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Title: A String Pulled Taut.
Pairing: Yandere!Tengen (+Tengen's Wives) x Reader [Demon Slayer].
Word Count: 2.5k.
TW: Imprisonment, Intimidation, Unhealthy Relationships, Violence/Injury, Slight Manipulation.
Tumblr media
“You any good?”
It took you a long moment to realize he was talking to you, another to look at him, to take in a shock of white hair, an expression that idled somewhere between distracted and bored. He was dressed strangely, but extravagantly. His nagagi was simple, plain, but brightly colored, and clearly made of fine material - either silk or hemp, you couldn't tell. He wore his hair loose, unstyled, and yet, his fingers were adorned with rings of silver and gold, all encrusted with jewels so large and so clear, you could only imagine one would feed a family of ten for months. A nobleman, you figured, or a wealthy merchant, but if that was true, you couldn’t imagine what he’d be doing in this part of the city, at this time of night, on a back-street where only those who didn’t know any better and those who didn’t have any choice strayed. You couldn’t imagine why he would’ve stopped to talk to you.
Your hands fell to your shamisen, laid out over your lap. You’d been planning to tune it, to take some reprieve in the thoughtless act of plucking strings and turning pegs, but you must’ve gotten distracted. You took it up, now, tuned or otherwise, and crossed your legs underneath you, finding the bachi you’d left at your side without looking away from him.
“Oh, the best,” You replied, fingering absentmindedly at the neck, finding the well-worn notches easily. “That’s why I’m out here. They kicked me out of the concert hall. I’d play a single note, and all the other performers would begin to tear their instruments apart in shame. It was… inconvenient. For the patrons, I mean.”
That earned a smile, a flicker of interest. He nodded, expectantly, but you only shook your head. “I’m not a busker. You won’t find any charity here.”
A chuckle, this time, breathy and vaguely amused. “I can’t say I’ve ever paid for a song I haven’t heard yet.”
Fair enough. Most people who wore their wealth so blatantly weren’t so fickle with their yen, but you didn’t push any further. It wasn't like you'd ever sent away a willing audience.
You opted for a folksong, from your village. It wasn't complicated, or particularly impressive, but you liked how the cords blended together, the slow build of the introduction and the rush of the chorus, and you were familiar with it, knew each note and each rest like the back of your hands. You didn’t have to sacrifice the tempo to the stiffness in your fingers, didn’t have to worry about how many days it’d been since you last practiced, and when you finished, when you stuck the final note, you could let yourself enjoy the way it lingered, reverberating as it died a slow, melancholy death. You’d closed your eyes, sometime during the song, an inherited habit you had yet to shake, and you didn’t open them again until you heard something hit the payment beside you, the sound muffled but metallic, no doubt the payment he’d previously withheld. You didn’t check the amount, didn’t take the time to count out the coins, but you smiled as you snatched the satchel up, satisfied with its not-inconsiderable weight.
“There’s more, if you want it.” He was already turning away from you. “My wives would enjoy the entertainment.”
You strummed through a random cord, aiming more so to fill the silence than to further demonstrate your skill. “I don’t know, sir. It’s getting late, and I don’t make a habit of trusting strange men with deep pockets.”
“Make a habit of trusting me.” Confident, but not stern. An order given with no doubt that it’d be followed. “You'll spend the night. We’ve got a few guestrooms – you can have your pick, as long as Hinatsuru approves.” You were thankful he wasn’t looking at you, that he couldn’t see the way you stiffened at the mention of a guestroom, at the implication of a real bed. But, your playing faltered, cutting off completely, and that seemed to be all he needed to hear. “…just for tonight, of course. Unless you'd like to stay longer.”
You hesitated, but not for very long, your eyes falling to the road. You tried to straighten your back, to square your shoulders, but it was a half-hearted effort, one that cracked and gave way as soon as you opened your mouth.
“Just for tonight.”
That night, and the next, and the next. Until days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. You tried to leave, at first, as often as you could, making your excuses and offering your gratitude to your hosts, but Makio would insist on sharing a bottle of saké, for the road, and Suma would pull you into a parting hug, and you’d wake up in your room the next morning, desperately thirsty and too weak to stand on your own. Your attempts dwindled, from every few days to twice a week, from twice a week to once a month, and eventually, you stopped trying at all.
You found other ways to keep yourself occupied. Household chores, watching the four of them train, and sometimes, when you could get away with it, stowing yourself away in a rarely used corner of the courtyard, underneath a tree that blossomed like wildfire in spring. It was a lullaby, today, one you’d picked up from an innkeeper while you were passing through the mountains and hadn't had time to return to. The tempo was slow, the melody repetitive. It reminded you of something your sister would’ve sung as she tended to the garden, something she would’ve played when she was too sick to do much else. You didn’t like it, but you wanted to perfect it, get it down well enough to play in your sleep. You wanted to—
You stopped, abruptly, opening your eyes, snapping to your left. Her footsteps were soft, but you’d been here for weeks, months. You knew what to listen for.
Not that she cared. Hinatsuru only smiled, letting her head lull to the side and clasping her hands behind her back as she spoke. “Mind if I join you?”
Too stiff, too formal, but she only hummed, lowering herself to your side. She was closer than you would’ve liked, her knee brushing against yours whenever she shifted, but you didn’t complain. Makio liked to speak over you, not to listen when you said something she didn’t want to hear, and Suma clung to your secrets like treasures more precious than life itself, but anything you told to Hinatsuru would inevitably find its way back to Tengen. She was reliable, even if her dependability rarely swayed in your favor.
You were practicing, not performing. She must’ve known that before she sat down, and if she hadn’t, she must’ve been able to tell the third time your tempo dropped into an unbearable crawl, the fourth time you skipped over a note and doubled back to correct yourself, the fifth time you repeated the final bar because it just didn’t hold the weight it would’ve had you been more capable, had you been more focused. It was messy, awkward, more of a stumbling jog than a graceful dance, but Hinatsuru didn’t seem to care, resting her head on your shoulder and she applauded quietly. You only gave a shallow mock-bow, biting into your tongue as one of her hands dropped to the base of your shamisen, tracing a jagged scratch along the side. “He wants to get you a new one.”
You wanted to bat her hand away. You wanted to ask her (politely, so politely) to stop, to leave you alone. You wanted to dig your nails into her wrist and tell her never to touch anything of yours ever again. “What do you mean?”
“As a gift. To show you how much he enjoys having you here. How much we all enjoy having you here.” Her attention dropped lower, to the chipped paint that surrounded the bridge. Something in your chest tightened. You tasted blood. “It's all he ever talks about. Made of only the finest materials, by only the most talented craftsmen. It’s supposed to be a surprise, but it’s killing him not to tell you. I think he’ll pace himself to death before he actually gets to break the news.”
You tried to be subtle, to turn away without really turning away, to make it so she’d have to pull away, stop touching what she didn't respect. Her hand fell to your thigh, instead, infinitely better. Infinitely worse. “I wouldn’t—” You cut yourself off, took a deep breath, and tried again. “I’ve never played another. I’m not sure I’d be able to.”
“Always so humble.” You heard her laugh, distantly, and dropped your eyes to the ground. “I’m sure you’ll find a way. It might be refreshing, to play a shamisen that’s not falling apart.”
“I don’t—I mean, that’s not what I meant. This shamisen, my shamisen was given to me by someone very important and I…” She was drawing circles into your thigh, now, attempting to comfort you, like she might’ve with a frightened animal, or a timid child, attempting fruitlessly to express something they didn’t want her to know. “I’ve never played another,” You repeated, trying to force as much meaning into the words as you could. “I’m not sure if I’ve ever wanted to.”
Her smile faltered. You weren’t looking at her, but you could hear it in her voice, as she replied. “Lord Tengen will be disappointed.”
“And I apologize for that, but there’s nothing I can do to change my heart.” You started on the lullaby, again, slower, this time, quieter, this time. You wanted to get it right. You needed to get this right. “I’m sorry. You’ve all been so kind to me, and I am grateful for Lord Tengen’s generosity, but… I can’t.” Then, again, with a slight delay. “I’m sorry.”
She didn’t respond, not immediately. You felt her nails scrape over your skin, the gesture not forceful enough to hurt, but carried out with enough pressure to remind you that she was there, that she wasn't leaving. “I don’t think you understand. Lord Tengen will be very disappointed.”
“I don't mean any offense.” You shut your eyes – purposefully, this time. Just so would be able to pretend you couldn’t feel her stare boring into you, refusing to lessen or dull until she’d pieced through you and torn you apart completely. “Please, let him know I appreciate the thought. I only regret that I can’t fully embrace his kindness.”
She didn’t say anything else, only pushing herself to her feet, starting back towards the mansion. You waited until you couldn’t hear her footsteps, until you were sure you were alone, finally alone, then let out a deep exhale, your hold on your shamisen going lax as you leaned against the gnarled trunk.
You could only hope you’d be able to make it last a little longer, this time.
A mile. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less. It was hard to tell, in the dark, in the woods, when all you could do was follow the dirt road and hope it led you somewhere you wanted to be.
You made it a mile, give or take, before he caught you.
You hadn’t heard him, hadn’t seen him, hadn’t felt his eyes on you or the stifling nature of his presence or much of anything until his heel collided with the back of your knee, until you were on the ground, clinging to your throbbing leg, Tengen standing over you, unblinking.
It hurt more than it should’ve. You’d been kicked, before, punched, knocked to the ground and left bleed, but you’d never felt a pain so intense, a pain so sharp, as if he’d been able to shatter every bone in your calf with what should’ve been little more than a passing touch. You cried out, choked back a cracked sob, but if Tengen cared, he didn’t betray his concern. He only reached out, his fingers brushing over your sleeve, then your shoulder, exposed when your robes were by the fall. “I thought you were coming around.” Over your collarbone, then your chest. You grit your teeth, curled into yourself, but he didn’t pull away, didn’t give you the space you wanted, the space you needed. “I thought you liked it, with us. Or, understood that I liked it with you, at least.”
Another sob, a row of nails dug into the flesh of your calf, just to try and distract yourself from the unbearable ache. Tengen sighed, shaking his head. “It’s my fault. I should’ve been more honest. I don’t know why I thought you’d just,” He paused, gesturing vaguely with his free hand “get it.”
You opened your mouth, tried to tell him not to touch you, not to look at you, but as you shifted, you felt the weight on your back - or, the absence of it, rather. Desperately, you felt behind the ground behind you, but found nothing.
Your case. You must've dropped it.
Your shamisen.
Damn your leg. Damn Tengen. Feebly, frantically, you tried to push yourself up, to stand if you could, to crawl if you couldn’t, but it took little more than a hand on your shoulder to force you back down, to keep your chest pressed to the dirt, your leg bent in such a way that made every never in your body scream in agony. You shrieked, but you didn’t stop trying, scratching at his arm, thrashing against his hold. You could see it, lying farther down the path, the case split open and your shamisen in the dirt, visibly damaged. It’d take days to clean, weeks to properly repair, but you needed it, even it never sounded the same, even if it could never be played again. You needed it.
Tengen’s caught on quickly, albeit in his own time. His gaze flitted towards the aim of your desperation, and with an airy chuckle, he let you go, standing to his full height, walking to where your shamisen lay and picking it thoughtlessly, carelessly. You'd break his fingers. You'd hold his hand over an open fire until his skin separated from his muscle and he could never touch anything else so recklessly. “Hinatsuru said this belonged to someone you used to know. Someone important to you.” Another laugh, deeper, more sardonic. “Someone you loved, right?”
“Let it go, let it go, let it go.” You tried to get up, to tear it away from him yourself, but your strength faltered, and you fell back to your hands and knees before you could take a single step. “Don’t, I’ll—I’ll kill you, don’t touch that—”
He didn’t wait for you to finish. He took the neck in both hands, and without a hint of strain, he broke it into two splintered, separate pieces, barely connected by the mangled strings.
Then, he dropped it, and something in your chest broke beyond repair.
You didn’t cry, didn’t threaten him. You felt numb, weightless, barely aware of the arms wrapping around your waist, lifting you up and cradling you against a broad chest. You didn’t struggle, didn’t speak, just shrunk into yourself, buried your face in the fabric of his uniform, let him rest a hand on your back, keeping you close. Caging you against him. “We’ll get you a new one, a better one. Something more fitting of someone so close to me.”
You felt him kiss the top of your head, his grin wide, apparent. As if he didn’t realize he was smiling. As if he didn’t care.
“And you’ll never have to think about anyone else again.”
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Yandere platonic uzui and his wives 🛐
Look, whenever Tanjiro and the gang has to go on a mission for months, they drop you off in some Hashiras care. As much as it breaks Tanjiro's heart and Nezuko is full on sobbing at the thought of being apart from you, they both know you're safer with the slayers. Now, they usually drop you off with either the Ubuyashiki family or with Giyuu, but since they were busy, Uzui volunteered vehemently to take you in.
Tanjiro agreed because he knew he couldn't trust Shinobu or the other Hashiras just yet, and Sanemi was big no from the start because he hurt both you and Nezuko (even though he's now head over heels in love with you now). And Uzui's wives would keep you company too.
And they're all great actually. Suma likes to latch onto you and ramble on and on about the dangers of the world and the multiple times she thought she was gonna die. Makio was intrigued by your demonic powers and would often challenge you to wrestling (she always won). And Hinatsuru was the quiet one and she just liked to sit and watch you eat her food. Uzui, for some reason liked to make you run in the woods while he chased you, promising to let you go if you can beat him- obviously, you can't. Often times you would pass out because of your weak body and low stamina, and Uzui would carry you all the way back home, smiling and whispering little praises in your ear. The wives would always be worried when Uzui brought back your unconscious body, Suma even scolding him with tears in her eyes, for making you exhausted. You would wake up in between them, all cuddled up and wrapped up in blankets- no, you're not allowed to leave the bed unless they say so. They don't care if you're over heating.
It was all good in the beginning but then it started to get... uncomfortable. The thing is, they don't know what personal space is. Like Suma is trying to be with you every second of every day. You still haven't forgiven her for breaking the bathroom door to be with you (fortunately, Uzui told her to stop.)
Mako loves play fighting with you (and you can't say no unless you're sick), but then every single time she wants to check you all over for bruises and injuries, continuing to mock you for being so careless and weak all while she expertly applies ointment on your paper cut.
Hinatsuru, who you believed to be the most normal one of them all, was perhaps the clingiest one of them all. She's so strong and you can't fight her when she drags you to the bath to wash your hair- which she has a weird obsession with. Every single morning she forces you between her legs to do your hair and every single night, she brushes your hair before bed. Not to mention the creepy staring with a smile is getting to you now.
Uzui was acting abnormally too. He liked to call you infantalising names and treated you like a baby. One time during his training, you had managed to climb a tree and Uzui stood down there with his arms wide open and told you to jump into his arms. You looked at him weirdly before beginning to climb down the tree, only to be startled halfway to death as he screamed at you to not move. Then in a flash, he was climbing onto the tree, grabbed you and then jumped back down. He rubbed your back and kissed your hair, telling you that "it must've been scary for you up there, wasn't it princess? Of course, it was. All alone above so high."
The whole lot of them liked to dress you up. Oh yes, Uzui would give you his jewellery and he enjoyed pauntubgvyour nails the same colour as his. The girls would make you wear traditional kimonos usually in pink colours with childish designs on them.
And when Uzui goes off to work in the morning, the wives all rush to dress you up and drag you to him before he leaves, just so that he could kiss your forehead and ruffle your hair, telling you to be a good kid and listen to your mamas.
Oh yes, Uzui, that weirdo, insisted on you calling him "Dad" and his wives "mama". You laughed at first, thinking he was kidding but then he gave you that stern look and you told him "no, its- that's weird. I'm not calling you that." Which then lead to Uzui locking you in the pitch black basement and he wouldn't let you out for a day until you broke down and sobbed "Dad- please! Mama- dad- I'm sorry! Please let me out! Please!" And then you were engulfed by them and carried back to their bed, which you thought was a one time thing, but it wasnt.
You only hoped you could either beat Uzui and gtfo there, or wait for Tanjiro and Nezuko to return soon and take you away from them.
Tumblr media
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If you want requests, here’s one for KNY if you’ll accept it:
Yandere (two moons of your choice) with an s/o who supplies Michael Jackson with troops. They’re essentially his business partner.
They do attend meetings sometimes only because Nakime didn’t bother to teleport them out xD
You didn't say "upper Moons." YEEEEEEE!!! Do you know what this means? That means I finally get an excuse to write more yandere Enmu. I've been waiting for this day for half a year. I also write this to Douma because he is my favorite character. And I write Akaza too because too may good ideas I have. Thats reason why I like Yoda sound.
Yandere Enmu
Tumblr media
At first, Enmu would not be interested in you.
He has seen you in some meetings but has not paid more attention to you.
But then he gets to know that you’re really close with Muzan.
So here is Enmu your new stalker best friend.
He wants to get on well with Muzan with your help.
Enmu only wants to take advantage of you at first.
Of course you would talk good things about your best friend to Muzan. Right?
And at the same time, Enmu is developing a really big obsession with you.
Because you’ve got Muzan’s attention, you have to be special.
And when he gets to know you, Enmu realizes that you are really special.
Now he wants to spend time with you 24/7.
Enmu worships you.
He emphasizes how dangerous other demons are and how he can protect you.
That’s why you and he need to be together all the time.
Enmu is also really eager to help you.
Whatever you do, you can't get rid of him.
Muzan is certainly glad that one of his creditors is your partner.
This will give him more power over you and strengthen your "business partnership".
"Y/N Remember when you said you would marry me if I received the blessing of Master Muzan? Well I talked about it with him and Master Muzan thought it was a really good idea. Why do you look disappointed my love? *Enmu hugs you* This means we can be together forever."
Yandere Douma
Tumblr media
Douma would have seen you in a few upper moon meetings.
He always wondered who you were and why you were staring at Nakime the way you planned her murder.
And Douma's interest only grew when it seemed that none of the other upper moons knew who you were.
( Escape to the mountains while you still have a chance.)
So he decided to ask Nakime about it.
And now he understands a lot more things.
Douma is trying to become your friend with you and he starts talking to you often.
( Now it is too late to escape to the mountains. )
And then Douma notices something really weird.
You make him feel feelings.
Really twisted and distorted emotions but of course Douma doesn’t understand it.
He wants to spend a lot more time with his “loved one”.
Douma often bribes Nakime to ignore your requests to teleport you away.
Especially during meetings when you are forced to sit on his lap.
Douma really won't let you go.
Being important to Michael Jackson would limit Douma’s tendencies a bit.
But you can be sure that a member of the Douma's cult will follow you whenever he can’t be there.
"Oh dear, didn't Nakime teleport you away again? * Douma hugs you and pulls you in his arms * Now you have to stay here for the duration of the meeting. *smile *"
Yandere Akaza
Tumblr media
Akaza would be really interested when he first saw you at the meeting.
Are you a new upper moon?
How strong are you?
Really soon he will find out that you are a Muzan's business partner.
So that means you have to be really strong.
Now Akaza really wants to fight you.
And after the fight, he is disappointed.
But Akaza is sure you have some potential.
You’ve just got yourself an over-zealous personal trainer.
Akaza won't really leave you alone.
He is also trying to isolate you really actively from humans and demons.
Except, of course, from Muzan.
He also “protects” and “tries to help” with your duties.
Once again, Muzan is the only one who can make him stop.
And once again, Muzan wants more power over you so he doesn’t care about Akaza’s actions.
Fucking Michael Jackson.
"Y/N Who is that weak demon you're talking to? Shouldn’t we practice more together. You can't waste your time weakness can be contagious."
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animeyanderelover · a day ago
Not a request, I was just in the mood for this. I don’t really like the cruel kind of Yandere so I had to experiment a little bit until I was satisfied with this. But I had to do this, I love them❣️
Tw: Yandere themes, unhealthy mindset, unhealthy relationship, possessiveness, obsessiveness, delusions, paranoia, manipulation, intimidation, overprotective behavior, clinginess, touchiness, sabotage, stalking, violence, sadism, mentions of kidnapping, death
Sharing a darling
Tumblr media
🌺🟢You might think that due to the fact that they're siblings and even care about each other as demons, they would work somewhat good with each other. The truth is, it's a bit more complex than that, but let's start from the very beginning. Both are possessive possessive and it's terrifying, they're demons who have no shame at all, both are outstandingly cruel and sadistic and fountains of blood will spill because of you. But before they're at that point, something else plagues their mind. That is confusion, irritation, an ill will that is pointed at you. And Daki is the one who has to endure it all in the first place as she is, to her own hatred, the one who falls in love at first. It's humiliating, it's not worth her time and she might or might not be bound to throw a childish and loud tantrum, this did not go the way she wants it to and it is pathetic, only pathetic that she from all people has to go through all of this.
🌺🟢She'll kill you for this, humans should kneel and adore her and end up being her source of food. She's not the one who goes down on her knees and fawns over a weak, little human. Gyutaro shares his body with Daki so he will obviously get to know about his sister's problem and he advices her to do the same, if there is an itch that annoys you, you'll obviously get rid of it. That is all there is to it and so you might believe that the tale ends there. But it doesn't. It doesn't because Daki finds herself unable to kill her darling. Why is that? Was it because their scent had such a comforting aroma to it that gave her a weird feeling? Was it because of the sweet smile they had on their lips? Or was it something else entirely? Whatever it was, it immobilized her and she turned away before she even knew. The bitter feeling of failure, weakness resting on her tongue and for the rest of the day no one should dare to talk to her.
🌺🟢Gyutaro, unable to understand why she turned away, is not a help at all to soothe her because right now Daki is sensitive, ranting mercilessly at her brother and shouting at him. She's only that far away from starting to scream her confusing feelings hysterically out, already in the progress of busily crying. She hates s/o, she hates s/o, she hates s/o! But...she doesn't at the same time and that triggers her to no end.
🌺🟢How does she proceed from this point on? After she has finally managed to put up a more corrected and controlled stance, she starts getting involved with her s/o. She can only do it at night, but that is more than enough time. It goes above stalking since Daki actually is spending time willingly on her darling, someone who is not even an Hashira. Her brother shouldn't question her about it, she herself is the most confused about this all. Seeking to be with someone is new to her, she only needed herself and control over others and her brothers so far. Snappish and entitled would be some words to describe her, if she already graces you with her presence she naturally expects you to pay attention and show her your gratitude. Dear god, she'll be incredibly rude and cruel if you don't do as she likes. This unexplainable feeling whenever her darling ignores and ditches her for someone else is terrible, she does not deserve to be treated like this!
🌺🟢Petty and prideful arguments with her won't get anywhere, her cruel nature is turned against everyone that keeps her from your attention, her outbursts scaring them away and partially you'll be her scapegoat as well. She lashes out far too easily, her bratty and spoiled nature giving her little understanding for your own interests and life, she expects that you put her above everyone else. Does he get physical with you before revealing her true side? In a way she does, pulling her darling's hair to turn their eyes to her again or grabbing them forcefully by their chin, their hands and other body parts to drag them away, to just guarantee that she's the only thing they see. She forgives you though, as long as you please her as much as you can afterwards. It's relatively easy to soothe her as you might learn, any sudden violent outburst and cruel attitude against innocent people can be stopped the moment you feed into her ego with compliments, with a sudden show of adoration you put up for the sake of others.
🌺🟢Ah, she loves that. When her darling laces words and actions with honey, she'd rather listen to it than wasting her voice on someone else. There are no qualms about getting rid of anyone who is an obstacle anyways. Give her what she wants and she is ready to return the favor, as a rather successful courtesan she earns her fair share of money and is ready to spend a good amount of it on you without giving any less to Muzan. A seductive side is revealed sooner or later and that is something Daki loves to show around you, especially if you give her positive reactions. That is after all one of many things Daki is very confident in and she will continue to do it even if it makes you uncomfortable.
