I’m talking too much. You should get back to your project.”
“No, it’s alright. There’s nothing to be sorry about. We’re done for the day anyway.” You take in a deep breath. You keep your eyes straight, looking at the row of trees in front of you. “How long have you been doing this?”
“I don’t know, perhaps since the start of my freshman year? I’m actually surprised that we only met now when I’ve been using the dance room for years. Apparently, it’s because we always use it at different times.” He leans back and puts his hands in the pocket of his hoodie. “Thanks for listening, anyway. Doesn’t really change my situation, but at least it makes things lighter.”
“Sure, anytime. I really don’t think you should be keeping your burdens all to yourself. It can get pretty lonely.” You say. You turn your head to look at him, finding out that he had been looking at you all this time. “What is it?”
“Does it ever occur to you that there are people who you are just meant to meet?” He says in a low voice. “Thank you for being that person.”
You feel your face heat up despite the cold temperature. You weren’t exactly sure how to take his words. He looks at you for a little longer before getting up and returning back to his normal, energy-filled self.
“Well, anyway. Let’s head back before the monitors come by and see us hanging out beyond the closing time.” He says, offering his hand to help you up.
You take the offer, and he helps you up. Instead of letting it go, he keeps your hand in his. This time, you really aren’t able to hide the redness forming over your face. All you hope is that it wouldn’t be too obvious under the moonlight. He lets out a small chuckle before bursting out in his usual reverberating laughter.
“Come on, let’s go.” You say, walking in front of him to keep him from seeing your face. He moves along with you, hand still linked with yours.
“Seeing you flustered never gets old.” He says between his laughs.
For someone with a lot of words, his actions were more than enough to make you understand. Just this was enough to make you happy, enough to make you believe that there really are people you are meant to meet. - END -
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absynthe--minded · 11 months ago
wattpad vs. ao3
so this is an examination of Wattpad as an alternative to Archive of our Own, largely in response to the ongoing criticisms of AO3 when it comes to their content policy and what’s permitted onsite in terms of tropes and ratings. I’m not going to be talking about anything in the context of the completely separate and justified debate about how Archive staff handles racism and racist harassment. First off, I agree that AO3 needs to take more action against racist commenters and stories intended to harass fans of color (I’ve received a few comments like that myself) and second off, I don’t know how Wattpad handles racism.
I’m pro-AO3, but I do believe that if people have problems with AO3, they should be free to leave the platform and find something that suits their needs and wants better, and no one has brought up Wattpad in these conversations, which I think is a shame.
commercial site with ads and a premium membership option
general fiction focus with fanfiction section (not a dedicated fic archive)
mobile-friendly with a dedicated app on App Store and Play Store
basic user tagging (think Tumblr, Instagram) with some native filtering
allows for user blocking
community forums on-site with direct messaging feature
RTF-only text input (no HTML editing)
native image support, including gifs and video files
ability to upload custom art in-story and as a cover for your fic
no native self-archiving/story download feature unless you’re the author
extremely large userbase, with popular fics getting hundreds of thousands of hits regularly
primarily M/F, including large amounts of selfshipping, reader insert, and canon/OC romance
site demographic skews young, with many adolescents “aging out” and moving to FFN or AO3
comprehensive, well-enforced content policy restricting and banning many story concepts and thematic elements, including erotica, all underage stories where participants are younger than sixteen, and glorification of suffering such as self-harm or sexual violence. encourages users to report stories that violate TOS.
basic content rating system, with the requirement to tag stories as mature to warn of adult content that is permitted in the TOS, including sex scenes that are part of the plot, sexual violence or dark themes that aren’t written about from a perspective of horror or condemnation, etc. no option to opt out of ratings.
can and will delete stories that are found to be in violation of the TOS, or will render them private and viewable only to the author.
