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#(and yes the song anon was me mwah)
mrpenguinpants · 8 months ago
Hi there! Im not sure if your requests are open but if it is, do you mind writing HC's for Diluc, being the hardworking boi he is, with a highkey lazy reader?
Like, they can probably sleep all day and stuff, and some people are kinda deeming them not worthy of even being with Diluc cause they think the readers just leeching off of him cause theyre that lazy to work or smth, but in reality theyre just highkey unmotivated and lowkey depressed
I wish this wasnt too specific or hard but you dont have to do it if its too much :") Love your Diluc Hcs btw!!
GOD IF THIS ISN’T ME RIGHT NOW. You’re just gonna walk in here and call me out, damn. 
Hey anon! Unfortunately my request box isn’t open at the moment but once it is, please feel free to resend your request! Diluc is precious bean and I love specific requests so no worries at all. Ty so much for the love and support 💕💕 I’m glad you liked them. Diluc, Childe, and Xiao are my favourite to write hehe. 
But I don’t want to leave you hanging so I’ll write some brain process:
Diluc is smart so he knows that you aren’t actually a slacker because you’re trying to leech off him. If you were then he wouldn’t be with you in the first place. It’s a bit of an opposites attract deal.  
When he was dealing with issues he went on a three year long journey to finally acknowledge his short comings and move on. Naturally, not everyone can get up and leave and people need to deal with things in their own way.
Honestly, I don’t see him as the type to really mind if you want to sleep all day because his life is hectic enough. He had to grow up too fast and his life has been on a constant run that having someone that likes to just relax and enjoy the passing day is probably beneficial for him. He might disapprove of certain things and try and find ways to motivate you but it’s not a deal breaker for him. Poor guy needs to take breaks somehow. 
When he hears people deeming you unworthy of him it does piss him off. They don’t know your situation or you personally so the fact that they think they have some sort of say of who he’s with and loves, it get’s under his skin. He’s naturally blunt so he has no problem saying that to their face unless it embarrasses you. But he does reassure you that you’re fine and he’s happy. 
Honestly, comfort fics are not my strongest but I hope this was alright. I’m once again gripping my writing hand so I don’t get carried away. Once again, when my request box is open you can send it again and I’ll gladly write it. 
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maybanksslut · 3 months ago
1.35k followers sleepover
Tumblr media
guys,,, I actually intended to wait until I hit 1.4k to celebrate, but I don't have that much self control haha. I don't want to bore you with along, sappy note, so I'll make this quick. I love you. all of you. I'm very honoured that you decided to follow me. lots of kisses to you besties xx
now, onto the celebration...
🍾 - zitti e buoni. give me a character/celebrity and i’ll give you a random headcanon about them. specify nsfw or sfw. only sfw for celebrities!
🎸 - i wanna be your slave. cym! I think you know the drill by now - you send a category and I cast my mutuals. I'm sorry if I forget anyone!
📀 - chosen. send this + a random fact about yourself and I'll assign you one of my fics. feel free to also add a preferred fandom. (yes, this is self-promo)
🚬 - fear for nobody. give me a band or singer and I'll give you my brutally honest opinion about them. ps. if I stan them, it might turn into a love letter.
🌑 - le parole lontane. mutuals only!! send this and I'll assign you a word + colour that reminds me of you.
🌃 - torna a casa. mutuals only!! send me this emoji and I'll give you three songs that I would listen to with you on a long car ride on our way home.
💳 - vent'anni. amelia analyzes. send me a topic - it can be anything; a band, song, movie, book, outfit (bonus points if it’s måneskin related) and i’ll honestly analyze and review it.*
*= credit to @msgorillagripcoochie for the idea <3
OPEN: from Tuesday (8th of June) to Sunday (13th of June)
sappy stuff and moots below the cut <3
lastly, thank you. thank you to my followers for the endless stream of support. thank you to my anons for asks and nice messages. thank you to my mutuals for friendship and love that I will remember for the rest of my life. I would even like to thank my hate anons, for strengthening me and shaping me into the person I am today. thank you.
@ashesandstars @acosmis-t @angeloniaa @amourtentiaa @amirahiddleston @bellatrixscurls @bohemianpages @cherryobx @captainshazamerica @clementinese @caelys @drewstarkeysbitchh @dorcasmeadowesx @drachoesimp @dracoscene @fangirlings-things @fredshufflepuff @fjorelaant @freddieweasleyswife @gothboutique @hermayone @holden-caulfield @henqtic @iwritesiriusly @illiicitarts @lxncelot @littlemissjaffa @ladyvesuvia @musicallisto @maggiescarborough @m4r13l3y @msgorillagripcoochie @pad-foots @pinkandblueblurbs @quindolyn @retromafia @reguluscore @swanimagines @slutforsalvatore @transparenttsoul @taylathornton @akraziia @voidmalfoy @vixxiann @thotbutpurple @phuvioqhile @pansyslut @hotchsbabygirl @miss-starkov @midnightgren ++ many more, I'm so sorry if I forgot anyone, I love all of you mwah mwah
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kirakirasaku · 4 months ago
pairing: Kozume Kenma x f!reader
wc: 975
warnings: alcohol, some product placement ads (lol; not sponsored by Tanduay and Sprite), slightly suggestive cheverlu (c/o the English translation to APO Hiking Society's "Yakap sa Dilim"), Kenma being so sweet to his s/o, a bit ooc-ish?
note: this fic was inspired by my last week's *coughs* spicy *coughs* interaction with my second visiting (fifth overall smh) Kenma anon here on my blog. Then the song "Yakap sa Dilim", originally sung by APO Hiking Society, came into my mind because it's so damn seggsy tbh *fidget fidget* At first, I thought of doing a bit smutty fic to complement the song but... siiigh, I'm still nowhere as good as by the likes of my other moots who write smut almost on a daily, weekly basis. Plus I have a good, if not great, imagination when it comes to writing fluff, so... ^^;;
another note: that part about Y/N mixing her alcoholic drink with clear soda and experiencing full-blown redness and itchiness from head to toe while drinking was based on my experience drinking alcohol straight away. And no, I'm not always drinking on a regular basis, just whenever there are family get-togethers and like New Year's Eve parties.
another ANOTHER note: this is my first entry for @lumpiang-toge 's Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas server collab event. Huuuuuuge thank you for beta-ing this @/lumpiang-toge @love-amihan @imo-chan-imagines @kousukii @manjirosday @abuliawrites I LOVE YOU ALL MWAH <3 *headpats*
see also: listen to the original version of "Yakap sa Dilim" by APO Hiking Society here-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[00:45 am]
——— 💙💖
"...and that's all for tonight's streaming! Make sure to follow me on all my social networking sites, they're on the description below! Well then, this has been your favorite gamer cat boy Kodzuken, logging out!"
Kenma then removes his headset and closes his stream, stretching and yawning a bit in his gaming chair, before standing up and heading towards his and your shared (bed)room.
"Y/N~ Y/N, are you still awake? Y/N-" he opens the door to your room, only to find it silently empty.
Hmm... where did she go? Kenma then searches the kitchen. "Y/N?" And the bathroom. "Where are you?"
He taps on his phone and checks his contact list for a possibility of you being online at the moment. And sighs. Nothing.
"Y/N! Y/N-chan, where are you?"
"Kitten, I'm on the back porch!"
Kenma finds you sitting on the porch, chin up, your eyes watching the numerous stars twinkling, shining, across the wide clear night sky, and smiling.
"I just finished my stream earlier and was checking up if you're awake or not but-" He sits in beside you and snuggles a bit but then notices a slight flush in your cheeks, and spies your hands cradling a glass of familiar reddish liquid. Beside you stands a half-empty bottle of Tanduay Ice, its opened bottle cap sitting askew on the lips.
"How long have you been drinking, Y/N? And straight-up drinking a bottle of Tanduay Ice Red Mirage?"
You turn your slightly flushed face at Kenma, a goofy smile escaping your lips, and raise your glass. "Not about half an hour ago, and don't worry about me getting all red and itchy all over my body from too much drinking! I mix it up with some Sprite to lessen the alcohol intake!" You fish out a 2L bottle of Sprite, also half-empty, on the ground, to prove your point.
Kenma sighs exasperatedly and smiles back at you. Lovely and stubborn you, who isn't the type to back down from an argument and stuff.
You gently place your drink on the wooden floor and suddenly stand up and walk. "Ah, you want something to drink? I can get you some can of beer if you-!"
You feel the grip on your wrist as he grab your hand before you go inside, and look at him.
"Please stay."
Kenma then brings your hand near his face and tenderly kisses your palm, looking you in the eye, the action making you more flushed but not because of alcohol. He smiles at you again.
"I love you, Y/N."
Steam runs off your ears, your face a full-blown tomato face. "I-I-I love you, too, Kenma!"
The former Nekoma high school volleyball setter and now-YouTuber can't help but softly chuckle. Kenma can't really resist teasing and making you blush.
Because he finds it very cute. And endearing.
He hangs his head down a bit. "Sorry... I forgot about our date earlier.”
"Eh? W-why are you saying sorry...? I should have known you'd have a busy day yesterday! Two 4-hour streams, company Zoom meetings, a date with Kuroo-san in the office-"
"-it's a meeting with the Japan Volleyball Association for an upcoming proposal, stop calling it a 'date'!"
Your boyfriend then pulls you closer and wraps his arms around your waist, his head being buried on your chest. You could hear his muffled sigh and voice from within while he speaks.
"I'm such a terrible boyfriend to you, kitten. How can I make it up to you?" While looking at you, pout on his lips, his golden cat orbs a puppy-like glance at your face.
A look that sends your heart aching with cuteness.
