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withrewings · 6 months ago
Favorite and least favorite nutcracker dance gooo
favorite: waltz of the flowers and marzipan because hi i’m a classical dancer and can’t do anything else. honorable mention: arabian because the music is nice
least favorite: i hate russian and chinese. russian is just really fucking annoying, and chinese... i don’t even have to explain this one. it’s always straight up racist, and again, really annoying
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egopocalypse · 7 months ago
I know you're not online as much as you used to be but ya might wanna get on right now cuz uh-MarviN WE THINK ANYWay-pictures all over tumblr and pinned on Jack's discord-
I saw them and I had a small yelling session on discord before I had to get back to schoolwork (waiting until the last minute in college sucks), but I’m super excited to see the boy again!
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levilysms · a day ago
Tumblr media
eijirou kirishima x fem!reader
Tumblr media
WARNING(S): swearing here and there
word count: 3.9k
note(s): i have waited 84 years for this moment to debut in the anime and oh my god it's finally here :o a little chaotic but i just had to write something for this absolutely iconic moment of kiri's. i loaf his crackhead energy so much
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Guys! It's snowing outside!"
"We're perfectly aware Mina!" Momo called to the pink-haired girl that sprang into the lowest floor of 2-A's dormitory building as she used her quirk to create a thick woolly blanket. Mina was already fully equipped with winter gear, donning matching gloves, a hat and a scarf that without a doubt was shaded a magenta pink. She bounded to the gathering in the kitchen area, where Momo, Tsu, and Ochaco were huddled together making some morning tea.
"And it's Saturday!" Mina continued, stopping just as she reached the group with a beaming grin. "We need to make a snowman and have a snowball fight and make snow angels and-!"
"How about we have some tea first?" Momo intruded to settle her bubbling friend, flicking the blanket outwards to straighten it and proceeded to wrap it around Tsu's shoulders. "Here you go, Tsu! This should help keep you warm as well as some of this tea Mother sent!"
"Thank you, Yaoyorozu," Tsu spoke, sending her a grateful smile. Momo returned it before turning back to the now boiled water and teacups that were set out ready to be used. There was quite the gathering since Momo was prepared for the rest of her classmates to ask for a cup whenever they were to come downstairs.
"Oh, wait... Tsu will you be able to join us?" Mina asked, her voice quieting down quite the amount as she set herself down on one of the stools. She took her mittens off for now and put them on the desk in front.
"Only for a little while," Ochaco answered for her friend. "She's going to wrap up tight and join in as long as she can! But then she's going to have to -,"
It didn't take a genius to know who was thunderously dashing down the stairs of the building, the broad and raspy tones recognisable to any member of class 2-A. The four girls (and others sitting on the sofa eating breakfast) turned their faces in the direction of the noise, their eyes widening at the chaotic sight they were presented with. Charging past the bathroom doors and down the long room of the first floor was Eijirou, such a passion in every stride he took as he ran towards the door. Though something went amiss. The redhead wasn't dressed to go out into the cold environment, instead wearing a pair of grey sweatpants and halfway through slipping on a turtle-neck jumper.
Sorry... slipping off a turtle-neck jumper.
"Eijirou Kirishima you are not going outside with no shirt! You'll catch your death of cold!" Another voice shouted from behind him, heads turning to land on yourself who ran after Eijirou carrying a bundle of clothes in your arms. Upon further focus, a jacket and hat and scarf could be seen as well as a rather thick pair of mittens.
"My manliness can handle it! Just you watch!"
"Your manliness will shrivel you dumbass now come back here!"
Your morning had been chaotic, to say the least. As per usual, your alarm went off and rang through your bedroom. Signalling to your sleeping self that it was time to wake up and face the day ahead. Your instincts told you to shut it off and roll over to fall back asleep since it was the weekend and your school week had been pretty busy. So it only felt fitting for you to reward yourself with a few extra winks. But other people had other things in mind.
"Hey, Y/N! Are you awake?!" Your boyfriend's voice came from the other side of the door, following up his call with a persistently exciting knock. Releasing a groan you called back to him, surprised you could even be heard.
"Go away! I want to sleep!"
"Morning to you too!" Eijirou sang back before he opened the door and marched inside. He moved over to your bed, smiling brightly as he pulled the covers back enough to see your face. You were burying into your pillow, your eyes closed as your eyebrows furrowed.
"Go away," You mumbled again, not obviously meaning to sound harsh. You just weren't a morning person, a fact Eijirou was fully aware of. The boy grinned nonetheless, leaning down to peck your cheek with a laugh.
"Wakey, wakey, lazy bones! It's snowing outside!"
"Wait -," You were so quick to sit up that you almost bumped heads with Eijirou, who managed to recoil back in time. The redhead expressed a laugh when you leapt out of bed and dashed to your window to spring open your curtains, your eyes lighting up to the sight of white snowflakes falling gracefully outside your window. The exterior world was painted in a striking layer of white, and for once you accepted the brightness despite your waking state.
"Told you!" Eijirou said from behind you, snaking two arms around your waist and resting his chin on your shoulder. He didn't linger too long though, once again kissing your cheek with a brief smile to the snow outside before letting go. "Now get changed and let's get out there already!"
"What time even is it?"
"Nine thirty," Eijirou hummed back, walking over to your closet. Whilst one may see it as an invasion of privacy, you didn't mind his actions one bit. The pair of you had been together long enough to allow for such things so when Eijirou selected out your warmest coat and slung it over his shoulder, already diving back into your closet for more you didn't bat an eyelid. Besides, he had a tendency to pick out outfits that were not complete atrocities and actually held some sense of style. In your opinion anyway.
"And you didn't wake me up sooner?!"
"Well I only just got up myself ten minutes ago!" Eijirou protested, sending you a playful glare at the sigh you released. The redhead pulled out some more winter clothing though tossed it your way this time, to which you caught and set down beside you as you began to change. After grabbing your boots he manoeuvred to the end of your bed to patiently wait for you. It didn't take long, quickly brushing your hair in the mirror sitting on your wall and dashing to the bathroom to wash your face and clean your teeth.
