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Bunny Pt.2 - Jasper Hale
(A/N) Soooo...it’s my birthday! So I decided to post something, and since the first part is doing so fricking well, I decided to post this! I really hope you like it!
Pairing: Japer Hale x Reader
Warnings: anxiety, sensitivity to sound
Part 1
Tumblr media
How they met:
“Do I really have to go?” I was sitting at the counter in the kitchen, stirring around in my untouched breakfast. My mom was at the sink, cleaning some dishes before she had to leave for work.
“Yes, honey. You do. I’m sure it won’t be too bad. Maybe you’ll even end up enjoying yourself and make some friends.” I sighed, letting of the fork and getting up. My eyes fell upon my backpack and my heart started to race.
“Y/N…I know you’re nervous, but you have to get it over with.” She dried her hands on a dish towel, walked over to me and pressed a quick kiss to my forehead. “Come on. Let’s go.” She grabbed her handbag and opened the door, waiting for me to follow suit. With another heavy sigh, I grabbed my backpack and followed her outside. After she locked the door, she blew me a kiss, before she got into her car and drove away.
I looked at my own car and climbed in, throwing my bag onto the passenger’s seat. After a second of hesitation, I started the car and made my way to my new school.
Jasper POV
Alice had been jumping around the house the whole night, grinning from ear to ear. Whenever any of us tried to inquire what had made her so happy, she brushed it off, before she continued with her cheery attitude. But I noticed her shooting looks in my direction. I had a weird feeling, but she wouldn’t tell me what was going on. At some point it got somewhat annoying. We even had to play rock, paper, scissors to decide who would have her in their car on the way to school.
But as soon as I stepped out of the car, I knew what she was on about. I smelled her. And I felt her.
Deep breaths, Y/N. Deep breaths.
I opened the front doors to Forks High School and walked in. The noise overwhelmed me immediately and I quickly turned back and walked outside, but before I could, I bumped into a hard chest. I looked up, feeling the panic rise inside me, but before I could even comprehend what was going on, cold hands covered my ears.
The noises were muffled and I felt myself calming down. And the honey colored eyes were helping too. A slight smile spread across his face and he nodded at me. I opened my mouth to say something, but wasn’t sure what.
In the end, a simple “Thank you.”, left my lips, making him smile even more.
A sharp ringing made me jump, even though it was muffled, it still surprised me. The hands over my ears pressed a bit closer. Slowly, the students around us left and walked to their classrooms, making the boy in front of me lower his hands.
“Sorry ‘bout that, love. You just looked a bit overwhelmed.” The southern accent in his voice surprised and calmed me down at the same time.
“N-No problem.” I smiled at him. “You were right. I was overwhelmed.” That made him chuckle quietly. We stayed quiet for a moment, before he said something again.
“Are you new here, by the way? I’ve never seen you before.” I nodded and looked around a bit.
“I sure am…I already hate it.” This got a full on laugh from the boy.
“I can show you around, if you want.” He held out his hand and I couldn’t resist. The way his presence alone calmed me down drew me in. I nodded.
“I’d love that.” He stretched out his hand.
“Jasper.” I smiled and shook his hand.
He showed me around the school, showed me where the different classes were being held, where the office and the cafeteria were. After I got my schedule, he compared it to his and we realized that we had two classes together, which managed to get me excited at least a little bit. The only class I had before lunch, was one with him, so it wasn’t half bad.
He also introduced me to his siblings. They were really nice, especially Alice and Emmet. Rosalie and Edward were quiet, but still polite.
I sat with them during lunch, noticing that none of them ate anything.
“Oh, we’re going out for dinner, so we have to safe our appetite.” Alice was quick to answer. I nodded, not wanting to appear rude by asking about it more.
After lunch, it was time for more lessons, both of them without Jasper. He brought me to the classroom, before he bid his goodbye. He even watched me walk in before he left.
I sat down next to some girl and tried to focus on myself, but the noise level in the classroom was way too high. My hope, that that would change as soon as the lesson started, vanished quickly. My ears quickly started to buzz and my heart beat quicker and quicker. My pen felt more slippery by the second.
Calm down!
I closed my eyes, focusing on my breathing, but it didn’t help.
I raised my hand, catching the professor’s attention.
“Yes Y/N?” I swallowed before I answered, not trusting my voice in that moment.
“I-I have to go to the t-toilet.” The professor just nodded and I jumped to my feet, grabbing my bag and notebook, before I left the classroom. As quickly as my feet would carry me, I made my way to the bathroom, hoping to make it there before everything would become too much. But I didn’t.
The bathroom was just around the corner, but my hyperventilating became too much and I had to crouch down. My hands pressed against my ears and my eyes were squeezed shut.
I hate this so much.
Calm the fuck down, Y/N.
“Hey, Y/N.”
You’re pathetic.
“Y/N!” Someone pulled my hands away from my head, making me look up. Jasper was kneeling in front of me, a concerned look on his face.
“J-Jasper…” He quickly pulled me to my feet and lead me outside of the school and to the woods. I felt calmer by the second.
Jasper sat me down on a fallen tree and wouldn’t stop staring at me until I had completely calmed down. He even got me a cold bottle of water.
“Thank you…” I smiled at the boy and he smiled back. He sat down beside me, when it hit me.
“How…how did you know?” When I turned to look at him, he looked like a deer caught in headlights. I squinted at him, now really suspicious of him.
“Uhm…” He was rubbing the back of his neck, before he sighed.
“You won’t believe me…but…I’m a vampire.” A vampire…sounds about right. I didn’t react and turned to look away from him. It was silent for a few moments.
“Okay.” I saw his head snap in my direction out of the corner of my eyes, making me laugh.
“Okay?” I looked at him.
“Okay.” Jasper smiled at me.
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" you know you're grounded, right? "
With Twilight... ps. Congrats, congrats, congrats. I love watching you grow! It also makes me feel really good about myself for being a OG 🤣
You know you’re grounded, right?
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank you so much! And hi, OG friend!<3 Merry Christmas, everyone.
Jasper delicately arched an eyebrow from his place in your open doorway. His arms were crossed and there was a sliver of a smirk crossing his lips as he watched you do... whatever you were doing.
Really, he had no clue. For a vampire, you certainly emanated a particular vibe that screamed human. Or insanity was perhaps the better option, considering you were currently attempting to step on a tree branch from your bedroom window.
Clearing his throat, he moved into the room, amusement glittering in his eyes. “You know you’re grounded, right?” he called out, instinctively leaping into action when you jumped at the sudden voice and almost toppled out of the window.
Jasper grabbed you before you could, wrenching you back inside, arms wrapped around you so tight your feet didn’t even touch the ground. He held you there, staring down at you with a look you’d come to recognise as: “you almost gave my unbeating heart an aneurism.” You grimaced, looking hesitantly up at him. There was really nowhere else you could look in the position he had you in. 
“Sorry?” you tried, and a corner of his lips lifted before he set you back on your feet.
“What were you doing?” he asked, hands on your shoulders, and your eyes seemed to light up in a not so positive way, as though you were remembering something you’d since forgotten about.
Pulling away from Jasper’s hold, you raced back to the open window and resumed your previous position, hanging your upper body out and stretching a hand towards... something. To placate his rising worries, Jasper moved to stand next to you, peering with narrowed eyes out at the trees and attempting to see for himself what had you so intent on seemingly escaping your bedroom.
“I’m not grounded, by the way,” you stated as you leaned out a bit more, eyes scanning the trees. Jasper’s hands ached to grab a handful of your hoodie, just to keep you from falling. As though you didn’t literally control air.
“That’s not what Carlisle said,” he told you instead.
“Dad doesn’t know how to ground me. He just-” You put one foot on your windowsill once you’d apparently caught sight of what you’d been looking for- “confined me to the house.”
Jasper relented and shot an arm out to grab you. “You did send a basketball through his new windows.”
“Emmett’s fault. Can you let go?”
“Can you tell me what you’re doing?”
You yanked at your hoodie, but your brother did not yield. Finally, you let out a frustrated sigh and placed your foot back on the floor of your bedroom. Jasper loosened his hold but did not let go, all too knowledgeable of your swift escape tactics.
“There’s a cat stuck in a tree.”
Jasper’s brows shot up. Seriously? Was that it? He spared a moment to rack his brain and come up with any other reason it could have possibly been, but returned empty handed. He blinked. “And... how is hanging out the window going to help with that predicament?”
“Well, my original plan was to climb onto the tree and go and grab it, but I don’t think that’ll work.” You shook his hand, now loosened considerably, from your back and turned to the window, pointing with a finger. “Do you see it?”
Jasper stood next to you. It was difficult to see the tabby cat among the leaves, but he spotted it after a couple seconds, crouched and shaking on on a thin branch that definitely wouldn’t have held the nimblest of vampires. “So what was your next plan?” he asked.
“To use the wind.” You crossed your arms over your chest and twisted your face in thought. “But it just makes him more scared.”
Jasper breathed a short chuckle. “Y/N, if it’s emotions hindering you...”
You took a moment to process his words before your mouth fell open in a victorious grin and you gratefully stepped aside, making room for your brother. Jasper had tried it once, on a whim, to see if he could calm the deer he was about to sink his teeth into, and it’d worked. At least, he thought it had. He hadn’t been able to ask the deer, unfortunately.
But he’d done it many times since, and his siblings had lovingly tacked the title of ‘Animal Whisperer’ onto him.
So, rolling his shoulders back, he focused his energy on the cat, letting it hum through and out his body and wrap itself around the animal, like a comforting blanket. He felt its fear and soothed it, and, sure enough, the cat, after a moment of contemplating, seemed to gain a newfound confidence. It stood up, scanning the branch, and put one paw in front of the other.
“Push it towards us,” Jasper said, and you reached an arm out, commanding the air to help move the cat to the windowsill before the branch snapped under its weight. It mewed softly as the air fluffed its hair, big eyes blinking and completely unaware of the creaking beneath it. You were practically jumping on your toes from sheer anticipation. Jasper, meanwhile, stretched himself half out the window--oh, hypocrisy--and grasped the cat by the scruff of its neck, pulling it quickly inside before the branch cracked and fell into two, the end half swinging downwards.
The cat jumped from his arms into yours, immediately rubbing its head under your chin and purring affectionately. “You’re very welcome,” you said with a smile before turning puppy-dog eyes up to your brother. “Do you think Dad’ll let us keep him?”
Jasper snorted and extended an arm to let the cat sniff his hand. Its little wet nose pressed against his skin before it nudged him with its head, and he gave it a small pat before stepping away. “I doubt it. You shouldn’t play with your food.”
You audibly gasped and slapped at his chest, turning the cat away from him despite his playful grin. “We don’t eat cats, Jaz.”
“You don’t. Better not let that one roam the house.”
“Get out.” You tossed a pillow at him, using your aerokinesis to expertly send it soaring through the sky and straight for his smirking face. He dodged it and pointed a finger at you, walking backwards towards the door.
“Better watch out, little sis.”
“I hate you!”
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traitor - edward cullen
A/N: back at it again with the angst. sorry lol
pairing: edward cullen x GN!reader
word count: 1,900
part two: long story short
Tumblr media
Brown guilty eyes and little white lies
Yeah, I played dumb but I always knew
That you'd talk to her, maybe did even worse
I kept quiet so I could keep you
You weren't quite sure when it had initially began. It being the not so subtle disconnect that had slowly started to manifest its way into your relationship. The lack of eye contact, the way his shoulders tensed up whenever your skin grazed over his, or how his mind always seemed to be present everywhere but the fleeting moments of alone time you two had managed to get.
While the sudden changes in Edward's character had been slightly worrying, you felt as though there hadn't been much reason to panic. Despite being hundreds of years old, Edward was the king of angst at his best and a complete drama queen at his worst so his mood swings was simply just a part you had to deal with when you first agreed to enter into a relationship with him.
And yet, something still felt off.
This sudden change in the behavior of Edward Cullen wasn't akin to that of his usual behaviors. This felt more uncertain.
You'd contemplated asking Alice for advice knowing Edward wouldn't be so keen to talk about the new fascination he had for the floor whenever you were around. Eventually however, you decided on keeping your worries to yourself. After all, what's the worst that could happen?
Bella Swan apparently.
Ever since her presence had graced the hallways of Forks High School, it was as if Edward had lost all motivation to keep the relationship between the two of you ongoing. Despite the ever-growing disappearance of your boyfriend from your life, he was more than happy to talk your ear off about the mysterious new girl who had somehow managed to pique the interest of not only himself, but his family as well.
While happy that Edward had seemed to finally find a reason to come out of his shell once more, it was a bit devastating to see him fawning so freely over a girl he barely even knew. Even more so due to the fact that Edward was quite literally your boyfriend.
It seemed he knew your feelings judging off the the tense stature he held whenever he brought up the topic of her to you. When he one day confronted you about your doubts, you simply waved him off stating everything was fine. Satisfied with your answer, he gave you a delicate peck on your cheek before he was running toward a lone Bella.
But even so, you couldn't miss the glint of guilt that shone in Bella's eyes as she looked toward you once he approached her and threw an arm around her shoulders.
And ain't it funny
How you ran to her
The second that we called it quits?
And ain't it funny
How you said you were friends
Now it sure as hell don't look like it
You were no fool. You knew this day would come. After all, your once picture perfect relationship with Edward had seemed to come to a crumbling mess once placed under the immense pressure of the time bomb otherwise known as Bella Swan; the new girl who had somehow managed to unknowingly have some of the most notable boys in the school wrapped around her finger.
This group of boys also included your once devoted boyfriend Edward. Though maybe devoted wasn't the right word, not anymore at least.
"I'm sorry."
You let out a bitter chuckle as you looked up at Edward, "Sorry for what exactly? Sorry for keeping me as a back up choice until your real mate came along or sorry for making me look like an idiot?"
Edward visibly cringed at your words. Despite his actions, he'd never meant to hurt you. It seemed it was too late for that though.
"I didn't mean for things to pan out like this, I promise. If I could go back and change everything, I would but I can't. I really am sorry."
"Sure you are, Edward. Thanks for wasting my time. See you around." With a huff, you turned around and began walking away from your now ex-boyfriend as you willed yourself to blink away the tears that began to blur your vision.
It seemed as though the break up had changed something in Edward. Not only did he seem more upbeat, he was also more inviting to his fellow peers and even went as far as to send a hesitant smile to those who crossed paths with him.
While this sudden change after your departure from his life was enough to sting, his ever growing interest in Bella was the cherry on top. Not only did they have a habit of disappearing from the cafeteria, it was also well known that they had began to hang out after school; a fact you had come to learn from Jessica Stanley after she had spilled to you that Bella and Edward had dinner together at a candle lit restaurant in Port Angeles.
As if this new revelation wasn't bad enough, the events to come within the next few days certainly were.
"Oh my god."
At the sound of Angela's voice, you looked up and followed where her eyes were trained only to regret ever doing so.
There sat Bella in the passenger seat of Edward's car. You watched on helplessly as he opened the door for her with a smile on his face.
It had felt as though time itself had slowed down, almost as if the universe wanted you to bask in the pain and heartbreak that came from seeing your former lover with another girl. Eyes still trained on the new couple, you felt your heart clench as they shared a few words before he put his arm around her shoulders, bringing her closer to him. Gulping, you only brought your jacket closer to your body as you tried to avoid the sympathetic gazes your friend group had began to give you.
You betrayed me
And I know that you'll never feel sorry
For the way I hurt, yeah
You'd talk to her
When we were together
Loved you at your worst
But that didn't matter
It took you two weeks
To go off and date her
Guess you didn't cheat
But you're still a traitor
You thought the prospect of Bella and Edward being a couple would slowly begin to
sink into your mind and become more normalized in your world, but it hadn't. If anything, it had only begun to hurt more. The love and devotion he once had for you was now transferred to Bella without a second thought and it only took a mere two weeks. By this point you were sure if you hadn't been sulking around so much, he surely would've gotten together with her much sooner.
It was another typical gloomy day in Forks. You'd gotten off from school over three hours ago but were just now getting home due to the fact you were tutoring Mike Newton. You stepped out of your car and slung your book bag onto your shoulders before closing and locking the door. You then began making your way to your front door only to come to a sudden halt as you saw a familiar figure standing outside your doorstep.
Resisting the temptation to hop back into your car and drive away, you timidly made your way toward him, stopping a few steps away from him as you spoke.
"What are you doing here?"
He turned around to face you, a box in his hands coming into your view as he did so.
"You left some of your stuff at my house, I wanted to drop them off."
"Should've just burned them," You muttered as you crossed your arms.
"Look, I just came to drop these off. I don't need to fight with you."
"Seems like you don't need much from me these days."
He let out a deep sigh of frustration before setting the box onto the concrete beneath his feet.
"You can't be mad at me. It's not like Bella being my mate was my choice-"
"But being with me was a choice. You knew I wasn't your mate yet you still went after me."
"I didn't expect this happen-"
"Not even with Alice there?"
He fell silent at that.
"You're fucking unbelievable," You muttered as you began to push past him.
With your back turned toward him, you didn't see his eyes widen in panic as he felt a surge of guilt build up in him as he quickly scanned through the thoughts in your mind.
His hand grasped onto your forearm, "I'm sorry," He breathed.
Your movements to hide away from him ceased as his grip on your arm loosened ever so slightly, "You didn't deserve what I did to you. No one does. I just...I need her."
At his last admission, a familiar ump in your throat began to grow. You slowly wormed your arm away from his grasp as you turned to look him in the eye, "I've seen the way you act now. You're not sorry. You're fucking ecstatic. You can say 'sorry' all you want, but we both know that ever since you knew about her this is exactly what you wanted. It didn't matter what I did or didn't do because this would've happened either way. I don't need your pity. You made your choice, now leave me alone."
With your heart heavy and vision cloudy with tears, you quickly picked up the box from the concrete floor and rushed into the house before slamming the door shut. You dropped the box onto the floor to be forgotten and ignored the calls of your family from the living room as you rushed upstairs toward you room. You crashed onto the bed as the door shut behind you, shoving your face into the pillow in a desperate attempt to hide the tears that flowed down your cheeks.
Now you bring her around
Just to shut me down
Show her off like she's a new trophy
And I know if you were true
There's no damn way that you
Could fall in love with somebody that quickly
As the days passed, it seemed that the relationship between Bella and Edward only got sweeter while your mood became increasingly sour. The intense eye contact, the way he seemed to melt into her touch, and how he always seemed to be waiting for the next syllable to fall from her lips. The special treatment he once so graciously provided to you was now exclusively reserved for Bella. Ever since that day he'd showed up unannounced on your doorstep he hadn't even bothered to look your way. Maybe it was because of the jealous and hateful thoughts you couldn't stop yourself from thinking, maybe it was because he didn't care. Maybe it was both.
Looking up from your lunch tray, your eyes made their way to the Cullen table where Bella had taken the seat you once occupied next to Edward. You watched as he leaned up to her ear to whisper something causing a fire to ignite on her porcelain skin.
No, he definitely didn't care.
God, I wish that you had thought this through
Before I went and fell in love with you
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Paul Lahote - Imprint on Rape Survivor
Warning: since this post deals with rape it could possibly be triggering.
What Paul Lahote would do if he imprinted on a Rape Survivor.
