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milkybunbuns · 4 days ago
Hi there~! I'm the anon from way back then that requested how the guys would propose hehe I'm back! Silently reading all you guys have wrote tbh 🙊
But it's my it ok to request for a weekend trip to the beach with Tendou or Noya whichever of the two really hehe you can make as fluffy or as crack as you want I don't mind as long as at some point we look for seashells and relax on the shore 🙊❤️
I hope this is OK 🙈thank you so much!!
Hii!! I'm glad to see you're still around <33 and happy birthday!! ofc you can request this, thank you for it,,, hope you enjoy :))
beach trip w/ tendou
Tumblr media
- You guys set up the picnic area and pull out the grill and everything
- There’s a wide variety of food and then while you’re searching through the bags yall brought to the beach, you realised there’s no cooking utensils 😀😀😀
- “TENDOUUU, WE DIDN’T BRING A PLATE OR ANYTHING!!!”, your just there panicking while he panics right back at you (nah he was just mimicking hehe)
- “It’s all fine, because I, your only and THE best boyfriend in this universe,, can just go and buy some! There’s a convenience store right there!”
- insert dramatic movements ✨✨
- If you want to sunbath with him er have fun :D
- he’ll be very fidgety and keep rolling around in the sand, trying to bury you lol
- but if you do tell him off to let you sunbathe in peace, he’ll respect your wishes and sit by your side, throwing a beach volley ball up and down while he waits
- speaking of beach volleyball,,, he’ll ask you to play and if you refuse, well-
- “Y/n~~, come on, lets play volleyball!! Or are you too scared, don’t worry though, your brave and tough boyfriend will protect you from harm!!”
- proud uwu face <3333
- splashing in the sea is a must
- like just the idea of like splashing each other with water in the sea and then tendou just out of nowhere whips out a water gun and sprays you in da face makes me feel all warm and squiggly(??)
- it’s on, this means war man.
- feet and hands all come into the fight and like ya’ll just thrashing in the water getting the other person as wet as possible 💅😌
- but ofc after all that, poor bby is out of energy :(( and quite frankly, so are you--
- he’ll do his best to help out with your seashell collecting <33, something nice and calm to come towards the end of the day
- “BUT Y/N, THIS SHELL IS SO PRETTY!!”, proceeds to bring the crab closer to you-
- “Aww :((”, he tries his best, I swear, but it’s like luck ain’t on his side. he’ll present slightly chipped shells, unique strange coloured shells and other sorts
- ofc you all accept them lovingly, how could you not >:((
- but when he does find a really good shell, it’s actually one of the curly shells that like you can hear the sea in or smthing and you praise him his eyes will like light up
- precious 🥺🥺🥺💖💖💖💕💕💕
- “wowie! we collected so many!”, he’ll say in awe as the two of you lay down on the shore after a long day
- “yeah we did, thank you for today <33″
- “your welcome, i’ll always love you y/n <33″
- he’ll gently hook his pinky around yours as the two of you gaze at the orange sky <333
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milkybunbuns · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
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milkybunbuns · 10 days ago
Requests are once again open for Haikyuu, BNHA and Attack on titan (NEW!). You can find the link to my rules, which aren’t many haha, on my navigation, thank you if you choose to request something!! :))
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milkybunbuns · 10 days ago
when you scare them as a prank
w/ mikasa, armin, levi, hanji + annie
modern au + gender neutral
Tumblr media
- “Mikasa!! I’m going to go watch some anime!!”
- that’s what you told her, but you were internally plotting, leaving your anime on to make it seem like you were in your room, you put on a creepy mask cause that’s how all scaring pranks go ofc
- you tried to creep up on mikasa
- key word TRIED :((
- you were legit closing the door to your room on your way out and she legit called out
- “Y/n, are you already finished with your anime marathon??”
- She turns around to face you and you’re just standing there internally panicking, like how does she have such good hearing I-
- and this is why your pranks never work :(( 
- she's confused, she can tell it’s you, your cloak is poorly draped over your pyjamas. the mask really makes her question you, did she accidentally miss out on Halloween or something??
- “ it Halloween?...”
- This is too much embarrassment for you to handle :(( you just take off the mask and cloak and open the door to your room, “iss okay mika, no, it’s not halloween, don’t worry”
- well..that was sad..
Tumblr media
- studious boy, always studying, sighhh 🙄
- but that’s why you were here for anyways, to lighten the mood and such blah blah blah
- you can’t be bothered to take extra precautions with this prank like turning on the anime you’re currently binging
- sneaking up on him was as easy as 1 2 3 😌💅
- you scared him shitless, it was mission success <<33
- reaching behind him, you rubbed his shoulders soothingly watching as he leaned back into your touch
- “Y/n, you know I have to study for the finals coming up”
- Yet he didn’t make any move to get rid of your hands? 😐😐😐
- “Y/n? You alright?”