"Come on, Y/N! You always look like a princess you don't need to make any effort," Eijirou whined from behind you, pouting his lips playfully as his arms crossed.
"Hang on," You whined back, checking one last time and pivoting on your heel in satisfaction once you were done. As you turned Eijirou extended his arm and tossed your coat your way, resisting any urge to laugh when it practically whacked you in the face. It was probably payback for fussing about, Eijirou obviously being very, very eager about going outside. Said statement only presented itself more when you hadn't even taken a step forward and Eijirou was already out of your door in the hallway. The boy bent down to pick up his things (having left them outside your room whilst he was inside), then the pair of you were heading to the stairs to head to the lowest floor. The elevator was in use which was why you didn't take it.
Your eyes directed themselves to the windows the whole way down each floor, mesmerised by the merry sight that was the dozens and dozens of snowflakes scattering the environment outside. It made you smile, excited for the inevitable snow day you were to spend with your classmates. Slipping your coat on as you walked down the stairs with your boots under your arm, a thought entered your mind.
"Hey, Eiji?"
"Yeah, babe?"
"What changes have you made to your hero costume? Have you figured anything out yet? Y'know, because you literally wear sleeves and no shirt," Your head turned towards him, seeing the redhead nervously laugh and shrug his shoulders.
"I have no idea still,"
"What? You have nothing?" He confirmed with a nod, causing you to raise a brow and frown. "But you'll be freezing!"
"Yeah but... I tear through basically everything when my quirk is active so I'm not sure what I could use as insulation... you know? The materials on my arms only work so much," With another laugh, Eijirou raised an arm and flexed dramatically. "I guess I'll just have to put all my manliness into staying warm!"
"But -," You stopped short, your mind running blank at the statement just made. Partly because your heart skipped a beat at his words but also from straight-up confusion. "That's... that's not how it works, Eiji...,"
"I can handle it!" Eijirou came to a halt at the last set of stairs, you only noticing after taking a few steps ahead. Turning around to look back in confusion, you noticed the growing smirk on his face.
"Eiji? Are you good?"
"Yeah I'm fine... watch!" Before you could react, Eijirou swiftly sprung into motion, tossing his cluster of winter gear in your face as he leapt basically five steps down in one go. You easily caught the clothing and only when your eyes shifted to follow your boyfriend did you notice him dashing for the exit of the dorms all whilst ripping his maroon red turtle neck from his top half.
What an idiot.
"Wait, no!"
"Come on slow coach! The last one outside is a rotten egg!"
There were at least three or four times that you nearly lost your footing whilst running after him. You grew blind to the faces of your classmates as they watched the chaotic scene, some puzzled by the unexpected rise in volume as they ate their breakfast whilst others didn't seem surprised Eijirou would be the first one running for the door on a day like this. Just as you were about to catch up to Eijirou, he got his arm out of his sleeve and hastened to toss it back to you. As predicted he knew you'd make light work of catching it, the boy chortling loudly in response to your means to prevent him from leaving Heights Alliance half-naked.
Eijirou approached the exit and unlocked the door, flinging it open with such might it was a shock the door didn't tear from the hinges. He welcomed the icy air (after stepping out from under the balcony of the main doors), printing his winter boot into the raw layer of snow with the other following shortly after. The redhead closed his eyes, inhaling the snowy surroundings and experiencing a small moment of peace. He was too hyped up to feel the truth of the cold, hands meeting his hips as he released a courageous cry.
"I told you Y/N! It's not even that bad! You don't need to - oof!" Eijirou didn't gain the opportunity to finish his words since something latched onto his back with such force his words were taken right from him. Clearly, he'd forgotten you were charging after him and had no intention of stopping until your boyfriend put back on his shirt as well as the rest of his winter gear. Instinctively his hands went to wrap around your thighs as you clung to his back to not lose balance, the pair of you standing in an awkward piggyback position.
"You fucking idiot put your damn jumper back on!" You half scolded in his ear, Eijirou proceeding to roll his eyes and look back at you.
"It's only snow stop panicking!" Eijirou laughed again in amusement, going to gently place you on the ground as you huffed in annoyance at his behaviour. Just at that moment, your classmates approached the doorway which was hanging open, curious as to what the hell was running through Eijirou's head. Though it wasn't long before Momo came running over, insisting that the door was to be kept shut due to Tsu's need to be kept warm.
"Sorry, Tsu!" You called through the doorway, only just hearing the nasal tones of your froggy friend as the door to 1-A's dorms was shut. Once the door closed, you turned to Eijirou and practically shoved his winter clothing into his gut.
"Wha - hey!" Eijirou spoke out, catching his things. You rolled your eyes and pointed at them.
"Put them on before you catch a cold!"
"I'm fine!" He argued with his own roll of his eyes. Seconds passed before he had an idea, Eijirou's eyes flickering up to you with that same devilish smirk as before, you only just catching onto it at the last second.
"What's that look for?" You didn't receive an answer, instead witnessing his smirk grow all the more apparent on his face.
"Uh oh... I think I'm gonna fall...!" Eijirou proceeded to 'wobble' on his two feet as you realised what he was doing. In a poor attempt to stop him, Eijirou let go of all his winter clothing and fell down on his back. The snow was deep enough to prevent any pain from the impact on the ground, Eijirou sinking into the fluffy pillow-like layer atop the grass that slept below. Your frantic outburst caused him to break into a loud guffaw of laughter that at first you didn't exactly appreciate and only brought you to be more concerned. A hand met his forehead as his red eyes closed shut, tears brimming the corners at how much he was entertained.