🌺🟢Her attraction towards her darling is shown obviously at one point since she demands them to ditch others to be with her, the nicknames she starts calling them and her bold touchiness. A delusion has already started to form within her, only fueled by her arrogant nature. That you should only give her your all since she is the one to deserve it all, everyone else could gladly just die in her opinion. Tell her everything about you, your past and your present all at once, she wants to know everything. How and with whom you spend your days to cross out everyone who could onsume your time that she has to have. It's only for the best, you don't need anyone else besides her. You must be happy as well, right? To have her, a beautiful woman, giving you her affection and time. Be grateful and keep her happy, she will do the same. Otherwise you will bring yourself and others in bloody troubles. Literally.
🌺🟢That play only works that long though until something has to go wrong. What is it? You being sick from this woman who scared away all of your friends, acts like she owns your whole day and ends up dolling you up for her own fun and fondness? You being sick from her tantrums and the way she forces you into a position where you have to kneel down and praise and worship her so she calms down? You being sick of her touchiness and her affection she forces on you without your permission? Don't bring it up to her, she wouldn't be able to understand you anyways. What could be possibly wrong with her possessive, her jealous and her downright monopolizing side? Her dear flower, you won't get away with such a sudden break-up. Daki is going to abduct her darling the one or another way, someone who has a mind-blowing possessive nature like her sees it as her right to kidnap the one who has fallen victim to her obsession.
🌺🟢And it could all end there. After she has abducted her darling and brought them somewhere only she will really have access to, sentient Obi slashes guarding her darling when she is away. The key word here is it could, but somehow Gyutaro stumbles inside this mess as well. How did that happen? Well, keep in mind that he still holds genuine love for his sister, letting her do all kind of terrible things from time to time which includes her whole obsession. But it's also the fact that he shares his body in a way with her, shares her senses if she lets him do so and of course he was not spared from her outbursts when she was frustrated with something which has included for a longer while now you. Not to mention, he will have to meet Daki's darling, out of his own curiosity and because Daki had to introduce him at one point. It serves as a wonderful intimidation factor which keeps you from running away after all, knowing that Daki has her older brother who is just as heartless and violent.
🌺🟢Confusion is a good way to describe Gyutaro's feelings as well, especially since he was the one who kept kind of insisting for Daki to just eat you and he even offered to eat you himself when he noticed that Daki couldn't do it. It ended, as expected, in Daki aggressively refusing. The problem with Gyutaro is simply that he does not know how to properly express his emotions, Daki is far more experienced and better and he finds himself envying her for this. Daki is attractive, she knows how to seduce and charm someone and she has claimed darling already as hers. What is with him on the other side? He does not have the same traits as her and being jealous of his own sister is something new, loving a human is something new as well. Daki's brother is the only one Daki really lets interact and see her s/o so the amount of people to converse with is limited. And a normal person who has never seen a demon in their life will be highly uncomfortable with Gyutaro's appearance.
🌺🟢He has left that inferior feeling already in the past so he really doesn't think that it will bother him much. But it does and dear lord, it stings. Unable to act and express his wish to get closer, he ends up doing it the only way he really seems to be able to show his feelings. And that is simply forcing his darling into anything, only that he has a less charming way about it. He forces s/o to talk to him, to interact with him and to just be near them. His time is limited thanks to Daki being so possessive and if she doesn't get her touchy time with you, she will certainly go a bit crazy. But what about Gyutaro? Doesn't he go crazy too with more and more time where the true amount of his feelings becomes clear to him? Of course, you'd know if you'd see that he scratched himself bloody multiple times because of this! So why does he hold back? For starters, he underestimates humans and looks down shamelessly on their existence, he basically just hates them. Respect and care for his sister plays into this as well, he's lenient to her. How long does it take for him to snap I wonder?
🌺🟢Even if he shows it in a very clumsy way, Daki still notices that her brother suddenly searches for closeness, for conversations and for moments together with the darling. Her reaction...isn't the best and it isn't the worst either. Maybe because she holds respect for her brother as well, but in either case she will force an answer out of him. Darling is hers and even Gyutaro won't be an exception for her. She has her suspicions, but she pushes them away for now. That is until this heated argument erupts from both sides, even if they are siblings who care for each other, it doesn't keep them from ranting and yelling at each other. Especially if it involves you, Daki has a short patience where she might insult her own brother and the same counts for Gyutaro. He blurs his feelings pretty much out during this argument, he struggles with this all far too much and whether he wants to admit it or not, it just hurts.
🌺🟢It hurts because he daily sees how Daki can somehow charm her darling and be together with them all the time whilst he has to stay away and probably just looks hideous in their eyes. They are more afraid of him than they are of her because of the way he looks. Why do looks matter anyways?! Long story in short, he just exploded and yelled and screamed and let out pretty much all of his emotions inside of his chest, stunning even his sister for a few moments. Things can't be the same afterwards, not now that the truth is out and a solution has to be found. Both know that they're stronger together and Muzan would not be happy if they would split up or work worse because they argue over their s/o, so the only way they have to solve this is through sharing. It's particularly hard on Daki's side, she hates sharing her darling, but she isn't as dumb as to be unreasonable. The fact still stays that Gyutaro is her brother and she holds her own sincere love for him, even if it might not look like this all of the time.
🌺🟢I don't say that it's bound to crumble, I just say that it is a bit shaky, especially during the first few weeks. Things need to settle for now and Gyutaro and Daki have to work things out, though arguments here and there will still happen, just as much as the darling has to learn to handle both of them correctly. I don’t see demons from Demon Slayer being able to share too well anyways, exception being Nezuko, Tamayo and Yushiro, simply because most of them are loners who rely on their own power, Muzan is completely out of question to share to begin with. So taking this all into consideration, Daki and Gyutaro are probably the most capable to share from the demon side because they’re siblings and despite everything care about each other enough to share. Especially Gyutaro loves his sister enough to the point where he sometimes willingly lets her have a whole day with the darling all alone plus the fact that he spoils her a little bit and his s/o as well. Daki is bratty and spoiled so she can’t easily return the favor, but with time she at the very least accepts the fact that Gyutaro needs privacy with you as well.
🌺🟢Indirectly you could say that Gyutaro grows to be touchy because of Daki who already never keeps her hands to herself. He’s awkward with his actions, but having Daki’s scent all over you pocks unpleasantly in his own pride so now that darling is his as well, he wants his smell all over them and he forces them to touch him as well. As long as his s/o shows to be afraid of him and thinking of him as scary because of his appearance, he will use that against them to scare them into everything. Call him a dog because of it, but he likes sniffing at his darling simply because he loves their scent. Gyutaro isn’t exactly as delusional as Daki is, he is at the very least able to know that demons never harbor feelings for a human. But he’s simply the type of Yandere who does not give a real fuck whether his actions are wrong or not, wicked love and a fearful possessiveness weight all of that down to nothing. So with them never having planned to go for a normal relationship in the first place, they would honestly be just very content with their darling gaining Stockholm syndrome over time.
🌺🟢Daki is a demon with a fine taste so she still continues dressing her darling up in outfits that she finds cute and adorable and Gyutaro supports that much, though Daki never really lets him join in picking outfits and accessories. They gradually improve their teamwork over time though, for example the fact that at one point they are able to actually cuddle together with their darling without going crazy. Both are touchy though, Daki especially, but it’s not like they would stop if you would be uncomfortable with it. You see, both of them do have a sadistic side to them and they do like making their darling uncomfortable every once in a while. They wouldn’t devour their s/o, but at one point they would want to get a taste of their blood at the very least. Daki takes blood from her darling in a less disturbing way, Gyutaro is another story. He wouldn’t hurt his s/o unless he loses his temper, but he has a penchant for liking them whenever they somehow hurt themself and bleed.
🌺🟢Talking about losing temper, whilst Gyutaro won’t quite reach the same level as Daki, he’s far away from being easy to endure either since he turns rougher when mad. He’s hysterical as well if he feels like it and his sensitive spot will be his darling disliking him for his looks. This should be a buried point for him, but you just have to dig it up again and growing alongside with this are his fears to be abandoned because of it. It takes him longer to calm down though, Daki is relatively easy to help calming down if she is being worshipped and praised. Punishments won’t continue damaging violence, Daki basically treats darling as a pretty doll second to only her and even if Gyutaro should be seen as a monster from them for his looks, he wouldn’t want to harm their beauty either. For his sister’s wish and for his own since he sees s/o as a gorgeous doll as well. Screaming and yelling is always included, specially Daki likes to belittle and rant at her darling. Isolation, a few days without food, simply terrifying their s/o. Even with the lack of completely beating up their darling, they will still mostly end up with bruises and a few bites from the siblings where their sadistic side will be displayed largely with them enjoying s/o’s blood.
🌺🟢Escaping is extremely difficult, two Upper Moons are not that easily outsmarted and Daki’s Blood Ability truly is a thorn to overcome, not to mention that during the day they mostly are with their darling. If their darling escapes, hell will break loose since two of the most powerful demons are going to chase after them. With no remorse or whatsoever for any other life, blood will be spilled one way or another and you should hopefully know that, it’s not like they won’t taunt you about it as soon as they’ve captured you again. Deflecting the blame and guilt you put on them for having killed all those innocent people, it’s two against one. Humans wither within years so at one point those two will turn their darling into a demon, though they do try to draw out as much of this weak humanity as possible. They enjoy it in a way.
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minkmousesworld · 2 days ago
I really like your in-depth analysis on Tanjiro and I thought you brought up a lot of good points; that last line about a good villain can only found in a story with a good hero was great and true. So what about yandere Tanjiro with demon-slayer who does not like, maybe even hates him, because they very clearly see him for what he is? No amount of peer pressure or emotional manipulation can get S/O to change their mind either; they use any of that behavior to fuel their discontent with him.
thank you, honey,,,,, I am very pleased to know that you liked my analysis <3 and I liked the idea of the dark tangirou, it's definitely a good concept. I apologize for the wait, thank you for your words♡
✮ — linden honey
[1400 words]
series — yandere | format — drabble + headcanons
warnings... unhealthy relationship / yandere (obsession, possession, delusional thinking, isolation, manipulation), unrequited love, fight
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tanjirou is not as openly manipulative and clingy as Zenitsu, and not as wild and easy to manipulate as Inosuke. He is softer, more gentle — like a snake cat that you decided to warm on your chest because of purring and rubbing against you.
And when you get close, you don't feel unsafe; because even if there are dark sparks in the depths of his eyes, who doesn't have their secrets, right? Maybe you don't approve too much of this form of hypocrisy, but at least he is polite and sweet, unobtrusively caring and worrying about you. Tanjirou has a shyly hazy look, rough but pleasant hands and restrainedly amorous smiles, and although he is a little too friendly, almost on the verge between 'charming persistence' and 'vile insolence', you first close your eyes and let him.
It's worth a lot when you are regularly forced to fight for your life to the death.
... This soft sympathy quickly becomes the moment when he starts to disgust you — it's a little problematic to communicate sweetly with a person that you see through. He almost imperceptibly climbs into your life, step by step leaving his footprints here and there, continuing to sparkle with his innocently shameless eyes, as if he does not understand why you start to move away and push off.
More smiles, more soft looks, almost plaintive submissiveness and timidity, awkward giggles and shyness that becomes sadness. Tanjirou tries so skillfully to play on your feelings that everything soon begins to look like an elegantly woven web — if you hadn't seen these threads from the very beginning.
The butterfly does not get caught in the spider web.
Tumblr media
☙ You are coping well with emotional manipulation and pressure — and Tanjirou is not sure if he is glad that you are so persistent and confident or disappointed because harmless methods have not justified themselves. It's amazing, he's very proud of you, — because he can't love even more, — but your indifference to him only depresses him more and makes restless.
Your disgust and unwillingness only gets stronger, and even when he tries to apologize or correct mistakes, like a puppy wagging his tail pitifully, you just leave. And it breaks his heart more than if you yelled at him or scolded him — at least he knew what he was doing wrong.
Please don't come near me anymore, you disgust me — he is not sure if he can blush even more with shame, hiding his eyes, and does not answer anything, clutching self-made cookies in his hands. The surrounding people definitely do not approve.
Your words, of course.
Shouldn't you be a little softer on him? Even if you don't accept his feelings, you should have refused more gently. After all, don't you feel sorry for him? He's so sweet-hearted. You want to say that it's not your fault that he only understands rude language, but instead you don't say anything. They won't hear you anyway. Sweet hearts are too charming.
Maybe you didn't win the battle, but you didn't lose the war.
His cookies (which he definitely did not bring and which you definitely did not accept — someone helped him) end up in the trash anyway.
Disgusting. If you could, you would probably hit him (after all, the years have taught you that the most powerful weapon is a weapon), but you know that he won't even cry if you do it.
Sometimes he was so helpful and submissive that you felt like a monster.
☙ Thoughts are like a breath of wind — if you were not the object of gossip and glances, then you would even admire how good Tanjirou is at manipulating the opinions and controlling the feelings of others, almost without doing anything persistent, as if it really wasn't caused by his behavior at all.
But when you show indifference, this tactic collapses.
Tanjirou does not know how to become intimately close, does not know how to shorten the distance apart from social communication, and when neither society nor habits in the form of "gift giving" and "service" help him, he gets lost. What can he do to change your mind? He becomes upset and tired, which is why his usual gentleness begins to dissolve into nervousness and apathy.
People do not feel and fly like butterflies to the light, not realizing that it is the light of a flame, while Tanjirou no longer wants to be a "warming bonfire" — your indifference and disgust for him only poisons him more. Any step should be weighed, any decision should be considered, his mother was also hard at first, but she coped, and he should also hold on and believe — but he really can't anymore. The father easily agreed, he was the same and allowed her to leave him next to her, but you are not like that, you don't want to, and you don't even let him understand how he should behave, what he should give you, and he begins to fail.
Manipulation? Courtship? "Catch me"? "Prove that you love me"? Persuasion? Tug of war? Quarrels turning into hugs? Mutual dancing on a rake? What should he do to make you happy with him? Isn't he caring enough? Isn't he good enough? Isn't he smart enough, or persistent, or clingy, or soft, or tame, or unavailable? What exactly is he doing wrong? Is he not in love enough? Do you think his feelings are false or wrong?
... wrong.
You just don't like him, do you? It doesn't matter how much he loves you, or how perfect he will be, right? If siblings love him because he's a good brother; his friends love him because he's a good friend; people love him because he's a good boy.
If he is loved, it is because he plays his role well.
But you don't love him even when he tries to be perfect.
You push him, you throw away his cookies, you don't smile at him anymore, you don't want to have anything to do with him — and you don't let him know exactly what he's doing wrong.
His mother taught him that if he was hardworking enough, he would get what he owed.
He may not be worthy of you, but he cannot live without you.
And if you hate him anyway, then the way doesn't matter.
One day you will understand why he is doing this.
☙ ... In the end, the tactics of ignoring and pushing away will not lead to anything good. Tanjirou copes hard when he realizes that he can't do anything, and any of his attempts are useless, and if you openly push him out without even trying to give him delusional hopes, then this only inclines him more strongly to use more radical methods.
He is not one of those who will force you to create a family or create a couple, but he must fight for the sake of family and for the sake of love, and he will fight — even if he has to fight with you.
If you see his real personality, but do not see the consequences of your actions and influence on his mental state, then you are always one step behind. This may work as a temporary measure until you come up with a long-playing strategy... but sooner or later you will realize that even if Tanjirou seems so awkwardly romantic, trembling even when touching hands or trying to get close to you lovingly, it is better to keep him close to you — only then he will be safe.
His goal is to become your ideal mate and create a family, and only then does Tanjirou stop manipulating and all these strange features, becoming safe and unobtrusively sweet until he sees danger for you and is sure that you will not leave him.
And it's really not that hard to break your desires, submit to circumstances and let the person you hate so much snuggle up to you. At least no one is asking you to have a healthy relationship — as long as you're around, he doesn't care how you treat him.
As long as you're around and don't cheat on him, he'll let you do whatever you want.
And sooner or later you will love him.
He doesn't really know how to be a victim, but he'll learn quickly.
Tumblr media
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misslili265 · 28 days ago
"Wow, you are very strong, hu? You know your appearance is something that I've never seen before, you would be beautiful in my paradise."  You frown your eyebrows, while watching him approach you, smiling at you. Without causing you any damage Douma takes you in his arms, easily, as he continues in a monologue.  He holds you with one arm, bridal style, and with the other he goes on gently running his nails over your cheeks.  You look him in the eye and so close you can see all that color. "It's a rainbow?" You ask yourself, on your thoughts and by looking for a while it's impossible to not get lost in that dance of colors. You are wondering why you can't even move a finger.  When you arrive at the infinite mansion, on the upper moon two, everyone thinks you'll be savored later, but all Douma does when he finally puts you in his place is brush your hair while talking.  And you think at any moment you can be killed.  And look around studying the environment around you.  "- That's disgusting."  You speak when you see members scattered around the place.  Douma makes a sad expression.  "- Oh, don't you like it? It's okay I will provide a place of your own."  Without delay he gets up and transports you.  Douma has an amazing posture, so elegant.  And you are fighting yourself in your mind.  "- You can't be shitting this y/n...Come on, this guy is a lunatic, look at him...just look...Look...at HIM...Damn. He's so damn handsome."  A beautifully decorated bedroom is laid out for your own use.  In a bed fit for a queen he puts you. And for the first time Douma has a serious expression, and leans over you.  "-Y/n, you know what's weird, I've never felt anything, nothing at all, no anger, happiness,  fear… But this unpleasant feeling of the idea of ​​you leaving under my eyes doesn't want to leave me, you'll be here, forever, you understood? And if you try to leave..." He opens a beautiful smile along with the fan. Leaving a clear message…. You with your arms on the sides of your head just sigh in answer.  
Tumblr media
He's got his sword millimeters from your neck, you were very unlucky to find the upper moon in the hot spring that surrounds the forest, because it's an open place you thought you'd be prepared, and the reason you're naked inside from a hot spring at night is because you just had to return from a difficult mission.  Your blood colored the water around you while you thought you had time to regroup.  And suddenly a six-eyed creature is in front of you, beside your clothes on the other side of the hot spring. Your chest rose and fell, breathing shortly from reading the message in his eyes that would stun any unprepared pillar.  Upper moon one.  Before you had Kokushibou's sword around your neck, moments before he was like a statue with his arms crossed staring at you, but with an incredible speed he came out of his retracted position and extended the blade against your fragile flesh.  He is kneeling behind you, as moments before you had unknowingly walked backwards until you reached the opposite ledge.  And in your ear a whisper commands you. "- Just do not try to resist."  You nod.  Kokushibou pulls you out smoothly from the warm water, you're now exposed and naked, and puts your hands over your private parts, covering your breasts and groin while you avert his deep gaze, waiting for your death.  Kokushibou looks at you indecipherably and  approaches you slowly. Now taking off his own kimono he extends over your body,  covering it , you're shivering, all your being.  He gently lifts one of his hands and removes your hair, dripping water from your neck. And getting his face close to the point you feel his hot breath he says.  "- Excuse me Miss."  And with that Kokushibou slowly sinks his teeth into your neck.  It was supposed to be extremely painful, but for some reason all you feel is a sense of dissociation from reality.  He is sucking on your neck and meanwhile he puts a hand on your back as he feels your body starting to get weak at his touch, he holds you tightly, keeping you upright.  As he drinks from you, a soft moan escapes Kokushibou's lips.  Finally without so much delay he finishes.  He gives some final touches wrapping your body in his Kimono and ties it around your waist, giving you a full view of the beautiful chest he has.  And when he recomposes you, he sensually looks at you and says.  "- Thank you ma'am."  And with a polite gesture bowing before you, so with this, Kokushibou withdraws.  It's hard to tell who's more dizzy if it's you or the number one.  And after watching the ravishing farewell, while watching the wind blow Kokushibou's beautiful hair that gradually disappeared from your sight, you regain your senses.  And running to the other side of the fountain grab your belongings and head to the butterfly mansion.  Upon arriving Kocho looks at you intrigued.  "- Y/n, what happened."  Because let's say you arrive naked in a kimono that when you tell Kocho whose it was, you were stunned.  She applied the proper dressings while drawing your blood to see if she might have something to study.  But both Kocho and you were thoughtful.  From your head every second was replayed like a stubborn slide show, the sounds he made, that steady touch, the smell of that sweet breath, just turned your mind into a mess.  Besides the beautiful mark that Kokushibou insisted on leaving on your neck.  "- Y/n, this will heal but this purple color will stay, something was done here, it's like he's branded you. I don't know how"  You felt fearful and warm with what you heard, and after that, and after you recovered enough, you went home.  Upon arriving a beautiful bouquet was left at your door, you bent down and picked it up and entered into your house wondering who could have done such chivalry.  And when lighting your room there was the creature that had tattooed your neck.  This time it wasn't fear that made your heart leap.  "- Upper moon one."  You claim with a low sigh.  Kokushibou remains serious, and very slowly, graciously and practically painfully he approaches you.  "- I'm sorry Ma'am, but I'm thirsty. Could you
use your human mercy and satiate me?"  And whispering he completes.  "-Please?" All you have the power to do is take your hairs all over from your neck like an offering to who you belong to now. 
Tumblr media
"- Hahaha, you are fun to fight with, so weak?"  What's your name, cutie? I want to remember you forever, before I kill you." The first moment you saw him you knew you'd need at least two more of your pillar friends to fight this beast, he didn't even carry a weapon, only his fists. But why during every attempt to cut him he who was clearly faster and stronger than you let us say modestly almost infinitely let himself be hurt. Never returned a blow at any height that could hurt you. you say "- You're not taking me seriously." "- Don't call me you, I'm Akaza."  He said with a mischievous smile.  "- Why would I tell you my name?"  "- Because it's not polite not to introduce yourself in a conversation, don't you have manners Miss?"  "- Hmmm manners... Look who's talking, you don't even cover yourself straight, you're half naked."  Akaza looks at his chest and looking back at your eyes he smiles again.  "- Does that bother you?"  Woman." ( We know you notice that pectoral at the first moment) "- Y/n...My name is y/n." You say as you lower your sword realizing that your opponent doesn't seem to want to fight you. "- Y/n, a name that wears well, your face .” You blush. Akaza smiles more widely. “You have my permission to leave y/n.  I don't like to spend a lot of time talking with the weaks.  Even if they have a beautiful face like yours." "- Akaza, you have a strong body, and a weak mind." You said turning around and walking away, when you realize, Akaza is in front of your face with his eyes open wide. "- Remove what you said, or I'll kill you here and now." You playing with death responds. "- I wouldn't stand a chance against you anyway Akaza.  And you killing me just because you can't control your anger just proves my point." Akaza stops for a while and suddenly smiles at you, and takes you in his arms and puts you on his shoulders." - Y/n, so I'll make you stronger physically and you'll make me strong in mind, we have a deal now, let's be together and complete each other forever.  Y/n, stop struggling hahaha, come on sweety, you know you can't escape, let's go home."
