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Seb: *coming in and seeing pentagram on the floor of the hospitality*
Seb: Lance, what did you do?
Lance: You told me to satanise the hospitality so I did.
Seb: I said sanitise. SA-NI-TISE! Not satanise.
Lance: Well what am I supposed to do with the Demons then?
Seb: Bring Charles back to Ferrari and Max back to Red Bull.
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Tumblr media
PLEASEEEE Gina driving around in a Ferrari buggy on the ranch i am a Mess
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Tumblr media
CHARLES LECLERC ⟿ 2021 f1 receipts. (insp.)
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engineboys · a day ago
obscenely pretty !
so heads up when i asked if i made up charles broken down on the motorway it was for this 'saw you at the side of the road there's noone else around'
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Ferrari F40
by guywithacamera415 via instagram
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F1 Drivers as Conan Gray tweets (part 2)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Carlando brushing their arms leaving Lando a little bit disoriented 😵‍💫
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Oblivious | C.S.
Pairing: Carlos Sainz x Reader
Summary: you have been the protégé of Carlos Sainz Sr. for a couple of years and he brings his son, Carlos Jr, to your race, much to your surprise, but delight.
WARNINGS: mention of alcohol and intoxication
Requested: yes!
Words: 2,809
A/N: hey guys! I am back and ready to drop some fics, because I have all the time in the world now, because I am sick atm. I really enjoyed writing this request, so keep them coming (MY REQUESTS ARE OPEN)and honestly I would be down for a Pt. 2? :O Let me know if you would want to read that. Anyways: ENJOY!!
Not my GIF!
Tumblr media
You were covered in sweat as you stepped out of your car. In a matter of seconds, you took of your helmet, which left red, hot imprints on your checks as you had been wearing it for hours. The back of your hand swiftly collected the droplets of sweat that were escaping from your hairline. Without the tight pressure of the plastic item on your ears, you could hear the chants of the spectators clearly, some of them were screaming your name and ecstatically jumping up and down. Undoubtably your fans were as excited about your first podium in the World Rally Championship as you were, especially because it was your home race. Fans at home were the most loyal and passionate after all. A wide smile was plastering your face and you lifted your hand to wave at the people on the grandstand in front of you.
After you had hugged and congratulated the winner of the race and the runner-up, who beat you by a couple tenths, you made your way towards the podium with them. Your heart filled with pride as you were handed your trophy. Any attempt to keep your cool failed miserably and you let out a scream to vocalize the elation you felt over your triumph, which was met with amused laughter by the two more experienced drivers next to you. They had been in your position not too many years ago and had felt the same emotions you were feeling, so there was no judgement. You knew that from now on you would yearn to be on the podium again, just to feel the buzz once more, the buzz that made you feel like you were intoxicated.
The ceremony was already over before you had started to really take it in. With your trophy in hand, you made your way through the small crowd that was celebrating in front of the podium. Soon you were pulled into a group hug by your parents. Your father was crying, which made you giggle because your dad wasn't usually an emotional type of guy. As you pulled away you noticed two familiar faces next to you. It was Carlos Sainz Sr. and his son Carlos Jr.
Immediately you pulled Carlos Sr. into a hug. You had known the famous racing driver and two times world champion since your days in the Spanish Rally Championship. He had introduced himself to you after one of the races, because he had noticed your natural talent. The Spaniard had thought that with the right support and training, you could one day become Spanish champion and enter international competitions, so he had decided to take you under his wing. And of course, he had been right.
“That was amazing! You have really outdone yourself and I couldn´t be prouder of your performance today,” Carlos Sr. said as he was pulling away.
“Thank you. You know I couldn´t have done it without you. That trick with the clutch you have shown me really helped in the steeper sections of the track,” you answered sincerely.
“Ahhh, I knew it would be useful. It is a complete game changer on this track, right? Took me a while to figure it out though,” he laughed.
“Yeah, I don´t think I would´ve thought of that. So, thank you very much for the advice,” you then turned to the younger Carlos “and thank you for coming. It´s good to see you.”
You haven´t seen the Spanish Formula 1 pilot in a couple of weeks as you were both busy with your respective careers in racing. To be honest, you were surprised that he came to the rally race for several reasons. Carlos Jr. had never been to a race of yours before, you only ever saw him at the Sainz residence in Madrid. The second reason was that although you had had pleasant conversations with him in the past, you had never grown too close. At least not close enough that you would call the son of your mentor your friend. Still, you were more than just happy that he came to see you on the track and a warm feeling spread in your stomach and hands.
“Of course, no problem. Papá said I shouldn´t miss this one,” Carlos Jr. responded with a slight smile. You couldn´t help but think about how handsome he looked and how he truly was a sight for sore eyes. “Damn that stupid smile...” you thought to yourself.
“I could just feel that this would be a special day,” the elder Carlos spoke. He paused for a second and then continued: “How about we go celebrate? You and your parents come back to ours and have dinner with us? Moments like this have to have a little afterparty.”