"What the hell am I going to do with you?" You lightly scolded Eijirou, who didn't seem phased by the parental tones sent his way. In fact, he was too busy laughing to listen. Kneeling down beside him to pick up the cluster of clothing he let stray from his hold, Eijirou allowed his eyes to peek open and land on you. Maybe it was the way the snow was landing on your hat and coat, but it definitely brought out your features and made you all the more beautiful to him. Eijirou didn't resist the toothy grin to remain on his face, having altered from amusement to the situation to his lovesick admiration of your appeal. The feeling he got when looking at you warmed his entire body, to the point where the cutting snow against his back feared to make a show.
"Honestly Eijirou why you thought that running out into the snow without a shirt on was smart I'll never know... what -," Your ramble went unfinished since your eyes landed on his, noticing the way they were gazing at you. Such a thing caused you to grow flustered and to forget your point, averting your gaze back to the winter clothes in your hand. Before you knew it, a small laugh escaped your lips at the entire scenario, having thought back through the morning and discovered the fun and games behind it all. Eijirou breathed a chuckle.
"Oops?" Was his answer, lovingly smiling your way still as his fingertips lightly danced up one of your arms. Since he caught you off guard, the redhead took advantage of it and lightly knocked one of your legs with his knee so you would fall forwards toward him. Eijirou's chest caught your fall, and soon the boy's addicting crimson irises were gazing keenly into your own. They quickly scanned the red on your cheeks, sparkling in triumph as Eijirou smirked again.
"What?" You asked in defence of the boy's growing confidence. With a rumble of a chuckle from the back of his throat, Eijirou used a hand to tug on the collar of your coat so you would stumble ever closer in his direction. Finally, the familiar feel of Eijirou's lips sought refuge against your own and caught you in a tender kiss. Of course, you melted against his touch on instinct, the blush on your cheeks skyrocketing to abnormal extents that only emerged when the boy you called your lover truly had you wrapped around his finger.
Which, in truth, was all the time. But that was beside the point.
Eijirou rolled his thumb against your cheek and caressed the skin lurking there, the feel so surreal your heart practically exploded. It was supported by a satisfied hum that came from the back of your throat, feeling Eijirou smirk into the intimate kiss in response. He tilted his head to the side, pushing upwards as though asking for more intensity, which you were all for doing if not for other factors. Just as you intended to make the unexpected kiss more passionate, the loud and aggressive bang of a door being kicked open was set to interrupt.
"ALRIGHT DEKU IT'S TIME TO DIE TO MY FUCKING SNOWBALLS AND- Hey idiots this isn't your god damn bedroom stop swallowing each other's tongues!" The raging tones of Katsuki followed suit, increasing in power as he stumbled upon the sight outside of Heights Alliance. From behind him emerged not only Mina, Denki and Hanta (all hyped up about a snowball fight) but the majority of class 2-A as well, who quickly became aware of why Katsuki said what he said.
"Woah! Guys! That is not the place or the time!" Mina shrieked through her excitement, bounding past Katsuki and merrily jumping into the snow. You and Eijirou broke apart at the voices and indistinct laughter breaking through your ears, your hands immediately holding your cheeks as Eijirou looked over your shoulder and huffed a small sigh.
"R-Right!" You stuttered out, not turning around since your cheeks were as red as Eijirou's hair. "S-Sorry!" Eijirou rolled his eyes when Denki sent him a cheeky thumbs up and the redhead went to sit himself up. As the rest of class 2-A poured out the door and scattered in all sorts of directions to take part in the usual snowy day activities, quickly forgetting about Eijirou and yourself and growing distracted by the snow.
"Guess I got carried away," Eijirou nervously laughed, apologetically smiling your way when you met his gaze. Shaking your head ever so faintly, you finally let your hands leave your cheeks.
"It's fine...," You trailed off, letting a finger tug at your scarf for a moment or two. Suddenly you weren't feeling the need for your winter clothing, apparently only requiring the usage of your boyfriend to warm you right up. Eijirou seemed to notice and released a chuckle, letting the hand that still lingered on your coat collar pull you back towards him again. The second time he only lightly pecked your lips, so quick you didn't process their presence immediately but definitely craved them again once they were gone.
"Come on, let's go make a snowman together," Eijirou mused quietly and finally released his grip, getting onto his feet as you remained down on the snowy floor. The boy offered you a hand and pulled you up in one easy tug, though suddenly brought his arms to his sides as he abruptly shivered. Eijirou's eyes widened as his teeth chattered, looking over at you warily as your perplexed self seemed to fade and your protectiveness returned.
"W-What did I say?" You replied with a sigh. "I told you so,"
"M-Maybe I didn't put enough manliness into staying warm and too much into making you flustered," Eijirou sheepishly admitted and wasn't surprised at the face you pulled. Lightly nudging him alongside a playful yet punishing gasp, you held out the winter clothing. Eijirou childishly stuck his tongue out to conclude your bickering.
"Just put these on, please?" You asked and decided to avoid the main purpose of Eijirou's words. The redhead took hold of said clothing ere to turning around in a silent request for you to brush the snow lingering on his back. Which you did obviously, before helping him get the rest of his things on. It wasn't long before Eijirou was donning his black winter jacket and was fully equipped with gloves, a scarf and a hat (of course his favourite shade of red). You exhaled a sigh of relief at the sight, your previous worries over your boyfriend's wellbeing ceasing.
"Right, let's go make a snowman!" Eijirou declared, his gloved hand finding yours and gripping it firmly as he started to head to an open spot outside Heights Alliance. You couldn't help but grin, watching his loose strands of red hair break out from under his hat and contrast greatly to the alabaster white that coated the natural world.
"Can it be a manly snowman?" You asked, tilting your head faintly once Eijirou pulled you both to a stop. He knelt down and began to roll a lump of snow into a little ball.
"Can it? It will be!" He answered enthusiastically. "It's going to be the manliest snowman the world ever did see!"
