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#you're fucking killing me
guilty-pleasures-abound · 6 months ago
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God, this pains me. PAINS ME.
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"'May' result in slow or failed login attempts"
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thegeminisage · 11 months ago
one of many reasons castiel spent the first year of knowing dean trying not to strangle him: dean's weird little winchester-only dialect
i’m fucking obsessed with this right now, so buckle in for a meta. a cool fun (horrible) thing about dean's dialogue is that a good 90% of what comes out of his mouth is:
a pop culture reference ("you're just gonna take some divine bong hit, and shazam, you're roma downey?")
references to real life phenomenon ("i don't wanna wake up missing a kidney in a bathtub full of ice" "try new mexico, i hear he’s on a tortilla")
these also often take the form of nicknames, and dean has a tendency to give people nicknames in general or call them something besides their given name, whether it’s affectionate or rude ("easy there, van damme" "so i’m girl interrupted" furthermore castiel = cas, ezekiel = zeke, etc, see also frequent use of "chucklehead" "asshat" and on the nicer/endearments end "buddy" "pal" "sunshine" etc)
an idiom ("a snowball's chance" "if it smells like a duck...")
slang ("drinking the koolaid" "jonesing for some hooch" not to mention the literal endless amount of words dean uses to refer to killing - gank, waste, juice, ice, etc)
a metaphor ("power up your batteries" "fly me back to my page on the calendar")
a euphemism ("cloud seeding" "i'd have given you an hour alone with her first")
sarcasm (his habit of replying "peachy" or "super" when asked how he is)
wordplay (see: the entire "vampirate" and "werepire" debacles)
completely nonsensical (guessing what happened to a magical artifact: "it was dug up by tomb raiders? it was seized by the king of the dead by warlords?")
said at lightning speed - if you pay attention, dean actually talks a LOT, usually a mile a minute (this makes me feel a way when you recall him being nonverbal for a year at age 4 but that’s another post)
slang IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE (casual usage of “guano,” etc)
a lie, a deflection, a joke, etc
or worse, something dean’s NOT saying, deliberately, because he’s one of the most repressed people on earth
the end result of all this being:
dean winchester is utterly infuckingcomprehensible. 
think about this. there's an ENTIRE SECTION on EVERY SINGLE EPISODE PAGE of the spn wiki devoted to JUST explaining dean's pop culture references, because the average viewer won't have seen everything he's talking about either. they have a whole page for this called “hunter’s lingo,” but honestly, it’s not all hunters, just sam and dean’s fucking batshit communication style. even i don't understand dean half the time. SAM gets it, sam speaks it back to dean a lot in the early seasons, but that's because sam and dean are 1. practically two halves of the same person 2. FREAKS. every time we get an episode that involves outsider POV is devoted to them going "what the fuck is WRONG with them?"
enter castiel. technically speaking, the show implies that angels are omnilingual. castiel should understand every language known to man, but knowing the meaning of words doesn't help him understand the following:
pop culture references
references to real life phenomenon
you get the idea.
listen to me. look me in the eyes. castiel cannot understand a single fucking word that comes out of dean's mouth. my guy laid a hand on dean winchester in hell and immediately fell in love with him and has no fucking idea what he's talking about ever. because not only is dean winchester's way of speaking CLINICALLY insane, and sometimes incomprehensible even to other human beings who are not sam, castiel is an angel, and someone prone to taking things even more literally than other angels do
go back and watch and watch seasons 4-5 especially. the reason cas does so much squinting and head tilting is because every time dean opens his mouth castiel has to open up his mental "dean winchester dictionary" and translate entire paragraphs on the fly, because again, dean never shuts up!
what makes this extra hilarious to me is this gem:
Tumblr media
this line is from 5.13. at this point cas has known dean for AN ENTIRE YEAR AND A HALF. what you see here is my guy SNAPPING. cas made an EFFORT in this scene. he asked who glenn close was. he's telling dean that he can't understand him. he is doing his level best to have a normal conversation with this guy he has a crush on and for the life of him he cannot do it (equal but opposite energy to cas blowing up the gas station and motel room in 4.01, tbh)
yes, cas can understand dean's tone. he can use context clues, and he usually gets the general idea. and when cas DOES understand dean's jokes, he laughs at them. the first time we ever see him smile is during their 4.07 heart-to-heart when dean says "it was a witch, not the tet offensive." since cas has knowledge of human history, he knows what the tet offensive is; he got the joke, and he laughed.
