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strawberryrock · 4 months ago
The thing about frogs that live in the dirt are that they got those stumpy little legs and a body that’s designed to blend in with the ground.
So they end up looking like walking potatoes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tennlevi · a month ago
the fics i’ve read in july 2021
happy august everyone! to continue the tradition that i started last month, i’ll once again be making a compilation that highlights my favorite persona 5 fics. if you’d like to see last month’s fic recommendation list, you can find that here.
all fics listed here are from persona 5, and mostly consist of shuake / akeshu fics. please mind the tags/warnings/ratings when viewing the fics; read what you’re most comfortable with! with this in mind, the full list is located under the cut.
all fics are formatted as TITLE by author | rating | appx. word count | brief description of fic (including main ship/character, tropes/AU, and whether the fic is completed, ongoing, or abandoned)
Talkative Sleep by Zeliez | G | 1.4k | very soft akeshu oneshot where goro talks in his sleep, highlighting his more vulnerable side! recommended for anyone who wants a cute read and wants an instant serotonin boost!
Hello, Stranger by UnluckyLeek | G | 18k | a completed multichapter fic that focuses on akechi in post-p5r, with an emphasis on akechi and sojiro friendship.
you’re the one (who signed up for this) by pana (panaceaa) | M | 11k | an incredibly soft shuake oneshot that highlights the different aspects of akira and goro’s married life, all from goro’s POV!
Rent a Boyfriend by wabisoapy | T | 4.5k | a shuake oneshot that prominently features the fake dating trope. recommended for anyone looking for a hilarious read and great dialogue!
the prices for your lips by corrupted_voracity | T | 10.1k | akeshu oneshot where akira runs a kissing booth and kisses Everyone™ (at the expense of goro’s sanity). features great depictions of body language and visual imagery!
Two Can Play at That Game by orphan_account | T | 44.1k | a completed multichapter shuake fic where ren and goro play gay chicken with each other. takes place from ren’s POV, and showcases his emotions while emphasizing his rivalry with goro.
War Games by assentodele | T | 3.4k | shuake oneshot that provides a glimpse into akira and goro’s banter. features fantastic dialogue and characterization, and is practically shuake verbal ammunition, the fic.
Once More, With Feeling by beesandtoes | M | 77k | a completed multichapter shuake fic where akira and goro are stuck on a time loop on december 11th (aka the engine room). the development and progression of shuake’s relationship here is wonderful but also features a Lot of mental health issues (which are beautifully rendered).
and that’s all the fics i have to recommend for now! i hope to see you all next month for another batch of lovely fics. in the meantime, i hope anyone who reads these fics enjoys them as much as i did!
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skullvins · 5 months ago
random fuckin gender ramble scroll if ur not interested in my gender bs
aaarrrggg i hate that radfem bs has caused me to still associate butch and femme with being lesbian only terms (even though i KNOW they’re not) and thus making me associate both of them with being women, even though i KNOW theyre historically not. its so hard to unlearn???
like, the overlapping lesbian/butch/transmasc history is so hard to navigate as a funky lil enby/genderqueer because a lot of terms are either too masc or too fem for me to be comfortable with, and now that im TRYING to explore exactly how my masculinity and femininity work its so weird!!!
I’m in solidarity with queer men and queer women, both trans and cis or gnc or whatever and figuring out my personal relationships with those communities is hard!!! I relate to my cis female peers as someone who’s only started socially transitioning in recent years, I relate to their issues as someone who doesn’t pass well, I relate to transmascs in terms of wanting to be seen as more masculine, in wanting to physically transition, i relate to trans mlm in terms of sexuality, i relate to lesbians/wlw in terms of sexuality too! some of the best comfort and solidarity ive found is in amab enbies and even some transfems when it comes to comfort and gender expression. the two amab demiguys i know make me feel comfortable exploring masculinity because i feel safe around them BECAUSE they’re not cis, and like, i can be ‘one of the guys’ with them without having to be A GUY, and i relate so so so hard to gnc guys or amab enbies when it comes to presentation. i almost want to transition JUST so i can reembrace femininity in a masculine way.
