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#what do you mean this hasn't happened yet
incorrectyj · a month ago
m’gann, nervously: so, um, would you like to have dinner tonight?
conner: i like to have dinner every night
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patroclusonly · a year ago
Buck: Shut up!
Eddie: Make me.
Buck: ...
Buck: Just so we're clear, if i say "shut up" and you say "make me" i am instantly thinking about making out with you
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ishaslife · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anne with an "E": Review
I recently finished watching the show Anne with an "E" on Netflix and I must say, I instantly fell in love with this show. I wasn't so sure in the beginning because Anne's character was a little silly but she soon grew on me and a little fast actually. This show is so wholesome, ethereally beautiful, and makes me feel like I can be forever happy. I shall explain in more detail.
Anne's character and her attitude, even though she's been through so much, she's so lively and tries her best to be happy while keeping everyone around her happy as well. Her personality gives me inspiration and makes me realise that even though there might be all sorts of hardships in the world, there's always a bright side and nothing is permanent. Even the people around her, the ones who love her, are mean to her, despise her, we see how she changes them and how they change her.
It's a concept this show carries around very well: change. For anyone or anything to grow, change is necessary, even though at times it may seem inconvenient or not to our liking. This is a show set in an era that is constantly changing, revolutionising but at the same time wants to hold onto traditional ideas and beliefs and what it does well is that it lets Anne either be at the centre of that change or make her a part of it rather than just show her being affected by this change. It tells us that to progress, we often have to just alter some traditions or change others entirely without making it seem forceful. Anne's ideas and beliefs while they may seem too strong for the time do put questions in other people's minds. It makes them ask themselves "yes, this is how things have been but why?" "if it's cruel, why shouldn't it change?" Even people who aren't yet ready to change their ways are seen testing the waters because they too realise that the old ways aren't always right even if they don't entirely accept the new ones. And while Anne might be the cause of most of this change, the other good thing is that she isn't this almighty, all-knowing person, she too is a child, she makes mistakes. While her thinking may be forward, new and modern, she still learns from her elders, her friends, the people she meets, and from tradition. She isn't flawless and that's another thing that makes her more admirable.
It is a heartwarming story about love, family, friends, conflicts, change, growth, and making a healthy community even if that community consists of people we may not like or agree with because, at the end of the day, we may not be able to change everyone but we can learn to respect them and they can learn to respect us. I adore how not everything is sugar-coated and it's shown how it is. For example, many people weren't accepting of Bash when he first came to Avonlea but soon he grows on them and starts loving him like family. It's simple, sweet, and makes you feel warm in the heart.
As for the cinematics and aesthetic of the show, it's beyond words. The excellent use of lighting, more specifically natural light doesn't only make a scene look beautiful but also represents the inner feelings of the characters. I may be wrong but whenever Anne is sad, I've hardly ever seen her in sunlight, mostly her back is to it as if she's hiding from that joy or facing an inner conflict. Whenever she's down, she's in a very cold blue light or she's in the dark, often even in unnatural light. This doesn't only happen to Anne but to other characters too. In this show, light seems to signal hope or happiness, realisation, change. Whenever a character is in conflict with another, they're hardly ever in the same camera shot nor share the same light but the moment the conflict is resolved, they are in the same space again, transformed. A youtube channel named "Good Blood" made a brilliant video on that, do watch it if you'd like to know more.
Overall, while this show may have its cringy, over-the-top moments, it's still beautiful in all respects. After all, who hasn't had a childhood without embarrassing moments. It tells you that even though you might be different and people may not agree with you, you will still find your place in the world, and with time, others will accept you, learn from you as you learn from them, and love you for you, not who they want you to be. In a world that is filled with superhero movies, and realistic dramas, Anne with an "E" is a breath of fresh air. It puts forward beautiful ideas and does a good job of inculcating them into people's minds. It tells us that idealism, imagination is not always a bad thing and that there's nothing wrong with being brave from time to time and fighting for what is right, all the while loving everyone around us and always being open to learning rather than hating or looking down on those who may not be like us.
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ask-hws-eesti-ja-tallinn · 13 hours ago
The True Flag Of The Nation
"I want this..This stupid union to be over."
She had opened her mouth to the three Nordics she was able to find during the 1980 Olympics, when the sailing events took place in Tallinn instead of Moscow. She knew she shouldn't be saying things like this, that she'd get in trouble, but what were they going to do, punish her? Oh how she misses the times she didn't have to live in fear like this, when everything was more peaceful, like she could just, grow now and talk to people she cares about with no restrictions or limits. Now, she hasn't been able to see Estonia for decades.
The embrace of a certain Dane made her struggle to hold her emotions on the down low, she is sick of this, she wants freedom, she wants Estonia back. Why couldn't have life been nice for once? Would it kill to allow good things to happen?
"I'm sorry we can't do more.. " The voice of Finland murmured softly, Sweden was standing right next to him, even with his rather emotionless expression Tallinn could see the sorrow shine in his gaze. These are the three now-Nordics that she knows the most like Estonia. It's a relief he didn't end up with the Soviet Union.
"You've been through lots of things before - you can survive this one too. Don't give up! You'll just have to hang in there for a little longer, I'm sure something will pop up that you'd be able to take as the chance to get independence back" Denmark gave words of encouragement, positivity. Though it may have not seem much, it still was like a glimmer of hope in the dark tunnel. You never know what may pop up. If only she could be free.
I wish you didn't have to leave, please don't leave me alone here like this. Not again. Tallinn couldn't say those words out loud, it's like her voice was stuck in her throat. What much of a difference would it make of she shares these thoughts anyway? He can't stay even if he wanted to, he has a nation to go home to.
She held the blue-black-white tricolour close to her chest, it was in a bag to make sure no one had any idea what she was holding. It was very early in the morning, the sun was only starting to rise, not many were out in the cold streets yet she still felt watched.
The blonde's sapphire gaze looked up the large tower, Pikk Hermann, there the red Estonia SSR flag has been waving for decades, the wrong flag, the flag that means their oppressed and trapped state.
Even thinking of the flag made her sick to her stomach, it's about time she does what she is about to do.
News about a song festival in Tartu had reached her within light speed, her heart had leaped at first, thinking that Estonia has been able to get out of the Soviet household and is starting something. It didn't take long until realizing that was not true, but that didn't stop hope.
"Five patriotic songs?"
Tallinn looked at the songs she held, seeing the names of each one, like "Eestlane olen ja eestlaseks jään" and "Sind surmani". She felt her heart swelling with thousands of emotions, it was a wondrous feeling after how she had slowly been falling into eternal numbness.
A man by the name of Alo Mattiiseeni had put these together, inspired by the national awakening over a century ago. Many may not see it as that big, but Tallinn knew, something big is coming.
She felt her legs subtly shake as she made her way up, it felt like any minute the tower will crumble under her, but she refused to back down, some will call her foolish - some will call her bold, or brave, no matter if she is going to get arrested or be attempted to be killed, she is not going to back down now. Would she get anywhere if she only sat back and waited for something to happen?
"What is singing going to do?" Riga was questioning the actions of the two other capitals. Tallinn was puzzled by her words, but she understood her doubt. "It reminds the people what we should be fighting for, haven't you been having a national awakening? " The blonde questioned. "You do realize the reds will just ignore it?" Riga responded. "Not if we keep going." Tallinn insisted. "Aren't you already feeling a little better with what you've done so far? Like the Environmental protection club? When flowers got placed at the Freedom Monument? Latvia surely would be very-" "Latvia is not here!" The capital snapped with a slam of her hand onto the table. Vilnius had reached with a flinch as she stared sadly.
Tallinn's expression faltered, as she lowered her gaze. "I miss Estonia too, I miss all of them." She murmured.
Vilnius, who had remained silent the entire time, finally stood up and spoke. "If we want them back, if we want all of our freedom back, then we need to do something. They are stuck there, held down with no power, but we are able to still do things. It's in our hands now, they need us."
The two looked at the Lithuanian capital, there was a moment of silence before Riga opened her mouth "So what's the plan?"
"We make sure we are noticed and heard, not only by the Soviet Union but by the whole world. For that, we need our people completely by our side ready to do what it takes."
Remind them who they are, and what they've been robbed of. Those words echoed in Tallinn's head, now on top of Pikk Hermann, memories of the sinimustvalge flag having once been here flooded her.
I hope Eduard was able to hide the original one well, or at least have someone he can trust keep it safe. Tallinn thought as she pulled out the one she was able to hide. The amount of times the KGB tried to make sure she has nothing like this failed.
The red SSR flag was pulled down.
She stared at the red fabric held in her hands, her brows furrowed as she messily with no effort or care rolled it together into a ball, not caring if it gets folds or anything. She then went to the edge, and with all her strength she pulled her arm back and threw the flag that doesn't even deserve to be up here off the tower.
She didn't bother to look where it fell, she could care less what happens to it, how dirty or torn it may get, only the rightful flag of the people of Estonia belongs up here.
As a contrast to how she handled the SSR flag, she gently unfolded the neatly and well taken care of tricolour. She pulled it upwards to let it briefly feel the wind, before attaching it to the string and pulling the flag up.
She felt like a building pressure in her chest had been released, taking a step back to see the flag wave in all its glory.
She glanced towards the rising sun, it's soft light shining onto the blue-black-white.
Even if Estonia can't be here right now, she knows he'd be proud. No matter what life may bring, she knows:
They will get their freedom back.
* This is depicting 24th February 1989, when someone had gone to Pikk Hermann and raised the Estonian flag, which was banned, you could legit get arrested and sent to the gulag for owning one. So this little event is quite unforgettable, highest of respect to the ones who did it.