Furious. Like hoppin poppin mad at whoever hurt his bb.
Would 100% pop off and fuckin murder every single rapist.
Like they'd just disappear overnight.
Then he'd return and be all loves and kisses, (always makes sure his imprint is okay with it)
Consent King!
Naturally protective af so always wants his bb to feel safe.
And like of course she would. Who tf wouldn't with that man by their side.
-Have you seen his muscles!!??
100% cuddly if you're panicky
never ever loses his temper around you, cuz it's a trigger
He saves it for all the people that hurt you.
"I should have inverted his brains out!"
"Paul, that's a bit extreme."
"What they did to you was extreme!!"
And yeah, there's no arguing with that.
You bury yourself in his chest crying at night, and he wraps his super muscly arms around you to snug you close.
Will tell you how amazing and strong you are for surviving all that.
And claims you're the toughest. "Paul, I'm not even sure how to throw a punch."
"That's completely irrelevant, yn!"
And he's right.
Consent consent and consent. Won't touch at all without permission. Never sneaks up behind you. Will always say your name softly to alert you to his presence.
If you wanna just stay friends for a year. He's completely down. No questions asked.
If you just wanna be in a fluffy relationship. Then it's just fluff galore.
All in all, you both have a great dynamic. No one would ever have pegged him as being good for you, but he completely proves them wrong. And it's perfect.
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Love & Hate, Part V ~ Paul Lahote
Summary: Sick of his life being dictated by the wolf inside, Paul Lahote is determined to keep one choice for himself and never imprint on anyone. But the wolf has different ideas
Warnings: Nothing I can think of, but let me know if there should be!
Word count: 5.6k
Love & Hate Masterlist
Tumblr media
I’ve never been a big fan of bees.
When I was a six-year-old, I was picnicking with my family and got stung on my neck, just below my ear. I reacted as any six-year-old would: a full-blown meltdown, which sparked the irritation of my parents. I sat in the car for an hour with nothing beyond my own conscience to console me.
As I stood in Sam and Emily’s kitchen, I watched the house swarm with the people of La Push, the majority of whom I’d never seen before in my life. But judging by the more than slightly hostile looks I was receiving, they knew precisely who I was. 
And were preparing to sting. 
If I’d been staying in a bedroom, I’d go inside and lock the door until everyone was gone, but unfortunately, the couch was the only thing I had a partial claim to, and that was currently less private than a public bathroom with no stalls. 
Everyone grouped together in the living room, focusing on their conversations, and giving me a distinct impression I wasn’t welcome.
Frustration chugged through my chest like a malfunctioning train. 
I searched the crowd of people, not willing to admit to myself who I was looking for. 
Last night, when Paul and I finally arrived at Sam and Emily’s from Port Angeles, Paul hadn’t said anything before running into the dark woods as fast as his legs could carry him. 
I tried to convince myself that I was really only irritated at the $19.99 plus tax I’d spent on a book that had yielded no answers, but if I was being honest, I was miffed that Paul didn’t give me a chance to ask if he was feeling better before deserting me completely. 
No matter.
He was a grown adult who could take care of himself. He didn’t need a doctor, and he most certainly didn’t need me. 
I busied myself with dragging one of the heavy dining room chairs into one corner of the living room. It was painstakingly slow work, and though the volume of conversation didn’t lower, I could feel the heavy stares of everyone watching me. 
Ableist eggs.
Even the man in the wheelchair, the obvious queen bee, studied me with the air of an appraiser trying to decide if I belonged in a museum or a thrift store. 
I’d finally managed to get the chair into a corner of the living room when the front door opened, and Paul walked in, dark eyes scanning the people in the room.
My hand lifted of its own accord, about to wave to get his attention, but I pulled it down again, chastising myself. He didn’t care about me and where I was sitting. Besides, he most likely knew everyone here and would rather sit with any one of them over me. 
My assumption was confirmed as Paul immediately walked over to a group of chatting men, an easygoing smile on his face as they instantly included him in the conversation with claps on his shoulder. One of the men reached out to touch Paul’s stubby braid, and the shining beacon of pride in Paul’s face made me look away. 
Everyone here had connections, and then there was me. 
If I didn’t already want to break the bond and have no responsibility to these people, I would’ve after today. 
“Anybody need anything to eat?” 
I glanced over to see Emily in the kitchen, holding a platter of sandwiches up. It seemed she defaulted to making food in stressful situations. Clearly no one was complaining, judging by the way they swarmed her. Was it Emily’s status in the community that made her a more acceptable imprint? Or maybe it was the fact that she was a housewife? 
Just then, the front door opened, and Jacob stepped into the house, holding hands with Renesmee. 
I sucked in a breath. What on Earth was his thought process in bringing her, a half-vampire, to a house full of werewolves? 
As I watched, Renesmee crossed the room, walking towards the man in the wheelchair. Then, she reached out her hand to touch the man’s shoulder. 
Not only did he let her, but he covered her hand with his, smiling up at her. “Good to see you, Nessie.” 
“You too, Billy.” And with that, she walked back to Jacob, and the two of them joined Paul’s conversation. 
A half-vampire was more accepted here than I was. 
I looked down at my brace. How was it possible to hate an inanimate object this much? But I was willing to bet anything that however much they hated it, I hated it more. 
“Alright, if everyone can start to gather in the living room, we can get started!” Sam said. 
I couldn’t keep myself from glancing at Paul. 
He was already looking at me, a sight that sent off odd sparks in my chest. Before I could look away, he lumbered towards me, easily grabbing one of the other wooden chairs and lifting it with one hand. 
“Y/N,” he said, neither antagonistic nor cordial, as he set the chair a good foot away from mine and sat.
“Paul,” I replied in the same indifferent tone. 
Awkward silence.
Awkward silence more painful to listen to than a hundred nails scratching an old chalkboard.
“Are you feeling better?” I finally asked. “After last night?”
Paul nodded, but didn’t say anything, refusing to throw me a proverbial bone. 
I continued studying the people around us, pretending I didn’t see how rigidly set Paul’s arms and shoulders were. “Do you know what this meeting is for?”
Paul glanced around us before lowering his voice. “They don’t know about the vampire.”
Oh great. 
If they didn’t know and they were all looking at me with judgment, how much worse would it get when they all found out that I was the vampire’s target? They might band together and run me out of the state. 
“I feel so out of place,” I said quietly, surprising even myself at my volunteered vulnerability. 
Paul smirked, and I chided myself for saying anything at all. He probably reveled in the knowledge I felt off-balance and couldn’t wait to crow about it. 
“You’re my imprint,” he said, still looking amused. “Ironically, right here, beside me, with these people? It’s exactly where you belong.”
I glanced at the group of people nearest us who didn’t even bother to pretend they weren’t watching Paul and I. “Then why do I get the feeling like no one wants me here?” 
Paul sighed, but with much less aggression than I’d come to expect from him. “You don’t live on the rez. They’re bound to be wary at first.”
I hadn’t thought about that.
With Paul imprinting on me, we were essentially an interracial couple, and I knew next to nothing about the cultural heritage of the Quileute tribe, even after having read about it in the book. It was one thing to read about a culture, a whole history in a book, and quite another to be thrown into the deep end of said culture. 
I shook my head. I needed to get my head back in the game and my eye on the prize. “I wonder if any of these people have answers on how to break the bond.”
Paul scratched his neck, looking uncomfortable. “Well, even if the elders knew anything, they wouldn’t tell us.” He glanced off to the side towards the man in the wheelchair. “They’re already giving me the silent treatment since Sam told them what we’re doing.”
Oh. So my limp wasn’t the only reason I was getting the stares and silent treatment. 
Somehow, that didn’t make me feel much better. 
I straightened in my chair. “Well, this is where my charm comes in handy.”
Paul snickered, his body relaxing a bit. “Sure, you just ooze charm.” 
I narrowed my eyes before softening my whole face. “Oh, I don’t know,” I said in an innocent voice, reaching out so my fingers brushed the outside of his forearm. Paul’s eyes snapped to my hand with a sharp inhale, and I waited for him to pull away, the same way he had when I’d touched his hand outside my apartment. 
But he didn’t.
Not looking at his face and trying very hard not to think about how warm his skin was, I dragged my fingertips up towards his elbow. “Most people think me charming.” 
Much to my delight, goosebumps erupted on Paul’s arm.
“I mean,” I said lightly as my fingers continued their path up to his bicep, “why else do you think I’m a successful doctor?” 
Paul sucked in a shuddering breath, still not looking away from my hand. 
“People just seem to find me very,” I leaned in close to him, lowering my voice, “agreeable.”
I’d only meant to tease him, to get him back for his comment, but the look on Paul’s face when I pulled away from him was like he’d never seen me before. Like I was an angel, a ray of light in a world of darkness. I meant to make him pay for his comment by laughing and turning away, but that look suddenly made me feel–
I withdrew my hand, letting out an awkward cough.
Lucky for me, before Paul could say or do anything, Sam walked in front of the group, drawing everyone’s attention. “Hello, thank you all for coming,” he said in his deep, authoritative voice. “Let’s not waste time. There’s a vampire in town.”
‘Impossible’ was never a word Paul liked to use.
Thankfully, since he’d become a werewolf, the word had grown much smaller.
But the moment he’d smelled her for the first time, the word had reared its ugly head alongside the wolf and multiplied faster than he was able to keep track of. 
She was impossibly independent, and it was impossible to keep her from pursuing something she wanted. She was impossible to be rid of, impossible to pull away from, and impossible to think straight around. 
When she’d leaned in, her breath tickling his ear, his heartbeat had skyrocketed, causing all sorts of feelings.
And yet he hadn’t been able to pull away. 
Even now, as she sat beside him, all he wanted was to sit comfortably and maybe even pretend she wasn’t there. 
But that was impossible. 
“We think we know who the vampire is targeting, but this vampire has proven it will attack anyone, so you all should take precautions.” As Sam continued listing off ways to stay safe (buddy system, curfew, etc), the man in the wheelchair on the other side of the busy room looked directly at me, eyes narrowed. Refusing to back down, I held his gaze without breaking, not even when his eyes flickered to the brace on my knee. 
Finally, the man lifted his chin slightly and returned his undivided attention to Sam.
“Who’s that?” I asked, leaning into Paul to point out the man. 
Paul looked nervous. “Billy Black. Jacob’s father.”
“Is he one of the elders?”
His nervous look quickly turned suspicious. “Why do you want to know?”
“Is he?” I pressed.
“Yes, why?”
“Oh, gee, you don’t think that your best friend’s dad, a freaking elder, is the next resource we should utilize?”
“What happened to the book?”
“I read it and found nothing.” 
Paul squinted. “You read the whole book in one night? Like, cover to cover?”
“I didn’t have anything else to do.” I expected Paul to make fun, but he merely faced Sam again with a carefully neutral expression. I elbowed him in the ribs. “The book was a dead end, so our next stop is Billy Black.”
“You are not going anywhere near him,” Paul said out of the side of his mouth. 
“Is that for his good or my safety?”
“For my sanity,” he grumbled. “I can barely handle either of you on your own. The two of you in the same conversation? There’d be no survivors. The pair of you’d decimate the whole block.”
I couldn’t figure out how to answer that, so I focused on Sam just as Sam finished up the meeting. “Stay on your guard,” he said as his parting words.
The crowd stood up again, migrating towards the door. Emily stood in the kitchen, moving more platters of baked goods and sandwiches onto the table for people to grab as they walked past. Paul followed the people outside, slowing down his normally brisk pace so I could walk beside him.
I didn’t know a wheelchair could be carried as respectfully as a throne, but Paul and I watched two werewolves carry Billy Black’s wheelchair down the stairs with reverence beyond anything I’d ever seen.
Standing on the porch and lightly tapping my cane against the wood, I tried to keep my mouth shut as boys settled the wheelchair on the ground. 
After Paul’s comment about being suspicious of people who didn’t live on the rez, I was starting to wonder about the culture I’d stumbled into. As much as I loathed the situation, I did not want to cross lines into disrespect. 
But the bookstore had been a dead end. Paul himself said the werewolf gene ran in families, and Native American cultures had a custom of passing on knowledge and history orally. Logically, talking to an elder was the next step, and I was watching the best source of information wheel itself towards the van.
I couldn’t just do nothing. “Mr. Black!” I called, walking down the steps. 
“What are you doing?!” Paul hissed, following me and reaching out a hand as if to grab my arm. “Are you out of your mind?!”
I silenced him with a sharp look, limping over to where Billy Black turned his chair around. “Do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions about–”
“I know what you want, child.” Billy crossed his arms. “I know what the two of you are trying to do.”
Beside me, Paul lowered his head, looking very ashamed. 
I squared my shoulders, only more determined. “Mr. Black, I recognize that this is not traditional, and I am sincerely sorry if I’m coming off as disrespectful, but we want to break the imprint bond, and if anyone knows anything, it’ll be you.”
“Are you so ungrateful that you will reject life’s most important gift?”
I sunk my teeth into my tongue to keep myself from biting back. “Mr. Black–”
Billy scowled a way that implied he knew every thought in my mind and despised me for them. “The bond knows best. It put you together for a reason, even if that reason is not apparent to either of us.” 
“And maybe that’s what we’ll discover,” I said as soothingly as I could manage. “But we still have to find that out for ourselves, right?”
Billy just glared at me.
I nearly lost my nerve, but when Paul shifted his weight between his feet, I was reminded again of our goal. “Sir, we are going to pursue this, with or without your blessing. Hunting for this kind of information could be very dangerous, and we could end up in serious trouble chasing after lunatic theories. But you can point us in a safe direction. Wouldn’t you rather we do this safely?” 
Billy surveyed me with skepticism. I held my breath, waiting for him to shut me down, to deliver some powerful verbal blow and wheel himself away, believing himself superior. 
“Kids these days,” he finally said under his breath, but with less malice than he’d said anything else. “I have a friend who knows more about the Quileute legends than anyone else. He lives by the Canadian border. Sam will know who I’m talking about. He has the address.”
I shot a victorious smile at Paul, who looked like he was questioning his own eyes and ears. “Know this,” Billy Black said harshly. “I do not approve of what you two are trying to do, and my friend will not either.”
And with that, he wheeled away.
Once the other elders had helped Billy into the car and the car pulled away, I turned to Paul. “We should–”
“No,” Paul said, more firmly than anything else I’d heard him say yet. 
“You don’t even know what I was going to say!” I protested.
“You want us to go to the border to meet this guy, and we’re not going that far when there is still a vampire on the loose.”
“Well, it looks like you have your work cut out for you,” I shot back. “So hurry up and catch the vampire.”
Paul huffed. “You know, vampire hunting isn’t like catching butterflies.”
“I never said it was!”
“You are infuriating!” Paul marched away, talking darkly underneath his breath. 
I watched him go, wishing no one else was around so I could shoot him a rude gesture while his back was turned. But Emily and Sam were standing on the porch with smirks on their faces as I limped up to the house. 
“Lover’s spat?” Sam asked.
“Shut up,” I growled at him.
“Ah, don’t think we didn’t see the two of you whispering sweet nothings to each other the whole meeting,” Emily said slyly. 
“Sweet nothings?” I spluttered, and the couple cracked up. 
I debated setting the record straight, but they wouldn’t believe me anyways. And what if they also started treating Paul poorly because of their imprint bias? So I just rolled my eyes and went into the house, straight towards the bathroom. 
I needed to splash some cold water on my face.
What had Paul done to deserve such torment? 
Clearly he had done some great wrong for the universe to send him an imprint straight from hell. A vegetarian know-it-all with no patience or good sense. He gnashed his sharp teeth as he ran through the forest on his normal route, trying not to think about how she was irritating and nonsensical and nearly a thousand other horrid things. 
Sam’s voice broke through his tirade of thoughts. Are you nearly done with your patrol?
Paul shook his head to bring his focus back to the present. With a start, he realized he was only halfway through his lap, when normally he would’ve been finished by now. No, I’m halfway.
He felt the alpha’s surprise through the bond. 
I’m being thorough, okay?
The fact that Sam didn’t say anything told Paul he didn’t believe that. 
Or I’m just having an off day, Paul tried again.
Sam still didn’t say anything. 
Good riddance. Paul didn’t need anyone else’s approval of the truth to make it true. 
“Blasted hunk of junk!” 
I kicked my flat tire with my bad leg and immediately regretted it as pain shot up my knee. “Ouch!” I hissed. 
I hobbled back to open my trunk, staring helplessly at the spare tire that was a third of my size and weighed 30 pounds at least. If I’d had two healthy legs, I’d easily be able to pull it out and roll it where I needed it, but I could barely stand with my cane. 
Cursing so filthily my mother would’ve dropped whatever she was holding, I debated throwing my cane just to expel some anger. 
All I’d been trying to do was go to work. After Paul shot down my only plan for how to break the imprint bond, the least I deserved was some time doing what I loved and what I was good at. 
And another chance at trying to change Carlisle’s mind. 
But in true me fashion, I’d successfully snuck away from the house only to get a flat tire halfway to the hospital. 
I pulled out my phone. 
No reception.
I stowed my phone back in my pocket, staring at the tire, wishing I could somehow fix it with my willpower. 
A quiet huff among the trees behind me made me freeze. 
The vampire.
After surviving my accident, after everything I’d done to make it to Forks, to seize with both hands my only chance at changing my life, here I was, about to die by the side of the road like a squirrel. 
Well, I wouldn’t go down without fighting. 
Moving slowly, I changed my grip on my cane, holding it like a weapon. Taking a deep breath to steady my nerves, I whirled around to face the red eyes of a vampire. 
But it wasn’t a vampire.
It was a silver wolf, twice the size of my little car. 
I’d never seen Paul’s wolf form, nor had he ever described it to me, so the wolf in front of me could just as easily be Jacob or Sam or any of the other werewolves. But I somehow knew with confusingly absolute certainty that it was Paul. 
The wolf jutted his chin towards the car.
“I got a flat tire.”
The wolf snorted, and its eyes danced with unmistakable mirth.
I debated how he’d react if I threw my cane at him. “Don’t you dare laugh at me.” 
The wolf inclined its head in a somewhat apologetic manner, but I could still see a smile tugging at its lips. Could wolves smile? 
I came closer, walking around him, surveying the fur-clad body with great interest. I was beyond grateful that a wolf and his imprint didn’t have a mind reading bond the same way the pack did, because I didn’t need Paul to know that however conventionally attractive he was in person, his wolf form was even more striking.
The dark markings on his face accentuated his noble-looking eyes, his lean body practically giving off waves of assurance and power. His fur looked soft, and I barely just kept myself from reaching out to touch it.
I used to think vampires were the most powerful creatures on Earth. But looking at Paul, it was hard to imagine something my size having any sort of chance against him. 
“You didn’t tell me that werewolves are much larger than normal ones,” I said, struggling to sound as sure of myself as I normally did. “Wolves are normally four feet tall? Five feet?” I completed my circle, looking him in the eyes. “You must be, what, twice that?”
Paul shifted in place, like he was uncomfortable with me observing him so closely. Or maybe just antsy. 
“I bet you’re faster than a car too.”
Paul craned his neck to look at me, jutting his chin out towards the car once he got my attention. He let out an inquisitive breath, and I felt the overwhelming urge to look away, because I knew exactly what he was asking and how he’d feel about it. 