"Hmm..." You pull away from Kenma's embrace and grab your phone to scroll and tap on something. A smile creeps across your face as you place your phone back from where you got it earlier.
The first few notes of your favorite song start to play in the background. You offer your hand at a slightly confused Kenma.
"Would the great Kodzuken care to dance with me?"
Hoping that you lay your head on the pillow
Your body, I'll cover like a blanket.
Problems you will forget
As long as we embrace in the dark
He accepts it, grinning, and finds himself swaying his body alongside you, your hands around his neck, his hands perching on your waist.
Don't stop if you feel like you have to cry unexpectedly
Hoping what you feel is relaxation
If you want, we can take a cigarette first
Before we embrace in the dark
"I'm so lucky I have met you, Y/N. I really am~" He places a kiss on your forehead before nuzzling your cheek, his nose wrinkling a bit. "You still smell of Tanduay Ice, kitten. Hope you won't experience an incoming hangover later."
"Kenma!!! I won't, silly! And I'm also lucky that I'm here, cuddling with you, dancing... it makes me happy!" You kiss his cheek and hug him closer.
This is something that we have been waiting for
We're right at this moment embracing in the dark
Oh, the satisfaction from the quick, stolen moments
While we embrace in the dark
"I love you, Y/N..."
"I love you more, Kenma..."
Come on and lie down by me in bed
Let's savor the good times together
To our love that we hope for
While we embrace in the dark
As the song ends, you find yourself yawning, sleepy. He notices this.
Kenma kisses your forehead again, snuggling you at his side. He yawns also. "Maybe we should go to bed now, kitten. It's getting late."
"And we can cuddle while we sleep?"
"Mhmm~ yes, we can! C'mon... but first, let's brush your teeth and get rid of that alcohol smell..."
Tumblr media
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kittyfroggy · 9 months ago
I’m new to this whole thing and I’m wondering if you could write todoroki shinso and tamaki with a grunge s/o like it’s their aesthetic cause like that’s my new aesthetic and I need to know how ma boys would react!!!!! -⛓
🗯Note: WELL WELCOME THEN!! Its p fun right 😳 and yes of course I can I love this idea!!! I love these boys so much ty for the request! And for specifying that ur in the dating stages 🥰
Pairings: Shoto Todoroki x Fem!reader, Hitoshi Shinsou x Fem!reader and Tamaki Amajiki x Fem!reader
Scenario: the boys with a fem!s/o who dresses in a grunge aesthetic
Warnings: none! Fluff
Hc's under the cut, babes!.+☆°
Shoto Todoroki
Resident pretty boy alert 😏
He dresses pretty.. nice but nothing special, so he thinks your fashion sense is very interesting
You definitely stand out to him and it drew him to you before you had gotten together, not really in an admiring way but his eyes just naturally went to your dark attire
He thought you looked very cozy and it makes him happy
I feel like hes grown to like it, he doesnt care much for style or aesthetics, but he definitely likes yours.
He enjoys how it contrasts with his more casual/formal way of dressing 😳
Will wear rings for you if you want, let's you put eyeliner on his right eye when hes bored and you need practice
Cant wear the rings all the time sadly bc he doesnt want to frost the metal and risk it rusting or melt it with his flames :( they could get too hot and burn you nd that makes him kind of wary
Back to u putting eyeliner on him, he likes to peek his left one open and watch your face contort in concentration.. its really cute
Give him a little kiss on his scar pls
Likes it when you wear fishnets and black skirts, he likes to rub his fingers over the nets and feel the ribbed/rough texture and stare at your thighs 😳
Will rip your tights/fishnets for you if u want them to look more rugged and worn
Cough cough hot cough cough
Buys you all of the cool grunge fashion clothes u want, is very very happy to indulge you like that
Isnt the best with showing his affection so gifts are like perfect to show he was thinking about you
On date nights he enjoys watching you from the bathroom door while u put on ur makeup... hes super fascinated. Likes it when u do big dramatic wings w ur eyeliner even though he jabs at u (rlly weakly lmao) abt u being extra
Eventually u just tell him to sit on the toilet seat and watch so he doesnt have to lean over or squint to see your face through your makeup mirror lmao
"Why are there so many different kinds of black fabrics. Not all of your black clothes match.. or your greys... its.. irritating." "I KNOW RIGHT!?
Likes shirts and dresses w boob windows on you.
Tells you you look beautiful. Very often. Sometimes he just mumbles the word and that's all he can get out as he stares at you and drinks you in.
Can get pretty touchy? Like, he likes the way you layer your clothes and will smooth his hands over your back or waist.
Thinks you're rebellious to modest/traditional expectations and finds that very attractive. He just knows his dad would not want him to be with you and that just makes him want to be with you MORE
Is pretty blunt and will go "that's cute/sexy." If u show him smth u want and ask for his opinion on it 😭
Hitoshi Shinsou
Also is pretty drawn to you bc of your looks but unlike todoroki he likes it immediately. In his head will be like 😏 go grunge girl. When u do smth cool or cute
Thinks its badass, but probably jokes and calls you emo and will sing a couple lyrics from like. MCR or Panic! At The Disco
Stupid shinsou. "How do u know the words to those songs if YOU arent 'emo'."
Shuts up pretty fast
Really.. really... really likes it when you wear chokers. Also garter belts or thigh highs he REALLY LIKES THOSE
The first time he sees you wearing a choker he kind of stares at it constantly. Curls his finger in the strap and tugs you closer and is like "looks good on you,"
Buys you a spiked choker/collar
Paint his nails black, please. Please.
He thinks u look cool as hell all the time, loves how you stand out!! I feel like he'd be pretty inspired and want to dress more grunge too
I think the first grunge-ish thing he gets himself is like big black boots. Maybe doc martens? But just big tall black boots. They make him feel powerful... and cool as hell
Wears them all the time. With everything. Sometimes u have to get him to wear normal sneakers bc like SHINSOU THAT DOESN'T GO W UR STUPID DARK CARGO SHORTS- get rid of those already please
🙏shinsou... wear the ripped jeans
"Babe, where are my boots?"
Complains when they crease 💀
Will take very good care of ur clothes if u spend sm time together they get left at his dorm/place
Will send u links of outfits or clothes, hes a bit nervous abt buying something for u unless he KNOWS you like it. Also doesnt have alotta money but he tries
"Are... you putting on make up to LOOK like you have eyebags?"
Shinso, standing there with his 6 pound heavy eyesuitcases eyebags: 😐
Calls other ppl boring even though he dresses p boring himself LMAO but hes like 🙄 that's a lame shirt and he probably has a similar one in his closet
Will smirk when you walk up to him all dolled up for dates and go "daammn." Just to make you blush
He adds rings to his hero outfit.. or uh ahem, brass knuckles anyone?
Shinsou, lovingly: they make me think of Y/N.. :)
Denki, staring at the brass knuckles: 😰😰😰 c-cool man
Its just a huge thumbs up from Shinsou okay. grunge stuff I mean.
He likes chains too!! Again, badass. I can see him playing with them or fiddling w them... cough.
Look I know I said he takes care of your clothes and that includes your accessories BUT-
Him playing w ur chains in private when u arent around and uses them like he uses his capture weapon,,, and eventually whipping himself and getting hurt 💀 he yelps and goes "Oohhhnmmmfuck.." and keels over rubbing his arm really hard for a couple minutes 💀;;
Hes too embarrassed to let you know abt the minor injury and wears long sleeves/sweaters for a couple days
Tamaki Amajiki
Finds you intimidating at first 😖 ngl.
But he admires the confidence you have to dress so differently, he could never :(
He thinks you are so.. so.. cool. Like, he just thinks you're a bit of a delinquent or somethin! You're the badass and hes a side character
Psh, tamaki, style doesnt = personality
Thinks you're really pretty... and is BAFFLED. BAFFLED. when you confess that you like HIM. Him! Ofc u have to confess he didnt even think u could ever possibly like someone as boring as him
When hes with you in public you can grab some stares from others and it makes him nervous but he also kind of um.. likes to show you off. Squeezes your hand or maybe if he's feeling brave will rest his hand on your lower back.
He supports you a lot and will nervously show you pictures of models in grunge attire and be like "is-is this good? Do you like it?" And if u agree he will nod, stare at the picture for like. Minutes and minutes and then be llike "do.. you want it?"
HE FEELS INSECURE.. ABT THE FACT HE DOESNT DRESS UP MUCH. He wants to dress up for you, is really curious, maybe you'll like him even more if he dresses in your preferred style?
Hes so funny pls
Please wear big platforms or heels around him. If they're so tall you're like eye level with him or TALLER than him he... will.. blush. A lot.
Him resting his hands on your hips and tipping his head up for a kiss... n e ways
That may be hard since hes like 5'9 but still, he'll be secretly into it. You seem so confident in them, and if you arent he's QUICK to compliment you
Speaking of compliments, he does so a lot. Not amazing w physical stuff so verbal affirmations and affection is his main go to
"You look so g-gorgeous."
"You look really nice today."
"I like that, um, those pants on you."
"Is that new? Y/N?"
Will let you wear his black cardigan if it goes w ur fit~.... it kind of becomes yours. It's like his main thing he wears and it just smells like him a lot and it's so comfy.. and can go with ANYTHING which is probably why Tamaki has it
Really will give u any of his clothes, he will hand anything over if you're like "your jacket would look so good with this outfit, Tamaki🥺"
It's on your shoulders in a couple seconds
"Wow, Y/N I really like your shirt, where'd you get it?" Y/N: my boyfriend :)
He thinks your accessories are particularly cute. Like if you have barrettes, belts, jewlery, stuff llike that. He likes to play with your necklaces or help you put your barrettes in if u dont have a mirror around
THINKS U LOOK CUTE AS HELL IN BIG HOODIES AND/OR BEANIES.. of course he likes you all dressed up but you looking comfortable/soft with messy hair is a favorite of his
Although he is also a fan of boob windows, not that he'd ever admit it
His style? Kind of changes with out him realizing the longer you are together. He just shops with you so often you kind of end up dressing him up a lot. Hes pretty insecure about shopping but youre so sweet and hype him up and he'll feel encouraged enough to branch out like that.
