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#mha izuku
hiii, i recently stumbled upon your account and I'm in love! i appreciate your poc works, it feels good to be included. if you're not busy, can i request fluffy headcanons of poly or separate (whichever you're comfortable with) tododeku x chubby! black reader

note: this request was so cute🥺here you go lovely ! hope you like !!



Originally posted by dekukawa


  • so we know these two are competitive (friendly tho) when it comes to everything, even you
  • so a polynamorous thing wasn’t really on the table ,neither liking having to share
  • but they agreed that they both confess , you get to choose who you would want to be with besides telling each other one of them can’t confess & to their shock
  • you liked them both
  • thus began, the lovely dynamic you two have
  • one , these boys do not and will not ever let you take shit from someone else about you being black because you’re gorgeous , will always be and you don’t deserve that
  • yes , they are the boyfriends that will tell other people “no you can’t touch her hair” because they know how annoyed you get
  • yes, throuple wash days are a thing , y’all all have matching bonnets and scrunchies, & lets be honest shouto and izuku have a lot of hair
  • yes , they help you take your braids down and massage your scalp because they’re nurturing like that
  • you got them into so much music so don’t be surprised when you hear them training to Beyoncé , DaBaby , Chris Brown ,Megan Thee Stallion, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie etc.
  • can’t say the class wasn’t startled when they saw izuku listening to Thotiana and tryna buss it down in the common room (please teach bbyboy how to dance)
  • shouto is a better dancer surprisingly so you have an album dedicated to dubsmashes with him
  • but best believe they know every lyric to Act Up by City Girls-
  • but they honestly are so in love with you, your shape and your skin , to them you really look good in everything , especially bright colors
  • and they think you’re so comfortable, like a teddy bear made just for them
  • did i mention they love kissing you ? like they love the way lipgloss looks on your luscious lips and they can’t get enough of it
  • so expect your lips to be swollen half the time and for most of your lipglosses to be empty after having to reapply it so many times


  • these mfs love seeing you in dresses because your curves and your thighs just look really appealing, even if it’s not a dress and a t shirt and shorts , they love the way your chub fills it out
  • you’ll know they’re in the mood when they start rubbing on your thighs and around your ass
  • yes having you sit on their face is they’re second favorite thing to do
  • i say second because shouto loves when he’s hitting it from the back & you throw it back and your ass is jiggling in his hands while you suck izuku’s cock
  • sorry but not sorry, shouto is definitely an ass man
  • midoriya is a thigh and stomach man, he won’t deny a thigh job and loves laying on your fluffy stomach after sex
  • they definitely have pictures of your ass covered in their cum or pictures of mixtures of their cum overflowing from your mouth with their fingers squishing your “mochi” cheeks together
  • rough sex with them means hickeys everywhere, mainly on your thighs and stomach like they love the chub
  • but they know you get insecure sometimes so they’re willing to take it slow , and worship you until you see the beautiful goddess you by kissing every part of you and telling you why they love it
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[ t e n y a i i d a ]

prompt 3 - take my jacket


Originally posted by leorjo

tears were overflowing non stop. your legs were hurting from running for so long. you didn’t even know where you were going. until you realised -

huh, muscle memory i guess.

you were stood outside of tenya iida’s work building, and right on time, your hero was leaving the building with a cup of coffee and his car keys in his hand, a chuckle leaving his lips till the bluenette saw you with a devastated expression slapped onto your face.

his smile dropped.

he quickly rushed to you, shoving his keys in his pocket roughly.

taking your puffy red face in his gentle hands, iida searches your eyes with his, trying to understand without words what has gotten you to this state.

however, without words you crashed your head into his firm chest, hugging your arms around his waist gripping for dear life.

sobs racked your chest and iida’s heart broke just listening to you struggle for breath.

he could feel you shiver in his arms.

taking your face in his hands once again, he gently wipes off the wet tears off your face with a kind smile.

“here you go my love, you’re shivering,”

“take my jacket.”

tenya swoops off his jacket and places it on you, making him internally swoon and coo at how small you looked. shaking his head frantically he realised that this really wasn’t the time to be thinking that.

you hiccuped a small thank you as you forced yourself to calm down.

tenya iida was patient and waited the whole time patiently until you were settled.