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themisslili · a month ago
I want to talk about fanfics that put reader degradation in a positive light. It is very sad that women are trying to convince themselves that being hanged and mistreated while having sex was their idea. We all know where this came from, right? From the porn industry, which was created and developed to please MEN, remember this word, MEN. It is scientifically proven that most men have bad sex when they consume pornography, because there they are taught that women take pleasure in pain. Some may have, and yes I believe it was largely because they were conditioned to think like that. But no one, I repeat no one consciously should like to have their throat bruised, or their parts used without any regard for their own body signals and why? Because it is unnatural, pain of any kind is a warning that something is being harmed. Do you see how this is reflected in how we see ourselves as women? We believe that to have pleasure we need to be used mercilessly, we need to please, give and be hurt, or we are not good lovers, or others cannot be satisfied, and most of the time it is all about male pleasure. And I see this reflected in stories most often written by the women themselves, they write descriptions that affirm the sexual education that they have receiving at the long of the time, it's not their fault... But it is entirely possible to have a pleasure in a different context. No you don't need to choke on someone else's dick to be good, no you don't need to have sex beyond your limits when your body is alerting you that something isn't right and you are not enjoying it, darling...you just don't need . This whole way of thinking has had a heavy financial investment and they still invest a lot, for you to believe it. But it's not necessary. I notice fanfics that are healthier, with a sexual description where consideration and affection are present and it is totally possible to derive pleasure from it. Whatever you prefer about this issue, I hope it's for your own good and satisfaction and YOUR choice, not for the good of an industry that never gave a damn about you. And this way of thinking has been implemented in women's minds by hundreds of years!
... My chest it's less heavier now
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moonstruck-rk · a month ago
Worst of Two Worlds - Upper Ranks with toodler reader HC
Don’t post, copy, rewrite or translate in any platforms.
Warning: This content could be explicit sexual situations, depictions of violence or abuse, or other ‘adult’ content not intended for younger readers (MINORS DNI). Some readers may find the following content disturbing. Reader’s discretion is advised.
Platonic Yandere Upper Ranks and Yandere! Father Muzan
tw: yandere
A/N: This is part of my Worst of Two World Series. 
Tumblr media
Muzan never showed you to any demon except to Kokushibo and Nakime who guard you whenever your father has to go somewhere. The servants who served you were all humans because Muzan wants to keep you safe and he doesn’t want any demon to have a stupid idea to eat you to gain power.
Your father only shows you around during his meeting with Upper ranks when you became a toddler.
Daki and Gyutaro
Daki instantly went UwU when she sees you. She’s always pinching Gyutaro whenever she sees you because she can’t resist your cute and chubby cheeks. This demon dream is to poke your chubby cheeks, but of course, she values her life and won’t do something like that. She will drag Gyutaro to shop for different clothes and hair accessories for you.
Gyutaro was just meh when he first saw you, but his heart melted after he saw you giggling. During upper rank meeting, he will make funny faces just to see you laugh. Well, he will succeed in making you laugh, but he will also gain weird stares from your father and other upper ranks. Your father, Muzan, couldn’t help but to get distracted with Gyutaro’s funny faces during the meeting. He won’t say a thing about it because Gyutaro makes you laugh and your father can’t win against your happy face.
He envies you for being a fortunate child of the demon lord. Kaigaku dislikes you, but he can’t show it because such action will put him in a tight situation. This demon learns to ignore you over time.
He is one of the unfortunate demons that Muzan forbids to get near you because of his appearance.
Just like Gyokko, Muzan forbids Hantengu to get near you simply because of his appearance and personality. For your father, he is fine as an upper rank, but never near his beloved child.
As one of the first two demons besides your father who saw you. Nakime swore to protect and serve you just like your father. The moment she heard you cry, she will rush to you. Ready to murder any servant who dare make you cry.
Akaza’s eyes shine so bright the first time he saw you in Muzan’s arms. He recognized you as someone strong and wants to battle with you. Well, since you’re still a toddler, he has to wait for a long time. To make sure your full potential won’t go to waste, he will personally train you. Yes, Akaza will train you… how to walk. He will be your official playmate and will brutally murder anyone who makes you cry or sad. Akaza will secretly spoil you with sweets and will often cheer you up when your dad gets mad at you. If Daki and Gyutaro spoils you with clothes and hair accessories, Akaza is not just your official playmate, but also official sponsor of plushies and anything cute.
He was first curious how would you taste if he eats you. You look so chubby and fluffy, Doma thinks you will taste sweet and delectable. He will soon forget about his stupid idea of eating you because he will get jealous of Gyutaro and Akaza. Why you choose to play with those two, but not him? Doma will compete with those two to get your attention. If you receive a plushie from Akaza expect a huge teddy bear from Doma. He will be the bad guy who will tell Muzan about the sweets Akaza gave to you.
He doesn’t like you at first because you’re half human, but as soon as he heard you cry, just like Nakime, he will run to your room. You're still half demon and Muzan’s child, so it means you can be strong. Right? Kokushibo swore to make you a powerful child and teach you everything he knows. Somehow, he finds it refreshing to see a different side of upper ranks because of you. Kokushibo sees your potential and wants to nurture you. You will be the best disciple he ever has.
Muzan Kibutsuji
The demon lord was still hesitant to show you to the upper ranks, but they must recognize you as his little princess. He will proudly carry you in his arms most of the time. Muzan will find it cute whenever you try to copy him during his meeting with upper ranks. His anger will instantly disappear when he hears you trying to scold the upper ranks like just he did. Your father will be proud of you whenever he sees the upper rank looking at you with admiration.
Tumblr media
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darkkny · 20 days ago
Mine and Mine Alone.
Rengoku x Female! Reader
Warnings: Obsessive behavior, Possessive behavior, Delusional! Kyo, Hes kinda creepy.
Tumblr media
You’ve been feeling a little blue lately. You’re best friend, Rengoku Kyoujurou, hasn’t been around in a few days. Usually, the two of you would go out for lunch at the local vendors, spending hours browsing at the stalls and what they had to offer.
  Of course, you couldn’t blame him, after all, he is a Hashira. Rengoku was an extremely busy man. Saving people, hunting things slaying demons. You just wished you could spend more time with him. Just for a little bit, no more than an hour.
  You sighed as you folded a uniform. You worked as a maid at Tengen Uzui’s residence. You didn’t live there and only popped in at certain times, because his wives usually kept the place pretty neat. You really only ever stopped by to make sure they didn’t need anything done or any help. It was a lenient job, you loved his wives and you thought he was a cool person. In fact, he’s the whole reason you met Rengoku. You smile at the memory as you trace the fabric of the uniform. You had just washed an entire basket of cloths and uniforms. Hanging the items on a stretched line in the sun to dry, you finally clip the final piece on when you feel a strong gush of wind rush by you. Stunned, you turn to look for the culprit when you are suddenly hit head-on from the front.
  Yelping, you are thrown on your back immediately, hitting the ground with a painful thud. A gasp and millions of apologies fill your ears as you look up. A man stood before you. You had never seen anyone like him before. His red eyes, and golden hair that rivaled the sun itself blinded you, and you felt a slight blush creep on your face.
  “Hey, are you okay?” He kneels down in front of you, “I’m real sorry about that, I should have been paying attention.” You feel a presence standing over you, and you see Uzui with an amused smile. You narrow your eyes at him. Turning back to the man, “Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Please, just move so I can put these cloths you knocked down back up.”
  You giggle softly at the memory, before placing the uniform on a shelf. You continue this before all the uniforms had been restocked. Wiping your brow, you smile, “All done, now for lunch. I’m starving.” Walking into the main room of the house you say a farewell to Hinatsuru, Makio, and Suma. They smile and thank you before going about their business. You do the same.
  Opening the shoji, you step out onto the engawa. You stopped to think about what you wanted for lunch. You decided on shrimp tempura. Your mouth watered at the thought and you step off the engawa. Walking down the garden path to the gate entrance, you stop when you hear voices. Checking to see if you knew who they were, you turn the corner to come face to face with the man of the hour with Uzui in tow. “AH! (Y/N). Just the person I was looking for.” He walks up to you and pulls into a light embrace, “Are you busy at the moment?” You smile, “Oh, No. I cant say that I am. I was just on my way to get lunch.”
He laughs loudly, “Great! I was going to ask you to go to lunch with me, but now you have no choice. Let us go. I will continue our conversation later, Tengen.” You look over at the mentioned man. He held an impatient and exasperated expression, “Hurry then, you’re the one who said it was of urgent importance.” You cock your head to the side. You shrug and jog ahead to join Rengoku who had already begun walking only stopping once he realized you weren’t following. You two set out for the village.
You both found a suitable restaurant, a little more upscale than you believed you were used to. You nearly fainted when you had seen the prices of the food, but Rengoku assured you that he would pay despite your many protests. Your head was bowed in shame as you looked down at your lap. He gave a short laugh, “(Y/N), you mustn’t be so down, I’m more than happy to pay for your food. It is my treat.” You sighed. There was no use in denying him. After you had both decided what you were going to have, you stuck with your choice from earlier, You both settle down and begin to talk waiting for your food to arrive.
  “(Y/N), I must apologize for my absence. I haven’t been able to meet with you much, between my duties and a project I’ve been working on on the side I’ve been left with no time. I haven’t meant to push you aside or anything of the sort.” You smile and sigh, “Its thoughtful that you apologized, Kyojuro.” He smiled. “I understand you’ve been busy.” You tilt your head more, “What are you working on?” His eyes light up in excitement, “I’m so glad you asked, well I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I think it's an amazing idea. I just need one key thing and thats-” He’s cut off by the waiter. “Here you go,” He sets Kyojuro’s item down with a distasteful glance before setting yours down, “and here you are.” He gives you a small smile.
“Has anyone told you that you are just stunning?” You look up in shock, “I.. I’m sorry what?” The waiter throws you a flirty look, “You are beautiful. Say, would you like to go out sometime?” You give him a confused face. “Oh, uh, that’s sweet, but, uhm, no thanks.” The man pays no mind and reaches for your hand, Rengoku reaches it first. He holds it softly. “She said no. Leave her alone.” The man scoffs.
  “Stay out of this man. This is between me and the lady.” He looks at you and winks. Kyojuro’s hold on your hand tightens. You look over at his face. He had a wide, dark smile on his face and his hold on your hand grew impossibly tighter. Using his other hand, he threw money on the table and stood up. “We’ll be taking our food to go. Don’t even think about coming after us, I will hurt you.” You gasp, “Rengoku, you cant threaten people like that.” 
He says nothing as he pulls you out of the restaurant. Groaning, he leads you into a small alley. Embracing you, he pushes you against the wall. You hesitate to hold him and he notices. Tightening his hold on you, he mutters a quiet, ”embrace me back.” You shakenly place your arms around him. He breathes into your neck, his breaths getting heavier and heavier with each passing moment.
  “It wasn’t a threat, love. It was a fucking promise.” You’re rendered speechless by Kyojuro’s foul language, “R-Rengoku? Whats going on?” He curses under his breath and pulls away before grabbing your shoulders, “Its Kyojuro. Kyojuro, okay? Lovers call each other by their first names and we’re in love.” He smiles widely at you, “I couldn’t stand it when he was talking to you like that. Talking to what’s mine like that. He cant have you, I wont let him. You’re mine. You love me like i love you.” Your mouth opens and you feel fear rush through your being.
  “Rengoku I-” “KYOJURO.” You flinch at his manic shout, and tears fill your eyes. “Kyojuro, whats gotten into you? Why are you acting like this?” He chuckles before backing away, “See, I had asked myself that the other day too. I wondered why i felt this way. I realized, (Y/N). Its because of you. All you.” He spreads his arms out. “I’m in love with you, and you’re in love with me. We’re destined to be together,” He smiles gleefully. Taking your hands in his, he smiles. “(Y/N), I love you so much. So much it hurts to be away from you. I never want you out of my sight ever again. So, i made a plan. Ive practically already finalized it with Tengen.”
  “You’re going to leave Tengen’s residence and come to mine to work, you’ll be mine fully, and I’ll love you every second of everyday,” You began to shake, “I-I what? Kyojuro,” he shivered, “I don’t want that.” He stopped, “Of course you do. Youre mine. Mine. Mine.” Your body freezes up as he grabs your face and pulls you in for a kiss. He lets out a moan and pulls away with a heavy blush and half-lidded eyes. “Its okay, my love. Me and you will always be together. Forever and ever. You are mine and mine alone.”
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cielinde · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
yandere! akaza x slightly manipulative! fem reader plot w/ porn ♡ FIRST PART (ANTHROPOCENE)
Tumblr media
synopsis: you didn't leave him when you had the chance to. what do you do with your unwanted feelings and his unyielding love for you? word count: 8.7k tags/warnings: smut, creampie, unhealthy relationships, dubious morality, unhealthy views on trauma, survivor's guilt, horrible mental health, suppressing of emotions, cannibalism, blood + gore, yandere being its own warning, yandere x unhealthy tsundere oh god notes: ngl it's fun to give yanderes a smart+tsundere darling,, every relationship needs drama yk ;) (MINORS DNI, MORE UNDER CUT!)
Tumblr media
you don’t love him.
so then why did you run back to him?
freedom was just a stone’s throw away. it was right in your grasp. you could have done everything you had always wanted the second the gods turned their back on you. you had worked so hard, spent years adhering to all of his wants and needs, and had even self-destructed your own physical body from the lack of sunlight and exercise that you had sacrificed all so that he would give you his complete, devoted trust.
you could have had it all. you’re young and beautiful, who’s to say that no nobleman from china would take you in as his wife once you reached the country? it shares no terrestrial borders with japan, so try as he might, akaza would never be able to have reached you if you had boarded the ship.
the goddamn ship.
he isn’t stupid. of course he’s more brawn than brains, but he knew you were trying to run away. and even if it’s subtle, he’s taken more precautions into not letting you out of his sight. he’s stopped training as much after that fateful night, and has instead taken to spending more time with you, showing you countless lush fields of flora and even making more love to you in the serene quiet of the night, and of course, he never lets you near the ocean again.
now that he’s defeated the previous upper moon two and taken the position for himself, you feel no more fear. he’s avenged your family as you had planned from the very start, and yet it was your weakness that stopped you from fleeing.
the very weakness known as emotions.
you despise the ability to feel. if animals have a less complex range and capability to feel such abstract things, then why are humans made capable of such things? to you, it only cripples you. you’re strong in intelligence and you’re able to read people so well, so much in fact, that you can play others at your disposal to your liking, and it’s as easy as controlling puppets on a string.
but you do feel. your emotions are strong, and the pain that encompasses you from the death of your family only helps in weakening you. that morning on the beach, you had thought that perhaps, the unfilled void within you was the need for a family, for someone your heart could truly belong to. and it was, and is, akaza. in a split second, your heart decided for you. not your brain, but your heart.
and now that a month has gone by ever since your missed opportunity, you hate it.
you hate being so emotionally weak. just as akaza looks down on those physically debilitated, you think of dull-witted people to be lower than you.
but as you rest your head on a bed of flowers, his hands around you, you don’t harbour any hate towards him.
“i’m surprised you don’t just break my legs,” you smile wryly.
he looks down at you, your body cradled against his and your head resting on his chest. “there are other ways to give you a hard time walking,” he chuckles, and you snort.
“you know what i mean,” you say.
he pauses. “i had a feeling you’d try to run.”
you finally look up at him, glass-like eyes piercing yours. the new sight of the words ‘upper two’ engraved on the sunlight-yellow of his eyes will be something you’ll never get used to. you hate those words. you hate the previous upper two who ripped you out of the comfort of living a normal life. but you don’t hate akaza. in all honesty, you find his eyes just as beautiful as they were back when he was upper three. it doesn’t change a thing.
“why didn’t you stop me?” the question is more of a whisper, almost inaudible, but he hears it.
he caresses your cheek oh so gently, so lovingly, and you let yourself lean into his touch. “i don’t know,” he says, a smile curling on his lips. “i guess i had faith in you. that you’d stay. you’re nothing without me, aren’t you? you need–”
“i do need you,” you cut him off, your fingers holding onto his haori tighter. you widen your eyes in surprise at your own reaction, and you let go of the pink fabric as you tear your eyes away from his. why are you still acting the same way you used to? you don’t have to make yourself act towards him like a lovesick wife. you can be your true self, and you know he’ll always love you no matter what. is it because you’ve been acting all loving with him for years to the point it’s become moulded as a natural habit for you?
“you’re so cute, y/n,” he chuckles, and he kisses you softly on your forehead. you don’t say anything, but bury your face in the warmth of his chest. he’s nice to hug. you like that.
akaza trails his fingers through your hair, his touch soft and gentle. you close your eyes, only focusing on the fresh smell of flowers that fill your nose, and the slow, steady heartbeat that beats against his chest, and onto your ear.
“why didn’t you leave?”
his question hangs heavy in the air, and you open your eyes slowly, looking up at the night sky instead of him.
“i don’t know either,” you say slowly. “maybe…one day i’ll know,” you feel him embrace you tighter, and you try your best to detach yourself, to remove your feelings from thoughts and set them both aside in two different boxes as you always tried to. nothing good ever happens when both heart and mind are muddled with each other.
“i love you, y/n,” he says. he always waits for you to say it back. for four years, he still hasn’t let your coldness deter him. it makes you feel horrible, for some reason. you know you don’t owe him your love, but the human side of you knows that he’s lived centuries without anything resembling the love that you had when your life was normal. and even now, you still have his love.
“i like you,” you say.
gods, you sound stupid. you sound like a stupid little girl trying to make her love known to the boy she likes whilst being subtle. you sound pathetic. weak, even.
akaza chuckles softly, and when he tilts your chin to face him, he kisses you. you hesitantly kiss him back, his lips soft against yours and his hands holding you tightly, as if he’ll never let you go.
you pull back for air and before the kiss leads to anything more, and he smiles at you. “at least i’m getting somewhere, don’t you think?” he teases.
“don’t flatter yourself,” you mumble.
“oh? but you like me, don’t you?”
“i can take those words back if i so desire.”
“but you won’t, y/n. you’re really so cute. sometimes i even think you make me weak for you,” he kisses a pulse point in your neck, and your breath hitches, fingers grasping onto his arm.
“but that’s okay, y/n,” he takes your wrist now, and presses another kiss to its underside, right beneath the palm of your hand and right where your pulse resonates.
“because i know…” his words trail off, and he tugs at the opening half of your kimono. you weakly struggle against him, until he kisses the left side of your chest, right above your breast. and he smiles, “i already have your heart.”
you hate him. and you push him off, and storm off into the woods full of disdain, the sound of his laughter loud and clear in the quiet night. you’re swimming in rage, and you hate that he picks apart at your fragile heart and tells you what lies under the rubble of your poisonous thoughts.
you’d rather poison yourself with grandeurs of a powerful life than admit to your feelings.
no, you really don’t love him.
you have no goal.
there is simply no meaning in living anymore.
you had thought that after attaining revenge, you would feel at peace. that you’d find solace and true meaning in life.
you still haven’t found it, and you doubt you ever will.
but there really is no more reason for you to live, is there? are you a nihilist, or perhaps just confused?
being vulnerable with akaza is something you hate, but with him being the only person…or being in your life, you really have no choice.
“your reason to live?” he looks up from his food to you, chin a bloodied mess and his hands an even bloodier one. he’s devouring someone right in front of you, stomach cut open and insides on display, the gruesome rolls of their intestines stringing around the dirt as you ignore the horrifying scene before you. you’ve become used to laying your eyes on all the blood and innards of people that you’re at a point of desensitisation.
“well, y/n, i’m really no wise man or scholar, but i can tell you that without you, my life wouldn’t be complete,” akaza chuckles, and takes another sickening bite into the man’s liver. you scrunch your nose in instinctual repulse, but other than that, you don’t feel an ounce of sympathy. no, you feel nothing for all the people you’ve indirectly killed. the irony lies wherein you feel sympathy for a demon who’s murdered hundreds of thousands.
“i don’t live just for you, you know,” you say pointedly. you’ve started to drop your ‘good girl’ act, and if akaza has noticed, he says nothing about it. you think maybe he doesn’t point it out so that you don’t scrutinise your own behaviour and shelter your true self away from him even more. you give him credit for that.
“i know, y/n,” he laughs. “but what do you really think is the true point in life? for me, it’s to be strong. there’s no other reason. humans never reach the true point of life because they are weak and feeble. they cannot achieve great heights in their subservient form,” he looks at you, expression softening. “but you aren’t weak in the same way all humans are. you’re special, y/n.”
you scoff, “that doesn’t make me feel better. all i got from what you said is that i’ll never reach your view on life’s purposes.”
“i didn’t mean it that way,” he sighs. “look, you know i’m not the best in putting my thoughts into words. if i feel something, i act on it. and i do it with you,” he tears off an arm, and his fangs tear through its flesh, teeth gobbling down on the detached limb.
“i know,” you say, fingers absentmindedly fumbling on the hem of the corpse’s haori. what a nice pattern it was, before it was drenched in its owner’s blood. truly a shame. “i don’t…know why i’m here,” you say softly, and akaza pauses, setting the arm down.
“y/n, look at me,” he says. and you do. “you’re here because you’re strong. you’ve survived a lot, and even if you’re still human now, you do have a purpose in life,” he reaches across and holds your hand tightly, the slick, warm blood on his hand tainting onto yours. “you live for your own purpose. the gods don’t give you a reason to live, what happens matters on what you choose to do with your life and how you choose to live. and i know that with me, you’ll live the best life you can ever live,” he gives you a smile, an encouraging one, and you hold his hand, too.
“i live for myself,” you whisper.
“then live for yourself!” he laughs, “but make the right choices, too. you don’t have to let this be a fleeting moment. make it last forever, y/n,” he holds your hand even tighter now, eyes filled with more intensity and seriousness. “stay with me, and you can live out your purpose for eternity.”
he wants you to become a demon. you know that. it’s been his goal for as long as you can remember, other than getting you to fall in love with him.
what exactly is stopping you from jumping at the chance of attaining immortality and otherworldly strength?
at first, it was your drive to run away. as long as you were human, you could walk under the sun and run away from him after his purpose was fulfilled, and you could dispose of him. but now, you don’t have anything. you’re brittle to the bones without sufficient minerals that your body desperately needs, and despite being well-fed and well-kept, your physical body is deteriorating, and although you know akaza will force the demonic transformation unto you when the time comes that you can no longer keep living, you still don’t know why you just don’t accept it.
maybe it’s because you think you’re giving yourself fully to him once you become a demon.
he wants to live with you for eternity, experience the quaternary for centuries to come, all while having you by his side, and you know it.
but you cannot answer him, and instead your hands tremble in his, your eyes downcast onto the ground, your mind at a loss for what to say. you think and feel too much, but you never really talk about the galaxy trapped within you, the scorching hail of a broken soul that you absolutely refuse to show or let slip.
“y/n,” he says softly, “you don’t want this precious life to go to waste, don’t you?”
“precious?” you chuckle bitterly, tears forming in your eyes. he’s no stranger to seeing you cry, you’ve done it many times, fake or not. but now, you really do tremble, your heart aching. you’re many things. a survivor. a murderer. a machiavellianist. a mistake. but most of all…
“i’m broken, akaza,” you cry. “i’m lost, and i should have died with my family. i’ve realised that…that they would hate me now. i’m all the things no parent would want their child to become. is there any point for me to live?” you weep softly as he moves closer to you, his fingers wiping your tears away as he looks at you with concern in his eyes.
“y/n, no,” he says. “you’ve done nothing wrong. you are without sin, and even if you may hate yourself, they love you. i love you. i know that they would rather you live happily with your many misdeeds awaiting you in death than for you to have died alongside them,” he wraps his arms around you, letting you cry on his shoulder, and you do. it does feel good to cry. you have nothing to do and nobody other than him to turn to, no wonder your emotions are as brutal as a tidal wave.
“i hate myself,” you say.
“and i love every part of you that you hate,” he whispers, kissing you softly. you let his touches distract you. another reason why your family would be turning in their graves by now; you’re a demon’s whore, after all.
you break the kiss, tears and blood staining your face and hair as a result of him touching you, but you don’t feel filthy in any way.