Tamaki in grunge clothing is sexy as hell😭
You see him in his hero costume with out his cape and hood and you're like "BAAABBE, THIS COULD BE A SICK OUTFIT!"
Tamaki in all black, the back of his top open exposing his smooth shoulder blades and the fabric held together w a button at the back of his neck.. still wearing his pouches/harness and arm gauntlets: what
Buy him an actual harness 🙏 and a black turtleneck please
U have any clothes w rips in them he goes a little crazy internally. Especially if it's a shirt... he finds himself thumbing at any exposed skin.. a lot.
"Why are you wearing the lingerie on top of the shirt!?" Cue tamaki blushing like mad and his ears twitching
"Its a style choice :(" (I suppose some of these are not grunge and more alternative but n e ways)
I KIND OF RAN W THIS LMAO, I hope this is okay!! ⛓ anon, I love that kind of aesthetic and kind of turned this into reader turning the boys sorta grunge too 😭 this was so fun! Mwah!
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yourdaddychan · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
literally just wow- i genuinely have nothing to say about this please- i cannot explain how much this means to me- there's 1000 of us- *hugs all of you* [ especially the porn bots ] *turns into formal luna asf*
i remember when i started in may, just a tiny chatbot with only one mutual, only known to you guys as [ answer : admin ]. and now, almost a year later, i have 1k of my chainsaw eating demons who are metal as fuck 💪ive learned so much being on tumblr, as a part of both the skz writers community and the chatbot community. ive made a bunch of friends, lost a bunch of ones, and 1k of you stuck with me. i cannot begin to express my gratitude to all of you, and how much all of you and your interactions with me mean to me. all of the simping, the random stories, everything. i cherish all of it, and i love all of you. aight so letz get to the personal thanking asf
alsoer i kinda wanted to do something sexy so imma do what color they remind me of :D most of them can be found at this link :
@kvinly linn bb 🥺through all the drama we've been through and shit im so glad we ended up becoming friends again cause we're kinda sexy together 😉thank you so much for being my 1000th follower bb you mean so much to me and if anyone hurts you im about to *turns into jennie and kachows them* licherally lets nevah fight again
-> you remind me of the color punch , and not only because of the name- underneath that grr me edgy grr me bully you're just a softie simp and that reminds me of punch :D
@undeadbots steph 🥺lemme be your personal broken chopsticks pls :( KLDSKLD anywayz we've also gone through some sexy drama and thankfully you saw da light 😉and now look at us, with our own band, and our own producing line 🥺brohemian rhapsody for life bro 🥺 *big kithie for da best dad in da world :D*
-> you remind me of the color viridian , because it gives me confident vibes :D you carry yourself proudly and confidently as you should tbh go steph
@binniesthighs oh look its a cutie *pushes you to a mirror* right there :D RORORO YOUR BOAT :DD we havent talked too much, besides my simping for jisung- but you give me very sexy energy so imma propose rq *gets down on one knee* will you be the rororo to my boat 🥺thank you for being my moot :D
-> you remind me of the color espresso , because espresso looks like the color to be pretty chill and laid back, and you're all of those, and calming to be around
@toshis-flower BAYBEE BEBE BEEBEE :D thank you so much for being my moot and making me a wifey asf ‼️ you're literally so much like me whats not to love <3 JKSDJKD JKJK you're really sweet and really just a good person to rant to, i love you so so so much and i think im going to remarry you :D
-> you remind me of the color taffy , because you're sweet, cute, and bright :D *eats you* yummy
@lov3ric seyoung. i love you. so much. MY SOULMATEEEE :DD even though we tell the story over and over like a bunch of grandmas, ill still never forget how we became soulmates and then bonded over boba 🥺im licherally going to marry you one day like ez 💪also i wanna eat you can i eat you youre really cute *eats you*
-> you remind me of the color daffodil , because it reminds me of banana milk which reminds me of you tbh- buuuttt did you know that daffodils are one of the first flowers you see when spring starts? that definitely reminds me of you because through all of the cb drama, you've always been there with me, like literally always- i cannot express how much i love you *kithie*
@simpchimp LIDDLE CHEESE FUCKER THEMBO :DD drink water *spank* i love you so much you cutie 🥺you're also licherally the funniest person ever like stop bae i kinda need to be the funniest but noer its you 😔alsoer i love how random you are KDSKLD so nevah stop that because then *revz up arm* youre going to get luna-ified
-> you remind me of the color jam , because even though you seem kinda scary at first [ yes i was 100% scared of you ] you're really soft :D
@berrywoo the sun themself 💪you are easily the purest person ive met, and im so happy i somehow became moots with you :D you literally hit diff, yk? theres something about your personality and the way you act thats so comforting, and that means i eat you because youre too cute :D you cant just be a wholeass teacher for kids and expect not to get eaten kids are licherally demons whoever deals with them properly and treatz dem nicely gets a nom asf
-> you remind me of the color honey , because you're a sunshiney yellow, and you're sweet like honey :D i think you need to hear that its okay not to be okay bb, and you can come to my dms anytime you want to rant 😎
-> you remind me of the color scarlet , because youre a sexy bitch tf and scarlet gives me 'idc what you think im hot' kinda vibes which is like exactly you
@satosimp WINTER DADDY :DD i lub you asf *insert we dont talk anymore by charlie daddy* ugh the way your personality matches mine is kinda sexy or whatever im also kinda in love with you but lets ignore that part 🙄 💪 *big kithes* *eats your cats casually*
-> you remind me of the color lilac , because it just gives me tsundere vibes, you act like you dont care but really do care :D you liddle sawftie *noms your cheekie*
@nightshade-minho DUCKIE :DD *insert we dont talk anymore by charlie daddy pt 2* licherally bae where the fuck are you i miss you you bettah be doing well in school otherwise im going to smack you with a chappal asf DSJJKSD *eats your cat because hes such a cutie*
-> you remind me of the color marigold , because you're adorable and sunshiney :D
@onigirimeeya MICHIE MICHIE MICHIEIEEIEI MY DAD :DDD i like you mucho much if you didnt know *kithes you* you're like one awf da best listeners ever- which is such a weirdass compliment but its true- you're really good at listening, and just being a comforting presence in general, like when you go to the beach and youre just staring at the waves all edgy mode, and it calms you down a fuck ton
-> you remind me of the color mint , for obvious reasons- mint choco chip cookie michie :DD
@hhjs bae we dont talk a lot but im kinda lurking on all of your posts- JKDSJSKD bae remarry me please youre really fucking hot 😭and the way you have with words is like damn- teach me oppar asf
-> you remind me of the color wine , because you're refined, and carry yourself in a way that makes everyone want to be you. the color wine is rich and deep, which reminds me of the way you write :D
-> you remind me of the color cerulean , because its a baby blue and what fits better than a baby blue yk? you're adorable and squishy and i want to nom you 24/7
@secretary-yeji *iz chan ig cause we dont talk admin to admin* oh erm gee is uncle chrith 😉DKLSKLD my liddle koala :D my liddle burgah :D my liddle aussie :D my besth frien :DDD evah since may i think we've been friends, and i think one of the highlights of that day was me marking you as spam twice and on accident too- LKSDKLSD WE DONT TALK ABOUT THAT anywayz thank yew for being uncle chrith's friend *kith*
-> you remind me of the color seafoam , because it's a very soft and light color yk, you're delicate asf which sounds like a bad thing now that im typing it BUT IT ISNT DSKLDSLK YOURE VERY CUTE YOU AND YOUR FLOOFY COWS :D
@ayolistenupp im kinda... in love with you? wtf? KDSDKSL MY DESI DADDY ASF I LOVE YOU SOER MUCH :D our music nights™️ mean so much to me, like theres just something so personal about listening to what the other person likes to hear even though half of your songs are sexy asf KLDSKLD
-> you remind me of the color ocean , because the ocean is loud but calming yk- like you're full of energy but you're also calming :D
@yanderexchungha OH ERM GEE YEW :O YOU PROBABLY WONT SEE THIS IN LIKE 10 MONTHS BESTIE MERRY CHRISTMAS IG KLDSLKD anyway i love you dad your lessons about vape >>> to quote your drunk ass exactly "vape isnt cool" JKSDJ anyway its gonna be sexy if we accidentally run into each other in the hallwayz asf
-> you remind me of grey cause youre a hag- JKJK KDJSD you remind me of the color caramel , because you're sweet, and licherally addictive caramel isnt good for my braces but i keep eating it 😰but youre addictive in a good way :D
@yanderelee literally only doing this because you were moping about not having a simp sunday and im such a good person 🥸you're cool 💪and unfortunately, you're funny too 😥and even though i bully you asf dont take it personally because i dont mean it asf
-> you remind me of the color dijon mustard because you just give those hacker vibes please dont hack me after i said this i like to keep my location private
-> you remind me of the color coffee , not only because youre addicted to it but also because of the way you act, you're like the definition of an old soul- with the words you use, the drama kid you are asf, etc- you're a talented bitch *mwah* i love you so much you also remind me of those movies where they find an old ass book and they kinda hafta dust it off and it gives you treasure or something cause yeah that reminds me meeting you
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gunatps · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dancing after death + chanonpom for @oh-aew 
dear @oh-aew,
roa!!! it’s vee! i’m your secret santa!! bet you didn’t see that coming - or you did and i’m a fool. ANYWAYS!!! this is the first time i’ve made such a huge gifset AND WITH TEXT!! i did it for you because i love you and want to show you how much i appreciate you and some more sappy stuff like that. i tried to make it good looking but i think i failed?? but even though it doesn’t look the best, this gifset has all my love in it and that’s a lot of love. i had written a small oneshot for you too but at the last minute i looked at it and decided that i hate it so i guess i’ll give it to you in the coming week! it’s pangwave btw. also i originally wanted to make a thirdtimegrace video edit too but i ran out of time jhbvs. BRO I WAS SO CONFUSED WITH WHAT TO CHOOSE SO I MADE A GIFT FOR EVERYTHING YOU LIKE BYE. also, i chose this song and chanonpom SPECIFICALLY because i want you to listen to it and then always join me and rahul in our chanonpom song sessions in vc so we can cry together/ this is a recruitment bribe now. i hope you liked this and that you aren’t.. too disappointed? i feel like i’m not a good secret santa because at first i wanted to give two medium sized gifts to you but i delayed one and now it’s just feels like half a gift sfknskd. also, i was SO bad at sending you anon asks rip. anyways, I HAD A LOT OF FUN MAKING THIS FOR YOU!!! your’re really funny and nice and sweet and a bit of a crybaby but i love that about you and i will fight everyone if they call you crybaby only i can get away with calling you a crybaby because i love you and i know you’ll fence with me instead of fighting and that’s ok. fsakhdk am i being too mean?? is the letter too long?? yes this is an essay now. just the thought that this is for you kept me motivated and i did my best! and i kinda do like it!! i hope you do too! please wait for the other half of my gift for a day or two while i edit it... again. it’s still too early to say this but i hope you have a safe and happy december, christmas and new years!! i love you, and i swear by on honour as a fellow bicis i’m not lying when i say that watching tgg with you and everyone else was so good and i will never forget how many cursed things wetalked about, the sheer number of things we manifested, how much we all bonded over hating the guts of supot (is he in jail? please gmm we need answers-) and how much we simped over literally every woman in the gifted graduation. even darin. she can have some rights. in short. i loved EVERYTHING about it. i love you!! mwah mwah!