“let’s go home sweetheart. you can tell me all about what happened there.”

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💥Detention💥 (Bakugou x fem!reader)


Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x fem!reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 2.7k

Warnings: smut, lowkey dissing while fucking, public sex, kinda sassy reader

A/N: Ok so I made this…and It took a whoooole turn from what it was supposed to be. So yeah.



,,…and think about your behavior and how to handle things like this as an upcoming hero“, Aizawa Sensei said, audibly and visibly exhausted as he looked at you and the annoyed ash blond, two seats away from you to your left.

,,This dumbass shouldn’t have started shit from the get go, if she can’t finish it“, Bakugou grumbled pissy, with his arms crossed on his chest and his narrowed crimson eyes fixed on the wall across from him.

Indignantly, you gasped for air, raising your eyebrows in disbelief.

,,I started shit? If you otto rocket built bitch wouldn’t obsess over me and always tryna argue with me-“

,,Stop it, kids! I don’t have the time nor the energy for that. I don’t care whoever started this, both of you are in trouble anyway!“ Aizawa Sensei mumbled stressed, massaging his temples.

He grabbed his yellow sleeping bag, preparing to leave this room full of tension.

,,I‘ll be back in about two hours. I need peace and some rest. When I‘m back, I want that you already solved the situation and to agree with each other. Got it?“


,,I asked, if you got it“, Aizawa Sensei repeated with a pressuring undertone in his voice. You nodded annoyed, turning your head to the side.

,,I got it, dammit“, Bakugou cussed, obviously as unhappy with the situation as yourself.

,,Good. Can‘t believe I have to waste my evening for that.“ With that being said, Aizawa left the classroom, slandering down the hallway into the teacher‘s room.

It was uncomfortably silent in the room, as you didn’t try to waste one glance at Bakugou and vice versa, the pride getting the best of you.

Usually you wouldn’t care about detention with anybody, but the person to your left wasn’t anybody. It was Bakugou Katsuki, your crush since your first year at UA High.

Well, no. He was definitely not your crush, since he is pretty obnoxious and mean, but you couldn’t argue about how attractive he was.

It was something about Bakugou, that made your body feel all hot and tingly when he was around. Something, that made you crave his rough hands all over your body and his pink lips harshly sucking on your neck, while you lightly tug on his hair.

But it shouldn’t be, since it was very obvious to you that he didn’t like you at all. Regardless of his opinion about you, you did your best not to jump on his lap and smash your lips on his.

You shook your head, trying to remove those tempting pictures out of your head, rummaging around your bag, pulling you smartphone out, so you could distract yourself.

Curious, Bakugou gave you a side glance, observing your actions.

,,Oi, dumbass. Put that fucking phone away. It’s against the rules”, he finally spoke, breaking the weird silence.

,,It was against the rules too, when you forced Midoriya-Kun to fight you”, you answered sassy, continuing to scroll around on your phone screen.

Bakugou grumbled in response, probably cursing you. A cheeky smile crept up your face.

Suddenly you heard a squeaky sound, signalizing, that a chair was pushed back, before a big shadow appeared over you. Two big hands slammed on your table, as spiked hair tickled your forehead.

You lifted your head up, removing your eyesight from your screen as your (e/c) eyes interlinked with crimson eyes.

Bakugou’s face was so close to yours, you tried not to gasp for air in surprise as your heart rate went up times 100 in comparison to before.

,,Look, Idiot. I’m not trying to be your fucking friend, alright? I got shit to do, so you better cooperate, so I can leave“, he mumbled dangerously, not breaking the eye contact.

You swallowed the lump in your throat, trying not to press your lips on his.

,,Do I look like I wanna be friends with sonic the hedgehog? I preferred Shadow anyway“, you said calmly, putting on a poker face as you tried to sound as cool as possible.

You pursed your lips, looking up and down from his eyes to his soft looking lips, trying to keep you hormones under control.

