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#kawahara kouichi
Riko: Now, let’s say you haven’t eaten for days and you’re in desperate need of a sandwich. What do you do?
Kuroko: I go over to Kagami-kun’s apartment and have him make me a sandwich.
Riko: Okay, yes. But Kagami’s not there.
Kawahara: Where’s Kagami?
Riko: It’s not important where he is. He’s gone. He left the country.
Furihata: He left the country? Why? Is he okay?
Riko: Yes, he’s fine.
Fukuda: Well, if he’s fine, I don’t see why he couldn’t make us a sandwich.
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Head canon that the Seirin first years have secret team bonding sessions that are literally just karaoke sessions. 90% of the time they're singing High School Musical songs. Kagami and Kawahara are surprisingly good at the dances, they teach everyone else. ((And I hope tomorrow is better for you! I'm sorry that things are rough now :''<))


imagine Furi singing cute kpop girl group songs tho that would melt my heart. I WANNA SEE HIM SINGING AND DANCING TO RED VELVET’S RUSSIAN ROULETTE. MAKE IT HAPPEN PRODUCTION IG

(also thank you I appreciate the nice words <3)

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“It’s a bit loud in there. Would you like to go someplace else?”

You see someone across the room at a club. They catch your eye, wink discreetly, and sidle out. You follow them into the dimly lit street, where you find them leaning against a wall and looking up at you with keen interest. You approach them, and they murmur to you, softly…

my submissions for the team battle 2015!

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