There was no lie in his words either. That morning you and Eijirou did end up making the manliest snowman that ever roamed the Earth, though you did need extra hands in order to reach your idealised goal. Even if it did cause a few setbacks in the procedure. The first body of the snowman grew so big that Eijirou couldn't push it by himself alone, and after one too many tumbles to the floor in defeat, he requested help from Katsuki. Not exactly the smartest of ideas, as when the ball still stubbornly refused to inch a muscle even with Katsuki's help, the ash-blonde's direct response was to blast it to nothing (you recall the words 'fucking die!' as he acted too). Which lead to you and Eijirou having to begin all over again. Luckily Hanta, Denki and Mina came to help (and to restrain Katsuki from causing any more damage) and after a long, long time of slaving away, the snowman finally came to be finished.
"Just look at him! He's so manly!" Eijirou stated as he stood by your side, eyes looking over at the magnificence that was your snowman. With three layers in total and fully equipped with Eijirou's hat and scarf, the snowman was quite the spectacle to say the least. The coal (which Momo graciously used her quirk to create) on the snowman's face shaped a determined expression, Eijirou saying it would 'emphasise' his manliness that way. The coal set out to act as the snowman's buttons were, unfortunately, a little more phallic than what was preferable, but having Hanta and Denki's help ultimately came with the cost of immaturity. You laughed and nodded in agreement, leaning into the arm wrapped around your shoulder. Giving you a tight squeeze, Eijirou echoed your laugh and sighed happily.
"So what now, Y/N?" He asked, looking down at you with a smile. Though it quickly faded and he was due to raise an eyebrow at your growing smirk, only to gasp when he felt the sudden force of snow hit the back of his head.
"Gotcha!" You exclaimed and quickly pulled away from his hold. Eijirou seemed stunned by your sudden snowball attack but was quick to lean down and start making himself a snowball, his toothy grin bearing confidently your way as he did.
"Oh, you're going down!" He called, ducking out the way of a snowball you threw in order to dash away and make some distance between you. Eijirou chortled at the throw, standing upright once he had the snowball in hand.
"You missed and now you're going to pay!"
Tumblr media
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alittlesimp · a day ago
Ranpo and Chuuya with a child who is like Dazai - headcanons
request: hello,can you do ranpo and chuuya with an adopted daughter who has a similar personality to dazai? if you do,thank you!
a/n: so while it does say ‘daughter’ in the request, i managed to make it gender neutral on accident? so ill change the title to something gn LMAO,, the ‘adopted’ bit was also hard to put in because i wouldn’t love an adopted child differently (so i cant describe it differently) and i personally have no experience with adoption so i cant put in relatable details that someone who does have experience might be able to put in ^^” i did write it with that in mind, but because it’s not obvious i’ll change the title to something a bit broader! ok phew long a/n, sorry!
warnings: reader is a child in this one
Tumblr media
· Iconic father-child duo
· He absolutely loves how smart and funny you are
· He’s going to brag about you all the fucking time
· Like I think he’d be the type of parent who annoyingly brags about the most normal shit their kid does (‘ooh they pissed in the potty again yesterday’ shut up angela, they’re three, that’s normal, they’ve done it before, they’ll do it again, stop posting this shit to facebook, yes this is a personal experience)
· But somehow because you’re actually smarter than other kids this tendency gets amplified and thus, more annoying
· He’d mostly praise his own parenting skills
· “Look how smart my kid is! I raised them so well”
· If people call him out on this he’ll pretend to be confused and say it was just a joke (it wasn’t)
· Will take you to work and see if you can solve whatever crime happened
· And like, I wanted to say ‘if he’s sure it’s age-appropriate’ but I feel like he wouldn’t see the issue and the others would have to stop him from taking a five-year-old you to a murder scene
· He wouldn’t mind if you can’t solve the case, it just gives him the chance to flex his brain muscles LMAO
· This man is a sucker for praise and jumps up at the opportunity to show you he’s the best detective in the world / a cool dad
· He wants you to be as proud of him as he is of you
Tumblr media
· He loves you
· But you really piss him off sometimes
· The key difference is that he has infinitely more patience with you than with Dazai
· The annoyances and grievances wouldn’t be there and the initial dynamic would be very different
· Like, you came into his life because he wanted you and not because he was forced to hang out with you by a weird old man with greasy hair and ugly shoes
· So while he might get slightly annoyed with your antics and endless chaos, he would never lash out
· He’d just laugh and joke around a bit
· At first he tried to tell himself you didn’t remind him of Dazai, but deep down he had to admit it
· He’ll go through the five stages of grief because of this LMFAO
· In the end he just finds it a bit funny, he can definitely put it aside and just let you be you
· I do think he’d keep you away from the mafia as much as possible, not just because he wants to protect you from the violence (and protect the image you have of him as a father), but also because he doesn’t want you to end up like Dazai would have, had he stayed in the mafia
· Chuuya’s not stupid and knows better than to put a young person he’s responsible for in an unstable environment like the mafia, even though he’s loyal to them and cares a lot about the organization
· Listen I could write for hours about Chuuya as a dad (same with other characters ngl), please don’t get me going lolll
Tumblr media
please comment/reblog if you enjoyed! i’d love to hear what y'all think <3
taglist (please check this post for more information!): @missrown @pjofics @jessbeinme15 @whorefordazai
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rachfielden-xo · a day ago
The Tracy Cuddle Pile
Tumblr media
Completely taken from @cg29 ‘s post all about how she went to the fair and received the two missing bros for the @tbirds :D. I’m still so happy you have the full set now!
So now I’ve got a fluff fic for you to indulge in! CG, I’m blaming it all on you 😁😂.
Summary: Alan and John come home from a long trip away. The other brothers couldn’t be happier to see them.
Scott paced up and down the lounge, arms behind his hand, brows buried in deep thought, and a look of worry on his face.
“They’ll be fine,” Virgil soothed calmly as he painted at his easel, “Parker’s a good driver. He’ll get Alan and John home safely.”
