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#Sam Sharp

We all should know this by now..


Originally posted by wyomingparmesan

Sam can’t always act so chill around Luna.

Most of the time she looks more chill about things. Like here in these moments


But sometimes she can’t help but start being less chill and more

“Omg, I love you so much Luna💕”


Originally posted by jen-nico

Look at her face.


That is the face of Sam adoring Luna.


That is the face of Sam loving her girlfriend.


That is the face of Sam loving Luna very much.


Sam can’t stay calm and chill around Luna cause she loves her so much.

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Thomas: Ouch!

Rosemarie: What’s wrong?

Thomas: I burnt my hand with my lighter.

Rosemarie: Here. *kisses it*

Thomas: How’s that supposed to help?

Rosemarie: Sonya used to tell me that whenever you hurt yourself, all it needs is a kiss and it’ll be better again.

Thomas: Oh… okay.


Thomas: *to the twins* I need one of you to punch me directly in the mouth.

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