- You didn’t respond lmao, just left da boi in the dark, when he tilted his head back to look at you, he jumped up form the chair
- actually no, he legit shot up like a rocket
- and yes he did bang his head on yours
- “OW ARMIN!!”
- recognised your voice and was like :o and then apologised profusely lol, his forehead was also red
- you also apologised for scaring him and made it up to him with some cuddle time <333
Tumblr media
- uhm good luck with this man lmao-
- you snuck up on him just fine and you’re just internally screaming, like you’re about to scare THE LEVI ACKERMAN
- hahahhaha that was a false sense of security fool, the moment you breathed just ever so slightly on the back of his neck he legit flipped you over in 1 second
- He did his Levi thing and just grabbed you, throwing you onto the ground with your wrists pinned down
- man please chill the duck out 😀😀😀
- “who the fuck are you?”, he hissed in his oh so smexy voice, “where’s y/n, you better not have done anything with them you little shit”
- damn like that was so hot
- very surprised at your outburst and loosened his grip on your wrists, big mistake dumbass
- you were out of there faster than anyone could say cheese? yeah cheese
- hahahhha don’t expect to outrun levi tho, i don’t care how athletic or non-athletic you are, levi WILL catch up to you, this guy has the physical powers of a good or smthing
- pls be prepared to be scolded for being stupid hahahah, but he will get emotional and make you feel guilty
- “what if you were hurt, or taken away idiot?”
- and ofccc u can’t help but be guilty and apologise uwu
Tumblr media
- they’re one step ahead of you, they know everything from the way you awkwardly walked off to your room, down to how you were a bit more panicked with your words when they inquire you
- and here you were, coming out of ur room in the costume think you’re so smart, like, no-
- you scream in her ear and she flinched, just a flinch lol
- you got fooled okay, that was so realistic bruhhh
- “Hehhehehe, it’s me Hanji <<33″
- you took off the mask and she just looks confused???
- “who are you? what are you doing in my house?”
- you’re genuinely confused, scuse me, this is ur fav Y/n bro
- “hanji, what are you talking about??”
- they can’t help but laugh
Tumblr media
- you snuck up on her while she was playing a game of chess against the computer
- you legit screamed in her ear and she just sat there
- she just sat there, continuing with her game of chess, ever so focused
- so you tried again ofc
- no response---
- ma’am pls stop making us look like a fool :((
- “y/n, shush i’m concentrating”
- so you brought it up to the next step and with your creepy mask you plonked your head right in front of her
- she didn’t scream, nah, you just got your head beaten into the table
- “OW ANNIE!!!”
- she’s shocked and very disappointed in herself that she just hurt you, the love of her life :((
- “Stupid, it’s your fault that you tried to scare me”, she muttered as she gently caressed your poor head :((
- her punch packs a punch okay :((
- will make it up to you <333
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milkybunbuns · 11 days ago
just reblogging so i can find it easier :))
Tumblr media
feel free to leave an order after seeing what our chefs can cook here!
- miya.a manga panel colouring-in
- kenma.k art
- bokuto.k + akaashi.k edit
attack on titan
strawberry milk (series):
none at the moment
chocolate milk (one shots):
none at the moment
banana milk (hcs):
- aot w/ a s/o who loves collecting plushies → levi, mikasa, armin, pieck + eren
strawberry milk (series):
- smile → kita.s
- just teammates → haikyuu!!
- rainbow → haikyuu!!
chocolate milk (1 K +):
- not just you → miya.a
- being a member of inarizaki vbc
↳ part 2
banana milk (500 +):
- onigiris + boba → miya.o
- stargazing → oikawa.t
- a s/o scared of electric toothbrushes → bokuto.k + suna.r
- being the miya twin’s sister → miya.a + miya.o
- when you turn up at their place randomly (texts) → kenma.k, bokuto.k + oikawa.t
- a s/o who gets a lot of mosquito bites → iwaizumi.h + akaashi.k
- random scenarios → miya.o + sakusa.k
- celebrating christmas → kita.s + akaashi.k
- a s/o w/ dark hair who dyes their hair → tendou.s, sugawara.k + miya.o
- a s/o who stays up late to game → kenma.k, sugawara.k, miya.a + akaashi.k
- proposing to their s/o → tendou.s, tsukishima.k + kita.s
strawberry milk (series):
- perfection → todoroki.s
- brat → bnha (child!reader)
chocolate milk (1 K +):
none at the moment
banana milk (500 +):
- out in the rain → hawks
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milkybunbuns · 13 days ago
the mental image of Levi cooking or baking is so personal to me, like imagine that man casually whipping up the most homey and delicious dinner while baking bread on the side for breakfast. he greets you with a forehead kiss when you come home from work or something and messes up your hair when you steal a chopped piece of celery. he got dough cut and rising and ready to bake too so you got fresh bread in the morning for breakfast. he also has frozen beignet dough in the freezer for when your sweet tooth flares and you want donuts, but you’re both lazy, so he just fries some up and covers them in powdered sugar, and they’re even better. after dinner, you do the dishes and refuse his help and make him sit while sipping his tea. you push his ass down because literally, you can carry your fair share! and you guys just talk about your day while you clean up and he relaxes (finally). like, @ god, what I gotta do to forge a man like that? I want him‼️‼️‼️
BAKER LEVI BAKER LEVI BAKER LEVI!!! Anon, you’re SO right!! It’d be such a sight to see. First, we should unpack the very concept of food being a form of love and that love is actually stored in the kitchen; and only then can we fully understand the image of Levi kneading dough and leaving it to rise over night for you to share fresh bread the next morning; only then can we TRULY understand the implications and inherent intimacy and sexiness that comes with this man baking BREAD for you!!!!!
