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#luke jatp
everyonesannoyedwithme · 10 months ago
yeah the thing about julie and the phantoms is that you go in expecting a feel-good, somewhat cheesy, teen show with fun music but then what you get is exactly that but its also emotionally distressing
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ghost-band · 7 months ago
Reginald Peters, Alexander Mercer and Lucas Patterson finally a complete set of himbos
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incorrect-jatp-quotes · 9 months ago
Julie: Crushes are the worst.
Luke: Yeah. Whenever I'm near someone I have a crush on, I start acting stupid.
Julie: You're always acting stupid.
Luke: Yeah, don't think about that too hard.
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im-a-bi-disaster · 8 months ago
i think that the scene in episode one where the boys realize that people can hear them play is so important to reggie’s character.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the first gif is from when julie yells at them to stop playing. reggie is the first one to stop, and you can see how quickly his face changes from happy to nervous. he’s probably used to yelling and knows that when someone yells, you listen. he’s also the only one who seems affected by julie shouting.
the second gif is when julie says “stay out of this” to reggie. there’s not much explaining to this BUT LOOK HOW SAD HE LOOKS. he immediately goes quite, looks down, and starts fidgeting with his hands. like he’s used to being yelled at.
i just think it’s so important to realize how much reggie is hurting. it’s addressed that his parents fought with each other a lot, but honestly i think his parents yelled at him a lot too. he’s the only phantom that gets genuinely scared whenever someone raises their voice and it makES ME SO UPSET BC HES JUST A CUTE HIMBO WHO DESERVES THE WORLD i’m gonna stop typing now bc i could talk about him for hours
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underscoregreta · 10 months ago
thinking of you | luke patterson
Tumblr media
𝙖/𝙣 - i actually wrote something for the first time in forever??? and i’m kinda proud of it? and it’s the loml??
anyways biggest thank you to @sonic-volcano for proof reading this, ly viv <3 but if there’s still mistakes somewhere,,, i’m sorry!
the song mentioned it called 'thinking of you' by the maine and i specifically mean the acoustic version and the acoustic version only because yea
(gif not mine, creds to owner!)
𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙩 - 2,173
𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 - none? it’s pretty cute
----------------- ⋆ -----------------
how you were able to see them was a mystery to both you and them.
you were walking down the road when suddenly three extremely excited guys were running through you.
“hey! what the hell was that?!”, you called after them, half confused, half upset because c’mon three dudes just ran through you.
only one of them, the blonde one bothered to turn around and met your upset gaze.
he didn’t pay you much attention though and turned around again, catching up with his friends.
“hey, i was talking to you guys!”, you repeated, a little louder. normally you wouldn’t pay someone who pushed you any mind, but they weren’t pushing you, that’s the problem.
the woman leaving the house you were standing infront of was giving you a weird look before softly telling you that there was no one there.
the boys were now all staring at you wide eyed, their expression pretty much matching yours.
the raven haired one hit the shortest one's chest repeatedly, while not so silently whisper yelling “she can see us! she sees us!”
“yeah, i’ve noticed now shush!”, he replied, eyeing you suspiciously.
“i’m sorry i thought i saw my friends pass there but i’ve mistaken them”, you smiled at the older lady before moving along, catching up with the seemingly invisible guys.
all three of them were still looking at you in shock. it took them a hot minute to find their voices. “you can see us!”, the same boy from earlier exclaimed loudly.
“of course i can! why wouldn’t i?”
“because we’re dead?!”
“what do you mean you’re dead?”
the shortest one with a beanie spoke up, “we died, 25 years ago, we’re ghosts.”
“yeah sure, and i’m a witch.”
“wouldn’t be surprised if you were”, laughed the first boy.
“let me introduce ourselves. i’m alex, these are luke and reggie, and we’re in a band called sunset curve-“
“tell your friends!”
“-or well were. we died, quite a while ago, like luke said. and very much surprised you can see us.”, the blonde, alex, explained.
“yeah! i thought only julie could see us?”
“we all thought that, reggie.”
you were just staring at them by now, not really believing their story.
“this got to be some sort of joke”, you sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose.
“it- it’s not! come with us and we’ll prove it to you!”, luke insisted, and you were pretty sure he wouldn’t accept no for an answer, “c’mon, you got nothing to lose.”
“can’t have you guys haunt me if i don’t… even if you’re pretty cute”, you mumbled. “lead the way.”
alex and you were already a few steps ahead when reggie whispered to luke, “did you hear that? she called us cute!”
rolling his eyes the frontman caught up with the two of you, “hey, didn’t catch your name.”
