#yandere kimetsu no yaiba x reader
If you want requests, here’s one for KNY if you’ll accept it:
Yandere (two moons of your choice) with an s/o who supplies Michael Jackson with troops. They’re essentially his business partner.
They do attend meetings sometimes only because Nakime didn’t bother to teleport them out xD
You didn't say "upper Moons." YEEEEEEE!!! Do you know what this means? That means I finally get an excuse to write more yandere Enmu. I've been waiting for this day for half a year. I also write this to Douma because he is my favorite character. And I write Akaza too because too may good ideas I have. Thats reason why I like Yoda sound.
Yandere Enmu
Tumblr media
At first, Enmu would not be interested in you.
He has seen you in some meetings but has not paid more attention to you.
But then he gets to know that you’re really close with Muzan.
So here is Enmu your new stalker best friend.
He wants to get on well with Muzan with your help.
Enmu only wants to take advantage of you at first.
Of course you would talk good things about your best friend to Muzan. Right?
And at the same time, Enmu is developing a really big obsession with you.
Because you’ve got Muzan’s attention, you have to be special.
And when he gets to know you, Enmu realizes that you are really special.
Now he wants to spend time with you 24/7.
Enmu worships you.
He emphasizes how dangerous other demons are and how he can protect you.
That’s why you and he need to be together all the time.
Enmu is also really eager to help you.
Whatever you do, you can't get rid of him.
Muzan is certainly glad that one of his creditors is your partner.
This will give him more power over you and strengthen your "business partnership".
"Y/N Remember when you said you would marry me if I received the blessing of Master Muzan? Well I talked about it with him and Master Muzan thought it was a really good idea. Why do you look disappointed my love? *Enmu hugs you* This means we can be together forever."
Yandere Douma
Tumblr media
Douma would have seen you in a few upper moon meetings.
He always wondered who you were and why you were staring at Nakime the way you planned her murder.
And Douma's interest only grew when it seemed that none of the other upper moons knew who you were.
( Escape to the mountains while you still have a chance.)
So he decided to ask Nakime about it.
And now he understands a lot more things.
Douma is trying to become your friend with you and he starts talking to you often.
( Now it is too late to escape to the mountains. )
And then Douma notices something really weird.
You make him feel feelings.
Really twisted and distorted emotions but of course Douma doesn’t understand it.
He wants to spend a lot more time with his “loved one”.
Douma often bribes Nakime to ignore your requests to teleport you away.
Especially during meetings when you are forced to sit on his lap.
Douma really won't let you go.
Being important to Michael Jackson would limit Douma’s tendencies a bit.
But you can be sure that a member of the Douma's cult will follow you whenever he can’t be there.
"Oh dear, didn't Nakime teleport you away again? * Douma hugs you and pulls you in his arms * Now you have to stay here for the duration of the meeting. *smile *"
Yandere Akaza
Tumblr media
Akaza would be really interested when he first saw you at the meeting.
Are you a new upper moon?
How strong are you?
Really soon he will find out that you are a Muzan's business partner.
So that means you have to be really strong.
Now Akaza really wants to fight you.
And after the fight, he is disappointed.
But Akaza is sure you have some potential.
You’ve just got yourself an over-zealous personal trainer.
Akaza won't really leave you alone.
He is also trying to isolate you really actively from humans and demons.
Except, of course, from Muzan.
He also “protects” and “tries to help” with your duties.
Once again, Muzan is the only one who can make him stop.
And once again, Muzan wants more power over you so he doesn’t care about Akaza’s actions.
Fucking Michael Jackson.
"Y/N Who is that weak demon you're talking to? Shouldn’t we practice more together. You can't waste your time weakness can be contagious."
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just-some-yandere-writer · 4 months ago
May I request douma with a child reader who just admires him Sm and just alway says stuff like “I wanna be like you one day!” 🤩 but the child is also a demon
▶ ʟᴏᴀᴅɪɴɢ ꜰɪʟᴇ . . .
▶ ꜰɪʟᴇ ʟᴏᴀᴅᴇᴅ .
▶ ꜰɪʟᴇ ɴᴀᴍᴇ : Platonic! Douma x Child! Demon! Reader.
▶ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢꜱ : Douma, Overprotectiveness, Douma :/
▶ ɴᴏᴛᴇꜱ :
▶Mod: Maven
Tumblr media
      Douma is so SO extra. He will look at small child demon reader and be like, ¨OOOOUUUU UWU <<<<3333, SO CUTE.¨ Douma definitely uses uwu.Theres no way he doesnt.
      Douma hasnt felt anything, in fact I am pretty sure he canonically cannot feel things, or nobodies really made him feel anything, atleast. But man, oh man, when he saw your tiny demon face his heart just melted. He was just absolutely smitten with you. He completely ADORES you.
      He completely views you as his little sibling, you looking up at him as your older bro. The first time that you tell him that you look up to him, or that you want to be just like him, he has to sit down before he passes out. His face is flushed and he cant help but feel completely in bliss, his little sibling that he just adores so much, adores him aswell.
     Since Douma has never really felt anything until he found you, when he does find you, its huge. Hes so compassionate for you. His feelings after being numb for so long are so strong. He´s so overprotective, and wont let anyone but the top kizuki touch you. He cant trust anyone but them.
    Speaking of them. May i introduce BIG BRO AKAZA??!! Omfg, Douma WILL NOT let you exist without him not knowing who you are. Every three seconds, ¨Hey, Akaza-kuuuunnn~ Did i tell you about my little sibling (Name)?” ¨ AKAZAAAAAA, Look at them theyre so cute. uwu.¨ Akaza wont admit it to Douma, but he also really likes you. He thinks youre comforting.
     Douma 100% shows you off to his followers. He´ll introduce you to so many of his worshippers and he makes sure they love you. He´ll dress you up to look like him, and because he doesnt care about gender norms, He´ll dress you up in skirts, dresses, suits, literally what ever he wants.
Overall, Douma has only adoration for you, and you for him. Yall are like the dynamic duo. Youre so important to him, His little sibling. He has finally found someone who makes him feel something, and he will NEVER let anyobdy take you away from him.
Thank you for requesting! After reading the manga, Douma became one of my favorite demons, besides Akaza. I hope yall liked this.
                                                                                  <3 Maven
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darlingyanderes · 5 months ago
Can you do one with Muzan and Kokushibo (bad at spelling 😂) With y/n. You can choose the content
Hi thank you for your request!! I might have gone a little ham on this one, I recently watched a movie called “Forgotten” on Netflix, and it inspired me to write this! I hope you like it (and that it’s not a straight up rip-off of the movie ooop)
Warnings: (fake) illness, drugs, explicit gore, murder, demons eating humans, manipulation/gaslighting, badly written amnesia
Word count: 1731
Take your pills - Yandere!Muzan Kibutsuju x Fem!Reader x Yandere!Kokushibo
Muzan and Kokushibo were always right. Or at least, Y/N had to trust they were always right, since her memory is so fuzzy. When the three first met, they told Y/N that she was ill and needed treatment. They claimed it was still in the first stages, so Y/N of course didn’t notice anything yet. But as they took her to the doctor and got her these pills, her whole head has just become so fuzzy. It was hard to stay in the real world and she could barely remember what she had been doing 5 minutes ago. Y/N wrote it off as the effects of the disease and that it was progressing despite all the medication.
But some things were so odd. That doctor they took her to, was that her usual doctor? Who was that person? When did she start living at Muzan and Kokushibo’s house, and since when did they call her ‘bunny and ‘darling’? The more she thought about her situation, the more questions popped up, and the harder it became to find answers. How could she, when her conscious felt like it was floating in an endless sea?
In the end, thinking became too tiresome. She decided to save herself the useless trouble of looking for answers she wasn’t going to get, and just trust Muzan and Kokushibo. She must be ill, that’s why they’re giving her these drugs. She can’t think straight, that’s why they’re taking care of her. That’s all she knew, and all she had to know.
Y/N stood at the sink in the bathroom, with a pill and a glass of water in her hand. She was about to pop the pill in her mouth, when Muzan suddenly opened the door, startling her and causing the pill to fell out of her hand and beneath the sink.