“i don’t love you,” you whisper, breath uneven and mind in a frenzy. you aren’t thinking straight. you’re letting your heart do the talking, and the rational side of you screams for you to cease your vulnerability.
“i know,” he says. he isn’t hurt. he isn’t shocked. he’s known this, but he still loves you.
“so why…” your voice wavers, and you break down in his arms once again. akaza holds you, as always, but you don’t want that. you tear away from his grasp, pull him closer to you by his haori, and you kiss him.
the metallic taste of blood is fresh on his tongue as is yours. it’s raw, it’s primal, but it isn’t unpleasant. you shove your tongue in his mouth, and you moan softly against him when his tongue presses hotly against yours, battling yours in a fit for dominance. you scrape the inner linings of his mouth, tasting his saliva greedily as it mixes with the aftertaste of blood and raw flesh.
and you pull away, gasping, with tears still staining your face. you hate yourself. but he loves you. you want to know why, but you don’t want to hear it tonight.
“kiss me,” you say. “give me a taste of your life.”
akaza’s lips curl into a smirk, a glint of mischief in his eyes. he reaches over to pluck out the man’s eye from his unmoving corpse, pulling it out of its mess of nerves with a pop, the eyeball already visibly losing shape from its state of rigor mortis.
“want a taste, y/n?” he chuckles, and maybe he half-expects you to back down, but you don’t. you straddle his hips, your body pressed against him as your clothes crotch rubs against his. perhaps it should be sexual, but it isn’t. you’ll fuck him later. for now, your slipping sanity is taking the reins, and you allow it to.
“i want you,” you whisper, and you feel his bloodstained fingers ruck up your kimono, gripping at your bare ass tightly. you grind against him, and he lets out a satisfied groan.
“taste this with me?” he holds the severed eyeball between you and him, and you eye it. you don’t feel disgusted. you used to turn away whenever he feasted upon his food, but now, it’s become a part of the norm for you.
“i trust you,” you link your arms around him, looking at him with doe eyes.
“and i love you,” he says softly. he puts his tongue out, and smirks as he balances the eyeball on his muscle. you do the same, your tongue balancing half of the eyeball’s weight as you feel his hand dig into the flesh of your thigh, and you whimper slightly when it’s enough to draw blood. he kisses you open-mouthed, and the two of you bite down into the soft muscle of the eye, blood bursting and spewing out of it, dribbling down your chins.
you taste blood. nothing but blood and the mix of severed tissues and nerves from the eye. it’s disgusting, it’s repulsive, and you know that. but akaza tastes like heaven. even with the same mess of gore on the very tip of his tongue, you don’t feel revolted when he deepens the kiss, the meat of the crushed eye pushing at the back of your throat.
he pulls away to let you breathe, and you have to put a hand on the front of your stomach to restrain yourself from choking it all out. without another thought, you quickly swallow the eye, and what’s left in the aftertaste of your tastebuds is nothing but horror and proof of how far you’ve fallen.
you’re still human, but you’re slowly, but surely, losing it all.
“you did good,” he smiles gently, and wipes the blood off of your chin. his bloodied hands do nothing but only worsen the mess on you.
“that tasted horrible,” you say.
“you’ll get used to it,” he chuckles.
“i just think your taste buds are different from mine,” you say. “demons don’t feel repulsed at all by devouring human flesh. it’s just like how we humans consume the meat of animals without feeling any sorrow for them.”
“true,” he hums. “well, how do you feel?”
you swallow thickly, a mixture of thick blood sliding down your throat. you try not to vomit it back out, and instead you kiss the corner of his mouth. “i still hate myself,” you say.
“i’ll still love every part of you,” he pecks you on the lips.
and you don’t understand. you don’t understand at all. you don’t know why he even fell in love with you in the first place. is it love, or obsession? at first you had thought it was nothing but lust, until he didn’t fully take you even after three years together. no, he never even forces anything on you. and despite pestering you to become a demon or actively guilt-tripping you into feeling sorry for his unrequited love, he hasn’t made you do anything you didn’t want. everything you do for him has been out of your own will and drive.
and as you sit on his lap, blood all over you, you don’t know why or how he could love you.
but you don’t want to ask him tonight. it’s not the right time.
“i like every part of you,” you wrap your arms around him in a gentler embrace, and you lay your head on him.
“oh? and what’s your favourite part?” he thrusts his hips against yours and you yelp in surprise.
“definitely not down there,” you huff.
“hm? that’s too bad,” he laughs, and you do too.
your favourite thing about akaza is…
honestly, you don’t even know.
where should you start?
before, your favourite thing about him was his loyalty to you. he proved himself more than worthy to you, and did everything without question. an obedient lapdog, was what you previously thought of him. nothing more than a demon pet who was subservient to you.
but you don’t use him anymore. there isn’t any need to. you’ve made him kill everyone you wanted dead, and even if you don’t demand it, he will always feed you, clean you, and keep you warm and comfortable.
you feel like the lapdog instead.
but no, you’re not so weak as to let him do anything he wants without questioning it.
“if you want to fuck me, why don’t you do it already?”
akaza looks up at you, face still in between your legs as he touches and prods at your cunt, already embarrassingly wet from all his touches. he’s teasing you, and you know it.
“impatient?” he chuckles against your thigh, and he kisses it. you jerk lightly, and you close your eyes, trying not to think of him.
“just fuck me already,” you click your tongue. you don’t hate what he’s doing, honestly…you just don’t like feeling weak and breakable in front of him. of course he’s pleased you enough times to make you come undone, but you hate how he treats you so lovingly, like a fragile porcelain doll.
he licks a trail from your thigh all the way to your cunt, and you whine softly. “hmm…no,” he smirks, and you gasp when he gently sucks on your clit, tongue circling your sensitive bud with speed as he groans against it, sending vibrations through your most sensitive places.
“i want to make you cum from my tongue,” he eases his tongue into your eager hole, and your fingers entangle themselves in his pink hair, involuntarily bucking your hips against him dizzily as he tongue-fucks you, the wet muscle pumping in and out of your delicate, wet folds as you clench around him, your breath shuddering with every thrust as your body becomes hotter and hotter, the sensitivity of your clit making you moan loudly as he arches his tongue in an upwards motion, tickling the delicate spot of your walls.
“a-akaza, ngh…” you buck your hips against his face, and he moans against the heat of your core. he holds you down even tighter, skilled tongue running up and down your slick heat and emphasising a flick to your clit every time he reaches the top, and you squirm as you hold his hair tighter, unknowingly forcing him more onto you as he continues to eat you out with more ferocity while he drinks in your sweet mewls of pleasure.
“c-close, i’m…” you don’t care anymore, you’re shamelessly grinding on his face as you’re close to reaching your peak, your wetness soaking on his face and sheets below as you pant, thighs trembling, and so, so, close to reaching sweet release.
and then he pulls away.
with a goddamned smirk.
“a-are you going to seriously tease me again?” you glare at him, face flushed and chest huffing.
“no, i just changed my mind,” he gets on top of you, and he smashes his lips against yours in a rough kiss, fangs nibbling on your lower lip as you wrap your legs around him and bring him lower to your body, pressing your bare chest against his while you try your best to grind yourself on his cock.
“you’re getting needier,” akaza muses, and you resist the urge to slap him square in the face.
“then fuck me,” you whimper, digging your nails into his back in frustration. the peak of your orgasm is slowly dissipating, and you need to cum before it does, and prolongs the intimacy you have with him.
“no, not like this,” he flips you over, and you gasp, your nipples rubbing against the cloth beneath.
“f-fuck me,” you hiss.
a low chuckle rumbles from his chest, and he spreads your legs and ass, kneading your bottom as you bury your face in the sheets in embarrassment, feeling your slick pool and stain the sheets.
“you’re practically leaking for my cock, y/n,” he purs, and you hold in a moan when his fingers teasingly trace your lower back before travelling all the way to your shoulders, and you feel him lean in closer to you, his hot breath fanning your skin.
“you want to be fucked, y/n?” he whispers, and you wordlessly nod. you grind your clit against the sheets pathetically, and akaza grabs your hips with his strength, licking the shell of your ear.
“say it,” he says.
“no,” you mumble.
“don’t you want to cum?”
“i’ll just relieve myself later. i don’t need you.”
his knuckles gently brush along your back, as you feel the head of his cock press against your gaping cunt, and you moan, arching your back against his chest as you squirm, trying to spur your arousal.
“is your back sensitive?” he chuckles, and you oh so badly want to sit up and headbutt him. you bet he’d look cute with blood dribbling down his nose.
“please…” you whimper, your mind in a haze and the boiling need in your cunt torturing you to no end. you’ve begged for him before, and even if it humiliates you, you’d gladly do it just to reach your climax.
“please what, y/n?” he positions his cock against your wet entrance, and you groan in sexual frustration as tears prick your eyes, your body still too restrained to move against his cock. if he just rubbed your clit a bit more, you’re sure you’d come undone in an instant.
“please fuck me,” you bite your lip.
“good girl.”
he sinks his length into your cunt, and you stiffen under him, breath hitching as your back fully arches against him, your thighs shaking and body jerking as he lightly grabs your neck from behind, not letting you lean in to muffle your voice, and you let out a wanton moan as his other hand pinches your nipples, his hips railing your cunt as he chuckles, instantly starting with a fast pace as he fucks you, revelling in your unabashed moans.
“fuck, good girl, so pretty, y/n,” he smirks, “cumming just from me putting my dick inside you? that’s new, love,” he slowly releases his grip on your neck, and you shake as he continues to fuck you through your orgasm, thrusting into you with such abandon that all you could do is grasp the sheets, involuntary moans choked out of you as he holds you almost bruisingly, his cock spearing into your deepest, sweetest parts as he plows into your cunt mercilessly.
too much. it’s so much. your knuckles shake as they weakly grasp the sheets, and your face is lazily pressed against the sheets, brushing against the uncomfortable cloth with every hard, relentless thrust.
“oh-oh gods!” you gasp when he lifts your ass up, and flicks your clit with his fingers, teasing your sensitive bud as he gathers your dripping cum from your inner thighs.
you whine as he yanks your hair, pulling you back, and forces his fingers inside your mouth. your protests are muffled, and you can feel his shallow breaths against your skin as his thrusts become harder, the sinful sound of skin slapping against skin filling the small room and further tightening the already budding coil of arousal inside you.
“taste yourself, love,” he shoves his fingers deeper into you, and you gag on them, trying your best not to bite on them as you have no choice but to suck on them, shamefully tasting your own arousal on your tongue.
“tell me, how do you taste, love?” he withdraws his fingers from your mouth, and you distastefully wipe your mouth, spit running down your chin.
“t-that was disgusting,” you say spitefully.
“hm? i rather think you taste delicious,” he brings his fingers to his tongue to taste the mixture of both your essence and saliva that he had collected.
“you’re such a dirty old man,” you hiss.
“aren’t you the debauchee, y/n?” his hands leave your hips and you feel him steady himself on either side of your head once again, and you turn your head to snipe him back with a witty remark, only to have your face shoved roughly against the mattress.
“don’t forget, love, i know every part of your body better than you do,” his chest is pressed flush against your trembling back, and wanton moans slip from your lips as he bites down onto the space on your back just below your neck. you groan weakly, and his chuckle fills your ears as he lands a harsh slap onto your ass, forcing a surprised squeal out of you.
“you’re so cute, y/n,” he groans, “such a tight little whore.”
“s-stop saying those things,” you mutter, head so fucked out and your previous moans falling into slurred, delirious rambles as he locks you in place, stars forming behind your vision as he fucks into you in a much roughened place, far rougher than he’s ever been with you.
“and why should i stop, y/n?” he angles his thrust directly into the very spot he knows that makes you closer to climaxing, and you mewl as he angles his cock right against your womb, fucking you to your very deepest parts.
“n-no! i’m going- ah, i’m-”
“do it, y/n,” he breathlessly smirks, one of his hands descending once again to cruelly rub your clit, and it’s all enough to hurl you off the edge.
your walls quiver around him, and you can faintly hear him curse under his breath when he loses control himself; cumming all over your walls and painting your insides with viscous shots of his seed while your cunt squeezes, sucks, and milks him completely dry of his essence, greedily pulling him in deeper, so deep that the tip of his cock is almost pushing through your cervix.
he slowly rides out both your climaxes, and you clench your teeth when he finally pulls out, your lower half limply flopping onto the bed, tired and spent. you turn away from him and catch your breath, tired and sore.
“you’re weird,” you wrinkle your nose.
he only laughs. “what do you mean?”
“i don’t know,” you mumble. “if you were human, i’d certainly be pregnant by now.”
he moves closer to you, and you can tell he hasn’t wiped the smug smirk off of his face.
“are you perhaps implying you want children, y/n?”
“no,” you scoff. “even if it were possible, i’m wholly unfit to become a mother.”
he slips his fingers between your legs, and before you know it, he’s stuffing his seed back inside you as best he can.
“don’t say that, y/n,” akaza chuckles softly. “i think you’d be wonderful.”
“how cute,” you say sarcastically, “but you’d be a horrible father. you’d probably even make the baby prove itself to be worthy before giving it milk.”
“i’m not that cruel,” he laughs, peppering your neck with butterfly kisses.
“you’re bearable,” you hum.
“aw, don’t be like that, y/n,” he cooes. “i went from being liked to being just bearable? that’s awfully mean of you.”
you sigh, “i do like you.”
“well, i love you, y/n.”
you turn to face him, and you kiss him.
you aren’t one for religion.
your family had raised you in a shinto household, teaching you the ways of the gods and its scriptures, as well as brought you to temples occasionally along with your sister.
but where were the gods when you were left all alone, with nobody to help you? where were they when a demon, of all things, fell in love with you and intended to take you for his property?
you’re older now, and even if you reserve mixed feelings for such an abstract topic, it doesn’t stop you from staring longingly at the temple that sat decadently in the centre of a village akaza had just obliterated.
where were the gods when their worshippers had just been mercilessly slaughtered by a demon?
“i didn’t know you’re religious,” akaza chuckles as you drag him along to the shrine area of the temple.
“i’m not,” you say, “i just want to pray.”
“oh?” he raises a brow in amusement, “for what exactly?”
“i don’t have to tell you, you’re not a god,” you tease.
“well, if it's something you want, you can just tell me instead of asking imaginary beings,” he hums.
you pause, and turn around to face him.
“they aren’t imaginary,” you say.
“i thought you said you weren’t religious?”
“i’m not,” you turn around and resume walking. “i do believe that they exist, i just don’t worship them.”
“you can tell me, you know,” he holds your hand, and you shake your head.
“you wouldn’t understand.”
“oh, but i do understand, y/n. i understand everything about you,” he leans in with a smirk, and you roll your eyes.
“i just believe in them because to me, it’s a last sliver of hope that my family is well in the afterlife,” you say.
he tilts his head, “don’t you want to see them again? you know you can’t go to heaven if you don’t believe in them either.”
“i already know i’m not going to see them again,” you say stiffly, “i just want them to rest peacefully. for what it’s worth, they deserve to be in an eternal paradise.”
“gods, don’t say that ever again,” akaza groans.
you look at him questioningly, “what? eternal paradise?”
“gross,” he scoffs.
you stop walking, rather feeling a bit annoyed. “what’s wrong with that? i want them to be alright. they didn’t deserve to be taken so early, especially my sister. i’ve even outlived her already, and she could have been married and with children already.”
his eyes widen, realising what his words had just implied. “no, no, no! i didn’t mean it in that way, y/n. the previous upper moon two used to have a cult called ‘eternal paradise’ or something close to that, was all i meant. i didn’t mean to upset you,” places a gentle hand on your shoulder, expression softening.
you click your tongue, “sometimes you speak too fast, your brain is left behind.”
he lets out a genuine laugh, and ruffles your head, “i know, y/n. and i’m sorry. forgive me?” he brings your hand to his lips, and kisses your knuckles oh so gently.
“forgiven,” you shrug, “you kissing my hand does remind me of when the city boys used to court me.” his eyes sharpen by a margin, and you gracefully clasp a hand over your mouth, feigning shock. “oh dear, akaza, i’m so sorry that i spoke without thinking it through! i hope i didn’t make you jealous? don’t worry, the most i’ve ever had with them were nighttime rendezvouses!”
his grip on your hand tightens, and you wince, “o-ow!”
“you’re bluffing,” he says, and you can clearly see the jealousy in those beautiful eyes of his.
you know you probably shouldn’t go further, akaza IS obsessive with you, after all, but what is love without a bit of jealousy in it? so you tilt your head innocently, and put on a face of confusion, “what makes you think that?”
“you said yourself that though you were courted, you never had any intentions of pursuing a relationship with them, much less scheduling a meeting, and at night, out of all times of the day,” he smiles proudly at his memory, and you blink in surprise.
“oh,” you say. well, he’s right. “how did you even remember me saying that? i don’t recall talking about my suitors at all,” you raise a brow.
“why would i forget anything about you?” he loosens his hold on your hand, “you’re precious to me, after all.”
“oh,” you say dumbly. “well, speaking of the previous upper two, um…”
you don’t miss akaza narrowing his eyes at you. whatever it is, even if the fiend has been defeated and wiped off the face of the earth, the lingering hate both you and he reserve towards the foul creature hasn’t died. and you doubt it will.
“no, no,” you say softly this time, so used to comforting him whenever touching the sore spot. “y-you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but…how did you defeat him?”
he relaxes, and you almost let out a sigh of relief. his emotional wellbeing has been your priority for so long, it’s another habit you’ve yet to shake off.
“well, i nearly died,” he shrugs.
“w-what?” you nearly scream, “how can you say that so calmly?”
“well, it was admittedly the best and worst fight of my life!” he laughs, and you exhale heavily, gawking at him.
“don’t scare me like that again,” you mumble.
“scare?” he blinks, “well, i did know i was going to win from the start, but…his blood demon technique is both brutal and lower than turtle urine.”
you let out a soft chuckle from his jab, “but were you okay?”
“could have been better,” he hummed, “his ice did freeze my heart and cells, and for some time it was hard to regenerate, but i was able to quickly adapt to it and knock the shit out of that abomination.”
it brings a small smile to your face.
“his bladed fans were a piece of shit, though. not that it deterred my regeneration or anything of the sort, but it’s just not ideal to be continually cut, you know? it did hurt,” he scrunches his nose in disgust, “but i managed to land my best blows on the fucker, and you bet i pounded his face right in!” akaza’s smiling proudly now, and you suppose he deserves a reward. for being a good pet, of course.
you pull him closer to you, and you kiss him. the taste of blood is still on his lips, but you don’t mind. “i adore you,” you say.
“and i love you,” he smiles. “i couldn’t have killed him without you, you know?”
you stare. “what do you mean?”
and he shrugs, “well, i’ve hated his guts for as long as i can remember. ever since he surpassed me in ranks he’s done nothing but taunt and torment me, and although i always loved spilling his brains onto the floor, it wasn’t enough for me to actually challenge him to a blood battle and defeat him in it. but you…” he kisses you this time, “i would do anything for you. i love you.”
you don’t like it.
you hate it.
you want to tell him to stop being so coddling and loving. before you NEEDED it, you needed him to be clingy, doting, and even pacifying with you. but now, all you feel is confused and angry. angry at both him and yourself. angry at him because he’s meddling with your feelings and the very core of your humanity, and angry at yourself because you let him sway your emotions and prove that you truly aren’t as emotionally indestructible as you believed yourself to be.
but you don’t say any of those.
“let’s go,” you simply say, and you take his hand in yours as you lead him all the way to the temple’s shrine.
it looks to be well maintained. well, for now at least. because akaza has killed off almost all the men for food and left the women to flee in trepidation, you have no doubt that the village will soon be abandoned.
but for now, it’s beautiful. not as beautiful as the shrine you and your family visited when you were younger, but it’s still a sight to behold.
and as you step into the place to pray, akaza still stands by you.
“c-can you…you know,” you mumble, nudging him lightly.
he only blinks, “what?”
“move…a bit further,” you say, “it’s basic praying etiquette. we shouldn’t stand too close to each other.”
“oh,” he nods, “i don’t remember anything about religion, honestly. i think i was a buddhist though, not shintoist,” he shrugs, “but i don’t think i was even anything close to a devout believer.”
“not surprised,” you giggle, and you’re thankful when he respects your request and walks down the steps that lead to the temple, far enough away from earshot. you turn around and face the shrine, the building suddenly seeming intimidating.
just like the time you almost fled from japan, from akaza, you feel scared when you’re alone. he’s moulded you to be completely dependent on him, and as much as you hate it, your intelligence will only get you so far before you collapse.
usually prayers would have to start with an offering, which used to be throwing money into the box, but you don’t have such trivial things with you anymore, so you can only hope that the gods understand your situation and still listen to what you have to say.
you bow deeply twice, and then close your eyes as you clasp your hands together. the gods don’t require you to actually speak, but you just wanted to brush akaza away for a while; it’d be slightly unnerving to pray about him whilst having him stare right at you. a white lie won’t hurt after the many false things you’ve already said.
bless me gods, for i have sinned.
it’s been a lifetime since i’ve last confessed,
and for that, i am sorry.
i can only pray that my family is well in heaven.
they deserve nothing short of your blessings.
i, on the other hand, have done nothing but disgraced both you and my ancestors.
and once again, i offer my apologies.
but that changes nothing, and i know.
human lives are limited, just as my companion says.
our lives are equivalent to a straight line. it has to end at one point.
i was born human, just as all demons are.
and i always believed my destiny to die a peaceful death surrounded by wealth and children.
but i know i cannot return to my old life anymore.
and i do not intend to.
i have duly sinned, and have tainted the family name.
and you owe me nothing. i am a lowlife undeserving of your glory.
but if you will hear one last prayer from me, from the child who used to believe in you,
then touch my heart, and let me know if what i have with him is love.
i cannot beg for you to fulfil my prayer, as he, too, is also a sinner of the most base kind.
but i know you read the human heart and soul and created me for a reason,
and i only pray that you may guide me.
you clap your hands twice, loudly. you know doing it quietly is the custom, but you feel the need to ‘scream’ your prayers into the skies, should the gods hear it.
you bow deeply one more time, and you leave the shrine.
“y/n, it’s cold outside, do you want me to hold you tight?”
“sure,” you say.
…it’s summer.
but you let him hold you tightly, and you’re thankful that it’s night. not that he could ever go out during the day, but you remember that summer mornings are always the most scorching, and you wouldn’t last a second at all if you were to be held tightly to him with the sun shooting its rays at you.
it’s summer, and it’s been half a year since you almost left this life.
you don’t have any more sense of time. it’s more like a glass wall at this point. you know it’s there, and what it is, but you find it so easy to break into a million shards, making it lose its meaning and what it’s really for. to you, the present moment is a fragile illusion.
soon it will be five years since you’ve been with akaza, and you wonder if the remainder of your life will be like this.
it’s not necessarily suffocating, but you know you’re slowly dying.
you don’t know if he knows it too, but if he does, he’s most likely keeping quiet about it before he’ll make known his true intentions.
you’re weak. far weaker than you were before. you sleep more, walk less, and even have more fatigue despite barely doing anything. you know that no sunlight intake can spark cancer, and you can only hope that you’re not affected with it.
the concept of sunlight feels foreign to you now, and you’ve become aware that your senses have heightened.
but you know that if you go against your genetics, you’re bound to die faster.
and you’re dying, but you’ve never felt more alive.