You and your parents obviously agreed and gratefully accepted the kind invitation. The car ride to the Sainz house from the track was barely 30 minutes and before you knew it you pulled in in front of it. You parked right next to your parents’ car, who left a couple minutes before you, just like the Sainzes, because you had wanted to get changed and freshen up a little bit, before sitting down for dinner.
There was a delicious scent in the air when you entered the house. “The food must be almost finished,” you thought to yourself.
With quick steps you walked towards the kitchen to see Reyes, the mother of Carlos Jr., standing next to the oven with a glass of wine. Your parents were on the other side of the counter with wine glasses placed in front of them. The three of them were in a deep conversation, when Reyes looked up for a split second. She immediately spotted you and exclaimed: “There is our winner! Come here!”
She embraced you and gave you a little kiss on your cheek, which was sweet and familiar as she had become a second mother to you over the years. There were a lot of fond memories of you spending time and bonding with her. Reyes was the shoulder you would often cry on when you had a rough day on the track or when you were heartbroken over a boy. It wasn´t like you didn´t confide in your own mother as well, but Reyes had thin skin as you called it. Even when you tried your best to hide your pain from the people around you, she knew something was not right and would give you comfort and advice right then and there. So, she was part of the amazing support system that consisted of your parents, her and her husband.
“Do you want some wine? This red one is delicious,” she said and pointed towards the bottle of Vinos de Pago on the kitchen counter. You gladly accepted. After catching up with her for a couple of minutes, you heard Carlos Sr. shout for you from the dining room. You took your glass and went to see what he needed.
“Could you help Carlos set the table? He is always so slow when he does it himself and I figured you two have not seen each other in a while, it might be a good opportunity to talk” he pointed towards Carlos Jr. who just put a tablecloth on the big wooden table.
Carlos and you looked at each other confused. “But papá we have more than enough time to talk during dinner… and I am not slow at-“the son started.
He was interrupted by his father:” Doesn´t matter. If you do it together, you will be faster for sure. In the meantime, I am going to help Reyes in the kitchen.”
Carlos Sr. left the room hastily. The rally driver´s behavior was weird to you. The way he looked at you and Carlos, like he was hiding something or nervous was extremely odd. Or how, for whatever reason, he really wanted you to help his son, who was seemingly fine by himself, set the table. Or the way he just stormed off. He had left you and Carlos Jr. alone a lot the past couple of times Carlos Jr came over to see his parents and you happened to be in their residence, so you decided to just shrug it off and not question it any further. You thought that it was probably just a coincidence without a deeper meaning behind it.
“Can you please grab some napkins from the drawer over there? Preferably some white ones if there are any left,” Carlos Jr. said. You nodded, grabbed some and proceeded to help him with the given task.
“So how have you been? Excited for your first race of the season?” you asked the Spaniard on the other side of the table from you as you were folding the napkins.
“Pretty good and of course! I can´t wait to be back on track. Just doing sim races is slowly starting to bore me, if I am being completely honest. And I want to see results from the grewsome workouts I have been doing all day for the past three months,” he said with a chuckle while he put some plates on the table.
“Yeah, I get what you mean, off season is relaxing and stressful at the same time,” you replied.
“Exactly. Did you get to enjoy your off season a little bit with Jaime? You guys usually go on vacation for a week or two during your time off, right?” Carlos inquired innocently.
You looked up to face him when you heard him mention Jaime. Jaime and you had been high school sweethearts, but you had broken up three months earlier after countless desperate attempts to salvage a broken relationship. There had been no cheating or toxicity really, just two former lovebirds that have developed different ideas and ideals over the course of their relationship. You knew Carlos was never particularly fond of Jaime, but neither you nor the Formula 1 driver were sure why that was the case.
Carlos was looking right back at you, making eye contact. He was clearly expecting an answer on the simple question that still felt slightly peculiar to you, because of his dislike of Jaime.
Without waiting any longer, you answered:” We have actually broken up a while ago… things just haven´t been right anymore between us. So, I spent my holidays with my parents and some friends in Barcelona this year.”
“Oh, I didn´t know, I-I didn´t mean to make things… uhm… uncomfortable,” the young man replied quickly.
“Don´t worry Carlos, it´s okay. There is no drama between me and him. But why do you ask? I thought you hate him or something?”
“I don´t hate him, but I knew you deserved better than him. You need a man who makes your heart race and makes everything you do together special, even if it´s just small things. And Jaime just wasn´t very original, especially when it came to planning vacations or dates,” Carlos admitted.
You just laughed quietly, feeling flattered by his words, and somewhat agreed without saying a word. You didn´t want to talk about your ex any longer, so you just concentrated on finishing the dinner preparations and changed the topic to Carlos’ and your favorite musical artist, which was one of the things you had learned the two of you had in common the last time you two had been left to entertain yourselves by the older Sainz.
