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#Sam x MC
nazariolahela · a year ago
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”Are you ready to work hard for me, Anna?”
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cyb3r-kat · a year ago
So Jenny what straight up broke into MCs bedroom to give her a dress to impress her boss so that they can sleep together cause she's THAT hung up on it and wanting them to fuck, disregarding how her best friend feels
Tumblr media
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zoya-nabrii · a year ago
Wouldn’t it be funny if we learned that Sofia is having an affair with Robin and they’re both trying to screw Sam over ??
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the-unconquered-queen · a year ago
One thing I’m loving about TNA so far is that MC isn’t a hopelessly horny disaster like Witness MC. You can choose when to play her as professional and sweet just as often as you can play her as flirty and suggestive. Even as a single LI book, it really feels like you get to control how the romance progresses.
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brightpinkpeppercorn · a year ago
The Nanny Affair really did that in the first two chapters.
Look, I don’t know what Sam sees in MC to warrant that diamond scene in chapter 2 but I like it.
But really, she’s cute and a chemistry master and good with his kids. Didn’t back down with the Subway debacle. So maybe nevermind , she’ll be exactly what he needs.
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Make It Stop | Bucky x Steve x Reader (Angst, Fluff)
Category: Angst, Fluff (Suggested) Age: 16+ Trigger Warnings: Physical abuse (past relationship), harassment, stalking, physical violence Ship: Bucky x Steve x Reader, Platonic!Tony x Reader Summary: Reader’s Abusive Ex Comes Back To Haunt Her Request: “Idea!! So reader works for shield and is dating steve & bucky and is just an absolute sweetheart that everyone on the team adores. One day she starts getting messages from her ex and clams up— she ends up having to tell her boys that she was in an abusive relationship before them and tony getting her the job at shield kinda saved her ass from that life. So she blocks her ex but then he shows up at the tower and some protective!stucky ensues” Contains Spoilers for: N/A Word Count: 3,967
[13:42] Unknown Number: Hello, darling. Long time no speak.
Everything around the woman fades out as she reads over the text on her phone screen. There’s no way it’s him, right? But deep down she knows it is. She knows. Because no-one, no-one, calls her darling. Nobody except him.
But, why? Why now? Why is he messaging her.
[13:44] Unknown Number: I was thinking about how much I missed you and realised that I need you back
She gulps. She gulps because she knows what he means. Whenever he wants- needs something, he will stop at nothing to get it. The thought terrifies her.
[13:45] Unknown Number: So, dinner tomorrow? On me? That Italian place you love on third?
A shiver shakes her body to the core. Her body is trembling at this point. No way. There’s no way.
[13:47] Unknown Number: Don’t ignore me, you know my only flaw is my patience
Only flaw… The thing about working for SHIELD is that they know everything about the woman’s physical body. All her medical information. They have stored every single time she was taken to hospital because of accidents.
(Y/N)’s life dream was to work with SHIELD and she knew they would run background checks, so anytime she knew she’d have to go to the hospital for the battering that he left on her body, she moved to locations and rang the ambulance for a better story. The side of a road with no CCTV footage - hit and run. Outside a bar - drunken antics. Near the minimal farms nearby - animals. All these excuses because SHIELD couldn’t find out about him.
So, when Tony Stark saw her fighting techniques for the first time, he was swept off of his feet the same way he was when he first met Natasha. Pepper could only laugh and assure him that she was too young and way out of his league. He became like a father to her from that point on and she has the honour of being an Avenger.
[13:51] Unknown Number: Meet me outside at 7
He stops texting her after. She can’t tell anyone at SHIELD because they’d kill him. That’s how much she means to the team. Clint is like her brother, and Natasha like her sister - they’re such a kickass trio on the battlefield. Tony, as mentioned, is more or less her father - given her own died in an assassination and the Avengers were too late to stop. He feels like he owes it to her. To be there for her because he couldn’t save her own father. Pepper is like her mother in that sense too.
The rest of them, bar the two super soldiers, are all her best friends. (Y/N) never fails to bring happiness, enthusiasm, optimism and support to the team and they adore her for it. They’ve all definitely concluded that she’s the best thing that happened to them. They’d be so lost without her. Wanda and Bucky confirm that fact especially - she helped them when they were having the most self-destructive thoughts about the actions they’d done. She assured them it wasn’t their fault with words that they managed to truly believe. They’ll never be able to repay the debt for that. Not that (Y/N) expects them to.
Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are the woman’s two boyfriends. She remembers when she first fell for both of them. It was literally both at the same time, she knew she was fucked. She entered the common room to meet all the team and when her eyes locked with the two pairs of gorgeous, ocean blue, looking at her with just as much surprise and adoration, she knew she was a goner.
(Y/N) later learnt that Steve and Bucky were already in a relationship, and despite the fight she was selfishly heartbroken, she was also extremely happy for the couple and showed them her support constantly. It truly made their hearts swell. Until the night of Tony’s New Year’s Eve party. Her first ever one.
*** Flashback ***
She caught eye of The Winter Soldier across the room, leaning against the bar, looking absolutely dashing in his suit, and she couldn’t help but lick her lips, followed by her biting her lower one. Bucky saw it and he mirrored the action himself as he eyed up her curves. The way the red dress clung to her body. They met each others gaze and they were silently questioning one another. Until Bucky gains the confidence to gesture toward the balcony with his head, watching her immediately nod and sit her empty glass of champagne down on the table beside her.
