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#sanders sides fanfiction

A New Breed of Bad (Prologue)

New au who dis

Summary: Roman is broken up over what transpired after Thomas’s attendance at the wedding, and Patton tries to soothe him

Characters: Roman, Patton

Warnings: a n g s t, lots of tension, roman talking bad about Janus, I think that’s it but lemme know if I missed anything!!

Word count: 554


Roman stared at the shattered vanity mirror through the blur of unshed tears. He didn’t even feel sad, or angry, or anything. He only felt… emptiness. Isolation. A deep-seated nothingness that he couldn’t shake if he tried.

He felt nothing. Nothing at all. That got to him almost as much as the things Deceit… Janus had said to him.

Janus. As if telling them his name would change a damn thing.

He probably lied about it anyway. What kind of made up name is Janice, anyway? Roman thought, hoping to spark amusement within himself. There was hardly an attempt to make it believable.

There was a hand on his shoulder then. It didn’t surprise him to feel it. He had sensed someone enter, but couldn’t bear to face them. He didn’t want to know who it was, but he didn’t know why.

“Roman?” The soft voice confirmed it was Patton. Roman had his suspicions, as Patton had a tendency to worry. He did leave rather abruptly.

“Am I evil?”

The words left Roman’s mouth before he had a chance to realise they were on his tongue to begin with. He hadn’t begun truly questioning it until the moment he spoke. He had shrugged it off as a simple insult from that reptilian rapscallion.

Though now Roman suddenly began to wonder… was he right?

“Evil?” Patton repeated in a hushed tone. “Kiddo… of course not. You… you’ve always fought for honour… for good. How can you be evil?”

A pause rested between them. “Because it seems as though my idea of honour is vastly different from everyone else’s.”

Patton’s sigh was so soft it almost didn’t register in Roman’s ears. “Roman… I know you’re in a tough spot right now. I think… we all are, but that doesn't—”

“Deceit isn’t,” Roman hissed. “He got everything he wanted. He got Thomas to confess, he’s made you all trust him… he’s proven that I am unworthy of my crown.”

“No, that’s not true,” Patton insisted. “Maybe things got… heated, but I’m sure Janus—”

“God, that name!” Roman interrupted. “It… irks me that he would try to fool us with it.”

“You… you think he lied about his name?”

Roman scoffed. “It wouldn’t exactly be beneath him.”

Patton sighed again. “Listen to me, Roman. No one here is evil. Not you, not me, not Janus either.”

“His whole point of existing is to tell lies!” Roman shouted. “That’s all he is! How can he not be evil when he’s tricking Thomas into sinning?”

“I think there’s more to it than that!” Patton gently argued.

Roman shook his head slightly. “We were once on the same side. What changed?”

“We still are.”

“If you trust that slippery snake, then that’s a lie. Maybe you’re just like him.”

Patton recoiled slightly. Roman had fire in his eyes at this point, the white hot fury burning in his gut. Patton looked away from him, and he did the same.

“I wish you could see yourself the way I see you, kiddo,” Patton whispered. With that, he sank out.

Roman’s fire was replaced with tears. They fell down his face one by one and sobs poured from his lips. He dragged a hand through his hair and pulled slightly. He looked at the broken mirror again.

His jagged reflection smiled back.


General taglist: @theloveliestsweetspongy @stop-it-anxiety @sarmaangel @remusownsmyuwus @mindscape-blues @canvas-the-florist @ionlyeatcomfortfood @royalnerd829 @strawberryjellystuff @donttellthemangosiwashere @look-ma-im-on-tv @broadwayfangirl24601 @rainboots-are-for-snobs @a-soul-among-the-stars @gattonero17 @the-spaced-out-system @tymberlaine

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Lovely Dreams

Sequel to A Love Beyond, my Soulmate September 2020 day 12 entry. (Can be found on my pinned masterlist.)

Ship: Romantic Roceit

Warnings: Roman’s in a kind of negative headspace, crying, I… think that’s it, please let me know if I should specify/add anything else!