Archive of our Own:
nonprofit organization with no ads or premium options for site members
dedicated fanfiction archive, though original works and nonfiction about fannish things are permitted
mobile friendly to an extent, no apps of any kind
comprehensive, thorough tagging system custom-built for maximum user customization and labeling. enables native filtering for all tags, always present and usable regardless of searches or preferences
no current options for user blocking, though change may come
no forums, direct messages, or social element except comments on fics, which can be moderated and deleted or turned off by the author
supports RTF and HTML text input for stories
limited image embedding, requiring offsite hosting and HTML editing for mobile viewers
no native image upload feature or ability to create “covers” for stories
allows the option to download all fics in multiple formats
large userbase but fics with hundreds of thousands of hits are relatively rare, and subcommunities/fandoms have different standards for a “popular” fic
primarily M/M on a sitewide basis but most popular ships and story styles vary based on fandom.
site demographic skews older than Wattpad, with many users considering themselves “fandom olds” or being present since the site’s launch
allows anything to be written and published in their stories, with content policies banning user harassment and photographs of illegal pornography. users are expected to accept that they might see fics in the listings that upset or disgust or squick them on some level, and tag filtering/external browser extensions are expected to be implemented by the user to block out upsetting content
comprehensive rating system, with fics expected to be tagged and rated and warned for accordingly. option given to opt out of warnings and ratings entirely with “Unrated” and “Choose Not To Warn” categories
will rarely delete stories, and will never do so without warning and emailing the author a copy of their fic along with an explanation for why it was deleted
Wattpad’s Content Policy:
The full policy is linked above, but Wattpad explicitly bans underage sex, purely pornographic content, graphic self-harm, suicide, hate speech, underage sex where one party is younger than sixteen (the age of consent in Canada), sex with animals, revenge porn, sexual solicitation/roleplaying, and harassment of other site users, among other things. Stories cannot focus on sexual violence in a positive way, and sex scenes must meet content standards even in mature-rated stories. This is in contrast to AO3, which (as stated above) doesn’t have bans against any of this. Their TOS FAQ is linked here, and contains extensive discussion of their content policy, while affirming that they believe in the user opting out of content they dislike rather than banning that content on principle. I can confirm anecdotally that they do take action against embedded photographic images of illegal pornography, but that’s the only ban they seem to have.
My final conclusion is that abandoning AO3 for Wattpad sacrifices user friendliness and an extremely comprehensive tagging system that will get you exactly the results you want for a heavily moderated, much less risky experience that has sitewide standards designed to protect users from graphic or controversial content. Both have fun interfaces, and both are easy to use, but I personally would recommend the latter site to anyone who felt AO3 was too free and open with the kind of stories it permits on its site.
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carleaseuk · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In terms of the car shown, the Hyundai Kona Premium 64kWh 5dr Auto (Pure Electric Vehicle), this is based on the following configuration:
Pulse Red Pearl Paint
Cloth -     Black      
17" alloy wheels
Type 2 charging cable and an     emergency three-pin ICCB (In-Cable Control Box) cable
 As standard the car includes 10.25” touchscreen navigation, 17” alloys, 60/40 split folding seats, alarm/immobiliser, ambient lighting, auto dimming rear view mirror, autonomous emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, Bluetooth, cruise control, DAB radio,  Driver's electric adjustable lumbar support,  Forward collision warning, Front parking sensor, Full LED headlights, Heated front seats, Heated steering wheel, Krell premium audio system with 8 speakers and subwoofer, Hill start assist control, Lane follow assist, Lane keep assist, Parking system with rear camera and guidance system, Rear parking sensor, Smart key with keyless entry and engine start/stop button, Smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android auto, Smartphone wireless charging plate and Vehicle Stability Control. In terms of additional options, you can only add the heat pump.
On the technical-side, company car and business users can note the P11d at £35,560.00 and CO2 at 0g/km. The Kona has a usable lithium-ion battery of 64kWh which offers a cold weather range of around 205 miles and summer range of around 285 miles. In terms of performance, the bigger battery Kona offers 200ps, 0-62 times of 7.9 seconds and top speeds of 104mph. In terms of charging, the maximum charge AC is 11kW, which will allow 0-100% charging in around 7 hours. For rapid charging, expect a 77kW DC maximum to offer 10-80% in around 45 minutes.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Round 2
Yo ho, yo ho, it’s time for the second round of TROPED: VISUAL! The next writing period starts NOW, and will be on a rolling basis, with a moodboard dropping every ten (10) days! While the OFFICIAL writing period for round two goes for ten days, you can submit a fic based on this visual prompt above (and R1’s prompt!) until the end of the event and it can still be included in voting! Try to include the concepts, imagery, and inspirations you get from all nine (9) photos in your fic in some way.