“You scared me half to death!”
Muzan shot her an apologetic look. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, bunny. I just wanted to tell you breakfast is ready. Did you take your pill today?”
Y/N looked at her empty hand. She thought that she hadn’t taken it yet, but it wasn’t in her hand. She tried digging through her memory, but it was no use: she didn’t remember even that. Judging from the glass of water in her hand and the absence of a pill, she probably took one. Right?
She grinned at him and said: “Of course! What’s for breakfast?”
Y/N awoke in the middle of the night, her eyes drowsily looking around the room. Despite having just woken up, she felt her mind was a bit clearer than it usually was. Rolling over in bed, she realised she was more aware of the softness of the sheets, the faint smell of Muzan and Kokushibo clinging to the fabric, and the warmth radiating from the empty spots where they usually slept.
Wait, empty spots?
Y/N sat up, patting the rest of the bed to see if Muzan and Kokushibo had somehow been lying at the very edges of the matrass, but it was all empty. Why were they both gone?
A scream suddenly ruptured the house. Though it was dampened by the walls, Y/N could tell it was a guttural scream of pure fear. It made the very hairs on her neck stand up. She was frozen in her bed, horrified at the silence that followed. She could only hear her own heart beat frantically in her chest.
Only when the scream came for a second time, did Y/N quickly move from the bed. The scream must have been coming from inside the house. There must be an intruder. Was someone hurting Muzan or Kokushibo? Or even worse, both of them?
She had to help them. Even if her presence would just be a distraction to stop whatever attacker was in their house for only a split second, that would be good enough.
She inched her way through the darkness of their house, following the noise, until she was right around the corner of the bathroom. The light inside was on and the screams of agony kept ringing in her ears. She grabbed her slipper as a make-shift weapon and braced herself, before jumping in the opening of the door and yelling at the top of her lungs: “Stop!”
But what she saw made her drop the slipper in her hand.
The screams weren’t coming from either Muzan or Kokushibo, but rather a deadly pale looking man in the bathtub. His eyes were red and his face was dripping with tears, snot, and blood. He was partially submerged in his own blood and was most likely the cause for all the red smears and hand prints on the bathroom tiles behind him. Even if Y/N was able to perform surgery on him, she could never save him; half of his abdomen had been hollowed out, his intestines draped out for all to see. He was littered with claw marks, and an occasional bite was missing from his limbs.
Right as Y/N had entered the bathroom, a bloodied hand had dug its way into him, tearing his flesh out. The hand belonged to Muzan, the usually neat and tidy man who now had wild eyes and a face smeared red. Kokushibo was crouching next to him, licking the blood off his fingers with that same feral look in his eyes.
With a hopeless dread in her stomach, Y/N fell to her knees. They were demons. She had been living with demons this entire time. Monsters, vicious killers, who posed as loving humans so they could have a cover and continue eating humans in peace. With shallow breaths, Y/N couldn’t stop staring at the man in the bathtub, whose horrifying final moments she was witnessing.
“Y/N? Y/N, it’s not what it looks like.”
Y/N gaze shifted to Muzan, who now turned his whole body towards her. He looked like a tiger about to pounce its prey.
“Go back to bed, Y/N,” added Kokushibo, who tried to show her a calming smile. All Y/N could see were his bloodied fangs.
Y/N shook her head fervently and crawled backwards away from them, tears stinging in her eyes. “You are monsters. You- You killed that man!”
Muzan frowned, before looking at Kokushibo. “The pills should’ve prevented this, right?”
Kokushibo stalked towards Y/N, who couldn’t move away fast enough. “I suppose there’s something we could still do to make this right.”
When Y/N opened her eyes, she was back in the bed. Light was shining through the curtains, announcing the start of a new day. For a moment she was lost in the warm comfort of the bed and the two bodies surrounding hers, but then she suddenly remembered the events of last night.
Her eyes shot wide open and she gasped when she saw Muzan’s face right in front of hers. With his usual gentle smile, he whispered: “Good morning, darling.”
When he attempted to brush her hair out of her face, she flinched backwards, suddenly scared of the long claws on his hands. However, she didn’t get far: Kokushibo pressed himself against her back and wrapped his arms around her stomach. After he pressed a lazy kiss on her neck, he said: “What’s wrong, bunny?”
“You killed him.”
“You killedhim. How could you do such a thing?”
Muzan once again moved his hand to caress her face, this time succeeding since Y/N didn’t have enough room to dodge him. With a carefully crafted worried look on his face, he said: “Sounds like you had an awful nightmare.”
Y/N frowned. “What? A nightmare?”
It was quiet for a while. Kokushibo propped himself up on his arm so he could look Y/N in the face. He looked grave as he asked: “Y/N, did you take your pill yesterday?”
Y/N opened her mouth to say yes, but stopped. She didn’t remember if she took one. Did she take one? No matter how much she dug in her memory, she just didn’t know.
Seeing the confusion on her face, Muzan sighed and shook his head. As he stroked her cheek with his thumb, he spoke: “You always had terrible nightmares before we took you to the doctor. You’d wake up and be so, so scared, just like you are now. The nightmares seemed so real to you, but they aren’t. They’re just nightmares.”
Kokushibo backed him up as he rubbed Y/N’s shoulder. “We were by your side the whole night, bunny. Right here in this bed.”
Something was wrong. She knew what she saw that night. But then again, why would they have any reason to lie? If they really were demons, they’d just eat her up if she witnessed them doing something like that, right? Demons wouldn’t care if they had to kill one more human, it’d just mean an extra meal for them. And they surely wouldn’t take care of someone like her like this. They must be right. They just have to be. Otherwise it just doesn’t make sense.
This illness really was messing with her head and her sense of reality. She felt like a fool. How could she possibly think that they’d do something like that, when they were always so kind and patient with her? She really was an idiot. In a small voice, Y/N said: “You’re right. I’m sorry.”
“It’s alright, darling, we know it’s hard.”
Kokushibo reached over to the nightstand on his side of the bed and grabbed a pill and the glass of water on top of it. Meanwhile, Muzan sits Y/N up straight, keeping his arm around her shoulders and his hand resting in hers.
“Open wide,” Kokushibo said as he held the pill in front of her mouth. When Y/N opened it, she received a pat on her head. “Good girl.”
She couldn’t help but feel this nagging in the back of her head. Something wasn’t right here. The gentle smiles on their faces, and the way Muzan patiently held out the glass of water for her. There was something hidden behind her eyes, but she just couldn’t put her finger on it. Was it really just the illness that was making her feel this way?
Finally, Muzan pressed the glass to her lips, forcing Y/N to take a sip and swallow the pill.
“From now on, we’ll make sure you take your pills, okay?”
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wemaryyyy · 5 months ago
Yandere Zenitsu Agatsuma Headcanon.
Tumblr media
Zenitsu is a clinging stalker yandere.
At first he is too shy to talk to you but at the same time he threatens everyone who flirts with you.
Zenitsu would really love how gentle you are.
( Actually, you hugged him once when you thought he was someone else )
Zenitsu really doesn’t want to let you go.
He is easily jealous and when he is jealous he is even more clingy.
(Although it's hard to believe it's true)
Zenitsu is really afraid that you will leave him because of another man.
And this leads to him eventually isolating you and wanting to be with you 24/7.
Needless to say, Zenitsu is easily a jealous case.
Usually he becomes a martyr and barks himself to get your attention and you comfort him.
If this doesn’t work the person who stole your attention will disappear under mystical circumstances.
Zenitsu hates your punishment very much.
This boy cries almost every time he has to break your leg and shackle you to bed.
After that, you get a lot of hugs and expressions of love
( That is, the things every prisoner hopes from their kidnapper... notice the sarcasm )
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cherrykamado · 5 months ago
So, how would yandere Gyomei react to a reader who's cold and barely talks to him after he kidnaps her since she's angry at him for taking her away from her life? But after a while, when she sees how genuine he is with his love for her, she eventually warms up to him and says 'I love you' with a red flustered face
( btw idk if this is what you were expecting, but it turned into a drabble hahaha, anyways enjoy!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: yandere! gyomei himejima x reader.
warnings: yandere behavior, stockholm syndrome(this is not love!), obsessive behavior, toxic relationships, religious metaphors (is that even a warning? nvm, better safe than sorry), idolization, captivity, delusional thinking.