Bakugou raised an eyebrow, as he noticed your moving pupils. As he realized the amount of attraction you felt towards him, he licked over his curled up lips, causing your abdomen to pull together.

,,W-what?“, you stumbled, your voice shaky as your nervousness increased. Bakugou chuckled breathy, causing you to feel highly insecure under his view.

He lowered his head even more, a sheet of paper could barley fit between the two of your faces. Surprised, you pushed your chair back as the grin on his face grew even wider.

,,What are you doing?“, you asked hastily as you stood up. ,,You’re such a fuckin‘ idiot Bakugou. I‘m outta here!“ You grabbed your stuff, ready to rush through the door, before Bakugou grabbed your upper arm pulling you back.

,,Where do you think you’re going, Stupid?“, he asked seriously, his face undefinable, not showing any emotion.

,,I said I‘m outta here!“ Before you could pull the doorknob to open the door, you body was turned around, your back hitting the door.

You hissed in surprise and slight pain. Your eyes met those damn crimson eyes again, as you opened them to get clear about your surroundings.

,,Are you crazy? That hurt!“, you complained, trying to push him off of you but he didn’t budge. You were trapped between his body and his arms, placed left and right next to your shoulders as he towered over you.

,,You can‘t leave until we figured this shit out dumbass“, he grumbled lowly, sending a cold shiver down your spine. Bakugou didn‘t seem angry or annoyed as per usual. He was rather intimidatingly calm and balanced.

,,Wh-why don’t we just tell Aizawa that we‘ve had an agreement. He‘ll surely believe us“, you stumbled nervously as you nibbled on your bottom lip.

,,Because I wanna solve this fucking situation my way“, he mumbled.

You squinted your eyes as Bakugou suddenly lifted his right hand, afraid of him to slap you across the face but you soon relaxed in surprise as you felt his rough fingers tugging on your bottom lip.

,,Did you think I‘d slap you?“, he asked slightly concerned watching you nod lightly. He growled lowly before a grin covered his face.

,,The only thing I’ll slap is that fat ass of yours”, he said amused leaving you in utter shock as you realized what he’d just said.

You ripped your eyes wide open as you understood how serious he was.

,,W-wait we can’t do this!”, you said defensively.

,,Didn’t Aizawa say we’re supposed to solve the situation? He didn’t say how, did he?”

Hesitantly, you began biting your lip again before Bakugou roughly tugged on your chin, causing you to stop.

,,Oi, stop biting your fucking lips off. I still need them around my cock later”, he smiled cocky, releasing your chin.

You frowned. ,,I fucking hate you Bakugou Katsuki”, you hissed before harshly pressing your lips on his. It even caught him by surprise, since he didn’t kiss you back at first.

You thought you had the dominance over him but as soon as he kissed you back, he slid his hand around your throat, lightly pulling you away from the door as he pushed you on the teacher’s desk never breaking the kiss.

Bakugou roughly pushed his tongue between your lips, searching for a battle with your own. Both of you fought for the dominance but he won, grinning larking into the kiss.

Your lips parted before you felt Bakugou placing wet kisses all over your neck, sucking on the sensitive skin. Your legs wrapped around his waist, hansa tugging on his blonde spikes, just as you’d dreamed before.

Feeling Bakugou so close to you felt even better than you’d imagined all the time. His lips were even softer than they looked and the kisses on you neck even more intense than you thought.

His hands grabbed the collar of your shirt, ready to unbutton it, but you stopped him.

,,We don’t have that much time you blockhead. Just fuck me!”, you whispered between heavy breaths. You heard a low throaty chuckle before Bakugou pulled your legs, causing you to lay on your back snd your legs on his shoulder.

You shrieked as his action caught you by surprise.

,,Oi, shut the fuck up idiot or you won’t get anything.“

,,Are you dumb? I can live without dick! You want this pussy though!“, you argued, supporting your upper body on your elbows. Bakugou frowned in annoyance.

,,We only have about 30 minutes until Aizawa Sensei comes back. Do you really think your weak ass could make me cum that fast?“, you challenged even though it was obvious to you, that Bakugou‘s mere existence could make you cum.

