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#golden era
solustenebris · a year ago
The Harry Potter fandom might disagree on a lot of things, but there are some things that we all agree on:
Umbridge is a bitch
Sirius “only one will die tonight” Black is the biggest fucking drama queen
Draco is hopeless at cooking. He can and will burn down the house.
JKR is a huge fucking asshole and she is disowned from this fandom
Umbridge is a bitch
Wolfstar. Is. Canon.
Dorcas Meadows and Marlene McKinnon were huge lesbians
Umbridge is a bitch
James Potter was the mother hen of the marauders and if you think otherwise you are wrong
Minerva “all tests set by a competent teacher” “have a biscuit Potter” McGonagall is the biggest badass of all time.
Did i mention that Umbridge is a fucking bitch
Feel free to add more
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earlgreydream · 17 days ago
| draco x reader x theo | smut |
anon requested. they both touch her during class and then when class finish they fuck her in an empty classroom 
cw: dark, slightly dubcon, d/s, public teasing, praising/degradation, spanking, gagging, humiliation
Tumblr media
You were desperately trying to pay attention, though the odds were stacked against you. Your first mistake was wearing that skirt that was just a bit too short.
“You’re not wearing that to class?” Draco asked, his eyes narrowing at the black fabric that barely brushed the top of your thighs.
“I haven’t got anything else. The rest are all in the laundry!” You whined, already running late to potions.
“And why haven’t you done the laundry?” Theo asked, his hand wrapping around your bicep to stop you from scampering out the door. 
An exasperated whine left your lips, only earning you two matching warning glares in response. Your face flushed as you thought about why you hadn’t done the laundry. Perhaps because you’d missed your turn with the machines because you were too busy with your hand down your jeans. 
“Missed my timeslot,” you whispered, refusing to elaborate on how that happened.
They didn’t have time to interrogate you, the three of you already running much further behind than you should have been. Draco sent you out the door with a slap to your bum, making you tug your skirt down. It threatened to give them a peek of your panties whenever you bent over, and they walked behind you to be sure no other lucky soul would get an eyeful of what was theirs.  
“Mister Malfoy, Nott. Miss Y/L/N, you’re late.” Snape’s tone was harsh as you stepped into the back of the classroom, rushing out sorry professor’s. 
You took a seat between your boyfriends at a desk in the back, oblivious to the deviant look they exchanged. The skirt rode up on your thighs, and it wasn’t long before the boys couldn’t resist their plan. 
Your quill scratched against the parchment as Draco’s hand came to rest on your thigh, squeezing you lightly, before Theo did the same on the opposite side. The weak attempt to squeeze your legs shut was useless, the boys prying your thighs apart. 
“We’re in class surrounded by students!” You whispered in disbelief, shocked that the boys intended to touch you in the crowded room. 
“Just be quiet and no one will notice,” Draco answered, nipping at the shell of your ear and making you squirm. 
You felt their fingers push under your skirt, making it ride up nearly to your hips, exposing you to anyone who were to look under your desk, or over your shoulder. Your face burned, eyes darting around in paranoia that you were being watched. 
When you tried to struggle for the second time, Draco harshly pinched the delicate skin on the inside of your thigh, making you fight to suppress a pained cry. Realizing this was not a battle you were going to win, you opened your knees obediently, accepting the feeling of their fingertips stroking over the quickly dampening panties. 
Your head snapped up when Snape asked you a question, and you stammered out an awkward answer, trying to remember what ingredient the potion called for. You somehow managed to answer correctly, getting his attention off of you. 
Theo’s fingers hooked into the lace hugging your cunt, pulling it to the side so Draco could tease your clit into sensitivity, making you throb and squirm on the bench seat. 
“Hold still, sweetheart. Don’t want anyone seeing what a filthy slut you are,” Theo teased, making your teeth sink into your lip as you tried to stop squirming. 
They refused to give you a break, each pushing a finger into your dripping hole, stretching you out around both of them. You gripped Draco’s wrist as they began to pump in and out of you, curling forward and hitting your g-spot, entirely forgetting you were in a crowded room, still in the middle of a class you should’ve been paying attention to. 
Draco smoothly answered a question from Snape, pretending like he wasn’t violating you in public, growing hard under the desk from the feeling of you fluttering around his fingers. 
“You’re going to come, right here, in front of all of these people. You’re going to make a mess of yourself under this slutty little skirt, and you’re going to remember your place,” Theo’s words made you throb as he rubbed your clit with his thumb, making your thighs tremble and squeeze around their hands. 
You fought not to scream as the pressure burst, making you soak their hands, your panties, and the bench under you. You didn’t care if anyone was looking at the way your eyes were squeezed shut and you were leaning forward on the desk, your chest rising and falling awfully fast for someone just sitting in class. 
“Holy fuck. You squirted all over, you dirty little nympho,” Draco mocked you to the point you were near tears, ashamed of yourself and overwhelmed. 
You had made a terrible mess, and you suddenly worried about getting caught. Snape dismissed the class, and for a moment, panic swept over you. It quickly faded as everyone casually left, seemingly oblivious to your deviance. 
The heavy door shut loudly, leaving the three of you alone in the classroom. They wasted no time in hauling you up off the bench, pushing you to your knees in front of it. 
“Clean up your mess.”
Shame burned through you, making even more arousal smear between your thighs as Draco pushed your head down, forcing you to lick up all of the cum you’d squirted on the bench. His hand remained tangled in your hair, guiding your movements and keeping a firm hold over you, making you feel utterly powerless.  
“We can’t let her get away with that kind of behavior, thinking it’s okay to act like such a whore,” Theo mused, feigning sympathy in his tone.
“But you made me-”
“Did we ask?” Draco snapped, hauling you forward so your stomach was on the bench, making you bend over it. Theo flipped your skirt up, dragging your ruined panties off and shoving them in your mouth, effectively gagging you. 
They loved to humiliate you, getting off on seeing you squirm in shame. The knowledge that anyone could walk in right now, seeing you bent over with your ass and pussy exposed, gagged on your own underwear, was dizzying, clouding your senses and judgement. 
Draco’s hand came down hard on your ass, the crack echoing through the room. You weren’t quite sure what you’d done to deserve this, though you assumed they knew why you had missed your laundry slot, and you were now being punished for disobeying their “no-touch” rule. 
You were so horny and needy you didn’t care, letting yourself sink into the feeling of Theo’s belt connecting with your ass, still bruised from repeated misbehavior and brattiness. 
They continued spanking you until you were writhing and kicking at the sting, and they’d decided you had learned your lesson. Tears had soaked your cheeks, your ass now on fire. Draco gripped your flesh, and you moaned as you felt the tip of his cock at your entrance. 
Theo pulled the gag from your mouth, holding your jaw in his hands and guiding your lips to his swollen tip. He eased into your throat, far more gentle than the way Draco had relentlessly slammed into your pussy.
Your eyes rolled back as they filled you from both ends, Theo making you choke on his cock, and Draco making you stretch around him. They fucked into you in opposite rhythms, keeping you from adjusting to the sensation, overwhelming you and making your head spin. 
“Hold it,” Draco hissed out as he felt your cunt spasm around him, indicating that their filthy humiliation was pushing you close to an orgasm. You moaned pathetically around Theo, making him swear and tug on your hair. 
“Be a good girl and swallow all of Theo’s cum, and I’ll let you orgasm around my cock,” Draco said, landing another painful slap to your stinging ass. 
You looked up at Theo with teary eyes, silently begging him to come down your throat. He obliged, rocking his hips against your face a last time before spilling into your mouth, pulling out and making sure you swallowed everything. You stuck your tongue out so he could see, earning a good girl in his deep voice. 
“Please, Draco, I’m so close, please,” you begged, unable to hold out much longer as your thighs shook below him. He rubbed quick circles on your clit, smirking as you squealed and came hard, clenching down around him. Your body trembled and writhed, and you reached back to try to push him out of you, overstimulated from just being filled. He grabbed your wrists, pistoning into your pussy faster, slamming his hips against yours as Theo’s hand went to muffle your screams. 
“Fucking hell,” Draco breathed as he pulled out, coming in thick ropes over your swollen pussy. You cried in shame, dropping your head on the bench as he defiled you. 
After catching his breath, he slid your panties back up your legs and pulled your skirt down to cover as much as possible. 
“Better hope no one gets a peek of the mess you made under here,” he mocked you, pinching your thigh and making you rub your slick thighs together, knowing someone was bound to notice the mess. 
“Best not miss your laundry day again,” sarcasm dripped from Theo’s tone.