i dunno, i feel this insane pressure outside of the queer community to either be as masc as possible to pass and be taken seriously, and that’s gotta be at least partially due to the way radfem bs has spread, especially here in the uk.
i wanna be read as masc, i wanna be read as fem, i wanna be incomprehensible! I wanna wear men’s shirts and t shirts and polo shirts with a skirt because i can!! because skirts are fun and cute and i enjoy wearing them. i really do wish i was amab because it would be so much easier to present the way i want to, I think, but then again, i don’t have bottom dysphoria, not really.
all this changes though, really i might just be genderfluid, but i hate the binary connotations of that too. so many enby words are stolen or defined in terms of binary gender: being bigender to most means being male or female, being genderfluid means being fluid between them, being nonbinary is being not male or female, when people equate being nonbinary to being genderless it kills me because I am not binary! but i am not genderless! my gender is here and present and part of me and part of my relation with the world around me and with other people and part of my sexuality and orientation
i dunno, this is turning into a big queer rant. this isn’t me trying to shove labels onto myself, I’m fine with rejecting them if that’s what’s needed - i don’t define my sexuality any further than queer even though hypothetically i could probably id as bi or pan or any mspec label, but I choose not to because being QUEER is my orientation. perhaps my gender as well (i do id as genderqueer as well as enby) but i want to really truly understand my gender AS queer, rather than just brush it off as queer because I cannot define it to myself or understand it. i want to understand my relation to the world around me and to other queer people.
so am I butch? am I femme? maybe it changes? is that allowed to change from day to day? my gender doesn’t FEEL like it changes but that presentation does, maybe! maybe I need to try new pronouns, but using she/her like i want to is hard when i associate it with misgendering and failing to prove myself as trans enough to cis people.
i wanna be masc with women and fem with men, but the latter is hard due to fears that come from experiences with misogyny. a lot of cis men ARE scary to me - I’m an 18 year old afab for fucks sake. i wish i could have that re-embraced femininity, but I’m not flat when i bind or build masc or tall or fuckin. anything! and hormones aren’t an option yet because a lot of my mental health is too unstable, the nhs is in shambles, and I don’t have money. i can’t embrace that yet unless im in the right circles, with the right people, and i can’t be that in society, I don’t trust it. I don’t know if I wanna dress fem and have people see me as masc or fem, i don’t know what pronouns i want them to use, i dunno man!!!
i wanna reach out to older queer people but again its hard, we’re in lockdown, i don’t live somewhere with a big queer community, i’m not a fan of bars and such and there’s not any in my town so i’d have to travel a bit, i wish i could just feel at home!!! i wanna be feminine without being female but also without being male, at least not fully male! I’m not male, i have this connection to femininity and it doesn’t feel male to me, I don’t want to be included in explicitly male or explicitly female spaces, I wanna be with everyone or no one, i dunno
again, i wish butch and femme didnt feel so gendered to me personally, and that’s not just this site but also what ive grown up with, my mum used to always say i was a wannabe ‘butch lezza’ whenever i was trying to get her to take my NONBINARY identity seriously and I’m not that! not because it’s bad to be, but because that’s just not me. I’m not a wlw, I’m not even sure on my attraction to women, or to men, or to anyone, I’m just attracted to queerness, and i dunno it’s hard. being ‘butch’ to me, somewhat, still means wlw, even though it’s not true, and i hate how radfem bs has ruined the word for me. i wish i could understand my identity in terms of being butch or femme, or whatever i am, and i wish those words weren’t tainted for me in the first place. i guess all of us are just ‘failed women’ in the eyes of society, huh.