,,You wanna challenge me, dumbass?“, he asked raising an eyebrow at you.

,,Sure, stupid ass bitch!“

Suddenly, Bakugou flipped you around, causing you to kneel on all fours, facing the window across from you.

,,Stop twisting an flipping me like a fucking pretzel!“, you complained.

,,Stop fucking complaining. If we had a bed and more time, you‘d look like origami.“ You giggled at his straightforwardness but your laughter muted quickly, as you felt a harsh slap on your ass, only covered by your panties.

You gasped, listening to the slap sound echoing through the room. You felt how you panties were pushed to the side, exposing your already wet folds.

,,Mmh, so wet for me, talking about I can’t make you cum that fast“, he said cockily placing another harsh smack on your ass. You jolted forward moaning in response. You could hear the grin out of his chuckle at your reaction to him.

Bakugou implied to take of your panties, by tapping on your upper thigh.

You tilted your head to the side, looking at what Bakugou was about to do next but he noticed and roughly pushed your face down on to the cold wooden desk material.

,,Are you crazy?“, you mumbled as he still held your head in place.

,,Ass up and face down babygirl.“ You felt your abdomen clenching at the sound of his voice, unable to resist his sassy behavior.

,,Let me get a taste of you, princess“, Bakugou hummed happily, spreading your ass cheeks apart as he lowered his head. Finally you felt his warm tongue licking from your clit to your dampness causing you to let out a long satisfied moan.

Bakugou began to passionately make out with your heat, sucking and licking out your juices and flicking his tongue on your nerve bud, leaving you as a moaning mess.

,,You like that don’t you?“, he asked before humming against your clit, sending vibrations through your body. You simply nodded, to focused on the amount of satisfaction his actions brought within you. You felt your high slowly reaching you.

,,Answer Daddy, bitch”, Bakugou demanded slapping your ass again.

,,Ow!”, you shrieked annoyed sending him a death glare. ,,Shut the fuck up Katsuki! Just do your fucking job!”

,,My job? Fuck are you talking about, Brat?”

You laid your head back down, waiting for Bakugou to continue eating you out, as you ignored his question. Suddenly you felt a big hardness stretching out your walls.

,,Oh fuck”, you moaned surprised as you realized what it was. You didn’t expect Bakugou to be this big although he radiates big dick energy.

His member filled every inch inside of you, causing you to press the air out of your lungs and buck your back at the amount of intensity.

As you adjusted to his size, you waited for him to move but, s you didn’t felt anything moving, making you got impatient.

,,What are you waiting for? Move.”, you whined

,,Oi, bitch, call me daddy first!”, he insisted.

,,Stop calling me a fucking bitch, Idiot!”

You heard Bakugou growl throaty, as he understood you wouldn’t give in so fast, so he finally began moving.

He went relentlessly fast, almost as if he hated you. His sudden roughness didn’t give you any time to clear your mind as you moaned nonstop for yourself.

Bakugou arched your back, intensifying the pleasure for the both of you, causing you to cry out in satisfaction.

,,Fuck, you feel better than I‘d imagined“, he said between his heavy breathing as he continued to fuck you merciless.

As his tip began to rub against your G-Spot it didn’t take you long until you felt your interrupted high from earlier to approach you again.

,,Katsuki, I’m gonna cum!”, you cooed as you began to move your hips to his consistent rhythm. The slapping sound turned up banging through the room in combination with your irregular moans.

,,Oi, beg me!”, he demanded.

,,N-no!”, you stumbled to focused on your upcoming high. Suddenly he stopped moving, again taking the needed release from you.

,,H-hey! Why’d you stop!”

,,Fucking beg me. What do you want, baby?”, he said provoking, scratching on your pride.

,,Come on, Katsuki please!” you pleaded hesitantly. He placed his hands on the table left and right next to your ass, his chest touching the got skin of your butt as his cock still rested inside of you.

You knew he wouldn’t give you what you wanted until you gave him what he wanted first. You sighed needy.

,,Please fuck me Katsuki. I need you to fuck me till I cum. Please!”, you begged embarrassed.

