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#sanders sides fanfic

After two years, I redrew the cover to my fanfic Grey. Grey is still probably one of my favorite things I’ve written, and includes headcanons I keep to this day. Is the fanfic outdated? Yes. That is the struggle of not having Deceits name at the time. But I’m still happy with it

Read on ao3 or wattpad (where this cover is now being used!)

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Martyr Complex - Chapter 1 - Odaigahara - Sanders Sides (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
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SummaryEverything has changed so much and Patton can’t help but not know where she stands. She loves Roman and Roman’s been her best friend for years, but now Roman’s number one priority is Virgil. Which is fine, it’s fine. Patton is happy that Roman’s had the courage to come out and get a girlfriend who clearly adores her. Despite that, Patton still feels jealous anyway—sickeningly alone in her misery. And jealously is an ugly emotion, so she shoves it down deep and tries to pretend it doesn’t exist.


Patton angsts. Then she meets Janus.

Word Count: 1,603

Pairings: Pre fem!Moceit 

Warnings: Mentions of depression and jealously. 

Notes: Hello. :) Life is sucking the… life out of me so I wrote this and I feel a little better.

I hope everyone is doing well. 

Part of the fem!sides verse.

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[Image Description: a long road with decaying plants on either side, with text overlayed that reads ‘the town that never was’ in white. A white icon of a clock is placed underneath the text /end ID]

Ships: DLAMP/CALMD, Remile.

Warnings: Cheating is mentioned at some point during this fic in the past, some slight horror themes but in a comedic sort of way, kidnapping is mentioned but again this is like a comedy-horror so there’s not a lot of suspense.

Plot: In Hell, a town of roughly 1,000 people, nothing that is supposed to happen ever happens and everything that physically should happen, does. Logan, a scientist, goes there in hopes of studying the world’s most unfortunate, and miraculous, town. But no one who ever enters ever finds the will to leave again.

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four

Chapter Five: Stepping Stones 

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Interest check!

Any interest in a series of one-shots based on an au where Patton is Roman and Remus’ oblivious father, Roman and Remus are head-over-heels for one another, and Janus is a supportive step-father?

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AO3 | First | Previous | Next | Masterpost

Description: A Beauty and the Beast style Vampire AU. Vampire!Virgil has picked up  Logan off the street and is holding him captive under the threat of killing his friends if he tries to escape.  

Word Count: 6041

Chapter Warnings: Unsympathetic!Virgil, Angst, Captivity, Threats, Mentions of Police, Implications of abuse, Threats of violence, Anxiety, Hypervigilance, Crying, Doctors/Medical Examination with questionable consent, Food, Mentions of prescription drug abuse, Malnourishment, Unhealthy relationship with food, Yelling, Anger, Ethical Dilemmas, Swearing, Mentions of Drugging/Mind altering effects, Mentions of blood/drawing blood (Let me know if I missed anything!)

    Virgil snarled as he turned the corner of the empty hallway. Two paper bags hung from his hand as he turned on his heel, cutting the corner short as he stalked his path through the warehouse. His anxiety ached in his chest as the door in front of him flew open against the wall.

    He didn’t miss the way the man across the room flinched at the sound of the door slamming into the wall. Though to his credit, he didn’t try to scurry out of Virgil’s way as he approached. He simply remained stock still, submissively staring at the ground as Virgil leered down at him.

    “Look at me.”

    The guy’s shoulders tensed, but he tipped his head up to meet Virgil’s gaze without hesitation. Virgil didn’t miss the glimmer of anger that flickered in the man’s dark eyes as he lifted his head, but any inclination of rebellion immediately went up in smoke as Virgil bared his teeth down at him.

    “I’m going to make this quick.” Virgil hissed as he slid forward, hands curling around the man’s collar as he growled down at him. “but whether or not this painful is entirely up to you. Got it?”

    Logan flinched at the sound of his growl, nodding a stiff affirmation as Virgil released his collar.

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Here begins a four part story that’s gonna serve as the season 2 finale of the main storyline in this blog. And it’s coming out two days before this blog’s second anniversary. So much has happened since that February 23, 2019 when I published the first episode, I can’t even believe it. I hope you enjoy this first part of the story which, even if it’s the beginning, will already be full of thrill and emotions. Until next time.

SYNOPSIS: Thomas knows that the way to rescue Dillon from the Paladin is to join forces with Nico and face him together as a couple, but he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do exactly, so he decides to go to the Core to ask for assistance… but the visit  it’s not gonna come out as anyone expects

WARNINGS: Lots of romance between Thomas and Nico. Also romantic logicality and Remus with some of his suggestions. Features a scene of intense angst.


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I wonder ~ Prinxiety

Requested by: @_becxmoonsy on Wattpad

TW: None

Word count: 1895



To say that Virgil and Roman’s relationship was complicated was an understatement. It didn’t kick off smoothly if you wanted a base to start from.

Roman had been the first to meet him, and although Virgil had, somehow, greeted him, he didn’t exactly welcome him well.

‘Hey there, Princey!’

‘Oh… kay. Can’t stand that guy.’

