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Kaze Deutschland Reveals First ‘High School DXD Hero’ German Dubbed Anime Trailer

Funimation brought out the home video release for the spring 2018 anime series High School DXD Hero recently and now they’re doing some new promotion for it.

Check out the full article by Chris Beveridge on The Fandom Post!

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im convinced im going crazy but I need to find this, so probably between 2012-2015 I believe funimation or someone who was affiliated with them made a song that was anime A to Z. I literally cannot fine ANYTHING about it or referencing it online, only one of my friends says she has a vague recollection of it and the only think I vividly remember is the line for the letter d was referencing double ds and high school DxD please dm me or reblog if u remember this I know most of my followers/ mutuals are not anime people but please lmk im going crazy lol (its not brizzy voices) it has clips of the anime with the lyrics too 

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All credits go to my friend who gave me this idea.

Well, this time it’s something related to canon. I just had to draw something like this after my last HDxD rewatch. I mean, Vali’s such a precious kid, he’s just lost, and don’t even get me started on Azazel. I seriously think these two are underrated (not only them, to be honest).

Also, little Vali is adorable.

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