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#the animators know what they're doing
oetravia · 4 months ago
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Every Brainia Scene Ever: 5x15 [1/7]
#supergirl#supergirledit#brainia#brainiaedit#brainiac 5#nia nal#querl dox#again before I even get started...I just want to say how bitter I am that we never got Nia's reaction to Brainy's post breakup haircut#(long or short Jesse has some of the best hair in the entire cast I said what I said (and Brainia definitely have the best combined hair of#any of the ships fight me on it) but I do miss the longer hair I'm not afraid to admit it)#anyway there is SO much going on in this scene (and so much of it is unspoken which is just brutal)#for starters the way it looks like they're both squaring up for battle (and I suppose in a sense they really ARE) as Brainy approaches#and the pause between the 'you're welcome' and the 'director dox' where Nia doesn't know what to call him or how to navigate this#situation or how to be around Brainy in general but especially in this setting with them both trying to maintain the professional façade#but she's doing her best however unnatural it is because she's made her mind up that she can do it and credit where credit's due#she's doing a much better job of it than Brainy who looks so flustered (and his pause before calling her Dreamer is really interesting#unlike calling Brainy Director Dox he's called her Dreamer hundreds of times by this point but it sounds so unnatural because he's trying#so hard to keep this interaction as impersonal as possible and it's clearly killing him)#but this is still some of the most animated we've seen him around her (especially so openly) since the breakup (even if it is painfully#awkward and they're BOTH avoiding eye contact in the second and third gifs like their lives depend on it)#which i think is what gives her the boost to at least try to add some levity by pointing out that he thanked her twice#because look at her face - she almost smiles when she notices. She's not trying to make things more awkward#i think she's genuinely trying to form some sort of proper connection with him in the moment but the shutters come down immediately#and you can just feel the disappointment radiating off her as he walks away - she tries so hard so many times in 5B with him (clearly#that promise from 510 meant something to her and not just as a girlfriend) to find some sort of middle ground for them despite#the awkwardness and the walls he keeps throwing up between them - the fact that even has he walks away here she still wants to TRY#she almost takes a step after him and definitely thinks about calling out to him before thinking better of it#(and that sad slouch...again the acting choices from both Nicole and Jesse during Brainia in 5B interactions are utterly brilliant)#and the fact that Brainy lets himself look back before getting in the car...I have a lot of feelings.#*ebs
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andmaybegayer · 3 months ago
If you're ever in a pinch for a fight in D&D or Pathfinder just remember that there are canonically dinosaurs just like. out. in those settings. in the wild.
You can just let a tyrannosaurus hunt your players. it's fun.
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dontjudgemeimawriter · 22 days ago
Just got ANOTHER story idea I will definitely never write
#it snapped from a loose character concept to a whole plot and main characters pretty quickly#so at first I was just thinking about Maid the show and my mind wandered to dogwalking and petsitting jobs#and I was wondering if anyone seriously made a living off of that kind of thing#and bam#okay so MC just like... failed out of veterinary school and is kinda like.#lamenting and not sure if it's the right career choice or wtf to do now#but they were relying on student housing and meals and stuff because they're estranged from their parents#ooh just figured out as I was typing it because I was on the fence about their gender#but maybe theyre enby and don't want to go back home where they'll be misgendered and there was probably also a huge falling out#but whatever. they don't want to go back home. but they also don't have a lot of freinds or anyone to really stay with#so they end up staying with their older brother who is living with his gf? fiance? but the gf is like#kinda rich? i think she grew up well off and inherited a good amount. not wealthy necessarily but like. has money#so anyway this broke ex-college student ends up staying with them and like.#the only thing they know about their future is 'something with animals.' so okay. they don't know what to go for a while#and I think the gf offers to let them stay for a good amount of time as long as they maybe pay for their own food and stuff#but not rent at least for now but it's also not forever#also MC doesn’t love living there anyway because the neighborhood is annoying because it's a rich neighborhood#btw if youve stuck with me so far it does sound like a new adult realistic fiction but it is actually somewhat light fantasy#so the MC realizes that there's actually a decent market in the area for animal care#because to be honest the pets there are more bragging points or something to spoil than they are beings the ownders want to take care of#smth like that#so they start to petsit and dogwalk regularly and that's their job#only smth's weird about the pets here#they're dragons in disguise#i think ther emight be some thing like a country club that has these dragons as a Thing#I also think that this isn't our world#that dragons and maybe other magical creatures exist but maybe are mostly thought to be extinct#maybe a bit similar to the world in that adam silvera book I never finished thoygh the plot's completely different#I just remember there were pheonixes#also I think only animals have magic but maybe some people use the animals to do magic?
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tavern-of-the-multiverse · 9 months ago
me: *has so much stuff to work on, is very much overwhelmed*
also me: *attempts to edit and color an obiyuki manga panel for the first time in the middle of the night just because*
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andddd a gif ver
Tumblr media
edit by me
AnS by Akizuki Sorata
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airyairyaucontraire · 21 days ago
just paused the end credits of a Netflix show to read some names, then forgot how pausing works and tried to scroll further down
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worstloki · a year ago
marvel: frost giants actually are big brutish creatures who are monstrous
fandom: loki is pretty as an aesir he's gonna be pretty as a jotun
marvel: but they have black nails and blue skin and sharp teeth and red eyes and marks all over their body and they're so cold touching them gives severe burns and
fandom: i don't see the problem here
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misgenderer · 2 months ago
"You're twisting my words!" *compares dating men to living with monkeys and children playing in the street* Lmao no one is misunderstanding you, you're making yourself quite clear. Every response you've had to this has been worse than the last.
i have actually lived with men my whole life against my will and i can confirm they are violent dangerous disgusting unpredictable animals so i’m sorry if you see it differently </3 i’m just speaking my truth
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