“akaza…” you whisper. your eyes widen at the wonder, and when you plant your feet onto the ground after having been carried by him, you can barely stand. the atmosphere is much colder than how it is on ground level, but the view is breathtaking.
you never thought you’d be standing on the very top of the country’s most famed mountain; mount fuji. specks of snow was still on the mount, but akaza had rerouted and settled to take you to the part that wasn’t as cold.
ah, so that was what he meant by it being ‘cold outside.’
nevertheless, it’s too beautiful to behold. after countless moons of seeing nothing but lush forests, never-ending flower fields, and villages, you’re finally granted with something novel and new. it’s just as you always imagined it to be: breathtaking, and only made better by the company you’re with.
you tear your eyes from the view that overlooks the verdant foliage of flora and nature’s gifts, and look at akaza.
“it’s so beautiful,” you say.
“not as beautiful as–”
“me, i know,” you hum teasingly.
“true,” he smiles, and wraps his arms around you from behind.
he may know you, but you know him, too. and it’s about time that the elephant in the room, or rather mountain, be addressed.
“what did you want to talk about?” you turn to him and smile innocently. inside, you’re anything but. you’re wary, and you’re quickly thinking of things to say, to always stay on top and prevail in any mind games.
he hums, pulling you closer to his chest. “i know this is months late, but…”
your eyes widen, and your hand trembles as you try to quickly choose from the thousands of options that run through your mind regarding what he’s about to say.
you hate that he’s unpredictable. you feel most at ease when you can read him well.
“you wanted to ask why i love you, didn’t you?”
your smile is no more. you just stare at him, expressionless. your mouth is drawn in a line, and you barely breathe as you stare into his eyes, maintaining almost unnerving eye contact. you don’t care about upholding an act anymore.
but you have to act and think fast, and that’s what you do.
“you’re mistaken,” you turn around again, your back facing him.
akaza only lets out a soft laugh, and he leans in to kiss your neck, “am i really?”
your eye twitches in discomfort, and you stiffly swallow, your body in defence mode as you cross your arms over your stomach.
“you’re scared,” he says, and you scowl.
“stop it,” you whisper.
“no. hate me if you want, but you can’t hide from your feelings forever. and if you won’t confront it, then i’ll make you,” his hold around you becomes vice-like, and you know there’s no hope of escaping. you’re trapped. cornered like an injured rabbit.
but you refuse to be emotional.
“alright, then,” you say, “why do you love me?”
he doesn’t say anything at first. the clouds shift and move through the mountain, and you say nothing either, just watch the barely visible stream of water on land flow gracefully, and bask in the beauty of the night. a moment goes by, and maybe several more, but it’s a comfortable silence, and neither of you need to speak.
but when he does, it catches you off guard.
“i just love you for being you.”
it’s not a grand declaration of love.
it’s not a beautifully written poet with carefully selected words sure to capture the heart of a damsel.
it’s just him.
just akaza being himself.
six months ago you loved him in a companion-like sense, in a way that someone would love their dearest friend or sibling who always carefully guarded and protected them.
“but why?” you ask softly, “i-i don’t understand. i hate myself, i was never even the most beautiful girl in my city, i…i’ve lived for nothing but revenge, and…i almost left you,” you feel tears prick your eyes, but you keep them at bay. you just want love. what you realised that day on the beach was true. you didn’t need to run away or start anew, all you needed was love, no matter what form it took.
“i still love you,” he whispers, taking your chin and turning you to face him. you feel vulnerable. exposed. and normally you hate it, but in this present moment, you don’t.
“love doesn’t need an explanation,” he says. “it’s always the most beautiful things in the world that don’t need words for it to be conveyed. but i know you’re someone who feels the need to know everything, and you’re never at rest until you feel in control. so i’ll say it, y/n. love doesn’t look with the eyes, but with the mind. and i know you don’t doubt my love for you, but i want you to know that i love you with a love that will never die, even until the sun grows cold and the stars grow old.”
you can’t speak.
the tears that threaten to spill blur your vision, and when you blink, looking down, you feel yourself tremble.
there is no way in both heaven and hell that the love he has for you is healthy.
but he loves you with such an intense, fervent kind of love that makes the gods jealous of you, for being a creation built and able to feel love.
there was never any point in you knowing why he loves you. and even if you weren’t smart, you’d know just from his actions and words.
love doesn’t confine to a box, it’s a multitude of different stars that dance across the planes of the galaxy.
you’ve loved, you’ve lost, and maybe you’ve learned to love again.
“akaza,” you say, “i think i love you.”
the words don’t feel alien to you.
you’re still broken and he’s still a power-obsessed being, but it’s okay.
because in the end, the two of you have found love.
and it doesn’t have to be the right kind of love.
it’s love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight.
* ‧ ⨯ . ⁺ ✦ * 𓂂 ꙳
taglist: @nichespiderweb @tohru-idek additional notes: sorry there wasn't as much smut, i wanted to focus on the 'plot' more! and emotionally torture you, the dear reader
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Hey guys, sorry I haven't been able to post anything these past few days, I really needed a break from writing for a while but I'm back now :) And I'll try posting as regularly as I can, forgive me if I don't post too frequently though since I have exams coming up too TvT
Tumblr media
Gif from: Tenor
Boy, oh boy, you wouldn't want this Michael Jackson ripoff as your yandere, trust me. He doesn't and will not view you as an equal, let me make that real clear for you. So if you have any hopes that he'll treat you well if you're kidnapped by him, depends on your behavior
He views you more as a pet to be honest. As a yandere this man here is completely controlling, possessive, obsessive, manipulative, dominant and really strict. He doesn't tolerate misbehavior from anyone, not even you. He has really little patience for that kind of nonsense
When he sets his eyes on you, you can kiss your freedom goodbye because whatever he wants, he WILL get it, either by hook or crook
He'll first send his demon minions to gather information about you and report to him on your day to day activities. When they tell him there's someone in your life that's getting too close to you and wants to pursue a romantic relationship with you, Muzan is kind of pissed and mad but also amused. Does some random puny little human think they can just get away with stealing what's his? Looks like Muzan will have to teach him and his family a lesson, a lesson for the world to remember what happens if they mess with what belongs to the Demon Lord
Don't be too surprised when you have to attend a funeral the next week for the same person. And after that he'll directly kidnap you, no further questions asked and sorry to burst your bubble sweetie, you most certainly do not have a say in this matter
Muzan also feels like it's his right to take you under his protection since you look so fragile and weak and small. How did someone as dainty like you ever last for so long in this world god only knows. And for that reason, he's also really protective over you. If at all someone needs to hurt you, it'll be only him, not someone else (He's a sadist) and be it Demon Slayer or a fellow Uppermoon or Lowermoon or a regular Demon, whatever, they lay so much as a finger on your head they will die
Will not hesitate to use your family and friends as leverage to make you behave for him. If he feels like you're stepping out of line and your boundaries, he'll return back with the heads of someone you know. You should know better than to misbehave with the Demon Lord. You won't even be able to escape from him, there are highly trained and powerful Demons keeping a watch on you for their master and they won't let you escape. And even if you do (How in the HECK did you manage to do that?!) he'll find you real quick in a matter of minutes rather and he'll start killing people and things will just get messy. You're in for a HUGE and BIG TIME punishment after you return home with him, you do NOT want to get punished by him, it's just painful and tiresome
A MASTER manipulator like I've stated before, he'll sometimes sneak up from the back and whisper things in your ear like "Only I can protect you my little pet~" and things like that. He feels rather amused at your outbursts sometimes and when you challenge him, when he's had a long tiring day, he likes to have a little laugh and he's glad you're there to provide it for him. You'll know when you overstep your boundaries though with him. But despite all this, he actually might grow to love you but it's a... different kind of love, painful and filled with pleasure at the same time if that makes sense
He will turn you into a demon soon but he'll make you depend on him for everything, he likes it when his little pet depends and needs him for something. So, the sooner you get used to your eternal form and life with him, the better
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i-cant-sing · 17 days ago
Yandere Kamado Clan x Muzan's daughter
Thinking about Yandere Kamado Clan with a daughter reader who is actually the daughter of Muzan. Muzan had abandoned you when you were still a baby, and it was Tanjuro and Kei Kamado who took you in and raised you along with their kids. You were younger than Tanjiro and Nezuko, and older than the other siblings, and while you were close with everyone, you had a special bond with Nezuko. She was sympathetic with you, especially when you would complain to her about how unnecessarily protective the whole family was towards you- never letting you leave the house unaccompanied, not allowing you to run errands, and meeting strangers was out of the question. All you were allowed to do was play with your younger siblings or help your mother with house chores, although she would rarely trust you to do anything without hurting yourself. The smallest paper cuts would send her into panic, and make your father lightly scold you for hurting yourself and worrying your mother.
Your father, Tanjuro, was a kind man. Sure, he would worry over you a lot, but some of the fondest memories you have of your childhood was with him. He used to take you to the city with him on errands, watching you closely as you explored the area. And when you'd get tired, he would always place you on his shoulders and take you back home. His heart was always at peace when you were around him, it wouldn't be wrong to say you were his happy pill. And even though he would sometimes scold you over little things that he deemed were "putting you in danger", didn't allow you to leave the house without him or Tanjiro, you knew he loved you very much.
You were very young when you found out you were adopted, overheard your parents talking about it one day, but you kept the guise up that you didn't know. Despite that, they all treated you like you were blood- sometimes you'd think they were a bit too coddling towards you even more than your younger siblings, but you like to think that they just like to put extra affection towards you because you were adopted.
Much like your father, the rest of the family loved you a lot. Your younger siblings would fight amongst themselves over spending time with you. Your mother just wanted you to be by her side all the time, and before your younger siblings were born, she would be too restless to let you sleep alone. So she and your father made you sleep between them, your mother's lullaby and your father's head pats putting you right to sleep. Then after your younger siblings were born, you shared your room with Nezuko and Tanjiro, once again, sleeping right in between them, your brother telling you all about his day at the village and your sister braiding your hair from behind.
Tanjiro, being the eldest, loved his siblings, and coddled them to no extent. Whenever he went out, he would bring some souvenir back for you, tell you all the things he'd witnessed at the market. Sometimes, when you'd beg him to take you out to, he would give in to your puppy eyes and sneak you out while Nezuko kept your mother busy. But he'd only take you out for 2 hours tops, because any later than that would not only worry your mother but also Nezuko.
Nezuko knows she is your favourite sibling, and while she doesn't rub it in her siblings faces, you could definitely see the coy smile on her face when they see you share secrets with her only. Her favourite past time is playing with your hair, and she always covers up for you so that your parents wouldn't scold you for "almost dying". She agrees that they are a bit paranoid towards you, but its only because they love you!
Days before your father had died, he looked deathly pale. He began putting a lot of restrictions on you, absolutely refused you to leave the home at all. You thought maybe his disease was making him delirious, but he even started yelling whenever you'd leave his site for longer than 10 minutes. One day, you came out of the shower, only to overhear you father whispering over and over again to keep you safe inside the house or he will come and take me away. You didn't know who "he" was, but you weren't able to find out because your father caught you eavesdropping and scolded you, before motioning you to sit by his side again. The day he died, he was very affectionate towards you, just like he used to be before. He held your hand the entire time and had a small smile on his face, whispering how you've grown into a beautiful child, how proud he is of you. Kept on repeating how you're his child, and you think that he knew that you knew you were adopted, but you still pretended to be ignorant. By the end of the day, Tanjuro was surrounded by his whole family. He told them that he won't be with them anymore, and he began giving them all advises. And when he came to you, all he said was:
"Family. This is you family, now and forever." And then his hand stopped petting your head and just as his world faded to black, so did yours.
For a few days, you had been in a coma and your family's paranoia over you only grew more. Perhaps it was the emotional trauma that made you sick, or perhaps you'd caught whatever had made your father sick, but you felt like your body had changed when you woke up. Your senses had heightened and you felt this weird energy inside of you.
Your family became even more paranoid over you, and you honestly think if your mother wasn't so concerned for your safety, your siblings would ease up a little too. Tanjiro suddenly became the man of the house, and he, much like your father, had forbidden you from ever leaving the house unless he takes you with him. Even Nezuko had changed. Instead of talking sense into Tanjiro, she instead tried to take your mind off the topic by distracting you with other stuff. It got to the point where you decided to just sneak out to the woods for just a small walk through the cold night. Only that brisk moment of relaxation turned into a terrible night as you were suddenly tackled to the ground by Tanjiro. You looked at him and you had never seen him so angry, so furious. Tanjiro dragged you back towards the house, not listening to you begging him to slow down.
When you guys reached home, your family stood there waiting for you, your mother and Nezuko had tears flowing down their eyes and your siblings looked worried. Tanjiro began yelling at you, asking why would you try to run away from your family. He didn't believe you when you said that you were just taking a walk outside, and your mother then began crying and sobbing, asking if you hate them so much that you'd endanger yourself like that, making you feel guilty. But before you could defend yourself, Tanjiro pulled you up and took you to your room and locked you in there, telling you that you won't leave the room until he could trust you again.
You thought it would only be for a day or two. But the confinement actually ended up on going for months, and while your family did try to cheer you up when they'd come in your room, they still refused to let you out of the room except for going to the bathroom. But Tanjiro still seemed to be mad at you, refusing to even visit you or talk to you (or so you thought. He came to check on you whenever you were asleep.)
Then one day, you were woken up to screaming. It was your family. You yelled for them through the locked door, banging and asking whats happening. The longer you heard them scream, the more scared you became for them. Perhaps it was the adrenaline rush, but you suddenly rammed your shoulder against the door and were able to break it down. Running down the stairs, your heart dropped when you saw the sight in front of you.
Your family lying in a pool of their own blood. Your mother, Takeo, Hanako, Shigeru, Rokuta-
Nezuko. Where's Nezuko?
You ran outside and that's when you saw her. Your sister being strangled by a man.
Without hesitation, you charged at the man and tried to punch him, but he caught your hand.
"You dare to hit me-" You cut him off with a surprising kick to his chest, making him stumble back and off Nezuko. Giving a quick glance back to check if Nezuko was breathing, unconscious, but breathing.
Then, you turned back at the man, only to be thrown against the three. Coughing up blood, you glared at the man. He tutted as he walked towards you while you struggled to breathe.
"So much hate in those eyes." He said, drawing up his claws. "Don't you know a to bow to a king when you see one?"
"No." You spit blood at his clothes. "But I know a bitch when I see one."
His red eyes lit up with fury as he slapped you across the face, his nails scratching your cheek and drawing blood. "Disrespectful brat." He began choking you. "I was gonna give you a painless death but-" He suddenly stopped as he looked at you, nose sniffing the air.
You were still recovering from the blow he'd landed on you to stop him when he swiped the blood off your cheek with his finger and sniffed it, before licking it.
"What the fu-"
You stopped mid sentence when he suddenly smiled- not in a mocking way, but a soft smile.
"I'm sorry." He said, and he almost sounded like he meant it. You could only watch in confusion as he pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped your cheek. "I hit you way too hard, hm? Daddy's sorry." He said as he checked your cheek but you smacked his hand away and glared. "What the hell are you talking about, you freak?"
But his smile never faltered. He grabbed your chin gently yet firmly enough that you couldn't pull away. "I know we fought, but that's still no way to talk to your father."
Your eyes widened. "N-no- no..." you whispered, shaking your head.
But he only nodded. "Yes. Sorry, it took so long to find you, darling." He extended his hand towards you. "Now come on. Its time to go home."
You scoffed at him. "I don't know who the hell you think you are, but you must be stupid to think I'd go anywhere with you." You said, trying to distract him while you discretely grabbed a stone to hit him.
But he saw it. "Don't do that-" You threw the rock at him, but he was able to dodge it with ease.
"I didn't want to do this the hard way." He sighed, and then in a blink, he was right in front of you. You flinched and backed away. How the hell did he move so fast?
The man grabbed your hand and yanked you towards him. "Don't be moody, we're going home, sweetie. Now, go to sleep."
Thats all he had to say before your world faded to black and you fell into his arms, the last thing you heard was him laughing.
Once Tanjiro returned, his whole world turned upside down when he had to bury his family and cope with the fact that Nezuko had turned into a demon and you had been taking to god knows where by the murderer.
So now, with his training and her demonic powers combined, the older Kamado siblings are now on the hunt for their younger sister and the demon king.
Tumblr media
Now that I've laid down the background, you guys can ask for scenarios and asks <3
I personally think Muzan is gonna be a very... loving father. Annoying and suffocating, but loving. What do you guys think?
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Uuhhh, yan tengen with a darling that likes to crawl into his lap and fall asleep whenever he’s home. Stock syndrome already set in for darling to be this cuddly. Plz and Thxs
You can call this Fluffy or Human Experiment. I want to know how much a fluffy Uzui Simp can take up with without having a heart attack.
I hope you like this.
Yandere Uzui Tengen
Tumblr media
At first, Uzui would be really skeptical.
He would think at first that this would just be the way you try to escape.
But Uzui doesn’t mind when you run to hug him as soon as he gets back home.
Uzui just strokes your hair and hugs you.
It’s a really safe feeling when his muscular arms are wrapped around you.
It can last for about a moment or many hours.
Uzui is also pleasantly surprised when you want to sleep in his arms.
He will stroke your hair and give you kisses on your forehead until you fall asleep.
He thinks you are invaluable.
Uzui is not going to sleep with you at the same time.
He wants to watch you for a moment so he can remember that moment forever.
The mornings are also really relaxing.
Uzui wakes you up with long and passionate kisses.
He usually wakes you up early so you can hug together for many hours.
And when this behavior starts to recur often, Uzui is really happy.
You finally understand what you really feel.
Uzui wants to spend more time at home with you.
He wants to make up for every second lost.
This man is really soft if you are soft to him.
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lesfleur · 11 days ago
tengen ngen tengen uzui suizi usizi tengen man
Tumblr media
For a man who claims your safety to hold priority over his own, Uzui Tengen is cruelly uncaring when it comes to your autonomy.
It is not to say Uzui is rough with you, per se, (the aching bruises laid upon your hips and forearms say otherwise) but his sheer, encapsulating greed and deluded adoration for you outweighs any and all respect the Sound Hashira may once have harbored.
At the very least, Tengen has enough wit and control to save himself from shattering something as frail as you. You, who can hardly handle an unchaperoned trip outside without throwing a tantrum, kicking and wailing like a riled-up tabby cat until Tengen’s patience is stretched thin enough to snap.
In those instances, as rare as they are, you can’t really be blamed, not for trying to get away from him. Not when he looks at you like that.
Perhaps you have been temporarily spared from his fury, if not only by the grace of Hina, Makio, and Suma. Their uncertainty and apprehension (and passive aggression, at the least, from Makio) around you was apparent, but it hardly mattered. His three treasured girls were the only voice of reason to his delusion, his overtly protective nature.
After all, they were privy to it. Tengen had a tendency to keep constant surveillance of his surroundings when with them, even if he were to be surrounded by acres upon acres of Wisteria Flower. You often note how his large hands encompass the small of their backs so as to not let them get too far, as he does with you.
You were grateful for the trio, but often needed the reminder that not one of them is on your side.
Only from their persuasion would you receive a moments rest, if that. In Tengen’s eyes, you were terribly irrational and soft little thing, hardly ever voicing a significant opinion, much less anything he wants to hear. Seldom do you actually bother with a verbal response to his attempts at simple conversation.
Naturally, a line has to be drawn between the relationship the three wives have with their Lord, and yours.
Some days, like today, you question if these women ever feel the need to grow quiet as you do, when he walks in the room. Has he wronged them, as he has with you? What injustices are they faced with, what rights of theirs have been stripped away? How much resentment do they allow themselves to embrace?
Faintly, from down the hallway, you hear their collective footsteps as they flock to greet their beloved, activities no doubt abandoned in favor of showering him with attention.
You had some hope that he would be in a pleasant mood today. You had been rather… testy, lately, to say the very least; Tengen didn’t like to soil his mood by putting up with your snark and snide comments.
Hearing their chatter abruptly stop from your position near the sliding door, where you had been reading and lolling about, a frown settles on your lips.
You needn’t listen to know he was coming. He was a presence to be felt, a man standing as tall as he is, a man so muscular. The house nearly shakes as he stomps towards your meager lodgings.
The floral print of the paper door once sheltering you nearly crumples from the force Tengen used to open it, and you frown as a piece of the wood splinters from his aggression.
Dull ruby eyes trace over your form, your captor squinting at the hand you have braced against the floor, frowning when he takes notice of the defensive fist you clench to your hammering rib cage.
His stance and tone further alert you to his tension, and though you feel no sympathy for his tribulation, you fear the encounter soon to come.
Tengen Uzui is bigger, better, stronger. You’re never opposed to using your voice in retaliation to your captivity, his advances; but in physical comparison (and virtually all other aspects), Tengen overpowers you. Regardless of your skill and past experience in slaying demons, which he has witnessed in the period of time in which you were free, this man was a pillar within the corps.
Revered and feared, no matter how much of an outrageous personality.
Stalking towards you, the tatami creaking from beneath his imposing weight, Tengen crouches down before lifting a calloused hand to caress the top of your head. Gently, it smoothed over your scalp, before finally resting to the nape of your neck. You grow stiff, devoid of all movement and expression.
Really, was no point exhausting what little energy you had in his presence.
His hand rests there for a long while. It’s hot, uncomfortably so. You want nothing more than to shrug him off of you, but you know better by now.
Irritating Tengen on what was no doubt a difficult few days at work was as idiotic as attempted escape.
Crossing his large legs and successfully caging you into the corner of the wall and the door, he seeks out eye contact. You furrow your brows, head shifting in his steady grasp, and train your gaze to the floor.
Tracing the straight divots of the tatami with your eyes, you try to count the tears in the flooring.
Tengen has a tendency to stomp and kick, when things don’t go his way.
“Look at me.”
The floor will surely become tattered, if he keeps that up.
“…Look at me.”
At least it isn’t you.
When his voice tapers off, lower now, you know he has lost any and all patience he might have had.The hand at your nape tightens its grip, albeit marginally.
His frown remains, a bit deeper now, when you glance at him from beneath your lashes. Tengen says nothing, merely lowering his head to get eye-level with you, his other hand raised to toss a stray hair out of your eye. He says nothing.
You stew in this silence, uncomfortably rigid, a deep irritation bubbling within you.
Usually, he would have found his desired outlet by now, taking what he wanted from you before beginning his incessant coddling, but Tengen remains unmoving. Today, for whatever reason, he is hesitant.
Falling from your face in favor of encircling your waist, covered by a rather plain-looking kimono, Tengen’s hand clutches what it holds. You’re sure to bruise. His large palm slips downwards to rub soothing circles into your upper back- though, you have a feeling he may be in need of the comfort he so readily provides you.
Catching the eye of Makio through the door, your eyes widen at her characteristically bitter expression contorted into one of remorse and utter compassion for the man currently engulfing you in his large arms. He squeezes you once and does not relieve you of the pressure.
…This past excursion must have been particularly rough, then.
With her eyes she implores you, begs you to offer any comfort that they, Tengen’s equal, somehow cannot.
Staring at her, your reluctance dissipates upon pondering her silent requests for a moment longer. Makio seldom shows an inkling of compassion or acknowledgement towards you. You know she regards you as weak, incompetent, but for her to ask this if you, you must be valued by her in some regard.
When your eyes flicker back to him for a moment, Tengen’s head presses into the crook of your neck. Your gaze returns to the doorway, seeking out further encouragement from Makio. She seems to have left the two of you to your own devices, you to his every whim.
Perhaps, if you willingly provided for the hulking man with what he wanted, needed, you would be rewarded in kind. And not by what he saw fit for you, what you truly wanted.
You lift a gentle hand to trace a small, almost unnoticeable circle to his shoulder blade, and feel the sharpness of his inhale against your neck. His hold grows tighter, and the large gold rings surrounding his biceps brush up against your rib cage coldly.
He smiles into the skin of your neck, his whole body notably shuddering at the foreign feeling of your gentle caress.
Maybe Makio will further extend the olive branch, if the Tengen of today takes kindly to your reluctant comforts.