,,Aren’t you forgetting something”, he whispered lowly in your ear, causing goosebumps all over your skin. You knew what he was implying. You clenched you jaw, as your pride got disrespected.

,,Please Daddy”, you pressed through gritted teeth, listening to the low chuckle of the ash blond from behind you, before you felt the reckless pounding continuing.

He pulled your upper body up by your neck, arching your beg for the ultimative feeling for the both of you. Before you even realized your walls clenched around his length, milking all his juices as he poured them inside of you.

Bakugou grunted lowly as he rode both of your highs out, letting go of your neck, causing your upper body to fall back on the desk.

,,Oh my god”, you mumbled perplex as you tried to process what just happened.

,,Guess I won the challenge, didn’t I?”, Bakugou grinned mischievous as he watched you wiping away the mixture from your cum with your panties.

,,I guess”, you smiled uncomfortably as you hopped off the desk. Reusing those panties wasn’t possible now, so you accepted the fact, that you had to walk back without panties on.

Your eyes slid to the clock on the wall, as Bakugou and you tried to rearrange the room to its original state.

As you wiped over the desk, you glanced at Bakugou, who’d casually leaned against the blackboard calmly following your movements.

,,What?”, you asked annoyed.

,,You owe me a Blowjob.”

,,I don’t owe you-“ But before you could finish your sentence, the door was ripped open and a sleepy man in a sleeping bag appeared behind it.

,,So students, I hope you were able to clear any misunderstandings and agreed with each other. With that being said; you are dismissed”, Aizawa Sensei sighed relieved, as he made space for you, implying to leave the room.

Both of you grabbed your things, you rushing pass him first. You felt highly uncomfortable walking past your teacher after what happened on his desk, especially without panties on meanwhile Bakugou seemed unbothered as always.

You rushed down the hall way and as you wanted to turn, a big hand grabbed your upper arm, lightly pulling you back.

,,My room in 2 hours”, he said before he left through the school entrance, leaving you nervous.

Didn’t matter how much you tried to ignore the feelings Bakugou stirred up within you, you couldn’t deny how much you wanted to repeat this experience with him.

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It’s Alright

Warnings: Assumed toxic relationship, implied homophobia, crying, implied another issue.

Summary: Midoriya and Bakugo start dating, and the class has some concerns due to their past, and more so when Todoroki joins their relationship and all three act strange.

Ships: Bakudeku, todobakudeku.


“Wait, really?” Uraraka asked as her greenette friend nodded enthusiastically with the brightest smile on his face.

“Yeah!” Midoriya exclaimed. “He’s sworn to make up for everything, and he’s actually following through!”

Iida frowned, a little concerned for his friend. Midoriya and Bakugo didn’t have the most healthy relationship in the past and it certainly didn’t seem to be getting better recently. And suddenly… They’re dating?

“What’s wrong, Iida?” Midoriya asked, tilting his head innocently.

“Nothing, Midoriya. I’m glad for you, you deserve to be with someone who loves you.” Iida smiled and kept up the act until Midoriya had left for training.

“I’m worried…” Uraraka’s smile dropped as soon as Midoriya left. “He’s never treated him right before, why all of a sudden?”

Iida sighed. “Just keep an eye on Midoriya. Watch for any changes in behaviour.” He shook his head.

Meanwhile, Midoriya was walking with Todoroki to training. “How’s it been with Bakugo?” He asked the bubbly one.

“It’s been well, I just told Iida and Uraraka. I don’t think they’re as happy for me as they’re showing…” Midoriya looked down.

Todoroki wrapped his arm around Midoriya’s waist. “They probably think you’re being forced into an unhealthy relationship. Your past with Bakugo isn’t the healthiest one. They’re just worried for you.”

Midoriya nodded slowly. “Y-Yeah…”

Todoroki paused, stopping them from walking. He turned his head to see Midoriya’s head hung. Lifting up Midoriya’s chin, he found the other was crying softly.

“Hey, shh. It’s okay. What are you crying about?” Todoroki wiped the few years that had already escaped with his thumb.