She gets there first and turns around, watching him stride through the crowd, eyes only locking with hers, not caring about anyone else. She has no idea what he wants her out here for. Her head is running around with wild ideas but she knows none of them are true. Well, she thought she did until he didn’t stop until his hands were on her hips and his lips were on her own, tongue instantly invading her mouth. She moans. Hands reaching up to grasp at his blazer, pulling him impossibly closer.
They lost all patience and they forgot where they were, Bucky reaching his hands down to her thighs, lifting her up and feeling her legs wrap around his waist, dress hoisted up around her own. Her back hits the wall beside the door and their lips are still yet to part.
Meanwhile, Steve had come back from the bathroom and eyes the room with furrowed brows as Bucky is no longer where he said he’d wait.
“He’s on the balcony with (Y/N).” Sam’s voice catches his attention. “Nat and I made a bet with Clint about what they’re doing.”
The way he wiggles his brows makes Steve smirk.
“I want in on this bet.” The blond mutters, turning to his friend.
“Yeah? What’re you betting?” Nat asks, approaching the duo.
“That he’s starting without me.” The Cap winks at the woman and strides toward the balcony, leaving an amused Natasha and Sam behind. “You know there’s almost a thousand people on the other side of that wall.”
The voice doesn’t stop Bucky and (Y/N) from their heated make-out session in the slightest, only makes the woman moan before reluctantly pulling back and looking at the man.
“Makes it all the more exciting, Stevie.” She grins, assuming that her encounter with Bucky wasn’t going to hurt him since Buck didn’t stop.
“Can’t argue with that, sweetheart.” The man takes a step forward to kiss his brunet lover, only pulling back when her hears (Y/N) mewl and ogle the sight. “You alright, doll?” Bucky grins, still holding her up.
“Steve…” Is all she whispers. He raises a brow and keeps an amused smirk on his face.
“Yes, angel?”
She whimpers again, moving her hips against Bucky’s, prompting him to groan.
“I…” She can’t even finish her sentence, suddenly feeling self conscious.
“Say it, baby.” Bucky breathes, using one arm to keep her up against the wall whilst the other tucks a stray strand of hair behind her ear.
“Kiss me.” Her voice is breathless and Steve immediately complies.
“God, this is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” The Winter Soldier admires. “Doll, what would you say if I told you that we wanted you properly?”
(Y/N) pulls back and looks absolutely surprised but so pleasantly surprised.
“Yeah, we want you.” Steve answers her unspoken question. “That is, if you want both of us.”
She nods, instantly.
“Yes. God, fuck, yes, oh my God.”
The men grin.
“The second we laid our eyes on you, my God…” Bucky comments.
“Likewise…” (Y/N) smiles, kissing them both once more.
“Ooh, Tony’s gonna love this.” Sam’s voice speaks up once more, prompting the trio to look over and see him stood there with Clint, Nat and Tony himself.
“I swear to Christ…” The billionaire groans.
“I feel like I’m missing something?” (Y/N) whispers, Sam and Clint laughing as Nat smirks, Tony covering his face.
“The day Tony caught the lovely stain that those two left on the black sofa.” Sam smiles, (Y/N) giggling.
“I swear I’ll clean up after ourselves.” She laughs.
“I DON’T EVEN WANNA IMAGINE YOU-“ Tony cuts himself off with another groan.
“She’s in her mid-twenties, Tony. The woman’s gonna have sex.” Nat comments, smirking,
“SHUT UP!” He yells, everyone laughing as he storms back inside.
*** Flashback End ***
The mistake (Y/N) made was not going to that restaurant at seven. Because then it didn’t stop. She blocked numbers but then he added her on social media. She blocked all the accounts but he made new ones and added her quicker than she could block them. She could call the police for harassment purposes but she’s scared. She’ll have to go to court and it’ll be all over the news. She can vision it.
She doesn’t want to deal with that and she can’t put that reputation onto SHIELD. Not after everything Nick and Tony have done for her to get here.
What scares the others is the little differences they notice in her attitude but just assume she’s tired. They have all undeniably been fighting a lot recently. What triggers her is the most that comes through. The letters.
“(Y/N), you have post.” Clint calls, throwing the envelope across the room to her. She catches it and rips it open, curious as to who’s sending her letters, but then her eyes widen as she looks at two images. One of her half-way through getting dressed, taken through the balcony doors in her room, and the other of her sitting in her favourite coffee shop in town just on the phone, hand wrapped around the mug contains hot chocolate.
Her eyes are wide and she’s trembling. Turning the photo over, expecting no less, there’s a note:
I know everything, darling. I know how much of a whore you are for those soldiers. Wait til I get my hands on them. Or they remain unscathed if you come home to me
Fortunately, the message doesn’t frighten her because she knows that Dec, her ex, couldn’t do anything to even scratch her two super soldiers. They’re not at risk in the slightest. Declan is just a regular citizen, it’s just a message to scare her, but it won’t work. Thinking tactically, she heads to her room and stores the photos in the box. The box that also has printed copies of every single text message he’s ever sent her. She can’t stop the tears that overflow, or the sob that escapes her as she looks at all of it.
She doesn’t know what to do. She knows, she knows, that she needs to tell someone. At least Steve and Bucky, but she can’t. She’s scared. So scared. She doesn’t know what of really.