* I do not know if the SSR flag was always held up, but I will assume it was, unlike with the Estonian flag that gets raised every sunrise and lowered every sunset.
* This was just smth that got stuck in my head and I got massive motivation to write, there may be a small part 2 to this as well about what consequences Tallinn may have faced. Her being a personification of course heavily affects what they'd do.
* I mean, Flag Day was kinda recently (June 4th) so you can relate it to that?
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zire-in-space · 17 hours ago
Theres something about the "equality of paying halvsies on dinner dates" that I need to let out.
Women get paid less than men correct?
Women are berated and constantly made fun of for "being on a constant diet" right?
Women quite literally already pay MORE for things we can BARELY AFFORD most of the times because of the pink tax yes?
So if women constantly order 12$ salad bowls while struggling to buy basic shit we are pressured to buy like makeup, perfume, shaving shit, etc, AND we get paid less....we still have to pay for half of Terek's 40$ steak over here? Bullshit.
I feel the need to question these oh-so convenient things men bring to the table of feminism as if to say, "Ah, checkmate, feminists! This is true equality." Whilst simultaneously fucking ignoring the part where, oh, right, we basically belong to the streets. We get paid less, have to pay more for basic "feminine" shit that men not only want us to do, but pressure us to do, and pay more for basic shit in general like oh idk fucking clothing, tampons, pads, shavers, shampoo, conditioner, etc, while putting so much fucking effort into our looks so our mentally-not-loyal boyfriends and husbands and dates could think we are attractive and NOW we have to pay for half of dinner or pay an entire dinner if they paid a whole dinner beforehand because equality??
Like, Jared over here wears the same shitty ass shorts to every date and Micheal over there barely sprayed fucking 2$ cologne, meanwhile their dates bought 30$ makeup kits for these lazy assholes and bought yet another 50$ dress to wear to her date because she didn't want to wear the same one twice or some shit like I bet my life a girls basic belongings in her damn purse is worth more than the 100$ dinner your paying.
Like men talk about living expenses etc, and how they pay sooooo much for it, and its like ok women need to do the same thing??? AND again, just add the pink tax, add the societal pressure to buy and use makeup and the excessive shit women do to look even slightly good, and boom! You have what I call, useless shenanigans made by men to go easier on them because they get sad when they no longer have enough money to buy 200$ fucking white Adidas. Which btw isn't even pressured onto them by society.
It is just so insane to me the idea that men put little to no effort and they will still have 10 girls crushing on their crusty ass meanwhile they go online and post some shit like "We Live In a Society 😔😔😔"
Or its like men just get a memory wipe when it comes to shit like being single your entire life, being called ugly your whole life, etc like these things aren't just what men go through yall know that right these are universal right?
Like jesus fucking christ, Jared, no one gives a shit if you were bullied back in middle school anymore you repeated it 97 fucking times we get it your sad.
Girls I talk to will bring out the toughest shit on the planet "I was molested by my cousin" "My dad isnt here because he threatened to kill my mom but luckily the police took him in but now he's in Canada running from the federal police" "My boyfriend told me I look like a chihuahua and he still hasn't stopped after a year and I'm getting really degraded by it but I don't want to tell him" and by "girls I talk to" I mean everyday I talk to another girl on campus.
I could spend over 5 minutes with every girl at my school and I guarantee that all of them have had something happen to them that would fuck over any other guy. But anyways.
And most of the time men use this system of payments it always turns out that they have some sort of fucked attitude towards women and life in general. "Well, if I pay for a dinner you have to pay the next." "Well if I give you this Christmas present you have to give me one next year." "Well if I do something for you that is supposed to be considered a gift you HAVE to repay me with a "gift" in order for it to be fair"
This is a really shit take on life and any other relationship that had this sort of dynamic would atoumatically be considered a toxic relationship. A toxic parent-child relationship, a toxic friendship, a toxic sibling relationship, etc like do you even see how vain that is to take someone on a date and then demand they pay half or expect them to pay the next dinner because to me it seems like you are a horrible person to be friends with.
It's like those friends who say "Don't worry I'll pay for what you want to eat" during a get together and assure you that it's ok you don't have to pay them back only for them to tell you later you owe them money.
And you know what? I could guarantee you that lesbians think the same way about this. Because they atleast have a keen ass sense of what women want and what is a healthy relationship. Most of them don't expect or demand their dates to pay for the next dinner. So yeah shoutout to lesbians for being awesome.
Just-I can't believe that people think this is a hot take about this topic because it really isn't. It's common sense.
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obeymematches · 20 hours ago
A request! A angel!mc but their wings are clipped/damaged, like a injury when they were young and it never healed properly, brothers reaction?
(You can ignore this if you dont want to and let your creativity run wild on this one! Your writing is great!)
thank you for the compliment anon!!!
in case someone isn't digging angel!mcs i kept it a little ambiguous here and there, so you can interpret this as a regular ol scar as well.
Brothers react to angel!MC's scar
Not one to mention it at all, despite spotting it immediately. I think he has at least a couple himself as well. Plus let's be honest, it can be quite an awkward conversation to have. He is one of the few demons who actually prefer to mind their business when it comes to the past of the individual - why would he pry? Because of that he expects them to do neglect asking as well.
He is going to be very relieved when/if you ever let him know about the story and he gets to learn that it's actually been quite some time since. Even in demon / angel standards.
Has to practice self-control to keep his mouth shut.
You've grown so much on him, he can't help being extremely curious! Don't blame him!
If he hasn't already, he is going to make it his priority to protect you better.
He might touch and caress them a little to let you know he noticed and he is dying of curiosity but isn't going to ask (yet.)
Yes - once he feels close enough to you he is going to ask.
Oh no- he swears you look like an anime character- he told you this before and he is going to tell you again
Mostly just stares at you, trying to keep eye contact, not wanting to be too awkward.
I think working in the navy has left him with at least a couple of scars too. He knows the feeling MC, he knows.
At some point when the two of you have a strong enough bond, you will have a night when you just explain it all to each other.
Ah. Another very curious fellow. Despite the dwelling feeling, he digresses.
Trusts that eventually he is going to learn more about it - more about you.
Definitely find it intriguing and mysterious. I think that is a good approach if you want to steal his heart-
I'm not sure if he'd have enough self-control to ask despite it being inappropriate? I mean this man has it; when it comes to anger - but can he contain his curiosity when it comes to the past of a beloved? Idk you tell me-
You bet he is going to wonder about them for a while before he dares to speak of them. Don't get me wrong; I don't think he'd start this conversation.
Definitely one to kiss all of it/them gently when there is a chance to do so.
Loves to hear about the stories behind them! Every time he strikes back with a story of his / one of his brother's. He just loves to talk, don't mind him.
Gives you concerned looks but he knows there is not much to do about these scars now.
I think he might ask a simple "What happened?", quietly, but only if you seem a bit ashamed of them?
Like if you act like it's nothing he wouldn't want to bring it up himself & potentially ruin the mood
But if you try to hide them he just wants to be helpful? Like he opened to you about his own burdens, you must know you can rely on him if you want to.
Ok this can go two ways depending on how you feel about your own scars.
If you think of it as nothing, letting them be seen, he is definitely going to ask about them. I think he is on par with Satan regarding their levels of curiosity.
But; in case you do your best to hide them, he is going to pretend he never saw anything. He might have, but might not, you will never know! Even if you bring it up as a conversation topic, he is going to deny seeing them.
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kayanna-footie · 21 hours ago
your friends trying to set you up with Dom? they know you both are attracted to each other? pls x
Part 2?? Dom’s reaction and the date 🥰🥰
Part one
Dom's p.o.v
"So should I DM her on instagram?" Dom casually asked his best friend while they were playing Fifa.
"Oh yeah, just hit her up on insta." Tom laughed in mocking tone. "Are you stupid? You've been obsessing over her for months, you need to text her".
Dom was so nervous. He had been asking Tom to set both of you up for months but he never thought it would happen. He had heard stories about you being care free, funny and kind. It was nice for him to find a girl that was more than what is seen on Instagram. 
“So what should I say to her?” Dom pleaded to his friend. He hated this because he knew Tom would make some form of joke out of his inability to message you first. 
“Do you like raisins? How do you feel about a date?” Tom smirked at his friend. “Or how about ‘Remember my name because you'll be screaming it later’” Tom added, he loved winding his friend up especially over this situation.
Dom just sighed knowing his friend would be no help. Hey its Dom, Tom gave me your number. Dinner Friday? short and simple.
Your p.o.v
You ran your fingers through your hair to separate your beach waves, looking at yourself in the mirror.
“You look so beautiful, Dom’s mouth is going to drop to the floor when he see’s you.” your friend squealed, as she got off your bed to give you a hug.
You had called your friends over while you got ready for moral support. To say you were nervous was an understatement. You could feel your palms sweating and you hadn't even left the house yet. You had decided on a black tight fitting dress and black strappy heels but now you were questioning if it was too simple. You knew Dom was into fashion so maybe it would be a bit too basic for him. 
“Stop doubting yourself. He's lucky to be going on a date with you” your other friend smiled pulling you in for a hug. “Just enjoy yourself.”
“You look beautiful” Dom said with a huge grin as he pulled you in for a hug.
“Thanks, you look nice too. I didn't want to dress too basic because I know you like your fashion.” you laughed. 
After speaking about football and fashion you started to feel a lot more relaxed. He lived up to the expectations that you had heard from your friend. Every time she told you Dom was kind and funny, she was right.