“I’m just- I love him and if everyone reacts like them then I won’t be able to get them to believe me when I say it isn’t true.” He rambled until he was pulled into Todoroki’s chest.

“They won’t. I’ll be there to make sure of that.” Todoroki promised to his hair.

“But- I have scars all over my body, Todo. They won’t believe me when I say they’re from training myself too hard or-or a cat.” He sobbed into the other’s chest.

Bakugo ran up to the pair, having noticed their situation. “Hey, what’s going on here Icy-Hot?” He asked.

“Midoriya’s told Iida and Uraraka about your relationship and is worried they won’t believe him when he tells them it isn’t toxic.” Todoroki explained as he let Midoriya run into Bakugo’s chest.

“Oh, Izu…” Bakugo sighed, petting his boyfriend’s hair gently and using his other arm to hug him.

“I’ve got it from here, Half ‘n Half. Tell All Might that Midoriya’s busy.” He picked up Midoriya by the thigh and Midoriya held onto him like a monkey.

“Take care.” Todoroki waved before walking off.

The three boys were all interested in one another, and Todoroki had an open invitation to join their relationship. But relationships meant something different to Todoroki, so he wasn’t quite ready. It was a pending. Neither boys minded, especially since one knew of Todoroki’s less than ideal past.

But this leads to moments like that, where Todoroki acted more like a boyfriend than a friend. Whether it be holding one of them close or defending them from another student.

“Let’s get you some food, okay? Then we can go to the dorms for the rest of the day.” Bakugo walked them back to the cafeteria, where they got a few stares. Bakugo didn’t care as he got them some snacks and sat them down at a table.

Midoriya stayed in his lap as they ate and slowly started becoming himself again. He laughed at one of Bakugo’s odd comments.

“There’s the beautiful laugh I’ve been missing.” Bakugo grinned as Midoriya blushed and looked down.

“You’re making me blush..” Midoriya mumbled, hiding his face in his hands so he could look up.

Bakugo grabbed his wrists gently and pried them away. “I know, Izu. Your blush is perfect, just like you. Like your messy hair, your freckles, your wide eyes, your smile and laughter. Like the way you stifle your giggles when Mr Aizawa says something retarded, or when one of your friends make a joke and you have to hold your stomach as you laugh.”

By now Midoriya was blushing a lot more than he originally was. His eyes were wide as Kacchan spoke with complete sincerity.

Bakugo smirked slightly as he noticed this. “And then the way you squirm under me when I-” Hands covering his mouth stopped him from continuing.

“Shh! Kacchan!” Midoriya scolded, blushing harshly with wider eyes. Bakugo took Midoriya’s hands off his mouth.

“I was gonna say when I tickle you. What’s so wrong with that?” He asked with a hint of humour in his tone.

“You know what you were gonna say.” Midoriya pouted and looked away from him. “Don’t say that stuff in public, Kacchan..”

“Sorry, Izu.” Bakugo sighed. “I won’t say that stuff in public anymore.”

Midoriya smiled and hugged him again.

~ Time skip, a month later ~

It had been a month, two months since their relationship started. Right now, Bakugo and Midoriya were cuddled on the couch in the dorms watching a movie when Todoroki sat down nearby.

“Can I ask you two something?” He asked quietly, but gained their attention. The movie was paused and they gave Todoroki their attention.

“Is… Is your offer still open…?” He asked quietly, looking down and balling his hands into fists.

“Offer…?” Midoriya tilted his head before realising. “Oh! Of course it is, Todo!” He smiled brightly.

Bakugo agreed, holding Midoriya protectively in his lap. “Yeah, Icy-Hot. It’s open. What about it?”

“I… If you’re okay with it.. I’m okay with it too…” He bit his lip.

“So, that’s a yes?” Bakugo asked, to which Todoroki nodded.

Midoriya squealed and ran over to hug him. “Yay!” He grinned before embracing the duel coloured haired boy. Bakugo joined in, albeit reluctantly.

~ A week later ~

The entirety of class 1-A knew of their relationship now. Nobody minded, and any suspicions on a toxic relationship was dropped.

That was until all three of them started acting strange.