“I was going to work.” His eyes turned reproachful. “I know, I know, but I’m going stir crazy at Sam and Emily’s, and Carlisle’s probably there too, so I’d be fine.” A growl came from deep in the wolf’s throat, and I rolled my eyes. “Fine, fine, I’ll go back to Sam and Emily’s, will you just shift and help me change this tire?”
Paul’s tail twitched, and he ducked his head, his ears flattening against his head. 
“You’re embarrassed about shifting? Why?” Paul shifted one of his back legs, and it was then that I noticed the fabric tied to his leg with a cord. “Why do you have–” Then it dawned on me. The reason the pack walked around in human form with no shirts or shoes on all the time. “Ohhh, your clothes don’t shift with you, do they?” When Paul still didn’t meet my eye, I had to stifle a laugh. 
That got his attention. A low rumble of displeasure came from him. 
“You do realize I work in the medical field, right? That I see people naked all the time?”
Paul huffed and lumbered away into the trees, out of sight.
“Wait, where are you going?” I started to follow, but walking uphill after him was nearly impossible, especially with the wild grass and plants. “Oh, come on, you can’t just desert me for not being shy!”
A human Paul emerged from the trees. “I’m not deserting you.”
For all my teasing about seeing Paul’s body, seeing him shirtless for the first time made me a bit tongue-tied. The defined ripples of the muscles in his torso made the cool forest air suddenly a little too warm. 
It must’ve been seeing him in his wolf form that had me so focused on the way his body looked. That was the only reason. If I hadn’t seen his wolf form, I would’ve been at my normal annoyance level with Paul, regardless of his lack of a shirt. 
He walked tall and proud, like not a thing on the Earth could cause him to crumble. I had to keep my mouth from falling open as he easily lifted the heavy tire from my trunk with one hand. With the other, he lifted out a toolbox, which I had no idea was even in my trunk at all. 
The muscles clearly weren’t just for show, even if it was a thoroughly enjoyable show. 
Just like with vampires, the signs of a werewolf were clear, if one bothered to look close enough. The inhuman strength, the protective instincts, the unparalleled intensity, the persistent mystery, it all added up. But the imprint bond was supposed to bring together soulmates. 
So how could someone as mythical and strong as him be paired with someone as weak and broken as me? 
“You’re lucky that I found you,” Paul said, standing up and wiping his dirty hands on his shorts. “You could’ve been stuck here for hours.”
“I would not have been stuck for hours.” The retort just slipped through my lips like butter. Why couldn’t I just say thank you and move on? 
All my gratitude evaporated as Paul turned to face me, a patronizing smile tugging at his mouth. “Oh, yeah, cinnamon sugar?” 
Ignoring the nickname jab, I folded my arms, my cane getting awkwardly tangled up in my hands. “Yes.”
“Oh right, I’m sure you would’ve used your famous charm to convince the vampire to change your tire and let you go instead of killing you and drinking your blood.”
I scoffed. “No, I would have eventually called for help or even changed it myself.” I was just thanking my lucky stars that Paul didn’t know there was no reception when it happened.
Paul’s eyes darted down to my knee. 
I hadn’t thought about how I’d never seen him look at my brace until he looked at it with the same expression everyone did, the same judgment of what I was capable of. 
“Don’t do that,” I mumbled, hating myself for sounding so vulnerable. 
Paul looked confused. “Don’t do what?”
“Look at my knee.”
He raised an eyebrow. “Why do you always care so much about where I’m looking?”
“I don’t,” I replied automatically, stepping away from him to go towards my car, fighting once again to act as confident as I normally did, to remain as blasé as I wanted to. 
“You’re not even going to thank me for changing your tire?” Paul called after me. “For saving you hours of stress and quite possibly getting stranded in rain?
I spun around. “Oh, please, keep enjoying my incapability and lording it over my head.”
Paul let out a strangled noise, looking like I’d just condemned his very existence. “Do I really strike you as the sort of person who gives a crap about what you can and can’t do?”
A memory came to mind: of struggling up the stairs of the apartment complex and Paul calling me a cripple in garner sympathy from the landlord. I scoffed, leaning my weight on my cane for balance. “Well, clearly you do, since you want to break this bond so badly.”
I might as well have hit him over the head with my cane with how shocked he looked. Then, surprise quickly turned to thunder. He advanced towards me, coming so close, I had to crane my neck to look into his face. “You think…” One of his hands lifted. For a moment, I thought he was going to caress my cheek, but he clenched his hand and lowered it back down to his side. “You think I want to break the bond because of your limp?” 
I folded my arms, feeling exposed by his state of undress, as if I was the one half dressed. “I know that that’s why you want to break it.”
His eyes narrowed. “It’s not about the limp!”
“I’ve met people like you before,” I jabbed a finger into his bare chest. “I run into people like you all the time. Of course, someone ableist like you thinks it’s a curse to imprint on someone defective like me.”
“Someone like me?” Paul scowled, pushing my hand away. “Well, what about someone like you? Someone who refuses help, who acts as judge, jury, and executioner? You judge everyone and push them away before they can even have a chance at showing you who they really are.”
“Says the man who wanted to be free of me the moment he laid eyes on me.”
Paul threw his hands in the air. “Even if I’d tried to be close to you, you never would’ve let me!”
“Of course I wouldn’t have let you!” I snapped, hating the tears that welled up in my eyes. “I didn’t ask to get claimed in some antiquated, creepy werewolf ritual!”
Paul made a hissing noise. “Do you delight in making everything impossible?!”
“Me, making things impossible? You’re the one who keeps avoiding me like lava and delaying our mission to break the bond! If you really want to be rid of having a soulmate who limps, the next step is clear!”
“Wanting to be rid of you has nothing to do with that, and everything to do with you!” 
If he’d have thrown the flat tire at me with all his might causing me to fall on the road and get hit by a car, it would’ve hurt less than that comment did.
He clearly realized he’d gone too far, his face immediately apologetic. “Okay, listen–”
I stormed back towards my car.
“That’s not what I meant!” he called after me.
I didn’t acknowledge him as I flung my car door open.
The desperation in his voice tugged at my chest, and I almost looked back at him. But then his comment sunk in, and I angrily shook my head. I slid inside my car before driving away in the direction of the hospital, leaving him to grow smaller and smaller in my rearview mirror. 
Paul flung open the door to his house. 
Jacob was standing in the entryway, arms crossed. “Where the hell have you been?” he demanded. “And why are you all wet?”
Paul grabbed the dish towel on the counter and started wiping himself down with it. “I got caught in the rain.”
“Well, why didn’t you shift?”
“Sue me for wanting some privacy,” Paul snapped, glaring at Jacob, unwilling to admit that he hadn’t wanted the pack to find out about his fight with Y/N. 
“Geez, what’s wrong with you?” 
Paul whirled around, throwing the towel down and getting in Jacob’s face. “I’m not in the mood, Jake! Just leave me alone!” He shoved past him, walking towards the bathroom for a shower.
“The full moon’s coming up.”
Paul froze.
A full moon.
Paul slowly spun to face Jacob, struggling to breathe. “When?”
“Two days from now.”
Paul stretched out a hand to lean against the wall, trying to get his thoughts in order. 
A full moon.
A time when his inhibitions were lowered, and the wolf was in control. He wouldn’t be able to stop it, and he knew exactly what was the center of the wolf’s desires. 
Or, rather, who. 
“I can’t even imagine how much you’ve been suppressing the wolf, so for a full moon to be around the corner…” Jacob slid his hands into his pockets. “You need to have a plan in place.”
Paul covered his face with his hands, trying to remain calm. 
A wolf wanted to serve, protect and love it’s imprint, but Paul had been vehemently mashing down all the wolf’s desires and suggestions when it came to Y/N. Come the full moon, the wolf could very well be in such a frenzy to get close to her, to prove itself to her, that it didn’t care about what she wanted at all. 
“Paul, if we don’t figure something out, I can’t imagine what the wolf will do with Y/N.”
Paul looked at his friend, narrowing his eyes. “I thought you wanted us together.”
“I do.” Jacob sighed and leaned against the counter. “But with how much you’ve been suppressing the wolf’s urges? You might have no control over the wolf, and there is no telling what the wolf will do as soon as you have no control.” 
Paul swallowed hard, trying to push against the images that rose up in his head.
Images of being close to her, holding her, even…even kissing her. 
Images that most certainly didn’t come from him. 
The image that did come from him was Emily’s face, the scars that ripped through her features. Thanks to the pack telepathy, Paul knew exactly how much agony Sam was still in, thanks to losing control of the wolf around his wife. Sam was the reason Emily had to deal with the same type of stares that Y/N was so sensitive to. 
He couldn’t be responsible for causing Y/N harm like that, not with the trauma she already carried.
Jacob was right. 
He had to come up with a plan, or he could very well be responsible for something he couldn’t come back from. 
“What do you suggest, since you’ve given this some thought?” Paul asked. 
Jacob shifted his weight between his feet. “You’re not going to like it.”
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Tumblr media
⚠️Mention of suicide
Part 2
Tumblr media
“M…married?” Your hand trembles against your mouth as you glare down at the ivory paper on the middle of the table… he didn’t… ask you to marry him. You released a shaking breath as you grabbed the invitation. Eyes wide as they read the names
Isabella Marie Swan
Edward Anthony Mason Cullen
“This…” you breathed out a chuckle, hoping Edward would come through the door with Jacob and Bella, laughing and joking “can’t be real… I- I mean,” you sniffed. “Y/N…honey I am truly sorry…” Your father's voice cracked…it’s like you felt your heart stop.
You had just seen them last week. You hugged and kissed him, and had Bella in your arms as you smiled and laughed with her. She seemed so happy to have you back in town like she was relieved.
You glanced back at the open door, hoping, no praying he’d come back in and say it’s a prank like the annoying little brother he is… but no… he didn’t.
Even on the wedding day, you still didn’t believe it, watching your lover say his vows to the girl you once called friend…never again. You waited behind the tree line until everyone finished their speeches, did their big dances. You didn’t want to cause a scene.
You walked towards the lights, instead of a dress as you’d usually wear on these occasions, you stepped your 5’10 frame into the party wearing a black suit. Like it was a funeral.
That’s what it felt like.
Like your loved ones died. The people you loved and cared for, dead. They were dead to you.
Your brown skin looked like honey underneath the fluorescent lights. Virginia Beach causing you to get a tan. You were quick to catch most people's attention. Shocked to see mister Black's daughter there, knowing they didn’t like the Cullens. And also because people knew that you and Edward had been together.
Rosalie was the first sibling to notice. She gasped as she sees your…taller frame. Her golden eyes took in your suit, how the muscles in your arms filled the sleeves, the low cut in your blazer showing some of the skin of your firm stomach.
Yeah, you were different. How’d you go from 5’6 to 5’10 in six months?… she suddenly felt like a disgrace to a friend… if that’s what you still called her. Her breath hitched as she sees your jaw clench, and hears your heartbeat speed up. You honestly couldn’t believe what was going on… as much as you knew… you and Edward were still together… until now you assumed.
Rosalie knew her family was in trouble… before you could make contact with her, she was gone. You looked at where she had been standing, before blinking and shrugging away the feeling of being glared at.
“Y/n… How- How are you? What have you been up to!…” Alice. Edward always had a smart remark about his sister being annoying, you didn’t see it until now.
She’s fucking aggravating.
Dark eyes flipping over your shoulder, you met the petite woman behind you. She was stunning, as always, they all were. But your grieving couldn’t let you focus on that. “Dashing as always… loving the outfit by the way heh…”
You took a deep breath, ignoring the sickeningly sweet smell while you chose your next words carefully. “I want to talk with you… all of you.” You felt like bursting into flames while talking to her, yet you didn’t. Something about that made you think that would satisfy them.
“Are you sure you just don’t want to enjoy the wedding…” her voice starts to fade out as you pushed passed her. The action would usually leave the aggressor hurt because she’s mostly stone, but you surprisingly shoved her without effort.
She noticed the words she used. Enjoy the wedding… the wedding you didn’t know about, the one you weren’t invited to, the one she planned for your boyfriend and another girl.
You looked at the seven sets of golden eyes, plus the dark ones of Isabella swan… Cullen, Isabella Cullen.
“You know what sucks the most?… I didn’t even know you were cheating…I was so blinded by the love… love I gave you,” you looked up at Edward, the love of your life, the reason your heart beats still. The one who encouraged you to go to school, to try to get a degree.
You look down at the dirt, your throat straining as you forced yourself not to let a tear slip. “Y/N…” Esme steps up, eyes sad, a pout covering her lips. You couldn’t bring yourself to believe her sympathy was real.
Letting out a dry sniff, you settled your eyes on who you thought your mother figure was. “What?… I mean… do any of you have anything to say? Or are you just gonna sit there? And let your son marry who I thought was my best friend?!”
“It-it just happened-“ Bella was interrupted by a scoff. You didn’t want to hear the excuses. You were gone for 6 months. No one in their right mind gets married in 6 months.
“Give it to me straight Isabella…” you rolled your shoulders back, trying to lose the stiff shoulders and the slouched back. This made the Cullens tense. Especially Edward, he immediately saw that you looked different when you came around that corner. “How long have you been fucking my man…”
Bella gulped, she knew this sudden change from anywhere. Her best friend went missing for months because of it.
It was a valid question. How long have they been seeing each other? When she came into town? You didn’t go to the same school as they did. How long have they been together to decide they wanted to shackle?
Your question caught everyone off guard. Emmet and Bella released a gasp. You were straight to the point. You had to be
“Come on, it’s not like that.” Edward was next to speak up, his voice quiet, but quick to defend his wife. You couldn’t believe yourself for falling for the whole Mormon thing. To believe an 18-year-old male wasn’t going to give it up to you before he was married. It always sounded vague in your ears.
“Well, then how is it? Kinda hard when there is a rock on her ring finger.” you glared at the oval-shaped diamond. Ugly ass ring. Okay, it wasn’t that ugly, but you had the right to be petty. You shook your head before forcing yourself to look up at him
“You know I would never do that! You know my beliefs, I would never hurt you like that” “- yet you cheated on me and married her! You don't even have the balls to break up with me!” you raised your voice, the straining you felt from holding it back caused a vain to pop your neck.
This seemed like a shocker to the rest of the family. All of them, including Bella, looked up at Edward for confirmation. They thought he broke it off with you. Bella thought you had come to terms with it, that’s why you guys hanged out the week you came back home.
Jasper steps up, his gift picking up on the anger you’re leaking, but everyone was picking up on it. You had every right to be angry. “Y/n please calm down, don't ruin this day… just go home.”
Shaking your head you scoff. Jasper. You liked him. You liked the quietness you two shared, or even the occasional jokes and picking at him for his slipping country accent.
You and he could’ve had a great lasting friendship, even though every time you came around him, he tensed up like he was in pain. Maybe it was because he knew his brother was cheating on you. This family was filled with weirdos.
“ what about me?… so fuck my feelings huh?” you thought your heart broke at the reception, but it was truly gone when you watched Edward wrap his arm around her waist, pulling her close like you were the threat. Like you could ever hurt her as she hurt you.
You hated feeling vulnerable, crying in front of people who hurt you. Your emotions have been rocky when you were in Virginia. You’ve been angry and stressed. Getting cold sweats and aching muscles.
You felt all that anger you thought you left back home rise, making you back up. “I- I gotta go…” you say with disgust coating your voice and mirroring your face when you turned around to where the cars parked.
You really can’t believe you fell for their mind games. You should’ve listened to Paul and Leah. The Cullens are a bunch of delusional crazies.
“Okay wait!” Alice walks off, releasing jaspers hand just to grab onto yours. she got to you so fast, that you didn’t have time to react. “What are you planning to do?!” You tried to snatch your hand away, but her grip was so tight it felt like your bone was going to snap. “What the hell are you talking about Alice? Let go!” You pulled your arm, only getting her to fall in your arms, causing jasper to grab onto her shoulders and pull her back.
You were so distracted by her you didn’t even see him approaching. “Don’t do anything stupid and reckless Y/n, for Billy and Jacob!”
Your eyes narrowed at this. There’s no way she thought you would kill yourself over this. I mean, what else could she be implying? What the hell is going through that mind of hers? “Alice.” The one you fell so hard for called out for his sister. The small girl hesitated before she looked back at her adoptive sibling, she didn’t want to risk you leaving, and doing whatever the hell she thought you were going to do.
It was like they were having a secret conversation. His eyebrows would come together, and so would hers, he’d slightly tilt his head, and she would breathe out aggressively.
You’ve noticed this about them a lot, they could spend time with each other in the room, and Edward would sometimes speak like he was asked a question. It freaked you out at first, but you brushed it off because you sometimes slip up when you’re having self conversations in your head.
You couldn’t help but look at them like they were crazy, that sudden feeling of disgust and the sickening sweet-smelling made you so frustrated, that you knew you had to leave before you felt like kicking someone’s head in. Because you were now able to.
Scoffing, you push past jasper as you walked quickly to your black truck, their silent conversation making you angrier than normal. “What the fuck is wrong with this family.” You almost growled underneath your voice.
To make it worse, you didn’t realize tears were falling until they got to your lips. The salty taste forces your anger to sizzle down into sorrow and pain. It hurts. Everything hurts.
Your body, your emotions, your mental. You felt destroyed.
You stepped into your truck, lips pressed together to contain the sob that threaten to burst through as you slammed the door closed. This caused the car to wobble on its high wheels. The movement only added more to your frustration. It was a damn 2005 Dodge Ram you got for your birthday.
What the hell is wrong with me?!
You took one last glance at the people you thought were your second family, and took in a deep breath as you shoved the keys in the ignition. This wouldn’t be the last time you heard or seen from them, because your brother was so obsessed with Bella. But you wish it was.
You looked at those faces one by one. Everyone holding onto their person. Sorrow in the family's eyes for losing you, embarrassment and shame on the flushed Brunette you called your friend.
Yeah, this is how you would remember them.
You took in one last shaky breath and put the truck in reverse before driving out the long driveway and into the woods.
Tumblr media
Tag list: @justmindingmybusines, @smenny
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venuscribble · 11 months ago
american mouth — carlisle cullen x reader
Tumblr media
A/N: hihi:) nice to share my first thing w/ everyone! honestly I wrote this at 4AM and it most likely shows. Also this is my first twilight fic….ever. Literally rejoined the fandom last week but YEAH😁💓
Summary: Y/N enters to visit their new doctor with a stiff neck, and leaves with a lot more to worry about. Firstly, how quick their heart beats at the mere sight of him.
fluff, tension, reader is of age and new to forks!
Your legs swing as you sit upon the bed of the doctor’s room, alone. The paper covering crinkles under your every move, only adding to the overstimulated haze the blue-white hue of the lights has left you in. Every doctor’s room has the same clinical, intoxicating smell, you think. Even in the blimp-sized town of Forks, they cannot escape this certain stench of immaculate-ness. As your thoughts descent into just how different forks compares to your previous habitat, it takes the slam of the door behind your doctor to pull you out.
“Sorry to keep you waiting,” he begins, golden hazel eyes lifting to scan your expression. The corner of his lips tug into a slight smile, his head tilting to the side in what you can only read as shame.
“My previous client, Mr. Wilson, didn’t wanna let me go too fast.”