The way he would tweak recipes to your taste. If you like things fluffier, he makes the dough fluffier; adjusts it to your preferred crispiness level when baking; adds or takes away sugar to fit your taste buds—he literally takes the time to tailor his craft to you and if that isn’t the best and most tender thing you could ask for. I bet he doesn’t even realize just how... lovely that is of him; he just thinks it’s what needs to be done.
He always smells like fruit and dough and powdered sugar and it’s heavenly, and you tease him and call him all sorts of sweet (literally) nicknames, and he rolls his eyes at every last one of them, but he never stops you, so you know he likes them. Not one for making an unnecessary mess when you cook together, but you can tease out that lighthearted side of him by smearing (homemade, of course) strawberry jam on his cheek, and maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll get a powdered sugar coated kiss in return
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milkybunbuns · 14 days ago
aot w/ a s/o who loves collecting plushies
w/ levi, mikasa, armin, pieck + eren
modern au
Tumblr media
- Doesn’t say anything about it, just a little bit confused
- Thinks you’re acting kinda immature, but quite frankly, he won’t tell you about it
- If collecting plushies makes YOU happy, then so be it
- If any of your friends make fun of you for it, he won’t hesitate to give his his FAMOUS ACKERMAN GLARE, only he is allowed to judge you 😤💖
- Will buy you plushies for your birthday, he’s observed which ones you like when you go shopping
- Is sort of creeped out with all those plushie eyes staring at him when he lays awake next to you at night, but he always softens when he sees you cuddled up beside your favourite plushie
Tumblr media
- She saw that one plushie you were eyeballing but walked away when you saw the expensive af price tag on it
- Mikasa scoffed at the price, she could create the same and all the more better for almost half that price
- And so she’s set on making you a plushie, day in day out when she’s not busy watching over you she will make that plushie, referencing using photos online
- Whenever you try come into her room, she shoos you out,
- “No peeking Y/n, you’re not allowed to come in.”
- “Awww, but Mika! I want to see what you’re doing!”
- “No buts, how about we go get you some (favourite snacks)”
- Somehow managed to keep you out of her room and when she presented you that plushie on your birthday you were in awee
- It was the one you had been looking at but even better!! Mikasa had custom added cute little embroidery pieces to it
- You were very shocked when she told you SHE made it, like wow, that’s some skill bro
- And now it stays beside you on your bed, which makes Mikasa very happy and all warm inside every time <333
Tumblr media
- cutie cutie cutieeee, will take your plushies sometimes, he thinks they’re cute
- but ofc he asks for them first 👉👈 how could you ever reject those beautiful blue eyes 🥺🥺🥺
- his favourite one is the one in the shape of a shell, it matches with the shell he had picked up at the beach
- throwing the plushies around, sometimes ya’ll but lay in your bed, tossing plushies in the air <33
- he might be inspired to start his own plushie collection too!! but ofc eren isn’t allowed to know >:((
- when he’s on his way home from work and if he spots and cute plushies he thinks you’ll like, he’ll buy them
- surprised pikachu face at your armin plushie, cheeks will definitely redden
- won’t get jealous if you cuddle with your plushies instead of him, he’ll just cling onto you, plus, the plushies in between make it even comfier and warmer
Tumblr media
- and when you get into your room to see her sprawled out with your plushies, you’ll be like 😐, no like, she’s meant to get jealous of you cuddling with plushies, not the other way around
- either way, you force your way in, grabbing her arm and throwing it over your shoulder while proceeding to kick off all the plushies onto the soft carpet beneath
- “and you get off, and you...and you...all you bitchy plushies stop stealing my piecky >:((”
- that’s what she woke up hearing 🤷‍♀️, cooed at you uwuwuuwuwuw
- “Awwe, honey are you getting jealous? Don’t worry, I’ll always love you <33″
- Proceeds to bring you closer and hug you tightly <3333
Tumblr media
- this man, will make fun of you okay, you can’t change my mind
- “Ne, Y/n?? Are these plushies?”