“But Virg! It’s across a wide open ocean. Anything could fly out of nowhere. Literally. Like the time I was returning from the Russian mountain rescue and a flock of birds came hurtling at One so fast my scanners didn’t pick it up,”
“That was one occasion,” Virgil rolled his eyes, “it only happened once. Calm down. God, it’s only half nine in the morning and already you’re panicking.”
“I can’t help myself,”
“Yes, you can. Think of something that distracts you easily.”
Scott looked at his dad’s desk where all the mission reports and files were kept in the neat little drawers. “I mean, filing reports helps—”
“No,” Virgil had come down from his painting area and grabbed his brother’s wrist. “Anything except that. Don’t say I haven’t seen you get fatigued after countless hours of working. Come on. You can help me paint if you’d like.”
“I would but art isn’t my thing—”
A loud bang erupted from downstairs. Oh no…
“Gordon! What’s going on down there?”
“Nothing I can’t fix!”
The two eldest bros looked at each other. With their silent communication, they both agreed to check out what’d happened.
And there was Gordon, the mischievous squid boy, covered from head to toe in flour, icing, frosting and cake mix.
“Gordon! What were you trying to do?” Scott barked.
“Since Alan and John have been away for months, I wanted to surprise them by making the iconic Tracy family celebration cake,”
“Well you failed miserably. Admit it, you can’t bake. Even Grandma’s better than you.”
“Virgil! No need for the biting words of disapproval. He did his best,”
“I’m just speaking the truth, Scott.”
“Can both of you please help? I really want to get this done.”
“Ugh, fine. But be watchful of the time. They’ll be here in under two hours.”
Scott reached for his oven gloves to take the burnt cake out of the oven. But the door was already open. And it was coated in cake mix. So that’s what went bang. Gordon must’ve turned the heat up too much and the cake exploded inside.
With help, he cleaned the oven up in no time and the bros set to work making a new one. Naturally, because it was the Tracy family, nothing went right.
Gordon accidentally (on purpose) spilt water and milk on the floor which laid out a perfect death trap for Scott who slipped over and landed on his ass.
Virgil got a face full of oven smoke when the fire alarm went off meaning something in there was burning.
And finally, no one heard the gentle roar of car engines outside on the patio. FAB 1 had arrived which meant Alan and John were home!
No one was ready! No one!
“OK, OK, nobody panic. They can’t see us like this. Stay calm. Just, quietly pack everything up…”
Scott, Virg and Gords scrambled like a pack of raging wolves hurrying to get their family surprise ready. Well, it wasn’t much of a surprise, just a burnt batch of mix that was meant to be a “cake”.
“Scott! We’re home! Scott?” Alan’s little voice called from up the kitchen stairs. “Hello? Is anyone here?”
“You two stay here, I’ll comfort the baby,” hissed Scott at his younger brothers who were caught in a tangle of arms and legs. A human pile.
He dashed up the stairs where the little blonde and ginger bros were with their suitcases and day bags. Scott quickly waves Parker and Penelope off.
“Hey, Alan, how was it?” Scott ruffled Alan’s hair as he was attacked with a monstrous hug.
“Amazing! John took us to the Space Museum and we stayed for hours.”
“Sounds great. What did—”
“John, Alan! Welcome back!” Virgil greeted his bros with a warm smile. Thank god he and Gordon had cleaned themselves up and weren’t covered in baking stuff anymore. It was like nothing ever happened. Yeah right.
“Virg!” Alan passed on his comforting hug onto the second oldest bro. Virgil used too much strength and nearly crushed the poor teen. “Can’t… breathe…!”
Virgil pulled Alan closer but slipped and fell onto the wooden floor of the lounge. With Alan on top of him. But it was a pile of cuddles. Tracy cuddles. And a lovely one too.
Reluctantly, the others joined in and soon there was a pile of limbs belonging to five boys sprawled across the floor with Virg at the bottom, then John, then Scott, then Gordon and Alan on top. It was an enjoyable pile of laughs, jokes and brotherly love.
Yes. Being reunited was the best. Maybe that cake wouldn’t go to waste after all.
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jardinsdeminuit · a day ago
I remember you once said that your favorite movie is "Van Hellsing", may I ask why? I admit the werewolf designs are pretty hot (sorry I have a furry side lol). Feel free to ignore this if you want.
Yes, I did! The 2004 Van Helsing film is an absolute cheesefest and one of my favourites growing up. There was a point where I pretty much knew a lot of the scenes line-by-line :') Looking back, it isn't even that good of a film at all. The dialogue is clunky, the plot has a bunch of holes in it and the Romanian accents are bad to the point of being offensive. However, like the Mummy with Brendan Fraser, it is just so damn outrageously fun to watch.
Not to mention the cast of long-haired men and women like oof.
Starting with the man himself, of course. The writers obviously saw Hugh Jackson as Wolverine in X-Men and thought "Yes, we want exactly that, but with vampires." Hence we have Hugh in a trench coat walking around Resi Village spouting off one-liners as he shoots things with his crossbow that never seems to run out of ammo.
Tumblr media
He also has a wet hair scene. Outstanding.
Okay, up next is Anna Valerius. Again, the writers clearly had the same deal going on with Hugh in X-Men, but this time with Underworld. As a result, we have Kate Beckinsale in a corset quite literally kicking ass.
Tumblr media
We also had a lot of ridiculous scenes between her and Van Helsing, like this one when she lands on his face in a coincidence reminiscent of the male lead falling onto the female LI's tits in a rom-com anime.
Tumblr media
I'm kinda questioning my sexual identity nowadays, but if it turns out I do have a bisexual side, I'm definitely sure watching this woman growing up had something to do with it.
And then we have your man. Velkan Valerius, Anna's brother. The furry bwoi. I'm not really into his werewolf side, but I can see why furries in the mid-2000s probably jumped on that shit like me on the brownie stand at a bake sale.