characters who are feminine, but still explicitly male, or have some relation with masculinity, or are fluid between it, or who return to masculinity as a default give me so much euphoria just to witness. I’m in desperate need of a haircut and i don’t know whether to grow it out properly again or cut it short
either way, I’m gonna dye it purple
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cowbeaus · 18 days ago
the ransom and holster effect: everything you see that comes in pairs automatically reminds you of two fictional characters
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oblio-k · 3 months ago
inspired by how whenever i stick my hands into my leopard geckos’ tanks they always hurry to follow my hands & smell me and lick me w their lil tongues. i think that if you stick your hands near a baby cardassian they also blep their little lizard tongues and try to taste you
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lizthehedgehog · 8 months ago
nothing like lack of sleep, community you cherish having issues inside it, and genuinely thinking about dipping out of some fandoms to make you want to ghost online accounts forever
might also be taking a break from tumblr for a bit, im using it too much anyways so dont worry about me. mutuals if u wanna add me on discord feel free to @lizthehedgehog#2317, i try not to take breaks from discord since i do mod 2 servers and its the platform i use to talk to my friends and SO. One requires a lot more attention so I try to look at discord notifications and such
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cherry-shipping · 9 months ago
aaa this is self indulgent as shit but i really like the idea of my f/os finding me on the floor when i cant stand up, fatigued from hunger,,,,, them just being like “.............. you okay?” when ive attempted to cook but then dont have the energy to stand, followed with them making food for me
#cherry chats#love me dead#ha ha welcome to the series of posts that i make with my eyes closed cause im too embarrassed to look at it </3#anyway im tired and sad as shit dad didnt give me any actual food again and ive been crying for like 3 hours#i think im gonna like. get in bed and read some fanfics maybe.#but i really am hungry though god it sucks to not be awake during the day so you can ask for help#aaaaa and i forgot my candy at home and he doesnt have anything else sweet#which yeah i know thats bad but thats the only thing i know for sure i can eat when i feel ill#man listen the whole point of this thing ive been imagining is i would very much like someone i love to take care with me#especially if they uh. love me as well.#god you guys are fucking lucky you cant see me in person when i type these posts#cause via text i can still maintain like a calm profile or whatever#you dont know im a mess who looks disgusting right now. just continue to picture me as i draw myself please#in america they have like. convenience stores and corner shops thatre open 24/7 right.#fuck thats so unfair#we probably have them too but thatd also require that i live in the inner city which i dont nor do i ever want to#but man i wish i could just like go outside and get a hot dog at times like these#uuuuuuuuuurgghhh my dad SUCKS!!!!!!! but anyway ive been rambling as to obscure the actual post enough so i dont have to look at it#im gonna uh. try to find something to eat and then stay in bed for awhile.
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natsukidear · 4 months ago
having enough money to afford luxury items sometimes but not enough to afford essentials after that
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hvnlydmn · 4 months ago
hi ains! hope ur having a nice day!! anyway i wanna req iwa, atsumu, oikawa, nd bokuto being clingy when ure mad at them. like them following u around even when u said “dont follow me” hehe hope tumblr doesnt eat this ( ´ ▽ ` )
Tumblr media
characters — timeskip!miya atsumu, oikawa tōru, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, bokuto kōtarō
a/n — I LOVE THIS SO MUCH PLS, i hope i do it justice.. clingy boy superiority <3
Tumblr media
☾ ATSUMU you were arguing over something petty like him using all your body wash and not refilling it, so you’d stormed out after your shower, telling him not to speak to you - but he’s annoying so.. you pouted on the couch, feeling your 6’2 man baby of a boyfriend stare holes into the side of your head before sighing dramatically, flopping onto the couch next to you, pouting up at you before whining “babyyyy, can ya talk ta me please a said a was sorry.” he keeps trying to nudge his head onto your lap but you keep shoving him off “a need yer cuddles ‘nd kisses ta live, i’ll buy ya all the body wash ya want.” you huff and go to stand up and walk away but he wraps his arms around your waist, whining as he tries to pull you back “ANGEL YA CAN’T DO THIS, A THOUGHT YA LOVED ME, MA HEART CANT TAKE IT!” he ends up falling off the couch face first, so you decide to talk to him again lmao but you gotta kiss his face better.