- You’ll snatch them off him, huffing and stomping away
- Like Levi, he’s the only one allowed to make fun of you for your plushies, anyone else is gonna receive one jEaGeR pUnCh straight to the face <333
- Whiny man, will snatch all of your plushies off the bed and throw them off into the wall
- Accidentally breaks your plushie, but doesn’t tell you about it, he knows how upset you’ll be, so ends up spending a whole day looking for an identical one outside
- After reaching home, he’ll immediately scroll through Amazon searching for it, but he can’t find it
- He knows that’s one of your favourites, so he buys you a new plushie, not identical, but the same character, just, in his opinion better
- When he tells you he broke the plushie, you take it and examine it, only to laugh. Nothing a little stitching can’t fix
- He’s slightly embarrassed, the red on his cheeks proving it
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milkybunbuns · a month ago
tyy!! And it waas waaaaaaaaaay more than okay, it’s funtastic <33
Hi hi!! I saw your matchups in the Mikasa x reader tags lmao and I thought why not so here I am hehe. ALSOOO I SAW MIKASA IN UR TOP 3 HISJWJOS, YESSSS :D I'm bi and leaning towards girls, pronouns are she/her. My sun sign is pisces, my mbti is INTP. Personality traits include being annoying- (it's a talent). Love language is words of affirmation and in a relationship I'm looking for someone responsible cause I keep forgetting and losing stuff- Thankk youuuu in advance!! <3
I match you with... Mikasa !!
Tumblr media
-she would never get annoyed with you and probably finds it adorable lol
- she’d be the responsible one in the relationship fs
-keeps track of where you leave your belongings and probably organizes your stuff on the daily 🥲
- also she’d totally comfort you if you’re feeling like you need motivation or encouragement
- you guys would be the intimidating/serious (secretly soft asf) x aloof chatterbox gf duo
-btw my second choice was Ymir :) hope this was ok!
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milkybunbuns · a month ago
Tumblr media
↳ in which a strange girl orders her food delivered from onigiri miya just moments before closing time
w/c: 875
warnings: haikyuu time skip!
a/n: okay okay forgive me, this isn’t a complete fic, its just I’m on hiatus and I’ve had this in my drafts for so long but I can’t be bothered to finish it lol! so for your enjoyment, here’s what i have written
Tumblr media
Miya Osamu was a hard working man and watched as the last customer left his shop. He prepared to clean up, grabbing a wet cloth and wiping each and every table down which sometimes had left over crumbs on it. A ring from the work phone on the counter surprised him. There was still a minute left before closing hours, who could be calling him? Sighing, he picked up the phone.
“Hello? Onigiri Miya, how can I help you?”
A hushed voice responded, “Yes, I’d like your daily special and green tea delivered to Acorn Potato Oof Park, by the blue bench please,” the woman’s voice had set alarm bells ringing in his head, not only that, who in the right mind would order to a park. Yet, who was he to judge, after seeing just what his brother could do.
“Right, your food will be delivered there shortly. Thank you,” before whoever was on the other side, he hung up, opening his mouth to call for Armin, who delivered food around, only to realise that he had already sent all the workers home. It looked like he’d have to the delivery himself. Checking the time, he realised that he didn’t have time to make a fresh onigiri, opting to just get a pre-made one instead. He had made a few of the daily specials to be served, yet not all of them were sold. The green tea was quickly made, then everything dumped into a small take away container and a cup.
Tumblr media
Upon arrival at the park, Miya Osamu couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong. The park was strangely empty and also dark. There was only one place lit up, the lamp post above the blue bench. A quick scan showed that the customer was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps this was just a trick, it was already suspicious enough that they had called just before closing hours. He put his guard up at the mere sound of a rustle, ready to attack, except a cat came out. Maybe he was being a bit paranoid, the voice sounded like it belonged to some old creep. Yet, he was sure he could defend himself, years of volleyball practice couldn’t go to waste obviously.
Just then, he noticed a girl, jogging down the footpath, clad in a thick long jacket with fur at the top, cheeks a slight rosy red and puffing out smoke. She also wore a red plaid scarf, jeans/pants and some sneakers, holding onto her phone tightly so as to not drop it. Could that be the one who ordered? There was no way, he was sure her voice couldn’t sound like that.
“Thank you for the food also I’m sorry for the really late order, it’s just-”
She was abruptly cut off, “It’s fine. Enjoy your food,” he handed her the bag of food, in exchange for the various noted and coins the girl held in her hands.
“Okay, then enjoy your night sir!”
“You too.”
On his way back to his car, he counted the money closely. There sure was enough, even a tip of $20 and a sheet of folded paper. On the small slightly crumbled paper it read, ‘Hi Mr Delivery Man! Your food is absolutely delicious and I am so in love with it! I was wondering if you’d like to be friends, I mean, sure you obviously don’t want to befriend some random you’ve never met before, but if you’re interested, here’s my number! #### ### ### I promise you’ll be seeing me a lot more, so don’t worry.’
Quite frankly, Osamu was quite concerned with the last line. What on Earth did she mean by he would see her a lot more. After a bit of thinking, he had only concluded that she would be trying to become a worker at Onigiri Miya. Probably just a heads up.