Midoriya got quieter. Stopped giggling for no reason, seemed to always be in thought or distracted. When he was paying attention he looked sleepy.

Todoroki became shut off again. He stopped using his left side again and sometimes refused to use his right too. His energy was drained and some could have sworn he didn’t sleep.

Bakugo is what caused the suspicion. His temper got worse again and he got snappy. Sometimes not even Midoriya could calm him down and quirks had to be used. He had no energy unless he was irritated.

Eventually Mr Aizawa for sick of the three acting weird when Midoriya almost fell asleep in class.

“That’s it! What is going on with you three?!” He asked, gaining everyone’s attention. They all knew who he was staring to.

Todoroki answered first. “It’s a personal matter we all will refuse to speak about in front of the entire class.” He stated.

“Shoto!” Midoriya sighed. “I apologize, Mr Aizawa. Some family issues have arisen and caused us all some stress.” He explained, straining a smile. “It should be worked out soon, I’m deeply sorry it’s caused issues in class.”

Todoroki and Bakugo both refused to speak any more on the topic as Midoriya explained it was just some homophobia in their families. “Grandparents. They’ll be out of town soon.”

Unfortunately for the three, everybody bought the lie.


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Midorya, Bakygou, hawks, shotou and denk where they accidentally hit/punch/kick their s/o when they were training and their s/o starts to cry. Luv uuuu

A/N: I don’t write for Hawks, I have not reached that point in the manga yet so I don’t really know how to write for him. But I love you too!!

Training Headcanons: Katsuki Bakugo, Izuku Midoriya, Shouto Todoroki and Denki Kaminari


Originally posted by karvallian

Katsuki Bakugo

  • We all know that Bakugo doesn’t hold back when training and you were tough so he knew that you could handle yourself.
  • But when you yell out in pain after he lands a particularly hard kick to your side made his heart stop.
  • Sure he may act all big and bad, but he never wanted to hurt you not in the slightest.
  • So seeing you holding your side and tears running down your face had him scrambling over to your side.
  • “Are you fucking okay dumbass? Why didn’t you dodge?” He yelled but you could tell by the look in his eyes that he was hurting because he thought he hurt you.
  • “Katsuki, I’m okay.” You winced as he picked you up, his grip on your hurt.
  • Seeing the look of pain on your face he loosened his grip a little and carried you to recovery girl.
  • He was pissed at himself when he was told that you had a fractured rib and that even though recovery girl could heal she could do nothing about the bruise that was bound to show up

Originally posted by naratemari

Izuku Midoriya

  • Izuku didn’t want to train with you, he was always afraid that he was going to hurt you.
  • But you had convinced him to do so and you had told him not to go easy on you. 
  • Maybe he had gotten into the whole thing but when he had landed a punch on your cheek he turned away about to cry. 
  • What surprised him was the laugh that escaped you, “Come on you can do better than that!” 
  • He turned around to see you wiping a little bit of blood from your cheek. 
  • That’s when he had had enough. “Let’s go to Recovery Girl, she can fix that quick.” 
  • You wanted to protest and tell him that you were fine and that he didn’t need to worry but the look in his eyes chilled you to the bone. 
  • You agree to be taken to Recovery Girl and he carried you the whole way. 

Originally posted by justin-ripley

Shouto Todoroki

  • You’d asked him to help you with your hand to hand combat training. 
  • He was happy to oblige and you couldn’t be happier. It meant that you got to spend more time with him. 
  • The thing is while you were pretty good in hand to hand combat you were clumsy. 
  • As he went to kick you, he was expecting you to dodge as you had been doing that past few times. 
  • This time his boot collided with the side of your head as you fell forward. 
  • A yell later you were on the ground, tears streaming down your face. 
  • “Y/N I’m sorry!” He said as he grabbed his towel from his bag and used some of his ice to press against where he had kicked you. 
  • “It’s okay Shouto.” You say looking up at him, you may have a bruise but nothing else seemed to be hurt. 