Word Count: 659 words

Summary: Janus finds out why his soulmate broke down crying in his arms. (And only panics a little, what are you talking about?)

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Previous chapter, Full Story

Story Info:

  • Summary: Unable to experience romantic attraction, Remus feels incomplete. Unable to feel sexual attraction, Roman feels less than. Maybe as the King, they decide, they will feel whole again. Their partners and friends, however, know this isn’t the solution and seek to help them realize there’s nothing broken about them before it’s too late.
  • Fandom: Sanders Sides
  • Characters: Logan, Patton, Roman, Virgil, Nate, Remy, Emile, Seth, Toby, Janus, Remus, Unnamed Orange Side, Romulus, Dragon Witch 
  • Relationships: Logan/ Patton, Virgil/ Roman, Janus/ Remus, Remy/ Emile, Toby/ Seth, Nate/ Orange Side
  • Other Tags: AroWriMo, Aromantic Remus, Asexual Roman, Spider Virgil, Snake Janus, Orange Side, 7th Side, Additional Sides, No OCs, Short Vid Characters

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Happy Accidents

Ship: Kid Royality + Adult Analogical

Word count: 2,168

Warning: food mention like right off the bat, kissing.

It’s kinda split into two parts where the focus is on royality first and analogical second.

Eating ice cream was a very important part of Roman’s day-to-day life. At least, in the summer that is.

Whether it was an awful bully he had to stand against and stop them from hurting other kids, a scary old man who couldn’t stop giving him a weird glare whenever he walked past, or an evil dragon-witch who wanted to take over his life and kidnap his older brothers, Roman would always find a way to fight back and stand his ground, easing any worries he might have with the promise of frozen whatever-flavor-he-felt-like-that-day.

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Romantic Roceit oneshot, can be read as canon setup or as a fantasy AU tbh, 845 words, sentimental fluff and attempts at being poetic lol

TW: S!Janus, very mild body horror (it’s just Janus’s multiple arms thing)

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Can we take a moment to think about the fact that Virgil chose Roman to call a nerd and not Logan? Like, I don’t know what it means, but it means something. …And it definitely doesn’t just mean Thomas wanted to segue into Roman’s commercial.

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Dear Journal,

I’m scared of what I have to do, I know it and I can stop myself but I am so afraid. I’ve considered it before but staring it in the face I don’t know what to do.

I want to transcribe the day until I do it.

It started out with me waking up and going downstairs to eat the french toast that Patton and Thomas had made for breakfast. It was delicious and after breakfast, Virgil and I went and played with his gameboy and talked about random things. The color of the sky, why things exist, and just things that make me so relaxed. Remus joined us later and the conversations shifted  more to ridiculous topics but I had to excuse myself when the conversation shifted to things that concerned morticians. I didn’t want to think about that.

I watched after Des until lunch when I helped the adults cook and make stuff for the others. It felt nice, especially eating at the table with Virgil again, being around him just makes me happy. Remus is nice too but I’ve known Virgil longer and we’re much closer. At least I like to think we are.

I really can’t think of anything else, he’s telling me I can’t stall anymore, I’m sorry who ever finds this.

Goodbye whoever you were, Logan Brentford

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Martyr Complex - Chapter 1 - Odaigahara - Sanders Sides (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
20 notes

If u want massive Patton angst read

Martyr Complex

on AO3

It hurts sm oh my goshhh

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Little Tales - 1: “Lullaby”

Little Tales: little!Virgil, Patton.

Summary: human au!, Virgil has been through a lot. Life has made him anxious and he eventually developed regression as coping mechanism to better deal with all his stress. After an especially paranoid period, he retreats to Patton’s place who encourages Virgil to regress and trust him.

Anxiety needs a bit of sleep, too.

Tags: age regression, little!sides, paranoia, anxiety, insomnia, bedtime story, babbling, Virgil going soft, Patton being the born mom!friend ngl, books for kids, little fox story (which was not made by me, dont @ me), cuddles, snuggles, tons of fluff, like teeth-rotting fluff, teary baby, pouting, secretly going soft, blush, pure domestic cuteness.