I do not condone this behavior at all, and this piece does not intend to romanticize yandere relationships at all; on the contrary, its aim is to depict gyomei's way of thinking.
notice: MINORS / AGELESS BLOGS DNR DNI. age in bio or blocked.
tags: @awilddreamerwrites ; @fuwushiguro ; @katonshoko (if you wanna join the tag list, click here ♥ )
Tumblr media
No eyes are needed to witness the beauty of a heart. And your heart had him amazed.
Gyomei Himejima had been quickly enamoured by you. You were a saint in human's clothes, and he didn't lie when he swore to deities that day that he had the luck to witness your pure soul, that he would show nothing but complete, selfless devotion to you, the goddess of his heart, the fire of his loins.
But his heart broke the moment he realized that you just would not understand the way you made his heart ignite.
Well, devotion is also about what you can't understand, too. But fear not, my dear, you just didn't understand it now. You needed the proper guidance —guidance that he was more than willing to provide you with.
Maybe living with him would just make you understand and, eventually, reciprocate that unconditional love that he only tries to show you.
Kidnapping? Captivity? Those are terms that only fools that haven't taken God into their souls would argue — but God forgive them, for they don't know what they are saying.
You're living with him, and he's doing this for the sake of your wellbeing, to offer you protection from the threats of impure souls —threats that should they come near you, would imply a sin that not even seppuku would spare him from.
He's no fool that you'd been trying to set a wall in between you and him, your distance and monosyllabic responses being irrefutable proof of it. He tried to bring those walls down by being attentive with you, buy you gifts, sit by your side.
"You can keep your presents, I don't need them. I don't need your words either, I don't need anything from you; you took everything from me." You once spat at him, words filled with venom that, undeniably, tugged at his heart, making it suffer.
Oh, honey, but wouldn't you know that good things require sacrifices sometimes? He just wants you to be happy, and happiness doesn't escape that principle. Himejima understands how you're feeling, he really does! And he hopes that, someday, you'll be in his shoes too.
Yes, he was hurt. But he understood you. And he forgave you.
Because you'll take him into your heart and accept him. That you'll no longer be blind to his love.
True love waits, and Gyomei would patiently await for your heart's redemption.
Redemption that comes one day, after some time. He felt it in your soul, how you slowly warmed up to him, back to your usual self. How you would talk to him more. How he'd feel your gaze on his while he was praying.
Your heart was closer and closer to acceptance, and he wondered when that sweet miraculous moment would arrive.
"Gyomei..." Your soft voice called him, and it was music to his ears, music played by the very same angels, "I need to t-tell you something..."
And those three words, the ones he had longed all his life to hear you say, finally dance off your lips.
"I l-love you." He feels you clutching onto his haori, but it felt as if it was his heart that was in between your fingers instead.
Is this a miracle? That his goddess loves him back? His heart thanks the deities, once, twice, a million times. The truth is that it will never be enough.
Still not snapping out of it, the giant Gyomei Himejima just falls on his knees. His prayers had been heard. He brought his hands together, with the collar in between them, and he closed his eyes as he allowed his head to gently rest on your chest.
Before you, neither his power nor his status matter; Gyomei Himejima is just a simple human, full of weaknesses and imperfections, unworthy of you but still devoted. And that devotion has finally been noticed by his lovely angel.
Good things come to those who wait, and he swore to heaven and against your bosom, with tears in his eyes, that he would do anything to protect this sacred love you share.
Tumblr media
2021 © cherryackerman. | all rights reserved. | do not repost or recommend on any platform. | under no circumstances is this kind of behavior is not condoned by the writer.
Tumblr media
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thefieryphoenix · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Gif from: Pinterest
He's a complete stalker just like all the other cinnamon rolls like Deku and Tanjiro lol. It's always the cinnamon rolls who are the stalkers unfortunately lol
As a yandere he's obsessive, can be a bit manipulative to make you stay with him for longer, delusional as hell and not to mention clingy AF! Though he might look shy from the outside when it comes to you and becomes a blushing and flustered mess, he literally threatens and death glares anyone who dares to come close to you and tries stealing you away from him
The interesting thing is, no one can actually tell that he tried threatening him since everyone believes he's such a cinnamon roll. The first time your hands touched each other, he literally got goosebumps and when you hugged him it was like he died and went to heaven. Of course he does get mad jealous as hell when he sees you interacting with other people and giving them your time and affection, your love and affection should go to him, can't you see that? He's getting sad seeing you smile with Tanjiro and the others, show bby boi here some love too
Will obviously kidnap you within weeks after he meets you either because of the fact that he can't stand seeing you be with other people anymore or if you keep putting yourself in danger and risking your life, so you can kiss your dream of becoming a Demon Slayer or becoming any other job goodbye
He literally feels like his heart is breaking and shattering into a million pieces when he sees you crying. Yes, he'll tolerate it if you scream and yell at him but if you cry, of course he'll cry too. He'll beg and plead with you to forgive him and say he's doing this for your own good
I can't see him actually killing someone for just talking to you. Wait... actually scratch that, I totally can since it's always the shy ones who also turn out to be scary psychotic murder loving maniacs lol. So, with the help of the rest of the people from the Kamaboko Squad and maybe from the other fellow Demon Slayers as well, he'll kill anyone who dares to come close to you. And as for protecting you from demons, is that even a question to ask? Of course he will sweetie, he is your future husband after all
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kimetsu-no-yaiba-writings · 4 months ago
How would yanderes Tanjiro and Rengoku (Separate) react to the reader getting gifts from another unknown secret admirer of hers? Lol, I have a feeling this might not end well
Oh ho♥~
Oh man, what an interesting ask Anon! What a can of worms to open today, especially with these yandere boys~
Your feelings would be very accurate by the way (-m-)
Thank you for requesting! I hope I've written your request well! Please don't hesitate to request something from me again ^--^
Tumblr media
Tanjiro Kamado:
Tanjiro had expected you to get the odd compliment here and there because you were stunning - both inside and out
But this?
To get sent gifts and in such a frequent nature really pushed and prodded at Tanjiro's buttons
They arrived every week at varying times, delivered by the nice hands of a postman - who Tanjiro had known since he was a small child and trusted
Each gift arriving with a letter of admiration
But what the admirer hadn't accounted for, was Tanjiro's excellent and practically super-natural sense of smell
Tanjiro had been looking, smelling for the scent that stunk his house and darling S/O with such an awful unwanted smell of lust
Surprisingly it really didn't take long to match the smell
And for a brief moment of time, Tanjiro finds himself rather disappointed with the man who stands in front of him
Nothing but an anxious-looking married man standing at a hairpin stall with his wife - who spoke in such a harsh tone at him that Tanjiro became amused rather quickly - and Tanjiro found himself knowing why the man had come to admire you
Of course, He couldn't have the admire sending anymore letters of proclaimed love and gifts anymore..
So what if he ruined the man's reputation by finding his wife and telling her?
Tears pricking his waterline, honest hands trembling falsely as he held one of the admirer's letter's out to his wife spinning lies of stalking and harassment - throwing in a sob and more lies that the wife lapped up, because he was sweet honest Tanjiro and it was very rare for nobody to believe him..
It was all for you anyway
Besides a married man shouldn't be sending a married woman gifts and letters of such a love + lust filled quality..
Although it was very tempting to break the admirer's bones but thinking about how sad you'd be stops him from doing it
Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro:
Kyojuro expected nothing-less for such a wonderful and beautiful person
In fact, Kyojuro was quite lenient and let the gifts and letters keep coming to the house - he wouldn't admit it but he did find them amusing
They were only small things and nothing too grand or obnoxious
You were so kind and didn't know how to put it to a stop - "I want to let them down nicely Kyo" You'd murmured sweetly one day to him - but you did enjoy the sweet words of your admirer
Of course when things still kept coming, only then did Kyojuro start becoming annoyed
With each letter there was more gifts - trinkets and replica's of thing's Kyojuro had already bought you - and it started tugging Kyojuro's nerves in a rather unpleasant way
As more weeks went by the tugging of his nerves became harder until there was a fire roaring in his ears...