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missyflufffics · 8 months ago
Harry Potter Universe Recommendation List
Last Updated: 12/21/2020
Marauders Era
James Potter
One Shots:
The best prankster by @deathlyhogwarts Summary: When a lowkey Gryffindor who values her education is disrupted during class by a roudy group of boys she decides to retilate, and she is determined to win.
Falling For You by @theweasleysredhair Summary: Soulmate AU. After suffering thorugh the pain of your soulmate, whom was not particulary careful about injuries, their identity is revealed during a Quidditch game.
What’s Happening To Me by @harrytpotter Summary: James Potter was starting to feel more and more overprotective towards his friend Y/N and considerably annoyed at the blatant flirting she and one of his best friends were displaying publicly and at the thought she might be falling for Sirius. What was happening to him?
Sirius Black
One Shots:
Drooling like a dog by @deathlyhogwarts Summary: Dogs are great pets, and it´s annoying how all kind of pets are allowed at school but dogs. So when you realize a group of friends frequents one you can´t help but shower it with affection. 
Cardigan by @gcdric Summary: You love everything Sirius’s family hates about him.
Remus Lupin
One Shots:
Scared by @thoseofgreatambition Summary: y/n’s mother has left their family, and because of this the reader is quite scared to form romantic relationships. Remus does his best to build her strength and trust up. in doing so they fall in love.
Peter Pettigrew
Lily Evans
Regulous Black
One Shots:
Mon Soleil by @poppin-potter Summary: Lupin!reader; no-Voldemort AU. Regulus Black helps you with your lycanthropy symptoms
Narcissa Black
Golden Trio Era
Harry Potter
One Shots: 
One step from happiness by @weasleydream Summary: After the war is over, there is one person he needs to see, a muggle that made Privet Drive seem less gloomy.
Dumbledore’s army by @poppin-potter Summary: Lupin!reader. When you help your boyfriend, Harry Potter, you start to notice a few things in his teaching style.
The Girl I Once Knew by @lunalovegxxd Summary: Malfoy!reader. When you receive the Dark Mark the best you can do to keep those you love safe is to play perfect pureblood daughter, sadly, that includes making Harry hate you so he’ll stay away.
Hermione Granger
Ron Weasley
One Shots:
Coffee Shop by @lunalovegxxd Summary: Coffee shop AU; Soulmates AU. In which you meet your soulmate in a coffee shop.
Only For You by @iliveiloveiwrite Summary: Ron Weasley is a family guy and a sap.
Draco Malfoy
One Shots:
Sneaking out and Shooting Stars by @stupxfy Summary: Draco wakes you up in the middle of the night to go watch the meteor shower
two sworn enemies Part 2 by @wondernimbus Summary: there is only one thing worse than being hated by draco malfoy; it’s being fancied by him.
A Beautiful Dream by @angelinathebook Summary: You meet up with Draco during the night and discover the boy buried underneath the pain.
Play Dumb by @willowbleedsonpaper Summary: Ravenclaw!reader. One day visiting your friend Myrtle, you found that she already had company. Learning some things you shouldn’t about Draco Malfoy you become really nervous around him and see yourself in the need to face him.
Carrot Cake by @willowbleedsonpaper Summary: Soulmate AU. You decide to put your own café after the war and you find yourself with some unexpected clients.
Seamus Finnigan
Dean Thomas
Fred Weasley
One Shots:
The Smell Of Love by @leahstypewriter Summary: You remain unranked by the Weasley twins catching one of the readhead’s attention.
Act Like a Gryffindor by @hp-imagines-07 Summary: Gryffindor!reader. The 4 times that Fred Weasley made you blush and the one time that it was the other way around…
Nervous by @hufflepuffgirly Summary: Fred’s nervous about meeting your family, but he really has nothing to worry about.
Blue by @hufflepuffgirly Prompts: “You’re so agitated, what’s wrong?” “You know exactly what’s wrong.”; “Come here.”; “Your hair smells nice.”
Surprises by @acciotwinz Summary: All the times Fred never manages to catch Y/N off guard and the one time he does.
George Weasley
One Shots:
Lifelines by @diary-of-an-onliner Summary: Gryffindor!reader. Your happy line responds to George as you flirt incessantly.
Gryffindor bravery by @heloisedaphnebrightmore Summary: Your shy and quite personality never matched the infamous bravery of Gryffindor. However the little bet George initiates might just help you find your inner Gryffindor, the bravery you have been looking for.
5th December by @george-fabian-weasley Summary: You read him a poem as he laid on your chest, loving the sound of your voice.
Ginny Weasley
Neville Longbottom
One Shots:
Childhood crush by @angelinathebook Summary: professor!Neville x professor!reader. You lost contact with your best friend after the war but neither is planning on passing up your chance when you find yourselves back in the castle you grew up in.
Oliver Wood
One Shots: 
Little brother by @poppin-potter Summary: Hufflepuff!reader. Your boyfriend comes to meet your family and everything seems to be going swell, except for the fact that your little brother doesn’t seems to like him much.
Charlie Weasley
Bill Weasley
Theodore Nott
One Shots: 
Terrible Tuesdays by @gcdric Summary: You get paired up with Theo in potions who defies all your preconceived notions on what a Slytherin is. Needless to say, Theodore Nott was not at all what you were expecting.
Lonely Heart by @willowbleedsonpaper Summary: After years of frienship you realize that although you might not be alone you’re lonely. You’re not part of the Golden Trio and they don’t seem to care when you drift away from them. You learn to be by yourself when certain Slytherin enters your life and change it for the better.
They don’t know about us by @willowbleedsonpaper Summary: Hufflepuff!reader. You are open and unapologetic about your relationship, even with its particular critics.
Blaise Zabini
One Shots:
Chess is for chumps by @peeves-a-legend Summary: Chess is all about sophistication and strategy; everything that Blaise prides himself on. Monopoly is about frugality and… also strategy?
Cedric Diggory
One Shots:
Ceasseless Interruptions by @imaginexmeintheuniverse Summary: Five times you almost kissed + when you finally did
4 AM by @random-imagines-blog Summary: You’re a transfer student at Hogwarts, and all of these changes are feeling restless. You develop a late-night hobby, but a handsome Hufflepuff catches on.
Yule Ball from the Sidelines by @imaginexmeintheuniverse Summary: In your attempt to avoid the elephant in the room you tell your best friend to go with someone else to the ball, and he does. Don’t worry, he has saved a dance just for you.
Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
Newt Scamander
One Shots: 
The Dress by @poppin-potter Summary: platonic!reader. You and your best friend, Newt Scamander, try to find the perfect dress for your wedding.
Theseus Scamander
One Shots:
Care For a Treat? by @poppin-potter Summary: Theseus never cared for sweets until his little brother’s best friend walked into his life.
Tina Goldenstein
Jacob Kowalski
Queenie Goldenstein
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solemnly-mischievous · 2 months ago
HOLY SHIT RIVALRY WAS SOOOO F@&KIMG GOOD OH MY 😮‍💨😮‍💨 I was wondering you would be open to doing a jealous draco smut with breeding kink? Maybe you’re wearing a short sundress that’s riding up and getting looks from the guys and he pulls you aside 🥵
very glad to hear you enjoyed rivalry! read this request and wrote it in like two hours. here you go, anon, hope you like it too ;)
Contains: Breeding kink, jealousy, possessiveness (like... kind of a lot of that), large amounts of dirty talk, themes of exhibitionism (only mentioned)
Word count: 1.6K
Of course you didn't purposely choose the smallest sundress you owned to wear that day. It was the only sundress you packed to bring to Malfoy Manor for the summer. You'd never intentionally wound up Draco—you aren't a brat or anything... on most days.
But maybe. Just maybe. You enjoyed seeing how his eyes had widened when you'd revealed your outfit. Maybe you liked how his eyes were constantly on you, your exposed skin, the deeper-than-necessary neckline. Your thighs.
And, alright, maybe this sundress was less a dress than a gratuitously long shirt.
But still. You never meant to get him so bothered.
You're also decidedly not complaining.
The day is truly hot and bright in the "backyard" of Malfoy Manor, the sun heating up your skin so much you're coated in a light sheen of sweat, despite your lack of clothing. You, Draco, and a couple other friends are about a three-minute walk away from the Manor, lounging by the beach.
You weren't even aware the Malfoy Manor was near a beach, but the more you know.
The other boys have unbuttoned their shirts in the heat, currently in various stages of modest undress—Blaise Zabini has his shirt fully off, while Theo Nott's is unbuttoned but stayed, reluctantly, on his body. It's soaked, though—you don't count on it staying on for much longer.