“it’s (y/n)”, you replied, small smile gracing your lips as you looked into his beautiful blue-ish eyes.
if he’s really a ghost it’s a pity, because he’s gorgeous.
he smiled back and decided to walk alongside you snd alex and thus leaving reggie fourth wheeling behind.
“and where exactly are you taking me?”, you asked looking at the guys with a questioning gaze.
“to meet julie, maybe there’s a connection between the two of you”, alex replied, leading the way to a gorgeous house.
they led you directly to the garage revealing a spacious room filled with various plants and instruments and a couch.
on the black furniture sat two girls you knew from school. you were a senior and if you weren’t mistaken the girls were sophomores, your little brother, nick, had a few classes with them.
“juuuulie”, sing-sang reggie, causing the girls to look up.
both were surprised to see you standing there, well, surprised might have been an understatement.
“what is she doing here?”, exclaimed flynn, confusion taking over the shock.
“well…”, reggie already started seemingly wanting to tell quite the tale when luke butted in.
“we ran theough her and she can see us, but she doesnt believe us.”
“honey, if you’re really dead, then it’s a shame for the world”, you pointed out.
“they are. just google them”, julie told you, seemingly unbothered by your presence now.
furrowing your brows you took out your phone, opening the browser, “what did you say was the name again?”
“sunset curve”, the ghosts replied in unison.
when you read the article you couldn’t help but laugh, they were actually telling the truth. sunset curve, three of four members died the night they were supposed to play the orpheum.
“what’s so funny?”, luke suddenly got very defensive and you really didn’t understand why.
“nothing, it’s just- wow you guys really are dead huh? can i try something?”
“do whatever you want with them, they can’t feel anything.”
“hey! i think we can speak for ourselves!”, reggie pouted.
a grin took over your lips as you moved closer to the raven haired boy. you were nearly touching his sides, about to tickle him, when julies little brother walked in.
“found another freak friend that can see the ghosts?”, the little boy scoffed, eyeing you suspiciously.
“n-no she’s actually here to-“, his sister tried to come up with an excuse but failed, looking at you for help.
“i’m here to help them with maths, actually. and it’d be really appreciated if we could have our peace here, the girls need to concentrate”, you smiled at him sweetly.
carlos seemed unconvinced, but left the three, well six, of you alone eventually.
the second the doors closed behind him you lunged at reggies sides, fully expecting to just fall through but to all of yous surprise you actually tickled him, causing the guy to break out into hysteria.
“how did you do that? julie nor flynn could touch us yesterday!”, alex exclaimed, eyes wide.
“i don’t know? to be honest i expected to fall right through him!”
julie walked over to him as well, trying to touch his shoulder, but her hand disappeared in his body. “how is that possible?”
“we’ll find out eventually, maybe. but most importantly, (y/n) believes us, and as far as we know you two are the only ones that can see us”, luke spoke up, smiling at you and the sophomore by your side.
there was a moment of silence before flynns phone chimed, her mother telling her to come home because it’s getting late.
“well it was a pleasure talking to you guys”, she laughed looking in the complete wrong direction of where the boys were standing, before hugging her best friend goodbye and giving you a wave.
“so i’d say we just postpone rehearsals to tomorrow”, alex suggested. after julies dad called for dinner not long after flynn left.
“wait you’re playing with them? that’s so cool!”, you smiled brightly at the teens in front of you.
“y-you can come and listen if you want to”, luke offered, a shy smile gracing his lips.
“i would love to! what time do you start practicing?”
“you could come here with me after school, you can just tell your parents you’re coming over because you’re helping me with maths! nick is your alibi, we share that class and he knows i suck”, julie exclaimed.
agreeing with her plan you bid the band goodnight and the two of you left the ghosts to their own in the garage.
----------------- ⋆ -----------------
over the following weeks you spent a lot of time with julie and flynn in and out of school, basically taking them under your wing and keeping your brothers annoying girlfriend off their backs. obviously spending time with them included spending time with three adorable ghosts that are still trying to adjust to the world 25 years after they died, from what you found out were bad hot dogs.
whenever the little musical genius that is julie didn’t have time the boys would just randomly pop up in your room, asking you to show them something new that didn’t exist yet in 1995.
after alex told you he was gay you told him anything you knew about how the lgbtq+ rights improved in the past years and how most people are now open to all different sexualities, which made the blonde very happy.