And those were the first words they said to each other. Obviously, they had started off on the wrong foot (which was evident in later episodes where they argue and bicker constantly), but after Roman changed, so did Virgil and so did everything else.

Whether it was subtle differences like trying to nickname each other more nicely or bigger switch ups like Virgil’s style, it was apparent that they had both changed for the better and, seemingly, each other.

But with their development, came new emotions and feelings, especially for Roman. Seeing a spike of confidence in Virgil the day he donned a new appearance, sparked something in the prince, something he had never felt before or for anyone previously for that matter.

It was… a good feeling. It was exciting and sweet, like candy, but also a little nerve-wracking and it made him giddy inside as well as out. Roman loved it and he felt it the most around Virgil. He never dared speak a word about it to anyone though. Secrets like these were best kept hidden; they were fun to hide anyway.

Unfortunately, for Roman, he wasn’t exactly the best at concealing things, which was how the cat got out of the bag. (No, don’t worry it’s not a real cat. Patton’s allergies will be fine.)

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Okay so I’m going to write a fanfic… kinda

due to me being a senior in high school I do not have the time to write and commit to a fanfic series lol

So I’ve come up with a solution!

I’ll lay out the plot

and write one shots as I please

that way you guys know what’s going on

and I can also write fanfics!!

ill also probably make a bit of fan art as I please so, I’ll put the whole plot here ! That way you guys can see it 🖤 I hope you like it! 

Main Character Breakdowns:

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AO3 | Next

Prompt by @local-space-case: Prince Roman and his two loyal friends, Patton and Logan, are on the hunt for a dragon. Meanwhile, Dragonshifter!Janus is just trying to find the right herbs to cure a sick/injured Dragonshifter!Virgil. Bonus points for Anxciet and/or Protective Remus.

@local-space-case I didn’t get a chance to include protective Remus in this chapter but the plan is to do a couple chapters whenever I get a chance between the other things I work on XD

Word Count:1189

Chapter Warnings: Arrow wound, Descriptions of wounds, Blood, Angst, Romantic flirting, Hunting People(?) (Let me know if I missed anything!)

    “Hold still, Virgil.”

    “I’m trying, Janus.” Virgil groaned, sucking in a sharp breath as the arrow in his side moved in his gut. “In case you hadn’t noticed, I got shot.“

    Janus rolled his eyes as he pressed his hand into the wound on Virgil’s abdomen to stop the bleeding. Desperately, he pulled at the strips of cloth he’d torn from his jacket, trying to get the wound wrapped even as the arrow stayed wedged in his side. “Perhaps now isn’t the time for your sarcasm, Virgil.”

     “Now is the perfect time for my sarcasm.” Virgil groaned. The slits of his purple eyes dilated as another wave of pain shook his body. “I might not get another chance—”

    Janus bit his lip as Virgil whimpered at the pressure he was putting on the wound. “Don’t you dare start thinking like that on me. I didn’t come this far with you to have you give up on me now.”

    “Jan—” Virgil looked up at him with a softness in his eyes as his fingers curled around his lover’s wrist. “—Please, they’re coming. You have to go.”

    “I’m not leaving you.”

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When I kissed the teacher ~ Logicality

Requested by @pineapplethefish on Wattpad

TW: None

Word count: 934


A/N: After I got the request, I just listened to the song on repeat lol. I forgot how fun it was and remembered why it was my favourite ABBA song. This was such a fun one shot to write and I hope you enjoy it as much I did. Also fyi, Logan is 22 and Patton is 19. (Just so it doesn’t seem too weird regarding their ages lol)

Hope you like it!

~ Bre


“Okay,” Patton whispered to himself, twiddling with his thumbs as he anxiously watched the clock and waited for the long hand to hit six. “It’ll just be quick. One small peck on the cheek, that’s all. One little kiss on his soft, smooth, beautiful cheek…”

The student’s head fell onto his hand, keeping it propped up on his elbow while he stared adoringly at his teacher.

He couldn’t help it; Logan - I mean, Mr Telmer - was too handsome of a man not to fall for. Everytime Patton saw him, his breathing shallowed, his cheeks tinted pink and his little gay heart soared through cloud nine for him.

As Patton fondly gazed at him, he listened to the alluring, velvety tone of his voice. It was absolute ear candy; smoother than polished glass and richer than dark chocolate. Patton could listen to him ramble about anything for hours on end and he’d never get bored.

Glancing at the clock again, he realised that he would have to find a chance to make his move soon.

‘Come on, Pat! It’s only 3 minutes until the bell!’

Luckily for him, his opportunity was quickly handed to him on a silver platter by fate when he was called on by the teacher.

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Read On AO3

Summary: Patton has to leave on a business trip, leaving his son, who’s fallen ill, under the care of his uncle. Everything will be fine! What could go wrong in a week?

Ship(s): Familial Moxiety

Tags: Major character death, angst, illness

A/N: This was based on a comment by Sighing Inside that I got in my fic While You Were Away, about a more angsty interpretation of the summary, so I wrote it!


Patton kissed Virgil’s forehead, the warmth radiating off it was a bit uncomfortable, and Patton frowned.