Draco, on the other hand, has his shirt fully buttoned, and his black outfit cuts a stark, imposing figure in the bright day. His gaze lingers on you as you stretch in the sun, the sundress riding up with your movements until they barely reach mid-thigh.
He hasn't said much since you emerged from your room in that dress, but he looks as though he's about to say something now.
"Hey!" Theo calls your name and you turn, the Slytherin boy tossing you a chilled glass bottle filled with lemonade. "I brought some along. You look parched."
"I am," you say gratefully, taking the lemonade and uncorking it. It's delightfully cold, and the lemonade tastes heavenly, sweet and sour perfectly balanced. "Bloody hell, Theo, what'd you put in these?"
"It's so bloody good, isn't it," Blaise says, chugging his own bottle before giving a satisfied sigh. "I'm telling you: Drugs."
"A dash of magic," Theo replies to you, grinning. You laugh. Beside you, Draco tenses.
"C'mon, Draco, try some," you urge him, holding the glass bottle out. "It's so good."
"I'm good, thanks," Draco declines, and you shrug.
"More for me, then." You tip the lemonade back, exposing your neck and collarbones as you lift your head, and you finish the whole small bottle in a few large gulps. Your throat bobs as you swallow, and you feel Draco's unrelenting stare on you.
Lowering the empty bottle, you feel a rush of euphoria as the sugar hits your system. Combined with the relief from the pressing heat, you can't help but let out a groan of pleasure.
Draco stiffens next to you, but you only turn to offer Theo a large pleading smile. "Tell me you brought more."
Theo looks like he's been caught in headlights, and takes a moment to unfreeze before he can register the sentence. His gaze trails down your body playfully, lingering at your neckline, how you're breathing harder than usual from drinking. "I might've. What's in it for me, doll?"
"Huh?" You blink in confusion.
"I could be persuaded to give you more," Theo says suggestively, winking, and then Draco is grabbing your arm and Apparating away from the beachside.
"Going to grab sunscreen!" is the only explanation he yells at his friends before the two of you vanish.
The two of you appear in Draco's room, you stumbling with the force of the arrival.
"Draco, what—"
"Don't," he warns, and kisses you without warning. The force of it takes you by surprise, and you fall backwards onto his bed, bringing him with you.
Draco nips at your bottom lip and trails down your neck, biting into the delicate skin there. You yelp, then moan, and your fingers clutch desperately at his shirt.
"Gonna hex him," Draco mutters, before sucking another hickey into the skin around your collarbone. You whimper from the feeling.
"What—what do you mean—Theo?"
"No, bloody Hagrid," he drawls, and pushes you into his mattress. He pins you down, and there's a light in his eyes that's almost—possessive. "Yes, Theo."
"Why?" And then you realize. "Oh—no, Draco, he was just joking."
"I don't bloody care." The blond tugs at your sundress, almost too harshly. "He wanted you. I could tell. Blaise did too. I can't blame them, with you looking like this. Bet they wanted to rip this dress off your pretty body and fuck you in the sand."
"I'm still wondering what to do with it," Draco continues, cutting you off. "Should I let you keep it on while I fuck you? So we can get it all dirtied and wrinkled, for when we return to the beach?"
Your face flushes at the idea of Theo and Blaise seeing you in freshly-fucked apparel, dress all uneven and stained with sweat and Merlin knows what else. They'd know—oh, they'd know, alright.
"Or," Draco muses, his voice darkening, "should I tear it off of you? You could wear one of my shirts back. Just the shirt, though."
"Draco," you whine, clamping your thighs together to get some friction. He's talking too much, not touching you enough, and you grind upwards into his leg to try and get his attention.
"Slow down now, or I'll tear this dress off you and not let you dress properly before I Apparate us back," Draco warns, and you still your motions. "There we go. Good girl."
He seems to be impatient as well, though, as he shrugs off his shirt hurriedly and kicks off his trousers. "I think I'll fuck you with the dress on. Let it be a reminder, hm?"
"Yes, please, just—" And then he's pushing your sundress up roughly, exposing much of your abdomen and a sliver of your bra, and tugging your panties to the side roughly. He doesn't even have the patience to take them off.
"Gonna show them you're mine," Draco growls, sinking two fingers in at once deep into your cunt, and you let out a loud, surprised moan. "Good thing no one's home, love. I'm going to make you scream."
He thrusts in and out, fucking you roughly with his fingers, until he's deemed you loose enough to curl his fingers in. They brush against the spot that makes you see stars and you moan his name loudly, the end of the moan tapering off into a desperate whine.
"Draco, fuck, fuck me," you babble, and he seems to agree, kicking his boxers off and giving his cock a few rough tugs with his free hand before drawing out his fingers.
You don't even have time to process the loss before Draco's pressing in, your cunt tight and wet around him. He groans out a stifled curse, bottoming out and bumping against your cervix, and you whimper from the stretch.
"After I'm done with you, love, no one will touch you," he murmurs, and then he starts to move. He fucks into you slowly at first, keeping a steady rhythm, and then he's pounding into you with a vengeance, hitting your sweet spot with every few thrusts. "They'll know you're mine. Mine to love and fuck and keep."
"Yours," you repeat, although he could've said anything in that moment and you would've agreed wholeheartedly.
"I'm gonna fill you up, love," Draco pants, his rhythm unrelenting. He has a hand on your bared abdomen, and he grips you so tight you think you might bruise. "Gonna fill you up with my cum 'till you're dripping, gonna fucking breed you so you'll always be mine—"
You clench involuntarily around him at his words, a fresh wave of arousal making you drip around his cock. "Oh, bloody hell—Draco!"
"Yeah? You like the sound of that?" You can hear the smirk in his voice as he fucks you fast and rough. "Good."
"Please," you whisper, "please, fuck, come in me, fill me up, make me yours—"
"Mine," Draco echoes, and one of his hands reaches to your clit, circling it playfully, flicking it occasionally so you lurch and clench around him in pleasure. "I'll fuck you over and over until we get there, love, don't think I won't—gonna make you carry my heirs, then you'll wholly be mine."
"Fuck, Draco!" you moan as you come, and Draco groans lowly when you clench and tighten around him in your orgasm. "Oh, fuck, yes, please, make me all yours, pump me full and claim me—"
With a strangled moan, Draco comes inside of you, and you feel him filling you up as he'd promised—painting your insides with his release and pulling out after he's emptied himself. He admires his work: You, well-fucked and blissed out, the sundress rumpled and soaked in sweat.
"Good girl," he praises, Summoning a washcloth from his bathroom and pressing the cold, soothing fabric to your face. "You did so good."
"'m yours," you murmur, smiling delightedly at him. "Aren't I?"
"Yes, love." Draco's eyes gleam with a sudden idea, and instead of leaning over to clean your oversensitive, dripping cunt, he tugs your panties back into place. Your brows furrow in confusion.
"So we can make sure you're truly filled up, hm?" He tilts his head, as if to ask if it's alright with you, and you nod, heat pooling in your abdomen at the idea of walking around all day with Draco's release still inside of you, dripping into your panties, maybe even soaking through them.
A thought occurs to you. "But—they might see!"
Draco smirks at you lazily, raising an eyebrow.
Requests & asks are open! Here is the guide on requests, if you’d like to check that out first. Hope you enjoyed!