Until Kyojuro can't take it anymore
And with a kiss to your forehead and a promise to come back soon, Kyojuro Rengoku leaves under the guise of something coming up with Senjuro when he was actually waiting for your admirer
Hiding, concealed in the darkness of a starless and cloudy night offered many opportunities
Such as an admirer placing letters and gifts in a letterbox
Kyojuro moves on instinct, hitting with strength and knocking them out quicker then wanted
It's a wonder what the shady part of an alleyway + town can do....
Its not his fault that they needed so much persuasion to leave alone, wasn't his fault that he came back with some bruises and some blood on his trousers
But you'll forgive him for messing up his trousers, right? With a smile and a kiss mixed with a giggle at his soft movements, you'll forgive him right?
Weeks later, you retrieve the mail with a happier and unbothered hop in your step
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zasaka-studio · 20 hours ago
Here's an old idea/story i had on Wattpad, since I'm no longer using wp, I'll continue the story here.
Exchange Disaster.
Where our main protagonist (you) gets transfered to a new school bc your parents had moved to Japan because of your father's new job. But they're almost never around. But once you finally get there you start to notice that- why is everyone here so fucking weird?
This is a kny school AU (cliché i know), but with the added bonus of yandere >:)
Also head's up this story will contain some pretty weird doodoo. But that comes like a while later, just a heads up! Also some sussy things to. Blood, death, gore yada yada yada. It's yandere; it ain't gonna be a sappy love story. As with most of my writings this is for practice at a continuous story so bare with me.
Also there's gonna be a character that's like, almost in every chapter bc i for some reason love him.
Oh! I almost forgot!
Here's a key my guy's! (,Cus I don't wanna translate french at the bottom of the whole chapter which is gonna be- long)
When you or someone else is speaking French
When you're speaking normally (aka Japanese but I'm not gonna do that)
Foreign language (or another language you know? Idk I'm juat putting this here for later)
Also Hantei will make an appearance later !
That's about it? Yeah that's it! Also since the first two chapters will be straight from my Wattpad, it'll take like four second's. So I'll see y'all there!
Hahahaha procrastinating is a funny thing...
Whoops i forgot! Here's where all the parts will be linked
Also this will be edited f r e q u e n t l y
This post/info (you're here)
Character reel for Act 1/ welcome to Act 1
Part 1 / 2
Act 1
Chapter 1: Oh mAwh gawd it's showtime!
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shinobusupremecy · 5 months ago
Yandere Shinobu x f!reader
“Warning(s):Drugging, kidnapping
Word count:1,139
A/N:This oneshot is inspired by @ariesrondeletia they write amazing yandere stories! 
You two were first a very good couple. Nothing was wrong whatsoever but over time you noticed that Shinobu was being a bit more obsessed with you. She would swoop you away if anyone tried to talk with you and she would wanna spend time with you way more. 
"Oh my Tomioka-san! You're so desperate for a friend that you're going after my lover? That's so sad!" Shinobu laughed at Giyu.
"Come on Shinobu, it's not that bad!" You laugh off noticing she was most deadly towards Giyu. He didn't care so he just walked away. 
You got now injured on your mission. You laid on your bed bandage laying over your shoulder and stomach since you got cut there. Shinobu walking in seeing your state. She took care of you, kissed you, hugged you when you had nightmares but seeing you so weak and dependent on her was so amusing to her. You were now sitting on your bed staring into the wall until Shinobu came in. 
"Hello Y/n! How are you feeling? If you want I can bring you some tea!" She happily says. She walks to the kitchen making your tea. She looked around the bottles to pass out the time but one bottle caught her eye. She looked at it but looked away. The thought she had was so wrong but still. 
"NO! That's so wrong I can't do that! But...she was so dependent on me. She spent her time with me. It's just to protect my lover from this cruel world" she thought. Without a second thought she grabbed it and poured it into your tea. Seeing her own smiling reflection as the particles melted. She went over to you again.
"Yo ho! I brought you the tea!" She happily says. You take the tea not suspecting anything. Shinobu watches as you drink it, not even 10 minutes after you are done. But then you felt lightheaded. It started off minor and you only thought it was the head injury in your mission but then it became more and more. You started to sway a bit, your eyes beginning to look heavy with exhaustion. 
"Sh-Shinobu I feel a bit lightheaded" You said making Shinobu smile even more knowing her drug attempt was a success. "Oh my? Must be from the head injury! It was a nasty hit!" She said. You were falling over to the side and she caught you in her arms. She looked down at your sleeping figure with a very bright smile.
Suddenly you woke up feeling tight ropes engraved in your skin. The room was unknown and you began to thrash around. 
"Hello? Anyone?" You called out. Suddenly you see Shinobu and you call out to her thinking she will save you.
"Shinobu! Oh my, thank god you're here!" You said and she looked in your way. Seemingly very calm. 
"Why is she so calm and relaxed? She's a hashira she can't be behind this...right?" You thought. 
"I'm so happy you're awake!" She begins. 
"W-what?" You asked.
"I'm so happy you're awake! I didn't think the drug was gonna affect your hearing either!" She teased you for your confusion. 
"Where am I?" You asked, beginning to lightly thrash around again.
"If I were you that should be the least concerning"
"What should be concerning is what I'm about to do to you" 
You froze hearing that line. What was she gonna do? You began thrashing around.
"Y-you did this? Why!? I thought you loved me!" You began to yell feeling betrayal. Her breath hitches a bit and turns into a sad yet a bit angry smile? 
"It hurts me that you don't think I love you. I love you so so so much! I want you to be mine forever! You're mine! Only mine! And I'm here to make it stay that way!" She laughs every line becoming more insane and intense. You were shook. She was never like this. Is this some sick joke of hers? 
"I'll be back soon!" She says and left the room. You stayed in the room beginning to scream for help. 
"Help! Anyone! Help me!" She soon came in again with a smile.
"Trust me honey. No one will hear your screams" She smiles at you insanely before closing the door again.
You lowered your head, giving up. Then she opens the door again and you see her with a needle.
"Why am I even here!?" You asked/yelled. 
"So you can be here with me!" She laughs back. That was enough, you had enough. You thrashed around again feeling the ropes loosen a bit but it came with a prize. Your wrists and your feet were now a bit bloody.
After the last rope your force made you fall off the bed. 
"You really make this hard for me!" She says. You tried to run but only fell due to panic. You felt like you got a heart attack feeling her hand grab your feet dragging you back. She made you turn around and sit up. She grabbed your arm and you tried to fight your way out. You thrashed around. Seeing no other option, you jumped forward, your body tackling Shinobu as she fell with you on top of her. Now you kinda messed up but she liked the little catch the rat game. You managed to stand up and tried to run away. But she grabbed your neck collar and threw you down. She pounced onto you, digging her knee into your leg. You yelped in pain and that made Shinobu smile even more. 
"I didn't think I had to punish you this early" She laughed as she grabbed your arm exposing a vein. She looked up just to see your reaction and it was a reaction she loved! She craved it, she wanted it! 
"Shinobu please!" You shouted tears running down your cheek. You felt the needle prick you and cried out in pain. Moments later your pain from your leg was gone. You were numb. You tried to move but couldn't get anywhere. All you could do was helplessly let Shinobu do whatever she wants with you. Shinobu got off you and then laid you into her lap stroking your hair and kissing you. You wanted to move and fight but she made it hopeless for you. She cradled you and your tired eyes stared into her eyes. You burned yourself out and that made Shinobu so happy. 
"I'm so sorry it had to end this way, but you were being really naughty. You gave me no choice!” Shinobu said as she continued to stroke your hair. You wanted to muster up a glare or hit her but the numbness in your body right now makes it impossible. 
"If you're good I won't poison you. Hope it stays that way" She says as she gave you a kiss.
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ariesrondeletia · 2 years ago
Yandere Muzan x Reader: Corpses
This got a little off the rails and didn’t got the way I expected, but hey, Muzan’s a bastard who can flip between charming and cruel. 