Weeks pass and she receives more and more photos. More and more messages. She loses it one day. She’s just having one of those days where you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and you just want to lay in bed and do absolutely nothing. One of those days. But then Steve and Buck come strolling in from their mission and smile at the girl who’s standing at their balcony doors, staring out.
“Hey, doll face.” Buck smiles.
“Sweetheart.” Steve adds, watching her turn around and smile, effortlessly lighting up their whole life once again.
“Hey! How was the mission? As easy as it sounded?” She grins, watching them nod, removing their heavy gear.
“You know it.” The brunet grins. “This came for you by the way.” He adds, watching her face contort into absolute fear.
She takes a step back and hits the glass doors of their balcony, shaking her head.
“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, please, God, no more.” She whispers, tears forming and the men are instantly panicking.
“Hey, hey, hey, woah, it’s okay, you’re okay.” Bucky coos, dashing to her side as Steve does the other.
“Look at us, sweetheart.” Steve murmurs, watching her shake her head as her eyes remain locked on the envelope Bucky dropped on the bed.
He gulps and looks back at it.
“Baby, what is it?” His voice sounds scared himself.
“Please,” She whimpers, glancing from one soldier to the other. “Please, make it stop.”
The sound of how broken her voice is, on top of the fact she’s begging them to help her with something they don’t know about scares them and infuriates them at the same time.
The pair know she’s gotten a lot of post over the last month but they just assumed it was a friend or something. Nothing they desperately need to know about.
“Please.” She repeats, watching Steve turn and grab the envelope.
Her eyes meet his and he looks at her for some form of permission to open it.
“Make it stop.” Is all she says.
“Let’s sit you down on the bed, doll.” Bucky suggests, helping her to do so, sitting off the edge as he sits beside her, Steve remaining standing as he opens up the envelope.
The sight makes Steve’s eyes widen and his jaw drop. There’s about ten photos, all about the average post-it note size, of (Y/N), his girl, in random places. The fact that they’re all mostly zoomed in on her assets - her bare legs, up her skirt as much as possible, her breasts, cleavage, ass - makes his blood boil. He notices the black ink on the back of all of them. A variation of messages.
Come back to me or I’ll make you
Those soldiers will not last a second if you don’t do as you’re told
Be a good girl for me
Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. Soon to be deceased.
I thought we’d learnt about being disobedient
You’re still as sexy as ever
They don’t deserve you
Remember how submissive you were for me?
He stops reading and snaps his head up to meet her scared expression.
“What is this?!” He asks, voice tense.
Bucky snatches the envelope out of his hand and also looks over the photos and messages, eyes ablaze with a fire that nobody could even attempt to put out.
“Please make it stop.” (Y/N) simply sobs, Steve crouching in front of her and taking her shaking hands in his own.
“(Y/N), sweetheart, I need you to explain this to us.” He mutters, hoping to ease an explanation out of her.
She releases a shaky exhale and looks over to her closet.
“There’s a box in my wardrobe.” She whispers, Steve nodding and heading over to get it, finding it with ease.
“May I?” He asks, gesturing to the lid. She nods, watching him tense up all over at the sight of even more photos. Ones of her half-dressed.
Explains why she no longer likes the curtains open.
He scans over all of the snapshots of texts and accounts and numbers that she’s saved. Bucky also leaning over to look at it all.
“Who is it?” Bucky asks, voice strained. She gulps.
“My ex.”
“We’ve got to tell Tony and Fury, (Y/N).” Steve comments, glancing up at her fearful eyes as she nods, more tears escaping.
“I know. I know, just please… Make it stop.”
“Hey, hey,” The Winter Soldier coos, wrapping his arms around her, side on, and holding her close. “We’re gonna make it stop, baby, I promise. We’re gonna make it stop.”
(Y/N) nods and curls herself into him.
“I swear, we’re going to make it stop, sweetheart.” Steve adds, resting his hands on her knees from his crouched position. “FRIDAY, call Tony into the conference room and get Nick on call - tell him it’s urgent.”
“Director Fury is in the tower, Captain.” The AI responds.
“Even better, bring them both.”
“What’s going on?” Fury asks as the two soldiers enter the room, (Y/N) curled up in the arms of Bucky.
“What’s wrong?” Tony adds, standing up and looking at the girl, worriedly.
Steve throws the box on the table, it slides toward Tony and he stops it with his hand.
“Look in it.” The blond growls. Bucky sits the girl down on one of the chairs and kisses her forehead.
“What the fuck is this?” Tony breathes, scanning over all the photos, the messages, the usernames, everything.
“(Y/N)’s ex has been sending her these for…” Steve trails off, turning to look at his girlfriend for an answer.
“A month.” She whispers.
“(L/N), can you tell us who he is? Where he lives? What he does?” Nick quizzes, sounding interrogating but the look on his face holds care.
“Declan Anderson. He’s my ex. Dated for four years. He-“ She chokes up.
“It’s okay, doll.” Bucky soothes, stroking her back.
“FRIDAY, can you pull up my medical history - hospital trips.” The girl calls, the AI complying and displaying the items on the screen. “All of those reasons are lies.” She explains, gesturing to the reason she ended up in hospital.
“It was him.” Tony whispers, eyes wide as he turns back to look at her.
Sure, he’d seen these files before, but this, this was learning that someone dared lay their hands on her.
“He hurt you.” The billionaire repeats, Steve and Bucky also staring with wide eyes at the screen that displays the images of bruising on her skin.