Tumblr media
Take your evil dog and go.
Personally, I'm all about his human form. The first time we see him, he's tied to a tree in a white shirt and corset.
Tumblr media
The next, he's all oiled up on Dracula's operating table.
Tumblr media
You can see where I'm going with this.
I don't know what this white-haired fucker had going on but he looks like the Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji so he's in.
Tumblr media
And then, finally, we have my first ever crush. The original vampire lad. Count Doo-racula.
Richard Roxburgh did an outstanding job of overacting this iconic character. He is snarky, imposing and dresses like a teenager who's just come back from visiting Camden Market for the first time, but damn did I have a thing for him back in the day.
Tumblr media
Not bad for a character with probably the most hilariously atrocious Eastern European accent ever.
Tumblr media
Here he is lecturing Van Helsing about God or some shit.
Tumblr media
And here he is touching Kate Beckinsale's tiddy.
Yes, my eight year-old ass saw this Aussie man in his 40s with a black wig and fake vampire teeth and decided that was going to forge my sexuality for the next several decades years.
And that, my dude, is why I like Van Helsing.
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sketchesandcoolart · a day ago
Old and New Friends (ROTTMNT Fanfic)
Chapter 5
The next day, students are entering West Side High School. They were excited that it was finally Friday and were already making plans for their weekend.
“Hey April, what do you wanna do this weekend?” Sunita asked as they’re walking to class. The slime yokai was in her human disguise thanks to her cloaking brooch.
“I don’t know, Sunita,” Her friend sighed, wearily. “Believe it or not, I still think about Casey, even though it’s been years. But I doubt that he even remembers me at all right now.
“Don’t beat yourself up,” The yokai placed a hand on her shoulder. “Friends don’t forget about each other. No matter how far away they live.”
April’s eyes widen, but then she gave a smile. She knew that she could count on her friends to cheer her up.
“Thanks for cheering me up, girl.”
Meanwhile, the boy who moved into the apartment next to April’s the other day walked straight to the main office. He is holding a couple of papers in his hand.
“Hello, today is my first day here at West Side and I’m looking for the principal,” He explains to the secretary. She looks up from her laptop.
“He’s in Office 34,” She says, pointing to the room behind her.
“Thank you.”
The teenager walks into the room to start his first day.
Soon, lunchtime rolled around and students were already talking about what to do after school while eating. April and Sunita were sitting together at an empty table doing the same thing. 
“So I was thinking that we should go to the movies. There’s one about how this girl become this iconic and infamous fashion designer. Maybe the turtles could come too since they’ve got cloaking brooches of their own now,” Sunita suggested. 
“Yeah maybe,” April chuckles a bit. The thought of seeing what they would look like as humans has been something she never really wondered about until now.
Suddenly a loud crash was heard throughout the entire cafeteria, causing everyone to jump in their seats. The two girls turn around to see a student they had never seen before standing in front of Taylor Martin, whose clothes are covered in what appears to be mystery meat.
“Oh, sorry about that... I didn’t see you there,” The boy winces at Taylor’s mortified face as he picks up his tray.
“You should be! These were from the Paris fall collection and you ruined them!!” The blonde-haired girl scowls at him. He looks at her in confusion and slight annoyance.
“What’s the big deal? They’re just stupid clothes. You can change and clean them when you get home.”
Everyone gasps in horror at his remark. Taylor’s face turned red with anger. How dare he spilled his lunch on her new clothes and insulted her at the same time!
And with that, she stormed off in a huff. People starts to whisper to each other as they glance at the new kid with worry. Not one person has ever spoken to Taylor Martin like that before and things could get ugly if he continues to get on her bad side.
“Wow... new guy’s got game,” Sunita says, slowly as she and April blinked at what just happened. “Something tells me that he needs to watch his mouth if he wants to stay.”
“You said it, Googly-girl...” 
*Hi, sorry that I took so long to post the new chapter of “Old and New Friends”. I was busy with classes throughout the year and had a bit of a writer’s block. Anyway, thank you all for being so patient. I hope you all enjoy reading chapter 5!
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diffuserlover · a day ago
hi! not sure if requests are open but if you don’t mind doing mine i would like it😊 my groups are nct (all ot23), stray kids, and enhypen please.
my mtbi is intp-t, i’m an aries, and dressy more comfy outfits like big shirts and sweatpants. i’m an ‘05 liner i do lots of sports such as softball, track, and dance.
for my personality i’m a pretty introverted person but once i get to know someone i never shut up. i’m also not the best at showing my feelings and quite emotional but i don’t like showing people. i love to hang out with people i’m close with no matter what we’re doing i just enjoy being with the people i love. i’m quite competitive when it comes to games. i can become friends with almost anyone i jsut need to be comfortable enough to talk with them. many people describe me as a very trusting person and people feel comfortable telling me things. i’m definitely more of a listener but on occasion i will be very talkative with my feelings but not very often. i’m also very impulsive. i would consider myself an organized person too.
for my looks i’m a she/her, i’m around 153 cm, i have dark brown hair thats a little wavy at the ends but mainly straight. i have lots of freckles and i’m more on the tanner side for my skin color but not super dark (sorry if that’s confusing💀💀). my hair is currently short but normally it’s on the longer side but sometimes i’ll have random times where i want it short and cut it.
i listen to lots of music but i really enjoy slower music that i can just vibe with. i enjoy krnb, rnb, and pop. i will listen to and music and most of the time enjoy it but not country i dont really get down with country music.
i like to read, play games (like sims or minecraft but i’m open to try and game), i listen to music 24/7, i like dancing but i’m not the best at it. i’m also really picky with my food.