reggie and you talked mostly about movies and comics because you both adored them. you even rewatched all the star wars movies with him that he missed out on and held him tightly when han solo died. you were still the only one, apart from other ghosts that were able to touch them, so they appreciated any sort of contact they got. whether that was the occasional head on shoulder, arm around waist or just a knee bump while sitting next to each other. but most of all they enjoyed hugging.
luke was surprisingly the one with the highest craving for touch. he enjoyed getting his hair played with while writing new songs or while he was playing around with your phone, with his new obsessions: candy crush, for some reason, and spotify.
to him it was absolutely fascinating to have all the music in the world with you all the time. that’s how you found yourself most nights cuddled up in bed with lukes head on your lap and a very diverse playlist. you created it for him with some 90s songs as well as a few songs from now a days you thought he might enjoy, safe to say he did, very much so.
tonight you were hunched over your desk, desperately trying to finish the five page essay due to tomorrow, while the boy was sprawled across the bed, your phone in hand just minding his own business when something on your dresser caught his attention.
“you play the guitar?”, he asked, getting up to get it down.
his voice startled you, head slipping from the hand you were resting it on, “pardon?”
“the guitar, do you play?”, he repeated, holding the instrument up.
“oh no, not really. it’s my dad’s, he tried to teach me but, i suck when it comes to music so he gave up and rather spent his time teaching nick how to”, you explained turning back around to finish the assignment.
there was a beat of silence before luke spoke up again. “i-i could teach you if you want.”
“believe me, you don’t want ti waste your time on that”, you snorted.
with a poof he disappeared from the bed, just to reappear on the desk in front of you, guitar in hand and legs dangling down on either side of your chair.
“it wouldn’t be wasting time. no time spent with you is ever wasted”, he smiled strumming the instrument, before grimacing at how out of tune it was. “yeah, gotta fix that first.”
laughing at his expression you told him to do that, while you finished up with school stuff.
by the time you were done, the guitar was tuned and already getting strummed. the tune he was playing was awfully familiar but you only recognised it when he started singing along.
went outside and saw the moon
and it made me think of you
then the rain it came and came
there you were inside my brain
i’ve been thinking of you
i’ve been thinking of you
smiling you sat down next to him on your bed, your gaze flickering between the smooth movements of his fingers and his unbelievably handsome face. like who allowed him to be this- this beautiful?
when he noticed that your look didn’t move from his lips as if you were hypnotised he smiled.
the song itself was so bittersweet and his voice made you melt to a puddle.
“you okay there?”, he grinned, setting the guitar to the side.
“y-yes! yes, totally. that was really good”, you spluttered, trying your best not to turn beet red.
“come here, i’ll show you how to do that.”
he spread his legs, inviting you to sit between them. crawling over reluctantly you settled with his chest nearly touching your back.
he picked up the guitar again and handed it over to you. you vaguely remembered how to correctly hold it so you crossed your legs and supported it on one thigh.
you’d think a ghost wouldn’t give off body heat or anything but you definitely felt the lack of distance between the two of you.
his arms went around you, his hands taking yours, positioning them in the right position.
the closeness was messing with your head and as you tried listening to his instructions on how to play the most basic chords your thoughts drifted off.
“(y/n)? are you listening to me?”, he asked right by your ear, causing you to turn towards him.
“y-yeah”, your voice was barely above a whisper, “just thinking.”
“of?”, your lips were just a few inches away from touching.
“thinking of you.”
in a split second the guitar was removed from your lap and his lips were on yours.
“always you.”
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pretty-chuckalicious · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♫ i believe that we’re just one dream // away from who we’re meant to be ♫
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gaylebcovington · 8 months ago
So you know how when Willie and Alex first meet Willie tells him that Mozart died from eating bad hotdogs?
Well, headcanon that Willie is like that all the time. He knows the most absolutely random stuff and has a fun fact for literally every situation. He just spews the most strange knowledge at the weirdest times and nobody ever expects it even though he’s always doing it. Examples-
Alex: It was so embarrassing! I wanted to bang my head against a wall.
Willie: If you do that for an hour it’ll burn 150 calories 😀
Alex: ...?
Alex: Reggie genuinely thought that chocolate milk came from brown cows.
Willie: He’s not alone! So does 7% of the US adult population.
Luke: We want our band to blow up! We want to be big, y’know, like Elvis or someone!
Willie: Well, despite his fame and fourteen nominations, Elvis actually only won three Grammys, so... 😬
Luke: 😐
Alex: I have a headache. Any ideas on how to get rid of it?