She doesn’t react, just stares at the screen with teary eyes.
“Oh my God, sweetheart.” Steve utters, turning to look at his girl.
“Please, make it stop.” She repeats for the nth time. Tony and Fury look at the woman in shock of how vulnerable and how desperate she sounds.
This is the woman who daren’t ever ask for anything and never complains about a thing. The woman who can take on Loki and probably HYDRA single handedly, and yet this bastard can break her down to a scared little girl.
She could look death in the face and not be scared.
“We will. I promise.” Tony says with a firm nod of his head.
The next couple of weeks are a bit better because Tony goes through all letters for (Y/N) and opens them before they get to her, keeping the images.
That is until one day when she needs to go down to reception of the tower and pick up some documents and she sees him.
“You should know better than to keep my waiting, darling.” He grins, the entire threatening look on his face having not changed at all since she last saw him a couple of years ago, before she joined SHIELD. Before Tony found her and brought her here. Saved her.
“What- What’re you doing here?” She whispers, but he hears her.
“Coming to collect what’s mine.”
What he fails to realise, amongst the busy reception where no-one is batting an eyelid, is that Happy is watching the entire thing from the door. He doesn’t know who the man is but he knows enough by (Y/N)’s facial expression that she doesn’t want him there. Despite this, the reasons for that are unbeknowst to him and therefore he doesn’t want to get involved if it’s just a small argument. Stark would hate him.
He calls Stark but it goes straight to voicemail.
“Yes, Mister Hogan?” The AI responds on his watch.
“Get Tony, Steve and Bucky down here. Tell them it’s urgent - it’s (Y/N).” He states.
“Of course.”
And then he approaches the duo, hoping to hear their conversation.
“Please, leave me alone.” (Y/N) pleads, her voice quiet. Scared.
The man, Declan, laughs.
“Not a chance. I leave here with you or not at all.”
(Y/N) flickers her eyes around and meets Happy’s questioning, worried glare. Suddenly, as if remembering where she is, who she’s with, the woman gains confidence.
“No. I’m not going back to you. I refuse to let you control me again. I’m an Avenger now and you’re pushing your luck by even being in this tower so I suggest you leave before I make you.” She demands, and just when she thought she’d won, the man reaches into his pocket and pulls out a photo.
Smirking, he holds it up and shows her, and it’s that picture. The picture of when she was with him and he tied her down to the bed and absolutely tore her apart. She’s naked. Completely and utterly nude. Tied up. Battered and bruised.
“Should I publish this?” He grins, watching her confidence shatter as quickly as it came.
“Leave me alone.” She whispers. “You fucking asshole.” Her voice is tense as she tries to keep her tears at bay. “They’ll kill you.”
He knows who she’s referring to but also doesn’t give a shit.
“I’m taking you first.”
“Like hell you are.”
“You stupid bitch.” He hisses, striding forwards and raising his fist, (Y/N) widening her eyes and squealing.
It echoes across the entire reception but no-one sees the follow up of what could’ve been as a metal arm grasps the man’s raised fist.
Arms wrap around the girl and turn her so she’s facing their chest. She inhales. Steve.
Bucky has to calm himself before he can react any further. He’s about ready to kill all over again after seeing this bastard raise his hand to his girl. Seeing the fear and shock on her face as he did.
Steve keeps his eyes on Bucky’s to keep him grounded and it works. The brunet nods as a thanks which Steve returns.
“You son of a fucking bitch.” The Winter Soldier growls, twisting the man’s hand until he hears the wrist snap. The cry that rips from his throat catching nobodies attention as Happy and Tony had got them all out and closed off reception temporarily.
Tony comes over and doesn’t hesitate to wrap his hands around the man’s throat and shove him up against one of the walls. Dec’s eyes are wide as he tries to fight the CEO but it’s useless.
“You’re the bastard that’s been torturing her. That’s hurt her. That’s threatened her and torn her apart, and yet she’s still stronger than you. How does that make you feel?!” He roars, not letting his grip loosen at all.
“Tony…” Pepper whispers from aside, but he simply narrows his eyes.
“Why her?!” The man hisses, Declan fighting for oxygen.
“I love her!” He gasps, and that’s when Tony throws him onto the ground.
Bucky follows up with a large punch - with his metal hand - straight to the man’s face. Twice. Knocking him out.
“I wanna kill him.” He growls, Steve reaching out with the arm that’s not around their girl and pulling him to them.
“I know.”
Tony turns to look at the trio.
“(Y/N),” He calls, watching her turn her head that’s resting on Steve’s chest. “He’ll never contact or see you again.”
She nods, Steve hating the trembling that he feels all over her body.
“You’re safe, doll, I promise you.” Bucky whispers, leaning down to kiss her lips.
“I love you.” She whimpers, turning her head up to glance at Steve, and then Tony. All of the men understanding.
“We love you too, sweetheart.” Steve murmurs.
“So very much.” Tony smiles, glad that the woman he sees as his kid has the two super soldiers to protect her and keep her safe and sane.
The two super soldiers take (Y/N) upstairs whilst Happy and Tony stare down the unconscious man on the floor.
“What do we do with him?” The security guard asks.
“Take him downstairs and tell Sam, Clint and Nat that we got them a new punching bag.”