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randomoutsiders · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
welcome beautiful people to my masterlist! here, you’re going to be able to find an easier way to navigate through the difficult fandoms/characters that i write for! either way, i digress. love always, isabelle <3 
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inpraizeof · a month ago
moment’s silence
Tumblr media
you stared at the clock. you were sitting in the girls room, hermione and ginny sitting at one bed and gossiping quietly, inquiring of what you assumed was the meeting everyone else was in.
your father hadn’t been too keen on letting you even join the order, he didn’t even want to let you in the black house, worried that the talking paintings of his family members would disturb you, especially his horrible mother who surprisingly, refrained from berating you with such insults. sirius was so close to turning the painting around but you told your father that it was alright, that your grandmother couldn’t hurt anyone anymore.
you had unpacked your bags already and you were just tapping your foot impatiently on the floor. you only had a few moments to see fred, let alone get the time you truly wanted with him. you hadn’t told anyone anything about the two of you, your father would implode, not the fact that he was a weasley but the fact that you even had held hands with a boy. fred wasn’t prepared for his mother to be dumping wedding plan suggestions and hospitals to give birth at.
hermione waved you over, “y/n! come look at this!” she held a newspaper in her hand but you waved her off, the clock finally hitting the time you were supposed to leave, “i’m going to the lavatory.” you stood up and tucked a condom in your jacket pocket before shuffling out of the room.
going down the hall, you reached the bathroom and gave a secret knock, the door opening abruptly to see a ginger man pull you into the tight space with him.
he immediately kissed you and you reached up to grasp his hair, “well well well,” he broke the kiss and began to slowly unbutton his pajamas. you put a hand over his, stopping him with a smirk
he raised an eyebrow and you blushed, “your pajamas are adorable.” you commented and kissed him again, “it’s nice to see you, mr. weasley.” you joked and watched as his pants fell down to his ankles, “all of you.”
fred scoffed, “enough with playing coy, i need you right now my darling.” he tore your clothing off, the jacket falling down to the floor and your pants still hung loosely on your hips.
you grabbed the condom and tore it open, placing it in his hand as you bent down to suck at his rock hard cock. the tip was already leaking precum and you were barely getting started.
fred moaned deeply, and you looked up, his cock buried in your mouth but your eyes full of warning. he giggled and winked, letting his head fall back onto the wall as he guided your head down onto his thickness.
you massaged the shaft and played with his balls, he kept moaning and although you found it deeply attractive, you were alarmed at the fact that he was being too loud.
fred stopped you, he was getting closer and if he couldn’t be inside you while he came, it would be an opportunity wasted. you sucked his cock once more before letting go.
you undid your pants, your sopping wet panties fell down your legs, and fred smiled to himself, whispering in your ear, his hot breath falling on your shoulder, “so wet for me? what a marvelous gift…” and you shuddered, george was so incredibly attractive in this moment.
“please, i need you sir…” you whispered back, “i need you to fuck my cunt relentlessly until i cry.” you were a whore, a slut for cock.
“anything for my angel.” he replied and grabbed your hair roughly before looking back down at the condom.
you stared, smirking, “let’s take a chance..i want to feel you so deeply in me.” you admitted and george set it aside, bending down to lick the wet folds of your cunt, and you moaned, biting your lips to contain yourself, you gripped the sides of the sink as he continued down onto you. your eyes rolled to the back of your head as fred reached up, grasping at the soft skin of your breasts.
fred stood back up, and gripped down hard on the skin of your ass, placing his thick cock at the entrance of your cunt. he looked at you and you nodded approval before he slowly pushed into you.
you moaned loudly, and fred hissed, clamping a hand over your mouth. the walls were too thin in your fathers house so fred could have expected to have people suspecting. he enjoyed his voyuerism but not with his parents.
“please..” he begged you to be quiet as he unclamped his hand from your mouth. his hand fell onto your hip as he now was in you completely. you felt so completely full, in bliss as he just paused, watching you for a moment. he kissed your head and began to move, at a slow pace that you wanted to scream out in pleasure.
you contained yourself but you gripped at the side of his body as he fell into you, grunting and moaning as he went faster. he kissed your shoulder, and gripped your hips harder that you were sure was going to bruise.
“you’re my slut. mine.” fred assured you, and couldn’t help himself to kiss you. you gripped his body to you as you cried out.
the sink and the mirror on the wall were making awful noises as you two continued to fuck. fred didn’t care anymore, you were far too good to not absolutely destroy your cunt.
“im just a hole sir..” you whispered and cried out louder as fred hit the spot. he pulled back and looked down, getting more turned on at the sight of him going in and out of you.
“please..” you begged as you felt the familiar pit in your stomach. fred wouldn’t let you cum unless you begged to the point of you no words.
he gripped your face as he went harder but not as fast. just a steady pace as he went in deeper. “beg for it.”
you threw your head back into the mirror as you cried out, “please!” you were sure everyone could hear your now, “let me cum! please!” fred laughed, panting as he spoke, “cum for me angel, cum.”
you shook as you were thrown into pure bliss. a shock of white blinded you for a moment until you felt fred’s release spill into your womb. he moaned loudly, kissing your neck before trailing down to your chest.
“beautiful.” he looked down to see his cum and your liquids mixed together as they dripped out of your cunt.
you felt exhausted, your body heavy as fred let you fall onto his chest. “come on darling, you have to get dressed.”
moments later, you felt so stiff as you opened the bathroom door. fred would wait a few minutes before going out just to avoid suspicions. as the door tore open, you were shocked to see george, hermione, ron, harry and even ginny just standing at the door shocked.
you smiled sheepishly, “had a big lunch.” you lied, biting your lip as you tried to walk normally.
fred stumbled out of the bathroom door and winked at the others, walking behind you.
george scoffed, “bastard.”
hermione and ginny raised their eyebrows, unsure if to be disgusted or to be impressed.
ron was disgusted, the noises were enough to want to make him vomit.
harry shrugged, “it was kind of hot.” he admitted and they all groaned, slapping his arm and nudging him before they all burst out into laughter.
you and fred were sitting in your bedroom now, hearing them giggle as they all burst into the room, questions coming out like word vomit.
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henqtic · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it was opening your window and letting the sun in from a dark and stormy night, allowing the soft beams of light to envelope you into a warm embrace as his arms would every chance they got— pulling you into him whenever you needed it most. it was the taste of your mom’s homemade cookies after a hard day, his soft and encouraging words of sweet nothings flowing through your ears like the finest silk, bringing a content smile to your face.
being in love with draco malfoy, and as untrue and biased as it sounds, was like reaching through the yellow gleams of a summers sun, bathing as you wildly danced around in it, listening to the tune of a fresh piano, and reading sonnets with your love— being utterly and undoubtedly enamored by the other.
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earlgreydream · a month ago
| theo nott x reader | smut | fluff |
anon requested. Theo’s had a long stressful day and is rougher and maybe aftercare & the morning after he was rough with her and she’s trying to reassure him that she’s all good and maybe lead to some soft smut
cw: spanking, d/s, rough sex
Tumblr media
“Don’t be angry.”
“Fuck you, Malfoy,” Theo spat at his best friend.
You looked up, shocked to hear the hateful words from your typically sweet boyfriend.
“I’ve had the worst fucking day and you keep being a prat and irritating me!”
“Makers, Nott, take a breath,” Zabini scoffed, earning a wicked glare.
“You got me in trouble in astronomy, you ass. Best shut your mouth, Zabini.”
Theo slammed his textbook shut and rose from the table, his chair clattering backwards with a loud noise.
His cloak brushed the wooden steps as he went to his dorm, too frustrated to deal with his friends’ badgering.
You sighed, stacking his books with yours, feeling bad for him. He’d had a terrible day, after a bad week, and his temper was understandable.
“What’s up his ass?”
“Leave him alone. He’s just had a bad day. Be kind to Teddy, please,” you answered Draco, who immediately looked guilty at your sweetness.
You carried your things up to Theo’s bedroom, planning to console him. You knocked softly on the door before entering, setting everything down on the desk. Theo was draped over his green velvet chair, looking stormy and volatile.
“My love, what can I do?” You asked softly, shedding your cloak and walking up to him.
“Nothing, sweetheart. I’m not upset with you. I never want you to think that,” he said, wrapping his arms around your hips and burying his face in your abdomen.
You could feel the waves of anger and frustration pouring off of him, and you would do anything to console him. A deep sigh escaped your boyfriend, and you felt bad for him. Your fingers stroked through his curls, trying to soothe him.
“What can I do, Teddy?”
“Nothing. I’m fine.”
“You’re not. Would it help to get some of the frustration out?” You peeled away from him, letting your dress drop to the floor. 
“Sweetheart, I can’t be gentle right now,” Theo warned.
“That’s okay. I can take it rough. You can hurt me, Teddy,” you breathed, sinking down onto his lap, wearing just your little cotton panties.
“You’re certain?”
You nodded. Theo hesitated, but he trusted you, knowing you’d never let him use you or take it too far.
“What’s your safeword, sweetheart?”
His strong hands squeezed your thighs, and he gazed up at you, kissing your sternum. 
He stood up, his height towering over yours. You peered up at him, shrinking under his stern gaze. Your wrists were taken in one of his large hands, trapped together and leaving you unable to move.
“Need you to be still while I fuck this tight little cunt,” Theo said, his voice several octaves deeper than before.
You didn’t answer, knowing it was unnecessary at this point. His hand came down hard on your ass, leaving a stinging handprint that had you blinking back moisture.
Your back was on the bed, and your knees bent up to your shoulders, leaving you entirely exposed to him. A squeal left your lips when he smacked your cunt, a force behind the blow that almost had your knees closing.