Willie: You could try trepanning - it’s a method that’s been used since the Stone Age where you drill a hole in your skull to release the evil spirits trapped inside 😊
Willie: The lining of your stomach has to replace itself every three to four days otherwise you’d digest yourself.
Julie, pushing her food away: Thanks, Willie.
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unfocusedliz · 7 months ago
The fact that Julie And The Phantoms only had NINE episodes and it completely destroyed me and has taken over my tiny pea brain for the last three months is probably alarming to a mentally stable person
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writella · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Luke Patterson x reader
Summary: Luke’s spirit is brought down by the pain he has caused his parents as well as the hardships that come from adoring you, a lifer. He craves your touch but his ghostly form keeps him from getting the thing he most desires to recieve.
Word Count: 1.7k
A/N: First fic! Sorry that it's kind of long. I don’t know if this would be considered “angsty” but it is kind of sad in the beginning but trust me it becomes really sweet at the end!
Julie and the Phantoms was such a good show. I loved how the writers and Charlie showed that despite how positive Luke was, he was harboring a lot of pain inside when it came to how he left him mom that he didn’t show anyone. This piece touches on that point a little bit more. If you would like to leave a review, that would be super appreciated. I’m sure there are a bunch of grammar errors anyway.
Luke came to you after he left Julie at his parents house. He told you about the song to his mom, about how his parents still celebrated his birthday after all these years. He told you about the grief he felt and how he felt like he had no one. You told him that he had you, and Julie, and the guys most importantly, that you were sure they missed their family members too. He admitted to you though, that both Alex and Reggie avoided talking about their family, it was one of the only things that they weren’t being honest about with each other. He said he couldn’t be the one to bring it up.
“I’m the strong one!” He explained. “If I don’t push them forward, they’ll fall apart. I have to be happy, I have to be okay so they-“
“It’s okay not to be okay all the time, Luke,” You interrupt him, then you send him a sympathetic smile as you come to a realization: “I didn’t know you put all this pressure on yourself... I’m sorry. Come here,” without thinking you motion him forward, arms reaching to grasp his back, only catching handfuls of air.
Luke gives you an exasperated laugh, in the heat of it all, he almost forgot for a second himself.
“Well, this is a strange little relationship we have, isn’t it?” Tears swipe down his cheek.
“Luke...” you didn’t know how to respond, you cursed yourself for making the situation worse.
“I’ll see you tomorrow. Or whenever. Alright?” His words were short as he forced a smile and disappeared from your sight.
You woke up from your haze and caught your eyes staring out the window, looking at the boy you were just thinking about. He sat on an old brown chair right next to the garage door. Julie took some down that hung from the garage ceiling a few nights ago for him. She said she got tired of seeing Luke crouching down on the concrete like a sad lost puppy.
“Why don’t you just stop avoiding him and finally go down there?” Julie sighs. “Maybe you’ll have better luck than me.”
“Than all of us.” Alex chimed in.
You were hesitant but as Julie pushed you to the door it seemed as if you had no choice.
“You’re our only hope.” Reggie said with a sad smile, echoing a quote from his favorite franchise.
As you walked toward Luke, his gaze on the night sky never faltered.
“You don’t have to say anything... Just want to be with you. Alright?” You said softly as you sat down on the chair next to him. You decided you were only going to keep him company, not dwell on what happened. You remembered what he said about always having to be the strong one, you guessed that’s what you were trying to do now.
He only slightly nodded, not wanting to look you in the eye. He was surprised you’d finally come. Everyone, Reggie, Alex, and Julie had come to sit with him from time to time, getting nothing out of him. He sort of wished you finally would show up but now that you’re here, he couldn’t say anything despite how much he wanted to. He tried to urge the words to his tongue but his apprehension kept them stuck inside his brain. He bounced his knee, his frustration as well as your closeness was getting to him.
He knew he shouldn’t have been ignoring you, you must’ve felt as bad as he did but he needed some time to think. Maybe just a day, he reasoned, just to go through the motions by himself and then wake up going back to his easy going self again the next morning. This is what he told himself, yes, but then a day became another, and then another.
It surprised him, how out of it he was. Usually, it was so easy for him to find the courage to remain optimistic but right now he just felt like a disappointment. He was usually able to thrive upon this fact, a 90s misfit, nowhere to go but up. He loved the idea that one day his band’s talent would shine so brightly everyone would have no choice but to see their beauty. And it didn’t come from anger, Luke was never a resentful person, it came from a place of purity. He wanted his music to make people feel connected; understood, just like it had for him. Or like it has for him up until now. He hadn't been able to play in days.