He’s smiling now, unrestrained as he flashes his pearly white teeth, practically gleaming despite the garish white lights beaming down on his figure. It takes way, way too long for you to digest any of the words coming out of his mouth. You’re more intrigued by the sharpness of his jaw, the peak of his nose, the gentleness behind the light hazel eyes staring back at you. Laugh, you think, and laugh you finally do. Truthfully, the laugh stems from the sheer anxiety of having your new doctor be as alluring as he is, but his little anecdote does amuse you too. You aught to talk, you decide.
“It’s really not a problem, I understand.”
Say something funny, your inner monologue screams. The pause as Carlisle waits for your continuance feels almost hour long, deathly silent yet screaming loud in its awkwardness.
“More time…uh, to think about..my neck?”
Carlisle huffs out a laugh, moving to sit into his chair and shuffling to face you directly. It’s a torturous move, with his eyes now locking with yours, forcing you to hold his gaze. Perhaps even more painful than the dull ebbing in the muscles of your neck. Perhaps.
“Ah, yes, I suppose you’re right! More thinking never hurt anybody. So,” he places a hand on each knee,” tell me about it in your words. Claire informed me you’ve been having difficulty with your neck but, I’d like to hear you tell me what needs fixed, if you could.”.
Something about his words sends a red hot jolt of excitement to your stomach. I’d like to hear you tell me what needs fixed, you repeat. What needs fixed…the stupor it sends you into turns your throat barren dry. Perhaps it’s the close proximity of his frame now leaning into you, or the way a small smile refuses to leave his lips as he speaks, or even just the implications that the doctor will tend to you.. the seconds dilate into minutes as you reel in your thoughts.
“Yeah, uhm. It’s super hard to move my neck?” You state, your strained voice intonating the words into a question. “I can move it from side to side a little, but not fully. It’s been like this for a week now..I wouldn’t have come if it weren’t so persistent.”
“I’m very glad you did come, y/n. This sounds serious.”
Naturally, the mention of your injury being deemed as serious flies over your head. All that you can hear is the way he says your name, softly and calmly the way any good doctor would, ringing in your head like chiming bells.
“Would you show me how far you can tilt your head? If that’s okay with you, of course.”
Of course, you mentally repeat once again. By instinct your head ducks to nod, until that painful throb below your nape stops you in your tracks, pushing a low groan from your throat.
Carlisle’s eyebrows furrow as you huff out your pain, making a mental note of the severity as you rub at the back of your neck, your cheeks turning a soft shade of pink. Any other doctor, he thinks to himself, and the way you’re starting to blush would pass by unattended. It just had to be Carlisle who’s every feature to you is flawless and far too illuminating for the miserable sights of Forks. Carlisle, who can hear your heartbeat begin to crescendo as your eyes meet his. Carlisle, who can practically feel the blood rushing to your delicate face.
Whilst a small conversation gradually picks up between the two of you, the staccato of your heart comfortably easing, Carlisle’s thoughts retreat into his least favourite corner of his mind. He knows what’s coming next. He pictures the events ahead of him: your head tilted to the side, bearing your neck for his touch. He’s done this countless of times, for countless mortal patients, but…never someone like you. Never such a fragile thing as you, who’s legs dangle from where you sit and who’s eyes just can’t seem to stay locked with his. You’re delicate, like a lily in bloom. Carlisle wishes to freeze you in this state of purity, forever, like a photograph. So, he cocks his head once more as the dark mist of thoughts which swallowed him get wafted away, and observes your movements once more.
A/N: want more? here’s part two!
join the taglist here!
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captain-krunchy · a year ago
Yandere Alice and Jasper x Reckless! Unpredictable! Reader (HC and Fanfic)
Tumblr media
(Gif from We Heart It)
- Alice is already pretty reckless in her own way and Jasper is extremely protective over her, but you’re different you are a human.
- You need extra protection and you cannot afford to be reckless.
- Manipulative and controlling
- Jasper 100% uses his ability on you, he will use it on you until you are really happy with them.
- They do not watch you sleep. Not regularly anyway. If they do it will be because they are already staying the night with you or for some safety reason.
- They like to watch you do other “human” things. Getting ready for something, eating, cleaning, cooking, reading, etc.
- “No, you need to do it this way.”
- “You will get hurt doing that.”
- Jasper in particular likes to watch you read, especially at a normal human speed. He likes you to read to him even if it takes forever with you being just a human.
- Alice likes to watch your process for getting ready for things. If you put on makeup, how you get dressed.
- You constantly tease Alice and Jasper for being boring and not letting you do anything fun (dangerous) while Alice will tease about your wardrobe and fashion sense.
- Once Alice has her first vision of you. You’re done for. Being away from you is painful for Alice because she has already formed a bond with you, and the last thing Jasper wants is for Alice to be in emotional pain and him having to feel it as well.
- Once they turn you (rather it’s on purpose, on accident, or on “accident”) you will still have to earn a lot of freedoms. Especially if you are a dangerous newborn.
- If you are gifted and it’s something they think the Volturi might be interested in you will be hidden away if Alice gets even the tiniest hint the Volturi are coming.
- You are also hidden from the Volturi if you are human.
- Either way vampire or human, Alice has a vision of you meeting the Volturi and being really mouthy to them. While the stuff you say to them is hilarious, you almost end up getting brain pained by Jane.
Alice had a brief vision of her and Jasper being with another person. But the harder she tried to look for your future the more things kept changing. The only thing set in stone is that you would be coming to start at their school at least some time in the next week. Your future changed a lot and most of the outcomes involved you getting hurt in some way than you and your friends laughing about it. This made Alice’s head hurt. Jasper felt her discomfort and immediately went to see what was wrong.
“Jaz, we have another mate. They are beautiful but their future keeps changing. They keep doing stuff that will just get them hurt!” Alice said frantically. With her gift of foresight, she was rarely nervous or stressed, but with this new human mate being so unpredictable she found herself feeling nervous. A couple of days passed of Alice desperately trying and failing to see your future. Luckily you were starting at their school tomorrow. Maybe they would be able to train you well enough so you were not so reckless and unpredictable. They could teach you to behave. Alice already felt love for you, and Jasper eagerly waited as he felt his wife’s love for you. It was so strong and it felt so pure. He wanted to meet you, or at least see you. It was almost too much to bear, without Alice it would have been. Immediately after Alice told Jasper about you he asked if they could go see you, or maybe ‘meet’ you at a store or something. Alice, however, knew seeing you would be a lot to handle for Jasper and that outcome involved you being kidnapped. It was better for them to wait to see you in person after they had this little bit of time to adjust to the fact that kidnapping you would be wrong. When the next day came around Alice picked out perfect outfits for her and Jasper. Both primary colors of the outfits were your favorite color. You were also oblivious to a lot of stuff so any of their strange behavior would go unnoticed by you unless someone pointed something specific out, but they could work around that. They finally went to school and saw you. The most perfect human they had ever seen. You had already been making friends around town despite being from what was deemed as the ‘rival’ school. Alice and Jasper immediately approached you causing the people you were talking to scatter. “Should I be worried that you two coming over here made everyone else run off?” You joked with a slight smile. “I’m Alice Cullen and this is my boyfriend Jasper Hale. You must be the new student I’ve been hearing so much about.” Alice said happily, purposely avoiding your question. For a brief moment, you felt weirded out. They are dating, but they look similar. The weird feeling did not last long before a sense of out of place and unfamiliar joy took over. A big goofy grin was then plastered on your face. Over the next week, Alice and Jasper attached themselves to you. They herded you to have lunch with them and their siblings. They told you horrible things about other potential friends. Every day they tried to come over to your house, offering to help you study, and every day you declined despite the mild loneliness you felt being away from them compared to the strange forced joy you felt anytime you were around them. They also kept you from doing anything fun. Which despite the forced happy feeling you felt around them still bothered you to no end. Everything was dangerous for you in their eyes. Also, they seemed to think that everything that they did with you had to be planned out to the letter and nothing could be changed for any reason. You did not think much of it though, just that they were boring. As more time passed and you learned more about them more and more red flags popped up. One of your friends from back home began to point the problems out. The possessiveness and the constant control they tried to force on you. After you noticed the red flags, you began to be more cautious around them. Avoiding them at every turn and going back to being how you liked being, unpredictable, reckless, and fun. It took a few days for them to finally leave you alone. You did not see Alice or Jasper for at least two weeks, but your emotions did become more forced and inconsistent. You would feel fear with people you never feared before, and pure fury with people you enjoyed being around. Sometimes deep loneliness would also settle on you. In the short few weeks, you began to long for Alice and Jasper, or at least the forced happy feelings they brought with them. Alice and Jasper, of course, welcomed you back with open arms. They made sure you would only be happy with them. Even if Jasper was influencing your mood the whole time.
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teamjacobthot · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
aka ‘the leah clearwater origin fic’ I've been talking about for like......ever
read on ao3
beta-read/edited by the lovely @bellas-dumptruck-ass and my dear friend syd
rating: teen and up audiences
warnings: profanity, underage drug use, alcohol use (some underage), sex mention, crude humor
ships: leah clearwater x sam uley, sam uley x emily young (unfortunately.....but later), some kim connweller x jared cameron, sue clearwater x harry clearwater
check out the fan cast here
THE PLAYLISTS (spotify) (will be updated later)
nyctophobia | beck’s mix | songs 4 lee-lee vol. 1+2
TAG LIST (lmk if you want me to untag you!)
@leahclearwaterdefensesquad bc you’ve (rightfully) been on my ass about this!!! this one’s for you bby!!!!!! @sethclearwatermybeloved @cheerynoir @big-idiot-wolf-boys @the-golden-onion @howlonghaveyoubeenseventeen @phil-dwyer-stan-account @paulxlahotee @edwardsmedow @the-most-pathetic-edge-marquis @effervescent-influenza @gezellig-writes @milfmagn3t @witchyangela @haletwinsstan @leahcee @musingsofvenus @leahclearwlwater @twilight-bih @haemshaems @vampiresarezombies @femmealice @jacoblacks @bellasoutrageousflavor @tenarcansteponme @itsafuckingwolfthing @plainjaniedee @renegadepack
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lovelyladyabsinthewrites · 23 days ago
Love Song for a Vampire Pt.3
Tumblr media
Pairing(s): Edward Cullen x Wolf!Reader, Edward Cullen x Bella Swan, Jacob Black x Bella Swan, Embry Call x Wolf! Reader
Warnings: angst, thoughts of suicide, desperation, edward keeping secrets from bella, alice visions
Words: 2047
Summary: Already aware that this connection would never bring anything to fruition, you’re willing to do anything to cut the ties of fate that bind you to Edward
“I’m sorry Edward, but you know I can’t see the future when it comes to the shape-shifters. . .” Alice sighs. Of course she would have loved to help her brother in his dilemma. Offer him any help that she could. She had learned last year though that when the wolves were involved she got a major headache, something completely uncalled for when it came to vampires.
Helpless, golden eyes look up at her; permanent dark circles under his eyes seem to enhance how he was feeling. With a sigh of his own Edward’s eyes shift away from her. “No, it’s okay Alice. I understand.”
“I really think you should talk this over with Bella tonight though.” She pushes once again. “Whatever happens in the future, she needs to know.”
Edward couldn’t imagine how Bella would react. Would she be jealous? He’d have to assure her that he felt nothing for (y/n), but even he knew that that wouldn’t change the fact that the young shape-shifter had imprinted on him. Even Bella knew the immense seriousness of imprinting.
Jacob was probably ecstatic about the fact.
Clenching his jaw Edward nods. “I know. I just have to pick the right time to tell her. Right now she’s worried sick about what Victoria has planned. I don’t want her stressing out about this.” He would also make a mental note of not having Bella go to La Push for a while. With this information out, Jacob might grow even more bold with his affections toward Bella. Edward had no real claim to her now in Jacob’s eyes. A wolf imprinting might as well have been marriage. No one in the pack would consider their relationship serious now. In their eyes, Edward was (y/n)’s. He acknowledged that this must be tough for (y/n), but it was also making life difficult for Edward too. His future had never been so uncertain before. Bella had been the last major surprise in his life.
In a comforting manner, Alice rubs his shoulder. She hated seeing her brother so torn but knew it was no one’s fault. This wasn’t a situation where he could fight against it. Fate and destiny was uncharted territory for them. “Things will turn out alright, I’m sure of it. Once Victoria is dealt with then we can face this situation head on. Figure something out.”
“This can’t be right. There must be something I can do to change this.” Pleading with determination, you knew the elders probably saw you as a pitiful little girl. Who else would know of something like this though? The elders of La Push were your best bet. Surely they knew something with their wisdom of Quileute history.
Edward nods. For now he would just have to focus on the threat ahead. There was nothing he could do at the moment about (y/n). Eventually though something had to be done if he still wanted to be with Bella.
Even though Harry Clearwater had passed away the previous year, the tribal elders still held meetings in his home whenever they were called upon. A now widowed Sue Clearwater didn’t mind at all and knowing of your situation from her children, wanted to help you in any way possible.
They all sat in plastic chairs, outside in the Clearwater’s backyard, listening to you patiently. Among them was Billy Black in his wheelchair appearing perturbed about the situation that you were in. Old, withered faces were showing signs of how grave your situation was and it gave you no hope.
After being depressed about the situation you had found yourself in you decided to pick yourself up and fight against it. This proved to be a losing battle though. No one had fought against who they had imprinted on.
Eryld Ren held a gravity about him as he looked to his companions. Glen Wright is the only one to meet his gaze but even then it was for a quick minute. Both men knew that what you asked from them was unheard of. Everyone was silent as your plea was held in the air.
“Surely. . .” Whisper lingering on your lips, your heart plummets. “There has to be some way. . . It just CAN’T be possible. Werewolves and vampires have completely different genetics. If what Sam says is true and that imprinting is a way for us to produce stronger offspring, it’s impossible for me to be compatible with a vampire.
“Imprinting has never been wrong.” Eryld sighed, knowing you had probably heard that a thousand times from Sam who was also in attendance.
“She’s right though.” Glen protests. “Something must be wrong. Never in history has this ever happened.”
Sad, gentle eyes turn to you as Billy speaks up “Imprinting, as far as any of us know, is a permanent thing (y/n). Even as curious a case as this is, there is no changing it.”
You refused to accept that as an answer. Tongue running over your bottom lip, you try again. “There has to be some ancient magic. . . C’mon, we live in a world where werewolves and vampires exist! This can’t be it for me! What about wolves whose chosen mates have completely rejected them? What do they do?”
“They’ve always died from a broken heart or killed themselves.” Glen admits.
Shaking your head you stare at your clenched fists. “I don’t want that as my future. If you’re saying that’s the only way out for me then I refuse. One way or another I will not have Edward Cullen as my mate.”
“None of us want that for you either, but it’s simply never been done. Detaching yourself from who fate has chosen for you. . .” Billy shudders, shadows flickering across his face. “We all know this is the worst possible outcome for you. But there is simply nothing anyone can do about it. Not even magic.”
That was what everyone kept telling you. Nothing could be done about it. Edward was your chosen one.
When all hope seemed lost for you, Sue opened the screen door. “There might be someone who can help. . .”
Hopeful eyes beam at Sue as others turn skeptical to her. For being an older woman, Sue still held immense beauty. When you got to her age you hoped you looked as good as she did.
Timidly she steps out and enters the half circle with you. “I had half a mind to call upon her when Harry had his heart attack. . .” At this she almost sounded ashamed. “They say she can work magic. Heal people for a price.”
Eryld seemed to sit up straighter in his chair.“What are you talking about Sue?”
“In Latin American culture there are these people. . . People who practice witchcraft.” Immediately there was a collective inhale. Vampires were one thing; witches? Another. All you could think of was the movie the Blair Witch Project and how you had been scared witless.
“Sue, such things like them are immoral.” Glen slowly reminds her.
“Not all of them.” She argues before turning back to you. “There’s one that lives a little outside of Port Angeles. If you’re really desperate then it won’t hurt to try her.”
“I’m willing to try anything at this point.” (e/c) eyes full of fervor you glance at the tribal elders. Eryld simply shakes his head. “You can’t trust those who deal in witchcraft. They will trick you into thinking they’re good.”
Sam finally spoke up, in full support of you. “We can’t let her stay the way she is though. If her life continues like this. . . we don’t want to lose her to something that can be changed.”
“It’s worth a shot.” Murmuring more so to yourself, your mind is already set on what you were going to do next. “I want to give it a try.”
Everyone looked at you with apprehension. Never had they dealt with other supernatural forces. In many Native American cultures, medicine people were well known, but witches were always a different aspect.
You would try anything though.
“I hate to ask you this but. . .”
Sam shakes his head. “It is part of my duty as alpha to help out the members of my pack. The earliest I can drive you is tomorrow around 12. Is that okay?”
Nodding you find yourself growing hopeful once more. Even if the elders disagreed on the actions you were taking, you were happy to know that at least Sam was there to support you.
The small city of Sequim fooled you into forgetting about the dangerous person you were about to meet. A lush place with beautiful fields brimming with lavender flowers that made your head wonderfully dizzy.
Even though it was a beautiful place, you and Sam were still on edge. From the way your alpha held himself you knew he was extremely wary.
You clutched the piece of paper that Sue had given you, the address of the witch etched in pencil.
Heart freaking out like crazy you try everything to slow it down to it’s regular pace.
“You ready for this?”
“I don’t really have any other options.” Eyes focused outside of the window you knew your car ride was drawing to a close.
“I’ll be there with you. Don’t worry.” Sam assured you and for a moment it did ease your anxiety. Until you came upon her house.
The GPS instructed Sam to take a turn into a densely wooded area where the path was incredibly rough, making you bob up and down in your seat. Your surroundings grew darker as the trees engulfed you, blocking out any natural light that the sun offered above. The hairs on the back of your neck pricked up.
There was an evident bad vibe in the air as the path narrowed until it led up to an otherwise lovely looking house. It didn’t match the surroundings at all. A bountiful garden encircled the house and you wondered how some of the plants were able to get any sun from the tops of the trees forbidding any rays from shining down.
Sam turns off his truck, staring out the front window for a moment; possibly contemplating what would happen once he steps out of the car. He was a big man, bigger than any of the other men in the pack. You should’ve felt safe with him. You were scared though.
What if Sam couldn’t protect you? What if you weren’t able to protect yourself?
Before either of you unbuckle your seat belts you shoot a glance at one another. “Well, let’s do it.”
A sharp pain nailed itself into Alice’s skull. She immediately grabs at her head, breathing heavily until the pain was enough to make her close her eyes. Her head was vibrating, shaking and distorting sounds. She hears a cry in the dark along with the tangent smell of blood. Wolf teeth flash in her vision, snarling and trying to take down whatever entity was there. Talons that belonged to a large bird tear open human flesh. Another cry.
You gathered up your courage, reminding yourself that you were a shape-shifter, a wolf. Wolves were not scared of anything.
Amid the black, Alice peeks through the fog to find the face of a terrified girl.
She was in trouble.
Alice trembled from the force of the vision, finally forcing her eyes to snap open to find her classmates staring at her in the cafeteria. Bella is next to her, hands placed on the vampire’s shaking shoulders.
Edward is already up on his face. “She’s in trouble.”
“T-Terrible trouble. . .” Alice manages to pant out.