Tumblr media
He was clearly wrong, when the orders from the same girl, who he had come to learn as L/n Y/n kept coming in, same time, same order every single day. Over the short interactions they would have at the same blue bench, they had learnt to know each other quite well. So that’s when Osamu grew the courage to text her. Grabbing the sheet of very crumbled paper now, from his pockets, he typed the number into his phone.
‘Hello, is this L/n?”
Almost immediately, he was met with a response, featuring a wide variety of emojis, ‘Hi! I’m guessing you’re Mr Delivery Man! ☺💕💖’
‘I told you not to call me that. Just Osamu would be fine. Anyways, would you like to meet up at Woodland Carrot Amazing Park, tomorrow at 3? It’s a public holiday.’
‘Oh yeah, of course I’d like to meet up :) I heard from Atsumu that’s where you used to spend a lot of your time’
‘You know that piece of trash?’
‘Yeah, I heard about him through Kita. Actually, that’s how I heard about you too!!’
‘Right, that makes sense.’
‘So, I guess I’ll be seeing you at 3 am tomorrow. Good night!! 😊💕💗🥺🥺
‘I meant 3 pm you know.’
‘Of course I do! Who do you take me for, a fool?’
‘No. Okay then, goodnight to you too.’
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milkybunbuns · 2 months ago
eren as your father: y/n, do you want a tomato?
y/n: no
eren: why are you such a fussy eater?
y/n: you should be grateful for me. i just saved you the time and effort of going to the fridge, openning the door, grabbing the tomato container, closing the fridge door, grabbing a tomato and putting the contai back into the fridge. your welcome.
eren: that’s not allowed, you can’t be smarter than me. im telling armin to never come over again
y/n, throwing a fit: WAH U CAN’T DOOOO THAAAAAATTT!!!!
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milkybunbuns · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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milkybunbuns · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nothing to see here, just some archer!Hawks brainrot 🏹💛
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milkybunbuns · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
iii. battles → previous →  perfection masterlist → next
w/c: 1.4 K
warnings: spoilers for season 1 episode 8, swearing
a/n: this series is such a slow burn dang, i just can’t bring myself to make y/n be with todoroki 24/7 but then by the time i finished typing everything i realise i have like 5 times more text than todoroki time udiswjokaq
Tumblr media
You found yourself heading to school on time, only to find a hoard of reporters standing outside the gates attempting to interview every student that passes by. Arms crossed across your chest, you were NOT going to budge until the damned reporters got out of the way. Like yeah, it’s your job, but aren’t you going too far? What a joke.
“L/n-san. Are you not going in?”, Todoroki appeared beside you magically, almost scaring you.
“Well what does it look like to you?”
Before even properly processing what he was saying, Todoroki blurted out, “Are you on your period L/n-san? Fuyumi told me this is what happens to females-”
“WHA AHSIJQKAOW”, you threw your hands towards his mouth trying to shut him up, “You don’t just say that to a female’s face!” Your outburst seemed to capture the attention of the press as they rushed towards the two of you, microphones sticking out and tripping over each other.
“Sorry L/n-san”, and with that he pushed through the crowd of reporters, entering the school and leaving you to face the hoard by yourself.
“TODOROKI YOU BITCH!” okay you didn’t have the guts to yell that out loud cause if that was caught on cameras you could pretty much say bye to your hero career smh. Maybe that was a bit exaggerated. Sighing, you took matters into your own hands, activating your quirk to cover most of your body in a bright light. “Okay guys!”, you smiled fakely, clapping your hands together, “This material around me is light energy and is super hot, I don’t really want anyone to get burnt today, so if you would all kindly back off and let me get through, that would be wonderful.”
The reporters surrounding you immediately backed off, a path clearing for you to walk through. Closest to the gates was Aizawa who looked quite tired, shooing away as many reporters as possible. “Thank you for the help L/n, but that does not mean you can use your quirk in public. You still don’t have your licence.”
“Alright Aizawa-sensei”, you nodded your head, walking through the gates with Aizawa following.
You flinched slightly, turning around to see what happened while Aizawa just kept walking forwards, not paying any mind to the sound. The gates had just shut, activating the defence system at the gates.
Tumblr media
“Okay everyone. Today we will be picking class representatives. This will be an extra way to gain recognition. Now do whatever you want until homeroom ends, just don’t bother me”, Aizawa immediately fell to the ground in his sleeping bag. Poor guy must’ve been so exhausted from shooing those nasty reporters away :((
Yells filled the room, everyone fired up to be representative, honestly, you had no want to do it and you weren’t responsible enough for sure.
“Calm down! We will do this is an orderly fashion!”, Iida exclaimed, robotic arms gestures following his words and the room quieted down for a moment.
“Kero, but won’t everyone just vote for themselves.”
“Precisely! That means that those who get more than one vote will be deemed suitable for representative.”