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chqrryvelvet · a year ago
hello again, it is i, idol anon. im gonna start calling myself neji, kay? i am not confident yet to show you who i rlly am 😔 n e ways may i req kuroo, mattsun (if you write for him), and atsumu (yes, y/n idol au again im sorry) for a jyp s/o getting soty or aoty? i just finished reading in another life and need fluff :") also!! take care and dont overwork yourself, kay?? stream not shy by itzy!! 🥰 (also pls give me ur bias in twice and itzy, if ur a fan) bye bye mwAh <3
n-neji 😳👈👉🥰😹❤️🖐😔 yes i will not overwork myself and you too we’re moving as a unit here 😼 as for biases: god jihyo pays my rent and it’s a tie between ryu and lia 🙄 now you share 😻❣️
Tumblr media
• first of all
• the outfit you wore to the award show was making his stomach go 🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟
• chirp chirp
• you’ve been a soloist who broke off from your previous group about a year ago and have been very successful since
• there’s been a lot of promotions in the way of spending time with him
• so you haven’t seen him in a while :(
• you’ve worked so hard tho and he’s throwing hands if you go home with nothing
• first of all your performance?? has him going feral backstage
• literally how he even got backstage is a miracle
• your manager probably snuck him in tbh <3
• even though u specifically told her not to worry about your relationship bc you don’t want her to jeapordize her career (she ignores u rip 💀</3)
• he can’t understand your speech bc yknow
• he speaks japanese
• but he understands some parts
• you also speak in your native language (if you’re a foreigner) or another language you can speak
• and he’s like 😻
• you don’t cry on main bc you wanna save it for later but you do get a bit teary lmao
• and you cry when you see him and u punch his shoulder bc wtf was he doing there
• a fever dream
• you get home and he meets you there and y’all cuddle
• maybe a lil more 😳
Tumblr media
• your number one fan has entered the building
• literally
• he’s in the crowd with his lightstick and “i love you yn” sign
• pls mattsun you’re embarrassing me🖐😔
• he’s the loudest of them all and his voice is so prominent too everyone around him is like: 🤭
• bless him
• you’re so hot dude like he really can’t handle it
• he follows you everywhere luv <3 even if you don’t see him he sees you (you know he comes to your shows because he spams you with texts about how amazing you are)
• he’s always there when you need someone and since he’s heard all of your struggles he’s the proudest out of everyone when you win
• he cries
• even if you aren’t crying- he’ll do it for you
• and if you are he’s crying with you
• gives you the biggest smooch you’ve ever recieved and sneaks you away like a giggling brat
• big cuddles and kisses when you get to his hotel room
• that’s also how your relationship gets exposed oops
Tumblr media
• he’s a cocky boy when he sees you on the carpet
• he’s watching from home in japan sadly but he comes to see you the next day
• more on that later lol
• admires your outfit and performance
• because he thinks ur the hottest being to exist and he’s sooooo proud of you
• your performance leaves him in aw as always. that’s just a given whenever he watches you.
• he’s off the walls when you win song of the year
• literally hollering with osamu + his team because thaz his babie and everyone should see 😼❤️
• he thinks it’s cute when you try to hold in your tears and one of your group members has to hug you so u can let it out lmao
• calls you and stays up all night talking to you until he leaves to go to the airport
• you meet him at his hotel and spend the whole day with him because it’s been months
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ceabu · 3 months ago
Okay, I'm a little too busy to type up a full analysis of "It's Alright", but I had this analysis here already typed up from a while ago, so here you are:
Okay so an animatic by BunnyTriesToAnimate YT got me listening to Gang of Youth’s “Achilles, Come Down” and thinking about all the Gamzee vibes it holds, so here is my half-rambling half-organized essay:
Why “Achilles, Come Down” has Soft Pale Gamkar Vibes:
You’re scaring us / And all of us / Some of us love you / Achilles, it’s not much but there’s proof
Gamzee terrifies everyone with the violence and general instability; not everyone loves him after his actions but Karkat still chooses to calm him rather than kill him
The lines “You crazy assed cosmonaut” and “The self is not so weightless / Nor whole and unbroken” are giving me strong Sopored Gamzee vibes
Hurt and grieve but don’t suffer alone / Engage with the pain as a motive
Gamzee grieving Tavros + Gamzee’s Abandonment Issues (“don’t suffer alone”)
Tonight of all nights / See how the most dangerous thing is to love / How you will heal and rise above
“The most dangerous thing is to love” giving me huge “Gamzee putting stock in people who abandon him (Goatdad) or don’t reciprocate (Tavros, initially)” vibes, AKA Gamzee’s Abandonment Issues; but that’s not to say Gamzee can’t rise above that hurt and get better.
And then the voice encouraging Achillies to jump can be likened to the voices Gamzee was hearing in withdrawal, with lines like “No audience could ever love you // You crave the applause” being so poignantly GAI.
And then lines like “your act is a ruse” or “Don’t listen to what you’ve consumed” have a sort of double meaning that applies to both Sopored and Withdrawal Gamzee; the sedated state he’s in when on the sopor isn’t really him, but neither is the murderous and unstable subjugglator struggling through withdrawal and a litany of other issues; Gamzee needs to stop poisoning himself on sopor and letting it cloud his mind, but he also needs to not listen to the voices telling him to murderize and subjugglate. And then “Just put down the bottle” also has a sort of double meaning to it—put down the sopor, put down the club.
“It’s chaos, confusion / And wholly unworthy / Of feeding and wholly untrue” being in reference to the voices and withdrawal and ICP video.
And then the next few verses, about not seeing any meaning in life, but one should grasp onto one anyway, because it’s more courageous to fight through and overcome , all ring of certain key aspects of Gamzee’s story—using sopor (and repression in general) to deal with the shitty situation with Goatdad, only for that to turn into an addiction and rot his pan into “conjecture and gloom”; being calmed down by Karkat being the “bells [ringing] deep in the soul.”
And then “Throw yourself… a triumph” just reeks of Gamzee daring to be more than his blood, more than the murderous rage that killed Equius and Nepeta, more than the pan-addled sopor addict who was too sedated/high to actually process what was happening around him.
Now, at this point, after a full 450 words of analysis, you might be wondering how, exactly, this is strictly related to Gamkar. Though this whole analysis is subjective, the major theme of the song is Achilles being talked down from the edge—which reeks of moirallegiance. Hence, Pale Gamkar. I end this overwrought analysis with this:
What vibes do you get from this song?
okay first of all.......that animatic really hurt lol like i actually felt really down after that ( can u guess the fucking reason aodishoasdgh )
but oh man u really had this laying around huh
i cant really add anything lmao other than yes i agree 100% with this
ur half-rambling half-organized essay was beautifully worded and if i were the teacher i would give u A+ ( u give letters as grades in america right?? asdohasd ) WITH SHINY STARS ALL AROUND
thank u for sharing this with me anon ( u 3 u ) mwah
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anothertimdrakestan · a year ago
Forever And Always  -  Tim Drake x Reader
Words: 1.9k
Requested? Yes! From a lovely anon!
“Greetings! May I please request 3. and 12? Go crazy with it.” (3. so is saving me like a weekly thing? 12. alcohol does not solve all your proble-)
You said go crazy with it and I took that as “make my heart melt with fluff” and I really went there. I shaped this w/ different memories as shown by news titles cuz it can span over a longer time thus giving us more fluff! I hope you enjoyyy also I think this is going up for Timmy day and that makes me beyond happy : ) Thank you for the wonderful req!