As a reminder, we have included a 'mod-interpretation' of the visual prompt, to give you some ideas for what direction we envisioned for this round, but that is just our vision! Feel free to take the prompt in any direction that feels right to you!
Mod Interpretation: Treasure Maps! Billowing white sales! A quest across the open ocean! We want PIRATES, baby! Take us on an epic adventure across the high seas, in search of gold or treasure or something a little more... magical? Its all up to you! But what’s up with those flowers...
*All photos featured in the TROPED: VISUAL Moodboards are from —a source for freely-usable images.*
The Round 2 Bonus Character can be found here!
The fics must be below 10,000 words (with an extra 500 word buffer to close out a scene if you need it, making the MAXIMUM word count allowed 10,500 words).
Writing Period: July 25th at 12:00am — August 25th at 3:00am PST (6:00am EST)
Voting Period: August 28th at 12:00am - August 30th at 11:59pm
Winners: August 31st!
All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) unless otherwise specified!
Don’t forget the rules! Include characters from your chosen fandom, try to follow the theme of the board, and include ALL the photos in some way! Ratings G through M welcome. Also, no smut. no rape. no incest. no underage. no plagiarism. no negativity!
The AO3 collection can be found here, and the name of the collection that should be entered when submit your fic is ‘TROPED_VISUAL’!
You can also always submit a fic based on this visual prompt at any time during the visual event (if you don’t want to be considered for voting) or after to our non-anonymous collection! We love getting non-anon fics, and we will be happy to share them on our blog! Just enter the name of the collection (’TROPED_Non_Anonymous’) and be sure to message us if you don’t see us sharing it! We try to check the collection regularly but we sometimes miss things!
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tulip, in part 17 of laoft in the notes u said that u can show us ur math (but to pls remember u r but a humble theather kid XD) and anyway id LOVE to pls pls see ur math. (abt the houres i gueese? like of the night)
oh what i was actually talking about in that note was the timeline of the production of the cloak, but im happy to share alksjdkl
this tapestry, woven from spider silk, took 70 people 4 years to make, and they were catching the spiders and harvesting the silk directly from them. Greta had to collect it, one web at a time, and she was alone (and then Trudi, abby, may and roman, but thats still only two at a time at the maximum)
also, on a wild spider web only the outermost strands (the dragline) are usable for something like weaving, because they arent sticky
so actually, my math is way off – but its off in the opposite direction you’d think it would be. Only 100 years (with a decent gap in the middle where no one was working on it) is not just fast its fucking miraculous. it easily could have taken centuries.
so here we’ve got both Durant and Greta’s biggest mistakes wrapped up in a nice little bow.
Durant gives Greta a task that is completely physically possible, with no magical catch or riddle to solve. what makes it impossible is that Greta is mortal, and just doesnt have the time. He wasn’t trying to trick her - he was mocking her. he fails because it never occurs to him someone would pick it up when she didnt succeed
and then we have Greta, who never, not once - not even when she was dying, not even from her own husband or daughter - thought to ask for help. its an impossible task for one person, but those 70 people above didnt even take a decade
its a tragedy in literary sense of the word, and interesting, in the worst possible way. at the end of the day, Virgil’s brother and sister did have something in common beside him - pride is quite the fatal flaw
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Tumblr media
             ➥  (  fight  style )
jason’s  fighting  style  comes  as  a  combination  of  several  different  styles  rolled  into  one;   the  result  of  training  himself  in  many  martial  arts  after  his  resurrection  and  seeking  out  multiple  teachers  all  over  the  world.
MUAY  THAI   -   a  physical  and  mental  discipline  is  also  known  as   “ the  art  of  eight  limbs ”   because  it’s  characterized  by  the  combined  use  of  fists,   elbows,   knees,   shins,   and  feet.   it’s  a  primarily  ‘striking’  combat  style,   using  knees  and  elbows.
PUGILISM   -   also  known  as  boxing.   it’s  categorized  in  five  different  styles.   jason  falls  into  a  mix  between  two  of  them;   he’s  part  boxer - puncher   (  a  well - rounded  fighter  who  is  able  to  fight  at  close  range  with  a  combination  of  technique  and  power,   often  with  the  ability  to  knock  out  opponents  with  a  combination  or  single  shot  )   and  part  brawler   (  a  fighter  who  generally  [ not always ]  lacks  finesse  and  footwork,   but  makes  up  for  it  through  sheer  punching  power  ).   by  combining  the  two  he  achieves  a  well - rounded,   powerful  fighting  style.