☾ OIKAWA he was just being annoying when you were trying to watch the tv so you’d told him not to talk to you, causing him to whine as he huffed out a “fine.” sits next to you with his arms folded and a pout, dramatically shuffles every few minutes before sighing and side glancing you to see if you’re paying attention “y/n-chan, why don’t you want to speak to me, i’m better than the show come on!” you keep ignoring him which makes him start the process all over again, huffing out a “fine, i don’t want to talk to you anyway.” being silent for a few minutes before he’s flopping over the top of you and basically shrieking about how you’re “starving your pretty boyfriend of love, you’re so rude!” as soon as you speak to him again he tries to play it off like “hmph, i knew you wouldn’t be able to last.”
☾ IWAIZUMI he’s just grumpy so you played him at his own game and told him not to speak to you or talk to you, at the time he’d huffed out a “fine.” but now he’s sad lmao. you feel the bed dip next to you as he sits at the other end, his hands in his lap - clearing his throat before casting you a side glance “are you hungry?” his eyebrows furrow and his lips jut out into a little pout when you ignore him “doll, are you hungry? i know you haven’t ate yet.” you feel him shuffle closer to you, still not touching though “hey! stop ignoring me!” let’s out a groan, running his hand through his hair, finally fully turning his body to face you, but when you turn to meet his gaze he snaps his head away, pouting at his lap while his cheeks flush “i’m sorry okay, c-can you please just talk to me again.” you end up forgiving him, feeling him cuddle into your side but when you call him clingy he just blushes and hides in your neck “s-shutup, it’s just quiet without your annoying voice, dumbass.”
☾ SAKUSA he’d woke up on the wrong side of the bed so youd told him not to speak to you until he stopped being grumpy. he’d just huffed at you when youd stormed away, but now you were standing in the kitchen and he’s probably came in to get a glass of water four times, everytime you can feel his gaze burning into your head because he insists on standing silently in the kitchen until he’s drank it all, slumping away again after with a sigh, but this time he stays. he’s a little embarrassed he was grumpy but he doesn’t know how to apologise so you can just hear him fiddling about with the kettle and opening cabinets. “kiyoomi, what are you doing?” he flinches a little, mumbling under his breath something about how “it’s omi, not kiyoomi.” with a little flush as he turns away, you end up forgiving him when he huffs out a sorry, fiddling with his hands, pulls you into his chest to try hide his blush.
☾ BOKUTO he’d accidentally broke a glass because he was bouncing a ball in the house, so youd told him not to talk to you right now. he’s uncharacteristically quiet when you hear him pad into the kitchen, watching him peek out from behind the door at you, his hair flat and a pout on his lips. quietly walks up to you and tries to wrap his arms around your waist but he ends up whimpering when you try to pry him off, he’s literally 6’3 and so beefy — but he still goes all floppy on top of you, leaning his whole weight on you as he whines in your ear with the occasional sniffle, everytime you try to move he just wraps his arms around you tighter so you’re basically dragging his whole body behind you. you end up forgiving him because he keeps looking at you with puppy dog eyes and he’s cute, literally springs up and gives you loads of kisses saying how much he missed you.
Tumblr media
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ghost-in-ink · 3 years ago
I really hope they make collectable merch of the cake/erasers to buy
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dmc-tings · 4 months ago
The Lord's with an S/O (who just found out about their powers)
Alcina Dimitrescu
Noice 👌🏾
But what did you do for this woman to spare you?
She's like... the biggest man hater anywhere
So... if your a guy, you are lucky boi (or if you identify as a guy)
Or perhaps your a lucky lady?
I feel like she won't discriminate if she feels like your important to her
But for whatever reason she CHOSE YOU
So take that as a win
Sure, she's a vampire and has to eat people
Which was something you didn't know
But she doesn't eat in front of you
Even lying to the point of telling you she's drinking wine
You get curious, of course
So when she leaves to "take care of business", you look onto her glass or cup
You see red
"Ok... but it dont smell like wine..."