Tumblr media
tw: gore, murder, suggestive themes, overall bastardness
Word Count: 1,095
Prompt: Corpses
Why was it you always ended up back here? To the side of Muzan himself. You had been called for various reasons before, but you racked your brain as to why he would involve the lower moons. The six knelt in front of him, while you sat on a deep red cushion Nakime had prepared. Muzan being the only one standing, a blatant show of power. The moon didn’t dare look up from the hardwood, but you could tell they were curious as to who you were. Muzan looked down at them disapprovingly before speaking.
“I called you together to introduce you to (Name). She will join your ranks of the lower moons and I fully expect you to help her in any way she requires. Serve her as you would me.”
His words sent shock throughout the room, though no one spoke a tense atmosphere fell over the room. You could feel the hatred bubbling off of the moons. You noticed the way the fourth moon clenched his fist in anger. They considered you undeserving of respect, that much was clear. And yet none of them had the guts to voice their opinion. You didn’t want this tension between the moons and yourself. It was clear that they were so much stronger than you. You’d only been a demon for a year, there was no way you were prepared for this. Most of your food had come from Muzan summoning you to dine with him, as you were unable to kill someone yourself.  
The third moon lifted his eyes from the floor to glare up at you. His harsh stare cut deep. ‘You don’t deserve this’ it said and you knew it was true. You lowered your head in shame. His stare was snapped away from you as Muzan glowered above him. 
“There’s no place for her? Then I suppose that you’ll have to give up your rank to accommodate.” 
“Lord Muzan, no! I can prove myself to be more useful than some-” He rose from his kneeling position only to have his body splatter across the far wall. You gasped and felt dizziness consume you. This couldn’t really be happening, could it? Muzan had been so kind to you, how could he kill one of his own servants in cold blood? The other demons feared for their lives, but seemed unsurprised. Was he always this cruel? 
You remembered how he had summoned you only a week ago. He had been charming, acting as a perfect gentleman as he took your coat from you and pulled out your chair before sitting in his own. You ate what looked like steak, but you knew what it truly was. You apologized for being a burden, but he laughed it off. He said he didn’t mind and you thanked him. He had been sweet as you talked for hours, the two of you never running out of topics to banter about. He was sweet, his compliments genuine, and his looks to die for. It felt as though he was god incarnate, but where was that man now? That polite smile was gone and any semblance of kindness was lost as he stared at the remaining lives before him. 
Part of you wanted to run, but knew you would meet the same end so you forced yourself to remain still. Every nerve in your body screamed to get away from the monster, and yet he turned to you. The smile played across his lips and the facade came over him once more. The blood still stained his hands, even though you had never seen him move to kill the demon. Was he messing with you? He must be trying to get you to trust him through these loving stares and soft touches, but why would he do such a thing? What did he gain?
“Go join them now, love.” His tone was soft and coaxing. It gave you whiplash to see the difference between his two selves. You remained frozen, unable to fully comprehend the situation. One hand wrapped around your waist as he lifted you up and forced your legs to move forward. You stood before the still kneeling moons. Come to think of it, they had been kneeling ever since you had arrived. It was as though they were statues. 
“Welcome her.” The harshness was back as he spoke to them. 
Eager to impress, the second moon rose to greet you. He kept his gaze lowered as he approached. He bowed before you, a show of respect you weren’t worthy of. You nodded to reciprocate, the hand on your waist keeping you from doing anything more. He took your hand to lead you to the place the third moon had once occupied. That had been the wrong thing to do. 
Insanity filled your senses as anger engulfed Muzan. You didn’t dare look behind you, knowing that his bloodied eyes would burn through you. The pressure intensified as the second moon pulled his hand away from yours. He rushed to return to his place and you could feel his death pressing upon you. The weight was heavy enough that you spun to face Muzan.
His eyes were exactly as you feared, the rage behind them almost making you drop to your knees out of fear. He hadn’t seemed to take notice of you, so focused on the indiscretion. Your voice caught in your throat, but the death was coming closer and closer and you couldn’t bear to watch it happen again. 
“M-Muzan,” your voice wavered pathetically. His eyes snapped to you and the anger masked itself a second too late and you felt his fury for a moment. Your blood ran cold. His expression softened, but you couldn’t forget the power behind a single look. He tilted his head, prompting you to continue. “I don’t want you to kill him. Please, don’t.”
He didn’t mask his annoyance, but the tension dissolved somewhat. He gestured for you to take your place as the new third lower moon and you were only too happy to run to the empty place. You knelt as best you could, trying not to get too much blood on your kimono and trying not to think of what had transpired seconds ago. This place wasn’t really for you and everyone felt it. He redirected his attention back to the demon who touched you. But he was calm for the most part. His tone was ice cold and you believed his words as he spoke.
“The next time you touch what’s mine, I’ll destroy you.”
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dear-yandere · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
rely on me.
yandere! zenitsu agatsuma. requested by anonymous: headcanons for zenitsu with a very loving darling that showers him with praise and affection! tw: emotional manipulation, gaslighting, dependency. huge thanks to: @bloodiedloveletters​ for co-writing!! ♡ 
art credit: unknown, please inform me if you know!
Tumblr media
♡ Oh, he adores every ounce of attention his darling throws his way! He’ll whimper and whine like a starved pup that’s been thrown fresh meat -- gods is this boy so touch-starved and lonely. In those moments, filled with hushed whispers of encouragements and soft touches which sent electricity through his skin, Zenitsu falls deeper in love. He wants his darling to never stop, because god knows when he’ll get this kind of love again. It’s not that he doesn’t expect darling to stay by his side but....he’s terrified. No amount of ardent promises from darling will change that -- he’ll always fear the day they’re taken from him or worse...leave. 
♡ Zenitsu doesn’t understand what darling sees in him, what exactly is worthy of such praise, but he won’t protest too much. It makes him so, so happy, he constantly trails behind his darling like a lost puppy wagging his tail and begging for more. He’s fairly self-conscious of his clinginess, at least at first, but that quickly melts away the more his darling rewards his behave with attention. Soon enough, he doesn’t feel guilty about clinging onto his beloved, so it’s unlikely he’ll let go of his darling’s arm for more than a couple of minutes at a time. Though no matter how many times darling is affectionate with him, he becomes a red-faced, sputtering and shuddering mess. You’d think he doesn’t like it just from his reaction, but he never lets go of his darling’s robes.
♡ Because his darling spoils him so much, he’ll try his best to do the same in every way he can. He already overwhelms them with sweet compliments and constant touches whenever he can, and even so, he doesn’t think it’s nearly enough to repay his darling for putting up with him. Whatever expensive gift darling wants, or whatever command they want him to fulfill, he’ll find a way to go above and beyond. And when he does, he just looks so hopeful for any more praise, like he’s begging for scraps of food. It’s harmless at first, but eventually, even the smallest gestures, like bringing you food in the morning or scrubbing your back in the shower, become reasons for him to beg for affection. He can’t get enough, and as much as he fears being a burden to his darling, Zenitsu is an intense and overwhelming lover by nature.
♡ Every waking moment he’s apart from his darling, Zenitsu believes it was all a dream; no matter how he looks at it, having someone like him this much could only be possible in his imagination. But whenever he’s reunited with the light of his life, he reaches the conclusion again and again that reality is better than anything he could dream of. It brings him to tears every time -- to be loved so wholeheartedly and purely, he wants nothing more than to hold darling in his arms and stutter out, through choked cries, that he’ll protect them, that they’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him, that he’d rather die than let them go. He means it when he says he can’t live without them -- he’d rather throw his life away in some pointless fight, die a death that everyone thought he’d die from the start. Life without his darling has no meaning.
♡ He becomes dependent on darling’s praise. Even though it makes him happy, the feeling is only temporary. It’s never enough. As soon as darling’s focus is on something or someone else, his doubts are already settling back into place. He’ll make self-deprecating comments on purpose, immediately trying his best to squash the guilt that comes along with it, anything to get their attention back on him and to reassure him that he’s worth something. If he must, he’ll go out of his way to prevent darling from interacting with the person or thing that dared tear their attention away from Zenitsu.
“P-please stay with me, I-I’m scared, [Name]-chan...”
Scared of what? He’d never tell you. You’ll see him as disgusting, worthless, vermin.