“Look at how good you’re being for me.”
Maybe he’ll let you have another chance at going outside.
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yaecare · 27 days ago
ೃ༄ types of yandere
ೃ༄ pairing : multi character x gn!reader
ೃ༄ prompt : the truth on their love for you
ೃ༄ cw/tw : yandere, manipulation
Tumblr media
they still don’t believe they share the same world as you. you breathe the same air as them, look at the same sky as them. you share so much with sure a corrupted person. you deserve much better than something they’re given. they just want the best for you. they’re dangerous, horrible, tainted by the evil that fills this world. they’re hurt. they could never let the darkness extract the same fate upon your purity as theirs. yet, it’s so hard to keep their feelings at bay, hidden away from you. maybe it’s best if they’re the one to corrupt you.
eula, giyuu, xiao, ei, itachi, obanai, gaara, kaeya, shinobu
your happiness and safety is the only thing keeping them going. it’s their one wish. it’s what they pray and work for. you’re their one and only. they love you so much it’s suffocating. since they love you so much, you should only love them equally. you want them to be happy too. you want them to be yours just as much as they want you to be theirs. just make them happy. please just love them. it’s the only thing they ask of you. besides, don’t they deserve it after all their sacrifices?
kazuha, thoma, mitsuri, kyojuro, yoimiya, itto, naruto, venti, tanjiro, zenitsu, genya, hinata, kiba, lee, sakura, gorou
they want to demonstrate their power over you. as you can see, they’re stronger than you, faster than you, smarter than you. everything you lack, they’re drowning in it. you need them. without their care, you would’ve been dead. no one would’ve cared about you. your only use is to be theirs. listen to them, be with them, even love them, that’s all they want. in return, you get your sorry excuse of a life.
kakashi, shikamaru, neji, sasuke, sasori, tartaglia, zhongli, diluc, tengen, inosuke, sanemi, deidara, muzan, akaza, douma, daki, gyutaro, hidan, kakuzu
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misslili265 · 2 months ago
Could you do some over protective (almost obsessive) Rengoku x clueless quiet reader?
Hey darling, sure I can do, I hope you like this one. I believe this can be a soft yandere...(Guys, again... My native language it's Portuguese)
Kyojuro X Clueless quiet reader
Soft Yandere
Tumblr media
Rengoku delivered the blow that saved your life.  You had your arms covering your face, waiting for certain death, until the pillar of flames appeared and cut off the oni's head, in front of your eyes. 
When you saw that you survived, you were able to catch back your lost breath, and thanked the brave warrior. 
You, after the shocking episode, even though you were very shy, thought that the least you could do is bring him to come into your residence and have a cup of tea.  Kyojuro was ok, but that was a lot of information for you.  You are silently pouring tea into both cups. 
Kyojuro observes how you're still shaking a little, and in his carefully observation he realizes even more about you, that your features are exactly something he could admire for the rest of his life, Rengoku's fiery eyes roam all over your beautiful forms, he watches your hair , arms, your way. 
In your timid deed of thanks, you like an evil witch, bewitch the gentleman before you.  Kyojuro had no way to defend himself from your charms.  And everything has a price y/n, whether you know it or not.  You sit and are sipping your tea from a distance, realizing that you are not of many words, Kyojuro doesn't mind, actually being the opposite of him, the pillar of flames is free to talk as much as he wants.  After a few important questions he widens his eyes.  Without family?  Kyojuro understood the reason for being there, his fate, he was designated to be your protector.  While for you it was a time to show being kind to someone who saved your life.  He said goodbye to you with a warm smile.  You retired to try to get a good night's sleep, at least try after the scare. 
Despite not knowing, Kyojuro spent most of the time he had to watch over your house.  And realizing that you were in no danger he withdrew.  But the disquieting thoughts of the pillar of flames did not leave his presence.  You, your delicacy, everything you were was haunting Rengoku's mind.  As the days go by, you "coincidentally" see your Savior in the surroundings.  Do you need supplies?  When you go to the market, he waves at you.  And it looks like the man who saved you is responsible for the entire area.  Your thoughts are.  "There must be several of those monsters around here, as this man has been watching everything since that day." 
Today, you went out in the early evening for a meeting with your friends, you are fragrant and well groomed.  When changing steps you are faced with a flaming gaze.  "- Hi y/n, how have you been?" 
You are intrigued and respond with a polite "hi".
With a serious expression Kyojuro said.  "- I'll escort you on your way, just yesterday I had to kill another oni that was around here. Do you think it's a good idea to go out at night?" 
You're looking into Kyojuro's determined eyes, and you don't have a right answer.  Without asking if he could or not, Kyojuro just do what he said, he escorts you.
  You are embarrassed, and not understanding whether such care is needed.  Rather, "he killed a monster yesterday, didn't he?" 
You are then still silent, offering no resistance.  You were just wondering what it would be like to arrive at an intimate meeting with your friends, with a man with a sword on his hip.  Upon arrival, your friends didn't seem to mind Kyojuro's presence.  Unlike you, your friends knew right away that he was on his knees for you.  Kyojuro was not rude to your friends, but made sure to show why he was with you.  Kyojuro's body language said he was your protector.  Always around as if forming a barrier against anyone, if necessary smoothing the sword hilt to show how far he would go for you.  You say goodbye to your friends, and Kyojuro takes you home.  Upon arriving at your door he utters a firm sentence.  "- Y/n, don't go out anymore at night, please. I might not be able to escort you at some point, and we don't want something bad to happen, do we?"
  You realize that it was crossing a line, you are silently trying to process everything, and Kyojuro, realizing your discomfort, softens the words with gestures.  He approaches, and softly tucking some of your hair with his fingers behind your ear he says.  "- You understand that I'm trying to protect you, don't you dear?"  You nod your head. 
In the days that follow, being alone begins to become a distant reality.  Your new "friend" Kyojuro is always present.  He opens the door to your home "announcing" his arrival, often bringing you gifts and pampering you in many ways.  Questions are constant.  Where have you been, with whom, where?  But you know it isn't, that it's all part of the Pillar of Flame's generosity in protecting you, such a helpless creature?  You were convincing yourself that Kyojuro's "kindness" was out of fear that something bad would happen to you, or anyone else in the area where you live.
But you understood your new reality, when you came out of your bath wrapped in your towel, and heard a voice scolding you from your room window, before you even left to put on your robes.  "- Y/n, close this window , someone may see you naked. Please be more discerning."  Kyojuro speaks, shaking his head in disapproval.
  You are shocked, your eyes can not believe it, and if before you were unaware of Kyojuro's behavior, now you understand that he's gonna be with you in all your moments, whether you like it or not.  After all... He has to fulfill his duty of being your designated protector...
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cozymoko · a month ago
How would yanderes Tanjiro, Naruto and Itachi (Separate) react to reader wearing someone else’s scarf? Male if possible since I just got to get me some drama lol
⛩️ With a keen sense of smell such as his, he picks up on your new gift rather soon. The smell was far from pleasant while it remained foreign, even to his heightened senses. As he could not help but scrunch his nose is disgust. Nonetheless, he did his best not to meddle, question your choices yet he simply could not.
⛩️ After some time, This is something Tanjiro won't hold his tongue about. Having to inhale such a godforsaken smell is simply too much to ask for. With that vexing feeling of envy doing little to aid the slayer. Therefore, he takes matters into his own hands. "I hate to ask this of you..B-but can you please take that scarf off?!"
Tumblr media
🍜 The upcoming Hokage is a particularly absentminded individual, However, he notices your fluffy accessory rather quickly. He's curious to say the least, he truly thinks nothing of it at first. "{Name} is that a new scarf?! Where'd ya' get it?" Doing what the shinobi does best, presenting you a plentiful of inquiries. Though his enthusiasm was cut short.
🍜 Wishes you to do away with the useless item, declaring that he could give you something far more valuable. Well, or at least he'd try. If you reject his offer then don't be surprised when it magically slips from your grasp! No matter if you know it's his doing he'd never admit. This gift of yours is as good as gone dear.
Tumblr media
🍡 Itachi does not see you frequently, wrapped up in his work with the Akatukis it's understandable. Although he does take note of your appearance whenever he gets the chance. Complimenting you each and every time he greet you, but today it was different. Seeing you all wrapped up in a peculiar piece of cloth that wasn't quite your style, stained with a rather masculine scent that contrasted with your own.
🍡 Itachi would rather have you dispose of it than anything. Instead gifting you with a much nicer one as an exchange. A scarf much warmer, lovelier, that would compliment your appearance rather than the "dingy" one you were currently wearing. Jealous, perhaps you could call it that but the Uchiha would disagree. After all, how could he ever allow you to wear another man's gift in his presence?
Tumblr media
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moonstruck-rk · 4 months ago
Worst of Two Worlds 1
Don’t post, copy, rewrite or translate in any platforms.
Warning: This content could be explicit sexual situations, depictions of violence or abuse, or other ‘adult’ content not intended for younger readers (MINORS DNI). Some readers may find the following content disturbing. Reader’s discretion is advised.
Summary: Born as a normal human fond of watching anime and manga with an awful life you always wonder, what will you do if you get isekai to your favorite anime? What if you got your wish come true but with bonus and problem? You don’t only get isekai to your one anime world but two?
Platonic Yandere!Father Muzan x Daughter!reader, Yandere! Gojo x fem! reader
tw: yandere, manipulation 
Word Count: 2734
AN: English is not my first language, please excuse my mistakes
Tumblr media
“I’m wondering how did you get inside my mirror,” Satoru said while playing with you on the other side of the mirror.
Your daily life is consists of playing with Satoru on the other side of the mirror, spending time with your father, and being adored by the upper ranks.
His question made you sigh deeply. You don’t have an answer to his question and what’s worst was your knowledge about Demon Slayer's Universe is different to the world you’re in. Now, you’re sure that Jujutsu Kaisen’s universe is also different from what you remember.
When Satoru noticed your mood changed, he changed the topic and talked about toys and the sorcerers. Sorcerers seem to impress you. Satoru noted that. He wants you to find him interesting, so you will always play with him.
The next day, Satoru told you about the King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna. He thought that the story about that mighty cursed spirit will make you happy, but he was wrong.
You explained that your father, Muzan Kibutsuji, is a demon lord, and he came from the same era as Sukuna. The so-called King of Curses was defeated by jujutsu sorcerers while your father won his battle against the demon slayers. Clearly, your father is stronger than Sukuna.
Muzan was spying on you through the slightly opened door. He was happy how you bragged about him to your imaginary friend.
“YN,” your father slowly walked towards you and pat your head, “let’s go, time to study”.
“Let’s play again later,” you told Satoru, who was looking up at Muzan.
Your father carry you and it surprised him to see a white-haired boy in the mirror. While you’re busy writing and reading the books your father gave to you. He summoned the upper ranks to ask about your imaginary friend.
All of them confirmed they saw you talking to yourself in front of the mirror, but none of them saw the white-haired boy. Muzan kept silence about what he saw and monitor the mirror. He kept on showing up whenever you talk to the mirror, but he never saw the white-haired boy again.
The demon lord ignored the white-haired boy because it could just be his imagination. Your father kept your time with the mirror to the minimum and made you busy with studying at your young age. Kokushibo became your teacher for swords. Akaza is your teacher of martial arts. Your father hired the best teachers to teach you everything from Science, foreign languages, etiquette, math, and the long list goes on. There are subjects you really enjoyed and ace it with no problem. There are also subjects that you struggle. Muzan didn’t see it as your problem. If his daughter is having a problem with learning a subject, then the issue is the teacher.
Being Muzan’s daughter means you’re perfect, just like your father. There is no way his daughter will not understand a simple math problem. Your teacher is simply not competent for the job. If your teacher gets fired by the demon lord, it means they are going to be food for the demons along with their family.
Muzan never trusted you to be alone with both demons and humans. You always have one of the upper rank demons to be your guard. The demon lord couldn’t explain it to you yet, but you already have an idea why he never let you be alone. Demons might eat you because you’re Muzan’s daughter. They might think that they can get stronger if they consume you. Humans, well, they have many reasons to kill you.
Whenever you came back to your room, Satoru was there waiting for you. He noticed how tired you were, and he knew your father was not treating you well. Despite being tired, you always try to make time to talk to Satoru. You will fall asleep in front of the mirror and Satoru will do the same.
He changed his routine for you. Every night, he will prepare a book to read to help you sleep. Once you’re sleeping, he will watch you while he can before sleeping besides the mirror. Satoru also got busy with his life, but he tried hard to make time for you. He never forgets his goal, and that’s saving you from your father.
Satoru knows you never consumed humans or their blood. You just eat what a normal human will eat. He needs to save you from those demons, but he is not stupid not to realize how strong your father is. Muzan successfully eradicate his enemies, something Sukuna failed to do. Going to your world means suicide, so he will summon you to his world. Everything will be perfect. You know nothing about his world; you don’t know anyone, and you only have him. Of course, you will rely on him he is your fiancee after all. Satoru will never forget the day you agreed to marry him when you grow up.
You grow up to be a beautiful woman that both races love and hate. All the upper rank demons were protective towards you. They respect and feared Muzan, but you have all of them wrapped around your little fingers.
Doma will eat any human who dares to compare themselves to your beauty. Daki will destroy their face first before devouring those humans. Akaza and Kokushibo are proud of your skills. But no one can match your father’s love.
Muzan accepted you as half-human and half-demon. He never forces you to drink blood. The demon lord hired chefs to cook your food. He always makes sure that you only have the best. From premium meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and teas. As his daughter, you have hundreds of shoes, clothes made from the finest materials, and jewelry.
Muzan now reigns over Japan and all the countries feared him. They always follow his orders and his opinions matters. Once, a country tried to go against Muzan and he show to the world leaders how powerful he is. He didn’t kill the world leader, but took his family and feed it to his demons. Muzan forced the citizens of that country to turn their back to their stupid leader if they want to be saved, which they did. The demon lord feeds the man to his demons and lets the world leaders to watch it. It’s a cruel reminder for everyone who has the genuine power.
Japan was the host of the world meeting and you’re preparing for the dinner party. Since most of the guests for the party are humans, the only demons allowed to join the party will be your father, you, and the upper rank demons. Of course, no demon will go against Muzan. The demons are perfect guard to protect the world leaders against any assassin or terrorist, plus they can eat those criminals.
You’re dancing in front of the mirror when Satoru came to his room. He took out his phone to take a picture, but it disappointed him to see himself in the picture. All he can do is to memorize how you look and bury it in his mind and heart.
“Are you going somewhere?” Satoru greeted you to the other side of the mirror.
“Tonight is the end of the world leader’s summit and we are having a dinner party,” you explained to him “if you’re just here, you’ll probably my date for tonight”.
Satoru’s eyes widened “wait! Who’s your date?”
“Dad, who else? As if he will let me date anyone,” you chuckled, “how do I look?”
“Not ugly as usual,” he replied while looking at you.
Akaza called you from the other side of the door to inform you that your father is looking for you. You bid your farewell to Satoru before leaving. He was frustrated because he couldn’t be with you. It’s only the mirror that connects him to you, and it’s not enough. Now that he is studying at Jujutsu high he might find a way to bring you to his world.
Your father always requires you to be beside him after the dinner party. He was always protective towards you, but it leveled up this time. You didn’t dare to ask his reason, because it scared you to make him mad.
Muzan has his reasons to be paranoid about your safety. He overheard the sons of some world leaders taking interest in you; he knows that there will be a day that you will gain feelings towards someone and he couldn’t allow that. You’re his daughter and he will let no man take you. He can’t trust any man. They will only hurt his princess and what’s worst is they are going to use you against him. His other reason was your mother escaped from prison and he’s worried that you will find out the truth.
Satoru had a long tiring day at school, but he instantly forgot everything when he saw you combing your hair in front of the mirror. He wants to surprise you, but he stopped when he saw a woman standing behind you.
You saw the woman and turned around to look at her “I can’t believe that demon let you live,” she scoffed while looking at you.
“Excuse me?” you looked at her for a while.
“Do you know that your father raped me because he wants to punish my father for leading the rebellion against demons? You’re the result of his crime, you’re truly a demon’s child.” She cupped your face hard “I heard your father loves you so much. I bet he will be sad when you die”.
Muzan was fast enough to snatch you away from the woman. Doma took the woman out of your room while your father stayed with you. The woman is mentally ill, and she killed someone before. Even if the woman is telling the truth, you know that your father will decide what will be the truth and lie.
Your mother died after giving birth to you, and that was the truth Muzan wants you to believe. Satoru hated everyone around you. He can see your father’s lies and you had no choice but to accept them. You’re a caged bird, and Satoru will save you.
Satoru became more busy as a jujutsu sorcerer and student at Jujutsu High. He needs to be strong enough to protect you, and to take you away from the demon lord.
You also got busy in your own life. Muzan lets you do whatever you want. The demon lord will give you anything you want just to keep you at his side. Muzan will explain that you cannot fall in love with a human or demon because it will destroy the balance between the two races. It might encourage humans to go on rebellion against demons if you fall for a human. Demons might not follow the rules that your father established if you took a liking to a demon.
There are times you missed Satoru, but you know that he’s already a strong Jujutsu sorcerer. Satoru enjoys watching kids playing in the park. He wished he could play with you in the park when you’re still kids. He will make sure your kids with him can definitely do the things you missed out on doing together. Satoru sees you in every mirror he looked at. He tried to communicate with you using different mirrors, but he failed.
He always looks forward to returning home because he can finally see you through the mirror. Satoru hasn’t talked to you for a long time now and he was worried about you. Things didn’t go as he planned because when he finally got home and went inside his room, he saw a shattered window piece across his room. Satoru noticed a baseball (ball) in his room. It devastated him when he saw his mirror broken. After that day, Satoru can no longer contact you, no matter how hard he tried. He thought of different methods to see you again, but none of them worked.
It has been many years since Satoru lost contact with you, but he remembers you every day, and every time he looks in the mirror. Despite his attitude, he’s longing for you deep inside his heart.
During the baseball match between the students of Kyoto and Tokyo, they suddenly felt an immense cursed energy coming from the forest. Not wasting too much time, everyone, including Satoru, headed to the forest.
“Huh? Akaza! Kokushibo! Doma!” you called for the demons who were just with you seconds ago.
Satoru was the first one to find you “YN?” he couldn’t believe that you’re now in front of him but he didn’t forget about the others.
“Pretend to be my fiancee and don’t act strange,” he whispered in your ear. He warns you right on time before everyone else found you.
“My fiancee missed me so much she went to Kyoto just to be with me, you’re really sweet,” Satoru laughed.
“Fiancee?” everyone asked in surprised.
“We are keeping our relationship a secret for a long time. I think it’s fine to let them know, right darling?” Satoru smiled at you.
“Whatever,” you replied before putting your hands in your pocket. You frowned when you felt something in your pocket and took it out “huh? Why do I have this?”
“Darling, remember you told me you will give that to me,” Satoru chuckled, and open his palm.
You looked at him for a while “there is a technique I just recently mastered. Can I try it for this?”
Principal Gakuganji admits that you have impressive cursed energy, but there is no way you can destroy Sukuna’s finger.
“Sure” Satoru smiled and stepped away from you. The others did the same thing. You took out a sword that your father gave to you and recalled Rengoku’s technique that you took from Akaza’s memory.
You throw Sukuna’s finger up and used Rengoku’s ninth form to destroy the cursed object. Satoru picked up the sliced indestructible finger of Sukuna before it turned into ashes.
“It worked.” You stared at the ashes in Satoru’s hands.
Principal Gakuganji couldn’t believe what he just witnessed “Satoru, why won’t you properly introduce your fiancee to all of us?”
You looked at Satoru who was now smirking at you, “I’m YN Kibutsuji.”
“My fiancee is strong, we are definitely meant for each other,” Satoru bragged.
The principal was about to ask another question but you turned your attention to Satoru “love, I’m tired from my long travel from overseas. I wish to rest for a bit”.
“Of course, love. Please excuse me and my fiancee,” he announced before leaving with you.
Everyone can hear Gojo praising you loudly about how you destroy Sukuna’s finger and how beautiful your technique was. What you did about Sukuna’s finger spread like a wildfire to other sorcerer families. Satoru Gojo, the world’s strongest sorcerer, has a fiancee who can destroy Sukuna’s finger.
“How about we visit Gojo’s fiancee?” Naoya asked, “maybe I can pursue her to be my wife and join our clan instead?”
"I don’t know what happened, but I was just training with Akaza and the others in the forest. I heard someone chanting something and the next thing I know I’m already here,” you told Satoru as you get into his hotel room.
“Don’t worry, I will help you,” he smiled widely.
You stared at him for a while before you slapped his face “what was that for?” he asked in surprised.
“Don’t act like you got hurt. I know my palm never touched your cheek,” you hissed at him “why did you leave saying nothing?”
Satoru sighed and sat beside you before he explain everything. Meanwhile, Doma found the sorcerer who was responsible for your disappearance and bring him to the demon lord.
Muzan wanted to kill the man but he can’t make the same mistake he did thousand of years ago.
“I can’t perform the ritual again,” the man panted after the long hours of torture he received from Muzan “I need to gather all the materials again. The plant I use will only bloom once a year”.
The demon lord screamed in frustration. He ordered the upper rank demons to find the plant that the sorcerer used. Your father couldn’t wait a year, he needs to make sure his princess is safe.
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minkmousesworld · 5 months ago
TW yandere / unhealthy behaviour, dubcon, drug for premature estrus
⌞ᴛʜᴇʏ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ, ʙᴜᴛ⌝
𝔲𝔫𝔦𝔳𝔢𝔯𝔰𝔢: modern au, omegaverse au, yandere au
𝔴𝔞𝔯𝔫𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰: poly relationship, marking, obsessive & possessive behavior, isolation, estrous (heat/rut), drug for premature estrus
⚠ breeding, dubcon (giving; receiving), estrous (heat/rut), penetration (giving)
𝔡𝔞𝔯𝔩𝔦𝔫𝔤(𝔰): ω! Kyojuro Rengoku, ω! Giyuu Tomioka, α! Reader
Tumblr media
They love you, but Giyuu sometimes loves you too much; he tries to be around all the time, clings to you silently and looks like a lost puppy when you are not around. Kyojuro tells you that it's okay, Giyuu is just a very tenacious omega, but when they squeeze you from both sides, you're not sure if it's just their thirst for touch.
They love you, but Kyojuro reacts irritably whenever someone takes up your time for too long. After all, he also needs attention; yes, it may have been only five minutes, but in those five minutes you could have discussed so many things, while now you are doing very strange things. Maybe he should leave you alone?
They love you, but Giyuu tries to leave you at home in any way, just not to communicate with others, and it's hard for you to say "no" to him, because your instincts are screaming for you to take care of your partner; Kyojuro only agrees with Giyuu, offering you more interesting activities, and you, in the end, spend time at home together, in a warm nest with your mates, but you are not sure whether the decision to "stay at home" was your decision.
They love you, but Giyuu whines when you want to go outside; and although Kyojuro reassures him that everything will be fine and he will accompany you, you can't help but feel disappointed. Kyojuro reassures you that Giyuu has just experienced a lot, and he does not want to lose you too, you are the most important person in his life. Kyojuro dutifully accompanies you, and you don't really mind his company, although you send a couple of messages to Giyuu — just to make sure that he is okay.
They love you, but they are against your long conversations with other omegas and betas; if they are not relatives, then they are rivals, and they must be removed in any way until you decide to leave them for others. No one can leave your relationship, even you.
They love you, but Kyojuro begs you to breed him, swearing that he will give you strong puppies when he rides you, and Giyuu kisses you, purring, gently holding your hand. You are not quite sure that you want to have puppies, but your partners definitely want them, and it's hard for you to refuse them, especially when Kyojuro purrs and holds your hands while Giyuu wraps his arms around you and presses you to his chest.