LINE  (  LINEAR  INFIGHTING  NEUTRAL  OVERRIDE  ENGAGEMENT  )  -   a  close  quarters  combat  system  primarily  used  by  the  marine  corps.   it  was  designed  to  be  executed  within  specific  combat - oriented  conditions:   ( a ).  all  techniques  must  not  be  vision  dominant;   techniques  may  be  executed  effectively  in  low - light  conditions  or  other  impaired  visibility  conditions  [ i.e.  smoke  or  gas ].   ( b ).  extreme  mental  and  physical  fatigue.   ( c ).  usable  in  full - combat  gear.   ( d ).  proper  execution  of  the  techniques  must  cause  death  to  the  opponent.   these  parameters  are  viewed  as  the  most  likely  conditions  that  a  soldier  would  face  in  close - range  combat.
KRAV  MAGA   -   a  self - defense  technique.   it’s  known  for  its  focus  on  real  world  situations  and  extremely  efficient  and  brutal  counter - attacks,   derived  from  street  fighting  skills.   it  has  a  philosophy  emphasizing  threat  neutralization,   simultaneous  defensive  and  offensive  maneuvers,   and  aggression.   though  typically  taught  under  the  principle  to  avoid  confrontation,   jason  uses  it  for  his  promotion  towards  ending  a  fight  as  quickly  as  possible.   it  includes:   ( a ).  counter  attacking  as  soon  as  possible,   ( b ).  targeting  attacks  to  the  body’s  most  vulnerable  points   [ eyes,   neck / throat,   groin,   face,   solar  plexus,   ribs ],   ( c ).  maximum  effectiveness  and  efficiency  in  order  to  neutralize  the  opponent  as  quickly  as  possible,   and   ( d ).  maintaining  awareness  of  surroundings  while  dealing  with  the  threat  in  order  to  look  for  escape  routes,   more  attackers,   objects  that  could  be  used  for  attack / defense,   etc.
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Fixing Neverwinter
“Fixing” is kind of unfair. It’s not broken, per se. It just does things I wouldn’t do, if it were up to me. Some of those things make money for the game, so this isn’t exactly a push for why I should get to change things. I’m just sharing my experience and my own sense of what’s fun.
The system for refinement is so close to excellent, and then it’s frustrating instead. Here’s how it works:
Items have enchantment slots (Offense, Defense, Utility, with a single Weapon and Armor enchantment on specific pieces of gear so that you can’t stack them). Enchantments have levels, impacting how much they give you. Some enchantments can only be placed on certain slots, but others do different things depending on where they’re placed (A Radiant enchantment gives Power if placed in offense, Hit Points if placed in defense, and Bonus Gold if placed in Utility). You can break down gemstones into Refinement Points and these you spend on upgrading Enchantments and Artifacts. You can also break down almost any magic item you don’t need.
There’s something really cool about this system; About being able to make all the random gemstones you find in D&D useful to varying degrees, about getting to prioritize however you want (both in terms of what enchantments you use in the first place but then also in terms of what you upgrade first). BUT then their monetization and engagement structure gets involved and to try and sell things they intentionally make things obtuse. To upgrade things you also need Enchanting Stones and Marks of Mastery. By itself this still seems...okay. Less clean, perhaps, but still fine-ish. The problem comes in the ways you get these resources. They don’t drop off of monsters, or encounters, or dungeons, or bosses. You also can’t get them in that process of breaking down another magic item, which seems the most thematically appropriate to me. No, these you get one of two ways: You spend Astral Diamonds for them - the too-slowly-obtainable in-game currency that you can buy with real money - or you can get them now and then from the Blessing of the Gods, which you get for logging in and using the pray action at a shrine or campfire (usable up to 6 times daily, at increasing durations apart - 15, 30, 45, 60, and 90 minutes - so if you play until one character has gotten to do all their prayers you’ve been playing at least 4 hours straight). Like I said: either their monetization, or their engagement structure.