♡ The idea of losing his darling at this point, the only person in the world who seems to have found something good within a creep like him, makes him physically sick. The time spent away from them means nothing anymore, every second without them is pure and utter torture. He aches whenever they’re gone. He’ll manipulate them with such ease, constantly have them walking on eggshells wondering when he’ll next break down and cling to them like a child. He’s incapable of taking care of his own emotions, how volatile and unstable they become the longer he spends time with his beloved. But being without them is even worse, so he’ll happily accept this shameful state without qualms, forever trailing behind his darling like their shadow.
“H-hey, let’s be together forever, okay? Promise me.”
Tumblr media
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Uuhhh, yan tengen with a darling that likes to crawl into his lap and fall asleep whenever he’s home. Stock syndrome already set in for darling to be this cuddly. Plz and Thxs
You can call this Fluffy or Human Experiment. I want to know how much a fluffy Uzui Simp can take up with without having a heart attack.
I hope you like this.
Yandere Uzui Tengen
Tumblr media
At first, Uzui would be really skeptical.
He would think at first that this would just be the way you try to escape.
But Uzui doesn’t mind when you run to hug him as soon as he gets back home.
Uzui just strokes your hair and hugs you.
It’s a really safe feeling when his muscular arms are wrapped around you.
It can last for about a moment or many hours.
Uzui is also pleasantly surprised when you want to sleep in his arms.
He will stroke your hair and give you kisses on your forehead until you fall asleep.
He thinks you are invaluable.
Uzui is not going to sleep with you at the same time.
He wants to watch you for a moment so he can remember that moment forever.
The mornings are also really relaxing.
Uzui wakes you up with long and passionate kisses.
He usually wakes you up early so you can hug together for many hours.
And when this behavior starts to recur often, Uzui is really happy.
You finally understand what you really feel.
Uzui wants to spend more time at home with you.
He wants to make up for every second lost.
This man is really soft if you are soft to him.
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just-some-yandere-writer · 3 months ago
Hi! Could you do something for Kyōjurō? Maybe with a reader who is his Tsugoku? Of course the reader is over 18. If not, that’s perfectly fine! Thank you. Btw, I love your account. :)
➡️ NOTES : READER IS NOT RENGOKU ’ S STUDENT , AS I AM UNCOMFORTABLE WITH TEACHER X STUDENT SHIPS [ mod moss ] . ending is kind of messy , but i really love how this turned out !!
Tumblr media
 Rengoku ’ s smile is a smile that makes everyone trust him immediately . it ’ s a smile that could put anyone ’ s walls down . it ’ s a smile that everyone describes as warm . it ’ s a smile that Rengoku could use to get what he wants . it ’ s a smile to get you . it ’ s a smile to have you trust him . it ’ s a smile to have you trust him , to fall in love with him , to have you kept far away from those awful demons that could hurt you -
 . . . it hasn ’ t been working .
 you aren ’ t someone that doesn ’ t trust people , no . you are far from that . you trust people to hold you drink , to hold your belongings , to keep secrets , and many other things .
 however , for some reason , you never trust him . Rengoku thinks you don ’ t even like him . not from the beginning , and not now .
 Rengoku has tried asking the other Hashira , but they don ’ t have an answer .
 so , Rengoku has come up with a new plan .
 instead of being discreet , Rengoku will use force . he ’ ll take you away instead of having you fall in love with him .
 it ’ s a good , simple plan , but there ’ s one problem : you are not weak . there is a reason why you have the Hashira title . so Rengoku will just wait for an opportunity when you are weak , when you are vulnerable .
 his patience has rewarded him .
 it was a simple mission . annihilate the demon and save anyone who ’ s in trouble . the only problem was that a huge storm had taken place when you were assigned the mission . lightning struck a tree near you , and it landed on you . luckily , you lived , but you ’ re no longer to do your job because of the wounds you suffered from the tree . right now , you ’ re recovering in the Butterfly Estate .
` ` good morning , Kocho - san ! ` `
 Rengoku greets the owner of the estate with a bright smile .
` ` good morning , Rengoku - san . lovely day , isn ’ t it ? ` `
 Shinobu replies , having a smile of her own .
` ` indeed ! i was wondering if you could tell me where [ Y / n ] ’ s room is ? ` `
` ` i can walk you there . ` `
` ` no need ! i just need you to tell me their room ! ` `
` ` actually , [ Y / n ] requested that if someone visits them , they have me or other people who are in this estate in the room . ` `
` ` oh ! that ’ s fine ! ` `
 Rengoku grits his teeth .
 the two Hashira walk over to [ Y / n ] ’ s room .
 opening the door , Rengoku sees the former Hashira sitting at the edge of a room , staring out the window . he takes a moment to dedicate the image to memory .
` ` [ Y / n ] ! it ’ s good to see you again ! ` `
 he announces , making it clear he ’ s in the room .
 the bedridden pillar looks at Rengoku , staring at him for a few seconds before responding .
` ` . . . Rengoku . i see you ’ re healthy as always . ` `
 it ’ s the same thing they tell him every time they see each other .
` ` how are your injuries ? ` `
` ` . . . they ’ re good . i got paralyzed from the waist down . ` `
` ` ah , that ’ s sad news . will you be retiring ? ` `
` ` yeah , i guess . it ’ s not bad , though . i have a family to return to and take care of me . ` `
` ` that ’ s good ! i ’ m glad you have one . ` `
` ` . . . yeah . . . hey , Shinobu ? could you step out for a second ? i want to talk to Rengoku about some . . . private things . ` `
` ` of course . i ’ ll be right outside of the room if you need anything . ` `
 after saying that , the Insect Hashira leaves .
 it’  s just you and Rengoku .
 Rengoku and you .
` ` you want me to live with you , am i correct ? ` `
 you ask . your stare hardens .
 Rengoku laughs .
` ` correct ! now i get why people call your intuition scary ! ` `
` ` yeah , i get that a lot . ` `
 you roll your eyes.
 Rengoku clears his throat .
` ` i was hoping if maybe you wanted to live in my estate after you recover . ` `
` ` nope ! hard no . wouldn’t even dream of it ! ` `
you piped .
Rengoku grits his teeth again.
` ` i see . may i know why ? ` `
` ` i know who you truly are , Rengoku . i know those sick thoughts inside of your head . and if you think you can get me , you ’ re dead wrong . i ’ d rather die in the most painful ways one hundred times . ` `
 Rengoku laughs; it’s a quiet one.
` ` then i guess you ’ ll have to die a hundred times ! ` `
 you stare at the Hashira . he laughs again .
` ` just kidding , just kidding ! but for your information , ` `
 he leans in close to you , eyes piercing yours .
` ` i ’ ll make sure you ’ ll live with me , sooner or later . ` `
 you push him away from your face , saying :
` ` try me . ` `
 you smirk .
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darlingyanderes · 8 months ago
I fEeL like inosuke would have an mommy kink but he doesnt know what it is until his s/o tells him what a mommy kink is👉👈
Sorry for the long wait!! Honestly you’re absolutely right, Inosuke would really love himself some mommy milkies?? I hope you like what I wrote for you!!
Warnings: mommy kink (it could very well be that I misunderstood the meaning of mommy kink, I sincerely apologise if this is the case and will rewrite it!), big mommy milkers, tiddie groping and sucking, slight fluff, lemon/nsfw
Word count: 760
Mommy - Yandere!Inosuke Hashibira  x Fem!reader (NSFW)
Inosuke absolutely loves it when (Y/N) does motherly stuff for him.
Of course he loves it when (Y/N) cooks him food, which is basically all the time. If she even hears the slightest growl from his stomach, she immediately gets up to give him something to eat. When Inosuke tells her that he can feed himself just fine and that he doesn’t need her to go that far for him, she just tells him: “When you’re hungry, you should eat. So I’ll feed you.”
He sometimes finds her mending holes in his clothes or he sees her cleaning around the house without him needing to ask for it. Not only is it amazing because she takes care of the chores, but it just shows that she really cares for him. Just realising that she went out of her way to do things for him means a lot to him.