“Who Alice?” Bella tries to pry what Edward had seen in the vision. Something so bad that Alice was slouched over in her chair. Never had Bella seen her like that. She had been around Alice when she was having visions of the future, but nothing like this. She was in intense pain. A pain that vampires weren’t accustomed to having.
The look in Alice’s eyes scares Bella. Fearful, golden eyes stare up at her. “(y/n).”
(y/n), she was one of the shape-shifters. Why was she in trouble?
Questions lingered on Bella’s tongue but her boyfriend was already storming out of the cafeteria door. There was no time for questions.
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vhyggo · 16 days ago
How would the Paul Lahote community feel if I dropped a Paul Lahote x You fanfic?? 👀👀
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homeofthelonelywriter · a month ago
HM: Carlisle Cullen x clumsy!Reader
(A/N) I think this is the first time since I started with Head Canon Monday, that I post something that wasn’t a request...still, since all the clumsy!Reader HC were so popular, I thought I would do them with an underrated character. I hope you like it!
Pairing: Carlisle Cullen x clumsy!Reader
Warnings: none
Tumblr media
(Am I the only who thought that he was extremely hot in this scene?)
let’s start with the good thing
he’s a doctor
no matter how badly you hurt yourself, he knows how to fix you
honestly, that is probably how you two met
you somehow managed to hurt yourself and had to go to the hospital
and he just happened to be your very attractive doctor
after that, you became a regular there
and he made sure to always be the one to treat you
after all, he knew about the connection as soon as the two of you met for the first time
and connection or not, you couldn’t deny that you were falling for him
after a few months of your regular visits there was suddenly another doctor treating you
you of course asked where Carlisle was
and you were told that he no longer wanted to be your doctor
which confused and hurt you
but as you were about to leave the hospital, Carlisle pulled you aside
at first you wanted to ignore him, still hurt by his rejection
but as you walked away from him, he called something after you that took you by surprise
“Doctors can’t date their patients.”
you, of course, immediately turned around and jumped into his open arms
after you calmed down, he officially asked you if you’d like to go out with him
you said yes
you quickly found out about the vampire thing
they weren’t really hiding it that well
after you two started dating, Carlisle developed some strategies to keep you from hurting yourself
one, he’d always be by your side
before dates, he would pick you up at your front door
and after, he would insist to bring you at least to the front door, if not even up to your room
two, if you insisted on going hiking with him, he’d insist to carry you most of the time
that would also count if it was slippery during winter
three, he would be the one to drive the car
again, especially during winter
his reflexes are just better than yours
four, no wet dishes for you
or knives
just anything you could hurt yourself with
five, he essentially babyproofed the house
no carpets you could trip over
extra sturdy railings at the stairs
if he would not carry you up and down those damn things
he even babyproofed your house
six, first air kids EVERYWHERE
and all his kids had to learn about first aid
especially Emmet, Alice and Edward since you spend most of your time with them
even you had to complete a course
and you always had to carry a first aid kit with you
seven, Jasper would have to slowly get used to you
and you would not be allowed to be alone with Jasper
either Carlisle, Edward, Emmet or Rose had to be there with you
eight, no wrestling with Emmet
this one was only implemented because Carlisle found Emmet and you play-wrestling one day and, if he could, he would’ve had a heart attack
nine, high heels or pumps only on special occasions and when someone was with you
ten, tell Carlisle if you hurt yourself
even if you think that it’s nothing
he loves you
and is worried shitless about you
he just wants you to be safe
and for that, he would do anything
but don’t even try asking him about turning into a vampire
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lokis-favorite-follower · 3 months ago
A Witch Thing Masterlist
Tumblr media
Pairings: Jasper Hale x Witch!Reader
Warnings: Anxiety, trauma, torture, violence, death...
Summary: What if witches existed and no one even knew? And what if a witch finds her One, who just so happens to be one of nature's biggest regrets?
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euovennia · 3 months ago
this side of paradise - leah clearwater
a/n: it's been a hot minute, but i've been quite busy with both moving for university as well as a plethora of family issues. however, i do feel a bit better now and should be able to get out at least one fic every week.
regardless, thank you all for getting me to 300 followers and enjoy :)
summary: in which leah cannot open up
pairing: leah clearwater x fem!reader
requested by @dakotahoney
word count: 4.2k
Tumblr media
Ask me why my heart's inside my throat
I've never been in love, I've been alone
Feel like I've been living life asleep
Love so strong it makes me feel so weak
Leah kicked at the sand beneath her feet as she let out a sigh at the boisterous cheers and laughs of the pack behind her. She originally hadn't planned on going out with the pack today but Embry's incessant whining paired with Seth's infamous puppy dog eyes made it hard to not give in. As she strayed farther and farther from the group, she couldn't help but mentally kick herself for agreeing to such an outing as she quickly realized both Sam and Emily were also in attendance. She'd stood by herself with arms crossed as she watched the happy couple embrace and share sneaky kisses out the corner of her eye. She desperately tried to ignore the empty feeling that was making its way into her chest but her efforts were fruitless. So, instead of blowing up and causing a scene, she stalked off to the shoreline in search of a distraction from the storm that steadily brewed itself in her mind.
The young woman's train of thought was abruptly ended as she found herself tumbling to the ground and landing face first into the sand. Her ears perked at the sound of a muffled laugh. Brows knitted together angrily and mouth ready to bite back at whoever dared to laugh at her misfortune, she snapped her head up toward the origin of the sound. Almost instantly, she sucked in a sharp breath of air as her eyes met with what she felt had to the most gorgeous pair of eyes she'd ever seen in her life.
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have laughed. I just didn't think anyone would manage to trip over my shoes."
Leah frantically looked around the sandy ground before her gaze landed on a pair of worn in red sneakers. She felt her cheeks go hot before turning to look back at the mystery girl who was sat cross legged on a faded yellow blanket with perhaps one of the most charming smiles stretched onto their face.
"Well I didn't think anyone would have their shoes just lying around," she remarked.
"Obviously. You've got sand all over your face by the way."
Leah's eyes widened and her heart rate picked up as she sat up and quickly began wiping at her face with her hands. How much more could she embarrass herself in front of perhaps one of the most attractive and alluring people she's ever met? Once she felt all the sand was off her face, she turned to look back at the girl with a faint blush.
"I uh...I'm sorry for ruining your picnic," she said, eyes settled on the small woven basket that sat beside them.
They only let out a scoff with a wave of their hand, "Oh please, you weren't even the one to ruin anything."
Leah's brows knitted together in confusion as she tilted her head to the side, "I didn't?"
They only let out a sigh before speaking, "I was supposed to meet up with someone for a date. I've been waiting here for over an hour."
Leah's lips turned downward as she shifted awkwardly, "Sorry to hear that."
"It's fine. I only wish I hadn't spent so much time on making a meal for two," they said with a huff as their hands began to pick at the basket.
Leah gnawed on her lower lip as she looked back over to the pack in the distance, more importantly, Emily and Sam who were still too wrapped up in one another to realize that the world was still moving. Gulping, she turned her gaze back to the girl in front of her with a newfound confidence.
"I could keep you company if you'd like. I'm not really feeling up to hanging out with the group I came with if I'm being honest."
She watched as the movements of their hands came to a stop as they looked up at Leah with an almost shy smile, "I'd like that."
Are you lonely? (Are you lonely?)
Our fingers dancing when they meet
You seem so lonely (are you lonely?)
I'll be the only dream you seek
So if you're lonely, no need to show me
If you're lonely, come be lonely with me
"I mean, really, what's the point of coming up and asking me out if you're not gonna show up? Why not just save yourself the trouble and leave me alone altogether?"
Leah sat on the queen sized bed as she watched Y/N rant about how yet another date had stood them up.
"They might just be intimidated by you. They go up to you thinking you're cute and they wanna get to know you better, but chicken out last second cause you're just such an awesome person," she remarked with a smirk.
"A text would still be nice," they grumbled.
Leah let herself fall back onto the fluffy duvet as she looked up at the ceiling, "Well on the plus side, at least you and I get to hang out."
With a playful roll of their eyes they spoke, "I hardly call that a plus."
Leah placed her hand over her heart in mock hurt, "You keep this up and I'm gonna stop showing up to our little meet ups."
They threw their head back with a laugh before laying down beside Leah, bright smile still painted on their lips.
"You wouldn't do that, would you?"
Leah looked over to them with a soft glimmer in her eyes, "I can barely go a day without thinking about you. I don't think I could ever stand you up."
At her admission, their face slowly grew hot as a blush settled onto their cheeks.
"You're just saying that."
Heart hammering in her chest, Leah's hand reached out to grab onto hers.
"And if it's true?"
Y/N looked down at their interlocked hands for a moment before directing her gaze back to Leah, "It's not."
Leah opened her mouth to object but was cut short by the room door swinging open with a thud. She felt her hand grow as her friend got up from the bed and rushed toward her younger brother with wide eyes and red cheeks, "What the hell Max? Get out!"
"No. Mom wants you to go to the store and get some stuff for dinner."
"Why did you have to tel-"
"Mom said you have to take me with you. Something about a headache."
She let out a huff as she repressed a groan, "I can already feel one coming on."
Max only looked up at her with a cheeky grin, "You should get that checked out. I don't want your germs all over the house. Now get ready, I wanna get some snacks!"
With the excitement only a child could harbor, the two girls watched as the younger boy spun around on his heel and ran off toward his room. She let out a small scoff of disbelief before turning back to Leah with a sheepish smile, "Looks like I gotta go now."
Pushing away the feeling of disappointment Leah nodded, "I get it. Seth gets the same way."
Leah felt her eyes soften as the girl let out a small laugh, "I can imagine. How's he doing anyway?"
"He's doing alright, just trying to navigate his way through school."
"Oh come on, don't leave out the juicy details. Didn't you mention he had a crush on some girl? What was her name...Sabrina, right?"
"I only left it out because there was nothing to tell. He still watches her from across the cafeteria during lunch while his friends make fun of him for being such a wuss."
The girl threw a pillow at Leah with a smile, "Don't make fun of him, I think it's sweet. He's a great kid and he'll have issue getting a girl, he just needs to build up the confidence."
"Yeah well at the rate he's going, he won't get that confidence until they graduate"
"Well what about you?"
"What about me?"
"Well you're here poking fun at Seth but I don't think I've ever heard you talk about your love life. So tell me, is there anyone special?"
Leah playfully rolled her eyes with a laugh as she watched Y/N's brows dramatically waggle up and down, "I'm not saying anything."
"What? That's so lame. I tell you all about my love life and you won't even give me a crumb? That's harsh, Leah."
Leah chewed on her lip as she glanced back over to Y/N who was in the middle of lacing up her boots, "Well...Maybe there is someone."
Y/N's head snapped up and she quickly raced over to stand in front of Leah. She put her hands on Leah's shoulders as she looked into her brown eyes, "Tell me everything."
Leah let out a laugh as she looked down at Y/N, "What do you mean by 'everything'? I can't just list everything."
"Then, tell me the highlights. What are some things about them that stand you to you the most?"
Leah sucked in a breath as she grew nervous, "W-Well...Um...They...I can't do this!" She exclaimed as she buried her face into her hands.
Y/N gently grabbed onto Leah's hands and slowly moved them away from her face as she looked into her eyes and began speaking in a soft tone, "Hey it's alright. You don't have to tell me anything you don't want to, I was just teasing."
All too aware of the skin to skin contact, Leah's heart began to hammer in her chest as she took in the features of the girl before her. Before she could stop herself, she began to speak.
"She's really pretty...Gorgeous even. She doesn't think she is, but I just can't help but stare at her every chance I get. There's a lot of things I love about her, but I think my favorite's her smile."
Y/N tightened her grip on Leah's hands ever so slightly, "Now was that so hard?"
Leah's gaze turned to their interlocked fingers before looking back up at Y/N, "You have no idea."
The two girls stood in silence before Leah slowly let go of Y/N's warm hands as she slowly began trailing the tips of her fingers against her arms until they were situated on her shoulders, "You know now that I think about it, she looks a lot like you."
"Y/N!! I've been waiting downstairs for ten minutes already! Hurry up before mom yells at us!"
Upon hearing the shouts of her younger brother, the two girls jumped away from one another as they tried to look anywhere but each other. With a shaky breath and a gulp, Y/N was the first to speak.
"I-I...I should go."
Leah only nodded.
Y/N quickly threw on her coat before turning to Leah, "I'll see you later."
Leah couldn't bring herself to respond so she simply remained quiet. Slightly discouraged by her lack of response, Y/N quickly grabbed her purse before shuffling out her room as she silently hoped her mom wouldn't question why Leah was stood frozen in her room as she practically ran out the front door. After double checking that both Y/N and her brother had officially left through the window, Leah quickly slipped her shoes on before clumsily stumbling downstairs and pushing her way out of that godforsaken house. As the cool autumn wind hit her face, she ran off toward the dense forest in an attempt to rid herself of the shame and embarrassment that was coursing through her veins.
Lonely (are you lonely?)
Passion is crashing as we speak
You seem so lonely (are you lonely?)
You're the ground my feet won't reach
So if you're lonely, darling you're glowing
If you're lonely, come be lonely with me
It had been a little over two months since the girls had last been in contact with one another, the memory of what could've been still fresh in their minds. As disappointing as the entire situation was, Leah was fine with leaving her alone. If there was any semblance of her returning the feelings she had put into the air that night, they would've reached out. Even so, that didn't stop Leah from making her way to the girls front door with a wrapped gift in hand, it was still Y/N's birthday after all. As she stopped in front of the door, she let out a deep breath before knocking. She waited a few moments before deciding to knock once again. Upon receiving no answer yet again, she stepped back and took a look around the house. She was only met with an empty driveway.
Of course she's not here.
Just as Leah turned around, ready to go back home the door swung open.
Awkwardly clearing her throat, Leah turned around to face Y/N.
"I didn't see the cars, I thought you weren't home."
"Oh no, my parents went out for a trip. They won't be back until late next week."
"And your brother? Normally he'd be out here trying to wrestle me already."
"I dropped him off at one of his friend's house for a sleepover."
Leah's face twisted into confusion, "But it's your birthday."
Y/N nodded, "And?"
"You shouldn't be alone on your birthday."
She let out a small laugh, "I guess so, but my parents have had that trip mapped out for months and I just figured Max would have more fun at his friend's house than staying back and being cooped up in the house with me."
"Well either way, I got you a present," Leah said before holding out the box to her.
A smile stretched onto Y/N's face as she took the box from her hands, "You didn't have to."
"I wanted to."
Y/N toyed around with the ribbon for a moment before looking up at Leah, "Well I was just about to cut into the cake if you want a slice."
Leah's heart jumped, "Of course."
Y/N stepped aside to let Leah through before closing the door behind her. She grabbed Leah's hand and walked over to the kitchen where a small birthday cake was sat on the counter. Reluctantly, she dropped Leah's hand before setting the present on the counter and grabbing the kitchen knife. Before she could cut into the cake however, Leah stopped her with a gentle hand pressed against her wrist.
"What are you doing?"
"Cutting the cake..?"
"Without candles or a happy birthday song?"
Y/N set down the knife, "My family stopped doing that after Max thought it'd be funny to get joker candles a few years back. Damn near set the whole house on fire."
"So you guys don't have birthday candles at all?"
Y/N shook her head.
"Well that just won't do."
Leah reached into her back pocket of her shorts before pulling out a lighter. She leaned against the counter in front of her before putting the fire to life. With the flame elegantly dancing around, Leah began to sing.
"Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Y/N,
Happy birthday to you."
After her short song, Y/N leaned forward and blew out the flame with a smile. Leah set the lighter down to the side and looked at her, "Did you make a wish?"
"I didn't have to."
With matching smiles, the two girls cut into the cake as they giddily made their way over to the couch to watch Y/N's favorite movie, The Breakfast Club. Even after they finished their slices of cake, the pair sat side by side as the movie played out before their very eyes. Leah looked over to Y/N, a smile involuntarily coming across her face as the girl beside her silently mouthed along to the words spoke by the actors. She could feel her whole being go warm as her eyes took in the features of the beautiful girl beside her. From her silky hair to the way her nose would scrunch up when she would laugh, she knew she was perfect. The only one for her.
"Oh my god!"
Leah jumped at Y/N exclamation and watched on in shock as she jumped up and ran over to the kitchen. She emerged with the gift box Leah had given her when she initially showed up at her house.
"I almost forgot about this!"
Leah calmed down slightly and watched as the girl excitedly sat down and began to unravel the ribbon and tear away at the wrapping paper. She then opened up the box causing a gasp to escape her lips.
Leah carefully surveyed the reaction of the girl beside her and not being able to take the silence, she opened her mouth.
"I understand if you don't like it, but I just thought you'd-"
"You remembered?"
Leah stopped her rambling to look back down at the girl, "Huh?"
Y/N fully pulled the traditional Quileute blanket out of the box and held it in her lap, "I can barely remember my coffee order and you remembered something I said at four in the morning when we were both tired out of our minds?"
Leah scooted closer to Y/N and watched as her hands gently traced the patterns woven into the blanket, "I remember everything you tell me," she remarked in a soft tone.
Y/N looked up to her, "Why?"
Leah looked into her eyes and pushed aside a lock of hair that was in her face,
"You're worth remembering."
Y/N did nothing except launch herself into the arms of Leah. She buried her face into her neck as Leah tightened her grip around her waist.
"Thank you."
"Anything for you."
Underneath the pale moonlight
Dreaming of a circus life
Carousels and Ferris heights
I'll be yours if you'll be mine
With the blanket laid out on the sand, Y/N and Leah sat down as they looked out on the waves that crashed against the shoreline. The two girls sat in silence for a few moments before Y/N scooted closer and leaned her head head on Leah's shoulder causing Leah to wordlessly wrap her arm around Y/N with a smile. Over the past few months, Leah has noticed that Y/N has seem to become more touchy with her. While she certainly wasn't opposed to the frequent contact, she couldn't help but feel a bit confused. Ever since Leah had let her let her impromptu confession out in the air just a few weeks ago, it seemed as though Y/N had virtually no desire to talk to Leah about it. She wasn't sure if the lack of conversation about it was something to worry about so she simply ignored it, but she wasn't sure if that was the best decision, Especially now more than ever as the girl had taken it upon herself to rest her hand on top of Leah's. Unsure of herself, Leah cleared her throat as she unattached herself from Y/N and laid down against the soft blanket. She watched out the corner of her eye Y/N's shoulders slouch slightly before she focused her attention on the waves.
"Pretty, isn't it?"
The two girls dissolved into silence as they listened to the waves crashing against the shoreline. Whether this silence was because they didn't want to talk or simply because they didn't know what to say, neither of them knew. Not a big fan of awkward silences however, Leah decided to speak up.
"Aren't you cold?"
Y/N turned to look at Leah with an almost annoyed glint in her eye, "Yeah, that's why I was leaning up on you. You're warm."
Leah bit the inside of her cheek, "Oh, sorry. I-I thought that...Nevermind."
Y/N quirked a brow, "What?"
"It's not important."
"Well I'd still like to hear about it."
"You don't need to."
"Why can't I be the judge of that?"
"Because I don't wanna tell you."
Y/N only scoffed before turning her attention back to the waves, "Whatever."