“I’m surprised you decided to come on the date, I've been asking Tom to set us up for months." Dom laughed.
You smiled at him, leaning back on your chair. "I was a bit nervous to start going on dates again and especially with a footballer." you laughed. "But my friend hasn't stopped talking about you so I thought I'd finally shut her up." you winked.
"I mean you do stalk my instagram so that last bits a little lie." He responded with a smirk.
"Ahh so the cockiness finally comes out" you laugh.
"Nah you accidentally liked an old photo when you were drunk the other day. Apparently you and another friend were having a little look, thats what I heard from Tom anyway" he laughed as you felt your cheeks heat up, putting your head in your hands in embarrassment.
After being teased further by Dom about how you were secretly obsessed with him and talking about life, family and friends you had realised that a couple of hours had past. You had enjoyed yourself a lot more then you thought you would have. Although you found him attractive, you secretly thought your friend had set you up with him so you could hang out with her and Tom as a group.
You texted your friend that Dom had offered to give you a ride home, so she could stay at your house until you were back. You knew she would want a rundown of the whole night.
"I really enjoyed tonight, we should do it again." Dom smiled as he walked you to your door.
"I would like that, I guess you're not that bad" you laughed, giving him a little wink.
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cryingclubs · a day ago
I dont think Ronan would ever leave the Barns as in burn it down or sell it, I think it is a huge part of him and thats okay. Especially since his childhood was way different than Declan. And they had amazing experiences and moments there too. :) But I think it would be unhealthy to live there permanently, of course he would feel depressed and isolated after a while. But I love the idea of Ronan still doing what he wanted to do - being a farmer. Especially since he obviously wouldnt need to necessarily work (I guess?I mean money doesnt last forever, and Declan works too) but he most likely would. No matter if it is a TRC based vision or an AU lol I think it would be amazing for them to live in a smaller city but where they can be surrounded by nature whenver they want. Like even if you look at the canon version I feel they can very much live together and be happy and spend time in one or two places and both have the jobs they want and still be with each other. Once the ley line/nightwash thingy is fixed. I am manifesting it haha but that is how I see their future anyway <3
yeah im just not a big fan of the barns and i think they symbolise more bad than good. but who knows what will happen to them in the trilogy.
i also think it's kind of unfair to a) tie ronan to the place that made him so miserable and isolated in the first place. he technically cannot leave the barns ever because he needs them to dream safely. it's not a fun, wholesome place. or it is as much fun and wholesome as ronans childhood was - maybe from the outside, from a certain perspective.... but there's still so much fucked up about it, re: aurora, niall, the dream business... 'twas not a good time. ronan just hasn't realised that yet because he idolises niall so much.
and also b) i think it would be unfair to adam. we know by now that he'd literally drop everything for ronan, but he shouldn't have to. he shouldn't have to move back to his home town that holds so much trauma for him. maybe it's good to come back every once in a while so he can heal, but i'm also anti pynch living at the barns permanently for this exact reason. let the boy live. and clearly ronan also wants to leave the barns and go out into the world. thats literally the foundation of the trilogy plot.
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class1akids · a day ago
sigh it’s really been frustrating to see people downplay bkg part in the manga lately simply because he hasn’t been in any recent chapters. despite the fact that majority of the cast hasn’t either.
Fandom is like this - always in extremes. Because Bakugou has now been benched (along with everyone else), suddenly he's become unimportant / irrelevant.
I think what makes people extremely nervous is that:
1. There is no obvious endgame villain set up for Bakugou like there is for example for Shouto or Ochako.
2. Deku is on his way to leaving Bakugou in the dust in terms of power-levels, which raises the question what role he can play in the final fight and whether he can stand with Deku as equals.
I think these worries come from the writing trying to set up Kacchan and Deku as "shonen rivals", and for many in the fandom that seems to mean that if Deku gets stronger he "wins", which also means Kacchan "loses". So there is a lot of obsessive speculation around their relative strengths.
To me personally, this is funny. Because in Chapter 1, Bakugou was much stronger, through no merit of his own, purely the genetic draw of luck, and if Deku is now stronger, it's not because he surpassed Bakugou in some meaningful metric (hard work, talent, fighting skills, etc), but because the power he obtained also through mostly luck is that much stronger.
And if the story's endgame is somehow framing Deku as the "winner" because his power is better than Kacchan's, that would feel like a total letdown. Because having more power in Ch. 1. didn't make Kacchan a better hero either.
So I'm more expecting the endgame to deliver decisive pay-off for Kacchan's growth to show off the massive difference he can make by having progressed from someone who had great power but was lacking in empathy and selflessness to become a balanced hero who possesses amazing skills, great tenacity and whose heart is in the right place in every way.
If you look at every OFA holder, they all went down a lonely, isolated path and they could never win against AFO. But OFA itself is the long game towards the path of victory that's based on reaching out and holding hands (or eating hair) - every time that happens, the hope gets passed on and the power grows.
Deku is now at the end of that line - he has nobody to transfer the power to, so I think a paradigm-change is needed.
Tumblr media
The 2nd Vestige changed everything by reaching out to Yoichi (whose lonely resistance did nothing to change his brother or the world). I'm sure 2nd was a kick-ass fighter with great feats, but what made the biggest difference in the world was this handholding. Yoichi already had OFA and his own quirk, still, until Nii-chan reached out to him, he was nothing - the power inside him couldn’t thrive.
The Deku-Kacchan handholding is something that hasn't happened in the manga yet, but I think Kacchan reaching out to Deku will bring another cataclysmic change that will lead to victory over AFO.
So personally, this is the type of moment I'm looking forward to when it comes to Bakugou - the path he walked, his hard-earned victory over himself culminating in a moment that will bring to a full circle what 1st and 2nd started. Him changing history through compassion and fulfilling OFA’s promise.
Obviously, watching him fight is always a bonus, and I would definitely love to see him kick ass in the endgame - but he doesn't need to be at equal power with Deku to be of decisive importance in the endgame, nor will he automatically "lose" just because Deku gets to sixquirks 100% Fa-Jined to 200% or whatever.
We have spent 300+ chapter to watch the system built on a single person's strength fall apart - because everyone needs support and nobody can do it all alone.
But of course, fandom sees everything from the perspective of biggest damage dealt or "cool fight moments", and keeps undervaluing the simpler acts of heroism. (Another thing that drives me crazy is how fandom keeps dissing Shouto because he's not as powerful/skillfull as Endeavor [yet], and saying how he's irrelevant, when he spent so much effort on healing his family - but again, if it's not fight moment, it doesn't count).
This in a story, where the greatest antagonist could have been saved by literally anyone who cared enough, so acts of heroism take different shape.
I personally want to see the pay-off in Bakugou's character development, rather than some kind of stupid forced bullshit power-up (I'm not against a power-up / quirk awakening, but it should tie into some logic). He's Deku's image of victory - and somehow to me it would be meaningful if he would remain that regardless of how his power-level compared to Deku - because just like Deku's heroism was never in his power, Kacchan is the same. His drive, confidence, tenacity - what makes his truly special - is not his quirk, but something beyond that.
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artlovingbre · a day ago
Protect (Jill Valentine x Dwight Fairfield)
Tumblr media
"Why am I back here?" Jill grumbled when she woke up to see that she was back in the Raccoon City Police Department.
Wasn't Raccoon City destroyed?
But then she saw what looked like a generator near the statue of the lion, making her frown.
That wasn't there before.
Where was she?
"Jill?" A familiar voice spoke from behind her.
She turned around and sighed in relief when she saw that it was Leon.
They didn't know eachother much since they only saw eachother a few times before Leon was suppose to start at the Raccoon Police Department until the t-virus broke out.
"Good to see you rookie, glad to see that you are still alive after what happened in Raccoon city."
Leon sighed.
"Same here. But how are we here? Wasn't Raccoon City destroyed?"
Jill nodded.
"Yeah. I don't get it either."
"Two new survivors? Hasn't happened since Nancy and Steve arrived." An unfamiliar female voice spoke up.
The two turned, because of instinct, reaching where their holster were but their guns were gone.
They saw a woman who seemed about eighteen, blond hair that went down to her shoulders. She wore a pair of jeans that were rolled up over a pair of boots, a pink shirt with a black vest completing the look.
"Woah, I ain't a danger to you two.  Names Cheryl, who are you guys?"
The two officers calmed down a bit when the woman introduced herself.
"I'm Jill, this is Leon."
Then the three heard a man screaming from deeper in the police station, making Cheryl's skin pale.
"Shit, killer got Dwight, and I don't even know who we're up against yet."
The two gave the woman a questioning look.
"Killer? What do you mean?" Leon asked.
"I'll explain it later, I have to go help Dwight." She said about to run off, but Jill grabbed her wrist.
"I'll go get him, I know this place very well."
Cheryl thought for a second before nodding.
"Okay, I'll explain to Leon what we do in the trials, Dwight should be able to explain to you about it when you save him."
She then turned to Leon.
"Come on, ill teach you how to repair the generators."
Leon nodded before the two headed towards the main hall of the station while Jill headed towards the chief's office where the scream came from.
As she made her way down the halls, she heard heavy footsteps approaching her along with her heartbeat starting to beat faster and faster.
"Shit..." she muttered as she looked for a place to hide.
She managed to find a locker to slip inside as the footsteps and the heartbeat got louder.
She could swear her heart stopped when she saw that hideous monster that she thought she killed stomped right by as a loud alarm went off in the direction that she came from.
Making sure that Nemesis wasn't anywhere near her, she quietly got out of the locker and hurried to the chief's office.