 Please be mindful to not tag/ add any ships or shipping content - this is (SFW) age regression and there are no relationships of any kind happening. Please respect that. Also don’t add any NSFW comments to this work. I appreciate this.

My KoFi  - Support me ♥ or Commission me

Note: If you miss any tags, have issues with links or any other concerns, please feel free to contact me. Anon is on and my DMs are open.

Links broken? Inform me, please!

Story under the cut: (Word count: 1359)

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Teen and Up Audience

MAJOR Character Death (obviously lol)

Relationships: Roman x Remus // Remrom

Characters: Roman, Remus, Patton, mentions of Logan.

Summary: (Inspired by “Zombie Love” by Bohnes) In an act of desperation, Roman resurrects Remus, not being able to live without him. However, death is inevitable while love is not.

Tags: death, zombie, non-human Remus, loss, resurrection, twisted personality, personality change, blood, unrealistic representations of rituals, consumption of raw organs and meat, lover turns murderer, odd behaviour, decaying body, bad smells, vivid descriptions decomposition, ripped skin, head injury, funeral, ellipses, food mentions, nausea, murder, covering up crime, crime, tears, crying.

My KoFi  - Support me ♥ or Commission me

Note: If you miss any tags, have issues with links or any other concerns, please feel free to contact me. Anon is on and my DMs are open.

Links broken? Inform me, please!

Story under the cut: (Wordcount: 7,4k)

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AO3 | First | Previous | Next | Masterpost

Description: A Beauty and the Beast style Vampire AU. Vampire!Virgil has picked up  Logan off the street and is holding him captive under the threat of killing his friends if he tries to escape.  

Word Count: 6041

Chapter Warnings: Unsympathetic!Virgil, Angst, Captivity, Threats, Mentions of Police, Implications of abuse, Threats of violence, Anxiety, Hypervigilance, Crying, Doctors/Medical Examination with questionable consent, Food, Mentions of prescription drug abuse, Malnourishment, Unhealthy relationship with food, Yelling, Anger, Ethical Dilemmas, Swearing, Mentions of Drugging/Mind altering effects, Mentions of blood/drawing blood (Let me know if I missed anything!)

    Virgil snarled as he turned the corner of the empty hallway. Two paper bags hung from his hand as he turned on his heel, cutting the corner short as he stalked his path through the warehouse. His anxiety ached in his chest as the door in front of him flew open against the wall.

    He didn’t miss the way the man across the room flinched at the sound of the door slamming into the wall. Though to his credit, he didn’t try to scurry out of Virgil’s way as he approached. He simply remained stock still, submissively staring at the ground as Virgil leered down at him.

    “Look at me.”

    The guy’s shoulders tensed, but he tipped his head up to meet Virgil’s gaze without hesitation. Virgil didn’t miss the glimmer of anger that flickered in the man’s dark eyes as he lifted his head, but any inclination of rebellion immediately went up in smoke as Virgil bared his teeth down at him.

    “I’m going to make this quick.” Virgil hissed as he slid forward, hands curling around the man’s collar as he growled down at him. “but whether or not this painful is entirely up to you. Got it?”

    Logan flinched at the sound of his growl, nodding a stiff affirmation as Virgil released his collar.

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Here begins a four part story that’s gonna serve as the season 2 finale of the main storyline in this blog. And it’s coming out two days before this blog’s second anniversary. So much has happened since that February 23, 2019 when I published the first episode, I can’t even believe it. I hope you enjoy this first part of the story which, even if it’s the beginning, will already be full of thrill and emotions. Until next time.

SYNOPSIS: Thomas knows that the way to rescue Dillon from the Paladin is to join forces with Nico and face him together as a couple, but he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do exactly, so he decides to go to the Core to ask for assistance… but the visit  it’s not gonna come out as anyone expects

WARNINGS: Lots of romance between Thomas and Nico. Also romantic logicality and Remus with some of his suggestions. Features a scene of intense angst.


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