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I match you up with ochaco!!!!

She loves everything about you!!

Will Yeet bakugo away if he upsets you. No one touches her s/o!!!!!!!!

Will break the rules for you!!!

Don’t want to go out? She will buy your groceries!!

Will dote on you, even if you aren’t sick.

Loves to go out and get sweets with you!

Will 👏 always👏be👏little👏spoon👏

She will float you and her up any amount of stairs, instead of taking the elevator.

Wants to dress you up in her clothes/wear yours! Doesn’t mind if you steal some of hers if she can steal yours!

Feel like wearing pants one day? You look phenomenal. Want to wear a skirt? Your so adorable!!!

All the pet names!!!!!!!!!

Some favorites are: mochi, sweetheart and buttercup

Random head canons:

Everyone normally loud will try not to be loud. (Bakugo learned the hard way.)

Bakugo and mineta are banned from being near you.

Protection squad go!!!!

Thank you for requesting!!!

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when i started my blog my posts were literally like. 3 lines long. so its good to remember that there isnt a word limit or anything to your creativity!!

if you struggle with finishing drabbles (i do so maybe i should uhhh also take my own advice) you could try doing a little map to plan it out,, especially if you want it to be longer and dont wanna lose sight of the ending. like a bulleted list or a freewrite where you just write without thinking or stopping.

if you want to make them shorter,, i like to think of mine in terms of visuals. like i see my drabbles in my head before i write them and i only write what i see. i can dissect mine into the hook, background if it’s necessary, and then the meat (the juicy bits). and i finish it with a really solid line most of the time.

idk how helpful this is or if i even. answered your question but uhhhhh yeah!!

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Hi Anon!

Firstly, yes I have seen your post, and secondly you never asked for this and I am sorry for that.

I could write about their eye contact alone until the end of time, or at least until I succumb to the laws of entropy. I could just idly agree with you, yes, aha it’s love or lust and move on. But. I can’t. I can’t. I mean, this is a story where so much is told by the things that are not said. And there is a lot that can’t be said, either because it’s a character trait or because of censorship issues. I will try and keep this concise, and to do that I’m just focusing on mutual eye contact, and from LWJ’s perspective. Thinking to the BTS where Wang Yibo talks about how LWJ mostly only expresses himself through the eyes.

TL;DR: I disagree, there’s really more to it than that.

LWJ actively avoids eye contact with WWX until around episodes 6-7. He’s a Lan. He can NOT condone or make friends with this unruly, loud, arrogant, charismatic, irritatingly beautiful man. He has bad ideas about the uses of resentful energy. No matter how intelligent, observant and artistic he is. No matter now much of a prodigy and a skilled fighter he is. No matter how hot he is. No matter what his brother says.

He likes him but he doesn’t like that he likes him.

So LWJ actively avoids direct eye contact with WWX unless it’s a glare filled with the fire of a thousand suns. You know, as a warning.


This is until episode 6/7. By this point, they have fought water ghouls at Biling Lake. Drunkenly shared personal mom info. Used the Lan forehead ribbon inappropriately in the Cold Pond Cave, and had Physical Contact when escaping. WWX has called LWJ his Zhiji already. It’s only when WWX keeps his promise not to talk about the Yin Iron and scares NHS away when he tries to extract gossip that LWJ decides to reappraise him. Only then do we get some eye contact which isn’t laced with contempt or uneasiness (which of course JC is there to witness).


They go off and do the lantern ceremony. LWJ does a smile at WWX’s bunny art. That devastating look he gives WWX as he makes his vow. You can almost lipread LWJ’s brain thinking “marry me now”. LXC was right about him. Despite this, he tries to deal with the yin iron by himself because WWX is The Agent of Chaos after all. But, WWX is not going to let him bear this responsibility alone, because of course he wouldn’t. 

Enter Battle Couple WangXian. They fight the fairy statue, multiple puppets, and the dire owl. Xue Yang happens. They meet famous duo SL & XXC and LWJ & JC totally fanboy over them, and it’s only then, some real Zhiji vibes hit LWJ, albeit with a bit of a sombre mood after WWX’s chat with XXC. My next fave moment of eye contact, I can literally feel LWJ’s stomach butterflies here after they watch SL and XXC leave together:

Whoa, is that us now? I mean, do I dare to even hope that that’s us? 


LWJ decides to leave WWX in Qinghe under cover of darkness and asap. He has to get the yin iron back to Cloud Recesses with a low profile. So we don’t see them together again until the Wen Indoctrination Camp. They do a bunch of worrying and looking out for each other, and then we get the cave scene which has been giffed 4 million times already by others who have done a better job, but I haven’t so I slowed it right the fuck down. Forgive the bad colouring I’m trying not to take too much time over this. You’re right about this one anon.


Then lots of bad. I skipped these gifs because picture limit. In summary, LWJ is hurt and angry, lots of angy stares and sword pointing. How could WWX hurt himself by using these methods?! But then WWX promises he will never use demonic cultivation, and agrees to receiving help. LWJ can chill a bit. Night Hunt on Phoenix Mountain. I left this one out as it’s pretty self explanatory. “I used to think of you as my Zhiji”. “I still am”. Ugh but WWX knows he can’t unless he fully informs LWJ of his situation. It’s bittersweet. THE RAIN SCENE. This is not heart eyes or horniness anon it is pure PAIN. 

Let’s skip to some good stuff. Yiling dinner date! LWJ can handle strict Lan sect punishments, hoards of puppets and fierce corpses but this situation? Not so much. He is so confused by this strange clingy child and the rabbling crowd and here comes his reason for being here in the first place knight in shining amour! (Ur right here anon, pure heart eyes).