Her eyes widened when she saw a man hanging in the corner of the room, a large hook piercing through his shoulder, and blood seeping out of the wound.
The man seemed around her age, black hair that was brushed back a bit, a pair of black rectangular glasses that was drooping down his nose a bit.
He wore a yellow stripped hoodie, a pair of jeans that were rolled up kinda like Cheryl's, and he wore a pair of tan Oxford shoes.
"Don't worry, I got you." She said as she carefully lifted him off of the hook.
The man hissed in pain as Jill wrapped his arm around her shoulders and lead him away from the office and into a small room nearby.
When she set him down on the ground, she winced when she saw how bad his wound was, and she saw faint blue lines scattering across his arms and up his neck.
"Stay here, I'm going to find something to patch that up for you."
She hurried back into the office and saw what looked like a chest at the front of Chief Irons' desk.
Kneeling down infront of the chest, she grabbed something off of the desk to use as a lockpick to open the chest.
That's when she heard two more alarms go off, similar to the one she heard in the locker earlier.
She didn't know what those alarms were for, but she hoped they were good.
After a minute, she smiled when the lock came off.
She opened the chest and saw a medkit along with a syringe with a light green liquid.
She could heal and cure that man.
Grabbing the two things, she hurried back to the man, who was leaning against the wall, looking very exhausted.
"Don't worry, you're going to be just fine." She said as she set the medkit and syringe down.
"I'm going to have to take your hoodie off to treat your wound. Can I?" She asked, wanting to make sure he was fine with it.
The man didn't say anything, but tiredly nodded.
Jill took his glasses off and then carefully lifted his hoodie up over his head and winced seeing the giant hole in his shoulder.
She opened the medkit and began to clean the blood around the wound and then grabbed a needle and some monofilament sutures.
"This is going to hurt a bit."
As she began to stitch up the wound, the man hissed in pain.
"Sorry." She quietly muttered as she stitched it up.
After it was closed, she grabbed the bandages and wrapped it around his shoulder.
"Thanks." The man muttered.
Jill gave him a small smile.
"No problem." She replied as she placed the rest of the bandages back in the medkit and grabbed the syringe and injected the cure to the t-virus.
As the last of the cure was injected, the blue lines faded away and the man began to get a little bit of color back to his skin.
"You feeling better?" Jill asked as she gave the man a concerned look.
The man looked up at her and his face turned a bit pink.
"Y-yeah." He stuttered.
Then two more alarms went off and a siren blared around.
"All the generators are done. We have to get to one of the doors and escape." The man said as he stood up with the help of Jill.
"Here's your hoodie and your glasses."
"Thanks. I'm Dwight. " He said as he slipped his hoodie back on and put his glasses on.
"I'm Jill. Now come on, I think I saw one of the gates at the main hall of the station."
As the two hurried towards the main hall, the two heard loud footsteps approaching them at a fast pace.
"Shit, hide!" Jill exclaimed as she basically shoved Dwight into a nearby locker and ran off.
Dwight watched as the killer run by clearly chasing Jill now.
Once the heartbeat faded away, he quietly slipped out of the locker and ran in the opposite direction from where the killer went.
Finally reaching the main hall, he hurried down the stairs and out of the main door and towards the exit gate.
Pulling the handle down, he looked back towards the station, hoping that Jill was okay.
As the door opened, he heard a scream right behind him, he spun around and saw Jill get slammed to the ground, the killer right behind her.
"StArS!!" He growled as he grabbed her limp form and threw her straight at the gate, slamming into the brick wall of the gate.
"J-jill!" Dwight worriedly shouted as he hurried over to her limp form and carried her across the exit as Nemesis tried to grab her, but the entity blocked it from them.
"StArS!!" It's growl echoed as Dwight carried Jill away from the trial.
"Shit shit shit..." Dwight muttered as he hurried back to the survivors camp with Jill limp in his arms.
Once he got back, he saw some of the others talking to an unfamiliar man, probably arrive with Jill.
When the man saw him, his eyes widened.
"Jill! What happened?" He asked worriedly as Claudette and Quentin rushed over.
"Lay her down Dwight." Claudette gently commanded as she opened the medkit up.
Dwight silently obeyed and as he set her down, he saw how injured she was.
She had a long gash along her side, her neck had a large bruise wrapping all around from the monster holding her by her neck, and a huge bruise across her back from when it threw her into the exit gate wall.
As Claudette and Quentin tended to Jill, Dwight learned that the man's name was Leon and that he and Jill were suppose to be co-workers until a virus broke out in the city that they lived in.
"There, she should be okay, she just needs rest." Claudette said in relief.
Leon and Dwight were also relived.
"Thanks for getting her out of there. Me and Cheryl were about to go help until you both escaped already." He said giving him a small smile before walking off to talk to some of the other survivors.
Dwight sighed as he sat down next to Jill, who was in a deep sleep.
"Thank you for saving me in that match." He whispered as he gently grabbed her hand.
If it wasn't for her, he would have been sacrificed that round, and it wasn't fun to be punished by the entity for failing the trial.
He smiled as he felt her squeeze his hand gently.
"I am going to find someway to repay you. I promise."
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mcu-discussions · a day ago
Theory: cloak Loki doesn't actually wants to kill those minutemen. He just needs to in order to kickstart the events for the series. He only exists because main Loki is going through TVA right now. Cloak Loki has a plan but It'll only work out if everything happens as it has before.
Therefore main Loki can't know anything until it's time for him to actually plan whatever Cloak Loki has planned thus keeping the cycle running.
Idk what Loki has planned. Maybe it has something to do with the time-keepers. Or maybe it's about something else entirely that hasn't been introduced yet.
I'm not too sure I understood completely what you mean. How could this alternate, alternate Loki even know about EG Loki?
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Perhaps We'll Meet Another Day | One Piece | #19 - Do Not As I Say
Words: 3.4k
<- Chapter 18
It was a quick 'surgery,' if one could even call it that. All Law did was take out the piece of bullet still in her body and stitch up the gunshot wound in Lexi's side enough to stop the flow of blood, then bandage it with the dwindling supply they had left, thanks to Tara's carelessness in treating the wound properly the first time. There was now a pile of bloodied bandages on the ground, far more than was necessary to fix the injury the first time, and they had little left for future procedures. Law would deal with that at a later point, however.
Once he was confident that the wound was as properly cared for as it could be given the circumstances, the doctor inspected the rest of her person for any other wounds they may have missed. The collar around her neck left chaffing marks and red skin that looks cracked and dry, on her lower legs and feet were scratches and cut marks, most likely from plants and trees in the forest as she walked or ran barefoot through it, and the malnourishment that was evident in her too-skinny figure. Besides the superficial wounds, there was little else wrong with her.
By the time they finished working on Lexi, it was dark outside and about time for dinner to be served. Tara left the trailer first, going to find her plate of food, leaving Law and his still-unconscious patient in the trailer alone. The exhaustion of the day was beginning to fall on him. With a sigh Law shucked off the rubber gloves he'd donned earlier and tossed them into the trash nearby, sliding to a seat on the nearest chair. A long day of walking plus the impromptu and unexpected operation at the end of the day definitely wasn't the most taxing thing he'd done while on a shift, but it certainly had worn him out nonetheless.
His eyes scanned Lexi's form once more, just to be sure there was nothing else wrong. He smiled a little, seeing that her wound from long ago had healed nicely. Albeit, there was a long, jagged scar running from her thigh down through her kneecap and a short distance down her shin, but at least it didn't appear infected or otherwise damaged. He wondered how long it had taken for her to get back on her feet after that incident.
For a while, Law simply sat there staring at the brunette, not realizing he was doing so. Not that he could help it, given this was all a bit surreal. The frequency at which Lexi was surprising him, both intentionally and without meaning to, was becoming all too often these days. And predictably he had a lot of questions for her if- once, she woke up.
Where in the hell had she come from? That was the most prominent, but others lingered dangerously close to the brim of his mind. Why was she dressed like that out in the middle of the woods? Lexi was sensible, not one to put herself in danger by wearing clothing so skimpy and revealing, especially when all it took was one scratch or bite to kill you. Who put this collar on her? They hadn't been able to remove it while treating her wound, but perhaps they could cut it off with bigger tools. Had something happened? Who had she been with? What had they done to her? There were no physical signs, but when it came to mental and emotional scarring…
As much as the worry about whether she was safe or not had been satisfied, seeing that she was 'safe and sound,' using that term loosely, in the camp with them, Law couldn't help but fear something else was brewing that he didn't know about, and Law didn't like not knowing.
Alas, there was nothing to do now but wait for Lexi to awaken, given she was the only one to possibly know the answers to those questions.
Some time later, Tara returned from getting her dinner, and returned to sit beside Lexi with a sigh. "Still hasn't woken up yet?" She ran a hand through her red locks, twisting the ends in her hand to smooth out any kinks.
"No." Law answered shortly, feeling like the question was all to redundant, considering she could see the answer right before her eyes. Thankfully he was able to push the urge to roll his eyes down enough to not show it. "It may be some time before that happens."
"Dang. Wonder what happened to her." She remarked, tilting her head to look at the brunette easier. "Like…what's with the collar?"
"I'm not sure…but it makes me uneasy." Law squinted into the space between them, feeling this nagging sensation at the back of his mind, like he should know the answer to that particular question. Something about it seemed familiar, but he couldn't quite place the reason why. Shaking his head, he stood and smoothed down his clothes.
"If anything happens, come notify me." He ordered, pleased to see her nod without question, and turned to leave the trailer for his own food.