The dinner was marvelous, and you spent hours laughing, chatting and eating delicious food with some of your favorite people in the world. As the evening progressed you found yourself entangled in deeper and deeper conversations with the Formula 1 driver next to you. You were slightly tipsy from the red wine, so there was nothing you were too awkward to talk about with the Spaniard and you kept giggling about the most ridiculous stories he was sharing with you. Carlos was just as tipsy as you and actively tried to impress you, so your adorable giggles were like music to his ears. This didn´t go unnoticed by his father who just smiled knowingly.
“You want to go outside and sit by the pool? Leave the parents to themselves?” a very confident Carlos said to you. You nodded and both of you got up, excusing yourselves. With slightly wobbly steps from the alcohol, you followed him to the pool, and you sat down carefully on the edge of it with him. The sky above you was filled with bright stars, which were reflected beautifully by the water of the pool. All you could do was to look up and take in the mesmerizing view. That was the reason you didn´t even notice that Carlos couldn´t keep his eyes off your moonlit face. The alcohol in his system made him realize things his fully sober self was too scared to: how beautiful you truly were and how he truly felt about you. They don´t call alcohol truth serum for nothing after all. Something just clicked in the Spaniard´s head and in that very moment he knew that the reason why he disliked Jaime so much was that he wanted to be with you instead. He wanted to give you his everything and treat you the way you deserved to be treated.
Carlos spent what felt like an eternity to him staring at you, before you finally noticed his gaze on you.
“What?” you giggled.
“Do you know how absolutely beautiful you are?” he said truthfully.
You blushed like crazy and looked down on your legs that were hanging off the edge of the pool. Carlos put his hand gently on your skin and made you face him, because he knew deep down that if he doesn´t act on the burning feeling inside of him now, somebody else would sooner or later. He took a couple of seconds to gather all the confidence the slightly inebriated state he was in gave him to express what he really wanted to say.
“I mean it, mi amor. And I was a fool, because I did not tell you for so long,” he merely whispered while he was looking into your intense eyes, before his look fell onto your lips. His thumb slowly brushed over your bottom lip.
“May I kiss you?” he continued. You nodded slowly and soon the gap between your and his lips was closed. Your hands wrapped around his strong neck to pull him closer to you and you felt butterflies in your stomach, who had been waiting forever for you to finally cave in and act on your hidden feelings for Carlos, which had been suppressed for way too long.
The kiss deepened a little bit but remained sweet and innocent. You couldn´t help but smile into the kiss. Nobody has ever kissed you so gently and with so much adoration in it. After minutes of kissing each other, you pulled away for air.
“Wow, that was…” you started.
“… amazing,” Carlos finished. He pecked your nose and said” I should´ve done this a while ago.”
“Yes, you definitely should have,” you laughed and pulled him in for another, deeper kiss. Without hesitation he kissed you back and carefully pulled you onto his lap as your fingers were playing with the hair in the back of his neck. He let out a small moan, but he pulled away before things could get more heated.
“As much as I would like to continue, we should maybe head back inside before our parents catch us out here,” he spoke and gave you a warm smile. You sighed, but you knew he was right. Carlos added:” Don´t worry, mi amor, there is a lot more where this comes from, and I have a couple of weeks before I have to get back on the road.” He then winked at you.
Both of you got up and he grabbed your hand to guide you back to the house through the dark, the feeling of his hand on yours giving you goosebumps.
You let go of his hand before you entered the house, so you wouldn´t give away what just happened outside. Of course, there was nothing that could slide past Reyes though. She tugged on her husband´s sleeve to gain his attention and said:” Well, I think your plan worked.”
Carlos furrowed his brows and questioned:” What plan papá?”
“My plan to set you guys up, because my son is seemingly too oblivious to realize that the girl, he has feelings for is also into him. I couldn´t stand being a bystander anymore, so I just helped a little bit... by making you spend some quality time together,” he answered nonchalantly.
Needless to say, you blushed again, but this time the color of Carlos´ cheeks matched the one creeping up on yours.
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Tumblr media
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This is now my bedtime lullaby 💭💖 Charles playing piano today on his Instagram
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Wolfgang von Trips (Ferrari D246) Grand Prix d'Allemagne - Nürburgring 1958 . © Getty. - source Carros e Pilotos.
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Tumblr media
Vittoria Marzotta on his way to victory at the 1952 Monaco Grand Prix for Sports Cars in a Ferrari 225S. What a shame we’ll never see vistas like this, even at perhaps the best preserved circuit.
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Gilles Villeneuve  Ferrari 1981
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from all the people at the grid, Charles is the last one to be able to play piano in my mind. Stroll? Of course preppy boy can play piano. Schumacher? That’s not even a question. Verstappen? Make it hardcore—but the chaotic demon in the red car? Nahh
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Tumblr media
the big dick energy this photo radiates makes me [[redacted]]
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