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#i need answers
raksh-writes · 57 minutes ago
Why did I have to wake up so stressed and anxious already 😔😔
Not nice, brain, not nice ;<
#personal#Raksh posts#I got a little scared in the middle of the night#that it would be that sleepless one again cause I woke up at like 4am and my heart was pounding#but fortunately I caught some more sleep#maybe its cause Im still waiting for my cousin to get back to me about printing that thesis#if she cant do it I'll contact a friend from my ground mayne she'd help me out#I could ask her about her future plans too cause Im curious and ngl is she's staying there to studu I might just decide on that#even if we're in different things bcs at least thats someone I know and could contact/meet up with ;p#anyway I gotta write a few emails too#one I wont het an answer sooner than monday but at least itd be send and out of my head#its about my phone repairs#Im kinda holding off still cause I have to make the trip to the city I prefer this phone even when half my screen is blueish now#at least it has the battery to last me the whole day xd#and I need to send the project with the cover I made#and Im kinda worried I'll have to re-do it but Im hopefull in the way that the cover isnt the main thing im this project#so maybe it'll get a pass xd Hopefully!#I mean I like it very much but Im worried that the resolution is a bit off ;/#tho at the same time I dunno if I can even make it better soooo#anyway yeah I gotta write those emails and sit down to study#I want to get through another book today#and If I have some time and mind later in the day maybe I'll treat myself w8th some fic-writing ^^#also my mom comes back from her trip today#so maybe I'll get to throw out all my worries too lmao thatd be helpful prob#oh yeah and gotta tey dif ink for the printer cause one didnt want to work yesterday ;/ hopefully this one works!
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wayward-writers · an hour ago
Heyy✨ Hope you had a good start to your week! I am here to present yet another Lebanon headcanon. This time it’s about Jack
Eliot, Max and Stacy are friends with Jack! They meet one day when Cas takes Jack to the community garden with him, before that episode where they find out about the supernatural. They help Jack find the perfect spot to plant a few flowers and he listens to them complain about school. After that day, they hang out sometimes. At first they just get some food and walk around the city, but at some point they figure out that Jack never really had a childhood and they try to do some typical kid stuff (drawing with chalk on the pavement is Jack’s favourite)
After they find out about the supernatural, Jack does tell them he’s a nephilim and Max and Stacy are just like okay cool while Eliot asks a ton of questions. They do play around with Jack’s magic, but not with blades (because they’re not stupid). He also takes them to the bunker sometime and shows them all the cool magical stuff
We did! (Had!) And ooooh these are always some of my favourites.
Ahhhh yes please. I wish we had seen more of Max, Stacy, and Elliot and them being friends with Jack is the perfect headcanon!
I had a whole thing about this ready to branch off and it just left my brain. (It's like 5:30 in the morning we'll blame it on that lmao.)
But Jack having friends is always a good thing, especially when they're not playing with knives. (Also maybe Jack learns a little bit about pride from them? Max has a lesbian pin and Jack is like oh what's that? And she explains what the lesbian flag is and then they talk about all the other flags and he comes home with a bi one one day and just like. Hands it to Dean and then skips off somewhere. And Dean's like ????? Standing there just holding this mini flag. (Jack, being a Nephil, knows™️.))
Thank you for the ask, it's a really fun idea! (And sorry if I seem half asleep -- I am.)
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nhlboyshavemyhart88 · an hour ago
honestly sid’s ass is the STANDARD. that long post of like his ass in jeans? that’s the first thing i show all my friends when i talk about him
Oh Anon, Sid's ass is the best in the league, maybe even the best in all sports. 🤔
Also that post is the best to show your friends! its just *chefs kiss*
And now for some random Sidney ass content, I don't know if that's what you wanted but that's whats happening now cause I am a slut for this man.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And of cause THAT famous jeans post sid-vs-jeans
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shitabukenjirou · 2 hours ago
top 5 movies!
hmmmmmmmm gosh this is hard
treasure planet
kimi no na wa
spiderman: into the spiderverse
wreck-it ralph
this is Definitely subject to change, and also less about overal quality of the movie itself and more about comfort. like these are the movies i keep coming back to when i need a moment to relax and not think too much. i bet there's more my shitty memory can't recall right now but these came to mind first so :')
thank you for asking!! ❤
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writingbitch · 3 hours ago
me: *wonders why I feel sick* also me: *is eating skittles and drinking tea and a monster, while pulling an all-nighter*
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camofrogadier · 3 hours ago
i think the train in infinity train doesn’t really need to be explained in the sense of like figuring out who built it, it’s one of those things where the concept holds up partially bc it’s not over explained
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agcnt1ne · 4 hours ago
Father Gascoigne huffs, straightening up from the body he's just finished chopping into something utterly unrecognizable. "There's something different about you," he notes, taking a deep breath through his nose, one of the only parts of his body, aside from his mouth, which is not covered in black or silver, "Arcane, the smell of you." (For an AU version maybe?)
Tumblr media
Wesley had always been used for being called out for his use of the arcane. Especially when it came to the Hunts, like these.
The man himself was a skilled huntsmen, even if, strangely enough, some sort of foreigner. Armed with a the Call Beyond and Logarius's Wheel (after ages of battling just to find these things, really), Richard found himself running into Father Gascoigne on one of his travels. He adjusted his scavenged blindfold cap, unable to properly see Gascoigne, but he knew he was there.
" Arcane still protects me rather well. . " The hunter replied, straightening his posture, " Especially during hunts. . . " However, Wesley paused for a moment, seeming to realize he didn't, well, properly introduce himself. How rude!