Names were hastily thrown into a random box then counted up, you had voted for Tsuyu cause she was such a nice person! Even though Iida would’ve been ideal, let’s just say you were biased towards Tsuyu since she’s basically your second friend at UA.
“And the class representative will be Midoriya with 3 votes and deputy will be Yaoyorozu with 2 votes.”
Silently, you were agreeing with Bakugo, minus the shitty part. I mean, Izuku, really? He was a nervous mess and a bundle of uncontrolled nerves, there was no way someone such as himself could lead when he could barely keep himself under control. But then again, who are you to complain, you ended up with 0 votes anyways.
“Okay home room is dismissed.”
Everyone hastily rushed out of the room, eager to see what was on Lunch Rush’s menu this time. Holding onto your tray of (favourite food) tightly to make sure that it wouldn’t get knocked over, you scanned the full cafeteria, deeming it too full for their to be space for yourself anywhere. Sighing, you hauled yourself into the seating area outside where it was slightly drizzling. There was a picnic bench under a tree which would at least provide some shelter from the rain. You stabbed your fork into the food, repeatedly stabbing all around it.
“L/n-san, may I join you?”, a cool voice made you look up from your food, to be met face to face with none other than Todoroki.
“Yeah, sure, take a seat”, you said, trying to act nonchalantly. You still hadn’t really forgiven him for the morning’s events.
And it was like he read your mind, “Look, if it’s about this morning’s situation, I am deeply sorry”, Todoroki could only stand so much awkward silence.
‘Okay whatever I forgive you.”
You swore you saw a small smile on his face and a sigh of relief, but Todoroki was seriously a tough nut to crack. The awkward silence turned into a calming one, as the two of you had your respective meals in peace. Neither could be bothered to make small talk, too much work.
You shot up from your seat, Todoroki doing the same not much after., “Let’s go, it’s probably not safe out here”, by now the rain had gotten heavier than before, “Take off your blazer and use it as an umbrella”, you facepalmed as Todoroki tried to follow you through the rain without any protection. He nodded, forming a temporary umbrella for himself.
“L/n-san, we should be going to check on the gates to see how they’ve broken in.”
“Are you out of your mind Todoroki!? If it’s a villain we’re doomed okay!?”
“To become a hero, you must face your fears.”
“I’m not scared of villains okay?”, you grabbed him by the wrist, dragging him into the building of UA.
“L/n. Why do you think this is called an evacuation, it means we have to get out not get back in”, he snatched his arm away from your grip, rushing his own way up the stairs.
You stood in shock for a moment before realising, “That’s just going deeper into the school Todoroki!”, but he had already walked off and could definitely not hear you. Without wasting a moment, you ran after him, stumbling over stairs and at the top there were 3 ways to go, left, right and straight. He’s probably gone back to class, the alarm’s stopped ringing, it means everything’s okay now. You took a turn to the left, passing by the staff room where you couldn’t help but notice a masked figure in the room with a black hoodie on. You slammed open the door, startling the figure.
“Who are you? I know for a fact that you aren’t one of the staff here”, a surge of confidence rushed through you, you were in UA, surrounded by heroes and high tech. If you yelled once, the man would be immediately apprehended.
“My name is none of your business and I wouldn’t be yelling for help if I were you, Takami Y/n~”, he dashed towards you, putting his fingers dangerously close to your throat, “Keep quiet about this, or I will find you and make you watch as I kill your brother. And then you will be next, or maybe I’ll let you live in pain and suffering”, he grinned under the hood, falling into a mist of darkness that spawned behind him.
You were left speechless, hands shaky and sweat uncontrollably forming on your palms.
“L/n-chan! What are you doing in there?”, you turned around, ready to start your quirk up, before heaving a sigh of relief. It was only Nejire fortunately. “Oh uhm Aizawa-sensei just sent me to grab some papers for him!”, you nervously replied, reaching behind you for a random handful of papers.
“Oh right! Are you okay? You seem a bit shaken up, though I mean I guess it makes sense since it’s still your first week here and there’s already been a level 3 security breach. I can take you back to class if you’d like?”
“Thank you for the offer but no thanks Nejire-senpai, I can walk there myself.”
“Okie dokes, see you later!”, she smiled brightly, walking off to her own class.
Sighing, you put the papers back onto the desk, trying to make them look how they did originally, before peeking your head out to make sure there was nobody near by, then walked towards 1-A looking as unbothered and calm as possible. Who was that man..should I still tell Aizawa-sensei...