“Alright honey,” Patton said as he drew back. “Uncle Roman’s downstairs, so if you need anything…”

“I’m sixteen Dad,” Virgil said, “I’m not a kid, I can take care of myself.”

“I can’t imagine you’ve forgotten you’re sick.” Patton said. “There’s nothing wrong with needing help and your uncle has been dying for some quality bonding time, so humor him.”

“Fine I-” Virgil turned into his blankets and coughed a couple of times before sitting back up and wrinkling his nose, “Ow.”

Patton hummed sympathetically as he ran a hand through his son’s hair, “I wish I could stay.”

“You’ve got work-” Virgil winced as his voice cracked and cleared his throat. “I’m fine, and you’ve got this business trip or whatever. Anyway I’ll have my hands full with Sir Dance-alot.”

“Hey!” Roman said as he walked up behind Patton, “was that a knights of Camelot pun? Wow, your dad and I are really doing a number on your sense of humor.”

“Don’t get your hopes up.” Virgil grumbled, “I’m delirious, I don’t know what I’m saying.”

“Look pretty lucid to me!” Roman smiled at Patton, “I’ve got this, no need to worry, and anyway we’re gonna call you every k-night!”

“Mine was better,” Virgil called.

Roman rolled his eyes, “whatever you say Sir Ga-Whine!”

Patton laughed slightly as he looked at his family, they’d be okay. “Okay I’ll head out, bye Vee I love you!”

“Love ya too.”

As Roman walked down the stairs with Patton, Patton was rattling off every caring tip he could remember for taking care of a sick person, “And please check his fever, Virgil’s very stubborn he’d rather die than ask for help. And you know where the hospital is right? Oh what if-”

“Patton,” Roman said gently. “We grew up here, of course I know where the hospital is, and I’ll be sure to check his fever at least twice a day, more if he looks worse for wear, and I’ll keep him hydrated and make sure he eats. And if you forgot anything you can just tell me on one of those daily calls we’re going to have.”

Patton nodded slowly, “You’re right. Have a good time, see you in a week?”

“See you in a week, have fun in those boring conferences!”

Patton laughed as Roman basically pushed him out the door, “Okay bye.”

“Drive safe! Don’t miss your flight!”

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make a mercy out of me - Odaigahara - Sanders Sides (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
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intruality fic idea

okay so i was listening to “angel” by shaggy and i kind of came up with a fanfic idea??

imagine: remus is in prison (tbh not hard to imagine, that man is a world of trouble), and he gets the option of having a pen pal and guess which sweet man decides to do something nice like talk to a prison pen pal??? patton fucking sanders

anyway remus enjoys the little stickers and the smell of freshly baked cookies that comes with each letter and patton might be having a crisis because he’s falling in love with a criminal?? oh well

i would write this myself but i honestly don’t know anything about prison and i take 50000000 years to write fanfics 🥺

so idk if anyone wants this but be sure to let me know if you actually write it!! i would love to read it ☺️💖

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AO3 | First | Previous | Next | Masterpost  

Description: Much to his surprise, after being released from prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Logan has been appointed as a the prince’s new advisor.  

Word Count: 5024

Chapter Warnings: Anger, Lashing out, Mentions of criminal activity, Crying, Self-Esteem issues, Mild suicidal ideation, mentions of loss (Let me know if I missed anything!)

    “Remy,” Virgil hissed as the fae slipped through the trees ahead of them, nearly losing them yet again. “Where the hell are you going?”

    “Just keep up.” Remy muttered, dodging out of the dense trees as he swept gracefully out of the woods as he turned onto the narrow road in front of them. His shadows curled around his feet as he stalked forward along his path. He could feel their agitation building as they twisted and clawed at his calves for his attention as he ignored them.

    “Hey, stop.”

    Virgil’s hand caught his arm, spinning him around as he let out a threatening hiss, to which the kid responded by hissing back at him just as threateningly. Remy stopped, taken aback as he stared blankly at Virgil.

    “Listen, Rem. I know you’re upset, but it’s the middle of the day. What if there are hunters around?”

    “I’m not upset.” Remy yanked his arm from his friend’s grip. His eyes flared a bright pink as he glared at his friend. “I am pissed and I pity any hunter who has the nerve to stand in my way today.”

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I’ll listen ~ Intrulogical

TW: Shouting, angst, crying

Word count: 1279



“Why can’t they listen? They never LISTEN!” Logan shouted, his voice drenched in rage and frustration, as he threw a pebble across the lake. He hated being this way.

You’re so pathetic, Logan,’ he thought to himself, collapsing on his knees whilst a stream of tears cascaded down his cheeks.

You’re the embodiment of literal logic. Why can’t you control your emotions better? Why do you even have emotions anyway?!’ he scolded himself, taking off his glasses, tossing them to the side then holding his face in his hands. The tears felt like they would never stop and as he knelt there, exhausted and exasperated, for once in his life, he didn’t care about what was happening around him. All his surroundings faded away as all his overflowing anger spilled from his body, leaving Logan in his own black void of shame.

“Why can’t they just listen?”

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