Do I put a Nightless City gif here? Do I put the cliff scene here? It’s the most LWJ’s facial muscles move in the entire show and yet I can’t bring myself to gif it. It’s pure agony. Definitely not any longing romantic looks or horniness here.

So moving swiftly on, jumping to ep 2 for the epically long eye contact moment aka when WangXian are reunited. LWJ. does. not. take. his. eyes. off. WWX. until. he. hears. Zidian. crackle. OMG.


Anyway, after the Yin City arc and watching SL walking away with what remains of XXC’s spiritual cognition, LWJ is not holding back now. The amount of eye f***ing after this moment is frankly obscene. I’ll just leave some gifs of that.


I kind of ran out of steam but you get my point. I guess you can boil the other moments down to the fact they love each other? But I don’t know why anyone would want to simplify things like that. I know I’ve missed a bunch of stuff but this is long enough as it is! My opinion about this will probably change too as I’m still fairly new to the fandom. You just accidentally unlocked an Easter Egg with your comment, as it’s what I’m currently nerding out over haha. I’ll shut up now.

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[ID: two sketches of my oc’s. the first is of jj, a small and thin humanoid robot with curly hair, wearing a hoodie. it’s lying back in the same pose as that one sonic meme, propped on one elbow, with its legs crossed, and a smug expression. their speech is in hex code, except for punctuation, and reads “alone on a friday night? god, you’re pathetic”

the second doodle is of marty, a chubby person with curly hair and glasses, holding a piece of paper and looking at it confused. he says “hey, i have literally no idea what these letters mean. what is this. i thought math was numbers?” then in the background are rox, bit, and kip. they are all standing with their hands together and saying in unison “would you like us to help with that?” there is an arrow pointing to them with the label “gays who can do math.” end ID]

this is MY blog and i can post all of the unfinished oc sketches i Want!

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i think it’s interesting how every life player in homestuck is at least a little bit.. biased? I guess?? or maybe more accurately, their intentions behind affecting Life are never 100% pure, either in action or in mindset.

HIC is obv the worst in that she steals life. & idk abt if this next part is headcanon or canon (bc my memory is godawful) but I feel like she might actually think she’s helping trollkind in some kinda self-serving way. maybe her line of thinking is something like “im doin all this & it’s so great for me, so i must be right. It’s also exactly what you deserve so you beta be grateful” 

i could talk about meenah but honestly I don’t know that much about her. at least, not enough to analyze her in a brief summary like the other life players.

Feferi, as a witch, is controlling to a degree (im a witch of life too so i know this to be true. no1 better argue). She wants to heal & help in any way that she can, but you can see by the way she treats her cuttlefish that her habit of controlling definitely led to beforus being as flawed as it was. She has a hard time looking past how her own personal bubble can affect others & cant quite get that…. people can (ans should!) be independent.

Jane wants her interpersonal conflicts to go over smoothly, but she takes a methodical, business-like approach to everything as a maid. She’s a bit apathetic & narrow-minded, so when she sees the best outcome of a situation, she’ll go for it regardless of her own & others feelings. (When Jake is considering his romantic future, she, on some level, recognizes that he’s better off with dirk than her. so against her best wishes, she acts like any good platonic friend, encouraging Jake to date the boy he doesn’t know he loves yet. (ALSO shes dealing with extreme comphet & that fact abt her alligns with the subject of this post perfectly. i shan’t elaborate))

Lanque is…… well, he’s lanque. I’m not gonna bring up all friendsim life players bc that would 1. Make this post super fucking long 2. Be treating something related to the epilogues as 100% canon to homestuck proper, which doesn’t really align with my beliefs of its place around the canon. I just thought I should bring him up bc he’s a very recent notable example of a flawed life player. I won’t go into specifics bc I think his, uh, flaws are p obvious, and if I tried to talk abt him as a character I’d be here all week. Dude’s a lot to unpack.

Not everyone thinks about life players much, which is understandable, but I just found it interesting how every life player in homestuck isn’t 100% pure. Maybe I only find it interesting bc im a life player myself, but really I just want to examine how this aspect treats kindness as a choice, and how each individuals reason for that choice skews the overall benefit of it.

#hs, #classpects, #jane crocker, #feferi peixes, #life player, #it might say something about how if you had to learn kindness instead of just doing ityour mindset from a young age might linger on, #& skew your perception of what is really kind, #which isn’t to say tht ppl who aren’t naturally kind will never get the hang of it. It Is just a thing you practice after all, #but i find it really interesting to examine all the ways it can go wrong & the life playersof homestuck provide some fascinating info, #going post, #if i were to write a whole essay on this topic I think I’d focus on feferi & jane bc theyrewhat prompted this post, #like. Obviously their contrasting classes cause the differences between them, #but!! i want to focus on how every life player is Always sooo fucking affected by their class, #it causes such a huge difference & life is the most innocuous of the aspects, #like you can clearly see the differences in dave & aradia but people have trouble differentiating any life player from the other, #bc they’re like ‘they’re nice! that’s their whole character :)’, #....i should probably just put things under a cut instead of rambling in the tags haha, #edit: I saved this in my drafts for the day & i came back now 2 say my train of thought got away from me, #it seems like I’m implying tht life is the only aspect 2 be greatly affected by its class, #which isn’t true lol, #i meant like.. its interesting tht 1 life is ALWAYS affected in a negative way 2 ppl see ‘nice’ life players as all the same, #ramblings
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