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lostxnyou · a month ago
Todays workout:
1 min jumping jacks
140 russian twists
30 sec plank
+ went for a walk
Cals burnt roughly: 362
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imfemalewarrior · 10 months ago
Do you have recommendations for how long you should workout a day? I have a lot I want to learn physically but I don’t want to overwork myself, and I wasn’t sure if it was like, only work out for an hour a day, or if it didn’t matter as long as I don’t tire myself out too much and get enough rest.
According to mayoclinic (CW weight loss discussion and discussion of sitting too much as being bad for you) at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day is what you should aim for (taking a walk, following a half hour yoga video, or working up to jogging for half an hour straight are ways to meet this). 
It isn’t a good idea to do high intensity work outs every day; rest days are important to allow your body to recover. It’s important to eat well when exercising regularly, and to eat enough, both so you have enough energy to do higher intensity exercise (should you find something high intensity you enjoy) and so your body has the resources it needs to recover and build denser bones and muscles to meet the demands you place on it with exercise. 
It is a good idea to have a stretching routine to do every day (or follow yoga videos) as this will help with recovery and prevent your muscles and tendons from stiffening too much with regular exercise. 
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also-a-weightloss-journey · 3 months ago
Daily Workout #79
Date: 12.10.2021
Workout program:  2021 Get Fit Challenge (Chloe Ting)
Schedule: Day #12 (Part 3 - swapped with day 11)
Videos: warm up + 10min abs
Just a short round of exercising today to slowly easy myself back into it. As expected I wasn’t as strong as I was 15 days ago so some exercises were a bit harder than before. But overall I am quite pleased with how well I managed to get through this. It still seems to be the only abs video ever that I actually enjoy, which helped a lot to motivate myself to get started on it. Let’s see how tomorrow will go!
Additional training: 6.2k steps (3.9km)
Thought of the day: Just keep at it.
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wannabefitgirl · 11 months ago
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This was the first time these two did a long(er) run on rollerblades. We had such a lovely day and this was the perfect kick off for them. I'm very fuckin' proud of my aunt and friend! 🥰
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donovanatkinson · 7 days ago
I may have not been as consistent as I would have liked on the exercise routine this week, but that’s okay.
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manokamorin · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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weight-loss-library · a year ago
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It becomes essential especially in coronavirus situation where most of us are not able to access gym and a lot of restrictions are there.
So to keep up, we have to have easy to do work out which we can easily do at home just like skipping for 5 minutes a day. Or stretching, doing 10 push ups, 5 pull ups 20 jumping jacks.
The basic fundamental movements can do the work.
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the-big-bossman · 5 months ago
remembering the time i told my entire class i was going to exorcise my grandma
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airotkiw321 · 2 years ago
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lostxnyou · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I‘m trying this one now, wish me luck guys 𖣔𖣘
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tsljourney · a year ago
27th/365 Blog Post - How to Stay Motivated?
Mood: Thoughtful. 
Progress & Thoughts: 
Guys, I procrastinated today and all day. Once I started I felt more and more scared to attempt work. I think similar to how I am trying to develop healthy habits exercising everyday, I need to make studying for schoolwork a daily habit. The crazy thing is I really do enjoy learning. I love learning and ye because I attach the word “work” home-”work” school”work” I start to feel resistant. Even though I can feel the same resistance when working out, I’ve done it enough to feel the benefits. I think the same feeling has to be for school work as well. Tomorrow I am going to start fresh! 
Goals:  My goals for this semester is still to not fall behind. 
- Finish Reading four papers for Biotech first thing in the morning, turn OFF internet. 
- Post on Biotech Forum
- Read VOC paper & attend meeting with Juditth
- Do Module 1 and 2 for CB 
- Attend Biotech Office Hours
- Do Biotech Quiz Friday Morning?
Module 2 for Biotech is also up now. 
TEST 1, Exercise leads to Motivation?
Day 21,  My goal this week is to do 2 (7-minute workouts) per day. I’m proud to report Day 3/week I have only done one workout today. I realized I worked out my legs too much yesterday and I was sore. Tomorrow I will try to make up for today and do 3 workouts. 
Test 2, Focusing Mediation leads to better concentration while doing school work?