“Glad you could make it! And good to see you officially!” you and Tim had been chatting online for weeks, in what started a place to arrange a meeting the two of you had bonded and as the news speculated, business turned into a kinship, and you wanted to spend more time in his presence. Timothy Drake was fascinating, he was young and ambitious but grounded and even slightly insecure, where most CEO’s were jaded and over confident he was humble, it was enticing. “Absolutely, the pleasure is all mine!” Tim led you to a large meeting room, your people sat down with his and began negotiating but you were more focused on Tim. Stolen glances turned into winks and even divulged into texting each other from across the room. When the meeting ended you had to leave, but not before Tim could invite you to the next Wayne Gala, an invitation you had to accept.
Your first gala was pretty boring. Everyone wanted to talk to you and you couldn’t find time to talk to Tim, the only interaction you had was exchanging apologetic glances. As the gala was close to ending you decided to gather your confidence, walking up to Tim who was mid conversation with board members who looked as old as dirt. “Hi! Sorry to interrupt but can I borrow Mr. Drake?” instinctively you grabbed Tim’s hand, pulling him away. “Thank you for saving me from those zombies” Tim looked excited to talk to you, his eyes cast down to where your hand still held his. Realizing this your quickly let go, blushing profusely. “Yeah, uh, I just wanted to get to see you, you did invite me here after all!” you tried to make small talk, but decided you wanted more. “Care to dance Mr. Wayne?” Tim looked a little shocked, but agreed. “Anything for my savior” he joked, whisking you on to the dance floor, the two of you talked quietly through songs until the gala ended. You promised to return to Tim soon.
“Hey Y/N you look really good, I like the red!” you grinned at Tim, “you don’t look so bad yourself, how’d ya know to match my dress?” Tim shrugged, lightly blushing “a little rumor I guess” the two of you wore matching shades of red, you knew Tim had asked around, it was just the kind of flirting he knew you loved, his thoughtfulness was one of your favorite qualities about him. “Well since we’re matching already care to dance?” you asked, wanted to show off your gown to everyone at the gala. “For you I suppose I can spare a dance” you rolled your eyes, Tim sure had the ‘will they won’t they’ thing down to the point where you didn’t even know what you were, but whatever you were was fun and exciting. Swaying together you rested your head on his chest and you heard him whisper “happy holidays y/n” making your heart flutter, why couldn’t galas last forever?
“Is it really true?” as soon as you signed with W.E. you got a call from Tim. “Yup! I got a penthouse close to the main building. Hope you’re okay with seeing more of me” you joked. This was a move for your mental health, Metropolis was too picture perfect and boring, it was time to expand. And there was a certain someone drawing you to Gotham, so you listened to your gut and made the move. Just a year, then you could reevaluate. 
Another gala another Tim rescue mission. You could see him visibly uncomfortable as a Gotham billionaire’s daughter draped herself all over him. You called it a rescue mission because it was better than admitting you wanted to be the only girl flirting with Tim. Plastering a grin on your face you made your way up to Tim, placing your hand on his cheek “there you are Timmy! I can’t believe you’d leave your girlfriend all alone” you winked at him as the other girl slithered off of him. “I - um - yeah. girlfriend. y/n yeah” Tim stuttered. You grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the back of the party. “C’mon Tim I had to rescue you! What are friends for!” Tim nodded, still blushing. “So is saving me gonna become a weekly thing now?” he joked as you ruffled his hair. “Only if you need me to Timmy. Can we get out of here? This is boring even for a charity event” Tim agreed, as the two of you had almost made it to Tim’s car the paparazzi found you. Tim tried to cover your face as you got into the car, all the shouting and flashing lights were a lot. “Shit that’s gonna be everywhere tomorrow” you groaned. “Let them say what they want who cares. We’ve been in the news before.” Tim reassured you. As Tim directed the driver back to your place you rested your head on his shoulder, nodding off. You could feel Tim lightly shaking you, you could almost swear he said “y/n love, are you awake?” and before you could answer he scooped you up, carrying you inside. What a night for the books, in his arms you realized you really liked Tim, and after seeing that girl at the party you knew it was time to get a move on.
“You want me to take a day off?” Tim questioned as you talked excitedly over the phone. “Yes! You’re the damn CEO you deserve a day with mwah! Plus it’ll be fun! Have ever even seen a beach before city boy?” Tim snorted, this was coming from a Metropolis girl after all. “Fine only for the rescue the other day, I’ll pick you up in 20″ He hung up and you celebrated. All you had to do was flirt all day and he’d totally get the message. On the ride over the two of you got to really talking, not the small talk at a gala, really talking. You told him about your childhood and why you needed to leave Metropolis and he opened up about his parents. It was truly a moment when you felt your souls bonding. After a few hours of flirting and trying to get the message across Tim had avoided all of it. You even tried looking at his lips to try to get the two of you to move faster, but he never got the message. It started to seem like a hopeless endeavor so you gave up early, just enjoying his presence. That didn’t mean you weren’t discouraged.
“Yeah I want another fucking drink. Why? Cuz I said so!” you chided the bartender at a charity auction. It was an open bar and after watching Tim busy all night you needed another drink. After a little persuasion you grabbed the drink and headed outside, wanting some fresh air. “Hey, I haven’t seen you. What if I needed saving!” you turned around to see Tim, he approached, sitting down next to you. “What’s up” he nudged your shoulder, noticing the alcohol on your breath. “You want honestly Tim?” you questioned, and he nodded. “Well maybe you can give me some advice. There’s this guy I really like. And we hangout all the time and I like really really like him. But I don’t know how he feels and I’m scared I’ll ruin everything” you poured your heart out, and Tim’s eyes softened. “Well I can’t believe you haven’t told me about the lucky guy, but if it were me I’d say I’m pretty oblivious so maybe you could make the first move and he’s slow at emotions like me. Plus you can’t just tell me you really really like a guy and not tell me who he is!” Tim teased you, but you took the advice seriously. “You really think I’ve just gotta go for it?” you stared into his eyes. With a shrug he replied “well yeah I think so. I mean maybe not tonight because you’re a little drunk and you can’t let alcohol solve all your pro- Mmhph!” you didn’t need more than that, crashing your lips on to Tim’s. Your heart soared when he kissed you back, his hand caressed your cheek pulling you closer in. You heard a few camera clicks in the distance but you were too focused on the feeling of Tim’s lips on yours. Pulling apart you and Tim were grinning. “So I’m the lucky guy huh?” he said sheepishly while you nodded and blushed. “I feel really dumb right now” he admitted as you mumbled “yeah kinda but we’re here now” and you leaned in to kiss him again.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” you shrieked as Tim got on one knee. He’d convinced you to take a day off, saying the two of you deserved a day at the beach. You should’ve known something was up, Tim never took days off. As you questioned him about who was covering patrol and texted Damian saying you’d have to reschedule your cheese viking tournament Tim shushed you, saying it was time for a day at the beach. The two of you reminisced on how he missed all the signs you dropped in the car and at the beach, it all seemed so full circle. He’d taken you up to a lighthouse, you loved watching the waves crash on the rocks. The two of you spent a while just talking, truly feeling on top of the world. When the tide grew stronger around sunset you got up to look out on the ocean, and when you turned around you saw Tim fumbling with something in his pocket. “Y/N I never thought I’d find my person, but not only did I find my soulmate, I found my best friend and savior. You’ve saved me from everything from boring galas to my own life after some of the roughest nights ever, you’ve stood with me through it all, you stayed with me when you learned about my identity, you’ve been my rock and I need you in my life forever. So what do you say? You’ve always like Y/N Drake Wayne so can it be official?” you watched him get on one knee, pulling out the ring and you fell into his arms. Coming down the cliff you saw he’d gathered your family and his, they cheered and celebrated as you held Tim’s hand, never wanting to let go. 
“Do you, Tim Drake-Wayne promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, for as long as you both shall live?
“I do, forever and always”
“And do you, Y/N L/N promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health
“I do, I do with every fiber of my being”
“Then I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride”
“Here’s to forever babe”
“Forever and always Timmy”
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fairycosmos · 5 months ago
Hello my love I wore some red lipstick today bc you just look so so so beautiful I had to try it yes I wore a facemask the whole time yes nobody but my coffee cup saw it but we matching 💕💕 mwah!
omg ANON !! this is literally the most adorable thing ive ever heard in my 20 years of livinggggggg <3 you really wore smth inspired by me fjckxksjdksz my heart is screamingggg. thank you so much angel aaaaaa i wanna write a song about this or something just do something with it it’s so cute. also omg i’m the same honestly - i put foundation on and do my lips and everything only for nobody to see it. but i’m sure you looked amazing!! anyway please fjsajzz im obsessed with u smmm :(( next time i put on red lippy i’ll think of u and think about if we’re matching hehe. mwah!! x
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chateautae · 2 months ago
The chapter made me go through a series of emotion sammy! I FEEL LIKE IM CRAZY RN. you gave bottom tae justice, i love bottom tae and top oc scene! rawr 🔥 The Call between tae and the boys made me laugh so hard, i love how you added that scene as a detail. The Carnival Scene gave me butterflies, especially the PINGU IMPERSONATION PLS! IM SO GLAD YOU ADDED THAT IN ❤️ We stan Taehyung x Pingu
I sobbed while taehyung was sharing his past! it lived up to the chapter’s title “Sharing my fragile truth” I never expected that his past was so deep and dark, truly heartbreaking and i felt it through my veins. I love how you made OC responded with it as well, It was so caring and warm and just the perfect words to say 😩😭 You portrayed it so so well ❤️
I listened to the song while reading the next love scene, Aphrodite by RINI AND IT FITTED SO WELL??? LIKE HOW? I was shocked and it definitely made reading the scene better!! THE Scene was beautiful with all the talking, consent and aftercare! We love communication in an established relationship yes we stan!
