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#fitness journey


Fitness Diary:

Day 45

Had work today so I wore my sweat vest. I thought that I’d have the energy to the challenge but damn… I’m tired. So no huge challenge but working out at work is the move. I am sore and tired. I had a vegetarian bowl from Chipotle and a bunch of snacks.

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Got another perfect Apple Watch / step month! Two months in a row now! Very proud of myself.

My eating habits have been shit though. I’m going to weigh myself tomorrow for the first time since April 1st. I’m hoping I at least stayed the same. I’m nervous about it.

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Day 28


So I’ve decided to go back to paleo. I did it for a while about 5 years ago now and I did really well on it! I felt better, looked better, my skin cleared up, it was great. I might not go full strict paleo, bc it’s really restrictive, but I’m gonna use it as a jumping off point. At the moment I’m like 50% paleo anyway, so I actually just have to kick sugar/chocolate out and go back to eating mainly vegetables for dinner. Sounds so easy when I put it like that 😅😂

I can do it though, I know I can, I’ve done it before. And like they say: abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. So it won’t matter if I’m not working out too much.

Wish me luck!

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So…I’ve never been a person to workout but I’ve worked out every day this week and it kinda feels great to put my mind to something and work hard. Today I felt kind of discouraged by my body but I had to remind myself I’ve been doing this for a week and I have to just stay persistent and change will happen. I plan on cutting out sweets and snacks and all calorie drinks next week and continuing to work out every day. Wish a girl some good luck!

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Lil’ leg day! I’ve found that about 20-30 minutes of light weight, high volume work gets me going more than trying to just spread some light exercises over a longer period, so short bursts of muscle groups for now!


10kg 3x10 ea


20kg 5x20 no lockout


20kg 3x10 ea


10kg 5x20 constant tension, last set drop the weight and add 20 Bodyweight reps


10kg TABATA round

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  • Avo toast w/ soft-fried eggs on whole wheat bread
  • Salmon w/ cauli-rice and brussel sprouts
  • Chicken fajitas: bell pepper, poblano, onion, tomato, rice, and avocado
  • Not pictured: blueberries as a snack and a few homemade shortbread cookies for dessert!
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Day 26


So I have had a pretty rough 2 weeks tbh. I’ve been just down spiralling like mad. My friend sent me a few pictures of us from her wedding and honestly, looking at them made me just want to lock myself in my room and never come out. I have just felt so horrible about myself for the last 2 weeks, and lockdown has not been helping!

I finally kind of feel like I’m coming out the other side of it now, which is great, I just need to make sure I keep on the up. I haven’t been doing too badly with my diet the last few days, I’ve been getting into a routine of eating well during the work day. I have been falling off a bit after that, but look it’s better than nothing, right? I also totally just sacked off the squat challenge. It was really starting to hurt my legs, and also I started getting headaches whenever I was squatting, so that’s probably a bad sign hey.

The one thing I have been really good on is drinking water, I’ve really been smashing that the last couple weeks. Which is great, because it has also been really warm in the UK recently!

Now if I could just get on an exercise routine, I’d be way back on track. That’s the tough bit though, I find it so hard now the gyms are closed, because I honestly hate going for walks and stuff. I do like doing the living room workouts, I really need to try and get into the habit of doing them a few times a week.

Even if I don’t, the important thing has to be feeling better, so that’s the goal right now. Even if I achieve that by taking naps and meditating instead of exercising.

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Fitness Diary:

Day 39

Looooonnnggggg dayyyyyy today. Super tired. Work was work but I had to take my sweet sweat off early bc it started to become uncomfortable. I might only wear it for he first couple of hours of work and then take it off. I didn’t eat much today, I feel kinda bad when I don’t eat a lot. Bc the window is so short for me to eat but I just don’t feel hungry for most of it. Is this how intermittent fasting is supposed to work? Gonna do an ab workout right before bed and then call it a day bc I got another long one ahead of me tomorrow 😩💪🏾

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Hate to sound whiney but holy fuck I miss my martial arts gym. I miss fighting, I miss working on my form, I miss the people, I miss being pushed to grow, heck I even miss being punched in the face and kicked in the gut. I was getting stronger and growing and now it feels so far away.

I’m thinking about documenting my fitness journey someday. Quarentine has made me soft. I’m excited to get back to lifting and Muay Thai again

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