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I don't know if I'm the only one craving more Sam's content but... Can I request Sam with an older MC? Like they were dragged into Twisted Wonderland but they're in their 20s and so they often go to the shop as an opportunity to talk to someone their age like Sam, and he somehow develops a crush on them? Can't believe Crowley managed to get us older players to go back to school! Thank you in advance!
Time to chill out with the crew in the school yard! Findin' trouble’s never lookin' too hard. Well, back at class, they never taught us this: some things you gotta learn, hit or miss-- Crow dad lures older players with the allure and promise of pretty anime boys. All according to keikaku...
You did not specify what format you wanted for this request, so I decided to write headcanons! Please remember to state the desired format if you submit future requests, Anon!
...Truth be told, I have never watched “The Princess and the Frog”, so every reference made to the movie in these headcanons is gleaned from Twisted Wonderland or the “Friends on the Other Side” song.
I hope you enjoy!
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
Yuu feels so out of place at NRC. The closest student to their age at NRC is like...Leona? And that’s only because he got held back.
She doesn’t attend classes like the students usually do--her free time is spent exploring campus or lounging about in Ramshackle.
One day, Yuu stumbles across Mister S’s Mystery Shop.
Sam greets her and introduces himself, but is surprised at the sudden appearance of a woman at his doorstep--he expected another young man.
As for Yuu, she is surprised to see another person close to her age--most of the NRC staff are older than her, and most of the students are younger.
Despite his initial shock, Sam is quick to recover and sweep her further inside the shop for a warm welcome--complete with a song and dance number, as well as some illusions and card tricks.
Yuu finds his act quite delightful, clapping at the end of the performance. It was so lively, she could have sworn that Sam’s shadow was dancing with him.
They end up talking about how they ended up at NRC--Sam had been tempted here on advice from his “friends on the other side”, and Yuu had appeared out of the blue from a coffin.
The two enjoy one another’s company! Yuu continues to pay Sam visits, and though he cannot leave his shop that often, Sam is always delighted when he bumps into her outside of business hours.
They can talk for hours and never be tired of each other. Sam seems to have a million stories up his sleeves, of the places he has traveled to and of the people he has met along the way.
He’s sweet on her, both literally and metaphorically.
Sam charms Yuu with his smooth words and upbeat attitude, as well as small acts of kindness (holding the door, producing small pieces of candy from thin air for her).
He gives her secret discounts on any items she needs from his shop--no, the headmaster doesn’t need to know about it!
For her birthday, Yuu receives a necklace--Sam hand carved the little wooden charm on it himself! It resembles a tiki mask, with grooves forming a little face.
Sam hears his friends and the shadows whispering about him.
He’s finally gone mad, one of them says, he’s enamored with that woman.
Perhaps he is. Is that so strange of him?
It’s fine, another shadow rasps. In love he may be, but he cannot leave the shadows--not until his debt to us is repaid in full.
Another sale. Make more and more. Feed us.
“ Sam? Is something wrong?”
“No worries, Little Demon!  Everything is A-OKAY! Now then! What can I help you find today?”
One day, when his curse is lifted...Sam will confess to Yuu. He swears it.
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midnightninja14 · 6 years ago
Frosting (Sam x MC NSFW)
(IT’S DONE UGH. Alright, if you haven’t read my Sam fluff fic Baking I suggest doing so since this fic is a sort of alternate smut ending? I guess you don’t have to though? 
So I mentioned in a stream that I had had a smut idea for Baking, but ended up not adding it and some people were interested, so! I wrote it out. Made some changes. And this happened. Enjoy!)
When Sam got home that day, he hadn’t expected to find himself helping his lover bake for a party they were having that night. His job was to work on the cookie dough while she worked on the actual cake, having already done the frosting in a plastic-covered bowl.
“This isn’t so hard,” Sam mumbled, measuring out the ingredients and pouring them into a bowl. Next was the butter, sugar, and vanilla extract that had to be beaten together in a separate bowl, along with two eggs added into the mixture. He began mixing the ingredients, waiting until it all mushed together before adding the two eggs and beating them into it. Sam, while looking over the recipe again, had begun to beat the mixture a little too quickly and with some extra strength.
“Sam!” He froze, looking back over to his lover… who now was covered with some of the mixture, looking a little bewildered as she stared down at the stain on her shirt.
“Aw, shit.” He placed the bowl down, looking around for a towel to help her clean up--and stopped when he felt something hit him on the chest. Sam glanced down to see flour covering his shirt, looking up to his lover again. Her fingers were covered in the white powder, and her opposite hand was raised to her mouth, her eyes wide in innocent surprise.
“Oh dear, how clumsy of me!” He could see the smirk she hid behind her hand, and he chuckled, beginning to move towards her as she stepped back.
“So that’s how this is going down?” She was giggling, hugging the sack of flour to her chest as she backed away from him.
"You started it!" She tossed another handful of flour in his direction which he easily avoided, using his speed to get behind her. He quickly dipped his hand inside the bag before bringing his fingers to her face, swiping flour across her nose. Her giggles were a sweet sound that echoed throughout the kitchen as she tried to slip by him again, her hand once again moving to grab some more flour.
Sam was quicker than her of course; he sped in front of her, one of his hands grasping the wrist of her hand moving to the sack of flour, while his other hand easily took the bag from her grasp. He placed it on the island behind her before grabbing her other wrist, moving it so he could hold both her wrists in one hand above her head.
“Gotcha.” For her, it felt like it all happened in the blink of an eye. One moment, she was holding the sack of flour and preparing to throw some at Sam. The next she found herself flourless, her back pressed into the edge of the island while he held both her wrists up in one hand.
