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#healthy eating
brianwalkersblog · 12 minutes ago
7 Health Benefits of Tomatoes
If you were pondering, a tomato is a fruit since it’s seed-bearing and creates from the ovary of a blooming plant. (Naturally talking, vegetables comprise of other plant parts, similar to roots, leaves, and stems.) But with regards to sustenance, tomatoes — alongside decrepit cucumbers and zucchini—are sorted as vegetables. That is expected to some degree to their lower carb and sugar substance:…
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fat2wow · 4 hours ago
Day 141
What a great day today was. Got a chance to go out and golf with the family open (I got the high score ). Kindaof means I stunk it up. All in all wonderful day beautiful weather nice to be outside. Really wanted frozen yogurt but didn't splurge proud of myself. Might splurge anyway in the coming days.
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Time to focus on one thing Conquer Tomorrow
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fitnesslive · 6 hours ago
Easy to make highly nutritios meal idea 👇
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anton1984 · 10 hours ago
18/4/21 Day 1
2nd day shift
Not restart but reset
Woke up at 4am to get ready for work (6hrs and 30mins sleep)
Weigh in - 12st 12lbs
Cycled to work
Breakfast - 2 apples and a banana
Lunch - lentil soup and an apple
Cycled home
Dinner - chicken tikka
Took Harley a walk (50mins)
Water - 2litres
Steps - 22313
Calories burned - 2715
Weigh in - 12st 13lbs
Today I done 165 sit ups, 140 bench dips throughout the shift
So I decided to reset rather than restart. I think it sounds better that way. I think I've started off really well and hammered the sit ups and dips though my shoulders started getting sore doing dips so I eased up on them towards the end of the shift. Being healthy is easier when I'm working as I'm in a routine but it's when I hit my days off I struggle. I have 6 days off and I always start off well but by the 4th day thats when I struggle but I've thought about it and I'm hoping I can get by this hurdle and move forward
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15.3.2021, 13:49
work lunch !! (i’m very excited abou these.) tofu, sweet potato, broccoli and couscous underneath. i topped it off with tahini afterwards. definitelly recommend.
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autodistuz1one · 11 hours ago
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Day 4 ✅
Calorie assunte: 171
Calorie assunte con la frutta e la verdura: 291
Calorie bruciate: 176
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autodistuz1one · 12 hours ago
Quanto vorrei spegnere le emozioni, non pensare più a niente e a nessuno.
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atarashiimomo · 13 hours ago
18 april 2021
made a huge step in recovery and deleted my intermittent fasting app AND my calorie counting app. they've had a hold on me for so long, especially the calorie counting but i think its gonna do me more harm than good. i've been keeping track over the past few days of what i've been eating to get a rough estimate of how many calories i eat in a day and i got a general idea of it and i don't wanna count calories anymore. i might start a food log and just keep track of what i eat so i don't binge but not calories.
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artcgirl · 15 hours ago
I’ve started eating healthy again.
I’m trying my best to not to eat carbs (breads/wraps ect), I’m drinking 3 Liters (a gallon) of water a day. And im tracking what I eat on Fat Secret (an app) to keep my cals at 1500 or less a day. I also walk 1 - 1.5 hours a day.
 Heaviest weight: 311. 
Weight when I started this lifestyle choice: 305. 
current weight: 293. 
Wish me luck <3
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healthyfolks0092 · 16 hours ago
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healthy foods. 
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