But it’s not just doing things around the house. When (Y/N) gives him a kiss on his forehead and pulls him into her embrace with his head leaning against her chest, it makes him feel so protected and loved. Her soft fingertips brushing against his scalp as she combs through his hair is soothing and enough to almost make him fall asleep, especially if she uses that beautiful voice of hers to hum him a song.
Often when he finds himself in positions like that, snuggled up against (Y/N) with her safely cradling him in her arms, he tends to feel so safe and relaxed that he talks in an almost child like voice. He babbles things like ‘I love you’ and ‘I want to stay like this forever’ as she gives him loving kisses on his forehead.
One day, as Inosuke was babbling things as usual, (Y/N) chuckled: “Oh sweetie, I think you might have a mommy kink.”
Inosuke craned his head up to look at her. “What’s that?”
“That’s when you love women who take care of you and protect you, like a mother would. You always love it when I baby you, don’t you?”
“That doesn’t make sense. Then I’d love a maid or a guard, too, but I don’t. I like you.”
“I guess there’s more to a mommy kink than just that. It’s also sexual.”
“Sexual? In what way?”
“For example… You’d like to be dominated in bed, or you’d like to suck on breasts.”
Upon hearing the last words, Inosuke turned bright red. The pit of his stomach was filled with butterflies when he thought of doing something like that himself.  He was becoming shockingly aware of how close (Y/N)’s breasts were to his face now.
A bit more excited than he meant to sound, he asked: “Really? Can I try?”
With a smile, (Y/N) said: “Of course, everything for my little baby.”
She pinched his cheek and gave him a kiss on his forehead, before taking off her shirt. Her big tiddies sprung into view, with beautiful curves and erect nipples. They looked so smooth and soft that Inosuke simply couldn’t take his eyes off them.
With his mouth agape in amazement, Inosuke slowly raised his hands and let his hands cup (Y/N)’s tits. They were so large they spilled out of his hands. When he squeezed, Inosuke discovered that her mounds were as soft as they looked, if not softer. It was almost comforting to hold them in his hands. When he let his thumbs trail over her nipples, (Y/N)’s breath hitched in her throat. She quickly composed herself.
Her hands cupped both sides of Inosuke’s face and gently guided him closer to one of her breasts. Arching her back is such a way that her chest is presented directly to him, she said in a soothing voice: “Inosuke, baby, why don’t you try sucking on them? I’m sure you’ll like it.”
Inosuke gulped, before opening his mouth and resting it on one of her mounds. He let his tongue trail around her nipple and sucked on it. His hand trailed up and grasped her other breast to play around with her nipple. He felt his ears turning red hot as his pants grew tighter and tighter. Just when he thought this couldn’t get any better, (Y/N) stroked his head with those soft hands of hers and encouraged him: “You look just like a hungry baby. My little baby boy.”
Her words involuntary made his hips buckle as a moan escaped his mouth. This was about the best thing that ever happened to him.
(Y/N) was right: he totally had a mommy kink
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yandere-romanticaa · 2 years ago
Can I request the Addiction prompt for Giyuu from kny plz?
Tumblr media
♡ Giyu Tomioka ♡
"If you want me to beg, then I'll beg for you."
Giyu was at his limit. With the tip of his sword pressed against (y/n)'s neck, securely holding them in place. The look of pure terror in (y/n)'s eyes saddened Giyu but deep down he knew that he could never lay a hand on his precious s/o. His very soul wouldn't allow him that, it was too painful.
He was horrible when it came with showing his emotions but he'd be damned if he let s/o escape him. Just the thought of his sweet (y/n) all alone and lost some forest, with demons around every corner, it just... it just drove him up the wall! He could protect them but they were always so stubborn. He was almost on his knees by this point, desparate to keep (y/n) safe and happy. Couldn't they see that he was trying? Why were they just throwing themselves away like this, away from the world... away from him?
Well, Giyu wasn't going to allow them to rot, simple as that. He wasn't ready to let go, he would never be ready. So for now, he was going to be just a bit greedy...
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nayrring · 4 months ago
When he is a momma's boy with long pretty hair (that every girl is jealous of) who can't spell shit, and love to beat anyone & anything as a hobby ♡
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bonus: when he uses his blonde friend as a punching bag 💪
Tumblr media
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i-cant-sing · a month ago
Uzui and his wives being romantically yandere for reader is just chefs kiss 💋. Cuddling with them in a big ass fluffy bed? YES. Sharing a bath with them while they pamper you? YES. Them fighting over who gets to feed you? YES. But imagine if reader gets pregnant by Uzui, it would be this x 10000000000
They're all so beautiful and so much stronger than you- like anyone one of them can easily overpower you. But when they're all home together? Girl your chances of escaping goes from zero to negative digits.
I can just see it: you hear them walking towards your room and you're opening the window to get away from these crazy, suffocating lovers that are too strong for you to even try to hurt them so the best thing to do is escape them. But you only have set a foot outside when someone grabs your throat and yanks you neck inside, where you are suddenly swarmed by all of them. And they just infantalise you so much- baby talk you as if it was an accident that you were out the window. Like Hinatsuru says "Oh look, our baby almost fell out of the window. Poor you- sweetie, don't you know how dangerous it's outside?" And Makio goes "maybe we should nail windows shut- to avoid her from wandering outside." And Sum just wails "omg, are you sick? It's too cold outside- you're sick aren't you?! Let me just latch onto you to warm you up!" And they're all just crowding over you, while you're baffled how tf did they break the locked door so silently and came up behind you without making a single noise.
Eventually, Uzui pushes them aside and picks you up and begins walking towards the bathroom, the wives following behind. They start drawing a warm bath while Uzui holds you in his arms, the bruising grip on your hip telling you to behave because he will punish you without any remorse or hesitation.
The bath fills up and he puts you on the ground to take off his own clothes, while his wives start taking off yours, easily pulling them off you. By the time they're done, Uzui comes over and picks you up once again and settles down in the bath, with you in his lap. His hands hold your hips steadily while you're unnervingly still, eyes focused on the bubbles instead of the wives who were stripping themselves naked to join you. You don't dare move, eyes full of tears and face flush with embarrassment because you know why he's doing this.
Uzui knows how shy you are. He knows how much you hate it when they're suffocating you with attention, he knows how much you loathe bath time because you hate being so vulnerable in front of them. While your nudity makes you feel weak, theirs makes them feel empowered.
Which is why when you act up, they often strip you naked, either in the bath, or in the bed, where they hold your limbs apart as they admire your form, not paying attention to your whimpers and cries to stop.
But this is better than the alternative. Because when Uzui brings you to hand- brings your ass to hand, it's worse. Laying over his lap, your body naked and vulnerable to his assaults, and when he forces you into the corner for a "time out", which is actually just him and his wives admiring your red and purple ass, before they finally pull you to bed for a cuddle session, while you're still naked- it's worse. It's too much and you don't want to go through something like that again.
Tumblr media
Oh look, Uzui has a space for me on his lap🥰
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simpclub9 · a month ago
Because you're mine | Yandere! Tengen Uzui + wives x GN Reader
Tumblr media
You shivered as you stood in front of the big house. The snow starting to cover your feet and geta. Your mind drifts to the events of that morning.
"Y/n, it's morning already," Hina said gently shaking you. "Today is going to be a busy day, we have guests tomorrow and we still haven't done anything! Maki and Suma are not helping at all."
You figured as much with all the noise and screaming from outside.
Since the other co-wives were too busy crying and fighting Hina and you started to work on the house.
"Oh, God! We don't have enough rice for the onigiri." Hina said turning to you as you sliced the vegetables.
"I can go outside and pick it up if you want." You said looking at the woman hopefully.
A long time had passed since Tengen had kidnapped you and made you part of his family. You quickly found out that his wives were as possessive and obsessive with you as he was. They hadn't let you leave the house for months now, but you had been so well behaved in the last few weeks that maybe they wouldn't mind you going to buy more rice.
Hina looked at you uncertainly. "Maki and Suma are busy and they're not going to buy the right amount. I'm just going to buy rice Hina, I'll be back." You said smiling at the woman. Of course, you wouldn't be back. This house took the life out of you.
"You will be back?"