but as far as actual dialogue goes, he consistently struggles to keep up. even after metatron gives castiel the pop culture knowledge in season 9, cas struggles to put it to put it to proper use (dean: "you wanna just walk right into the death star?" cas: "what does a fictional battle station have to do with this?"). whenever he asks dean to clarify it's always when he’s most annoyed, like most of the time he knows it would be futile but he's too annoyed to care. (dean: "i don't know who's on first, what's on second!" cas: "what IS second???") i’m pretty sure he spends seasons 4-6 wanting to shake dean by the shoulders and ask him why he is LIKE THIS. 
it takes cas - who, again, is omnilingual - YEARS to begin to acclimate to dean’s speech and start speaking that language back to him. it's season 8 before we start really hearing him use slang, season 9 before he begins to understand wordplay, season 10 before he starts using pop culture references (to other angels, who immediately fail to understand him, which disappoints him immensely), and season 11 before he really gets into metaphors. i don't remember what season he started using "yeah" instead of "yes" but i do know it took a really damn long time. 
and honestly, i don't think cas truly got the hang of it until at least season 11-12. that's something like 7 or 8 YEARS. it’s more than half the time they’ve known each other at the point of the series finale. 
so what's true romance, fellas? it's falling completely and totally in love with the most inexplicable person you will ever meet in your whole 4.5 billion year life, even though you have yet to understand a single thing he's ever said to you. thank you for coming to my ted talk
[spn masterpost]
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raziraphale · a month ago
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S07E20 “The Changing Face of Evil”
peak star trek is actually everyone gossiping about unimportant things while also doing their very important jobs
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queerstudiesnatural · 17 days ago
i'm not the first one to say this but. what if dean had run into emma in purgatory. i can't think about this too much rn i can't handle it but. what if
#he hears a noise behind him and turns around with his machete in hand ready to behead a monster and it's. his daughter#and she's looking at him with wild inhuman eyes and her hair is a mess and she's all bloody and she's just standing there#staring at him with pain and hate and fear and confusion all over her face#and he's still holding the machete so he slowly puts it down and holds his hands up because holy shit that's his daughter#''emma? is that- do you-'' fuck he can't think right now that's his DAUGHTER#''do you remember me?''#and emma is still just staring and her lips are curled but she's not moving. not attacking.#and before he can think about it dean is pulling her against his chest like ok it's ok i'm not gonna hurt you we're ok#and they just kinda stay together. even though emma is still not saying a word#the first time she speaks to him is to warn him that vamps are approaching. then to say she's hungry.#then to ask who benny is and why dean is teaming up with a vamp. when he hated monsters so much he killed his own daughter#and dean freezes and he's like ''i'm. i didn't-sam-i'm so sorry emma. you-i guess you deserved a chance and i-i'm sorry''#and then they don't speak again for a few days or weeks#but they stick together and when they finally leave purgatory emma leaves with them#finding emma's body is a drag because he barely remembers where they buried her#but he does and emma mumbles a thanks and she goes to leave but dean is like hey where are you going?#you're coming with me. i mean...if you want. i- you could stay. please.#and emma has nowhere to go really so she does. seeing sam again is kinda traumatic and she growls at him and she never stays alone with him#she mostly sits around and waits for them in the car and in motel rooms. she slowly opens up. mostly to dean#she still doesn't trust sam. and one day they meet claire again and she likes claire. she talks to claire. she laughs with claire.#slowly she becomes a person again. she learns what she likes and doesn't like. she watches tv. she eats burgers and adds seasoning#bc dean has no taste. she finds clothes that feel like her. she doesn't call dean dad until one day she does and dean almost passes out#but then he's holding her close like holy shit that's my daughter. i'm a dad. holy shit#anyway that's the sort of thing i like to think about. for fun#rain posts#supernatural#deancore#emma supernatural#emma spn#dean and emma
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chicago-geniza · 7 days ago
gotta figure how to articulate this better when i am less brain-clouded but intergenerational friendships & mentorships are lifesaving for ~*~queer kids in mukhosransk/buttfuck-level rural areas, like, places that don’t have paved roads or high-speed internet or public transportation or much in the way of Outside besides cow pastures, maple farms, & the odd general store. they’re necessary, they keep you from drowning yourself in otter creek, & this trend of casting suspicion on any Age Gaps re: interpersonal relationships of any kind like they MUST be motivated be pedophilia on the older party’s end makes me so insane i lose speech 
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iyumeu · 3 months ago
but a wolf in sheep's clothing more than a warning ♡
a more lighthearted companion of my yandere obey me fic spirit guardian featuring: a more violent, assertive (aggressive) MC premise: MC gets hurt by bullies. their demons get upset. MC realizes that they have the power of friendship and also incredible violence on their side. this is the origin story of lucifer's migraine. cw: uh not much, there's just a mild fight scene and also MC might have killed someone? probably not though.