He tapped the head of his cock against your clit, rubbing through your folds and teasing your entrance. Tears were welled in your eyes now, out of need and arousal.
“Fuck!” You cried, dropping your head on the mattress as he slammed into you all at once. Your body struggled to adapt to the stretch, pain shooting through your abdomen as his hips began snapping at a ruthless pace.
“Keep those dirty words out of your pretty mouth,” Theo hissed, pushing two fingers past your lips to keep you from speaking.
He pressed down on your tongue, causing you to gag around him, making your muscles contract around him. Tears were now staining your cheeks, and you tried to ground yourself by sucking on his fingers, the only part of your body you remained in control of.
A low growl erupted from his chest at the action, and he gripped your thigh hard enough to bruise, slamming into your cunt fast and hard. All the angst and irritation came pouring out of him, channeled into fucking you.
Theo swore, dropping his head forward and emptying himself inside of you. You whined around his fingers still in your mouth, and he tugged them out, dropping his hand to rub your clit.
“Theo,” you cried, the stimulation harsh and rough even as he just meant to get you off. Your body convulsed, coming around him as he rutted his hips into yours. 
You ached, unused to being handled so roughly. Theo slid out of you carefully, breathing hard, but visibly less upset than before. It stung as he pulled out, causing a whimper to escape your lips. 
“Sweetheart,” Theo breathed, brushing the tears off of your cheeks. Worry immediately knit in his brow, and you shook your head, leaning up on shaky arms to kiss him. 
“It’s okay, I’m okay,” you promised, even though you ached.
“I’m sorry,” he apologized, kissing the space between your eyes.
“Don’t be.” 
“Let me clean you up,” Theo was standing before you could protest, stepping into the ensuite out of your view. 
You laid back against the pillows, trying to catch your breath. Theo breathed another apology when you winced as he tried to clean you up. 
“I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so rough,” Theo was distraught, horrified by his own roughness he exhibited with you. 
“Theo, my love, I promise that I am alright,” you insisted, and you meant it. 
He slipped soft cotton up your legs, kissing the soft skin on your belly, making you laugh. Theo made sure to be extremely gentle as he helped you into one of his shirts, a touristy tee from one of the American cities he had traveled to. 
“I love you,” Theo whispered, kissing your cheek and putting a glass of water in your hands as he settled behind you. 
“I love you more,” you giggled, snuggling back against his chest and drinking the water while he read aloud from a book. His fingertips gently trailed over your torso under the soft fabric, tracing shapes on your skin as he soothed you to sleep with his low voice. 
Theo rolled over in bed, watching you stand on trembling legs. 
“Don’t leave me,” Theo’s beg was soft and pathetic, fearing you were running after he’d been too aggressive. 
“Oh, no, love. I’m just using the loo,” you kissed his forehead before disappearing, leaving him to relax in the bed. 
“I feel terrible.”
“You shouldn’t. I’m all good, just a bit sore,” you tried to assure Theo as you crawled back into the warmth of his bed. 
You settled on your side, smiling as he draped your thigh over his. Theo’s hand went to the back of your neck, gently pulling you into a lazy kiss. It quickly turned into a sleepy makeout session, your hands smoothing over the muscles on his abdomen, and his hands under your shirt and the fabric of your underwear, squeezing and palming your bum. 
“I need you,” you breathed against his lips, growing wet and aroused. 
“I don’t want to hurt you.”
“I’ll be fine as long as you’re gentle. Please just fuck me.” 
Theo couldn’t deny you when you begged, and he quickly was tugging his boxers down while you stripped beside him. His hand held under your thigh, pulling it up so he could angle himself to fuck you. 
Your forehead rested on his chest as he gently rolled into you, easing the ache between your hips. You exhaled softly, melting into him as he gently thrusted into you at a steady, lazy pace. 
You lowered your hand to gently rub your clit as he fucked you, your other fingers tangled in his hair as his mouth swallowed your tiny, pathetic moans. 
“I want to feel you come around me, sweetheart,” he whispered, kissing your cheek and pushing all the way inside of you until your hips connected. 
“Squeeze that pretty pussy. I just want to feel you let go,” he murmured before lightly teasing your nipples, making the pressure dissolve as you orgasmed. 
“Teddy,” you whined, a silent cry catching in your throat as you felt him come all over your inner thighs, making an absolute mess of you. 
You dropped your head down onto his shoulder, murmuring a thanks as he cleaned the two of you up with a simple spell. You resigned yourself to lazing the day away in bed, sleeping and making out, spending time with your soft lover.
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witchywritingwildflower · 4 months ago
summary: (smut; sex; slight choking; dry humping; fem!reader; not proofread) reader gets scared of the storm outside and draco helps her relax and go back to sleep.
author's note: hii it's me again. draco calls reader pumpkin in this because i appreciate cute & unusual nicknames so i hope you will too. if not or you would like another one just lmk and i'll use that :) also send me stuff to write about! xoxo
The thunder outside was getting angrier and angrier. You were sitting with your legs tucked under your bum, your own part of the soft white duvet wrapped around you protectively. Draco was fast asleep on the right side of the bed, limbs spread, his blonde hair messy and fluffy. The thin white t-shirt he was wearing bunched up around his torso a little (as he was turning quite a lot before) and showed some of his happy trail. Your eyes faltered lower to his grey sweats, and as the white bedding swallowed the rest of him up you searched for another part of him you’d like to admire. His hands. Yes, his hands are comforting - soft and warm but also rough and slightly cold when you haven’t held them in a while. Now his left arm was bent next to his head on the pillow and the other was hanging off the side of the bed. You made a move to touch them, maybe play with his fingers but the loud noises outside made you pull back with a silent squeak. Draco stirred, reaching around for your body but when he couldn’t find anything he finally opened his eyes. When he took in your shaken-up expression his eyebrows furrowed. He sat up, grasping your hand in his.
“What’s wrong, pumpkin?”
“Woke up ‘cause of the storm,” you mumbled. Now that your boyfriend was up you could snuggle him as much as you like, and you did just that. Draco welcomed you in his embrace, shushing you and petting your head. “Scared.”
“I’m here sweetie, no need for that,” he whispered. His body was warm and soothing and you instantly felt at home. You hid your face in his neck, inhaling his intoxicating scent. You gripped him tighter as another loud rumble erupted from outside. Tears filled your eyes from the fright and the restlessness that’s been eating away at you. Draco lied back down, pulling the covers around your interlocked bodies and started rubbing your back in a calming manner. “Would you like me to distract you?”
You sniffled, rubbing your eyes dry on his shirt. “How?” you asked in a small voice. Draco pulled away but only slightly, just to look in your eyes and bring your lips together. You relaxed right away as his skilful tongue massaged yours. His mouth felt amazing on yours as always, but now he made sure to show his appreciation and passion. He grasped your waist as he went lower, sucking on your sweet spot the way you liked. After that, he coated the small part of the skin with a thin layer of saliva, his tongue delicate and teasing. You understood what he meant right away. A quiet moan escaped you, encouraging Draco to keep going. When he heard he ground his hips to meet yours, the outline of his semi-hard cock feeling delicious against your heat. You gripped his shoulders as his lips found yours again, deepening the kiss (if that was even possible). All the sensations were getting too hard to ignore now so you tried wiggling your lower body to get some friction that would ease the tension between your thighs, but when Draco realised what you were doing he let out a low chuckle. “Be patient, pumpkin. I’m not going anywhere.” He flipped you over to the mattress pressing your body into his and trapping you. The boy reached down, running a slim finger along the inside of your thigh, the act making you shudder and grow more excited than ever. He was still kissing you when he decided to tear off your underwear; he did it so effortlessly even without looking that you needed to tell him how good it felt. “Dray, merlin…”
“Shh,” Draco whispered, closing his eyes and positioning his firmness against you. The sweats he was wearing pleasantly rubbed against your sensitive clit sending waves of euphoria through your body. He wasn’t stopping - when he saw how much you liked what he was doing he started to apply more pressure, sometimes slowing down and drawing it out.
“Kissie,” you mewled. Even talking was getting difficult now as you thrashed your head from side to side in a submissive way from the overwhelming bliss. Draco was gripping your spread legs, now bringing them closer to your chest so he could lean in and plant a shower of kisses on your lips and jaw. “T-thank you…” After he pulled away he decided to go faster and make you moan out louder.