Ahhh I cant believe were nearing the end of MID, the BEST Story I’ve read hands down. Top one on my list and I will definitely be recommending this to other people! 😭❤️ You’ve written this story so so well that I actually learned a lot from it like how in this chapter, how BDSM has those sides to it or how kim taehyung talks about business🥵 The details in this story is out of the box, very creative and IM LIVING FOR THEM!
- all the love, 🍓
WJEODJOE YES YES IK YOU’VE BEEN WAITING!! AHH I’M SO GLAD YOU LOVED THE CHAPTER! And yes yes pingu x taehyung forever I wonder how many people could tell I adapted that idea from when Taehyung went live and did those Pingu impressions for us!!! Oh gosh I cried writing Tae’s past it was just so heartbreaking, and I’m glad wifey oc was there for him and you liked how I went about the scene! I was doubting it quite a lot.
YESS APHRODITE BY RINI WAS PERFECT WASN’T IT?? Such a Taehyung song I fucking adored it and I’m happy the bdsm scene came off so well! NO NO I’M SO SCARED TO WRITE CHAPTER 13 CAUSE YES ALL THE DRAMA IS THERE, I CAN’T WAIT FOR EVERYONE TO SEE! And tysm for such lovely words I truly feel so appreciated this way, and I can’t thank you enough for not only reading but showing me so much support 🥺💓 STRAWBERRY ANON YES I HOPE THEY SPERM IS WEAK AF AND THEY SLEEP ON LEGOS!!
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satosuguslut · 4 months ago
I've seen you get hate anons, so I am here to make something very clear. I know it probably won't help you much but I'll say it regardless.
Maybe I'll sound extremely sappy now and maybe it's because of the song I am listening to right now.
You, my dear wife, deserve all the amazing stuff this world has to offer. I wish I could give you a million hugs right now to give you all the love you deserve. Ever since I met you, you've been nothing but good to everyone, especially me. You put up with so much shit irl, you put up with my shenanigans, you go out of your way to answer all your anons in detail and provide help where you can, you are such a hard-working person. You're one of the sweetest and most precious people on here. I'm sure other people agree with me on this one.
I don't understand how people come here to insult such a beautiful soul like you. You try so hard to make your blog a safe space for everyone (and I see that, trust me, your efforts are seen).
I think it's amazing how considerate you are of other people. Your kindness? Beautiful. Your lovingness? I love that. Your fun personality? My favorite. Your easy-going nature? Yes yes yes, very much. You are lovely, you are endearing.
I don't get how someone has the time to send hate. It's so fucking easy to just scroll or block? Don't people have anything better to do with their time?
Thank you for your never-ending and extremely loving support, especially to me.
Thank you for writing awesome stuff.
Thank you for being funny and easy-going.
Thank you for trying your hardest every day. You are doing very well.
Thank you for being a good friend. Thank you for making people feel good when they talk to you.
Thank you for being so beautiful in ways I can't even capture with words.
Thank you for being you.
hi wifey,
btw I deleted the discord app for rn, so just know if I don’t reply to you thats why, kay?
anyway, I just wanted you to know I am balling my eyes out because of this and my boyfriend is rubbing my back, VERY concerned hahaha
hold on let me like, calm down
okay I’m back, I made him lay down on the couch and take a nap so I can have my own privacy
well honestly I don’t really know how else to respond to this but this:
dear Nie,
thank you for being the first person to ever reach out to me on this platform
the first comment that sparked my biggest and probably most important fic series: best friends
the first to see my face
the first to be my friend
the first to be my moot
thank you for always being there for me
for laughing with me as we struggled to edit suki’s fic
for having matching pfps of gojo’s belly button for a hot moment
for always being my voice of reason and first opinion on literally anything
thank you for always having the brightest smile
always giving the best advice
always joining me in over analysis, and never letting me clown alone
always welcoming me into your life, and reminding me that I need to let you into mine, despite my worst efforts to try to hide myself from the world
thank you for giving me a new world for us to share
one for just the two of us to flourish
you were the first person on here that I said I love you to, and I truly meant it
I love you Nie
so much
the absolute very most
thank you for being you
because I fucking love you
your elli 🤍
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kaaytea · 9 months ago
welllllll.... if you say so ☺️😅☃️
how bout some Christmas dates with our best boys, the Kominato bros!! 🙆🏻‍♀️
and maybe... Nori too since we both love him too UwU
take your time though ok bby? Christmas is still a month awayy and ily, dont overwork yourself plsss 💛
~ryou🗑 anon
Oh ryou anon.... you really just voluntarily asked me to write my 3 babies 🥲 thank you for this my dear. Also, mwah! I love you too 😤💖
Christmas dates pt.4!!
⤷Includes: Ryousuke, Haruichi, Kawakami
I feel like Ryo would like Christmas because it's time he's spends with his family
He's got a lot of fond memories associated to Christmas of him and Haruichi when they were younger
But I think he'd truly start enjoying the holiday more with his significant other
If you had to take a guess at what Ryousuke's favorite thing about Christmas was you'd honestly guess decorating
Specifically because he's seemed to have secretly put mistletoe in evERy room of your apartment
You didn't even know where he got all of it?! Nevermind when he got to time to put it all up, where the hElL do you get that much mistletoe?!
It's like his weird version of that elf on the shelf thing. You wake up and scan each room looking for the damned decoration trying to map them out for the day
And Ryo just sits there smirking at you while drinking his's a bit scary how much power he holds
It's like walking in a mine field. One wrong step and Ryosuke swoops in, kisses you, smiles, then walks out of the room
I mean kissing him all the time wasn't a problem but him just aPpeAriNg out of thin air has spooked you a few times which adds to his amusement
So Ryo has made up this elaborate game and has kissed you over 100 times in the past week, you decided it's time for a little pay back
And what better way than using his own game against him >:)
You woke up earlier than Ryo and staged your plan
You sat innocently in the counter top swinging your legs back and forth when he walked in
"what are you doing up so early?"
"I didn't sleep very well last night so I just decided to get up"
You felt a little bad because he gave you a concerned look, but you had a plan and you were going to stick to it!
Ryo went over and opened the cabinet that had all of your mugs and glasses
This is when you hopped down and stood in front of him with the same sly smile he always gave you
He knew instantly what was going on
He looked up and found the small sprig of mistletoe you had taped to the inside of the cabinet
He laughed slightly at the situation and rested his hands on your hips
" protege is outsmarting me"
"Maybe I've always been smarter than you, Kominato"
"Enjoy this moment because it won't happen again"
He got you back during Christmas dinner at his parents house
Same boat as Ryo
Likes Christmas because of the memories he has tied to it
Loves being able to make new memories with you!!
It had become a tradition for you and Haruichi to put up the Christmas tree on the last day of November
That way you'd be officially starting the holiday season with all your decorations up and already surrounded by the holiday vibes~
You were currently pulling out the boxes you kept the ornaments in while Haru set up the tree
Carefully, you walked back into the main room with both boxes and placed them down on the coffee table
You looked over at Haruichi who was pulling out two bundles of Christmas lights
"Do we want to use the colored lights or the normal ones?"
"hmm, let's do colored this year"
"I was hoping you'd pick the colored, I was kinda sad we didn't use them last year"
While Haruichi tackled the lights, you opened the two boxes in front of you. You gently looked through the box to check for any ornaments that might have broken; thankfully none of them had
The ornaments you had were all very random. Ornaments in the shape of food, movie and video game characters, ornaments paying homage to old pets, a few were ones your parents had passed down to you, and of course there were some baseball ones :)
You and Haruichi had agreed early in that you liked the look of a more mix-matched tree rather than a themed one
Your tree was a hodgepodge of your personalities, interests, and chock-full of memories
With the lights on the tree and the ornaments out it was time to start decorating!
It was mostly quiet as you both hung the ornaments on the tree, the atmosphere was very soft and light
The two of you were now curled up on the couch, tucked under a blanket basking in the only source of light in the room: the tree
You looked over your shoulder and were instantly enthralled by Haruichi's eyes. The multicolored lights from the tree reflected in them, giving the appearance of fireworks glittering in his eyes
Haruichi returned your stares with a soft smile and rosy cheeks before looking back at the tree
"For some reason I feel like it's missing something.."
"yeah you're right"
He's another person who loves Christmas music
I mean Nori loves music in general but Christmas music is special because you can only listen to it for a select period of time
Likes very domestic Christmas activities
To sum it up he likes indoor activities where he can hug the living day lights out of you and wear fluffy socks :))
Nori was meeting up with Shirasu for lunch so it was the perfect time to wrap his present >:)
(you got him a record player)
You were sitting in the middle of the living room surrounded by different papers and bows trying to decide what color scheme to go with for the wrappings
You decided on a light blue paper with lil penguins on it and a silver bow to top it off 🥺
The box was only half wrapped when Nori walked into the apartment, poor thing gave you a heart attack as you rUshed to cover his present
wHy was he home?! He only left 15 minutes ago, theres no way you can grab lunch with a friend that fast
"I'm assuming that's a present for me"
"yEs it is so turn around while I finish wrapping it. Why are you back so early anyway? You said you'd be gone for a few hours."