It came as no surprise, of course, when Margaret ambushed him while he was outside eating. What he didn't expect was for her to act as though their little spat earlier that day had never even happened, something he was immensely grateful for. Law didn't have the patience to try dealing with a bitchy woman in addition to all this exhaustion.
The black-haired woman sat in the chair beside him, crossing her arms and leaning back in the seat. "So, is she going to make it?"
"I believe so, given she hasn't lost too much blood. It's hard to tell exactly how much she could have lost before the scavenging team brought her here, but her wounds have been closed."
"That's good. Has she woken up yet?"
Law shook his head. "No. Judging from her condition, it may be another day or so before that happens."
"God…can't imagine what happened to her." Margaret slowly shook her head with a sympathetic frown. "I talked to the team that brought her in, they all say she looked like hell when they found her. I guess she was just lying out in the middle of the woods, bleeding from her side. There wasn't anyone around that they could see."
"No doubt, she's been through hell." He agreed, knowing much more of the brunette's character than the woman beside him. Just the amount of hell this woman has had to go through, he'd only seen a small glimpse of it, but she was certainly not without her demons. If Lexi had been found so broken, especially with her will to live and fight as strong as he knew it was, there was something bad brewing, he could feel it.
"Mmm…" Margaret muttered, staring off into the fire before them. For several minutes, Law waited for her to say something else, watching her out of the corner of his eyes as she simply stared unendingly into the flames of the pit, until finally, she broke her silence. "Back there…did you intend to kill Zach right from the beginning?"
Without hesitation, he shook his head. "I don't know what kind of man you think me to be, but I am not a heartless killer. Only after I knew what condition he was in did I take those actions."
"Well, I know exactly what kind of a man you are." She implied with a bitter tone, glaring minutely into the space between them. "But for the sake of this camp, I'm letting it go. Albeit with much reluctance."
"Hmm." Was all he replied, knowing that nothing he said or did would change her opinion of him at this point. What was done was done.
"God, why couldn't you have had a more pleasant personality? A doctor was just who we needed, but not an asshole." Margaret settled back into her chair, letting out a pent up breath. "And as much as I loath you, I can't help but listen to your advice. You're smart. Cunning. And a much better leader than I."
Curiously, he glanced in her direction, seeing the pained expression, as if simply saying those words hurt her. Hmm. Perhaps she was more mature and clear-headed than he'd first thought. "What makes you say that, hmm?"
"Don't be coy, bastard." She hissed. "I'm not inflating your ego any further."
"Aw, what a shame." He chuckled softly, pleased with the frustrated expression she sent his way. This didn't help her mood any, which he couldn't care less about. She went quiet, most likely glaring a hole into the back of his head if he were to guess. Several seconds of silence passed between them, until she cleared her throat and shifted in her seat.
"I've been thinking about what you said before, and unfortunately, you're right."
Her attempt at turning the conversation in another direction was not lost on him, but he let it slide this once. He was, after all, curious about what she meant. Law turned to her and raised a brow. "About what?"
Margaret shrugged, not looking his way. "I can't save everyone. And…doing so isn't a good way of repenting for what I've done." Her eyes took on a clarity they had lacked before. "And I've gotta start somewhere, right? I can't keep accepting everyone into our camp if I want the people we have now to survive. You're damn right about us almost starving…"
Fucking hell…
The grin he'd sported before quickly vanished and a seed of worry and tension began to pool in his stomach as he began to see where she was going with this line of conversation. Damn him. Damn him and his penchant for saying quite the wrong thing. He should have waited to say anything at all. Maybe it would have prevented this…
Despite Law's internal dialogue, she went on with her line of thinking, and it was exactly as Law feared. "It's not what I'd prefer to do, but it's about time I started turning people away. We'll start with her," Margaret gestured behind her to the infirmary, "and I'll let the rest of the camp know that we aren't accepting anyone else from here on out, at least until we can support more people."
She continued to talk about how she'd changed her mind, but he wasn't really listening. Law said nothing, simply stared out at the fire. This was not how he intended this situation to go. If he were to say anything now, about either knowing Lexi or wanting her to stay with the group, he'd be quite the hypocrite. And, knowing Margaret's opinion of him now, that may just sway the decision to oust the brunette anyway, simply out of spite. Though he felt Lexi was an exception from the rules, seeing as she could actually support her weight, and that of a few others, should they keep her around. Knowing her, she'd be out there looking for supplies and food, pulling her worth and then some.
Shit. This wasn't the ideal situation at all, but refuting Margaret's decision now would probably cause further problems down the line that he didn't want to deal with. So he remained silent, internally cursing his own stupidity and Margaret for deciding now of all times to change her ways and see reason. Perhaps he could solve this problem later on, but now was not the time to oppose it. After all, Lexi was still unconscious and he saw a way to buy himself some more time.
Margaret seemed to notice his lack of an answer, and looked over at him. "Is something wrong?"
Forcing that calm facade to remain intact, even as he shook his head no, Law gave a noncommittal shrug. "No, though I don't think it's wise to release her before she's well enough to fend for herself. Once she's healthy enough to live on her own, then we can send her on her way." He heard himself say those words, when all he wanted to tell her was 'We shouldn't be turning Lexi away.'
There was a second or two of silent thought, before Margaret reluctantly nodded. "It'll take up some more resources, but you're right. Even if we can't let her stay, we'll help her gain her strength back. That is, if she's strong enough to do so." The woman beside him took on a thoughtful expression, scratching underneath her chin. "What if she doesn't become healthy enough to leave?"
Law sighed, closing his eyes. At least he'd guaranteed that she'd stay as long as she could gather her strength. Still, it wasn't the perfect outcome. "Then we kill her." He said, knowing that he'd never go through with the suggestion, nor would he allow anyone else to do so. He owed that damned woman too much. There was still a major debt to repay, and Law's pride as a man and as a person was hanging on the line, at least in his own mind. "Though I doubt it'll come to that. She's a strong woman."
"Eh? You say that like you know her or something." A spark of suspicion crossed her face, but Law pretended he didn't notice, shrugging off the presumed accusation.
"Of course I don't, but someone her age, and considering what she's already survived through, I doubt a little blood loss would kill her now." Hopefully the familiarity didn't bleed through the lies he spoke. "If she weren't strong, she wouldn't have survived this long in this world."
Nodding a few more times in silent agreement, Margaret finally rose and brushed down her clothes with her hands. "Well, we'll see won't we? Let me know when she wakes up, or if she's too weak to let her leave by herself. After a week, though, a decision should be made." And with that positive talk finished, she left Law to finish the rest of his food, which had remained uneaten up to that point. Though, now he doubted he had the appetite to eat it anymore.
Shachi and Penguin were already in the trailer when Law returned to their shared space for the night. He'd moved back in with them a few days before, and he knew that they'd be asking him endless questions once he got back. Predictably, the moment he set foot through the door, they were already alert and bombarding him with questions.
"So, who's the girl that they brought in?" Shachi turned to look at their leader as he lay on his own bed.
"We were out building the fence for the garden and didn't get to see her." Penguin supplied, stretching out his back on his mattress. Ruefully, Law gave a grin and shook his head slowly.
"You'll never guess."
"Eh? Is that a challenge?"
Law chuckled under his breath, stretching to pop the kinks in his back. God, he hadn't realized how stiff he'd been feeling until give the opportunity to relax for once. It felt like it'd been too long since he'd sat down properly. "Take it any way you like." He replied, knowing that's exactly how they'd see it.
Obviously not ones to turn up a challenge, especially when they felt like their manhood was in question, which Law knew they did, Penguin crossed his arms and sat up a little straighter. "What, is it Courtney Love? Emma Stone?"
"Ooh! Ooh! I know, it's Angelina Jolie, right?" Shachi joined in, hopeful that he was correct.
"Nah, no way would she be all the way out here…" Penguin scratched at his chin in thought, seriously taking it upon himself to guess who had shown up. "Hmm…what about Becky Feltman? That chick that this dumbass dated back in high school?" He stuck a thumb at Shachi, who looked completely offended.
"Hey! I didn't date her, technically. We only went out once." Shachi clarified with a glare, holding up his palms defensively. His deadly stare did nothing to deter Penguin, who laughed at the man's distress.
"Yeah, in which time you still managed to mistake her for her sister. Twice. Smooth going."
"Damnit, Penguin, how many times do I have to tell you? They were twins!"
"Well? Is it Becky, or her sister, uh…Sasha?" Penguin tried again essentially ignoring Shachi's defense, grinning over at Law, but he shook his head in amusement.
"No." Law replied with a smile, sinking into his own bed with a sigh of relief. These two would never change. "It's Lexi."
Their innate amusement quickly turned to expressions of shock and disbelief.
"What!? Lexi? How'd she get here?"
"Can we see her?"
"Is she alright?"
"Where'd she come from?"
"Alright, alright, enough." Law chastised with a frown, rubbing away at the headache that threatened to form at their endless questions. God, if he could go a single day without a question directed at him, he'd have died and gone to heaven. "She's unconscious, and she'd been shot, but she'll recover. First she's got to wake up, which may take a day or so."
"Ah man…I wonder what happened to her…" Penguin whispered, feeling very deflated at the less-than-positive news. "Whoever shot her better hope they don't show up here."
"Damn right. We owe her our lives, we can't allow her to just die like that." Shachi agreed, popping the joints in his knuckles in what was supposed to be an intimidating fashion. "Hey, we can finally thank her for saving our asses that one time."
"Heh, which time? She's inadvertently saved us a few times already."