He could smell the beast blood, but. . . it would be best to still introduce himself, lest he wanted to end up as a beast, himself. He lifted a hand to his chest, moving a foot back, and deeply bowed, almost kneeling, lowering his head. " Richard Wesley. " He then said, peering up to Gascoigne's direction, " Do excuse my rudeness for not saying something earlier. "
" Maybe that's of no importance now, but t'is best if I at least say something of who I am-- just a mere Hunter fighting beasts and nothing more. . and a tad bit of a scavenger. "
Tumblr media
" Lest I wish to find myself going mad. . or killed. And yourself, sir? "
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that awkward stage where you don't know if you want to be in a romantic relationship with someone because you genuinely want to be with them or if it's because you're starved of romantic intimacy
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thedragonemperess · 5 hours ago
1. im gonna sue tumblr for the ask button being close to the follow button
1. honestly same, lol
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angelwiththeblue-box · 5 hours ago
oh my god i just saw your reply to the ace mr mazzara post XD we share a brain cell
great minds think alike my friend
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yuruse · 5 hours ago
more angst for you losers
“  just stay still. let me hold you. ” // for sasuke - @naru-uzumaki​
He can’t. 
What if he doesn’t move again, what if he remain rooted here? Afraid of those possibilities, he inhales sharply and holds it as he shakes his head. His eyes close as the pressure between his shoulder blade grows heavier. The arms around him seem tighter. Are they chains or simply Naruto’s arms? Sometimes it’s hard to tell, especially when he’s here.
There’s so much he can no longer carry. The village is a weight that he refuses to shoulder. Death, blood, and too many spilled tears. Even if the promises of change hold true, it won’t erase the past. There is no undoing it, tortured several times by the nightmare of that night. It’s embedded into his bones. 
It’s anniversary is so close and Sasuke can’t stay longer. Not without suffering, not without sacrificing a piece of the little remains of his heart and soul. There won’t be putting himself back together, at least away he can breathe. Breathe in air that isn’t mixed with the remains of his family’s ashes. Yes it’s been years but they will forever linger in the air here. Justice or not. 
Tumblr media
“You know I can’t dobe.” He manages to say, with a tight throat and clenched teeth. So don’t continue ask me. He can give only what he can, that is these sporadic visits and their letters. They have to be enough, because that’s all he has. If he’s asking for more, he will find nothing but ashes. 
“I need to go...Naruto.” 
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redhoodparker · 5 hours ago
Talking about casting Greek actor!
Theo james exists btw. I know they're going to take known faces for this but, that man is actually a Greek.
And if people can give chance to those actors who started from 0 and now are 10 . Soo why not Theo?? Like they should definitely give him a chance. Done with these common actors whom I get to see everywhere playing a superhero role in a big budget movie or etc.
bestie i won't lie i had to trawl through my archive to find the original post where i was talking about it because this happened in early may of last year /lh /nm (here is the original post where i posted some tweets i made about it. i have a different twitter @ now so)
but i totally agree with you! the original discussion was about how people fancast tom holland as young hercules and chris hemsworth as adult hercules, and how neither of them are greek but people were fancasting them because they are two huge actors.
i'm not gonna get into it again (because it's been over a year and i can't be bothered /nm) but yeah basically greek actors should play greek characters, and most fancasts are whitewashed and shit
edit: i totally forgot what theo looked like and... he's a good choice but he doesn't have the right face shape for me to see him as hercules. but at least he's greek so that's something
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fabioquartararhoe · 6 hours ago
Does me in your ask box at 1 am strike fear into you
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thatrandomfangirlll · 6 hours ago
the deep
Tumblr media
Why does everyone think I'm mysterious? I genuinely genuinely thought I was very easy to read and everyone would have figured out that I'm weird and crazy aksksks... thank you!!!!
Please send me asks
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Radiant Empress, can you talk more about the fae rules that still effect you guys? Specifically do you have courts and lords and stuff like the fairies do, or is it just the hospitality stuff?
(The Empress hums for a moment, thinking to herself. She nods,)
Empress Shri'Neerune: We do still function much like the fae courts, though that's more to do with tradition than any magical impulse. I am Empress because I am the strongest and most well-respected in my court, and our other nobles are the strongest after me...
Empress Shri'Neerune: But, we do have some leftover magic relating to the court structure. Namely, the system of regents, gentry, and knights.
Empress Shri'Neerune: Regents have power over all those in their courts. I am subtly able to control my people should the need arise, and I have a telepathic connection to the land itself, including our Hometree. Likewise, the Gentry under me have command over their houses: It is a similar effect to the control a True Name, but much weaker in strength. It's more of a suggestion than a command.
Empress Shri'Neerune: Then, there are the Knights. Each Regent can name only one Knight, and the mantle can only be passed following that Knight's permanent death. Knights are exempt from all rules of the court, including those of hospitality, and are bound to no one. True Name commands can still effect them, but Gentry and Regents cannot command a Knight. For that reason, most Regents only give the title to people they trust absolutely.
(The Empress frowns, contemplative. She seems sad.)
Empress Shri'Neerune: This immunity to court makes Knights powerful, but it also puts massive targets on their backs, and makes them extremely unpredictable. Becoming a Knight is often seen as a death sentence...
Empress Shri'Neerune: So, for that and many other reasons, most Regents in the modern age have abandoned the practice. There are few Elven cities left in the world who have an active Knight.
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storiedhistories · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
@missallaneousmuses asked: You could’ve called anyone for help, but you called me? (raven @ yang)
Random Sentence Starters // Always accepting, tbh
Tumblr media
"I keep hoping I'll see the Raven Dad told me about," Yang admitted, her voice soft, her eyes downcast.  She hadn't been able to bring herself to call Tai, not about this.  "I......could really use a mom right now."  It was hard for her to admit; she'd had to be strong for so long, but right now, she needed help.  And she just hoped that her mother would be willing to give it to her.
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