“S-Sam…” She met his gaze, narrowing her eyes at the way he was smirking at her. His head dipped down to her neck and his tongue licked a wet path up the column before he followed with the scrape of his teeth, chuckling as she trembled at the feeling. One of his thighs slipped between her legs and she fought the urge to grind against him, instead focusing on the feeling of his mouth on her neck.
She failed to notice how his other hand had snuck behind her, recognizing the sound of plastic ripping too late and pulling back from him, “What are you--?!”
He had gotten his fingers into her frosting bowl, and she found herself with a dollop of sweet white cream on the tip of her nose. Sam couldn’t help chuckling at her comically wide eyes, finally letting go of her wrists. She scowled up at him, crossing her arms in front of her before an idea hit her and a smirk slowly grew on her face. She cleaned the frosting off of her nose with a finger, bringing it to her lips and slipping the cream-covered digit into her mouth with a moan, noting how Sam’s eyes were frozen on her lips with satisfaction. Her eyes fluttered shut as she sucked on the digit messily, swirling her tongue around it for good measure.
“Mm…” She let out a small whimper, finally slipping the finger out of her mouth slowly, opening her eyes to look at him from under her eyelashes, “So good…”
She smirked at the red tint covering his cheeks, running her tongue over her bottom lip teasingly before biting her lip in a seductive move. She reached one of her hands behind her towards the bowl of frosting, swiping another dollop of frosting onto her finger, intent on bringing it to her mouth. Strong fingers curled around her wrist, and Sam brought her finger to his own mouth, sucking off the frosting. His green eyes were darkened with lust and he never broke his gaze from hers; his tongue laved against her finger before his teeth pressed into it lightly and he finally pulled it slowly out, licking his lips.
“It’s sweet… But I prefer the taste of you more.” His voice had gone husky, desire and want leaking from his tone and she couldn’t help the way her body trembled at the sound.
Air rushed by her and she suddenly found herself pressed against the opposite counter, with Sam grinding against her, his fingers squeezing into her hips as his hard erection provided her with some delicious friction. Her hands flew to his shoulders, fingers digging into the muscles as her head drooped forward.
She couldn’t help her surprised gasp of his true name that escaped her, “Aomaris!”
He stopped moving his hips then, blinking once, twice, before a small smirk curved along his lips and he leaned in closer to her so that their foreheads were almost touching, “I’ll have you screaming that soon.”
She shivered, her cheeks already beginning to tint pink at the implication in his words, but she managed to playfully smirk back at him, her arms wrapping around his neck, “Oh my, is that a threat?”
“A promise.” His hands slipped down to curve under her thighs and he hoisted her up so that she was sitting on the counter, moving to stand closer to her between her legs. She dug her fingers into the skin of his nape, pulling his head closer so that her lips could reach the side of his neck. She kissed the skin softly before nipping at it, sucking at the flesh and following with her teeth again, repeating the motions until a nice hickey had formed. She smirked at his hiss of breath; his neck was always a weak spot for him. He was breathing a little harder and she tilted her head up so she could whisper into his ear, her lips brushing against the lobe.
“Then do it.” Her words seemed to snap him into action and his lips met hers in a rough kiss, her breath leaving her quickly as his lips worked over her own. His hands moved to cup her face as he pressed in closer, leaning her back until her head hit the cabinet behind her. She clutched almost weakly onto the back of his neck, losing herself within the hot and rough kiss. She opened her mouth easily for him when his tongue licked at her bottom lip, whimpering as he nipped lightly at her lip before his tongue slipped inside her mouth. She couldn’t help the moan that escaped her that Sam was quick to swallow up, pressing in impossibly closer while his lips continued their attack; his tongue continued to move against her own in an almost pleasurable dance. His hands slipped down from her hips, moving to the waistband of the jeans she was wearing, his fingers deftly unbuttoning them and dragging them down a bit. He finally pulled back from the kiss, brushing his thumb across her kiss-swollen lips, smirking at the way her eyes were hazy with lust and how a pretty red blush had bloomed across her cheeks.
He stepped away from her, helping her get her jeans off and tossing them to the side. His fingers hooked into her panties, slowly pulling them down and leaving them in a pile with her pants. Sam kneeled between her legs with his hands resting on her thighs, and her eyes focused on him at the moment, wide in surprise.
“Sam? I-I thought--Aren’t you…?”
“I said I’d make you scream my name, right? I wasn’t lying.” Sam leaned in, trailing kisses along her inner thigh. Her fingers curled into the edge of the counter, heat flaring inside of her as his mouth moved closer to her sex. He purposely avoided the area, lips attacking the skin of her thighs instead, alternating betweening kissing and sucking.
“S-Sam…” His teeth pressed lightly into the soft flesh and a yelp escaped her; he continued to nip at her inner thighs, making her body quiver as she squeezed the edge of the countertop harder. His hands slipped down from the top of her legs to the area he had bombarded with his lips, and he pushed her thighs further apart, his fingers holding the folds of her sex open.
His lips quirked up as he met her lust-filled gaze, “I’ll just do it with my mouth.”