On the face of it I think having something other than just the refinement points is good. Magic that is only points just feels less magical. I’d probably have magic items call for varying quantity and purity of the elemental damage types: “Necrotic Essence,” “Shard of Fire,” and so on. These elements could themselves be refined to the next rank using only refinement points, making it possible for a lower-level character to get a Dragon’s Hoard Enchantment all the way to the maximum level of 15 given infinite time.
I’m ambivalent about the failure system. Basically there’s a % chance you fail the enchantment upgrade and the thing doesn’t upgrade but all those fancy enchantment items get spent anyway. Oh, but you can use more Astral Diamonds to buy tokens that protect your enchanting process so if it fails your reagents don’t get used! They lean really hard into the mantra of Create the Problem, Sell the Solution. I like the extra dopamine rush from surpassing this artificial barrier, on the one hand. Also, there’s an absolute cap on it; You can’t be stymied forever by this, because after x failures (x being higher based on the existing rank of the enchantment or artifact) they remove the possibility of failure. But it’s also a problem that feels generated. Something about the implementation doesn’t feel like it’s part of the nature of dealing with unstable enchantments or mystical artifacts. It just feels like someone said, “Hey we might get people to buy more stuff if we also have some attempts be a total wash.” Enchantment Protection Tokens don’t drop from normal stuff. They too are fully monetization/engagement (actually maybe just monetization. I don’t remember whether they ever drop from the Blessing).
If I were to replace this, first of all I’d reframe it as a positive. Rather than % chance of failure, we declare that the player is expending resources to progress - setting that as the goal - and then announcing that there’s a chance they might auto-complete the entire thing. Mathematically identical, but my version directs the player’s attention to the fact that they’re making progress every time they expend these resources. Beyond that I expect the earlier fix to the general process, and having elemental bits obtainable through regular gameplay, would alleviate the obnoxious bits of this.
There are a lot of systems designed to produce confusion and waste time. On purpose. Most of the systems for obtaining rewards from the large campaigns - the intentional grindfests - work this way: Here’s some NPCs to talk to. 4 of the 8 of them will have quests for you any given day. They’ll give you currencies in varying quantities, for completing their tasks. Also there are rare currencies for time-gated tasks you can do only once a week. Speaking of which, time-gated tasks are the worst. You shouldn’t stop someone who wants to play your game longer and say that no, they can’t play a bunch of your game at a weekend LAN party and make real progress; No, they have to make a habit of playing it, for months, because you’ve got dailies only available once a day and weeklies only available once a week.
It’s sad that the game is so lacking in confidence in its own player experience that it thinks such tricks are necessary to keep people playing, especially when the combat system is as good as Neverwinter’s.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
First Look: The New Porsche 911 Targa
Porsche completes its sports car trio in time for summer: following on from the Coupé and Cabriolet, the third body variant of the new 911 generation now makes its debut with the all-wheel drive 911 Targa 4 and 911 Targa 4S models. The distinguishing feature of the Targa remains its innovative, fully automatic roof system and, just like the legendary original Targa model from 1965, it features a characteristic wide roll hoop, a movable roof section above the front seats and a wraparound rear window. The roof can be comfortably opened and closed in just 19 seconds.
It is powered by a six-cylinder, three-litre boxer engine with twin turbochargers: the 911 Targa 4 now delivers 283 kW (385 PS) and, in combination with the optional Sport Chrono package, accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds – one tenth faster than before. The engine in the 911 Targa 4S boasts 331 kW (450 PS) and reaches the 100 km/h mark in just 3.6 seconds under the same conditions – four tenths faster than its predecessor. Top speed of the 911 Targa 4 is 289 km/h (up two km/h), while the 4S peaks at 304 km/h (up three km/h).
Both sports cars are fitted with eight-speed dual-clutch transmission (PDK) and intelligent all-wheel drive Porsche Traction Management (PTM) as standard to deliver maximum driving pleasure. Alternatively, the 911 Targa 4S can be ordered with the newly developed seven-speed manual gearbox, with which the Sport Chrono package is included. New technology has also been integrated to extend the range of features for both 911 models and, for the first time, Porsche InnoDrive, which includes adaptive cruise control, is available. Thanks to the enhanced Smartlift function, ground clearance can be programmed so that it is raised for everyday use. The list of options is supplemented by an extensive range from Porsche Tequipment and new personalization options from Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. Porsche will further extend the combination of traditional style elements, timeless design and cutting-edge technology in a special edition of the 911 Targa, which will make its debut in June.