I will do 2/10 focus mediation tonight before bed. 
Check in with BIG GOALS:
Other than exercise, I really failed at all these goals today. I have not been doing self care, because I have been sleeping late and scratching my eczema spots due to anxiety because of procrastination. GOD TINA, you gotta STEP IT UP! You can do this! I need a pep talk! I can do it! I want to do well in school! I’m going to read my mantras tomorrow and do this well!
1) Become Financially Independent! 
2) Develop behaviors that help me manage or completely eliminate my procrastination behaviors.
3) Cultivate a sense of well being, gratefulness, and acceptance into just being me everyday.
4) Actually have a daily routine that involves exercise and self-care!
5) Develop the resilience and courage to face all of my life and all challenges however big or small. Stop running away from my problems, my life, and start living.
Grateful for: Good night’s sleep!
Sending Lots of Love and Wishes for Good Health [body, mind, and soul] into the Universe!
Dear universe, I still just want to date someone nice, and responsible, and who prioritizes me and me of them. <<Still true!
Man, reading yesterday’s post I realize I have the same problems today as yesterday. Well, tomorrow’s no more! 3 times a charm. I got this! 
Sincerely, TSL
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explosiveworkouts · a year ago
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also-a-weightloss-journey · 2 months ago
Daily Workout #93
Date: 15.11.2021
Workout program:  2021 MOVEmber Challenge (Chloe Ting)
Schedule: Day #15
Videos: warm up + 25min HIIT (+ abs)
I have been struggling really hard to do anything this past week to be honest, even having troubles not falling back into my eating disorder habits. I did get my daily steps in at least and today I managed the first two sets of the schedulded video. Considering everything that is happening, I decided to allow myself to just do what seems fun and skip what I don’t want to do. I believe this is the way to keep on going for now. Sometimes I need to force myself to see things through. But in times like these I know that forcing myself will just end in me not doing anything at all. So only the fun parts it is for now.
Additional training: will be added later
Thought of the day: It’ll be easier again at some point.
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wannabefitgirl · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
It was such a lovely sunny day! I had a super chill and easy ride this afternoon because my friend's blades aren't really for long runs. She did very well anyway!
Tumblr media
We even found €5,- on our path!!
We passed a fish stand and decided to get some fish. Herring is typical Dutch food. That said, it's kinda weird my friend never tried herring before as a 27 year old Dutchy.
Well.. today was the day! I love herring and surprisingly she did too! A light beer to celebrate a joyfull afternoon.
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After our skate trip we joined our friends at a basketbal court in my neighbourhood. It felt like we were 16 again. Playing outside in the sun with friends, music, food and drinks, weed and stuff..
Tumblr media
After 5pm it starting to get a bit chilly so i went home. My brother from another called as soon as i got home. If i would join him for a run. Sure. Why not? My brother and bestfriend arrived at the same time as him and they thought; fuck it! We'll join too!
Tumblr media
I love these spontaneous actions! My bff (on the left) didn't run since last October. I love that everyone around me are trying to be more active outdoors. I'm off to bed satisfied AF! 🥰
Total intake today: 1883
Exercise: 1039
Overall burned: 2500 (and counting)
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donovanatkinson · 6 months ago
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I don’t really want to do the work today.
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manokamorin · 5 months ago
I'm aliveeeeee... ☺️
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fatgirlworkinout · a year ago
261 calories
2 miles
45 min
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m0tiv8me · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Freestyle Saturday, I experimented with moving weight from different angles and positions I haven’t tried before. Lower weight with slower reps to help focus and feel what positions and angles worked what areas of muscle most. This got me winded and tired much faster than anticipated likely because my body is not familiar with the motion or angle which makes it work harder. Thus helping produce improved results. I may just treat each Saturday this way as a fun way to break the monotony of routine and find new and fun ways to train.
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darrenhayesoneandonly · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
New Darren Hayes photos 😄 first 2 are his training from Monday and Thursday and the 3rd is a fabulous one: “I’m so tired of having to explain that I do NOT use filters. This is my NATURAL LOOK! 😎😜🤪”
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lez-run25 · a year ago
Tumblr media
Took the dogs for a walk with the wife 🐕
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