“Ah!” Her fingers moved to grip his shoulders as he dragged the flat of his tongue up between her wet folds, swirling the tip around her clit. Sam wasted no time; his tongue lapped against her and the mewls of pleasure fell faster from her lips, her body tensing as he grazed her clit with teeth. The feeling of his fingers digging into her thighs and his hot tongue eating her out---he devoured her like he was a man starved and she was his feast. Her body began to burn, the temperature in the room had to be rising with just how hot she felt--his tongue never stopped licking her, moving deliciously against her dripping wet sex.
His green eyes met hers as he continued to pleasure her with his mouth and oh the very clear desire in his eyes--the way they had darkened with lust, pupils completely blown except for a thin ring of green--she dug her fingers into his hair, unable to resist the urge to pull his mouth impossibly closer to her and grind into his wet and hot mouth.
“Please, please, o-oh!” Her head fell back as his tongue licked at her even faster, combined with delicious hints of teeth against her clit--so good--! Heat was pooling in the pit of her stomach and her body was beginning to tense up--so hot and sososo amazing--his mouth felt so--
“A-Aomaris, I-I…” She trailed off with another loud moan, pleasure building even higher as his tongue continued to lick at her clit, and another graze of teeth--she was so close, almost--
He met her eyes again, and a smirk quirked his lips up before he dragged the flat of his tongue once more against her and she--she was gone.
“A-Ah!” Her orgasm was quick to wash over her, body arching as the waves of pleasure crashed over her. Her grip in his hair tightened and her heels dug into the cabinets beneath the countertop, her head thrown back and her body was trembling--he hadn’t stopped licking her and the pleasure was so good it almost hurt--
“W-wait, you--Mm!” He slipped one of his hands up her thigh and brought his thumb up to circle her clit while he pulled back to look at her, smirking at the way her body kept jolting up as he applied pressure to her clit.
“I said I was going to make you scream.” He pushed her legs over his shoulders, his fingers moving to curl around her calves and his hot tongue was licking at her over-sensitive clit and she keened, body hunching over as her fingers squeezed into the back of his head.
“I-I can’t--Ah!” Moans fell faster from her lips and her body was quivering. She was definitely on fire now, everything was sososo hot and there was no way she could--she had just come, how could she--? He didn’t stop, almost mercilessly dragging his tongue against her wet heat and it felt--felt so good and oh he was going to destroy her completely. She would fall apart and it would be his entire fault and she had no complaints--his mouth was so incredible against her and was everything shaking or was it just her?
She was already sensitive; it wouldn’t--couldn’t--take her long and it all felt so amazing. How was he so good with his mouth--she didn’t know but she loved every minute. She wasn’t even sure what was falling from her lips anymore--whimpers, moans, all of it because of him. Sam dropped one of his hands from holding her calf and he brought it up to her wet heat, his finger teasingly circling her entrance before he pushed the digit inside of her easily. He thrusted it slowly, in and out, before adding another finger along with the first. They moved fast within her, stretching and scissoring and they crooked to hit that spot inside of her that had her mewling desperately and his tongue never stopped moving against her clit--
Pleasure was rising within her again, bringing her higher--higher and her back began to arch and her heels dug into his back. And he--he just maintained his pace; lips, tongue, and teeth moving against her clit and fingers rubbing against her sweet spot--she was so close--
“Aomaris!” His true name ripped from her throat in a scream, her vision going white as her second orgasm crashed over her. She felt like she was flying--soaring--as the pleasure washed over and heat flared in her stomach. Her entire body went tense and she absentmindedly wondered if she blacked out for a bit. The next thing she registered was the way her hands were clinging weakly to his shoulders, head drooped down as her chest heaved with each pant of breath.
She noticed his lips on her thigh, soft and sweet kisses as she calmed down from her high. He finally stood up, kissing her forehead and swiping some of the sweat from her brow with a finger. One of his hands remained on her thigh, rubbing soothing circles into the soft skin.
"You alright?" She wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing him a little closer and sitting up so she could rest her head on his shoulder.
"Y-Yeah..." Her voice was a little hoarse and he cupped her face gently with a hand, pulling back so he could look into her eyes, concern obvious in his gaze and tone.
"Are you sure?" She nuzzled into his strong palm a bit before directing a sweet smile his way, cheeks still red from their activities moments before.
"I'm sure. Super sure." He chuckled then, looking a little smug.
"Told you I'd make you scream my name. Piece of cake." She blinked at his words, disliking how easy he made it sound, as though only he could play her like a fiddle. She thought about how disheveled she probably looked whereas Sam still looked fairly put-together, only with messy hair and swollen lips. And she--
She wanted to see him undone, wanted him to fall apart because of her.
An idea popped into her head and she moved her head away from his hand, leaning forward so she could reach his neck. Her lips peppered soft kisses along the column of his neck, and she smirked at the way his body tensed as she scraped her teeth down the side. She nibbled on the love-bite she had given him earlier, before licking up a trail to his ear.
"Mm... And what about you?" She murmured, her voice a little husky and laced with want.
"W-What about me?" She chuckled at his sudden flustered tone, slowing sliding one of her hands down from his neck to his chest.  
"Well, you're still hard, aren't you?" Her legs moved to wrap around his waist and his fingers slipped down to dig into her hips.
"I..." Sam trailed off with a grunt as she pulled him closer with her legs, arching her hips up and grinding into his erection.
"It's not fair that I'm the only one who came. Twice." He could hear the mischief in her voice and growled under his breath; she merely kept moving her hips against his, "So, Aomaris... Are you going to fuck me or what?"