The bittersweet melody of Unsaid Emily became the mantra that invaded his brain this past week. Every time the song came to an end, his mind replayed the lyrics again, and again; an endless loop. And with that came the images of his parents, blowing out a birthday candle with misty tears in their eyes, thinking of their boy they believed they lost forever. And then there was you, of course. The prettiest girl he’d ever seen, who laughed at his confusing metaphors, and built him up when he was feeling down which was something he usually had to do for others. Ever since he met you, you were there for him in a way no one else had been. The thought almost relieved his pain. Could this truly be love? He had dated around before but never had he been in a real relationship. After finding the guys, the band was all he thought about, the only connection he felt he needed. Plus, he just had to prove to his mom that he could make it, and that took all of his attention. Another mistake, he thought.
Once again he revisits the memory of your arms going through him. Not only could he never apologize to his parents but he couldn’t even love one of the only people on Earth who could actually see him the way he wanted to. Never had he felt so completely helpless. He wanted you to know that he didn’t want to give up. He needed you to know that you were enough, but he was fearful to try anything despite how desperately he wanted touch. He even counted the ways he could do it in his head: perhaps he’d lightly stroke your knee, softly rub his thumb on your intertwined hands, maybe brush your hair behind your ear with his fingers lingering till he felt the last strand of hair slip away. Or maybe, just maybe, he’d even give you the softest kiss. One so pure and light, because while he was a ghost, he thought of you as an angel and he believed an angel deserved a touch just as delicate, but he couldn’t. He was dead.
It had been an hour of you two sitting in silence. You stared at him and sighed. You thought he was beautiful. You could go on endlessly about the physicality of that beauty but what really tugged on your heart was what was inside. His mind, his body, his soul, that was bound in optimism. You’d never seen anything like it. Right from when Julie met him, she told you, he put the realization of being dead, of being a ghost, behind him just to help her become a part of the music program again, giving her the words of encouragement, it’s a closed door, but you’ve gotta bust it open!
You felt terrible that you were a part of the reason why his spirit was currently crushed. You desperately wanted touch. You wanted him to know you were there for him but you knew words weren’t enough.
Screw it, you thought. You were going to try again and even if it didn’t work you were ready to tell him that you didn’t care, that seeing was all you needed to be with him. You wanted him to know that you weren’t giving up. You needed him to know that he was enough, fear wasn’t going to stop you.
You reached for his knee. Trying to touch the tips of his hand that laid there with yours, ready for the sensation of air to swoosh between your fingertips but then, just then, you... felt. First it was the tips of nails, then fingers, and as he turned his hand, eyes bulging wide, you felt his palm. You held it there for a second, soon sliding your palms together, you intertwined your fingers with his. You were actually holding hands.
Luke’s mouth went agape and you met his eyes, sharing the same look of disbelief. Seeing a tear roll down the right side of his face you realized your emotions mirrored his as one dripped down on the left side of yours. He wiped it away with his thumb, gripping your face a little more roughly than he intended to, the excitement apparent in his shaky hands.
He soon loosened his grip, now caressing your cheek, creating friction as he rubbed back and forth, replacing the chill of the night air on your skin with warmth. His fingers, then moved to your chin, then he poked your nose, brushed his fingertips against your eyelashes, till he finally rolled them against your lips, slowly. He couldn’t believe he felt you. The feeling was something even a dream couldn’t conjure up, something that even he couldn’t describe in a lovely song lyric; this was perfection; this was, indeed, love.
This revelation brought with it courage and with that he finally willed himself up off that chair and yanked your arm that was connected to your still intertwined hands with it and at once you became one with a hug. One so fierce and tight you couldn’t breath, his arms crushing your shoulders, his hands caressing your head, his fingers falling on the strands of your hair.
With one arm still around you, he moved one of his hands against your cheek once more, connecting his forehead to yours. You both relished in the closeness, breathing each other in.
“If I ever cross over, I bet this is what heaven feels like,” he said in a soft whisper, finally breaking the silence, but only adding to the moment’s loveliness. “I think you’re connected to my soul.”
Thank you for reading!
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ground-zoro · 10 months ago
Reggie: Am i the only straight person in this group?
Luke: I’ve seen the way you look at me, you aren’t that straight.
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incorrect-jatp-quotes · 10 months ago
Caleb: I’m here to force you guys into being my ghost boyband
Luke: I’ll have to ask Julie
Caleb: it’s not a cho-
Luke: she said no
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