Originally posted by misakachan

Denki Kaminari

  • Your quirks meshed pretty well that’s why Mr. Aizawa had paired the two of you together. 
  • You conducted the electricity that he could produce. But you still had a breaking point. 
  • It seemed that you had just hit it as you fell to the ground and clutched your head. 
  • “Y/N!” He yelled as he ran over to you though he was feeling the effects of his quirk too. 
  • “Ouch, I think we found my limit Denki.” You said feeling a little light headed. 
  • He shook his head, “You sure scared me there. You need to go to recovery girl?” He asked you and you shook your head. 
  • “Nope just let me rest here for a minute.” 
  • But it didn’t look like it was your decision as he picked you up and carried you towards the school. 
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IM BACK! so an idea ran though my head, poly bakugo deku with reader living the high lives as pro heros while also trying to balance their relationship if your not comfortable with doing a poly with them separately is just as fine! I have a couple more in mind but ill send them later!

ah yeh i dont do poly..

thanks for the request tho!!

remember to read my request rules before requesting - link in bio <3

im pretty sure you meant reader as a pro hero too so yah!



Originally posted by the-anime-blog

  • im pretty sure if both of y'all are pro heroes and in a relationship it means that this beautiful blonde trusts you so much
  • trust as in he trusts your power and strength so whenever you’re out saving the world and all~ bakugo doesn’t get that worried
  • i feel like both of you guys would be really really busy
  • especially katsuki since this is an aspiring #1 hero right here
  • but despite that, you guys at least try to have one meal of the day together and one shower/bath at least every two-three days
  • and pick one day every fortnight for a date night
  • baby boi really tries for you
  • he really does
  • he loves you a lot and wants to show it
  • please let him uwu



Originally posted by naratemari

  • okay so these hc’s are gonna be kinda shocking for everyone bc i feel like i hc him differently to every other writer if they had this request
  • deku is pretty fucking reckless
  • like he would not care about anything else except the moment
  • that counts for anything
  • dates, concerts, making love and especially: battles
  • the greenette really only focuses on battles and taking down the villain in front of him that he forgets about his own health
  • which causes quite some fights between you two
  • you’d constantly worry for him - which was a habit since high school days
  • even his other friends like Shoto, Iida and hell even Katsuki would scold him for giving you so much trouble
  • izuku hates fighting with you though
  • however you guys always find each other in one another’s arms so it’s all good
  • you guys dont plan stuff out unlike katsuki bakugo
  • you and midoriya just aim to do as many things as you can together in the day
  • you dont plan ahead, you focus entirely on the 24 hours in front of you
  • but you guys love each other a lot
  • he never fails to mention it
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Originally posted by ianime0

  • Izuku sees you as having a act of a much tamer version of Bakugo, seeing your defensive stance and tense behavior in class is completely different to what he sees when your alone, gentle with your little sibblings along with pets and animals
  • Treasures every chance he gets to see your softer side, vulnerable and relaxed thinking your alone to be yourself, a side of you he believes to be more true to you than the strict girl you act like in class
  • Does his best to get closer to you within very class interaction you have together, at the very least creating a classmate relationship or maybe even a casual friendship with you
  • If izuku cant get close to you via classmate situations then he’ll end up planning out moments to approach you during your most vulnerable, knowing that the kids at the park always manage to get you to join in a game of tag, izuku would end up joining in all the same, bonding you with the love of entertaining the little energy balls that race eachother around the playground
  • Let him show you hes just as safe to be around as the giggling children around you if not more, izukus here to support and protect your beautiful radiance from all those who are unworthy, theres no reason to distance yourself 
  • Takes time progressing in the relationship with you step by step knowing he cant just pop your bubble straight away without you feeling threatened. From small comedic conversations in classes, ‘accidental’ meet ups in the parks, and not hesitating to protect you during training practices izuku will make a place in your heart to be close with 
  • Let him be special to you, the only one to truly see you without your gaurd up and be rest assured that hes worth it
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Hello everyone I’m back sorry if I haven’t been updating lately I’ve been real busy I’m coming out with a “very late” valentiness day special to do with character of mha and @anime-and-fanfics if helping me by designing a front cover and giving me idea and if you have any suggestions let me know

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