He slipped under her arms, removing her legs from around his waist and quickly stepping away from her. She appreciated his inhuman speed; his clothing seemed to disappear and she noted them on a heap on the floor a few feet away. She took a moment to appreciate his naked body--oh how she loved the sight of his muscular body along with how it felt against her--how his cock felt inside of her. However, she didn’t expect him to thrust into her in one smooth motion and she couldn’t stop the loud mewl of his true name that escaped her, “Aomaris!”
His voice was low, raspy, and dripping with desire, “You won’t be able to walk when I’m done with you.”
“I’ll hold you to that.” She smirked up at him, before her mouth fell open in another moan as he thrusted into her again. Her arms curled under his arms and her fingers dug into the back of his shoulders, her legs encircled his waist; one of his hands pressed down against the marble while his other kept a firm grip on her hip. She loved the way he took her--hard, fast, rough--as though he couldn’t get enough of her. His cock managed to hit that spot inside of her that had her seeing stars, and it felt amazing. Her mouth found his neck again, nibbling and sucking on the sensitive skin while he continued to pound into her.
“Fuck--so good.” He groaned into her ear, his hips beginning to move faster. She loved the noises he made while fucking her--he was never quiet and it was so hot. She loved the the way his fingers were digging into her hip--she would definitely have bruises and oh what a nice reminder of their activities--and the way she could feel his muscles flex under her hands--
“M-More!” She whimpered into his ear, her nails digging into the back of his shoulders and leaving little crescent moons behind. Each thrust was hard and they were coming faster--it was perfect. The pace was so good--delicious--everything felt sososo good and she couldn’t get enough of him.
“You’re so hot.” He accentuated each word with a strong pound of his hips and heat was pooling in her belly, her body beginning to tighten up as she started clenching around him and he let out a low growl at the feeling.
“Ah! I-I...Aomaris!” With one final hard thrust of his hips, she was sinking--drowning in a sea of pleasure as her orgasm rolled over her; her eyes fluttered shut and her body arched up, her head tipping back. Her nails left trails of red scratches as they slipped down his back, and her legs squeezed tightly around his waist. He was quick to fall after her, a few more thrusts and he released inside of her with a loud groan of her name, his head dipping to rest in the crook between her neck and shoulder.
Sam let out a small exhale, pulling back so he could see her. He placed soft kisses all over her face, along her cheeks, her forehead, even the tip of her nose. She giggled, sitting up and pecking his lips. Her body was still trembling a bit, and a small whimper escaped her when he pulled out of her.
“How you feelin’?” Sam questioned, his hand moving to caress her cheek.
“Good. Great. Awesome.” She grinned up at him and he chuckled, ruffling her hair with his other hand.
“You doofus.” His fingers brushed against her cheeks, as if trying to wipe something away. “You know, you still have some flour on your face.”
She blinked in surprise, before she began giggling again, “Oh no, we’re both filthy!”
Her gaze fell down to her shirt, remembering the stain and the reason why they had been in the kitchen in the first place. Her giggles came to an abrupt stop and her eyes slowly widened; Sam narrowed his eyes as he noticed her expression fall.
“What’s wrong?”
“The party! The cookies! The cake! How could I forget; what time is it?!” She scrambled off of the counter, yelping in surprise as her knees gave out. Sam was quick to catch her of course, wrapping a strong arm around her waist.
“Hey, hey, take it easy, alright? Look, let’s go get cleaned up first.” He tightened his hold on her waist and her hands quickly gripped onto his shoulders; air rushed by the both of them as he used his speed to get them to the bathroom. He turned on the showerhead, and while waiting for the water to warm up Sam helped her out of her shirt and bra, deftly tossing them into the hamper on the other side of the room. He sat her down on the sink for a moment and placed two folded towels on the sink; he grabbed a washcloth, pouring some body soap onto it and wetting it, rubbing the cloth so the suds would form.
“Think you can stand by yourself now?” He asked, pulling back to look at her, and she nodded with a small smile, tying her hair up so it wouldn’t get wet.
He helped her into the shower, keeping his hold on her hand while he helped her get cleaned up. He was gentle as he dragged the washcloth over her body--up her legs, over her arms, her stomach, around her neck and chest--and he placed soft kisses all over her body, smiling softly as she chuckled at him.
Sam made sure she was was clean before she took the washcloth from him and helped him out, repeating the same things that he had done, including the kisses. When they both were finally clean, Sam shut the water and grabbed one of the towels, helping her dry off and using the other to dry himself before throwing both towels into a basket.
Finally, they both were clean, and Sam lifted her up bridal smile, smirking at the way she squeaked in surprise. He rushed them to her bedroom, laying her on her bed and giving her a robe to put on.
“Here, just get some rest for now. I’ll go work on the cake and whatever and I’ll wake you up when I’m done, sound good?”
“Just rest, doofus. I got this. I can follow a recipe, alright? If anything, I’ll call Matthew.” She let out a sigh, tugging the robe on before snuggling under her covers with a quiet yawn. “Fine, fine. I trust you.”
“Good.” Sam started to leave but her voice stopped him.
“Hey, Sam?” He looked back to meet her eyes, a small smile forming at the love he noticed there.
“You’re the best!” She grinned at him and he chuckled, shaking his head.
“Yeah, yeah, go to sleep, doofus.” He left the room, slowly shutting the door behind him and whispering to himself, “Now to get some clothes and bake. I can do that. ...Probably.”
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