sorry if this got kind of long but i hope you have a great day and thank you sm!!❤️
Hiii! Thank you so much for requesting! I hope you like your ships!! :)
NCT ot23:
I ship you with…
Tumblr media
You both are active people😁
He knows you like to dress comfy so he leaves his clothes around on “accident” and hope that you steal them from him☺️
You and Jeno are both introverts but you guys act like extroverts when your together😆
You both just love being around each other😇
I feel like Jeno is also a listener so he always encourages you to talk about how you feel or what you did that day because he loves to just hear you talk😊
But Jeno does appreciate how your always willing to listen to him 😚
You guys would be that couple to share headphones🤗
You guys will try to play games all night but end up falling asleep together on the couch🥺😭
Overall you and Jeno are really sweet and adorable 🥰
Stray Kids:
I ship you with…
Tumblr media
You are HIS type!🤗
You both like dancing and playing sports😇
He goes weak whenever you fully listen to his worries and empathize him🥺
Your both introverts but your not shy around each other and easily opened up to each other😊
I feel like you guys were friends before you started dating😄
You guys are both competitive when it comes to games(Jeongin refuses to play against the two of you)😆
He can’t wait to introduce you to Kkami 🤗
He loves to take you to the studio with him and teaches any dance you want to learn(he’s so proud of anything you do)🥰
He probably teases you a lot🥲
You guys are picky eaters so I feel like it takes hours to find something to eat🤣
Overall you and Hyunjin are the absolute cutest🥺
I ship you with…
Tumblr media
You and Heeseung dress similar🤗
You definitely steal that iconic green flannel of his☺️
You guys both like the same music, you definitely share a playlist😚
He definitely gets really shy sometimes and hides his face in your shoulder🥰
You guys play games together so much
He laughs at your competitiveness 😂
Libra and Aries are on the higher end of compatibility 🙂
Sometimes at night you guys go and play basketball at a nearby park😄
He most likely made a song about you but is too nervous to sing it for you(it might end up on an album one day)🥺😭
You guys probably only eat ramen most days because he knows your a picky eater and he LOVES ramen😆
Overall you and Heeseung have a very playful relationship😇
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rosefem · a day ago
tagged by @bifags thank you!! n_n
why did you choose your url?
im a femme. i like roses. rosefemme with an -me was taken but i don't like... not identify as fem
any side blogs?
scienceandseance (southern reach aesthetic), canoidea (dog motifs/aesthetics), catboyromanroy (posts that remind me of scott pilgrim & succession characters), constantcomment (posts that remind me of my ocs), and textsfromtoronto (scott pilgrim + texts from last night)
how long have you been on tumblr?
ummm god i made my first account when i was 11... so almost 11 years... waow. that sucks
do you have a queue tag?
#i just wanna hold queue (a pun on the lyrics of bodys by car seat headrest)
why did you start your blog in the first place?
gkldfg idk an old friend told me to
why did you choose your icon?
femme roman roy is my Brand™ and it's pride month so. femme pride flag roman :) i used the femme bi flag specifically for a few days but the general femme flag has a rose on it so. >:3
why did you choose your header?
...roses ^_^
what’s your post with the most notes?
uhhh some reblog bait that was like "mentally ill people reblog with the song lyrics you sing extra loud because they Hit".... turns out other mentally ill people listen to like. one band and then like one song Not by that band. i'm not going to name them but... well...
how many mutuals do you have?
fdsgsdg i... do not know?
how many followers do you have?
780 but i've been clearing them out
how many people do you follow?
1,098. im here for constant stimulation so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
have you ever made a shitpost?
who among us hasn't
how often do you use tumblr each day?
*twirls hair*
did you have a fight/argument with another blog once? who won?
yeah and idk i just gave up like who gives a shit. im 21
how do you feel about “you need to reblog this” posts?
idk they're passive aggressive sometimes but making a big stink out of it when it takes like. 2 seconds to reblog a post and they're almost invariably sj/leftist posts.........
which one of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?
uhhh i think im still mutuals with death2america, icr anyone else off the top of my head tho
do i have a crush on a mutual?
i mean im trying to shake it but technically yes
tagging um. does anyone want to do this you can do it if you want just say i tagged u
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namjooningmoonchild · a day ago
Assumptions on you based on your bias - Monsta X edition
{ This is random asf and I don't really know how to categorize this. Let's just go with the "assumptions on you" category. I hope it fits. ♡ { Also: please, do NOT take this too seriously. It's just based on my experiences with other monbebes and fandom shit in general. It's just for fun. Dm me if you actually want to show me I got it wrong. 😝 SHOWNU You're a quiet one, not really the type of fan to post about your bias all day everyday. I don't think there's a large amount of Shownu's biased people in the fandom, but I could be wrong. Also, maybe you got a slight daddy issue. But I believe that Shownu's stans are entirely soft stans and they don't really fall for all of this daddy aura he has. He is literally a dad, not the one you wanna be spanked by under the sheets. And that's ok, I find it cute. Shout out to NOT over-sexualizing your bias (baksu). Also, I feel like Shownu's stans are overall the eldest in the fandom. Am I right? You probably want a child and dream about an ordinary and quiet life. Good for you, go for it! You love k-drama OSTs and you're probably in love with a good guy. WONHO You're a pisces. There's no other explanation to this connection between you and that guy living at the other end of the world. Somehow Wohno's stans manage not to look at his body all the time and that's something I admire. Again, over-sexualization is kinda sick. Especially when it comes to that ball of sunshine that is Wonho. You actually thirst over him sometimes, but it's always about his smile and how several parts of his body are cutely heart-shaped. You can also manage to watch 4-hours-long Vlives every couple of days: the level of patience I aspire to achieve. Please, teach me! You also cry and feel alone 90% of the time.
KIHYUN Is he cute? True. But he could also kill you with a gaze? Sure. When I first entered this fandom, I couldn't believe Kiki's hard stans could actually exist. I mean, look at his whisker dimples. His strawberry hair still remain iconic to this day - even though he hated them - and I still have a hard time realizing he's older than me... But he is. And now I get his hard stans. You're the type that could threat someone and still be able to maintain a smile on your face. Scary shit. I don't wanna get in a fight with you. Also, you're probably small-sized and really cute and got your shit together overall.