"There's something you two have to know first." Law started, gaining both of their attentions. "Margaret cannot know that we know Lexi, understand?"
"But...why?" Shachi asked in confusion, not seeing the connection.
He sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Margaret means to send Lexi away once she's healthy enough to be on her own."
"What!? We can't let that happen!"
"No way! Lexi's been gone so long and she's a friend. We can't just let her leave like that again."
"I don't like it either, but Margaret has already made the decision." Law growled, omitting his own involvement in the way things turned out. He'd tell them another time, but not right now. "At the moment, I'm not on good terms with Margaret, and if she knew that Lexi was a friend, she may send her away prematurely to get back at me."
"Why, what did you do?" Shachi questioned with a raised brow, but Law only shook his head.
"It doesn't matter, just don't act too familiar with her. For all intents and purposes, Lexi is a stranger, understand?"
They reluctantly agreed, and the conversation thankfully shifted elsewhere.
Shachi and Penguin talked about the brunette for awhile longer, making Law promise to allow them in the infirmary the next day to check on her. He reluctantly agreed, as long as they don't stay too long. He didn't want the small trailer to be overly crowded. Satisfied that they'd get to see their friend after so long, the two of them finally slipped off to sleep, leaving Law alone in his consciousness.
It still worried him that Margaret was ultimately going to send the woman away. All thanks to Law's own counsel, of course. If he'd have known Lexi was going to show up, he'd had kept his fucking mouth shut, but no, karma just had to come back around and spit in his face. How was he going to explain to Margaret that Lexi should stay, especially after his sound reasoning in not taking any more survivors in? And, lest he forget, how was he supposed to explain the situation to Shachi and Penguin?
He sighed gently, vowing to figure everything out once his newest patient had awoken. Unbeknownst to him, of course, Law's problems were only just beginning.
Chapter 20 ->
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kirsteeen · 2 days ago
A Gem Called Adie
By Kirsten T. Mahilum
Tumblr media
“Ang ganda ko,” she would always say out of the blue. She would often brag about herself, about the things that she did. She would say she’s the best. But, would you believe me if I say that she doesn’t mean all of the things that she brags about? That she’s a person who has a very low self-esteem and doesn’t know her worth. She would think, “why can’t I be like them?”. She’s afraid of public speaking, shy around people, allergic to almost everything, says not so good things about her family but talks about them 24/7, acts like she doesn’t care, and is a full-time K-pop and K-Drama fan.
Do you know her? Her name is Adie.
She would say she’s pretty in the middle of our conversation. But I know that in the back of her head, she believes that she’s not. That there are many other girls out there who're prettier and attractive than her. That she can’t reach what they have. And that’s what I don’t believe. She may not be aware of it but she’s more than beautiful. There’s something about her that makes her unique and makes her stand-out among any other girls.
She’s not the kindest girl. No. She would never be. Because she would throw you insults whenever she likes to. She could be offensive when she talks. When it comes to teasing someone, she would be the first one to do that. It’s worse when she becomes hyper because she wouldn’t just throw you jokes, she would throw your umbrella, too. Yup, literally. I remember that day when we were in our 10th grade, she was so hyper and we were laughing with our friends, when suddenly she took my umbrella and my tumbler out of my bag and threw it away! I was pissed so I walked out. But she just laughed and teased me. The girl didn’t even apologize, even the next day. I don’t even know how I let that thing pass. She’s literally the most annoying person ever whenever she wants. And I can’t do anything about that. That’s what makes her “her.”
But you know what? Even if she’s the most annoying person ever, I don’t mind at all. Because that’s what makes her “her.” She may be good at pissing me off sometimes, but I still see her as one of the best people around me.
She may act like she doesn’t care about what’s happening around the world but I know that that’s one of the many things that keep her up all night. She calls herself an “overthinker”, you know? And that’s one of the reasons why she has a bad sleeping schedule. Like, who sleeps at 9pm and then wakes up at 11pm to do her modules and sleep at 4o’clock in the morning again. She would act like she doesn’t care about your shenanigans but deep inside, she would think about it. She would cheer me up in her weirdest way. She’s the best cheerleader whenever I’m on to something and the best hypegirl when I’m down.  
She hasn't achieved something big yet, and she may not know it, but she changed my life. At first, you’ll only see her as a goofy person, but once you get to know her deeply, she’s a person who’s good at words. She’s more than just her corny jokes. I learned a lot from her, especially from her views about the world. She may not realize it, but she’s brave. She would act like she can’t do something but I’ll just be shocked that she finished it already after some time. She may look strong outside, but deep inside, she’s a fragile girl. She’s good at teasing people but she’s really a sensitive person. 
She’s my partner-in-crime, my “gossip-mate,” my best friend. 
If there’s one thing that would describe her, it would be a gem. Why? Because it’s rare to find someone like her. Someone who’s one message away. Someone who’ll make your day bright just by hearing her laugh even at the smallest and corniest stuff. Someone who’ll make you feel even more bad when you’re down at the same time hype you up. Someone you know who’ll stay.
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emiefaunwrites · 2 days ago
As it's Mondo's birthday today would you mind writing something for him? Like Taka organises his birthday and then Leon decides it's way too lame for a biker and changes everything? Idk I'll leave the creative stuff to you cause you're good at it
And hell to the yes I will write something for our favourite biker gang leader! I've not actually managed to do something on a proper birthday yet (late for Leon and early for Taka) so I'm proper excited!
I decided to just focus on Mondo and Taka in this. Seeing as Taka and Leon get together not long after Mondo's birthday, I didn't wanna clog up Mondo's day with Ishileon stuff. Otherwise the temptation will be for me to deviate wildly and it won't be about Mondo at all!
Hope this is what you'd like Mondo!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!
• Taka is STUPID excited.
• Not because anything good is happening to him.
• But because it's Mondo's birthday - his first ever friend!
• And he gets to share that special day with him.
• Mondo's even said that he could organise something him.
• Leon's organising his full party - since he will be able to appeal to Mondo's more...chaotic nature.
• But that'll be in the evening.
• Taka gets the special job of organising a day out with his best bro.
• He knows what kind of things Mondo likes to do when it's just them so he wants to hone in on these things.
• And, because it's his special day, he'll even make some special allowances.
• So at 10am sharp, he's at Mondo's door.
• Mondo could have done with more of a lie in, but this is late in the day for Taka and he knows the boy is super excited about this.
• He hauls his ass out of bed and opens the door to see Taka bouncing excitedly in the hall - childish joy on his face.
• Mondo hasn't been big on birthdays since Daiya died - his brother being the only one to really celebrate the day with him.
• But the sheer delight on Taka's face is adorable and he can't help but grin in response.
• 'Aww, thanks bro! D'ya wanna come...'
• 'Not for long! We have things to do!'
• Of course they do.
• He dresses as fast as he can, deciding to forgo the pomp in the interest of speed and they make their way outside.
• 'Whatcha got planned for us, bro?'
• 'Ah! It's a surprise!'
• Naturally.
• 'Sounds great. We need to catch a bus or are we walkin'?'
• 'Ah, no. I thought we could...make other arrangments today.'
• Uh. Okay. Cool? Mondo has NO clue what that means but follows Taka regardless...
• his bike.
• Huh?
• 'I...ah...I thought you might want to go for a drive today.'
• 'What, for real?'
• 'Well yes. Our first item isn't scheduled for after lunch as I wasn't sure what time you would wake up. So we have a couple of hours to fill before lunch and I thought...'
• HELL FUCKING YEAH does Mondo want to take Taka on a spin! He's been DYING to get his bro to try riding with him.!
• If he knew it was this easy, he'd have lied and said it was his birthday months ago!
• It takes a while for Taka to get used to the drive - eyes shut and white knuckled.
• But as they drive around, he slowly starts relaxing and enjoying.
• They stop off at a little cafe Mondo's always wanted to try for lunch - mainly because of the burger challenge he's had his eye on.
• This guy can EAT so the plows through the challenge in no time and gets his meal for free with his picture going on the Wall of Fame.
• Next stop is bowling.
• Mondo loves bowling but isn't great at it so doesn't like to play with others since he's a sore loser.
• But Taka's worse so they play with the sides up - and even so, Taka still loses all three rounds.
• After bowling is the big event. The one Taka has planned for weeks.
• For two hours, Taka has arranged for him and Mondo to take care of puppies at the local shelter.
• Mondo damn near bursts into tears when he hears - pulling his bro into the BIGGEST hug before dragging them to the bike to get there.
• He's SURROUNDED by puppies and he is LIVING HIS BEST LIFE - cooing uncharacteristically at each everyone one while playing, bathing and feeding them.
• Taka's never had a pet before so doesn't really know what to do but Mondo is MORE than happy to teach him.
• And the biker has to be dragged out at the end, desperate to adopt them all.
• But Taka has one final gift.
• They head back to the dorms and there's an envelope on Taka's bed that he hands over.
• Inside is a gift certificate - an unlimited pass onto a carpeting course.
• Mondo's already looked up some potential stsrting points and this course is the most recommended in the whole of Japan!
• It costs SO MUCH to get on...but now...
• 'You may not want to start now. Maybe not ever. But I wanted to give you the first step whenever you felt ready. It's not a lot towards it, but Leon, Hiro and Chi chipped in. And if you save now then...'
• Forget the tough guy. Forget the image.
• Mondo pulls his best friend into a warm hug, sniffling into his shoulder at such an amazing gift.
• Yeah, he hates birthdays. But knowing he has a guy like Taka there...
• Birthdays ain't gonna be so bad anymore.