Leah sat up, "What do you mean 'whatever'? Just because I don't wanna tell you something doesn't mean you can be a jerk about it."
"Maybe if it happened here and there, but it happens practically everyday. You never tell me anything, Leah. I tell you so much about me and sometimes I feel like I barely even know you."
"I shouldn't have to tell you everything."
"And I'm not saying you should, but it's like I have to fight for you tell me the littlest things. It's exhausting sometimes."
"If it's so exhausting then why don't you just stop wasting your breath on me?"
Y/N let out a deep sigh as she turned to Leah whose brows were knitted together in anger and irritation, "I didn't mean it like that."
"Then how did you mean it? Because right now it seems like we should just leave each other alone."
"Look, all I'm saying is we're friends. Friends should be able to tell each other stuff and not be so closed off or secretive."
"Well I think friends should also understand that sometimes people just wanna keep stuff to themselves."
"Jesus Leah, I'm not asking you to tell me about your deepest secrets or anything like that, I just think it'd be nice if you gave me more than a one worded response whenever I ask how you're doing. I mean is it really so bad to just let someone in, even just a little bit?"
"Don't you think I wanna let you in? To tell you all about my day, how I'm doing? Just...be open with you? Of course I do I just...I-I don't know."
Y/N chewed on her lip before shuffling closer to Leah, "What are you so afraid of?"
Leah looked down at the blanket, "I just don't want you leaving me, okay?"
Y/N let out a small chuckle with a shake of her head, "You're so stupid."
"You get upset with me because I don't open up and then you call me stupid when I do. Thanks Y/N," Leah remarked in a sarcastic tone.
"Look I'm not calling your feelings stupid, I just don't understand why you think I'd leave. I mean I deserve a little more credit than that, don't you think?"
Leah sighed and put her face in her hands, "You do, and I'm sorry. It's just the last time I let someone in like they...They ran off with my cousin."
Y/N stayed silent for a few moments before grabbing Leah's right hand and squeezing gently, "I'm not gonna run off on like that, Leah. I promise"
Leah turned to look at Y/N, "Thank you."
"Unless it's another one of your cousins who just so happens to be incredibly attractive of course. In that case, all bets are off and you're on your own."
Leah scoffed and pushed Y/N back as she tried to conceal her growing smile.
"What, too soon?"
"You're a terrible friend."
"Maybe, but you're smiling so I like to think I'm doing pretty okay."
Leah shook her head before looking back at Y/N whose gaze was already concentrated on her.
"I think you're starting to develop a staring problem," Leah said with a smirk.
"Oh please, like you're not constantly eyeing me when you think I'm not paying attention?"
Leah's smirk faltered, "You know?"
"I think you underestimate how hard you stare at people. I feel like you're looking into my soul sometimes."
Leah blushed, "Sorry. I didn't realize."
"It's okay. I like knowing that I have know your attention."
"You do?"
"Yeah, helps me know the feeling's mutual."
Leah looked down at their hands before looking back up to Y/N, "And why would knowing that help you?"
"Something tells me you already know the answer to that."
Leah slowly leaned in closer to Y/N who did the same. They continued to lean in until their lips slowly ghosted over one another, "And if I don't?"
"Then this is gonna be incredibly awkward when we pull away."
"So maybe you should tell me."
"Like you tried to do that one day at my house?"
"I was hoping you'd forgotten that."
"I think about it everyday."
At Y/N's admission, Leah closed the gap between the two of them as their lips met in a soft kiss. Lips moving in sync against one another, Leah moved her hands to cup Y/N's face in her hands as Y/N's snakes around Leah's waist with a small squeeze. The two girls soon pulled apart with their foreheads resting against one another.
"I've been wanting to do that for so long," Y/N admitted with a smile.
"Then do it again."
Wordlessly, the two girls leaned in and kissed once again without a care in the world.
'Cause I'm lonely, I'm so lonely
If you hold me, I'll be your only
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sorrow-and-bliss · 3 months ago
A Leap - Paul Lahote x OC
Paul Lahote x OC (Rhea, but could be self insert if you want =) )
Warnings: Attempted suicide. Depression. Imprint. Fluffy. Language.
Note: Wolves do not rip their clothes when they shift, in this fic. It's inconvenient.
Rhea had been broken beyond all thought in life. It had become too much, and she decided to break the chains that bound her, and headed toward the lethal cliff's edge.
Running beyond everyone. Running beyond life. Running beyond her pain. Were she planning on living, she would be collapsing after such a sprint. But instead she would be dead. She sped through the woods as ferns, moss, overgrowth, and trees gave way to her decision. She gave a running leap and jumped off the cliff, to death below. A last hurrah to the world. She didn't care. Nothing mattered.
Paul was immediately aware of an acute tug on the bond.
Rhea did not know about the wolves, nor the bond.
He leapt up in sudden horror.
"What is it?" Sam asked urgently.
Without answering Paul tore off into the woods heading to the southerly cliffs.
Below, the waves raged and stormed. He immediately dived and began searching expertly. He could feel Rhea's pain relenting, but he panicked more because he knew it meant she was closer to death. Searching frantically and desperately, he at last found her nearly lifeless body, sinking into the waves.
Her sped through the water to her and wrapped his arms around his imprint, his strong grip and arm encircling her. He fled to the surface and plowed toward the shore.
Quickly initiating CPR, he worked for what seemed ages before she eventually coughed up the water.
"No!" she screamed "No! Why did you save me" she shot up, only to collapse "I should be dead! Why didn't you let me die?! Damn you!"
She hit Paul's leg with all force. He winced, not because it hurt but because his imprint was in pain.
Paul was weeping
"Because I love you," he choked out in a broken whisper.
"Don't toy with me," she shook her head, feeling very sick, and worn because she was not dead.
"I mean it," he answer softly.
"Yeah, right. Fuck it, do you even know my name?"
"Rhea," it rippled off his tongue.
She was almost amazed, and cautiously looked into this eyes. The bond solidified, and tugged them together, sensing its danger. An odd wave of calm washed over her.
"I'm sorry - "
"Paul," he smiled.
"Paul, then. How'd you know my name?"
"We met at the fair earlier this summer. It was brief."
"I remember," she half smiled.
But remembering the matter at hand he said, "I'm so sorry this has happened to you. You must be feeling so devastated, but I couldn't simply let you go. You deserve a full life; a happy life."
They sat on the warm sand together - well, Paul did; Rhea lay down.
"It's gonna be okay, Rhea. Can I carry you back?"
She snapped back to her former demeanor and answered with hostility, "Don't you dare. I am NOT gonna go to some hospital where they coo, 'Oh, baby, what's wrong? Are you feeling sad?' then put me on drugs in a cold lonely room.
"I wouldn't do that to you," he said gently.
"Oh? Then what?"
"I - the reason I remember you is because I have a very unique genetic makeup. It's something known almost exclusively to my tribe. Some of us can imprint on people.
That day, at the fair, I approached you because I thought you were beautiful and had a lovely disposition. I'll never forget the way your natural curls reflected the sun, or how your smile seemed to send every dark thing scattering. You were wearing an orange blouse, and eating cotton candy with your friends. Then I saw your eyes and I knew I was gone, probably even without my genetic makeup."
"Weird," she answered totally mesmerized
"Yes," he smiled again, "I've been figuring out how to get in touch with you but didn't want to frighten you. It's seems I should have come sooner," he said, his voice breaking again.
"Now now, it's not your fault,"
"The bond is the reason I knew where to find you, and how I knew you were distressed."
"Doesn't imprinting only happen with animals?"
"Ah, yes, that's the odd part. But you've already had a day out, so perhaps that should wait,"
"I want to know," she persisted.
He sighed. "Rhea,"
She lightly beeped his nose, making him laugh as he scooped her up.
"Where are you taking me," she asked, wary again.
"Wherever you'd like, but we're very close to my friends' house. It'll be quiet," he promised, as she had a headache coming on.
"Just try to rest,"
And she did. She fell asleep. Paul watched her gratefully as she dreamed. Grateful that he'd made it in time. Grateful that there seemed to be hope for her recovering. At last he was reunited with his imprint.
Sam and everyone were abreast of the situation. The other boys scattered noiselessly.
When she awoke, she was in a foreign house, in a foreign bed, with Paul holding her hand watching her somewhat anxiously. Next to him was a beautiful woman, who also watched her intently.
"Rhea! You're awake," Paul exclaimed in relief.
Emily was introduced and Rhea was encouraged to take some food and drink.
"Please, baby, I don't want you getting sick. You've been through enough," he then stopped and began apologizing, "I'm sorry I shouldn't have called you that, that's way too fast, I'm very sorry."
But Rhea stopped him, "You can call me 'baby' any day,"
Relief showed on his face again.
"I'll leave you two alone," smiled Emily.
They sat in silence for awhile before Rhea asked, "So, what's all this imprinting business?"
"Um, you've had enough for one day, baby,"
She whined, "No, I want to know. I thought it could only happen to animals,"
"Uh, well, do you know any of the Quileute legends?"
"Yeah, descended from wolves, able to shapeshift to protect against 'cold ones' or vampires,"
He nodded.
"And this is related to imprinting?"
He squeezed her hand and smiled, "Yes. Just ponder it a bit,"
She sank into thought, remembering
"Doesn't imprinting only happen with animals?"
"Ah, yes, that's the odd part,"
Werewolves - shapeshifters. To protect from the cold ones. Werewolves...
Quileute legends. Imprinting. Werewolves...
She shot up in bed, "Werewolf," she gasped, eyes wide.
"I - did not intend for you to put that together so quickly," he said with evident surprise.
"I - it's true?" she whispered.
"I'm so sorry," he murmured looking away, "I didn't want this to come out so soon,"
"Do you hurt people?" she blurted out.
"No!" he gasped.
"Oh. Well, why the wolf element - OH," she stage whispered.
Paul helped her lie down again.
"It's okay, sweetheart. It's a lot to take in."
"They're not all bad, we just protect against the bad ones,"
"Show me your wolf form," she said firmly.
"Please, Rhea, you've had enough for one day," he pleaded.
"So, I might as well go all the way, then I can decide if I wanna jump off a cliff again."
"No! Baby, no, I beg you. I can handle you rejecting me, but please don't do that," he looked at her in terror.
"Um, I was being a bit facetious. But I now recall you - "
" - but not entirely," he butted in.
She hung her head. It was true.
"Oh, baby, I'm sorry. I really shouldn't have said it like that."
Big tears tumbled down her cheeks and her lips trembled.
"Baby, I'm so sorry. You've had so much in one day."
"I'm a mess,"
"But you're alive," he said hopefully
"I'm not nearly recovered enough to be happy about that. Just fucking tell me what level of danger you pose to me."
"None. I'm a werewolf that defends people against vampires."
"You protect people," Rhea murmured affectionately.
"Well, I try," Paul admitted sheepishly.
"Alright, help me outside wolf boy. Show me if you're a good doggy, then carry me back to bed."
"Baby, I really think that should wait,"
"She needs closure. Check the bond, Paul. Feel what she needs." said a man standing in doorway.
Rhea instinctively reached for Paul, who said, "Rhea, this is Sam. He leads the pack,"
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Rhea. I apologize for the interruption. Emily wanted me to check in,"
"Oh, thank you. I'm a bit..." she trailed off, not knowing how to finish.
"It's okay, baby," Paul suddenly looked up from concentrating on the bond. "She needs more fluids. And she does need closure."
Sam nodded and left.
Paul carried her outside, and set her on the porch. He gave her a reassuring hug. "I won't hurt you," he promised.
After making sure she was sitting down, he phased.
He turned into the most beautiful wolf she had ever seen, large and silver gray. Once again she was mesmerized. Their eyes met, and she knew Paul was there. It wasn't just a creature. It was Paul.
He sat down, and cocked his head at her. She tentatively made her way forward, and he lowered his head so she could touch him. His fur was everything; deep and soft, shimmering in the sunlight. He turned and licked her face as she giggled, then rolled over so she could rub his belly. Then he scratched his ear and looked at her. She gave him a smooch on the snout. He snorted, and immediately phased back.
"You kissed my nose!"
She giggled and leaned into him.
"How am I supposed to follow a scent if all I can smell is you?"
"Oh stop whining. As if you want to smell anything else while you're protecting people. Maybe not practical, but let's face the truth."
He smiled again, and picked her up.
"So where does this leave us?"
"Wherever you want. Your friend, your protector, your - anything,"
"Asleep. I'm tired," she motioned to the other half of the bed, adding, "If you're comfortable. But nothing funny!"
"On my honor, it's fine and I wouldn't,"
They snuggled together in the late afternoon. She dozed off first and he soon followed.
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im-a-wonderling · 4 months ago
Love & Hate, Part IV ~ Paul Lahote
Summary: Sick of his life being dictated by the wolf inside, Paul Lahote is determined to keep one choice for himself and never imprint on anyone. But the wolf has different ideas
Warnings: arguing?
Word count: 6.6k
Hugs of gratitude to @writing-on-the-wahl and @shieldmaiden-of-gondor for beta reading this! As usual, you guys were a huge help :)
Love & Hate Masterlist
Tumblr media
Sam and Emily had been picked up by some friends, leaving me nearly all alone in a house that wasn’t my own with a teenage werewolf whose face I didn’t recognize and whose name Emily hadn’t mentioned. How many werewolves were there? Were they a garden-variety compared to vampires? Perhaps like a pigeon to peacock ratio?
Preferring crackpot theories to boredom, I pulled out my phone and braved the internet, diving deep into insane theories about werewolves and shapeshifters. Most of it was certainly hogwash, just like the beginnings of my research on vampires. I was on the verge of giving up for the day when a website advertising a few books on Quileute legends popped up. And the address of the bookstore was in Port Angeles.
But how to get out of house arrest long enough to drive there? I still didn’t even have my own car.
I looked up from my phone to study the werewolf asleep on the couch I slept on every night. Some guard dog.
My eyes fell on Emily’s keys on the kitchen counter. 
I tried to be as silent as possible as I walked into the kitchen, but my bad leg made a gentle thump every time I put it down to put weight on it, my cane gently tapping against the floor. 
But the werewolf asleep on the couch was dead to the world. He needed to tell me the secret, because that couch was less comfortable than a marble floor.
Keys in my hand, I made it to the door and slipped out of it. Still no sound came from the house as I twisted the key in the ignition. I started to reverse as I put my seatbelt on. 
I still wasn’t looking in my rearview mirror when a loud thud resounded through the car. I slammed on the brakes, my heart bludgeoning in my chest as I twisted to look behind me to see what I’d hit. 
Paul stood behind the car, a hand on the trunk of the car where he must’ve slammed it down. 
For a moment, relief coursed through me when I saw that he seemed unharmed, but the relief promptly ran from the chasing anger. I threw open the door, only to be dragged back by the seat belt I’d forgotten. I yanked myself free and stalked towards the thick-headed werewolf.
“What do you think you’re doing?!” I hissed. “I could’ve hit you!”
Paul snorted like the mere idea of the car hurting him at all was completely ridiculous. “What are you doing?”
My cane still in the car, I pressed a hand against the car to keep my balance, trying to slow my heart rate. “You gave me a heart attack!” 
He jutted out his chin, stubbornness practically oozing out of his pores. “Well, I can hear your heart, and it’s just fine. What are you doing with Emily’s car?”
Deciding to ignore the comment about him hearing my heartbeat, I realized I couldn’t tell him about the plan to go to the bookstore. He’d go ballistic. I needed to warm him up to the idea, which I didn’t have the time for now. “What are you doing here?” I asked, trying to come up with an alternate excuse for driving away in the car. “Aren’t you supposed to be out in the woods, howling or something?” 
“Where are you going on your own?”
Shaking my head, I put my back to him, limping back to the car.
“Hey, cinnamon sugar, I asked you a question.”
“And I have no obligation to answer it.” A grumbling sound came from the man behind me. I faced Paul, once more using the car as a crutch. “Did you just…growl…at me?” 
Paul opened his mouth to argue, but nothing came out, and his cheeks went slightly pink. 
I tried to keep in my scoff, but I failed. “Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m headed to my apartment. If I’m going to be staying here, I need more than one outfit.”
“The same apartment where a vampire was seen?”
I opened the car door. “That would be the one.” 
When I tried to get back into the front seat, a hand streaked through the air to block my path, restricting me from getting in the car. “You can’t go to your apartment by yourself, there’s a vampire out there!”
“You don’t know me. I excel at doing things by myself.”
“Well, I hear dying is a great activity to do on your own,” Paul said sarcastically. 
“Please, it'll take me, like, five minutes from when I get out of the car to get back into it.”
“All it takes is seconds for a vampire to sneak up on you, and just like that, poof, you’re dead.” 
“You’re being dramatic.”
“Dead as in D-E-A-D, dead.”
I clapped my hands together with fake enthusiasm. “You can spell!”
“Dead as a doornail, dead.”
“I don’t have time for this.” I made to get in the car. 
“What are you gonna do when you’re bleeding out like the landlord?” 
That hurt. I glared at the werewolf, who immediately shifted his eyes away from me, like he knew he’d crossed a line. Or maybe he just couldn’t bear to look at me. “Fine. If you’re going to be petty about it, you can come.”
Paul jerked away from me, clearly spooked. “Me?” He let out a humorless laugh. “I’m not going anywhere with you.” 
“You just chewed me out for almost going on my own!”
“Have Brady take you, he’s the one who’s supposed to be watching you right now.”
“Watching me? What am I, a toddler liable to burn the house down?”
Paul grit his teeth, sending a ripple down his jaw. “It’s not safe for you to be on your own, you know this. Personal comfort means nothing when it’s life and death.”
Paul’s mouth fell open slightly. “Excuse me?”
“You’re a hypocrite. If personal comfort means nothing when it’s life and death, then why are you so set on not having anything to do with me?” Paul shifted slightly. “And furthermore, why did you agree to work together to break the bond if you’re not planning on being around me ever?” 
The pinch between Paul’s eyebrows was the only indication that I’d struck a nerve. And the fact that nothing more came out of his mouth. 
I ducked underneath his arm and got in the car, once again buckling my seatbelt. He stayed where he was for a moment before letting out a frustrated grunt and closing my car door before walking around the car to get in the passenger seat.
I didn’t even bother trying to hide my victorious smile as he settled into the car, closing the door and slouching in his seat. 
Until he didn’t put on his seatbelt.
“Put your seatbelt on.”
“What are you, my mom?”
My nostrils flared. “Put. On. Your. Seatbelt.” 
“Jeez, someone forgot to take their chill pill this morning.”
“If we get in an accident, not having your seatbelt on can kill you.”
“Well, I’m a werewolf, and werewolves are practically indestructible.” 
“I’m not moving until you put your seatbelt on.”
Paul started muttering under his breath as he finally reached up to grab the seatbelt. “Control freak, trying to tell me what to do.”
With a scowl dark enough to blacken the sun, I reversed out of the driveway, cursing the existence of moody werewolves. Thankfully, we both stayed silent until we reached my apartment building. 
But every now and then, Paul squirmed in his seat, like he was sitting on something sharp, and his nose would wrinkle like he smelled something foul. 
I ignored him, pulling into the parking lot of my apartment. Paul unbuckled his seatbelt as I parked the car. 
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“Escorting you to your apartment.”