MINHYUK I don't really know about this one. I'll go with: 50% soft stans and 50% hard stans. What I know for sure is that you're hyperactive. Great humour, but people sometimes get annoyed by your jokes. Deep down you may feel insecure about yourself, but you got the right mindset to navigate through life's ups and downs. I need someone like you in my life. Wanna be my bestfriend? We can watch Vogueshipshow with subtitles together. I love how Minmin roasts monbebes and get away with it everytime. Also, you're probably tall and with a good metabolism (and I hate you for that). HYUNGWON Mostly soft stans. You're probably someone who evaluates aesthetic but not in a cheap way. You love to be surrounded by beautiful sceneries and you could also be into some kind of dark academia/light academia aesthetic right now. I mean, look at his face and those rinascimental proportions. Also, you go for duality in your life: Hyungwon's voice is deep as the ocean and his grace is light as a feather. I have a feeling that his stans are the youngest (00s liners) in the fandom, but I could be wrong. Must protect, you're a rare breed.
JOOHEON (this one may be biased because he's literally my bias) Mostly hard stans. But genuinely interested in the music he creates. Are we gonna get over his dimples and how his eyes disappear when he smiles, sooner or later? Never. Are we gonna stop fantasizing over those clips with kids? Neither. All we ask for in this life is to be the muse behind a song he writes. And that's never gonna happen. Jooheon's stans are loyal till the end. Befriend us, we're ready to fight whoever hurts you. Also, we're into street fashion and love to experiment with music. CHANGKYUN God help me, I don't know where to start with this one. Hard stans without a doubt. This guy can't keep his tongue in his mouth and flirts with animate and inanimate objects. You like guys like that and you gotta deal with it. You're into some kind of gothic aesthetic and you thought it was going to be just a phase, but it's already 3 years and you're not getting over it. You're pure at heart and extremely clingy with people surrounding you. But you also want to be degraded by him. You probably dream about a love story that looks like a Tim Burton's movie. More into k-rnb than kpop.
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agentofbarnes · 2 days ago
for the prince and the princess au, what about loki having some father daughter time and tries to braid her hair due to be constantly gone for royal duties, well he can’t figure it out so reader comes in and helps out 🥺
asgard’s jewel — loki
Tumblr media
Astride Lokidottir was the jewel of Asgard, the first child and only child of one of their princes. She was universally adored, taking after her mother’s sweet nature.
As she neared the age of three years old, Loki had found himself working a lot. Thor was still long from taking the throne, but he was made the protector of the realms with Loki as his second. This meant Loki was his top strategist. He was often taken away by work, but the realms seemed to be at ease for the time being.
“Daddy, daddy!”The little girl ran up to the dark haired prince, hair all messy while Frigga tried to fix it up.
“She’s quite the handful, just like her father.”
Loki smiled at his mother’s words, picking up the little girl and resting her against his chest. She clung to him so tightly. He sighed happily, kissing her forehead.”Where’s my wife?”
“Sleeping, she’s been quite tired, the poor girl, I think she’s missed you terribly,”Frigga told him, kissing her son’s cheek.”Take time for your family, my son, little jewel here is growing fast.”
“I will, I miss them terribly too, it’s...hard to sleep without her,”Loki admitted, sighing out at his own softness. Asta kissed his cheek, hands going to play with his hair.”You are wild, my child, let’s sort out this hair..”
He carried Asta to her chambers, a door connecting her room with a hall that led to yours and Loki’s shared chambers. He sat in the chair in the midst of her messy room.
“You haven’t been cleaning your room, have you been giving your mother a hard time?”
Asta shook her head, but Loki looked at her with a knowing glance.
“Are you lying to me?”
“We’ll clean it once we do your hair, okay?”
“Yes, daddy,”Asta replied, sitting down in his lap while he brushed through her dark locks.”Will you braid my hair like Grandmother’s?”
“Oh?”Loki questioned, trying rack his brain on how to do that.”Of course, darling.”
The prince tried his best to recreate the iconic look, but he was no good with this. He thought about using his magic, but you had told him to not overuse your magic in front of Astride so she didn’t learn to rely on it so much.
“Loki?”Your soft voice broke his frustration, sleepy eyes gazing upon your husband trying to figure out your daughter’s hair.
“Hi, little love,”Loki greeted with a smile.
“Need help?”
“Desperately,”He answered with a chuckle. You sat on Loki’s other knee, easily styling her hair the way she wanted. You showed Loki how to do it, making him watch you with great wonder.
Once Asta was done, she giggled, laying against Loki while you rested against his other side.
“I missed you,”You whispered, tilting your head to look up at him. He gently pressed his lips against yours, taking in how at home he felt. You both chuckled when you felt Asta squeezing herself between you, feeling left out.
“Are you jealous, my perfect gem?”Loki cooed, making her nod and wrap her arms around his neck.”Oh, I’m sorry, come here.”
“When we have a boy, you’re gonna have get a taste of your own medicine, you know?”You teased, leaning down to give Asta a kiss.
“Don’t tease me, little one.”
“Later,”You smiled at him,”For now, why don’t you have a daddy-daughter day? I have plans anyway. I think Thor wanted to ask my advice about something, told me to meet him when you guys got back.”
Loki narrowed his eyes at that, his possessive nature rearing its ugly head,”You’ll be back soon, right?”
“Still so jealous after all these years,”You giggled, biting down on your lip.”’m yours, my prince. You’ll get me tonight.”
“I can’t wait,”He smirked, watching you leave the room before standing up to spin Asta around.”How about daddy spoils you today, hm? Wanna go to the market, I heard we have that chocolate from Midgard you love so much.”
“Yes!”She cheered with a little giggle. That was his favorite sound in the world and he would do anything to hear it every single day.
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