“Look how messy you are, pumpkin,” he looked down, the corner of his open mouth curling up at the sight that was in front of him. You followed his gaze and immediately blushed. The parts of the light material that were in contact with your cunt were incredibly wet and dark from your soaking pussy rubbing against them. “My baby likes when I play with her swollen little button, doesn’t she?” You felt your orgasm approaching from the dirty words he let out on top of you. Draco was nowhere near stopping. You didn’t know what he did but he might have changed the angle in which he was rutting against you because you could feel almost every inch of his rock hard length hitting your clit effortlessly. “Doesn’t she?” He gritted out when he heard you weren’t answering. He grabbed your neck harshly, demanding an answer. “Yes! Fuck, Draco, I love it so much,” you cried out hoping he heard you but at this point, you couldn’t focus on anything other than coming even if you wanted to. “Do you want me to fuck you pumpkin? Want me to fill your tight little hole right up?”
“YES!” you squeaked, your eyes still shut, fingers still holding his wrist around your neck. “P-please, Dray…”
“Your wish is my command,” he chuckled. Eventually, he slowed down and pulled away from you but not before drawing a long stripe on your bare cunt with his clothed cock. You whimpered at that, breathing heavy, arms reaching out for him. He took your hand in his and kissed your palm lovingly before taking off his sweatpants with one arm. You helped him by pulling off his t-shirt over his head, him now completely exposed in front of you. You didn’t even have time to take in his appearance as he flipped you over your stomach, but oh you so wanted to. You could only imagine how red and angry his cock must’ve been from the former stimulation. You wanted to see the tip dripping with pre-cum, slowly running down on his big shaft…
You were snapped out of your train of thought when he leaned on his right arm in front of your head, his chest to your smaller back. With his other hand, he guided his cock through your puffy folds, coating it in your juices. “You ready baby? Ready to be my good girl?”
“Y-your good girl,” you babbled. After a moment he pushed in and you moaned out at the pleasing feeling of him being inside you. The walls of your cunt were so snug around him he had to let out a groan of satisfaction. He threw his head back, left hand grasping your waist, mouth slightly open. “Fuck, so good f’me… Your pussy is taking me so well, darling…” After he made sure you adjusted to his size he started rocking in and out of you. Your face was pressed into the pillow, his scent heavy around you. When he picked up his pace you weren’t able to stop the moans and the pleas that fell from your mouth. The constant stimulation he was giving you was so heavenly, along with being so close to him made you crazy. Draco peppered small kisses into the crook of your neck - you could feel his hot breath, his heavy but short intakes of air and the muffled groans against your skin. “Feels good?” you bit your lip and nodded your head greedily. “Yeah? Use,” thrust. ‘Your,” thrust. “Words,” thrust. You urgently complied.
“Feels so good… no words to describe…”
“That’s it pumpkin, take all of me.” With one swift movement he pushed all in, filling you to the brim. You let him clutch your hair tightly, lifting your chest off of the bed and pulling your pyjama top up a little so he could have your tit in his strong hold, pinching your nipple. This made you realise how close you were to cumming around his cock - your body felt weightless, floating on a cloud as Draco kept mercilessly pumping in and out of you, now his tip grinding against your g-spot with every move. Your pussy clenched so hard it made Draco cry out, seemingly losing his self-control and fucking you with more and more force. “I can feel you, pumpkin. Let go for me, yeah? Let go…” He was licking the shell of your ear now, teeth biting the most sensitive part. Everything made sense for a moment - your walls fluttered around him and you felt that well-known feeling wash over you. You came with a loud moan of his name, fighting for air as a euphoric sensation possessed your body, making it shake with bliss. After some incoherent babbles (“Draco… Mhm… I love mmm you…”) you realised that your boyfriend was still relentlessly pounding into you chasing his own high. His moans became deeper and daresay sexier when he was close, and it was music to your ears. You let him use your holes as he pleased, although you didn’t have to spend much time with your oversensitive parts rubbing together because he shot his load in you only a few minutes after. The way his hot cum painted your insides made you groan in appreciation, thanking him in your head. You heard him panting, felt him biting down your shoulder and still grasping your boob as he collected his thoughts once again. When his body relaxed you felt him pull out, stroking your hair and wrapping his hands around your waist protectively while slumping back onto the bed.
“I love you so much, you did amazing for me pumpkin.” He kissed your temple, found your blanket and spread it over your bodies. You nuzzled closer to him, kissed him on the lips and fell into a deep sleep.
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mcecologist · a month ago
Currently watching what seems to be the very first feral boys Jackbox
This should go in a museum, it should win an academy award
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solemnly-mischievous · 2 months ago
rivalry (d.m. x reader)
You and Draco Malfoy have a rocky relationship, at best. It'd be better to describe it as a rivalry. But all it takes is a bit of fire from your end to finally make him snap.
(AKA: I just really wanted to write an enemies-to-lovers trope for my first fic.)
A/N: Hi! First fic. Hope you like it. :)
Contains: Degradation, slight edging, d/s elements, slight dub-con (but not really; full consent is clearly given), light humiliation
Word count: 3.9K
Normally, Defense Against the Dark Arts would be your favorite class. The spells you learn are fun and useful; Professor Lupin is always a plus, and most importantly, you’re good at the subject—so bloody good, you’ve bested even Hermione and Harry multiple times.
But lately, you’ve been finding yourself dreading the lessons. So much, in fact, that you were half-considering asking Hermione to hex you just to get out of your afternoon class.
Why? It’s a pretty easy answer when you got down to it.
Draco Malfoy.
You’d had an ongoing rivalry with the git since third grade. He’s been terrorizing you and your friends, mostly because of Harry, but along the way the two of you had begun building a personal vendetta.
(He probably hasn’t quite yet forgiven you for hexing him so badly he’d had to stay in the Infirmary for weeks, and you certainly haven’t forgiven him for causing your friends so much grief over the years.)
This year, you’d thought you could try your best to avoid him, with your upcoming N.E.W.T.s and all. But DADA had other plans.
Professor Lupin had begun experimenting with mixing up partners for class—it was, after all, a very hands-on class—and had apparently decided that cross-house interaction would build bonds and skill. His exact words were, “If they’re your friend, you’re gonna go easier on them. In the real world, you never know who you’re fighting with—or against.”
So he’d randomized the name list. You, being Gryffindor, knew immediately you wouldn’t be with any of your closest friends—but you hoped that perhaps you’d be paired with Cedric, or Luna, or anyone but—
“Your partner is Draco Malfoy,” Professor Lupin informed you when he got to your name, and you immediately make to protest.
“Her?” a voice came just as you complained “Not him”, and the students parted to reveal Draco himself, glaring daggers at you and Lupin.
“Yes, her,” Lupin replied, unruffled. “Now, pair up, everyone. We’re practicing Stunning today.”
That day, you’d fucking limped out of the classroom. Not to say Draco had gotten it easier—he could barely stand after you Disarmed, Stunned, and hit him with a nasty stinger hex just for the sake of it. (You’d gotten detention, but it was worth it.)
Today’s your second class with Malfoy, and you’ve never wanted more to be able to commit violent actions in your life.
“Please,” you whisper to Hermione as your group enter the DADA classroom. “Just one hex. I won’t even go to Pomfrey. No witnesses. You could just Petrify me, if that’s more to your liking.”
She sighs. “I’m not going to Petrify you.”
“’Mione,” you say, scandalized. “I thought we were friends.”
“Pair up, everyone,” Lupin calls out. Your friends shuffle away and you close your eyes, already getting a headache from the thought of—
“Well, well.” That fucking smarmy voice. “If it isn’t Potter’s little friend.”
“If it isn’t Daddy’s boy,” you snap, opening your eyes and glaring at Malfoy, who already has his wand out. “Bugger off, Malfoy.”
“Afraid I can’t do that.” Draco’s eyes narrow. Clearly, he’s as displeased with the situation as you are. “What are we doing today, then? Can’t wait to knock you down a few notches. Star of the class, my—”
“Patronuses!” Professor Lupin announces from across the room, and your heart soars—Patronuses, you could do that. Harry, months earlier, had taught you how to perfect a corporeal form in exchange for tips on his Astronomy essay. He isn’t here today—maybe you could be the only one in the class to do it.
Lupin continues, “Yes, the Patronus—an essential in the world of Defense magic. We’ll be starting with just the simple basics of it. A strong flick of the wand, and the words ‘Expecto Patronum!’. Say it with me, everyone.”
You chorus the words obediently along with the class, Malfoy’s snort of derision not going unnoticed.
“Good. Good, good, now—the key to the Patronus is to think of a happy memory. It has to be strong. Remember, Dementors feed on misery—it’s the only way to keep them away. Now, go practice. I’ll be walking around to see if there’s any problems.”