You take a sip, only to spit it out right away
Retching with disgust, you tasted blood
Your not an idiot, at least not fully anyways
Alcina rushed back, hearing you gag, thinking one of her daughters were bothering you
Only to see the sight in front of her
You looked at her in fear
Which hurt the tall woman's non beating (?) heart
You backed into a corner, thinking the worst
Looking for a makeshift weapon, you grabbed a spoon
To which made the Lady shake her head
"Love, you know I wouldn't-"
"Your a damned liar!!" You barked weakly, "W-what the fuck are you!?"
She sat calmly in the chair in front of you, gesturing for you to take a seat as well
You hesitated, but did comply, not letting go of your weapon (the spoon)
She huffed sadly, normally this behavior would have sent her into a rageful fit
But this is YOU we're talking about
Her little muse, the only mortal that makes her truly happy
"My Love, please calm down."
When you showed no sign of relaxing, Alcina took her glass in her hand, swirling the blood
Then takes a small sip, and lighting a cigarette
She offers you one
You cringe, and with that she pulls back again
After taking a puff, she begins to explain
Mother Miranda, the other Lord's, the creation of her daughter's, the Village, and everything else, prior to your showing up
After she finishes, you lower your loyal spoon
Drinking in all of the information
You looked up at her
"So that's why your so keen in keeping the girls away from me..."
The large woman nodded, looking at you
You bit your lip, but let go of your spoon, placing it back into the table
Alcina looked at you, watching you relax
You nodded a calm understanding
"Well seeing as I know what's going on now... is Mother Miranda going to-"
The Lady Dimitrescu, shook her head
"She has allowed for me to keep you. As long as you only stay in the castle... seeing as that the village is too dangerous. And I don't want you mixed up with the rif-raf."
You smiled and sat in her lap, (cause you can do that) and planted a kiss on her cold cheek
She let out a pleased humm, and returned the kiss
"Just... next time, if you choose a weapon, Love, make sure it has a SHARP end."
Salvatore Moreau
You had known Moreau since before Mother Miranda made an impact on his life
You saw less and less of your significant other
He would disappear and cut your alone time short, whenever the woman called
You were saddened when he finally told you that you couldn't see him anymore
But that's didn't stop him from speaking to you through whatever door, that separated you both
He didn't keep you locked up, but he would lock whatever door was between you
So you couldn't see the monstrous transformation, causing him pain
All you knew is that his voice was becoming more and more disgruntled
As said, you knew Salvatore before this
He was a handsome and intelligent man (despite what's written in Miranda's notes)
And to hear your man become... so in thralled by this other woman, made you suspicious
One day, you both were speaking, with a door between you, as usual
Unbeknownst to Salvatore, you were picking the lock
Eagar to see him
He never noticed the change in your tone, when you got it unlocked, nor the click of the lock
Shoving the door open, and pushing Salvatore back
The male let out a yelp, trying to rush in to the nearby darkness
You stepped through the threshold, eyes blazing and searching
You scanned the room and finally landed on a heap of a shivering... beast?
"Moreau? Is... is that you?" You crept closer, and gently put a hand on his back
"D-dont look at m-me...." he shivered, trying to hide himself
Horrified, you took his face on your hands
"I-is this... the work o-of-"
He cut you off, "Do-dont. Mother loves me... she does... I know she does..."
You felt tears pour down your face
You couldn't bring yourself to speak
That vile woman, had destroyed your dear Moreau
The man you knew and loved was beaten and broken into this sobing heap before you
He looked at you, and reached up to wipe your tears
"Oh... please don't cry... thi-this is her will..."
You shook your head, "what kind of will is this, Salvatore? To turn you-"
He pulled away from you, snarling, "I KNEW YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND!!! Mother loves me, and i-"
You slapped him, your tears stopping, "What kind of man have you become?!"
Disgusted, not with his appearance, but his sniveling attitude
You left
But... not unaffected by what happened to the man you cared about
You left... everything behind, the Village, your family...
Salvatore Moreau never left your thoughts and you never left his
It was a bittersweet life, but you were glad to leave what was happening behind
Angie and Donna Beneviento
These two kept you in their estate
Though Donna hid Angie from you, worried that you wouldn't understand the need for her doll
She also kept the pollen from her plants away from you
You were the first person Donna could talk to, without her illness bothering her
No need for Angie!? And this person don't care!?