“Oh, no, no, no, no, I don’t need you with me. You can stay in the car.”
Paul pursed his lips. “How am I supposed to protect you from a vampire if you make me stay in the car?”
I opened my mouth to argue, but he had a point. Annoyed, I shoved my car door open. “Alright, whatever. But you’d better save my life if the vampire actually does show up, or I’m going to haunt you.”
“You wouldn’t have anything better to do,” Paul shot back, getting out of the car and slamming the door. 
Paul clearly didn’t know how to accommodate someone with a limp. When we started climbing the stairs, instead of staying beside me or even walking behind me, he’d climbed the staircase two at a time, waiting for me at the top.
I could feel his eyes on me, watching me struggle to keep the weight off my left leg. I was used to people staring at me thanks to the limp, but for some reason, Paul watching me was less comfortable than using a cactus for a bed. 
Maybe it was because he wasn’t staring at my leg or the cane, but at my face. 
“Stop staring at me.”
“You flatter yourself,” Paul scoffed, but the weight of his gaze lifted as he trained his eyes on the floor. 
Huffing and puffing like I was the big bad wolf, I finally reached the top, hunching over slightly as I tried to catch my breath. 
I pulled the apartment key from my pocket and unlocked the door. 
The first thing my eyes fell upon was the collection of pictures of the Cullen family, all spread out neatly on the floor. 
As fast as I could, I slammed the door shut in my own face before Paul could see. 
Paul swiveled to shoot a weird look at Y/N. “We can’t get your clothes from out here.” He reached for the handle. 
Y/N’s hand shot out to prevent him from touching it. “Wait!” Her hand, soft and cool, closed around his wrist. 
Paul jerked his hand away like he’d been burned. “Why are you being so weird?” he asked. 
“My apartment’s a mess, will you please just give me a second to tidy up?”
Paul braced his hands on his hips. “Do I seem like someone who cares about tidiness?”
“Not even in the slightest,” she replied without missing a beat, “but I do.” Not waiting for his seal of approval, she opened the door, slipped inside, and slammed it shut. 
Why was she refusing point blank to allow him into her apartment? Was she hiding something? Or was she simply trying to keep a boundary in place? And if she was keeping a boundary, maybe Paul needed to set some of his own. The wolf was causing him enough pain as it was.
But his curiosity got the better of him, and he pressed his ear up against the door, hoping for some clues as to what was going on in there, but all he heard was the shuffling of papers. “Are you planning on letting me in any time soon?” he complained. 
“Keep your hair on!”
She was telling him to be patient when she’d obstinately refused to move the car until he’d put his seatbelt on? A type-A if he ever met one. 
The wolf let out a mewl, clearly unhappy that Y/N couldn’t be seen, which made Paul grit his teeth. He went to kick the bottom of the door when the door swung open, causing him to lose his balance slightly.
The smirk on Y/N’s face egged at him, so he rudely brushed past her, intending to collapse on her couch and wait for her to finish. 
Except there was no couch to sit on. 
There was nothing to sit on.
There wasn’t anything. 
He’d expected an apartment that could be featured on HGTV, decorated with strings of lights, pictures in picture frames, pieces of fuzzy furniture in pink, a white kitchen polished within an inch of its life. Instead, he was blinking at a sleeping bag and fewer cardboard boxes than he had fingers. 
“I’m not much of a material person,” was all Y/N offered as she limped towards one of the boxes.
Paul couldn’t move from his spot. “Is this…” He swallowed, trying to wrap his brain around what he was seeing. “Is this all your stuff?” 
She ignored him, leaning over to rummage through a box. 
It didn’t make sense. She was a doctor. Didn’t doctors have insanely good salaries? Were student loans for medical school so large, it was financially impossible for Y/N to even buy a bed? 
Everybody had a right to have a bed. 
Eventually, Y/N finished folding her clothes and put them in a box. When Paul wordlessly held out his hands to take the box, she just lifted her chin slightly and limped for the stairs. 
Stubborn woman. 
She was even slower going down the stairs than she’d been going up. She struggled to hold the cane with the same arm as she held the box, using her free arm to lean all her weight on the railing, which creaked and groaned so loudly, Paul half expected it to come off the wall. 
A man stood waiting on the first floor of the building, arms crossed as he watched Y/N’s ordeal to go down the stairs. His expression was downright unfriendly, and Paul sped up, trying to put himself in between the man and Y/N. 
“Are you the new landlord?” Y/N asked, chest heaving as she came to a stop at the bottom of the stairs. 
“Yes. And you’re the girl in the apartment on the third floor?”
Y/N smiled at the man in a much more charming way than Paul’d ever seen on her. “That would be me.”
“The one who’s staying there illegally.”
Y/N’s smile dropped faster than a skydiver, and Paul stifled the urge to laugh at her dumbstruck expression. “I’m sorry?”
“There’s no record of your agreement with Daniel anywhere.”
“I gave him three months rent in cash! I’ve got two months left in the agreement.” 
The man just shrugged. “If you want the apartment for two months, you’re gonna have to pay me.”
Y/N looked like she swallowed her own tongue. “I don’t have two months' rent just lying around. What’s the alternative?”
“The alternative?” The man shrugged. “The alternative is you clear out so I can let that apartment out to a paying customer.” 
“I am a paying customer! I paid!”
“And I’m just supposed to take your word for it?” the man asked. 
“So, wait, you’re gonna toss me out on the street?” 
“I don’t see any reason not to.”
At this point, Paul stepped forward. “Come on, man, don’t you think that’s a little harsh?” He gestured to her cane. “You can’t just toss a cripple out on the street.”
Y/N’s head whipped around to look at him. “I’m not a cripple!” she snapped, with enough snarl to rival a wolf.
Despite the little yip of approval from the wolf in his gut, Paul ignored her and addressed the man again. “She was the one who found the last landlord bleeding out. Have a little compassion.”
“You found Daniel?” the man asked, his entire countenance changing. “You were the doctor that tried to save him?”
Y/N twisted her cane slightly. “Yeah.” 
The man looked at her then, really looking for the first time. Finally, he said: “I can give you two weeks,” he finally said. Y/N looked relieved…until his gaze fell on the brace on her knee. 
The second his eyes rested on that brace, Paul saw Y/N’s face harden. She turned away from them, limping back towards the stairs. “Don’t bother,” she said over her shoulder, her voice oddly calloused. 
“What are you doing?” Paul asked, jogging to catch up with her. “He said he’d give you two weeks!”
“Like I’d want anything on behalf of being a cripple.”
Paul rolled his eyes. “Come on, I was helping you out.”
Y/N whirled around. “On what planet is calling me a cripple helpful?!”
“I’ve called you one before.” Too late, Paul realized that wasn’t the best defense as Y/N’s glower worsened. 
Her voice was dead as she said: “I’m not a cripple.” 
“What do you call the limp then? A sprained ankle?” 
“My limp is none of your business.” She continued up the stairs at her labored pace. 
Paul easily caught up with her. “So, what, you’re going to move all your stuff out of your apartment?”
“As you so astutely noticed earlier, I don’t have much.”
“You’re just going to have it sitting around in Sam and Emily’s living room?” He couldn’t tell if the exhale that came from Y/N was her being irritated or out of breath from climbing the stairs. 
She stopped half-way up the staircase, wheeling to face him. “Maybe I’ll just ask Carlisle if I can stay with him.”
A snarl from the wolf broke through Paul’s lips. 
Y/N snarled right back, in such perfect imitation of him, Paul could only stare at her. 
“Don’t dish it if you can’t take it,” she hissed at him. 
And with that, she started back up the stairs, leaving Paul standing by himself, feeling unusually hot. 
In the end, as much as it pained me to admit it to myself, Paul was right. 
My boxes made the cramped living room even more pressed for space, just like the guilt that wriggled its way into my already cramped mind. How much of a burden was I being on poor Emily and Sam?
The sooner I could break this bond, the sooner I could petition Carlisle to change me, and the sooner I could stop causing so much trouble for Emily and Sam. 
It was time to go to that bookstore. 
I’d driven my car home while Paul drove Emily’s, so I wouldn’t have to resort to theft to get a method of transportation. But how to get out of house arrest long enough to get there?
Ever since I nearly snuck out to go to my apartment, whichever werewolf was watching me watched me very carefully, so that was no option.
The more I pondered it, the more I knew Paul was my only bet. 
I walked into the kitchen as casually as my limp would let me, ignoring Jared’s eyes on me. “Hey Emily?”
Emily looked up from cutting some vegetables. “Yeah?”
“Do you have Paul’s number?”
Emily’s scarred mouth stretched into a sly smile. “It’s impossible to stay away from them, isn’t it?” She chuckled. “I knew you’d come around.”
I just smiled, allowing her to think whatever she wanted to think. 
But her smile didn’t go away as I copied the number into my phone and turned away.
“Where are you going?” Jared asked suspiciously as I walked for the door. 
“I’m going to call Paul. If you’re gonna watch me, do it through a window,” I said over my shoulder as I left. I started to shiver as I walked a few yards away from the house, pressing the call button. 
It rang a few times. “You’ve reached Paul,” Paul’s warm voice said, a great contrast to the cold air around me. “Leave a message.”
“Paul? It’s Y/N. Since I’m now officially on house arrest, I can’t leave without a werewolf escort, and none of your buddies are going to want to help me with research on how to break the imprint bond, so that just leaves you. There’s a bookstore in Port Angeles that might have some more information, so that’s as good a place to start as–”
A car pulled into the driveway, coming to a stop beside mine.
The pale skin of the driver made me freeze. 
The vampire. But what was it doing here? 
“Paul, I’m in trouble, the vampire’s here, at Sam and Emily’s.” I debated hanging up, but if these moments were about to be my last, I wanted everyone to know what had happened to me. 
I could only hope Jared saw the vampire before the vampire finished with me and moved onto Emily and the baby. 
The young woman got out of the car, resting an arm on the hood, jutting out her opposing hip as she looked me up and down. “So. You’re her. The doctor my granddad and boyfriend won’t stop talking about.”
Granddad? Boyfriend?
I glanced behind me at the house, and then back to her. “I’m sorry?”
She stuck out a slender hand. “I’m Renesmee Cullen.”
I gaped at her before remembering the phone. “False alarm,” I mumbled. “It’s one of the Cullens. Call me back so we can discuss the trip to the bookstore.” I hung up, looking at Renesmee. “You’re the hybrid.”
She spread her arms, as if showing herself off. “In the flesh. Well, no, not quite.” She laughed at her own joke. 
In the meantime, I was struggling to wrap my brain around what I was seeing. The picture of her that was now hiding in the bottom of a box depicted her at about middle school age. How was it possible for her to have grown so quickly? 
“Nice to meet you,” I managed to say. “You’re Jacob’s imprint, right?”
At the mention of his name, she beamed. “That’s me. Is he here?” She jogged up the steps to the house, leaving me standing alone outside. 
Paul felt like dancing a jig.
His hair was finally long enough to braid. It was such a short and stubby braid, it could hardly be called a braid at all. But the sense of accomplishment he felt from that short and stubby braid, from the connection to his heritage? 
It was priceless.
He grabbed his phone, intending to take a picture of the braid when he saw a voicemail from an unknown number that had showed up a few moments ago. Who would be trying to contact him who couldn’t do so through the pack telepathy? Curious, he put it on speaker phone and pressed play.
“Paul? It’s Y/N.” 
Paul immediately pressed pause, breathing hard. 
He was unprepared. 
Everything about her, her smell, her ferocity was too much for him and never enough for the wolf. The sound of her voice was no different. Even as he tried to prepare himself, he knew he’d never truly be ready.
He clenched the edge of the table with his fingers, debating it’s fate before sighing and pressing play on the voicemail. 
“Since I’m now officially on house arrest, I can’t leave without a werewolf escort, and none of your buddies are going to want to help me with research on how to break the imprint bond, so that just leaves you. There’s a bookstore in Port Angeles that might have some more information, so that’s as good a place to start as–”
She broke off mid-sentence, and Paul’s brow furrowed.
“Paul, I’m in trouble, the vampire’s here.”
His head jerked back to the phone, the tight fear in her voice making her heart race. Before he could make any conscious decision, his phone was in his hand, ringing. 
“Y/N? Where are you?” If he ran at top speed, maybe he could get to her in time to help.
“Ahh, Paul, thanks for getting back to me. What are you doing tomorrow?” 
“What…are you doing…tomorrow?” she said, exaggeratedly slow. 
“I heard you the first time!” he snapped. “You said there was a vampire?”
“It was Renesmee Cullen, didn’t you listen to the whole voicemail?”
Paul simultaneously wanted to collapse in relief and flip the table for making him so worried for no reason. “No, because I called you as soon as you-” He cut himself off. He didn’t have to explain anything to her. Sighing through his nose, he tried to gather every shred of patience. “I have work in the morning and then a patrol, why?”
“After your patrol, we’re going to Port Angeles.”
“Why do you need me?”
“House arrest? Potential vampire after me? Is any of this ringing a bell?”
Paul fisted his free hand, annoyed by her superiority. “I don’t have time.”
“Oh, c’mon. I’ll buy you dinner. It can be our first date.”
Paul ignored the twinge in his chest at her flippant tone. “I’m not letting you pay for the first date,” he barked, wincing as soon as the words played back in his head. “Not that you’re incapable of paying. Or that this is a date.” He wanted to smack himself in the face, waiting for Y/N to dig into him for the comment. Of course, she didn’t disappoint.
“Sheesh, you’re so touchy.” He barely restrained his snarl. “Meet me at Sam and Emily’s tomorrow at 4.” She hung up without so much as a goodbye, and Paul set his phone down, trying to reel in his frustration. 
If this was how a simple phone call with her made him feel, how on earth would he be able to handle an entire evening with her? 
I drummed my fingers impatiently against my steering wheel, glancing at the numbers on the car stereo that read 4:25.
Of course the universe would force a soulmate on me that didn’t have basic punctuality or decency. It’d screwed me over before, why not again? It was just a free-for-all now.
As I’d left the house, I could tell by the hope in Sam and Emily’s expressions that they just wanted Paul and I to spend time together, hoping the bond would overpower us.
Well, they underestimated my willpower.
Despite his alleged burning desire to break the bond, Paul was reluctant to escort me anywhere or talk to me at all. I wasn’t sure what that meant exactly. 
The car door opened, startling me, and a frowning Paul slid into the car. 
“Finally,” I muttered, twisting the key in the ignition. 
“Hey, I was on patrol. Searching for that vampire that’s after you, for that matter.”
When I turned around to look behind me to reverse, I caught sight of Paul’s hair. Before, his shaggy hair barely looked brushed. Now it was neatly pulled back into a short braid that stuck out from his neck. It was strangely becoming on him.  “Your–” I began to say, but my voice sounded strangely tight. I cleared my throat. “Your comrades couldn’t do the patrol instead?” 
“Listen, cinnamon sugar, you should be glad I took my time to grab a t-shirt. I could’ve shown up in nothing but a pair of shorts.” His face broke out into an arrogant grin. “You wouldn’t want me to arrive in Port Angeles that way, because my abs would cause a riot.”
I rolled my eyes. “Sure, until you opened your mouth.”
“You’re a real charmer, you know that?” Paul replied, looking out the window.
“Look who’s talking,” I mumbled. “And put your seatbelt on.”
Paul was really regretting letting Y/N talk him into working together. 
Being in the car with her had been utterly maddening. As if the wolf wasn’t already causing him great pain by being alone in such a small space, the car was full of her smell. Paul wished he could roll down his window without having to explain why.
The wolf also kept noticing unhelpful things, like the fact that her shampoo was coconut-scented or the way her lips screwed up into a distracting pout when she was deep in thought. 
Against his will, Paul glanced up from the book in his hands to look at that pout. 
Y/N stood with all her weight on her uninjured leg, her cane resting against the bookshelf as she poured over a large book.
On the way to this bookstore, she’d informed him of the code words they were to use in public when discussing sensitive information. ‘Magician” meant vampires, ‘best friend’ referenced an imprint, and any time one of them mentioned Paul’s pet dogs, they were actually talking about werewolves. 
Paul had scoffed and called her paranoid. 
But he couldn’t miss the way the bookseller’s eyes lingered on the two of them even now.
Paranoid? Maybe. Smart? Clearly.
He hated the admission, even though he hadn't said it aloud. He didn’t have to say it aloud for the wolf to hear it and start to crow. 
He shoved his book back into its place on the shelf. “Did you find anything?” Paul asked, hoping she’d say yes so they could go home. 
Y/N looked at him with troubled eyes. “Apparently, your dogs can be best friends with someone as young as a baby.”
Paul immediately thought of Jacob and Renesmee, and how Jacob had imprinted on her when she wasn’t even an hour old. If he was being truthful, the age difference had bothered him too, but he wasn’t about to condemn his best friend in front of an outsider. 
“Why don’t you look surprised?” Y/N asked warily. Then, it seemed to dawn on her. “It’s already happened, hasn’t it?” She slammed the book shut, looking disgusted. “What else have you kept from me?”
Paul sneered at her. “I’m not revealing all the trade secrets when we’re trying to…” He faltered, trying to remember the correct code word. 
“When we’re not going to be best friends anymore.” Y/N’s voice was icy, and the simmering anger inside Paul rose up to meet it. 
“Look, I don’t owe you any answers on anything.”
“Maybe not,” Y/N delicately grabbed her cane, “but I can hardly help you with breaking our friendship when I don’t know what you know. If everything is new to me, it’s going to slow me down. Speed is important to you, yeah?”
Paul nearly laughed, but the unimpressed look on her face sobered him. 
She had a point. He had no idea if she had the capacity to be a real asset to him, but if she didn’t know anything about werewolves, she’d only be a hindrance. 
“Fine,” he sighed. “What do you want to know?”
“Not here.” She limped over to the counter, placing the book she’d been reading on the counter. 
The cashier eyed the two of them as he rang up the book, and Paul got a bad feeling. 
The man looked down as he put the book in a small bag. “Get a haircut,” he grumbled, loud enough for everyone to hear. Something similar to shame twisted in Paul’s gut, and he fought the urge to look down at his shoes
“Get a personality,” Y/N replied, reaching over to grab the bag before the man could hand it to her.
Both the cashier and Paul watched open-mouthed as Y/N limped out the store. But while the cashier quickly looked away, Paul’s mouth stretched into a grin. When her snarky comments weren’t directed at him, he found he quite enjoyed the effect. 
Which weirded him out, in a good sort of way.
“Where are you going?” Paul asked Y/N, catching up to her easily. “This isn’t the way back to the car.”
“I’m buying us dinner, remember?” 
Paul blinked. “Wait, you were serious about that?”
“Well, werewolves eat dinner, right? Or is that something else you forgot to mention?” 
All good will Paul’d been feeling evaporated, and he frowned at her. “Why do we have to eat dinner here? Why can’t we just go back to Sam and Emily’s?”
“For one thing, I’m hungry now. For another, I don’t want to force Emily to have to cook for us when we get back, because it’ll be late and she should be taking it easy.”
Well, when she put it like that… “Where are we going?” 
“First Street Haven. I looked it up before we left.”
Of course she did. 
Paul walked a half-step ahead of Y/N the whole way to the restaurant, partially to annoy her and partially to keep her down wind. 