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I wake with a start, looking into Mal's golden eyes. I smile softly, pulling him in for a kiss. Something's wrong with him, though. I feel like he's hiding something, but I can't tell what it is. His demeanor has changed, he's keeping a secret from me.
"Are you okay?" I ask him. He nods, his hair falling into his eyes. A voice in my head tells me that he's lying. Then the smell of burning food hits my nostrils. Mal's eyes widen.
"Shit," he exclaims, "The eggs!" I smile to myself, watching him bolt out of the room in a rush. I toss the blankets off the bed, let them fall to the floor, and I walk over to my closet, extracting a pair of black shorts and a Black Butler t-shirt. Yana Toboso had her facts somewhat correct. Demons do steal souls, but it's the Devil they have to listen to. If they don't, they'll be in a lot of trouble. I slide on the shorts and the shirt, catching my eye in the mirror...
Holy shit. I look like a reanimated corpse. I mean, I am a reanimated corpse, in a way. Mal ressurected me because I died. I think the only reason he did it was because my Dad would have caused him eternal torment. Thinking of Dad brings tears to my eyes. He's gone. Dead. He shuffled off this mortal coil. Kicked the bucket... He was murdered three weeks ago today. Murdered in cold blood. My fists clench at my sides. Even though Mal and I got revenge, it hasn't taken the pain away. "Revenge is a dish best served cold." That was a saying my mother used to tell me before she was killed. The irony doesn't escape me. Both of my parents murdered, just 10 years apart.
I sigh to myself, fluffing up my hair. There, I look somewhat alive. My eyes are glassy, like I have contact lenses in. Jesus. I grab my glasses and I slide them on. I never wore glasses before, but life has a way of surprising you. Stress, my doctor had said when I couldn't see more than 5 feet in front of me. My twin brother has glasses, but that's because he was born nearsighted. He was as blind as a mole-rat. Is blind as a mole-rat. He's not dead, no matter what they say. I know that he's alive. We're Linked, which means that I can feel what he feels and vice versa. If he were dead, I'd feel hollow, like something important is missing, an organ, maybe. And the pain. The pain of losing him... It's so bad. Yet, I don't feel that way. I only feel like he's MIA, like when he became corrupted, like he's missing. Or in a different dimension.
Mal comes back into the room, sweat on his forehead. I smile at him. Who burns eggs? Malcolm, apparently. He places an arm around my shoulder, pulling me close to him. I shake my head.
"Breakfast is ready, My Queen." He whispers in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. Man, why did he have to be so hot? His curly hair is just begging to be touched, I just wanna pin him against the wall and... I stop myself. It's obnoxious, how he has this effect on me. He smiles, obviously reading my thoughts. I feel color rush to my face. I go to say something, but the words get caught in my throat and I suddenly feel like I can't breathe. I press a hand to my chest.
"My Queen, are you alright?" Mal asks, concern lacing his golden eyes. I nod.
"Yeah, fine." I lie to him, my voice shaking slightly. The pressure in my chest builds, and I cough. He looks at me, his eyebrows raised. I wave him off. "I'm fine, Mal. Seriously." He shakes his head and grabs my hands gently, his soft palms in mine.
"The last time you said that, you died on me. I'm not gonna let that happen again." He says softly. I feel like I'm dying, that's for sure... He sighs, having read my thoughts again. Oh, shit. I need to stop doing that, letting him read my thoughts. He purses his lips and sighs again. "Audrey..."
"Daddy..." The word slips out of my mouth before I have a chance to think. I quickly slap a hand over it and curse myself harshly. Why would you say that, you moron? Mal's mouth drops open with a pop, his eyes wide. He clears his throat, his face flushing.
"Ah, we'll have that conversation later.... Anyway, you are staying home today. I don't care if Hell rots," he says, obviously reading my facial expression, "you are ill and you need rest. I'm going to have Wen observe you today while I'm at the shop. If anything happens, Wen will let me know. So, stay home and away from work. Understand? I'm doing this because I love you, and because you're my Queen. I don't want you dying again."
I sigh. "Mal..." He holds up a hand.
"I will handcuff you to the mattress if I have to. Stay. Home." He commands. I grit my teeth in anger, narrowing my eyes.
"You can't command me to do anything, Malcolm. You being the 'God of the Dead' doesn't mean shit to me, 'kay? I can still kick your butt and you know it, even while I'm weak. You-" I begin to cough again and Mal grabs my wrist gently, leading me back to the bed. You're too prideful for your own good, Audrey. Mal tucks me in, presses a kiss to my forehead. He reels back in shock.
"You have a fever." He says to no one in particular.
"Yeah, cabin fever." I retort. I've been stuck in this house for two days and it's driving me insane. I need to get back to work, I don't care if I'm sick, the Queen of Hell doesn't take days off. My father didn't take days off, and neither shall I. Mal shakes his head again.
"It doesn't matter if the Queen doesn't take sick days, what matters is your health. You can't be queen if you're not functioning properly. Also, you could get Anthony sick." I roll my eyes at him.
"Anthony's a Demon, Mal. He cannot get sick. He's, like, immune to all illnesses. It's weird. And my Dad was an alcoholic, so he wasn't 'functioning properly,' either. All that matters right now is stopping the Goblin-Demon Turf War, so more in Hell don't end up dead. The casualty rate is extremely high, and I need to reassure my people. Anthony's my advisor, not my lady-in-waiting. He can't make those huge decisions. The only one who can is me, and I'm not able to because you have me on bed rest. You know how I hate being chained down." I argue.
"That may be true, but what if you're patient zero of a new disease? Anthony won't be immune to that. And I understand that the Turf War is horrible, but -as I said before- you cannot reassure your people when you yourself cannot breathe properly. Plus, you've never minded being chained up before, my Queen." He says with a sly grin. Part of my brain knows that he has a point, but the other part of my brain doesn't want to listen to him. That's dad's side, not wanting to listen to a lesser being. Wait a damn minute. Did he just- Oh, my God. I'm so slow.
"Shut up." That's the best response I have, considering that my brain is shutting down. My eyelids start to feel heavy, and I try to fight it, but sleep eventually takes me under.
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gilbxrt-blythe · 2 days ago
Prompt 74 for Brettsey?
74. "You've shown me what love can feel like."
Sylvie sees Harrison in Chicago for the first time in seven years.
She doesn't know how or why. She's getting coffee at the place around the corner from her building (she's become a regular there), sipping on a vanilla latte, when she sees him. He just walks up to her table, stands there, and nods as if he just casually ran into an old friend who just so happens to live in a completely different state. As if they didn't end on horrible terms. As if he wasn't an emotionally abusive, manipulative asshole.
It throws her for a loop, to say the least.
"Sylvie," he greets her. "I thought that was you I saw. I see you're still ordering those sugary, frilly drinks."
Ah. It's nice to see Harrison hasn't changed one bit in seven years. Sylvie has though-- she's strong enough to not let crap like that get under her skin.
"Harrison," she gawks. "Why-- I mean... what are you doing here in Chicago?"
"Getting married," he nods casually.
Sylvie nearly spits out her coffee. "What?"
"Yeah," he confirms. "I'm engaged. My fiancée, Marissa, wanted to have the wedding here. I guess she's finally making an honest woman out of me, huh?"
"Oh, I'm sure she'll try," she replies, slightly passive aggressive and with a smile that feels too forced. And she'll fail, Sylvie adds in her head.
She doesn't mean to be so bitter but even after all these years, thinking about the horrible things Harrison made her feel makes her angry beyond measure. Her skin crawls and the feeling gets worse with every second she’s stuck there making conversation with him.
"Yeah. Well what about you? Find anyone to put up with you yet?" It comes out of Harrison's mouth as a joke, as he elbows her ribs teasingly from across the table. But the physical contact isn't appreciated in the slightest by Sylvie and she knows he's only half kidding. Man. Harrison is an old wound that will always manage to make her bleed just a little.
She thinks about it, and remembers that yes. She actually does have someone to put up with her. Someone who not only puts up with her, but enjoys her, respects her-- loves her. Matt Casey.
The name alone gives her strength and she lets out a deep breath, relaxing. "Yes, I do. Matt. He's wonderful in-- in every way imaginable. I'm very lucky."
"You two married?"
"No, not yet. We're taking things slow. But we're partners, equals. We don't need a marriage license to tell us that."
Harrison bites his inner cheek at the subtle digs hidden in her words. She knows he'd never seen her as an equal, that he'd only wanted to marry Sylvie so he could have more control over her. Someone to cook, someone to clean. Back then, it'd made Sylvie feel like pulling her hair out and crying. Now, all it does it make her appreciate her new life even more. That Sylvie is gone, and the people she's surrounded herself with now are beautiful inside and out. Harrison's momentary return to Chicago won't change that.
Eventually, Sylvie is freed from the hellhole of a social situation and Harrison has to leave-- something about cake testing, he'd told her, which she'd subtly rolled her eyes at.
That night, Matt knocks at her door. They'd already planned for a relaxing date night staying inside-- he'd even agreed to watch some Studio Ghibli movies with her, which she'd been excited about. But the afternoon's interaction with Harrison had sort of thrown her and when she answers the door and lets him in, it doesn't take long for Matt to see that something's off with her.
"Hey," he says, holding up a thick bottle. "I bought the rose you like for tonight, hope that's alright."
"It's perfect," she nods, smiling only partly genuinely. It really does make her happy, the fact that he'd remembered what kind of rose she likes, but her mind is elsewhere. It's in the past, replaying snapshots of her life in Fowlerton and how miserable she was.
"You okay?"
Matt's already in the apartment, pulling off his jacket and putting down the wine.