Fucking Jackpot!!!
Though Angie does get a bit upset that she don't get to see you
That's about to change
You and Donna where sitting in the backroom, overlooking the waterfall
Enjoying an afternoon tea
"Dear? How are you feeling today?"
Donna looked at you, taking your hand in her's giving you a smile
"I am well." She reassured you, giving your hand a squeeze
Then you sneezed, surprised cause your allergies hadn't started up, due to the lack of pollen
And the abundance of snow and cold
Donna gasped, looking over her shoulder
"Angie, n-"
Angie revealed herself, giggling and plopping herself in your lap
You froze, "A-a doll? Donna... is this a gift?"
You never really liked or disliked dolls
Angie gave another giggle, "No, stupid! I'm Angie. Donna's most favorite doll. And a friend."
Your eyes widened at the living doll, "Uh... im-"
"I know who you are!!" She floated infront of you now
"And we like you!"
Donna was quiet, not surprisingly, but you reached out for her
She gently took your hand in her's
"Donna. Tell me whats going on. Please."
Donna nodded, quietly starting to explain.
The gifts from Mother Miranda, the plants, the pollen and finally Angie
You looked at the floating doll, who was nodding her head along, with Donna's words
Then finally, you pulled Donna closer to your side
"You don't ever have to hide things from me. I never had a problem with the other ways that you cope, Donna."
Your encouraging words sent the woman into tears of joy
She buried her face in your chest
You smiled at Angie, who patted you on the forehead
Karl Heisenberg
You sat in the smaller, (safer) part of his factory
It was a part he had built to keep you safe
From what?
You had asked Karl several times, on different occasions, what was he building
"Its none of your concern." He waved a hand dismissively, "Whats for dinner?"
You always had huffed out whatever meal you made for the pair of you
Karl was always one of three places: meeting his "family", in the factory, or right next to you
The "family" was always thrown into air quotes
You knew he disliked his "family"
He announced his leaving out again, not telling you where
But leaving nonetheless, as usual you waved him off
But today was different, you WERE going to see what the hell was in that factory
Not paying attention to the warnings he gave you, you made your way down
Once at an elevator, you pressed the button
It came up and you were met with a large, large portly man
"Why if it isn't Heisenberg's little kitten."
Shocked you jumped back a bit, but then inched your way inside
"Its alright. I mean you no harm. Come, come."
You stood next to him, "Uh... who are you?"
"You may call me The Duke." He hummed, "But what are you doing here? Don't you know it's dangerous to play here?"
You lifted your chin, "I can handle myself. Thank you."
The Duke gave a small laugh, as you pulled the switch, but didn't speak again
Hitting the bottom floor, you disembarked, waving goodbye
You noticed a door and pushed through
Only to be met with a metal drill nearly splitting your face in two
With a strangled yelp, you lept backwards
"Who's in my damned- KITTEN!?"
You heard Heisenberg's voice above you and looked around frantic
"Karl! What-"
You didn't get to finish, the same monster came at you again
Dodging to the side, only barely missing getting drilled
Running in to the labyrinth, you were soon cornered
You shook with fear, hearing more monsters come after you
Closing your eyes, waiting for the blows to take you to the Great beyond
Your waiting was cut shirt hearing a series of clang's
You moved your hands and opened your eyes
Seeing Karl, standing in front of you shoving all the monsters back...
But he wasn't touching them....
"What... how-"
"Dont just sit on your ass, get up!" He barked, grabbing your arm and pulling you behind him
Once back in the safe zone, you slapped him, breathing heavily
He took it, it was a well deserved slap
"E-explain yourself!"
He sat heavily down, telling you everything.
The reason for the factory, the monsters in it, his powers, Miranda's plan, even pouring out his emotions about it all
You finally understood and took his hands in yours, kneeling down infront of him
"You idiot. All you had to do was talk to me. Not be a "big tough guy" about it."
You kissed his rough hands
And he chuckled at you
"Always understanding. Thanks Kitten."
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