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
tagged: @awkwardangelthings​ @dyna-m1ght​ @chibishae34​ @vhskenma​
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milkybunbuns · 4 months ago
hey, somebody is here to pick you up
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milkybunbuns · 4 months ago
Hi! Can I be added to the perfectionist taglist please? 🥺 I love the story so far! I hope you have a good/night! Be sure to stay safe and take care of yourself 💜
Yup!! :D And thank you I am, you better be staying safe and taking care of yourself too tho >:(
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milkybunbuns · 4 months ago
baker s/o
w/ osamu, oikawa, akaashi, kenma, kita
w/c: 971
warnings: time skip! on most of them i think
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Osamu admires you for your talent with baking and you actually have a bakery too! He’s more of a cooking instead of baking guy, so he’s happy to learn about baking from you! After he comes home from work, he sometimes catches you in the kitchen mixing together various cake batters. Will ask to help after having a shower, food made together tastes better <3
He’s seen you bake so many times, but can’t help but be in awe every time. His favourite part of the process is when you’re decorating the cake. The way you pipe the icing in beautiful patterns around the cake, edible pearls in the tip of each swirl. Then in the centre of the top, various berries stacked upon each other, not to mention the buttercream which is smoothly spread along the sides.
Sometimes Osamu will use what he learnt form you and add small desserts to his menu and Onigiri Miya. He remembers very fondly on his birthday, the birthday cake for his surprise birthday party which had apparently taken you over a day to make. It was a cake shaped as onigiri, 3/4 of it wrapped in fondant which was the colour of seaweed, then the remaining 1/4 wrapped in white fondant, with each grain of rice marked into the fondant. Along the seaweed coloured part were the words ‘Happy Birthday Osamu!”, piped in fancy calligraphy and on the inside of the cake, were multiple layers, each with a different flavour.
Tumblr media
Even though Oikawa is mostly away at volleyball practice, you always find a way to allow him to taste your pastries and cakes. On normal days, you’ll bake everything before hand, wrap them in cling wrap and leave them in the fridge. Then in the morning when Oikawa goes to practice, he’ll heat the food up in the microwave, pack it and be on his ways.
 Then on special occasions, like let’s say his team won a match, you’ll bring one of your specially baked cakes for the whole team to share. Oikawa gets a bit pouty that you’re sharing your cakes that are meant for HIM with his teammates, but oh well. The thought of having your mouth watering cakes after the match always makes the team strive harder to win, especially Oikawa.
Tumblr media
Akaashi loves your cakes, pastries and literally everything you make! As long as it’s made by you, it wouldn’t matter who much it cost to him. On the weekends when he isn’t editing, he’ll come and help you at your bakery early in the building. He helps buy ingredients and helps out with the more simple jobs like mixing for one.
Surprisingly, to both of you, Akaashi was really good at moulding doughs for pastries and had a lot of talent in his hands. During peak hours, you can’t keep up with orders and Akaashi will go and be the cashier for you to lighten the work load <3 He just loves helping out and at the end of the day, he drives you around to hand the leftovers to those who haven’t been able to have a meal. He adores how thoughtful you aree and then even though he tells you that you don’t need to do anything to thanks him, you still insist cause it was his day off and you feel badd.
But Akaashi doesn’t mind spending his day offs with you inn the bakery, as long as he’s with you he’s happy. But either way, you end up baking him a bunch of treats that he can’t even finish.
Tumblr media
Since he’s streaming 24/7, you like to bring him your baked goodies during his streams to make sure he doesn’t go hungry. You’ve been seen a few times babying him and you understand that his streams sometimes last 8 hours and he doesn’t have a chance to get a full meal, so you always chop up the food before bringing it to him. That way he won’t make as much of a mess and won’t make the mouse sticky with frosting.
Before you started chopping up everything you gave him into bite size pieces, you remember fondly that all the controllers, keyboard and mouse would be sticky and messy. The desk would have crumbs everywhere and the crumbs in the crevices of the keys in the keyboard were but plain annoying to get out after accumulating for a while. Buying a new keyboard was opted for, too much work for cleaning. You told Kenma off for a good 30 minutes like his mother and he just sat there looking kinda guilty but also annoyed.
“It’s not my fault your cakes taste so good!”, he yelled, startling you.
“Awww, you think my cakes are that good?”, you cooed while grabbing his cheeks and squishing them
“Of course they are.”, he huffed, slapping your hands off his cheeks.
Tumblr media
Kita likes your baked stuff, just sometimes they are a bit too sweet for him, so you always make sure to put less sugar for him. There’s nothing that he likes more than coming home to the smell of freshly baked cakes, scones, cookies, tarts and more. Kita’s grandmother is your official taste tester to make sure things aren’t too sweet or bland. 
You know that when you ask Kita he just ALWAYS says it tastes wonderful cause his opinion is biased. And when you tell him to tell you truthfully he just says it’s too sweet even though you put like 3 table spoons of sugar only! Personally, Kita loves it when you use the rice he harvests for your cakes. On one cake, you decorated it using balls of rice with seasoning instead of chocolate truffles to be more healthy lol. And in one tart you filled it with rice and a layer of mango on top 😋
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Past Promises
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here's the Fuyumi role-swap AU comic I had been working on!! :D It's my first time doing something like this, but I'm proud!!
In this AU, Fuyumi was born with an ice quirk. Basically, it's the opposite of Touya's. Her body is naturally colder than average, and she's able to create ice with ease. However, if she uses it, it starts to freeze her body. Most of her injuries sure gets are from her own quirk.