And when you realize that it's still not enough for you, that you are intoxicated by the smells of your partners, although their estrus is still far away, Giyuu timidly smiles at you and allows you to press yourself to the bed while Kyojuro purrs next to you. After all, they would like to have puppies with you.
They love you, but they use their smell to evoke the right emotions in you. And although you understand this perfectly well, you do not resist, because your smell also affects them. And just as they force you to stay alone with them, so you force them to be submissively soft; although none of you are really forced.
You love them, but when they get too out of control, you leave enough bites on their neck and shoulders for them to obey. It doesn't matter if they have started acting up again and trying to control you, or are talking to an unfamiliar alpha, bites will definitely help you tame them and remind you who they belong to.
After all, they are your mates.
Tumblr media
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cielinde · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
yandere! akaza x equally manipulative! fem reader smut (pic creds to @/6tygu on twt) ♡ SECOND PART (HOLOCENE) word count: 10.4k tags/warnings: smut, orgasm denial, overstimulation, creampie, questionable relationship dynamics, emotional and psychological manipulation from both sides, dubious morality, unhealthy views on trauma, horrible mental health, yandere is a warning in itself notes: this isn't actually that dark, just my take on a mean yet protective yandere akaza having a darling who is, for better or for worse, broken but equally manipulative. i felt quite bad writing him in this light, but it was honestly fun! <3 (MINORS DNI, MORE UNDER CUT!)
* ‧ ⨯ . ⁺ ✦ * 𓂂 ꙳
his voice is the whisper of dreams and his touch the feeling of carnations on your fingertips. the air stills in your lungs when he takes one of your breasts into his mouth, hot tongue swirling against your erect bud as his hands caress and explore your body.
his fingers find your slick folds, dragging themselves along your swollen clit before slowly rubbing your throbbing cunt, and you moan softly against his lips when he catches your lips in a kiss, his taste a sharp sweetness that makes you hesitantly crave more.
you cling onto him, gasping softly as his fingers finally sink into you, the delicious feeling of your cunt being stretched out igniting hidden passion within you, but beneath that passion lays another sentiment that burns brighter. bloodlust, and the need for revenge.
you want to tear the murderer of your family into pieces. you want to see that demon suffer, his godless blood on you as you tear him apart with your hands, piece by bloody piece until he is no more.
you thirst for vengeance.
“akaza…” you whisper, gently running your fingers through his thick hair, and your thighs twitch when he looks at you, gaze heated and eyes full of lust.
“let me please you,” you say softly, and you feel him smile against the crook of your neck where he places an open-mouthed kiss to your tender flesh.
“let me please you first,” he says, and you let out a shuddering sigh as he starts pumping his fingers inside you in long strokes, tweaking your nipple and gently tugging it with his other hand. you close your eyes, tilting your head and granting him better access to your neck as he peppers your skin with more lovebites, something you always had on your person ever since you met him.
you try to keep your moans at bay as he flicks your clit with the rough pad of his thumb while he continues to fingerfuck you, coaxing and welcoming your wetness onto his hand. you feel your control slip away, and as much as you hate it, you suppose it isn’t entirely horrible.
when you grind your hips against his fingers, akaza chuckles against you, your slickness audible in the quiet. his fingers piston into you, scraping your tight, sensitive walls as you dig your nails deeper into his arms, strangled moans escaping you as you grit your teeth, your chest rising and falling much with more heat, and you know you’re close.
he doesn’t seem to like it when you’re holding back, and you know it. so when he grabs your face and forces his fingers inside your mouth, you wince, hesitantly sucking on them before he holds only your lower jaw, thumb pressing heavily on your tongue.
“i much prefer it when i can hear you being a moaning mess,” he clicks his tongue, and your back muscles go rigid as his fingers thrust into you faster and faster with more vigour, brushing and pushing against your sweetest spot that makes your toes curl and thighs clamp tightly around his working hand.
“come,” he says, and he mercilessly torments the spot deep inside you, fucking into you with more speed as you coil and writhe around him, your moans forcefully loud and clear for him to hear as he roughly rubs your clit with his thumb, pressing down onto the sensitive bundle of nerves as you came on his fingers, akaza’s hungry eyes fixated on your trembling form as he enjoys the pretty sounds you make, coupled with the sinful sounds of your wetness, which has now dripped and stained the sheets below you.
he slows his ministrations, letting you ride out your high as you feel the world spin, mindlessly sucking on his fingers that he put into your mouth again. the salt of his skin makes you remember who you are, and what he is, and you resist the urge to break his fingers by biting onto them. you don’t want his blood filling your mouth. you don’t want to become a demon.
“so pretty,” he cooes, and he retracts both his hands from you, licking your juices clean off of them. “you taste sweet, as always,” he smirks.
“you’re filthy,” you say simply, and you feel a warm, distinct bulge press against your inner thigh. you don’t have to look down, you know what it is. you raise a brow, your turn to smirk. “i didn’t take you to be someone who likes being degraded,” you pur. you need control over him.
akaza chuckles, swatting your bare, over-sensitive clit with his spit-wetted fingers, and you cry out softly at it. “if it pleases you to degrade me, then go ahead,” he wipes away the small bit of drool that had puddled on the corner of your mouth.
“what a romantic you are, always seeking to pleasure me,” you force a bored tone, “why don’t i turn you into a moaning mess, too?”
he pauses, and when a smug smirk paints his lips, he holds in an explicable laugh as he stands up, staring down at you, still lying exposed on the futon.
“don’t let it get to your head, my dear,” he says, and turns to leave. “come join me in the bath outside.”
you don’t want to listen to him, but you force yourself to do as he says.
you weren’t always like this. you don’t even consider yourself to be some demon’s whore who obeys his every order and bends to his needs. akaza is…someone you’ve known for a while. it has been about two years since you have been his companion, if you can even call it that. wherever he goes, you follow. he has kept you safe, sheltered, fed, and warm. and you stay with him, never even leaving his side when the sun comes up, giving you countless opportunities to run far away from him, and back into the safety of the demon slayer corps.
ah, the corps.
after your family had been murdered by a demon who masked himself as your older sister’s potential suitor, the corps had welcomed you with open arms. revenge was, and is always on your mind. you trained to become a swordswoman, but because your motoric skills had been dulled from your life of being a noblewoman with no need for much movement, you failed in even changing the colour of your nichirin sword.
and it was one fateful night when you met akaza. you still don’t know why, but he had taken a liking to you. and while you were initially afraid of him, the longer he pursued you the more you thought about it. you had no chance in becoming a swordswoman. and despite receiving education up until the massacre of your family, you were not well-versed in poison like the insect hashira. you stood no chance in having your revenge.
so when a certain upper moon three ‘kidnapped’ you and showered you with unconditional love and devotion, who were you to oppose him? even in the present hour, you do not love him. you don’t think you can ever come to love such a creature whose acquaintance stole your life away from you.
but one way to kill a monster was by having another monster kill it, and you applied the same logic to demons. you willingly met all of akaza’s needs, and it had always been easy. you don’t resist him, you don’t try to fight him aside from the occasional verbal jabs and brattiness, and you give him your full attention, just as he likes. he always likes it when you’re docile and weak for him. you don’t know if that’s a strange fetish he has, but you comply with it.
and you have more brain than brawn. you analyse him, search his mind to study and understand him. you come to know that he undermines creatures he deems as ‘weak.’ he favours the ‘strong,’ and you have watched him chatter with many strong slayers before finally killing them. human-wise, he looks down upon weak human men, but feels the need to protect weak human women such as yourself. you are aware of your physical weakness, and it is something you use to your advantage.
“you’re so cute when you’re lost in thought.”
you blink, snapping back into reality. you feel his arms around you tighten, and you make yourself lean into his touch, resting against the warmth of his torso as he places his chin on the crown of your head, feeling him chuckle softly against you.
“what are you thinking about?” he asks, and for a split second you decide on whether or not you would be playing nice.
“just you,” you shrug, tilting your head up to see him, and he looks down, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
“and what exactly about me?” he smiles, affectionately pinching your cheek.
you hum, “i don’t know. i think your presence is…nice, now that i’ve thought about it,” you bite the inside of your cheek. so you decided to play nice. not exactly, but you meant what you said.
he tilts his head, an amused smile on his face. “so before now, you thought of my presence as unbearable?”
you roll your eyes, “you know that isn’t what i meant,” you smile softly. “i don’t know what i’d do without you,” you ease more into the embrace, finding a strange sense of comfort within him. it’s not the first time you are willingly affectionate to him. you don’t love him. you don’t. he’s just all you have in the world, and you admit that he can be truly sweet sometimes.
akaza chuckles, and you can feel his chest rumble against your back. he pets your head softly, gently, and bring your right hand to his lips, placing a chaste kiss to your knuckles. “really, i wonder what would become of you if you didn’t have me,” he hums, “i’m all you need, y/n. i’ve protected you countless times, haven’t i?” he tilts your chin to see your expression, and you force a sweet smile.
“yes, you have,” you lean in to give him a short kiss, “and for that, i appreciate you.”
“aw, you’re so sweet,” he smiles, and moves a hand lower to squeeze your thigh. you gasp softly, narrowing your eyes at him in suspicion.
“you’re such a good girl, y/n,” he strokes your thigh, gradually lifting the hem of your kimono higher and higher. “you don’t need anything else aside from me, hm?” he kisses your jaw, intertwining his fingers with yours. “i’m strong, so i’ll protect you. i love you,” he lifts you up and turns you around so that you face him, your knees planted on the ground as he presses his forehead against yours, hands tight around your waist as he presses you flush against his body. “and i’ll get even stronger so that i can always keep you safe. i promise,” he continues, and his words bring a genuine smile to your lips.
yes, he’s all you have. and when he becomes stronger, even stronger than the fiend who killed your family, he will bring forth your revenge.
he coddles you. sometimes you find it overbearing, but that’s what you like about him. his love for you makes it easier for you to control him.
control, the very weapon both you and he use to keep the other in line in your own separate ways.
while he has never hurt you physically, and you know he would never leave you over a trivial dispute, akaza controls your very life. you rely on him for everything, even for the most mundane of things. you’re more like an infant that he has to constantly watch over, only you’re intelligent in your own way and have a mind of your own.
“i can’t go out there,” you shake your head, grimacing and hoping he would understand without you having to word it out.
“y/n,” he says, extending a hand out towards you. you flinch, turning away as you hold back a whimper, closing your eyes tightly. true fear encompasses you, and you force yourself to breathe before you’d pass out.
“y/n!” he wraps his arms around your shaking form, and you bite your lip, trying to keep your tears at bay. it’s over, you tell yourself. it was five years ago. you have akaza.
“i’m okay,” you say softly, mind snapping back into your usual gear. you should not cower in fear. there is no such thing as trauma. you should not feel trauma. fear is a killer of man. you should stop associating the night of your family’s death with the very things that trigger you so. get over it, y/n, you tell yourself.
but…you could use your fear to fuel akaza’s already immense care for you.
“i’m-i’m scared,” you let out a shaky sigh, your act on the stage. you aren’t scared anymore, you’ve composed yourself in a matter of seconds, but you need to be convincing for your final plan to take place in the near future. the path to a successful goal is to start building it up for as long as possible before delivering the final blow.
“shh, i’m here,” akaza whispers, shielding you in his hold as he runs his hand through your hair soothingly, gently patting your back as he kisses your head softly. “what’s wrong, my love?”
you look up at him with unforced teary eyes, clutching onto his haori as though your life depended on it. “nothing, it’s alright,” you mumble, burying your face into his shoulder, still trembling. the winter weather doesn’t require you to fake your act further, you truly are cold. you’re also half-waiting for him to warm you or steal a civilian’s winter cloak for you, innocent person be damned.
“no, it’s not alright,” he cups your cheek with both his hands, concern in his engraved eyes as as he wipes your tears away with such devastating tenderness that you almost wanted to cry true tears of…
of what?
“talk to me, y/n. what’s wrong? are you too cold? is it the ice?” he asks softly, and your eye twitches when he speaks of the latter.
you don’t have to lie or act when you tell him about your fear. “y-yes, it’s the ice,” you sniffle, praying he won’t think of you as childish. you never cared about his opinions on anything. but the thought of someone laughing at your fear scared you, added with the state of your unpreparedness for what to say.
“ice?” akaza blinks stupidly. he looks over at the ice sculptures that line the outskirts of the sleeping city, which he was about to paint red. it is late winter, and the town had most likely hosted an ice-sculpting event, the results displayed proudly for newcomers to see.
“y-yes, the ice,” you swallow thickly, still refusing to look at them. you don’t have a strange fear of ice, but you fear the lotus and flower-shaped sculptures. they remind you too much of the horrific night.
“what’s wrong with the ice?” akaza asks, and when you scowl at his question, he softens. “y/n, i’m sorry. i did not know seeing it would upset you. you aren’t obligated to tell me anything, but if it ties to a horrible memory, please know you can trust me,” he smiles gently, and you look at him, slowly becoming calmer.
“good girl, you’re okay,” he nods, petting your head. “i’m here for you. i always will be. nothing bad will ever happen to you ever again,” he says in a more serious tone, “i swear on my life. you may be weak, but with me, you will not be harmed,” he kisses away a lone uncontrolled tear that rolls down your cheek. “i love you, y/n, and i will wait however long it takes to hear it from your lips, too,” he pulls you into a tight embrace, and with your face pressed against his haori, unbeknownst to him, you smile softly.
your control is slipping. you can barely grasp it with your fingers. like a runaway hairpiece caught by the wind, it slips through your fingers and flies in a direction unknown to you. you should have known he was manipulating you, belittling you with all his sweet words of protecting you and speaking of you as if you are nothing more than a helpless baby bird.
your eyes widen in horror as you realise that perhaps, you truly are as helpless as a baby bird. who dresses you and bathes you? him. who brings you food and feeds you? him. who wards off other demons and even the tiniest of insects from you? him.
you shake your head. no. no, no, no.
you aren’t losing control, you simply gave him control in the first place. control to treat you as he wants, to doll you up and shower you with words of love and touch you and bed with you. yes, that’s right. you relinquished control to him. he did not take it from you. you’ve lost nothing. you’re simply letting him do as he please, by your own will, of course. you were raised in a wealthy household, you had servants to do your bidding.
akaza is no higher than a servant to you, no higher than a tool you will use to extract vengeance. the blood of your enemy will be shed, and when that time comes, you will leave. you will leave behind the life you’ve known with him, and you will always have control in every step of the way. you will leave him, not the other way around. he is joyous enough to be graced with your presence. you are above him. so what if you are weak and bend to his word? you have his heart in your hands. that is more power than you could ever have in the world.
the world…
you hear footsteps, and you turn around calmly. of course it is him. as you stand naked, bathing in the moonlit lake, you know he would never let anyone see you in such a state, let alone touch you. when you first willingly ran into his arms, –begging– asking for him to take you away into the night, saying that you will be his and his alone, akaza had hunted down all the male slayers who he had ever seen talk with you.
do you still feel guilt bite away at your being for indirectly causing the deaths of innocents?
you cannot answer such a thought. you refuse to entertain it at all. you’re human after all, and as much as you despise the human ability to have feelings, you simply cannot claw into your brain and discard the piece that holds the very core of the emotions you feel.
you don’t know why, but as the cold waters of the lake bite at your skin, you feel agitated, angry even, that you had let yourself be leashed onto akaza’s attempt at making you feel worthless. in a way, it had worked. you know that without him, you are nothing. as good as dead, even. he is the only one keeping you alive, and you don’t know how to feel about it. you know what you are doing to him, especially what you are about to do to him soon, will be wrong.
you don’t love him. you don’t love him. you don’t love him.
you are lonely.
you have him.
you have nothing.
you have him.
you might feel horrible and hate yourself after you’re done with him.
he loves you.
you don’t care.
do you?
“sit,” you glare at him, and akaza blinks in surprise. you never showed him the true rage hidden within your heart. he knows you as his cute little pet, who may talk back to him at times but will always listen to him no matter what. like a cat who scratches at you only to follow you around.
“i said, sit,” you hiss, clenching your fists underneath the clear water, and akaza smirks.
“where’d this air of assertiveness come from, y/n?” he chuckles, undressing himself and setting his apparent erection free. you draw in a light breath from the sight. no matter how many times you had seen his length, it was no less enticing than the last.
you ignore his teasing question, and walk closer to the edge of the lake, where you can see his cock twitch as you stare up at it. “let me touch you,” you decide to be bold for once, before the very feeling of anger that propelled you would fade.
“how could i say no to you?” he smiles, and sits before you, legs slightly parted. his cock stands tall and hard, and you take a deep breath, unsteadily reaching out and stroking him, from the base of his cock up to his tip. he lets out a pleased sigh, and you rub the head of his cock with the base of your thumb, earning a soft groan from him.
you’re no stranger to what he likes, and he thrusts into your next stroke, matching your rhythm as he braces himself on the ground to keep himself from going rougher. you, however, want him to empty his seed on you, so you steady yourself with your elbows on the ground, and lean in to kiss and lick at his tip, your hands continuing to stroke him and even toy with his balls.
“fuck, y/n,” he moans, grabbing a fistful of your hair. you grunt against his tip, his frenzied nerves feeling the vibration of your voice, and he pushes your head down on his cock, your eyes widening and restraining yourself from gagging as he emptied deep in your mouth, hot seed shooting into your throat as you winced, hands shaking from the feeling of the salty taste of his cum assaulting your taste buds.
akaza releases his grip on your hair, and you pull away, repulsed yet hungry for more of his essence. you had never tasted him before, in the same way he hadn’t yet become one with you in marriage matrimony through penetration. you didn’t know why he hadn’t taken you yet, but you were not about to beg for such things. you knew it would happen if the time would come.
“you taste odd,” you remark plainly, unwilling to give him any more satisfaction for the night. just like all the other seemingly mean things you’ve said to him, it was a lie.
“hm? you seemed to enjoy swallowing it all down, y/n,” he chuckles.
you huff, “and that’s the only time i will.”
“doubt that,” he hums, and plunges himself into the waters.
“you’ll stain the lake with your…” you frown, unsure of what you’re doing. why are you so hostile? you still don’t feel as though your anger has been properly taken out. you don’t feel angry anymore, you just feel the need to dominate and control him.
perhaps that’s how the two of you view each other; you both think the other is a pet and always mentally ruffle them while thinking, “how cute!”
he presses himself to your back, biting your earlobe and giving your cunt a long stroke. you whine in protest, not wanting to lose your cool yet, but when he pinches your clit, rolling the small nub in between his fingers, you let out a loud moan, squeezing your eyes shut as your back arches against him.
“what’s got you so riled up, y/n?” he whispers gruffly against your ear, nibbling on your ear until you’re sure his fangs have pierced your sensitive skin, and you bleed.
you don’t answer, and his fingers nimbly make its way through your folds, forcing its way through your thighs pressed desperately together, and when he strokes the walls of your cunt, even curling it to brush against your sweet spot, words fail you when he splays his other hand over your stomach, applying pressure onto where he was fingerfucking you and pushing your back further against his chest.
as soon as the pleasure starts, it is taken from you just as fast.
akaza chuckles darkly, pulling his hands away from you as you whine softly. you want to rid your negative emotions by burying it under carnal desires. you don’t have to turn to look at him to know that he’s smirking ever so smugly. he wants you to beg, and you know it.
but you don’t, and sit silently as he caresses you with feather-light, teasing touches that he claims as ‘washing you’ although you know he just wants you to give in to him.
the most you do is kiss him, but he always finds a way to leave you an even worse whimpering mess before it happens.
“you’re so cute, y/n.”
he always says that.
even when you’re not doing anything particularly ‘cute.’
you’re weaving a flower crown, albeit quite clumsily. the flowers are mismatched and in no particular order, and it’s hard for you to do so in the dark of the night. your eyes have grown accustomed to the night and sensitive to the light of the sun, but it doesn’t make it any easier when your fingers fumble over the stems of each flower, your nose scrunched in concentration as you try your best to weave it.
after three years with akaza, you notice you’ve become frailer than ever. perhaps it has to do with the lack of intake of minerals from the sunlight, but you don’t try to convince him to let you go under the sun. you need his full, unconditional trust, and you’re willing to let your bones wither away if it means he trusts you.
“it’s for you,” you smile, and place it on his head. you notice the light blush that dusts his cheeks when you settle the crown onto his head, fluffy pink hair complimenting the colourful array of flowers.
“you’re so sweet,” he laughs, and holds your hand gently. “why don’t you teach me how to make one for you?”
you blink in surprise, and you nod. “sure,” you say.
so you teach him how to weave a flower crown. he’s clumsy, even clumsier than you, but it makes you smile. he picks flowers that match your eyes, and you’ve already noticed it. it’s a sweet, subtle gesture, and if not for what he is and what you’re after, you would have loved to marry him.
you frown internally, yet try to keep the smile outside. he shouldn’t know about your thoughts. it would only feed into his obsession with you, and although that would be good to advance your goal and safety, it wouldn’t do much good for your own thoughts. you don’t love him. you really don’t.
as long as you continue to view him as nothing more than a dog who will bark and do your bidding, as well as protect your weak self, you will be alright.
he places the flower crown atop your head, the handicraft a mere walk away from crumbling. it’s bound to break, but his effort makes you blush. he always tries his best with you, and as the flowers sit messily on your head, you smile softly, not daring to touch it. you don’t want it to break. the meaning is there.
“now we’re matching,” he chuckles, and your smile widens. your sister and all the other girls you had as close friends had heard of the flower crown rumour. that if a couple created flower crowns for each other, they were bound to fall in love and bear a fruitful marriage. it was only a difficult task back then because the other boys your age would refuse to partake in the activity, seeing it as ‘too feminine’ or wanting to appear tough, thus the rumour lived on.
and it was just a rumour, you know, but it makes you question yourself.
you should stop.
“akaza,” you say, “there’s a place i want to show you. can you take us there?”
“oh? where to?” he tilts his head. it’s good that he’s interested. of course he’ll take you anywhere in the world you wish to go to, and it pangs at you that your words have a hidden meaning. it will be a while before you’ll have to live with more regrets, so you tell yourself it’s alright to cherish the current times with him.
“it’s tokyo’s seaside. i know there will be merchant ships, but we can avoid that area. i want to show you a place that means alot to me,” you clasp his hand gently, looking up at him with pleading eyes.
he smiles, and kisses your kiss. “anything for you.”
the sea is just as you remember it. akaza loves the mountains and forests, so it hasn’t been since your family’s death that you’ve set foot on the rocky sands, sea foam washing the shore and the ocean breeze brushing past your features. a long way ahead is where the travelling ships are, not merchant ones. that was another lie you told him. just to be safe, you didn’t want to arouse suspicion by taking him to a place where you had another window of opportunity to run away.
this was just preparation for what was to come.
“it’s beautiful,” you whisper, latching yourself onto his arm and smiling in wonder at the sea that stretches through the dark of the horizon. it really is beautiful. you’ve never seen the sea at night.
“not as beautiful as you,” he smiles, and you roll your eyes playfully.
“you’re such a flirt,” you say, but you don’t feel any annoyance or hostility towards him. your guard isn’t up, and you let go of him to walk closer to the sea, planting your feet into the sand and letting the waters wash over you up to your ankles.