But god. He's standing there, looking at her cheerfully, albeit a little curiously. He can tell something's wrong but that soft and kind look on his face reminds her of everything good about their relationship. He's safe and warm and wonderful, in ways Harrison never could be. The wounds Harrison had left, even now when they're scarred over, feel invisible and pointless when she's around Matt. It overwhelms her for a moment.
She sighs, closes the space between them and wraps her arms around his neck and shoulders. Her head buries into his neck, breathing deeply only once his arms react to the hug by wrapping themselves around her waist.
"What's this for?"
"For being you," she tells him simply, her breath catching onto the skin of his neck.
"Are you sure you're alright?"
"Yeah," she giggles lightly with a sniffle. "I just ran into Harrison today."
"Oh," he exhales. Matt knows all about her past with Harrison, about the awful things he'd made her feel. He'd even had a front row seat to some of it, unfortunately. His shoulders tense up a little, but he holds Sylvie gently.
"I know it's been a long time since all of that stuff went down with him but it has a way of sticking with you, you know? But I sat there the whole time and couldn't stop thinking about how lucky I am to have you. Everything with him was exciting but dangerous and heartbreaking. You're different. You're a good man, Matt Casey," she tells him quietly, referencing Violet's story from last year that she'd eventually told him about. "You've shown me what love can feel like."
He doesn't know what to say at first. She doesn't need to be looking him in the eye to know when he's taken aback by something. But his hands flatten over her back, rubbing circles on it before moving to kiss her on the head. "You've shown me what love can feel like," he echoes. Not because he has to, not in the way you tell people you're good when they ask you how you are just out a reflex, but because he really means it. To Sylvie, that's beautiful.
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shorterthantheeasel · 2 days ago
Something I've been working on
In other news, I know I've shared a quick look at some of the character designs for this, but I'm working on a gothic mystery visual novel. It's gonna be sort of like a choose your own adventure type thing. I'm aiming for a Bly Manor meets Dark Shadows kinda vibe. It's not a dating sim, so don't go in expecting to romance any ghosts. But there may be some romance elements in there.
I've wanted to experiment with visual novels for a while now and so far it's teaching me a lot. I'm enjoying making backgrounds more than I thought I would. Looking forward to playing around with making looping tracks. Debating on whether to have some voice acting in there, but that may be a tinsy bit ambitious since this is my first time working on something like this. But as far as the visual novel game itself goes, I'm having a blast prepping it.
I have most of the story itself planned out, just need to work on the ways it can branch into different choices and then script it out. I already have two endings planned, one of them I'm debating on dialing it down. But it is a gothic mystery so maybe it's just right for the genre.
Hopefully I can get my main laptop up and running again before I have everything together to start actually making the game. But I'm not sure when I'll be able to take that in for a new battery. If you missed the post about it I made a few weeks back, my main laptop is out of commission for the time being. First the adapter stopped working, replaced that. The new adapter works fine, but the battery started heating up and when I went to check I felt a lump in the bottom of the laptop where it was heating up. So I stopped charging it. It wasn't turning on anyway. Hopefully the battery hasn't done any damage to the laptop. I had a lot of stuff on there and I'm dreading hearing the inevitable lecture on backing up your laptop and how I should be using an external hard drive. But it was working completely perfectly fine before the initial problem with the adapter happened. So obviously I wasn't thinking "maybe I should back it up" the night before it happened.
Either way, for these past few weeks I've been working on my old Toshiba Portege that I've had since about 2011 when I first went off to college. I've updated it and upgraded it to Windows ten. Gotten it a new battery and a new adapter. Granted, it won't charge past 80% even off of eco mode. That's probably something with the laptop itself, but again it's not exactly new. But it's good enough for the time being.
So hopefully I can get my main laptop back in action or at least be told they can still get my files off of it, even if it means getting a new computer. Probably just gonna go for a desktop PC this time. Maybe even one of those where the monitor is the computer. But, for now I'm working with what I've got. And if I have to put the game together on this laptop, so be it.
All in all, I'm looking forward to putting everything together for this game. I know it's a visual novel, but I do consider it a game to some extent. The players will be making choices that impact the way things go. So in a sense it's kinda like a Telltale game just minus the whole "they'll remember that" thing.
I don't have a set time or date this will be finished by. I'm the team working on it. It's my first time making something like this. So I'm not sure how long it will take me to put it together. But I at least have some rough foundations set to make it easier for myself.
All I'm gonna say is that it's a bit of a gothic mystery. Not traditionally gothic in the Crimson Peak sense style wise, definitely leaning more modern day in a sense. Like I said earlier, I want the vibe to sort of be Bly Manor meets Dark Shadows(the old show, not the movie). So more like modern gothic I guess. I'm having fun putting this together and I can't wait till I can share more. But for now I wanted to at least make a post to get it out there. It doesn't have a name yet. The working titles have been "The Help" and "The House". But I know I don't plan on either of those being the final title.
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skepticalcatfrog · 2 days ago
Okay but hold on because I can never talk about this enough. I've been thinking a lot since seeing @aurora-cycle-unofficial 's post earlier, so let's do a bit of an analysis, shall we? About my favorite quote from the Aurora Cycle series. I'm going to put this under the cut since I don't know how long it'll get, but I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read it!
Specifically, let's take a look at this conversation between Aurora and Fin:
"You don't like stars?" I ask.
"No," he says quietly, lacking his smirk for once, and staring at the floor. "A lot of those stars actually died millions of years ago. It's just they're so far away, the light they created before they died hasn't finished reaching us yet." He waves at the galaxy beyond the glass. "You're looking at a sky full of ghosts."
"Well, that's depressing."
"My people live underground," he shrugs. "Wide open spaces, not so much."
This is one of the first times (I'm hesitant to say the first time, because I can't quite remember, but it still applies either way) that we see a real moment of open genuineness from Fin while we're hearing things from someone else's perspective. You might be thinking, why does that matter? But here's why:
From Auri's perspective, this is how it goes. She asks him a question. He gives his answer. She doesn't quite get why he went as dark as he did, and points that out. Then he explains why he said what he said, and that's that. Auri, as someone who's new to nearly everything in 2380 and therefore wouldn't really have been able to argue anyway, finds his explanation completely reasonable and moves on. End of conversation. But things actually go deeper than that.
A big part of Fin's character is keeping walls up, and hiding his feelings with humor. In any normal situation, he probably would've had some sort of charismatic response to Auri's question. The reason why I think he didn't here is because death and dying are things he thinks about a lot. All of the other members of the squad have had deaths close to them. Friends, parents, you name it. But Fin had the plague.
When he was young, too. He looked death right in the face. He probably had to come to terms at a young age with the possibility that wouldn't make it. Depending on how deadly the lysergia plague really was, he might've even been guaranteed death by the people around him. Fin is all too familiar with the fact that generally, most things do end with death. And even though he didn't die then, he didn't get out unscathed physically, and chances are the whole experience took a mental toll on him too.
So when he says "A lot of those stars actually died millions of years ago. It's just they're so far away, the light they created before they died hasn't finished reaching us yet...You're looking at a sky full of ghosts," he's not just talking about the stars. At least, not fully. Part of it is him not being entirely able to look at things like that through a lens that isn't about when or how they died. And the other part of it is that Fin is a star. A living, breathing person who was promised a death that never fully came, still affecting the world around him years after he expected to. He's a part of the sky full of ghosts.
And when Auri points out how depressing his statement was, what does he immediately do? He makes an excuse. He catches himself before slipping up again, choosing to say something that he thinks sounds reasonable, that he can use to explain what he said without leaving his comfort zone. And there he is right back where he started, all sarcasm and wit, as if nothing happened at all.
Anyway, who knows if any of that made sense. I just needed to get all my thoughts written down and explain why this quote means as much to me as it does. Feel free to expand on this as you wish!
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im-mrs-brightside · 3 days ago
Wrong Place
And I'm afraid it's the wrong time too.
I hate to say it, love-
but it really is me,
and it really isn't you.
In this life I was born captive,
a permanent fishbowl around my head.
The forever foggy glass-
an endless alienhood
I suspect might only end
on the day I drop dead.
But there's always something next.
Wait. Don't go, just listen,
I know I'm right.
Because I've never seen a shadow
where there wasn't any light.
There's no need to mourn this life.
Don't shed even a tear for me,
not when I'm eighteen,
not when I'm thirty,
not even on the day
I take my very last breath.
You've never felt the last of me.
Because what on earth is grief,
if not a love that has survived
even the far pits of death?
Even then,
you'll join me,
or I'll join you.
For best or for worst,
I don't mind either,
I'll meet up with you
in whichever happens first.
I'm not yet done dreaming of a time
where I see someone
without my head being submerged.
You know me,
you know I'm a bit of a dreamer.
No, there's no need to be upset,
because all I'm doing is seeing
a life that hasn't happened yet.
I know what you're thinking-
what if we get lost on the way home?
There's no need to worry.
I'll never stop looking-
because love,
all I've ever done is roam.
Even through limbo,
you'll see-
I'll be in the right place,
at the right time,
and that is too right where you'll be.
And I really don't mean to be too much,
but when I come to the surface,
it'll be the one clear glimpse-
my first ever touch.
I don't like admitting it,
I hate it, and it's true-
but I'm dying to know what it's like
when I'm no longer under the blue.
I'll find you in every life to come.
For that one breath,
there's nothing I wouldn't go through,
there's nothing I wouldn't do.
I'll meet you in the next life,
in the one after that,
and even after in the next few.
I just wish I could find you
and feel what it's like
in this one too.
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