The reason Endeavor trained her and not Touya is because in this story, he came to the decision that having an ice quirk so the user wouldn't overheat would be better than a fire quirk. And so, she ended up being trained, not Touya.
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hehe hello can I be added to your perfection taglist please? (if you have one of course hehe)
Yup!! Ofc! ^^
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Hello! This is my first time requesting for you, I really enjoy reading your work! Could I please request an angst to fluff with the reader saying ‘I hate you’ during an argument to oikawa, kuroo, bokuto and you can decide the others if you want! Have a great day 💖
Tumblr media
characters - kuroo tetsurō, oikawa tōru, bokuto kōtarō
a/n - angst -> fluff ⚠️ hi bb! i love writing angst to fluff so hopefully you enjoy this, have a great day my love here
Tumblr media
☾ KUROO could be mean when it came to arguments, you had both been screaming for what felt like days now - both your throats hoarse but any other words he had in mind died on his tongue when you said it “i hate you kuroo” his eyes widened suddenly, what happened to tetsu? “you don’t mean that” he spat through gritted teeth, still trying to remain unphased, you didn’t mean it right? your gaze still remained cold as it stared through him “you, you don’t mean that” quieter this time, missing the feigned confidence he had a moment ago - this had a vulnerability to it that made you tense as his gaze suddenly avoided yours, broken. maybe his family had always been doomed by love, but he had so much to give, doesn’t he deserve some too - why?why?why? “tetsu!?” your voice snapped him out of his manic thoughts as his heart seized at the familiar nickname, his gaze met yours again - glassier this time “please y/n, i love you” and you knew, kuroo loved you and he never gave you any reason to doubt “i know, i love you too” embracing each other as you both cried, tears communicating your feelings better than words ever could - the ice that had ingulfed the room seemed to melt at your shared warmth. kuroo tetsurō loved you and all he ever wanted was to be loved in return, it was that moment kuroo realised that wrapped in your embrace, maybe love favoured him after all.
☾ OIKAWA passive aggressive comments had filled the room majority of the day “you’re never home anyway” “well maybe there’s a reason for that” his eyes widened, as if surprised by his own words - he shouldn’t have said it, he gulped and tensed, waiting for the way you were going to lash back at his comment, he shouldn’t have said that. silence, he never imagined he’d prefer a screaming match over this, hesitantly bringing his eyes up to finally meet your face he flinched - your bottom lip caught between your teeth as your body fought the sobs bubbling from your throat, your eyes met his “i hate you” silence. you were both still, eyes wide and trembling hands, you wanted to apologise but it’d already came out of your mouth, you felt your heart twist because was this really it? “no, you don’t” your tears finally fell, but also seemed to mimic the silent ones across from you. “tor-“ you tried to reach out before he spoke again “no, no you don’t, you don’t hate me, say you don’t” as if trying to convince himself, his vision met the carpet before it became blurry, he felt his ears ring not noticing your approaching figure as you immediately wrapped yourself around him, his body relaxed almost by instinct when it felt yours - strong arms coming up to wrap around you tightly, squeezing you as if you’d disappear if he let go. the silence ingulfed the room again, this time though, he found the same comfort he’d grown to love in it. he cups your damp cheek as he brings his face to meet yours, flushed cheeks and red staining his usual bright eyes, but he kisses you - it’s salty with tears and a little messy but you both weren’t ready for words yet - just a little longer, in this moment, loving you like this, telling you that you’d both be okay.
☾ BOKUTO hated arguing with you but he had a hard day at practice and he accidentally took it out on you “kou, i’m just trying to help you” as you sat dinner infront of him “i don’t want it, i don’t need you” he wasn’t intentionally shouting he was just always loud, but you still found yourself flinching at the volume “dammit y/n leave me alone” you tried to blink the tears in your eyes away as you clenched your fists “fine, i hate you!” his gaze snapped up to yours as he tried to grab for your retreating figure, stumbling over his own feet as he ran for you “baby, please you don’t mean that right? i love you so much, please don’t hate me take it back please!” you froze as the tears fell from his eyes, sniffling as he begged - “i love you so much, please i’ll be better” roughly wiping his eyes with the arms of his sweater as you tried to calm him down, holding his hands to stop him from irritating the skin around his eyes even more. “kou, calm down we’re okay” feeling the tears spill from your own eyes at his vulnerability as he pulled you impossibly close to him, letting you ground him as his sobs died down, replaced with quiet sniffles and shallow breathes “promise?” pulling his head from your shoulder with his eyes still a little glassy but the grip his hands had on your waist told you he needed this, you. “i promise.” he smiled, a relieved smile as a trembling hand moved to wipe your tears “i’m sorry, for everything” a wobbly smile as he placed a kiss on your forehead “i know” bokuto only ever wanted to see you smile and he wanted nothing more than to be the reason behind it.
Tumblr media
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