“this place…” you start. you put on a frown, brows furrowed slightly as you look solemnly at the small waves coming in rolls over the salty waters. “my family and i always came here every month. my sister and i would play on the beach, collecting seashells and swimming in the shallow sides despite our parents’ protests,” you let out a fond-sounding laugh, shifting your expression to a sad smile. “i’ve missed this place. if she were here, i’d be running through the sand with my sister as we always did. we’d leave our footprints across the shoreline and come home with as many seashells as we could find.”
a part of you despises yourself for lying. it was nothing but a lie. your family only ever visited the sea ports whenever you would embark to other countries, and with your great wealth, you had the opportunity to travel to places nearby such as china, korea, and even russia. an unbearable guilt bit the back of your mind, reminding you that it was wrong to lie about your family’s activities. it was disrespectful to the dead, and disrespectful to their memory, but you push all those thoughts away. you are doing this for the greater good. they will forgive you.
“i’m sorry to hear that, y/n,” akaza walks up to you, and wraps a comforting arm around you. you don’t look at him, genuinely unable to meet his eyes after the terrible lies you sprout, but he most likely sees it as pure sorrow from you.
“i just miss them,” you tearfully say, and it really isn’t a lie. he does comfort you whenever you’re being honestly vulnerable. he never judges you, and always makes you feel better.
“it’s alright,” he says, pulling you closer to him. he holds your hand gently, and embraces you as if you’ll break without him. you really will.
“you have me, don’t you?” he says softly, petting your head. “i know that even though they’re not here anymore, they would want you to be happy and safe. and i’ve kept you safe, haven’t i? i’ll make you happy, too, it’s what your sister would have wanted for you as well. i love you, y/n,” he strokes your hair gently, and you hug him tightly. the beach may mean nothing to you, but the memory of your sister does.
“you do make me happy already,” you whisper, and he kisses the tip of your nose.
“and that’s what i’m here for,” he smiles. “to make you happy. you don’t need anything else. your sister would be happy to know you’re safe with me.”
“yes,” you nod, “she would.”
you know it’s a tactic for him to bring you closer, but you don’t mind.
he brings you to the beach every month, just like you told him your family used to. he collects seashells and stones that matches the colour of your eyes, and even carries you on his back when you tire yourself out from swimming and running on the sand. a part of you thinks he’s doing all that he can to imprint only him into your memory, and nobody else. you don’t need anything or anyone else now that you have him, right?
the flower crowns have wilted away, and you’re ashamed to say you’ve kept it. it’s been months, and the shrivelled ashes of the once blooming flora are kept to rot away in a small piece of cloth that you’ve turned into a makeshift bag. he hasn’t said anything about it, and you think it’s better that way.
you take the opportunities that come from the monthly beach visits to analyse the ships that sail as well as their destinations. it’s difficult because he keeps you occupied, but you soon learn from the sailing ships you see in the distance that most ships are to and from china. all you have to do is read the painted words on each ship, and whatever language it reads, is where its destination is. akaza doesn’t let you go anywhere near the ports, but you’re thankful all you have to do is squint into the darkness to see the lantern-lit ships.
and as you watch a russian ship sail further and further away, you wonder what kinds of people have boarded the vessel, and if any of them are sailing away from japan to start a new life, to turn away from whatever they’ve built on the very island you live on. are any of them runaways? you heard that years ago, sneaking onto a ship was much easier than it is now.
you turn to him, who sits beside you on the sand, dampened from both your wet bodies. you feel cold after the swim, but your teeth don’t chatter, so you keep it to yourself.
“yes?” you ask.
“i’ve been meaning to ask you something,” he hums, and you can feel his eyes focused on you. you keep staring at the ship, slowly fading into the night sky.
“what is it?” you hug your knees to your chest.
“when do you want to become a demon?”
the question makes you freeze. you hate when he asks that. upon first meeting him, he would pester you at every hour to reject your humanity and become a demon. you know you’ll still be weak, and that you’ll have no choice but to feed on human flesh, but that isn’t where the problem lies.
you need to keep your humanity, so that you can leave.
“i don’t know,” you giggle nervously. “i love being with you, akaza, but…i need more time to think,” you smile softly at him. “but you love me even if i’m human, right?” you put on a tone of insecurity. of course you know he does.
“i love you no matter what you are,” he strokes your cheek softly. “and just as how i’ll wait for you to love me, i’ll wait for whenever you’re ready to become a demon. you’re still young, and i would never force you into anything,” he kisses you, and you don’t hesitate in grabbing his shoulder, deepening the kiss with more force. your upper lip scrapes against his sharp fangs, but you don’t mind. you need him to love you. without his love, you’ll wither and die.
he cradles the back of your head, and nibbles on your bottom lip. you trace your fingers along his muscular form, from his chest down to the hem of his pants, teasingly tugging on the hem of the fabric.
you pull away for air, chest slightly heaving. you stare deeply into his eyes. he loves you. your hand ascends to cup his cheek, and your eyes flutter closed when you kiss him softly this time, your lips moulding with his in perfect harmony, and you hold him as close as possible to you. you don’t want to let go of him.
“i adore you,” you whisper against him, and akaza traces your bottom lip with his thumb, pretty pink lashes ever so alluring on him.
“and i’ll wait until that word turns to ‘love,’” he gives a small smile, but before you can see the sadness in those yellow and blue pair eyes of his, his lips are on yours again, and you lust for his taste as your tongues collide.
it’s been nine months after the initial visit to the beach, the day where you established the very setup to your goal. it’s a key component in your plan, and now that you’ve laid your trap, you suppose it’s time to pull the trigger.
akaza has grown strong. he was always strong, but you can very much tell that from the first night you met him compared to how he is now, he’s risen leagues above to achieve the inhuman strength he possesses now. he’s feasted on countless men, many of them from you leading him into areas which you know are full of strong fighters. you’ve done your research and fed him enough food to raise his strength, and you’ve cleared out places with heavy wisteria-concentration just for him to fight potentially strong slayers.
in a way, you’ve killed hundreds of innocents, but you don’t let that deter you. you already know you’re not a good person.
when he’s not showering you with love and affection, or killing slayers, akaza trains himself. it doesn’t take long for you to know he has a deep-rooted psychological obsession for strength. nothing is ever enough for him. and in the same way he makes you think you’re weak, you’ve made him think that he’s strong, but he can always be stronger. you make him push himself to his limits, make him test himself for countless hours as you watch. all in the name of protecting you.
but you’re done waiting around. it’s been almost four years since you’ve been with him. you don’t remember much from the horrific night, but you know your family’s killer is strong. he may be seemingly stronger than akaza, but you’ve fed and trained your pet, and you’ve concluded that he is finally fit to fight in your place.
you would have liked becoming the object of obsession by a demon stronger than the one you despise with all your being, but you’ve become fond of akaza, in a way. he may be a tool, but he isn’t…bad.
he does everything you imply through sweet asks and a simple pleading face or smile, just like an obedient dog. you do the same with what he tells you to do, and it’s a mutualistic relationship, not a parasitic one. you enjoy the conversations with him where you don’t have to lie, and in a way, he’s come to know the real you.
but everything you’ve built up along the years of your long-awaited thirst for blood will end in a matter of hours. your relationship with him will become nothing but a memory only you will carry on, and when you’ve exhausted your allotted time as a mortal on earth, akaza will continue to live on, perhaps for hundreds of years more. as he’s done, he will continue to watch the rise and fall of nations, the gradual evolution of humans, and you will become a part of history, a part of his memories, too.
it will hurt him, but you have to do it.
and you have full confidence that he will succeed. he will kill the very demon that’s plagued your nightmares and source of bitterness. he is strong. and he will do it because he loves you.
the curtains part, and the show must start.
“akaza,” you say softly, a sullen look on your face. sometimes you’ve acted so much that you don’t know whether you truly feel or not. you are aware that the emotions you currently feel are determination, sadness, guilt, and anger. what you choose to display is sadness.
“yes, y/n?” he strokes your hair as you lay beside him. it’s morning, but unlike other humans, you sleep when the sun is up. as a nomad, akaza makes you sleep in different abandoned houses with good quality futons. you don’t think you’ve ever slept in the same house twice.
“i…think it’s time i tell you about my past,” you say softly. it’s time.
he looks surprised, and it’s most likely because you don’t tell him much about yourself. it’s not that you’re a private person, it’s that you planned it all from the beginning. because you tell him so little about your past, he reacts with more interest and care when you do, compared to if you were to indulge your life story. you pride yourself in your cleverness.
he holds your hand, a firm but comforting grip. he looks serious, and is prepared to be attentive to every word you speak. “you can tell me anything, y/n,” he says, and you can hear the sincerity in his voice. it makes you falter for a split second.
“you know how my family was killed by a demon, don’t you?” you whisper.
“yes,” he holds your hand tighter. “is the killer still alive? do you want me to kill them for you?”
everything is going in the right direction.
you sit up slowly, the blankets sliding off your shoulders. you turn to face him, and you take both his hands in yours. you mask yourself with sadness, but determination is slipping through the cracks.
“i feel unsafe knowing he’s out there, akaza,” you choke out a soft sob, real tears.
“he?” akaza raises his voice. he seems angrier. good. you need him passionate enough to act as your assassin.
“y-yes, he,” you stutter, “i know i’m safe with you, but…w-well, i can’t fully rest until i know that fiend is dead,” you tremble, and tears fall freely down your cheeks. “you always protect me, and you’re strong, the strongest one there is. i don’t know how i can ever repay you for all the protection and love you’ve given me, but…” you shake your head, wiping your tears away with unsteady fingers as you put on the look of a modest, mournful girl.
“but?” he looks concerned, pitying even. “y/n, i will always protect you from anything and anyone. nothing will ever take my love away from you,” he peels your hands away from your face, and wipes your tears with his own hands.
“i know,” you sniffle, “and i do feel safe with you. you’re all i have, akaza. but…i have too many nightmares where…he comes back for me. i’m the last surviving member of my family, after all,” a sob racks through your body, and you hate that it isn’t fake. “he scares me, akaza. i am in no position to tell you to rid him off the face of this earth just for me, but…”
“no,” he says, and true anger fills his eyes. “i will kill whatever bastard instils fear in you. i’ll hunt him down and make him suffer. i love you, y/n, and i don’t want you to live with such fears. i will always protect you, and will always be here for you,” he holds your hands tighter, and you can no longer see him through the tears that blur your vision.
“now tell me, my love, who hurt you so?” he’s pleading now, desperate to keep you safe and happy, and the clawing guilt only worsens.
but you cannot stop. you’ve come so far, revenge is so close.
“i-it’s…upper moon two,” you cry, and you don’t miss the stiffening of his muscles as his hands suddenly grow cold, akaza himself freezing as he stares wide-eyed. panic fills your mind, and you wonder if he is scared to face off against the upper moon one rank higher than him. should you do damage control and assure him as a wife would to her husband? should you lure him with physical or sexual affection after you’ve encouraged him?
before you can say something, he speaks first.
“i’ll kill him.”
you gasp audibly. “w-what?” you rasp, genuinely shocked.
“i said i’ll kill him,” akaza says. he is calm, but you can feel the seething anger burning within him. if you hadn’t been plotting revenge for the past six years of your life, anyone would have mistaken him to be far, far angrier than you.
“i’ll kill him, y/n,” he growls, “i’ve always hated that bastard. ever since he’s beaten me in ranks, i’ve wanted to take him down. but knowing he’s caused you pain, and even makes you feel unsafe…” he shakes his head in irritation, “i’m going to kill him tonight. i can abide with being weaker than that scum, but i cannot let him make you live in fear.”
you don’t know what to say. dare you say, for the first time in your life, you have no words. you cannot think of anything to say. for him to be so willing to kill a demon stronger than him makes you truly question if what you are doing is right, as if you hadn’t already indirectly killed people.
but this is akaza you’re talking about, and you are able to set aside your emotions in order to pluck the horrifying weed in the garden full of thoughts.
“what if he absorbs you?” you whisper in horror.
“he will not,” he scoffs. “i’ll crush every single one of his cells. i’ll make him feel the same fear and pain he’s made you feel.”
akaza holds your chin gently, a smile gracing his features. “tonight, i will arrange a blood battle with him. i don’t care about becoming upper moon two, but i must kill him for what he’s done to you. i love you, y/n,” he pecks your lips.
you look at him, scared. “akaza, no,” you whisper. why are you stopping him? your ambitious side screams for you to stop, that every second of your life you’ve dedicated to attaining revenge has succeeded, and that the end justifies the means. if you thought you were losing your grip before, you certainly are now. you’re becoming emotional, and you fear he will die because of you.
“if he absorbs you, what will become of me?” you whimper. that is right, you fear and care only for yourself and yourself alone. you don’t love him. you don’t care about him. should he die to the hands of upper moon two, then so be it. you’ve tried and fought the good fight, but perhaps you weren’t meant to fulfil your goal. you will be alright.
“that will not happen,” akaza says, finality in his tone. “i’ve improved by far, haven’t i? i will see to it that tonight will be the bastard’s last night on earth. to me, you mean the world to me, and much more. i love you, y/n. you know that,” his grip on you loosens, and you know you’ve slipped up by running your mouth about your concerns.
“i know,” you say, this time holding his hand tightly. “i trust you, akaza. i always have. i trust you with my life. you’re all i have. as long as i’m with you, i know i’m safe and that i don’t need anything else. if the world were to end right now, i would only pray to be together with you,” another tear escapes you, and you want to kiss him. why? you’re not sure.
you don’t have to think too hard on whether or not you want him; akaza kisses you fervently, urgency on his lips as he fumbles with your nightwear, quickly tearing it off your body as passion ignites, and you can feel his hard cock rubbing at your now exposed cunt through his pants. he discards his clothes hurriedly, and when he bites onto an already bruised lovebite on your neck from previous activities, you whine, and shamelessly grind yourself against his bare cock for the first time.
he still hasn’t taken you, but the feeling is too much, you don’t know whether emotion is driving you, but you need him closer than ever, even for this last morning you will have with him.
he clicks his tongue, a smirk on his face. “patience, y/n. are you a good girl?”
you nod quickly. “yes,” you say. “i’ll be good.” you don’t beg. not yet, at least.
a soft chuckle escapes his lips, and when he kisses you again, your thighs part for him by nature.
“that’s a good girl,” he cooes, and he makes his way to the valley between your legs. you grasp the bed sheets tightly, preparing for what’s to come. he kisses your thigh, lust evident in his gaze. “let me show you how much you truly mean to me.”
the air is knocked out of your lungs when akaza attached his mouth to your clit, and you involuntarily jerk immediately as you let out a loud mewl, sensitive bud already throbbing from passion.
his tongue laps up the slick that pours out of your cunt, and he then pushes the wet muscles into your soaking heat, his fingers quickly rubbing circles and applying pressure onto your clit. the feeling makes your cunt weep with a more electrified need, and you buck against his face as he coaxes you to the brim of your peak with his skilled tongue. he knows every way to make you come undone, and he groans against your cunt as his tongue slides in and out of your hole, already tight for him.
your skin is flushed and a sheen layer of sweat coats your skin, and when he closes his mouth around your dripping cunt to suck and lap hungrily at your heat is when he has to lock his vacant arm around your thigh, holding you down as you feel the burning pressure in your nether regions threaten to snap. loud gasps and moans escape you as you rush to your climax, rubbing your clit faster and faster. your thighs convulse around him as your hand moves down to tug at his hair, back arching off the futon as you come undone from his tongue, every nerve on your body catching fire as you pant through the aftershocks, looking away at the sight of akaza with your juices staining his mouth and chin.
“you always taste so sweet,” he uses his fingers to swipe your essence off his face, before taking it into his mouth and greedily tasting you.
“you too,” you mumble softly, leaning forwards and steading yourself on your elbows, ready to pleasure him, too.
“ah-ah-ah,” he clicks his tongue, “be a good girl and lay down, y/n.” you give him a confused look, but you do as he says without further question. “close your eyes,” he says, and you do.
you hear him shift his position on the futon, and feel him stretch your cunt wider. you twitch when you feel something poking your clit, and you start to open your eyes but stop when he speaks.
“what did i say, hm?”
you shut them tightly this time, and you can feel both your heart and heat burning. “i’m sorry,” you whimper. “i’ll be good.”
“good girl,” akaza hums, and when you feel a strange warmth prod at your entrance, you gasp loudly. you feel a hot tip place itself between your entrance, and when you feel it sink in and spread your walls, your eyes fly open as you let out a strangled moan, your body instinctively moving away from the intrusion.
“shh, it’s okay,” he says softly. he holds you in place, hands gripping your waist as he continues to sink his cock inside you. his girth and length is ridiculous; you feel so stretched out already and he is barely even inside you!
“this might hurt,” he mumbles, and he digs his fingers into the flesh of your torso as he slams the rest of his cock inside you, and you scream at the sudden move. a stinging pain forms, and you feel your walls clench and accommodate to his sheer size, your mind in a frenzy as he groans at your tightness.
“a-akaza!” you cry out, squirming in his grasp as your heart rams too quickly against your chest. he’s finally taken you. you’re sure it’s because he has a sense that tonight may not end well, but you don’t want to think about the future anymore. you want him, and even if you’re writhing under him as your cunt burns from both pain and pleasure, you’ve never felt as thrilled as you are right now.
“you’re alright,” he says, and loosens his grip, gently rubbing circles on your waist with his thumb. “you’re doing good. you’re taking me so well, only i can make you feel this good hm?” he pulls back out, and rams the entirety of his cock back inside you again. you claw on the sheets, eyes wide and voice echoing on the walls as you feel his very tip kiss the entrance to your womb. how is he so large?
“oh gods, oh gods!” you struggle even more against him as he starts pumping in and out of you with gradual rising speed. he starts becoming rougher, thrusting harder and harder until the pain eventually subsides and only pleasure is left, your screams turning into uncontrolled moans as he fucks into you with full force, your cunt clenching deliciously tight around his cock.
“you’re so pretty, y/n. why don’t you look down, love?” he pants, and you glance down south, watching as his cock disappears between your folds and a small bulge rises and falls with every amplified thrust. you throw your head back, screwing your eyes shut from the sinfully devious sight.
“feels so good…” you whimper, and his heart swells at your words. he pounds into you so hard and so fast, in rapid thrashes, and you feel your legs go limp already as he leans forward, steadying himself on his two hands placed beside each side of your head, your legs over his shoulders. the uncomfortable flexibility makes you wince, but in the new position, his cock thrusts up easier against your cervix, and your eyes roll to the back of your head as your breath comes out in short gasps, your vision going white as you choked on a scream, his deft fingers flicking up at your clit.
“good girl, keep cumming,” you vaguely hear him say, and you hear nothing else when an intense orgasm lights your body in white fire, your cunt fluttering around his cock as you cum on his cock, akaza still fucking you hard without break as you shake and pant harshly, desire still lingering as he kisses you harshly, teeth clashing against teeth as every roll of his hips against yours continues to make you moan in ecstacy against his lips.
“so fucking beautiful,” he groans, and continues to plow into you with such force it tickles your belly button. he shows no mercy to your sweet spot as his cock abuses it, the lewd sounds of skin on skin loud in your ears, and you can only feel his length throb deep within your walls as he chases after his own climax, and seemingly yours, too.
“akaza, i can’t, i can’t!” you moan, shaking your head as you feel a familiar heat bubble up inside you once again. he’s going to kill you from overstimulation!
“one more time, love,” he pants, his eyes hazy and slightly unfocused as his thrusts frenzy and become less and less precise, but it only fuels up the burning heat inside the both of you as your back arches once again, your body pressing flush against his as your eyes widen at the feeling of small spurts into your womb.
“akaza! i-i-”
“you can take it, y/n. now be a good girl and cum again,” he grits his teeth, and ruts into you harder and faster, hot, sticky seed filling up your belly as his hips stutter, balls tightening as he cums with a guttural groan, and your limbs go slack once more as you reach yet another climax for the third time of the night, wrapping your arms around him when you do, incoherent moans stumbling out of you as your body locks up, your very being burning in a fire of pleasure.
“good girl,” he whispers, breath against your ear, and when he pulls out, your cunt a creamy mess of your mixed juices, you whine, your over-sensitive hole spewing globs of his cum in a thick stream.
“akaza…” you mumble weakly, voice spent and body tired from the onslaught of pleasure.
“yes, my love?” he kisses the back of your hand, eyes fixed on your flushed face.
suddenly, you don’t know what to say. no, you can’t love him just from one act of fornication. your mind comes back to you, and you force your thoughts in order as you intertwine your fingers with his, breath shaky.
“can you hold me until the sun goes down?” you shyly ask, and this time, it’s your heart that speaks, not your head. perhaps you’ll hate yourself by nightfall, but your emotions guide you, and your heart has never felt at peace more than when he wraps his arms around your naked, vulnerable body, pulling you close to him as he kisses your lips.
“of course, my love,” he says, and you blink back a guilty tear when you feel the beating of his heart pressed against your own.
he leaves before you wake. you wake up to find the other side of the futon cold and long-deserted, and you shrug away the shameful feeling of disappointment that threatens to overcome you. your legs still ache from the morning’s ordeal, and you cleanse yourself of the dried cum that sticks between your legs in a nearby lake.
a pit of dread fills you. akaza always cleans you up. he never leaves your side, and for him to disappear without a word is jarring. you’ve grown so accustomed to having him by your side at every single possible second of the day that when you’re on your own, you feel like you’ll crumble at any given moment. you’re too dependent on him. you really do need him.
you don’t know if you should continue with your plan. he’s left for the blood battle, and once you dress yourself, ready to walk to the sea, you feel your heart beat in fear and uncertainty, in fear of the unknown. this is what you always wanted, right? to run away? far, far away and forget all the memories and trauma life bestowed upon you.
as you line up to purchase a ticket for a ship sailing to china, you sweat nervously. you’ve picked someone’s pocket without much of a thought, but that isn’t the problem. will you be alright without him? what if akaza dies and doesn’t come back? what if he’s already dead?
you force yourself to separate your thoughts from your feelings. no, he won’t die. and yes, you have to keep moving forward. once your ticket is in hand, you fumble with your kimono agitatedly. you’re scared. you pace around the sand, other passengers even asking you if you’re alright. you haven’t spoken to anyone other than akaza for years, and you stumble over the simplest of words when you answer them, making yourself sound even more unconvincing.
the ship departs exactly at sunrise. it’s not long until you have to leave. and he isn’t here yet. he always knows where you are. it’s an instinct, a bond. you force yourself not to worry, and you take deep breaths as you tell yourself you’re only anxious on whether or not revenge has been attained. you’re waiting for akaza to confirm the kill. the moment you see him with the words ‘upper two’ engraved on his eyes, you will leave. and you won’t look back.
and if he doesn’t come until then, you will still leave.
the ship’s captain calls for passengers to board the vessel, and your heart sinks to your stomach, gripping your ticket so tightly you know it’s already dampened by your nervous sweat.
just as the first touch of sunlight filters over the horizon, you see something, or someone, emerge from the shadows of the woods that border the shoreline.
you see him, and the world stops when you look at his eyes.
blood coats his body, his chest heaving as his left arm is yet to regenerate fully. his clothes are torn, and on his eyes read the words ‘upper two.’
you don’t feel anything.
you don’t feel happy knowing the monster who wrecked your life is dead. you feel no satisfaction from knowing akaza has made him suffer. you feel no gratification from the fiend being wiped off the planet, now burning in the depths of hell.
revenge isn’t always satisfying.
and you’ve learned it the hard way.
you see his eyes lock with the paper in your hands, and you let go of it. you haven’t been looking for revenge this entire time. what you lost is a family, and it was also what you sought after, even if you were never honest with yourself.
the two of you are horrible, but in a way, you belong with each other. he’s your family, even if both of you see the other as something to own.
perhaps love isn’t always the same, and even if you may not love him in a romantic sense, you know your heart already belongs with him.
so when you rush into his arms, you’re finally set free from all pain.
and you let your heart speak for you.
“i love you.”
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