Efficient biturbo boxer engine Like the 911 Carrera models, both 911 Targa variants profit from the increase in power provided by the turbocharged three-litre six-cylinder boxer engines. Both performance and everyday usability benefit as a result. The engine in the 911 Targa 4 produces 283 kW (385 PS) at 6,500 rpm, which is 11 kW (15 PS) more than its predecessor. Maximum torque of 450 newton metres is delivered across a wide engine speed range of between 1,950 and 5,000 rpm. With 331 kW (450 PS), the 911 Targa 4S delivers 22 kW (30 PS) more output than its predecessor and generates maximum torque of 530 Nm (up 30 Nm) between 2,300 and 5,000 rpm. Optimized all-wheel drive for better traction The enhanced performance of the new all-wheel drive models goes hand-in-hand with further development of the front-axle drive. The clutch and differential unit is water-cooled and has reinforced clutch discs for greater robustness and a higher load capacity. The increased actuating torque at the clutch improves its adjustment accuracy and the function of the additional front-axle drive. Overall, the enhanced front-axle drive with PTM (Porsche Traction Management) contributes to even better traction in all road conditions. Further developed chassis for more comfort and safety The electronically controlled variable damping system PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) is part of the standard equipment on the new 911 Targa models. This system automatically adjusts the damping characteristics in terms of driving comfort and handling to each driving situation and has two manually adjustable maps, Normal and Sport. Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus), which includes an electronic rear differential lock with fully variable torque distribution, is added as standard equipment for the Targa 4S and is available as an option on the Targa 4. Like the other eighth generation Porsche 911 variants, the Targa models are also equipped with Porsche Wet mode as standard. Sensors fitted in the front wheel housings are capable of detecting water on the road surface and, if significant volumes of water are picked up, a signal in the cockpit provides a recommendation for the driver to manually switch to Wet mode. The drive responsiveness is then adapted to the conditions to guarantee maximum driving stability. The driving dynamics setup for the 911 Targa 4 includes 235/40 ZR tyres on 19-inch alloy wheels on the front axle and 295/35 ZR tires on 20-inch wheels on the rear axle. As standard, the 4S model is fitted with 245/35 ZR tires on its 20-inch front wheels and 305/30 ZR tires on its 21-inch rears. On the Targa 4, deceleration is taken care of on both axles by 330-millimetre brake discs with black four-piston monobloc fixed callipers. The red-painted brake callipers on the Targa 4S have six pistons at the front axle, four at the rear while its discs measure 350 mm front and rear. The Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) can be ordered as an option. Extravagant Targa design with a modern interpretation The exterior of the 911 Targa is characterised by the design elements of its 992 model generation. Compared to its predecessors, its body features significantly more pronounced wheel housings at the front and, between its LED headlights, its bonnet has a distinctive recess evoking the design of the first 911 generations. Its rear is dominated by its wider, variably extending rear spoiler and seamlessly integrated, elegant light bar. With the exception of the front and rear sections, the entire outer skin is made from aluminium. The interior echoes the 911 Carrera models and is characterized by the clear and straight lines of its dashboard and its recessed instruments. The 911 models from the 1970s provided the inspiration here. Alongside the central rev counter – very much a defining feature for Porsche – two thin, frameless freeform displays extend the information provided to the driver. A compact switch unit with five buttons for direct access to important vehicle functions is located below the 10.9-inch center screen of the Porsche Communication Management (PCM). The standard PCM features include online navigation based on swarm data as well as Connect Plus with Apple Car Play. The model for a new class of sports cars since 1965 The 1965 911 Targa 2.0 was a trailblazer for a whole new type of car. Originally marketed as a "safety cabriolet with anti-roll bar", the Targa, with its detachable roof, soon established itself as an independent concept and indeed became a style icon. Right through to the present day, Porsche has continued to combine two worlds in the 911 Targa: the advantages of open-top driving in a cabriolet combined with the everyday comfort and safety of a coupé. Prices The new 911 Targa models will be launched on the market from August 2020. Prices (including 19 percent VAT and country-specific equipment) start from 128,486 euros for the 911 Targa 4 and from 143,956 euros for the 911 Targa 4S.
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