“Expecto Patronom,” Malfoy repeats in a mocking voice once the classroom starts filling with the chants of fellow students. “Doesn’t Potter know how to do that one? Heard he can do a deer. Pretty weak animal if you ask me—”
“A stag,” you correct. “And it’s Patronum, not Patronom.”
He glares at you again. “Think you’re so smart, don’t you?”
“Certainly smarter than you are.” You glance at him. “Though that’s not saying much, is it?”
You give Fred Weasley, who’d circled around to hear the conversation, a not-discreet fist-bump.
“Alright then.” Malfoy spits out your last name, trying to provoke you. “Let’s see you do it.”
“You try,” you suggest, hiding your smirk. “Unless you’re too scared.”
Draco grits his teeth. Unwilling to back down from a challenge, he brandishes his wand. “Expecto Patronum!”
A thin, wispy light appears at the end of his wand—weak, but clearly visible. Classmates around you murmur as they notice it, and Professor Lupin beams as he sees Draco’s doing. “Very good, Draco! A fantastic start.”
Draco flicks his wand smugly and the Patronus charm dissipates. He smirks, shooting you an expectant look.
You take out your wand, feeling its familiar grip, and you close your eyes. You recall the memory of a weekend in Hogsmeade with your friends, drinking Butterbeer as you stroll through the snowy village, pointing out the shops and people. Unconsciously, you smile.
“Expecto Patronum!”
Light blazes so bright you can see it under closed eyes, and you open them to find a glowing golden retriever prancing out the end of your wand. It bounds around in the air joyfully, leaving a trail of light where it leaps, and circles the classroom, eventually coming back to you and wagging its tail.
Professor Lupin is grinning, utterly delighted as he takes in your Patronus. Calling your name, he exclaims, “That is phenomenal—you’ve learned fast. Very impressive job!”
You smile back, and your Patronus glows lighter in response. You quickly call it off, the light being a bit too much, and the rest of the class passes by in a haze of awed murmurs and classmates asking your advice on their spellwork. You become so preoccupied, you don’t even notice Draco’s unrelenting stare on your back.
The class ends fast, the bell tolling to signify the start of what would be a study period for you. As students trail out of the classroom, chattering happily, Professor Lupin calls you over.
“Listen, I want you to know that what you did today was truly impressive,” he says, seriously. “I assume Harry laid out the groundwork, yes?”
You nod. He smiles. “You and Harry both are very accomplished students, then. But truly—I doubt many Aurors could’ve managed what you did today.”
“Thank you, Professor.” Your words are sincere.
“My pleasure.” Professor Lupin shoots you an apologetic look. “Now, I’m terribly sorry, but I have off-grounds business to attend to—would you mind setting the classroom to rights? I’m afraid I had to push the desks and chairs back for our class, but I don’t have time to put them back. I’ll write you a note, if you—”
“Oh, no, Professor, don’t worry, it’s a study period. I’d be glad to help.”
“Thank you,” he says, relieved, already heading out the door. “Thank you. I’ll see you tomorrow, then. I’ll bring chocolate to compensate!”
“Goodbye, Professor!” you call, and he echoes it, and then he’s gone. You look around the classroom, seeing all the desks in the back, and you crack your knuckles. Time to get to work.
“Well. Quite the teacher’s pet, aren’t we?”
Merlin’s fucking beard.
“Bloody hell, Malfoy,” you mutter, turning around to find him leaning against the classroom doorframe. His blond hair glints silver in the sunlight, and his entire outline—his uniform, his stance, his dark gaze—is just… honestly, unfairly attractive.
So maybe your first impression of Draco Malfoy, years ago, wasn’t that he was a self-entitled git. Maybe, just maybe, you’d thought he was the prettiest boy you’d ever seen.
And maybe that feeling never went away.
Not that you’d let him know that.
“What are you doing here?”
“Study period.” He starts walking towards you, shutting the door behind him. “Couldn’t help but be curious as to what Lupin wanted with you.”
“What’s it to you?” you snap. Malfoy doesn’t reply.
“Why do you insist on being so difficult?” he asks instead, and you blink.
“Me?” you splutter. “Difficult? Fat lot of sense that makes, with you fucking insulting me at every move I make—”
“As I recall, our first interaction was you hexing me in third-year.” Malfoy sounds amused.
“You pushed Harry into the lake,” you snap at him. “You bloody well deserved it.”
Draco laughs. “Good times.”
“Malfoy, what the bloody hell are you doing here?”
“You’ve got quite a mouth.”
“My mouth is also capable of jinxing you three ways to Friday, so I suggest you leave me alone, yeah?” Your fingers twitch towards your wand in preparation, and he only looks on with derision.
“I’m just frightened,” Malfoy sneers. You barely notice him slipping off his rings, pocketing them. “Potter taught you that Patronus charm, didn’t he?”
“What’s it to you?”
“Nothin’. Just wondering what else he taught you.” A vengeful mood seems to have taken Draco. “You seem to hang out with him an awful lot.”
“It’s called having friends,” you snap right back. He looks as though he’s about to retort, but you push on. “Unfamiliar with the concept? Wouldn’t be surprised. Crabbe and Goyle don’t seem like the best conversationalists, are they? Just a couple of goons. Wonder why you don’t have better friends. Friends you can actually talk to who operate with more than one braincell.”
“Maybe it’s because no one wants to be near you,” you continue, years of pent up frustration spilling out in a vitriolic spiel. “Because you’re a miserable bastard who doesn’t know how to be happy, aren’t you? You drive everyone away and then you go after more because you’re lonely and sad and fucking pathetic—”
“Shut up,” Malfoy repeats with a vehemence.
“—and it’s too fucking late to repair the damage you’ve done—”
“Shut up,” Malfoy snarls, and you stare into his narrowed eyes.
“Fucking make me,” you snap back, and he lunges.
You’re pinned against the wall of the classroom, Malfoy’s wand to your throat and a hand fisting your robes to render you immobile. Draco flicks his wand, ever-so-slightly, and you hear the classroom door lock with a wordless spell.
“Malfoy,” you whisper, but he cuts you off.
“Shut the fuck up or I swear you’ll bloody regret it,” he hisses.
“Draco,” you begin, and he curses.
“Fuck it.”
Gripping your robes, he leans in and kisses you.
It’s rough and demanding and you think he’s trying to hurt you, with how much his teeth scrape against your bottom lip and bite down gently, but you’re not pulling away, he’s not pulling away, and you find yourself leaning into the kiss, arching up to meet him—
He breaks away and looks at you, smirking.
“If I’d known that’s what it would take for you to shut your bloody mouth, I’d have done it years ago.”
“Let me go, Malfoy,” you say shakily, but even as he loosens his grip slightly, you show no sign of moving.
“If you’d wanted to leave you’d have Stunned me long ago,” he states, truthfully. Your wand is fully in reach. You know how to do wordless spells. And yet you let him kiss you.
“Shut up,” you grumble, still not moving.
“I think, perhaps,” Draco murmurs, glancing down at your body, “you’re enjoying this.”
“No,” you argue, and his wand digs into your neck—not enough to hurt but enough to register.
“Shh,” Draco hushes, almost condescendingly. “Be quiet, now. That’s a good girl.”
Involuntarily, you shudder at his words. They made your legs weak, and you fight off the urge to audibly whimper—what the hell’s gotten into you?
Maybe he won’t notice. Maybe he hasn’t noticed.
Of fucking course he notices.
“Oh?” The shit-eating smirk on his face is enough to make you glare absolute daggers at him. “Don’t give me that. You shivered. You liked it.”
“Shut up,” you say again, with no real strength.
“Don’t you want to be my good girl, sweetheart?” he teases cruelly, and you have to close your eyes to fight off the blush. It doesn’t work, and your face grows hot with embarrassment and arousal.
“Dear me,” Draco says mockingly. “What happened to the spitfire from minutes ago, hm? Still feeling like saying those words to me? Still feeling like being bad?”
Inadvertently, you shake your head.
“Who’s pathetic now?” he mocks, grinning, letting his wand trail a cold path down your neck, over your collarbone, until it rests on the top button of your uniform. “May I?”
The question sounds mocking, but he meets your gaze and you know he’s honestly asking for permission. And you give it to him, nodding, even as your blush deepens. Draco undoes your buttons, one by one, with tiny flicks of his wand, until your shirt is fully unbuttoned and you’re exposed to his gaze.
Draco shoves his wand into his belt and pushes your bra out of the way with an almost laughable urgency, getting a full, appreciative look at your breasts. “So fucking pretty,” he murmurs. “Shame they belong to such a fucking headache, hm?”