"We decided to reschedule, apparently the snows supposed to get heavier and we didn't want to get stuck out in a storm"
After Swifty wrapping Nori's present and, confirming he was allowed to turn around, the pitcher joined you on the floor
His knees brushed up against yours as he quietly situated himself in the spot next to you
You expected him to just sit with you but instead he reached over to the small pile of presents still waiting to be wrapped (they were small things the both of you had gotten for his family members)
Nori got right to work in wrapping the present. He was very careful with everything he did, taking the time to mix and match paper and bows and making precise folds when wrapping the box
Knowing Nori enjoys having music on, you took out your phone and put on some Christmas tunes
The little smile on his face could end wars, he's absolutely adorable when in his element just humming along to the jazzy Christmas song :')
The both of you worked to get all the gifts wrapped, goofily singing along to the playlist you had on resulting in giggles here and there
Somehow you ended up on Nori's lap after you finished your little gift wrapping party. The moment was peaceful, the two of you just holding on to each other enjoying the feeling of being together
There was a red bow sitting next to Nori on the floor that caught your eye, it was just begging for you to put it on his head
"What are you doing (y/n)?"
"Don't you usually save the best gift for last, Norifumi?"
Kawakami Norifumi.exe has stopped working, please stand by while we attempt to fix the problem
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jtrbluv · 8 months ago
“F 2020!” - TXT
it’s 3:30am and i’m 2 lazy to make a header so here’s yoongi, i promise i have nicer handwriting
Tumblr media
wow, i literally have no idea where to start. it’s almost my three year anniversary of being on this hellsite, but i think i can definitely say that 2020 has probably been one of my favorite years by far, and i am really grateful for it. i think 2020 was a year i was able to improve a lot in my writing despite not producing and releasing a lot of content. quarantine finally allowed me to actually sit down and focus on writing more than i ever have before, and shit, it felt good! it finally felt like i was able to write for myself and not just to please others, and it felt so rewarding rawr (•̀ᴗ•́)و
to all my followers, thank you all so so much. each and every single one of you are a huge reason as to why i’m still here and continue to write. all the likes, reblogs, comments, asks, and more mean the absolute world to me and other writers as well. i think as content creators we can all say that we all go back and scroll through all your messages. thank you for continuing to support me and hopefully i can manage to gift more fics to you this year! luv u all so much <33
to all my mutuals, whether we’ve talked once, twice, never, or a lot, thank you so much for letting me into your world! i really appreciate and luv each and every one of you and always enjoy seeing you all around my dash, we love 2 see it!! i wish you all the best and pls never hesitate to talk to me, i’ll always be here through but especially to support you and hype you all up!! >:) <33
i was going to tag people, but i don’t wanna risk missing anyone T-T. hopefully, you all know who you are :)) just know i luv u fr
lastly, here are some sappy ass luv letters to some of you in particular, sry in advance 🥶🥶
@koushiningg - yeah, of course your ass is going first. hey jae bae, bestie 4L, partner-in-crime, the one person who’s read every, and i mean EVERY single one of my fics. it irks me how much you’re always able to write out your feelings towards the people you care about, bc i SUCK at it! so yes, thank you so much for just being you, i’ll write u a sappy long letter for ur grad email but for now, thank u so much for putting up with my dumbass, listening to me ramble abt the ideas i get at the asscrack of dawn, reading my fics, supporting me in everything that i do. i love u sm fr. here is to the year that we’ve been waiting for, 2021. let’s make it our year.
@taehyungieskith - mika bae........ to think that you were still a local this year is so silly to think abt, i still remember us in the 400s and me giving u song recs in the band room GAHAHDHAJ. i love the little book club type shit we be doing, i always love ur recs duh wtf. thank u twin for always hyping up my stuff and thank god u arent on wattpad anymore mhm love u twin jumi #2 fr
@viopera - VIO!!! we’ve met recently but it feels like i’ve known u for awhile now. literally i’m so happy cuz i remember telling u to write fics and u were straight up like “no.” and now here we are RAWR! u should know this by now and u probably do but i will always be ur #1 supporter and eternal beta-reader. i hope you’re feeling better and ily my fav corpse stan and bad bitch!!!!
@bangtans-peaceful-piegon - AHH PIDGE!!! if i can remember correctly, you were one of the first people i actually talked to on the fic hub server and wow you are just the cutest and literal sweetest thing. we clicked so easily and the vibes u give off are just absolutely impeccable. i love u and i’m always here for u !!! <33
@sugacouture - AYO MEI!!! istg we literally just started talking frfr like a couple days ago but it’s like i’ve known u for years, like wtf. we literally have the same humor and vibes and it’s been rly swag talking to u. i am also more than happy to be ur eternal beta-reader and header helper if that wasn’t already clear duh <3 yeah you are so cute and you write so well that it’s unfair. mhm. unfair. *inserts that one taekook photo* love u, i’ll kidnap u and we’ll get boba and pho <3
@dreamystuffers - RACH!!!!!! rach you truly mesmerize me bc you are so freaking multi-talented, it leaves me in awe. i’m so happy you’ve continued to do what you do luv!! i will always be here and supporting u thru whatever u do!!! luv u sm!! <33
@tatastaetae - marria bby! hi!! ik we don’t talk that much but when we do you’re always such a joy to talk to! the range in ur fics is insane and i always love 2 see it! love u sm and i’m always here for u luv (i swear i’ll be more active on servers wjdjsjjds)
@pjmsdior - bella!!! we haven’t talked for that long either but i always love meeting fil moots!!! you are the sweetest thing and just know that i’ll always be here for u if u need anyone to talk to!!! if i was rich, i’d buy us both new phones in a heartbeat bc our phone literally hate us and for WHAT. kk luv u bella mwah <3
@suhdays - MO! oh my i rly do mean it when i say that u have got to be one of the sweetest and most genuine ppl i’ve met so far this year on this hellsite. ty for making me feel so welcome on the discord servers and networks despite me not being super active on there. when i do get money, i do wish to buy from your etsy shop T-T ,, you are literally the best and deserve the world mo, love u !
@jinpanman - mai! hiii!!! i know we don’t talk much but i’d just like to thank u for the sheer kindness and sweetness you’ve always treated me with! on the occasions that we do talk, you are such a sweetheart omg. ur fics are absolutely to die for and ilysm bby <3
@softguks - AHHDHJE LAUR! when i save u best 4 last <3. we’ve honestly barely interacted at all but you are the most sweetest thing ever, you make my heart full!!! i hope we’re able to interact more in the future and that u come back soon!
- ur local laur luvbot
my secret admirer, hi! i’m not sure if you’ll see this or not since i obviously can’t tag u, but i rly do appreciate u and all the messages u send 🥺🥺 sometimes i go back to them and read them over bc they’re actually so sweet and this is my first actual anon interaction rawr ;w; like always, i wish u nothing but the best and pls take care ☀️ anon!!! <3
sending luv and good vibes to all of u for the new year, always <3
— love, jumi (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃
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spacegaywritings · 7 months ago
Little Tales - 1: “Lullaby”
Little Tales: little!Virgil, Patton.
Summary: human au!, Virgil has been through a lot. Life has made him anxious and he eventually developed regression as coping mechanism to better deal with all his stress. After an especially paranoid period, he retreats to Patton’s place who encourages Virgil to regress and trust him.
Anxiety needs a bit of sleep, too.
Tags: age regression, little!sides, paranoia, anxiety, insomnia, bedtime story, babbling, Virgil going soft, Patton being the born mom!friend ngl, books for kids, little fox story (which was not made by me, dont @ me), cuddles, snuggles, tons of fluff, like teeth-rotting fluff, teary baby, pouting, secretly going soft, blush, pure domestic cuteness.
 Please be mindful to not tag/ add any ships or shipping content - this is (SFW) age regression and there are no relationships of any kind happening. Please respect that. Also don’t add any NSFW comments to this work. I appreciate this.
My KoFi  - Support me ♥ or Commission me
Note: If you miss any tags, have issues with links or any other concerns, please feel free to contact me. Anon is on and my DMs are open.♥
Links broken? Inform me, please!
Story under the cut: (Word count: 1359)
Patton patted the spot next to him.
 “Hey, Virgil”, he giggled as he made some space for him. He pushed the blankets aside a bit as his friend walked over and took his shoes off, “pat pat~ come here where I pat on-”
 The emo groaned.
 “You are not being serious, are you?”
 He slowly sat down onto the bed and shed his jacket. It slid onto the ground, covering his shoes as he  slowly lowered himself to lay with his friend.
 “I am being serious! You know me!”
 Giggles filled the room.
Patton pushed something on his phone and another sound joined his excited giggles.
It was late at night and Virgil was still shaking a bit from the way that brought him here. He was too terrified to sleep at home. Instead, he had taken the high road to flee from his parent’s place and instead spend some extra late-night time with a friend until he would be calmer.
Yes, at least a bit calmer..
 He had not slept in about one week and every sleepless night only stacked up the amount of pain he felt whenever his headache acted up.
 “Hi serious, I am son”, Virgil dryly commented. The usual scowl on his face was obstructed by the minuscule smile on his face.
 Patton gasped at once.
The second he could sense the other’s reply, he was sucking in air like he had never breathed before in his entire life but already knew he was hooked up on the best stuff to make life worth living.
 “You made a DAD JOKE!!”, he squealed.
 By now, Patton’s voice was nothing more but a strident screech. It was ready to take on window glass, right after Virgil’s last bit of braincell to tolerate the amount of pain and insomnia on his plate.
 “Ugh, yes I did. I regret it.”
 The friend slowly slid under the blankets and at once, he was gone. Patton looked for the missing emo when he felt a pair of arms wrapping around him. One of his legs was as close to Patton’s body as possible while the other spread over Patton’s legs.