⭒☆━━━━━━━━✿Ꮚⓛ ‸ ⓛᏊ✿━━━━━━━━☆⭒
From the very beginning you had known that you were being bullied.
It was definitely nothing you couldn't handle. Acidic rumors, ruined belongings, isolation... Things that you thought you left behind in high school. You should've known that hell was just another version of high school, except it went on for eternity.
Everything came to a head, however, when some of the demons tried to bring you to a shady place and you refused. You knew what a tertiary location was, and you wanted no part in it!
The demons weren't happy with that and almost broke your arm but you managed to wiggle your way out and run off before any further damage could be done. Unfortunately, the blue-black imprints of their grip remained starkly visible on your hand, causing a large commotion to happen over dinner.
Mammon had been the first one to notice the bruise on your arm and immediately flew into a panic, grabbing you by the shoulders and shaking you vigorously. You held back your urge to wrap your arms around him tight enough to break his spine. He held your best interests at heart.
Once Mammon was content with the amount of shaking he had done to you, Belphegor was next, pulling your arm over to him and tracing a finger over the bruised skin. Beelzebub was sitting next to him, leaning over to catch a better glimpse of it. It was like none of them had ever seen a bruise before.
There was a sudden, loud crash and your head shot up to see Leviathan on his feet, bristling in anger in his demon form as his tail whipped around behind him. His chair was overturned, the source of the noise. Beside him, Satan was in his demon form as well, the cutlery in his hand bent and distorted from the strength of his grip.
"Who hurt you?"
Asmodeus was still seated with a smile on his face, but his eyes were glowing slightly, gaze fixed upon you as he asked his question.
"It was just some demon," you replied flippantly. "I don't know why but they seem to have it out for me."
"You mean that this isn't a one-off?" Lucifer asked. You shrugged.
"It's the first time things have gotten physical, if that helps," you offer. Lucifer closed his eyes with a sigh. Oh no, you knew that sigh. The I'm-not-angry-I'm-just-disappointed sigh.
"Why didn't you tell us?" he asked.
"Well, I told the teacher. They just told me to deal with it on my own." A low growl sounded throughout the room. You quickly continued before a fight broke out or something. "I also didn't want to be a bother, you know? It didn't affect me at all, honest. Most of the time, I just thought they were really funny."
"Did you..." Satan took a deep breath and the smile on his face stabilized. "Did you never think about getting revenge?"
"Oh. I was allowed to get revenge?"
Seven pairs of eyes turn to you.
"Huh. I thought that I needed to be tolerant and shit because I was a representative of the human world. Okay. Good to know. Anyway, it won't happen again, I can assure you that."
Uncaring of the tension surrounding you, you went back to your food, knowing that if you appeared calm enough, your demonic housemates would follow suit. And sure enough, on your third forkful of demon's hair pasta, they all calmed down and continued their meal. Little did they know, it was the beginning of the end.
But not for you! ♡
Mammon was sticking awfully close to you today, as was Beelzebub. They flanked either side of you like a pair of underworld bodyguards, rarely allowing you a moment to yourself. No matter where you went, one of the demons brothers would be either with you or in the general vicinity. Even Leviathan had gone to school, and it wasn't even mandatory for him!
You felt loved and protected and also incredibly frustrated. However, all good (?) things eventually came to an end and your demonic housemates could not look out for you forever.
It was lunch and, despite their best efforts, all of the demon brothers had been called away for one thing or another, leaving you alone to poke at your devil chili salsa potato wedges in the lunch hall. You waited for a bit and, as expected, the trio of demon schoolyard bullies appeared in front of you.
"Looks like your demon bodyguards are nowhere to be found," the lead demon mockingly. "And here you are, all alone and vulnerable."
You stabbed one of the potatoes and brought it to your mouth. It wasn't as good as Mammon's cooking but it was still better than Solomon's.
Frustrated at your lack of a response, the demon standing to the left of the lead one kicked your table, almost sending your metal food tray skittering off the edge. You quickly catch the glass of juice that did fall off the edge, fortunately without any spillage.
"Human, are you even listening?!" they snarled.
"Yeah I am," you replied. "I just didn't know what to say?"
One of the other demons grabbed at your arm and pulled you up to a standing position. It was the same arm that contained the bruises from yesterday and the rough treatment made you wince. They gave a snort of derision in response.