You grumble some sort of an insult, and Draco pinches a nipple, which shuts you up effectively. “That’s what I thought.”
His hands trail down to your skirt, and instead of undoing the button he leans down and scoops the fabric up. “Here, be good and useful and hold this for me.”
The indifferent praise and the degradation combined has you obeying immediately, hoisting your skirt up and baring yourself to him, which only adds to an eddying swirl of shame and arousal pooling in your gut. Draco looks at you, stares, really, and it’s with a predatory grin that he reaches over to caress you through your panties.
“Soaked,” he observes, sounding both amused and satisfied. “You always get off this much to being treated like a right slut, then?”
“Draco,” you whine, bucking your hips up into his almost phantom touch. “Come on.”
“Is that how we ask nicely?” Oh, this bloody git. You’ll never be able to look at him again—he’s going to be so fucking smug around you.
When you don’t answer, he withdraws his touch completely, and you make a sound of protest. “No, no, please.”
“Go on.”
“Please touch me,” you try, but it’s hard to focus when you’re so goddamn wet you’re soaking through your panties.
“Not quite,” Draco muses. He’s palming himself through his trousers, and the sight turns you on impossibly more. “Come on, then—convince me.”
“Draco, please touch me,” you beg. One of your hands drift down to your panties but he slaps it away immediately, shooting you a warning look. “Please!”
“Touch you where?” He wants you to say it.
“Touch my cunt, please, Draco, fuck, I’m so wet it hurts,” you beg, and it’s true—you’re aching with arousal, and if he doesn’t touch you within the next few seconds you think you really just might combust. “Please, please touch me, I’ll be good, I’ll do whatever you want, just touch me.”
“If only the school could see you now,” he sneers, but even he seems to break his self-control and he tugs your panties down harshly, all but ripping them off. “Baring yourself to me and begging to be touched like a whore.”
“I’m not—oh,” you gasp, his fingers pressing into your cunt immediately and his thumb working on your clit, sending waves of pleasure so potent you almost double over. His fingers are long and thin, which is why he can press two in without preamble, and the stretch is barely noticeable.
“You’re not what? A whore?” Draco laughs. “Please. Look at yourself.”
“’m not,” you insist, but you clench around his fingers at his words and he raises an eyebrow.
“I think you’re lying.” He presses a third finger in and you whine, little sounds of pleasure escaping your lips as he works you open. “Quieter, now, or I’ll have to gag you.”
You bite your lip, and Draco thumbs your clit as a reward and incentive. “Now, tell me what you are. Be truthful, or I won’t fuck you. I’ll leave, leave you here with your shirt hanging open and your skirt up, the doors wide open. Maybe the next bloke who stumbles in might help you.”
Your eyes widen—he wouldn’t. But his gaze is dead serious. “Say it.”
“I’m a whore,” you breathe, and he thrusts his fingers into you, hitting that right spot. “Draco!”
“Say it louder,” he orders, angling his fingers and curling them.
“I’m a whore,” you moan out, bucking your hips upwards—you’re close, you’re so close. “Draco, I—”
He stops moving, and his other hand pinches your clit harshly. “No.”
You let out a gasp of shock and hurt, reeling from the denial and pleasure. “But—”
“You’re not fucking coming until I say so,” Draco hisses, undoing his belt and pushing his trousers down. “And I’m not saying so until I properly fuck you into a bloody wreck.”
His cock is already hard, and he positions himself right at your entrance. You can feel him, his tip pressed against your wetness, but not pushing in. “Draco—”
“I think,” he muses, and you want to scream, “one day I’ll drag you into a broom closet. Fuck your throat so hard you won’t be able to talk for the day. You’ll look pretty, don’t you think?”
“Or I’ll bring you back to my dorm, so I can fuck you until you’re screaming yourself hoarse,” Draco says thoughtfully. “Your dorm works. So long as I can ruin you.”
“Because it’s just so—” and he pushes into you in one swift movement, fucking into you immediately with a fast and rough rhythm, “—fucking nice to see you being a slut for me.”
“Fuck!” You grind your hips along with his rhythm, feeling the tightness of your cunt around his cock, and you clench as he hits your sweet spot with the right angle, almost shaking with the pleasure that it gives you.
Draco groans your name, fucking you brutally as he chases his own release, already pent-up from the teasing and the sight of your wrecked state. “’m gonna come on your tits, would you like that? Get it all fucking messy, maybe get some into your mouth, get you fucking ruined?”
“Please, please, fuck, please let me come,” you plead him, feeling your impending orgasm barrel towards you—you couldn’t last, you can’t fucking last—
“Fucking hold it,” Draco snaps. “Hold it like a good fucking girl, you understand?”
You let out a mournful sound, but you nod—yes, I’ll be good, I’ll be good, please—
“Salazar, I’m fucking close,” Malfoy breathes into your ear, his voice rough and strained. “You feel so good, love, so bloody tight.”
“Please,” you whimper, not even sure what you’re pleading for at this point. Draco exhales shakily and curses, pulling out and pushing you to your knees with such a force that you drop down, your skirt being the only padding.
“Wh—?” you try to ask, but Draco is already pumping his cock and then he’s coming all over your face, some of it dripping down to paint your breasts as he’d promised. Draco leans down to gather some release on a finger and pushes it into your mouth, eyes darkening as you suck and swallow around it.
“Good girl,” he praises, and you almost come right there.
“Draco, please,” you beg, still on your knees and still absolutely fucking desperate for release that he’s been denying you for the past half hour. “Please let me—”
“Alright, spread your legs, c’mon,” Draco guides, and you obey and then he’s there, thumb rubbing steady circles around your clit and two fingers pushing inside you once more. You whine and grind into his fingers, his touch, hips following his movement as he pushes you closer—closer—
“Fuck!” you sob as he senses your impending orgasm and stills his hand. “No—no, why?”
You sound like a petulant child and Draco laughs at you, and it’s an unfair move and a mean sound but it somehow turns you on even more. “I’m just messing, sweetheart.”
Fuck you, you badly want to say, but somehow you feel like that won’t get you what you want.
Draco starts moving again, his fingers gaining speed, and the sound of them pumping in and out of your soaked cunt sounds delightfully dirty. You’re quickly pushed to the edge again, and amidst your pleasure you eye Draco distrustfully.
“Please,” you whisper, and he smirks at you.
“Well, since you asked so nicely.”
And he thumbs your clit and you’re coming, gasping with the pleasure and shaking as he eases you through it. His fingers don’t stop moving, even after your orgasm has faded, and you squirm in discomfort as he overstimulates you.
“Promise me you won’t be a bloody pain again,” Draco levels at you, and you want to glare back but his fingers curl inside of you and you yelp with pleasure and pain. “Promise me, or I’ll keep going.”
“I—I won’t be a pain,” you mumble, trying to squeeze your thighs together to get rid of his touch, but he perseveres, flicking your clit mercilessly.
“Say you’ll be good.”
“I’ll be good,” you manage, so close to sobbing from the frustration. “Please, Draco, I’ll be good, be good for you, please stop.”
He relents and you feel him draw his hand back. You close your eyes and you hear him tug his trousers back on, buckling his belt. You feel strangely empty without him—without his fingers, his cock, his touch.
Draco produces a handkerchief from his pocket and wipes the sweat, drool, and cum off your face, helping you button your shirt back up as well. “You alright?”
“Never better,” you reply, opening your eyes to see him staring at you in concern, all traces of the cruel tease earlier gone. Outside, the sun is setting, casting orange hues into the classroom, and you suddenly remember. “I—oh, bloody hell, I have to arrange the desks for Lupin—”
“I’ll do it. Stay here.”
Draco stands up and takes out his wand, flicking it twice in quick succession. A wordless spell. As you watch, the desks and chairs slide back to where they used to be, neatly arranging themselves in rows.
You’re impressed as he comes back. “What spell is—hey!”
He’s flicked his wand once more and torn your panties clean off your legs.
“Draco—what in Merlin—”
“A souvenir.” Malfoy smirks, stuffing your soaked panties into the pocket of his trousers. “And payment for the desks.”
“You’re a bloody prick,” you say, leaning your head back against the wall.
“Careful now, love. Remember what you promised.” Draco’s tone is playful, but warning. “I’m a man of my word, so you should choose yours carefully. Next time I won’t be as gentle.”
Caught off-guard, you can only nod obediently, which seems to please him. But you can’t promise you won’t slip back into old habits the very next day. Whatever the case, one thing was clear—there would almost certainly be a next time.
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