 “Aw, Virgil. Sorry for being so loud”, he whispered to him. One hand gently brushed the blanket aside, freeing Virgil’s hurting head.
 Virgil hummed in reply and nudged Patton’s shoulder with his head. His face was buried in his chest and he simply closed his eyes.
 Patton smiled and gingerly graced Virgil’s hear ever so gently. A small moan of relief came from the emo and the self-proclaimed pun-enthusiast giggled. It was then that Virgil realised the music Patton had put on.
If revolutions and riots ever had a dad-like country music version, then it was Irish folk songs about messing with the English and fighting against oppression. Despite how cute and cheerful the music sounded, VIrgil thought it was pretty metal. He appreciated Patton listening to it. Or at least putting it on when they were together.
 He could hear a line on kicking the English’s butt after the war and couldn’t help but smile.
 “You like the music?”
 Virgil hummed once more and Patton hummed back.
The music continued and Patton continued to gently hold the other.
 “Hey, Virgil, I got a cute book. You wanna read it?”
 A tired sigh came from him. Patton had the feeling the other was too pained to speak or read too much. The pained punk loosely held onto his friend and vaguely moved his head.
Patton rested his gaze on him for a moment, just thinking about what to do with this information or what else they could do.
...when an idea hit his brain.
 “Oh! I have an idea, wait a minute!”
 Patton carefully moved to the side of his bed and reached over to the myriad stacks of books he had around. The gues opened his blurry eyes but closed them as soon as the dim, reddish lights hit his vision.
Seeing hurt too much for him to do that.
He tugged Patton closer and cuddled into the army of pillows underneath his head. Demonstratively, he snuggled up to the softness around his face that Patton left him when turning away.
 Meanwhile, Patton returned already to a small bundle of pouting Virgil. He hugged one of the pillows instead of Patton. The meanie traitor had left him in the middle of snuggles! Rude!
But when his friend leaned over to pepper gentle kisses over his head, he could feel his stress-induced headache lift just a bit.
He cuddled back up to Virgil. The small bean attached himself to Patton once more and simply quieted down verbally. A few whines escaped his mouth and Patton placed more kisses on his aching head.
 It worked wonders.
 “I will read to you, love. I will read you to sleep, my dear.”
 Virgil hummed again. Mentally, he was far gone. Not really away, just .. not there as the friend Patton knew and cherished. He still stroked his head and carefully sat up just a bit more. He slowly opened the book and started reading.
 “This is a fox mom and her fox baby.”
 Patton turned to Virgil.
 “Which animals can you see?”
 The little one blinked softly, his mind tired and soft. It was such a sudden question, he had to slowly start his thinking machine again. He smacked his lips and buried his head deeper in Patton’s chest.
 “Foxes..”, he mumbled softly.
 Patton beamed.
 “Very good, my dear!”
 Virgil felt his inner smol giggle. He hid his face further in the other’s chest. His cheeks were warm and his eyes were watery.
 He emitted an excited noise and Patton leaned down to reward him with another little smooch to his head.
 Patton continued reading about the little foxes. Every now and then, he would pipe up with small questions about the pictures Virgil could see.
The other only kept his eyes open in order to answer properly and see all the exciting things Patton told him about. The story was about foxes only but the passionate Patton made it about everything you could see in nature. The birds flying away when rain came, the wheat fields tickling your nose and toads resting by the water.
 Virgil was half-asleep by the end of the book. His mind was happily blabbering sweet non-sense about Patton and being smol and excited. He cuddled closer to the other who held him with the warmth of a nurturing mother.
The little hugged Patton close and got some more soft pecks to his head. They bloomed with feelings and welcoming hugs.
 “The little fox and his mom returned to their cave when it started to rain. The little fox was confused and asked his mother “why does it rain?”. The mother fox jumped on him and said “because then we can cuddle!”.”
 Virgil blinked at the last picture of the mother and child fox cuddling. They looked so happy because they were animals draws with cute mouths and faces that could laugh. They were snuggling up like Patton and Virgil.
The little one shyly hid more in his blanket, his face basically covered completely by the comfortable fabric. It was cool but heavy and not too hot.
 Patton put the book away and gently placed yet another little kiss on Virgil’s forehead.
 “Good night, little fox.”
 “mwah,, ni ni”, Virgil whispered in return.
His speech was a soft little blabber because he was a smol little bean. Patton loved him and gently put his arms around him, holding him closer.
 “I will protect you.”
 Virgil nodded. Patton shut the light and held his little as promised. Protecting him.
It took only a few moments for Virgil to succumb to the lack of sleep in his system. He dozed off immediately and Patton took his time to brush his bangs out of the way and give the top of his head another soft little peck.
 “I am always here for you, Virgil.”
 The little was alseep, oblivious to Patton’s profound promise of commitment. Then, the host allowed himself to fall asleep too, content in the presence of another person.
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himitsu-luna · 4 months ago
Hi, hi! The first song I'd heard was Red and I was so intrigued, I had to know who they were! And ooh, I did not regret it. As for favourite songs, maybe Red, She's In The Rain, and Like We Used To? I just can't choose one😅 And omg, I relate to you, because Woosung has been grabbing my attention a ton these days! ("My name is Sam and I like some ham."😂) Hope you have a wonderful day/night, Hanna!! <3
(Also if I had a sweet devil like @soleilsuhh I'd listen to everything they said😂. And thank you so much @addison-marlies !!💜) ~🍓
Tumblr media
Hi hi anon!! Ohh yes!!!! I vibe so much to Red! They sing "Stay~" and I'm already dancing hahaha
And She's in the rain and Like we used to!! I cry I cry T-T ❤️ "it's better to be held than holding on", this phrase hit me right in the heart T-T
Hauaahuaausu omg the ham line!! XD I first saw this line in a guide, and I thought it was only some random thing woosung said at some random moment, but it is really part of a song omg XDD ("beautiful girl" is so cute, btw). I'll make a duo with him! "My name is Hanna and I like some banana :'D ahhahahaa
And ahususus riiiight??? That's why I listen well to @soleilsuhh, she has the taste!!! Mwah!!
I hope you have a wonderful day/night too, love anon!!! (Omg it's almost weekend again already wow!) ❤️ And happy rose daaay!!! 🌹
(and @addison-marlies , omg, I can't stop hearing to The Rose ahhahaha I'm glad I discovered them T-T She's in the rain also has a big spot in my heart T-T thanks for sharing your Black rose energy with us!!! Happy rose day!! 🌹✨)
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loudly--unladylike · 2 months ago
Oh my goodness I’m the anon that asked about the favorite songs thing- I genuinely didn’t expect it to become a thing. Ooh I must contribute song(s). Also I cannot do singular songs so I’ll give a list if that’s alright :)
Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) by John Lennon- it just makes me feel many emotions and just vibes idk
Absolutely Smitten by dodie - just fucking good in love vibes mate
In Case You Don’t Live Forever by Ben Platt - it’s Ben Platt must I elaborate
You’re My Best Friend by Queen
(also I hope you have a good day :D)
Oh I actually already know all of these, let's gooooooo!! Also hell yeah anon, sorry for just completely wvooping your idea, I just thought it was very cool!! Very cool idea friend. Also we love a good list here, that's ok :]
Ah this one just makes me feel things dude, all the emotions, all of them, love it
Aw this!!!! Literally impossible to listen to this song without smiling, dodie my beloved
Ok this one yes this one, hi I love you. I had heard Ben Platt before but this was the first song I ever heard from this album and it was when I was in a library reading poetry and this came on randomly in my headphones and I cried in the library yeah (also yo, anyone else hyped for the next album)
Just a classic, a beautiful classic yes mwah, jut great
I hope you have a great day too :D
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19ana45 · 2 months ago
can you do a part two or something similar to your looney tunes fic? i absolutely loved it!!
Hi sweetheart! Thank you for your message, and so glad you enjoyed the fic!
There's going to be a short and long answer to your question.
Short answer: Most likely, yes. I am a huge softie for pregnancy fluff and Bucky with babies, so "Looney Tunes" is definitely not the end.
Long answer/life update/wip update underneath the cut.
So, I'm trying to get my fitness levels back to where they were pre-covid. I lost a lot of weight during quarantine, but also a lot of muscle mass. On top of that, I'm also taking an intense summer course that takes up a lot of brain energy for me. I am also preparing to start university this short , there's a lot on my plate.
Now, I'm not saying this in any offensive tone, anon, and thank you again for your request! I just need to slow down the writing a little, because I have a lot of things to attend to. When my summer course ends, sometime early August, definitely expect a ramp up in more content, including, but not limited to:
A second part to Princess (also considering a third cause anggsssttt) (a small sneak peak, the fic is called 'Hero' and based on this song):
A new series: Till Then (40s AU)
Lots of more pregnancy fluff and Bucky with kids and just things that will give you baby fever (including, but not limited to the Modern Family AU thing I have going on, and the Looney Tunes universe)
A sugardaddy!bucky AU set in Paris
Just some canon angst with Bucky based on Who Am I? by NEEDTOBREATHE
A road trip fic based on Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers
A dadsbestfriend!bucky AU
Also literally anything and everything that inspires me, possibly even just some small ficlets or something cause 7k plus fics are tiring
There's more I just don't have them on the tip of my tongue rn
As for July, I do still have some other things coming out, just at a slower pace. The last thing I want to do is rush my writing and give you guys something that I'm not proud of and isn't my best work. For July, these are my top priorities:
Rebecca Part Two (if I can get my act together, probably coming out this Saturday?)
Hospital Giftshop Worker AU with chubby!bucky
Another angsty oneshot that's part of a challenge
So, to answer your question anon, yes, there will be more Looney Tunes content coming out this summer. Thank you for your message! *mwah*
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