"Not so proud now, huh?" they sneered. You searched your memory for the words you used to say when you found yourself in such situations.
"Are you trying to harm me?" you asked, loudly. The cafeteria of demons glanced at you but otherwise turned a blind eye, as they always did. It didn't matter though, all you needed was for them to have heard your question, and the bullies' answer.
"I'm not trying," the demon said. "I am hurting you. And I will until you—"
With your free hand, you grabbed the glass on the table and smashed it against the demon's face. The glass shattered on impact and the demon reeled, letting go of your arm in the process. You wasted no time in picking up your chair and swinging it against the demon with full force and they flew into the, thankfully, empty tables beside yours.
"You— Get the human!" the lead demons snarled. You picked up your lunch tray and harshly brought it down onto the head of the demon charging at you. It impacted the demon's skull with a loud 'clunk' and the demon started to scream and claw their face. It appeared that some of the chili extract had gotten into their eyes. Oops.
You couldn't waste any time, though. The last demons, the lead demon, was fuming and making their way towards you. Lightning quick, you leapt onto the table and aimed a kick at their head. To your utmost surprise, the kick scored and the demon fell onto the ground. You jumped off the table and landed right onto the demon, making them shout in pain. Huh. The teacher wasn't joking when they said that that even you could deal with demons like this.
Still, you had to make a Statement. You had to reforge your Status in Demon High School as someone not to be messed with so as to deter any further bullying attempts.
So, you grabbed the demon below you by the collar and dragged them to the window. You hurled it open and then shoved more than half of the demon's body out of the window so that you were the only thing keeping them from a nasty drop.
"Wanted to bully the human, huh?" you asked. Your voice held no malice or anger. "Well, you should have killed me instead. Anyway, I hope you won't be bullying me, or any other human, ever again?"
The demon was whimpering, casting nervous glances at the ground below. Huh. You had a perfect quote for this, didn't you? You couldn't believe that an entire edgy teenager phase spent memorizing quotes you thought were cool would ever pay off like this.
"Perhaps you should worry less about gravity, who has already made up its mind about killing you, and more about me, who's still mulling it over."
The demon started to shake.
"I won't do it again!" they shrieked. "Please, let me off!"
You were going to pull them back in — you weren't going to kill them, that was illegal — when a loud shout startled you.
You whirled around to see your demonic housemates standing around the entrance of the cafeteria, all staring at you with varying degrees of shock. With reflexes honed from years of getting into trouble due to fights, both of your hands shot up to either side of your head.
"It was self-defense, I swear!" you blurted out. Behind you, there was a scream that gradually got softer. Ah. Well. They were a demon and there was, like, a pond below. They would survive.
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helga-grinduil · 6 days ago
not all might casually calling dabi 'insane' how about you shut the fuck up, you miserable piece of shit 🙄
#bnha#bnha spoilers#bnha 335#all might#you somehow missed your coworker being unhealthy obsessed with you and straight up abusing his family for 20 years#even tapping into eugenics#his wife disappeared (was sent to a psychiatric ward)#one of his kids literally fucking died.#and you didn't notice anything wrong. or weird. even though the dude was pretty much radiating abusive & violent piece of shit energy#shut the fuck up you clueless moron.#let's not forget that you're also to blame for everything that's happening rn.#go cry to gran torino#'oh no shigaraki can kill me so i'm not gonna try to find and help him... 😥'#'...instead im just gonna believe this old ass raisin of a grandpa that shigaraki was born evil so there's no point in talking to him'#even though the timing was perfect. afo was locked up and ujiko wasn't around yet. it was THE moment for him to reach out to shigaraki.#shigaraki was lost and uncertain. he only had his new weird friends with him and they were just as lost as he was.#funny how much of the bad shit probably wouldn't have happen if he actually tried#but instead he was oh so worried that shigaraki is the villain from nighteye's prophecy and that he might die. coward.#and yeah no shit his firepower is stronger that endeavor's he's his fucking son#didn't you watch the fucking video#and also not to bring up the 'all of the students have heroic hearts' thing. SIKE BITCH. heroic hearts =/= they can't be villains 😬#also love how nobody seems to call touya his real name except shouto.#not even his father.
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beatricexbenedick · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
[Image Description: An image of Izzy Roland and Brennan Lee Mulligan from The Seven. Izzy is mid-speech while Brennan looks at her with wide eyes and a shocked face. End ID]
PLEASE look at this screenshot i got of the "my dad doesn't have problems" moment
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pastafossa · 3 months ago
Sample (ALREADY?) of TRT‘s next chapter - AKA: DATE NIGHTTTTT
started writing TRT’s next chapter. I’m only 2k words in and Matt has already brought his seduction a-game, je-sus, we will not survive this.
also he’s in the black suit and tie we are literally going to die choo choo on the death by Murdock’s black suit train motherfuckers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“What if I… If I do want to go out?”