When they walked in, after a few words, the smiling hostess started to lead them further into the restaurant, walking too quickly for Y/N to keep up. Paul tried not to snap at the people whose eyes followed Y/N as they walked past. 
To her credit, Y/N didn’t give them so much as a glance. But Paul knew she was aware of their attention, could feel it just the way she’d felt he was watching her when she climbed the stairs of her apartment.
He quickly walked over to one of the chairs, pulling it out for her. 
Y/N walked to the other chair, struggled a bit before succeeding to pull it out and took a seat. 
Paul squashed whatever feeling started to surge in the wolf as he sat down. “You had questions, right?” 
Y/N nodded.
“Then ask away.”
Y/N blew a lock of hair out of her face, still a bit out of breath from their walk. “How old were you when you first turned?”
“Sixteen.” He watched her closely for a reaction, but her impassive face yielded nothing of the thoughts in her mind.
“So you change on the full moon.?”
Paul barked a laugh. “Don’t believe what the movies tell you. I can shift whenever I want to.”
“Were you bitten?”
“No, it runs in families.”
Y/N’s eyes looked faraway. “I wonder if the gene is dominant or recessive.”
Paul didn’t have an answer for her, which made him feel stupid. He’d been horrible in all his science classes before dropping out of high school. He didn’t need to know about dominant or recessive genes to save lives from vampires. “When the bloodsuckers roll back into town, we all start changing. You know, the whole natural enemies thing.”
“Are all of them…” She gestured at Paul.
“Are all of them what? Devilishly handsome?”
She didn’t laugh. “Are all of them angry all the time?”
Paul sighed through his nose, irritated by how much her question irritated him. “I’ve always been…aggressive, but the wolf makes it worse.”
Y/N’s brows puckered. “But the whole ‘alpha male’ thing is a myth.”
“No, it is not.” Paul laughed. “Sam’s our alpha.”
She fixed him with a look that made him feel stupid again. “Yes, there is a hierarchy within a wolf pack, but the wolves don’t go around all the time asserting their dominance in a haze of testosterone, or they’d have no time for hunting.”
“Well, werewolves are different.”
“Apparently,” Y/N muttered, and Paul wanted to tear his hair out. Why was she being so difficult? Did she take pleasure in it?
Thankfully for the sake of Paul’s sanity, the waitress walked up to the table just then. “What can I get you guys started with tonight?”
“Uh, do you have a vegetarian burger?”
Paul stared at Y/N as she and the waitress started dialoguing. 
No freaking way.
His supposed soulmate…was a vegetarian?!
Someone cleared their throat, jerking Paul out of his horror. The waitress and Y/N were watching him with expectant looks on their faces. 
Paul considered ordering a steak to make a point, but if he knew Y/N at all, he knew she really meant that she was going to pay. And after seeing how bare her apartment was, he couldn’t warrant getting something that expensive. So he ordered a burger. 
A good old regular beef burger, thank you very much.
As the waitress walked away, Y/N folded her hands together, resting her chin on top of her knuckles. “What’s it like to shift?” 
A smile flitted across Paul’s lips before he could think about it, and he quickly attempted to rearrange his face into a neutral expression, but he couldn’t. “The first time, it felt like I was too big for my own skin. Now it feels like…” He trailed off, sure Y/N was going to make fun of him if he continued. 
“Like what?” she asked softly, no sign of her usual brisk tone. 
“Like I can finally breathe.”
Y/N nodded. “Like taking your bra off after a long day of work.”
Paul felt himself turn beat red, and he tried to banish her statement from his memory immediately, but he couldn’t unsee the barrage of lewd images that popped into his head. “Urm…obviously I wouldn’t know,” he mumbled.
“I’d like to see that sometime,” Y/N mused.
He nearly squeaked. “See me…taking off your bra?”
Y/N laughed. Such a simple sound, and yet Paul nearly forgot how to breathe. “No, silly, you shifting into your wolf form.”
Paul’s cheeks grew even hotter. She didn’t know that clothes didn’t shift with him, and he didn’t want her seeing…anything. “You’re not ever going to,” he said gruffly. 
“Wait, why not?”
“Because I said so.”
“Oh, you won’t shift for me?” Paul scoffed, but Y/N leaned forward, filling his nose with her spicy, sugary smell. “You won’t shift for your imprint?”
Paul nearly choked at the words, his eyes feeling like they were going to bug out of his head.
Y/N burst out laughing, like him doing anything for her was absurd, and got to her feet, saying something about going to find the restroom.
Meanwhile, Paul tried to even out his breathing despite the pain that was shooting through his chest. 
The book Y/N bought had better contain some answers, because Paul couldn’t take this for much longer. 
Y/N and Paul ate quickly with very little conversation, and before he knew it, they were back in the car. 
Paul dug his nails into his palm, trying to ignore the way her scent called to him. If he never again smelled or ate anything with cinnamon or vanilla in it, he’d die a happy man. 
That mouth, the wolf whispered, and Paul couldn’t stop himself before he looked over at Y/N to see a strange twist to her mouth. The wolf started to beg to know the meaning of that expression. 
“Any other questions?” Paul finally asked, hoping more than anything she’d smile or frown, so he could gain some reprieve from that strange twist and get his wits about him.
Y/N scrunched up her nose, the smallest of motions, but it gave Paul a bad feeling. “What?”
“I wonder…do you think the imprint bond would be broken if I became a vampire?”
All the air whooshed out of Paul’s lungs, leaving him scrambling for air as his stomach churned painfully. “Pull over,” he gasped.
“What? But we’re not–”
“Pull over, now!”
Mercifully, she slowed to a stop by the side of the road.
The car hadn’t even come to a complete stop before Paul was out of it. He staggered as far away from the car as he could before his dinner came up. When the nausea subsided, he took several deep breaths, trying to use the sensations of the forest to ground himself. 
Just the thought of her…of her becoming one of them was too much for the wolf to bear.
And quite frankly, Paul hated it too. The thought of those fierce, beautiful eyes turning red or even amber like the Cullens made him shudder. He wasn’t fond of her smell, not in the slightest, but he couldn’t imagine her smelling like Renesmee or any of the other bloodsuckers.
It wasn’t specific to her; he’d feel the same way for anyone who mentioned becoming a vampire. 
He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, wishing he could brush his teeth to get rid of the stink on his breath as he walked back to the car.
Y/N’s door was open, and she was on her feet, looking at him with great concern. Had she been attempting to walk over to him? To rub his back to help him feel better? 
He decided he didn’t want to know.
“The burger must’ve been bad,” he said by way of explanation as he got back into his seat, leaning as far away from her as he could.
Y/N got back in the car without saying anything, but he knew by the skeptical flaring of her nostrils that she didn’t believe him. 
He added “annoyingly perceptive” to his mental list of her attributes. If he ever needed to lie to her again, and a situation could arise that very well called for it, he’d have to be more convincing than that. 
The wolf growled at the thought. 
Part V
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mist-see · a month ago
Tumblr media
⚠️ Gore details of transformation, black indigenous women reader, violent tendencies, realistic shit. I'm here to make you cry, laugh and get angry. No mercy. Heavily angst.
Pain master-list.
Part 1.
Tumblr media
A shaking hand made its way to your mouth as you placed the cancer stick between your lips. A habit you, stupidly, picked up in college. You found that it helped when you got the sudden urge to be violent. Which, unfortunately, came a lot nowadays.
You were staring off into the distance when your mind goes back to what you saw on that awful day. Edward and Bella at the alter, saying their vows, looking at each other with love, like they were making the best choice of their lives.
He had the nerve to not even break up with you, or not even mention the wedding you had to find out by Jacob when he read the invitation at the dinner table.
I mean…did everybody know? Everybody except you? You left for six months…six months to try out college life…and came back to your boyfriend… ex-boyfriend, putting a ring on your brother's forbidden crush.
This newfound hate for the Cullens was strong…it hurt, knowing they lied. Knowing your dad, your brother and his friends lied. You knew it was suspicious when they started acting very distant the past year and a half before you left.
Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Emmett… were all supposed to be on your side, even Carlisle… you trusted him like another father. And Esme… this hurt the most knowing your mother was never in your life. They didn’t even tell you what was going on when you came back.
Fuck the Cullens. I mean, what was it that changed?… was it your sudden growth spurt during the summer? The weird sickly feeling you’ve had before going to college? Was it the way everything made you upset all the fucking time?
The thought of what could’ve made him cheat on you made you pissed. Made you hot. It had you shaking.
You snap out of it as you felt your whole body get warm… No not warm, but burning. The cigarette didn’t have time to be put out as it drops to your lap, grey smug smearing on your black jeans as it rolled on the carpeted floor, making it ash over and sim down.
Teeth chattering together, you sit up in a panic. What was going on? Were you having a seizure? Anxiety or panic attack? you looked down at your hands and- is that smoke? No, steam as the sweat from the lack of AC evaporated and came back.
You try to call out to your dad, but instead of a plead for help, a whimper, no scratch that a growl comes out from your throat.
you’re scared.
you stand up to go to your father‘s, or even Jacob‘s room (even though you and Jacob haven’t been talking recently.) but instead, you fall to your knees, you scream in pain, you howl as you suddenly felt your bones shift while you cry out, your back arching as it feels like your spine was being pushed up. “Help!.. HUh!” your voice cracks, and you gasp for air, “HELP ME, IT HURTS.” You spat out a cry.
You feel bones cracking, pain filling you from head to toe as you clenched on the carpeted floor, trying to hold onto something. You were in so much pain, everything felt so sensitive. You could hear everything, the sounds of cars on the interstate, the water on the beach, the white noise of the tv playing.
You couldn’t see much. Not like you wanted to, your eyes were tightly shut at the fear of them popping out. It all happened in a matter of seconds when finally, you blackout
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twilitty · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
chapter 8 aesthetic
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gisellelx · a year ago
thank u for ur post about fanfic, sometimes I feel bad that it's all I write and that it's less legitimate than fiction writing in general so it's nice to hear the appreciation
A very wise fandom friend of mine once pointed out that writing is the singular hobby that everyone expects to lead somewhere. In addition to writing fic, I enjoy photography, playing the piano, and quilting. But no one hears that I enjoy those last three things and thinks that obviously, my goal is to start a photography business, be a concert pianist, or start submitting to big art quilt shows.
If you enjoy writing, however, people immediately jump to "Oh! When will you write a novel and publish it?" It is somehow this weird hobby that people can't envision anyone ever doing just for fun. This was not helped by Twific fandom where filing the serial numbers became a bloodsport, resulting in the idea that anyone who didn't stop writing Twific to make time to write non-derivative romance novels or who didn't publish their uber popular fic was somehow inferior, baby, or still "practicing." Or even worse, that the only way to prove that fanfic was valuable was to get Simon and Schuster to pay you a 6 or 7 figure advance for it.
And to that last idea, please allow me to just say:
The retelling of stories, the spin offs, the "what if this happened to this story instead” is literally where literature began. Oral narratives started thousands of years ago as the way humans made sense of the world and each other. As they were passed on, people added sections, or created a new narrative about a side character (hi, Aeneas). Any advanced schooling in literature and literary criticism will teach you that the concept of the author is a relatively modern one. In the beginning, there was no such thing as an author; there were only stories and the other stories which those stories begat. Fanfiction is the precursor of fiction, not the other way around. When you write fic, you are engaging in a millennia-old practice that is basically the foundation of what makes us human. I can't think of anything short of procreation that has more intrinsic value.
So. Use fic however you want to. Write only crack fic. Never learn to punctuate dialogue. Do nothing that resembles practice. Or do use it to prep for a career or a side hustle as a novelist: dive super deep and try to figure out complex plot structure and how to balance exposition and dialogue. Or use it to practice wordcraft more generally, which is a skill that benefits you no matter what you do. Use it to practice writing or reading a language that isn’t your first one. Use it just to meet people. Read in one fandom, write in another fandom. Post a bunch of super smutty, plotless fics, and then post a bunch of serious ones. Do what feels good, and what's fun, and if you aren't enjoying this hobby, for heaven's sake, quit it! It's a hobby. But it's a meaningful, useful, rewarding art and you should never feel bad for enjoying it. It need never take you anywhere at all to be worth your time to do now.
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bewareofthecrazyperson · 2 months ago
Loving the enemy
Pairing: Jasper Hale x Wolf!Reader
Summary: A request I wrote for @coldasvenuss I am sorry this took so long darling, I hope you like it! "Okay so here’s the story line i’m sorry i’m probably so annoying! where jaspers gf, is a part of jacobs pack, and like the scene where they are fighting the newborns where the readers in wolf form, and like during the fight she helps jasper, and like protects him, but like after the fight when the volturi shows up , the reader stays in wolf form with jasper and like clings too him, as the volturis there, i don’t know if this makes sense and i’m sorry if it doesn’t anyways you don’t have too write this, it’s just an idea, thank you! you’re an angel<3"
Warnings: mentions of fighting and ripping off heads, typical vampire/wolf stuff. Also the storyline isn't exactly like Eclipse.
Tumblr media
Being an actual wolf, in a world full of other wolves was strange. Knowing vampires existed and you, as a wolf, would often kill one or two. Was even more strange. But finding your soulmate in one of them, definitely was out of this world. You became the stinky wolfgirl within the pack of Jacob. And while they all had their opinion about the whole deal, they also knew that imprinting had its effect, and it wasn’t something you could work against. It was something that felt so natural, even though the whole deal was so conflicted. 
Long before you were born, a treaty was made between the Quileutes and the Cullens. As long as they did not feed off of humans, they were allowed to live in Forks. They were not allowed to cross Quileutes land. They had left years ago, but now they had returned. Forcing some transformations, just like it had forced your transformation. The world had seemed different, and scary even. But the moment you had joined Jacob’s pack and truly experienced your life as a wolf, everything made sense again. You had witnessed how the imprint totally changed someone's behavior. You had heard stories about how Sam dated Leah, but how he imprinted on Emily. Without wanting to cause any heartbreak. He just couldn’t help it. The pull he felt towards Emily, even when he was so in love with Leah first. 
The whole ordeal was something you tried not to focus on. But being able to channel your thoughts through the pack while in wolf form, definitely had its difficulties sometimes. 
More wolves joined Jacob’s pack, because of the presence of vampires. You however had a different feeling. One you did not recognize. There was some sort of pull and before you knew it, curiosity had taken over and you met the vampires. The smell was.. weird. Not something you liked smelling, yet the pull got stronger. That was when you knew you were screwed. Because the moment you came eye to eye with one of the Cullens, the whole world came crashing down on you. That is where the teasing started as well. You were probably the only wolf who imprinted on a vampire. Edward explained your thoughts immediately to the rest, and fortunately everything turned out for the best. 
Jasper of course could sense your emotions immediately. And ever since then the two of you have been inseparable. Explaining things to Jacob was a little awkward. Explaining things to the rest of the pack was.. more than awkward. You spend little time with the pack and more with Jasper, he felt like home and you never wanted to leave this home ever again. And for years you were happy. The whole ordeal with Edward and Bella was something that happened in the background. Whenever Jacob had questions, you managed to answer them, but you tried to keep your distance. You were the last person to mingle in the dating scene when it came to vampires, wolves and humans. While Jacob and his pack had a strong mind when it came to vampires and humans, or just vampires.. You could see the love the two held for each other. Maybe you were a little biased. 
There were a lot of emotions, a lot of testosterone, and a lot of unnecessary aggressive behavior. Jasper rarely asked you for help, mostly he asked you what you thought of a situation. Just your opinion. Because he did not want to put you against the pack, nor did you want to put him against his family. 
Unfortunately the ordeal with James, Laurent and Victoria seemed to take a turn for the worst. And now you were minutes away from fighting alongside Jasper, the rest of the Cullens, and your pack. Apparently you were supposed to fight an army of newborns. Something Jasper could tell you all about. They were dangerous, fast and there was a chance one of you could get seriously hurt. Or worse. The pack was loud and clear, and while you could feel that they were a little conflicted, it felt comforting having them around. All of you fighting together. Yet hearing all the thoughts, the opinions, they were overwhelming. Fortunately before there was any tension, Jasper lightened the mood a little. Just before the first attacks started to happen. 
Your fur, gray with brown specks shifted as you moved your ears. Before one of the newborns could grab you, you turned and moved your head in time. Jasper ripped the vampire apart without a second thought. That’s when things got hectic. The Cullens fought impressively, the pack did too. Yet no matter what you stayed close to Jasper. Making sure that no vampire could sneak up on him. The last thing you could handle was him, or any of the others getting hurt. So you fought your hardest. Never had you ever ripped a vampire apart with your teeth. Yet right now it was almost like a sport. Many pack members were counting their kills. A competition that did seem to help. Right after biting the head off of one vampire, you turned to look at Jasper. There were two newborns, one biting him and the other was on his back. You rushed towards him, quickly ripping the one off of his back so he could kill the one biting him. “Thanks love”, he said, flashing you a smile so you wouldn’t worry too much about him. 
Fortunately after that the fight seemed to die down quickly. The pack was ecstatic. Happy that they could help, and kill so many vampires. They left the battle scene soon. There were a few wounded that needed tending to. You were about to turn to Jasper, when Carlisle Cullen, the father or head of the Cullens, spoke up. These vampires in black cloaks showed up, not introducing themselves, only mumbled about being sad that they missed the fight. Not knowing what to do, you stuck close to Jasper. Your height almost hiding him from the view of those vampires with the red eyes. You knew what that meant, and by the stance of them you knew that they were bad news. Especially the blonde girl. They looked at you. Seemed surprised by the way you looked. Yet they did not utter a word. You couldn’t suppress the growl, making the girl smirk. “Better keep your dog in line Carlisle, it would be a shame if anything happened.” Carlisle shot Jasper a glance, whom in return looked at you. His hand touching your face, as if he wanted to comfort you. 
“Jasper, go, take he”, Carlisle said, and you glanced at the vampires one last time before you turned around with Jasper. Running away quickly to your shared house. It felt wrong. Leaving without making sure that the rest of Jasper’s family would be alright. And he could sense your emotions rapidly changing. However the moment you were near your house and changed back to your humanform, he had his arms wrapped around you. His cold frame so different from your warm skin. However it felt amazing. His embrace was the most comforting thing you had ever felt, and the thought of losing him made your skin crawl. “It’s okay, we’re safe”, he mentioned, leading you inside of your shared home. “Your family”.. “Jacob”, you didn’t need to say anything else. Jasper wasn’t a mindreader, however he could read your mind like a true gift. “They will be okay.” 
And while you weren’t certain how he exactly knew that. You did trust him. You glanced down at where he was bitten, only a small scar by now. You knew his whole body like a map. This new scar was an addition you weren’t proud of. When your fingertips touched his skin, he couldn’t help but hum. “You did so good out there, I am so proud of you darling”, he smiled, being able to erase every worry you had about him, about the pack and the others. “With you by my side, I’ll never have to worry again”, he said, leaning in so he could capture your lips. And by that time you were lost. Not a single thought crossed your mind, only Jasper. The way he smelled, the way he felt, and how warm you were feeling because of him. Every touch was like a shot of electricity. 
Whether those red eyed vampires would be of trouble in the near future, you weren’t sure. Not aware of the danger the two of you were in now that the volturi knew wolves did exist. For now, the two of you are safe. Celebrating life, by doing what you two did best.
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