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jaidspo · 16 minutes ago
what would your most authentic self be doing right now?
it's time to start showing up as them.
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fitnesbabes · an hour ago
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mulomotivation · 2 hours ago
🗣How To Stay Ripped With Gym Availability On & Off Since March 2020 lockdowns have been happening & unpredictable Prayers for anyone in this situation especially any GYM owners BUT fact of the matter is ... it simply just takes away from not only your Health the likelihood to be as healthy as possible ❌mentally & ❌physically Lessen especially , When you see fast food , liquor stores and places that will stay open , take your $$$ but won’t think of you when you have ❌liver failures ❌heart disease ❌high blood pressure And must of all a lower survival rate to COVID Some individuals want to be stubborn and say they saw someone healthy get taken out by this to validate an EXCUSE Regardless of if that’s true or false wouldn’t you want to give yourself the BEST chance anyway? Why should that matter ? ✍🏿Physical inactivity is more linked to more severe COVID-19 infection and death according to Forbes article In fact physical inactivity was the strongest risk factor to all outcomes compared to common modifiable risks. 🗣Get this ... even more so than smoking , obesity and diabetes. 😳😳😳 If that doesn’t shock you , I don’t know what will 🗣STAYING RIPPED w/ GYMS ON & OFF 1. Nutrition Adjustments Training at a gym consistently is different than training at home so the nutrition has to change 2. Intensity Adjustments When you have more resistance when it comes to weight from a gym you can get a way with less intensity & still get benefits in other ways but at home unless you’re a beginner you have to find ways to modify the intensity 3. Stress & Sleep Management During this time it’s easy to be stressed but keeping those cortisol levels low actually helps you make progress when it comes to your fitness. It restricts blood flow & the best way for a muscle to health & grow is to have a good supply of blood flow My students had their respectable gyms shutdown & reopened sporadically, w/ constant adjustments they’ve been able to STILL progress Struggle when gyms go on & off Type “IF” if thats you & lets see if this opportunity will be a good fit Like always get better everyday “Optimize Yourself” #lockdown #fitness #fitspo #health (at Halifax, Nova Scotia)
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Would you wear this ? Grey Ruched Sleeve Oversized Hoodie & Jogger Lounge Set
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