“Then we go out,” he murmured against your lips, pulling you in closer as you sighed between kisses, as everything in you grew heady and sparkling, glimmering champagne through cool glass. A quiet noise left you when his other hand slid up to cradle your jaw. “And we stay out as long as you want. Or we don’t, and we come back here or to my place. And we can sleep, or talk, or… or I can take you to bed.” 
You shivered, but he seemed to detect that reaction was less in nervousness and more in anticipation, because he hummed softly and kissed you again, just a touch of heat creeping in when he whispered, “I like that last one, too.”
“If we go, you even sure we’ll make it through dinner? Or through whatever you have planned afterwards?”
He dipped his head to your throat, a hungry little purr leaving him when he slid his cheek against you as if to press his scent into your skin. “I think that regardless of whether we make it through what I have planned, as long as we enjoy ourselves, we both win.” He rewarded you with a quick, barely-there lap of his tongue across your pulse. “And I would definitely enjoy you dragging me home so I can make love to you for as long as your body can take it. Whether that happens and when is up to you.”
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aimasup · 4 months ago
"If it's haunted then just move out"
Okay but have you considered how much effort I put into moving here. Hm. How may things I had to arrange. The costs. Have you thought about the money. I bought this house, it's mine, I have attachments, therefore when I get killed the ghost will have to deal with my ass rooming with them for all eternity. Ever thought of that
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Tumblr media
[ID: klavier gavin from ace attorney drawn crudely as a horse in a field of grass with blue sky behind him. His hair and eyes is photoshopped onto a normally proportioned horse body. The rest of his horse form varying skin tones from his canonically design. End ID]
Yeah I don't know why I made this I'm not sorry however.
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confusedamphibian · 2 months ago
i can’t believe like the first thing Keefe said to tam was “fuck you fuck you i do not like you I am so much better than you just shut up shut up already you stupid little emo boy” and people still think tam is the mean one in their relationship. 
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hood-ex · 28 days ago
My experience going in the batfam age reversal AU tag basically amounts to me looking at the majority of the fics and my brain being like
#fic writers giving damian tim + jason their own original mantles that aren't based on the robin/nightwing one: 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻#fic writers not using jason's backstory for tim/not making tim act just like jason: 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻#fic writers not making dick a Complete ball of sunshine whose main job is to give cuddles: 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻#i'm also mad bc it seems like dick and jason never get any chaotic youngest sibling moments#like hello. i want jason to plan to sneak out to go see a concert that bruce and alfie wouldn't approve of#and i want dick to blackmail him and be like ''if you don't take me with you then i'm telling bruce about what you're doing.''#and jason being like ''UGHHH you're so fucking annoying i hate you.''#and dick waggling his eyebrows like ''weeeeeell? what's it gonna be?''#and jason's like: ''fine you little asswipe. you can come with me. but you BETTER not tell or else I'll pound you. understand me?''#so then dick and jason lie to bruce and alfie and say they're going to spend the night with friends#but after school they actually catch a cab into town and wander around the strip and get dinner#and they go to the concert and it's fuckin awesomeee#and then DUN DUN DUN after the concert some guys recognize who dick and jason are (sons of bruce)#and they try and attack dick and jason (either to rob them or abduct them who knows not me)#and jason tries to protect dick and he's like ''run! get the fuck out of here!''#but that aint gonna fly with dick. no siree. so he joins the fight too. and they cause enough ruckus for some do-gooders to come help#and then jason's like ''fuck! we can't go home looking like this! bruce and alfie will kill us!''#and he's like ''hang on i know a place we can sleep at tonight. haven't been there in ages but it should still be semi-safe.''#and dick's like ''jay can't we just go on home? we can sneak back in.''#and jason's all ''we're supposed to be at our friend's houses remember? we can't show up until tomorrow.''#so then they go sleep in some rundown gross ass place that jason found when he lived in crime alley#and they're both cold and hungry and in pain#and then in the dead of night when they've both managed to fall asleep some people break into their hideout#and dick and jason are like ''let's get the hell out of here!'' so then they gotta sneak out and wander in the dangerous gotham streets#annnd yeah. Yeah. you see what i mean? younger sibling tomfoolery!! give it to me!!#age reversal au#batfam#fanfics
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