"Yes, you know I love you all"
"Okay, then, but let's not tell Tengen, he would be so mad at me if you ran away"
"Sure, I'll be back with the rice."
With that, she gave you the money and you departed. Waving at the woman who stood at the door, you smiled. I hope I'll never see you again Hina.
After getting out of her field of view your steps became quicker until you started running.
That voice. You stop running. Turning around with eyes wide open. There he stood, Tengen Uzui.
"I-i was just going to buy rice, Hina didn't have enou-"
"Don't lie to me"
You had seen Tengen mad, but he had not looked so horrifying as he did at that moment.
And now you're here. Out in the cold. Tengen had used rope to tighten you to one of the pillars that stood in front of the house. You had been here for ours, it is so cold you don't feel your feet anymore.
"Tengen! I made a mistake, please I love you, let me come inside, I won't leave you" You screamed to the house.
Nothing happened. Your strengths finally reached the end. And you slowly faded into the darkness.
Tengen opened the door. He quickly ran to you as he noticed you weren't awake. He didn't want to hurt you, you just needed to understand that the best pla- no, the only place you could be was with him. He picked you up and brought you inside.
As he entered the house his wives rounded him. "How is y/n?" "It's so cold outside, you have to put y/n by the fire"
"Enough! Y/n is fine, go to your rooms"
They obeyed.
The hashira brought you to his room. He put you down by the fire.
"You need to learn to stay here y/n. It's the only place you can go. I'll make sure it is. Because you are mine."
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ransprang · 2 months ago
Inosuke Hashibira x Shy!S/O
Tumblr media
- He is going to be such an amazing boyfriend no joke. He helps them out of their comfort zone.
- He is constantly going to be all over his S/O, hes made it clear he likes physical fights and phsyical touch.
- Since hes aggressive, he tries to tone it down drastically when his S/O blushes and hides their face. Whats he supposed to do? Why are they hiding their face?
- He would gently hold the back of their neck and bring them to look at him "Dont do that, look at me when I touch you".
- Inosuke doesnt have a family so when he hears a lullaby from his S/O, he will feel protected as if being lulled by a parental figure. He finds the sound of his S/O's voice very comforting and soothing.
- Inosuke would be so confused why they dont speak, he thinks being introverted or silent is not normal because this man can SCREAM (without the S too).
- He would jump in the conversation when he sees his S/O struggle to talk to someone. Inosuke would probably blame the other person for making it difficult for his S/O to speak to them. Poor bby doesnt understand shy is a personality trait "HEYYY look you made them quiet and uncomfortable IDIOT theyre shy talk to them properly".
- He is the type of boy to go PDA when he finds out what romantic gestures are. He would always initiate and then when his S/O starts blushing heavy, carry them over his shoulder behind a tree to...ya know.
- He would be a slut for shoving his face in his S/O's soft belly. He thinks its a pillow and tickle them by blowing rasperries. Hearing them laugh loudly is so beautiful to him.
- He actually tries to provoke you to speak "Hey what do you think is in my hand, its my fist HAHAHAHA", "Can you actually say something?!!".
Your Boar,
Admin Sav
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ariesrondeletia · 2 years ago
Tanjiro Kamado: Yandere Headcannons
Tumblr media
Tanjiro didn’t instantly go yandere, he was just a sweetheart at first. Sure, he was a little intense with how he tried to keep you safe from everything, but it wasn’t anything you couldn’t deal with. He snapped after you got hurt. Whether it was a big injury or not, it sent him into a panic. He was always scared of losing you, but once you got hurt he lost nearly all of his doubts about kidnapping you. He quickly tried to separate you from the harshness of the world. He tried to convince you that leaving everyone else behind is best for you, but if you didn’t buy it he’d take you away. Once he’s got you where he wants you, he’ll take away anything that poses the slightest threat. You can’t cook anymore because you’d have to be around ovens and knives. There aren’t any tall bookshelves in your room because they might fall over and hurt you. You spend most of your time locked away in your room, chained to the bed if you’ve tried to escape.
Tanjiro can be overbearing, but he really does love you. He’ll dote on you and can’t resist spoiling you with anything he knows can’t hurt you. He loves to cuddle and sometimes it’ll feel like the two of you are just a normal happy couple. If you’re angry and don’t want to touch him, he’ll understand. Tanjiro will take any of your anger or your tears with a kind smile. He’ll do almost anything you ask of him, so long as it’s not letting you go. He never once gets angry with you, making it hard for you to hate him. Once you’ve burnt yourself out, he’ll come back for you with lots of love.
It’s likely that you’ll actually end up adjusting to your new life. It’ll be rough at first, considering he’s taken away nearly anything, but he treats you with such love and care that it’s hard not to fall for him. Even though he is very twisted in the way he protects you, he only wants to keep you safe. Once he locks you up, he’s a lot less on edge, comforted by the fact that you are safe at home. As such, he’ll be more lenient and soft, getting you whatever you desire and always being there for any emotional support you need. He’ll make you completely reliant on him.
Tanjiro won’t be very keen on murder. He’s such a sweetheart and not a big fan of hurting others. He won’t ever kill your family or friends because they steal your attention. He will make a point of befriending your family and getting permission to marry you one day. His likeability makes it very difficult for anyone to see how crazed he really is, no one would even suspect there was anything wrong. He will however, beat his rivals within an inch of their lives. Anyone in their right mind would never dare to go near you after that. The ones that don’t get any of his sympathy are those who hurt you. He’ll let rivals live, but anyone who hurt you emotionally or physically will not be spared.
When it comes to his darling, the only time Tanjiro would ever harm you would be to break your legs. He’d do this after multiple escape attempts,  breaking the bones while still being oh-so-sweet. He’d cuddle you and apologize afterward, saying that it really was for your own good, it’s not safe out there, why can’t you just see that. He’d never be so harsh about anything else. If you struggled and yelled at him, he wouldn’t take offense. He’d merely smile at you telling you’d adjust eventually. He doesn’t punish you very often, as most of the time he doesn’t see you as doing anything wrong. He’s an optimist and believes that you’d never do anything to hurt him. This makes it easy enough to escape the first time, but afterwards the security on your room would increase exponentially. He thinks your attempts are merely your desire to go outside for some fresh air, after all you’d never try to leave him, right? Even so, he has to make sure you’re safe, so there is absolutely no leaving the room without him. 
If you cry after being kidnapped, it’ll just break his heart. He does really love and hates to see you in pain. He’ll pamper you with gifts, giving you almost everything you’ve ever wanted in an attempt to cheer you up. He’ll do whatever he can to comfort you. Some yanderes might be the type to hurt their darling, but I assure you, Tanjiro is not saditistic in any way. That’s one of the reasons why he’ll destroy anyone who ever hurt you. You’re placed above all else.
He’s overly anxious, watching your every move to make sure you’re okay. If you so much as sneeze, expect him to baby you for days. He’s the type to play everything safe, no matter how annoying it is. Good luck trying to convince him it’s nothing, even the slightest scratch on your perfect skin will have him spiraling. Not to mention, he’s constantly monitoring anything and everything you do. You can’t even be near anything that could potentially hurt you. He’s quick to take care of anything you could ever want or need, making sure you are safe and happy at all times.
Aside from him being overprotective and a bit delusional, I see him as manipulative. He won’t even realize what he’s doing. He doesn’t mean to make you paranoid by talking about how much danger he has to face and how easy it would be for you to be taken advantage of. He’s not really trying to guilt trip and gaslight you, it just sort of happens… He’ll talk about how unhappy you once were, how he’s protecting you from everything that could ever hurt you, how he’s doing this because he loves you more than anything else in the world. Eventually, you’ll find you don’t really want to leave at all. 
Finally, Tanjiro is probably one of the best yanderes to have. He would never treat you like a pet of a doll to be played with. You’re his treasure, and he will make absolutely sure no one dares to touch you. Soft baby will do anything you want him to, so long as there’s no possibility of you getting hurt.  However, while he’d almost never hurt you, he is intense in his way of loving you. Constantly smothering you in affection and treating you as though you’re made of glass gets old fast. It’s hard to ever have a moment all to yourself. He would sooner destroy humanity as a whole than put you in danger. All in all, he’s sickeningly sweet.
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