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#the flying pickets

2017년 10월 22일 오전 02:01

sometimes when I think of your name
and it’s only a game
and I need you
listening to the words that you say
getting harder to stay
when I see you

all I needed was the love you gave
all I needed for another day
and all I ever knew
only you

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The Flying Pickets are a British a cappella vocal group, formed in 1982 in Manchester, they are best known for their Christmas hit ‘Only You’, a cover, originally performed by Yazoo.

My dad introduced me to this band, and I listened to a selection of tracks from various albums of theirs, as well as their greatest hits album Best of the Flying Pickets (1988). I do like a cappella groups, and I thought this group were better than a lot of the groups that I had heard before. Although they are a lot like other a cappella groups, I just believe their ability to harmonise, as well as the overall sound of the group, makes them better than earlier a cappella groups that I have heard. A lot of their songs are covers, with some original pieces mixed in.

I like the mix of covers with originals, this is because I really like a cappella covers of songs, and the original songs included make the line-up of the album much better, because it also shows that they have the ability to write their own songs.

After listening to The Flying Pickets, I began to look at other examples of a cappella groups, and I found Van Canto, a German a cappella band who cover metal songs. Although I had heard of them before, this reminded me of them and so I began to listen to them.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to The Flying Pickets, and it has made me look more into a cappella groups, including some more well-known groups, and some indie covers on YouTube. 

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Morceau du jour : The Flying Pickets, Only You (1983, album Lost Boys)

Parce que The Flying Pickets est un groupe vocal britannique qui a bâti sa carrière en reprenant a capella de grands succès de la pop et de la soul. Parce que sur leur second album Lost Boys en 1983, il reprennent le morceau de Yazoo Only You qui avait été un succès l'année précédente en grimpant jusqu'à à la deuxième place des charts britanniques. Parce que la reprise des Flying Pickets fera encore mieux en s'emparant de la tête des charts pendant la fin de l'année 1983 et le début de l'année 1984. Parce que ce sera le seul gros tube du groupe, qui continuera néanmoins une honorable carrière. Parce que ce morceau était classé numéro 1 au Royaume Uni il y a 30 ans.

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Listening to the words that you say, getting harder to stay when i see you.

All i needed was the love you gave, all i needed for another day, all i ever knew… Only you.

Wonder if you’ll understand, it’s just the touch of your hand behind a closed door. 

All i needed was the love you gave, all i needed for another day, all i ever knew… Only you.

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Every December I listen to this religiously, because well, its always filled me with some kind of romanticized sadness.
And well, I seem to have begun a week earlier than normal.

Bah, I swear to god if this isn’t played at my funeral I will haunt my nearest and dearest.


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