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Nandermo edit I made :,)
I have it on my Insta too but the quality tanked
Anyways here鈥檚 some angst
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viola-opheliaa day ago
guys. guys... loki鈥檚 glorious purpose was sylvie all along. all this time he thought that he needed a throne, that he had to be lauded as a hero, a king, a god to be worth anything. all this time he was putting on airs, pulling crazy stunts, thinking he had to be something he wasn鈥檛 to deserve that validation he desperately needed. but it鈥檚 love,聽not trickery or deceit, that鈥檚 gonna help him realize he is聽worthy the way he is: because here鈥檚 someone who sees his truths, who shares his literal soul, who he can help and cherish instead of pushing away. it鈥檚 sylvie, and it was all along.聽
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beauyasha-canon2 days ago
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New favorite meme template lmao
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biscuitau2 days ago
Everyone Wi Ha-joon SMILE!!! We love a smiley king馃い(*喔吿佀樴竻虁*)鈾
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demonboyhalo4 months ago
[Ranboo had taught Charlie earlier that friends give each other things without expecting anything in return]
Ranboo, throwing cookies: I'm doing a friendship act towards you, you dont -
Charlie, happily throwing them back: I'll die! I'll die if I don't eat something, friendship.
Ranboo: No, yeah, ok, wait, um. [Points Charlie towards the woods] Stay - stay, look over there.
Charlie, looking away: Ok what's that!
Ranboo, throws cookies behind Charlie while he's distracted: Oh look there are some cookies over there! They just fell down or something. You can, you can have those, I think they fell.
Charlie, picking up the cookies, and then speaking in a wondering tone: Where do you think they came from?
Ranboo: I don't know but they're yours now!
Charlie: Ranboo, I think God wants to be my friend.
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lethal-desires3 months ago
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When the omega he rescued goes into heat, triggering his own rut, Derek knew trouble had only begun. He walks toward the younger wolf, standing beneath the cold shower on weakened legs, masking his nose from taking in the alpha's scent. Derek takes a few steps back, fully intending to leave the house, so as not to cause the distressed young wolf anymore pain.
"Help me, please." feeble words escape the quivering lips, and Derek stops dead in his tracks.
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jamespotterinskirtsa month ago
Queer neurodivergent culture is wearing a mask even outside when it鈥檚 not mandated bc it hides facial tics and stims and it鈥檚 harder to tell your gender with a mask on.
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sokka-theartist3 months ago
Okay okay hear me out: Zuko would be the one to propose to Sokka, because he would be less indecisive about it, and he would just. Kind of. Do it, whereas Sokka would have to come up with a whole thing, and although Zuko definitely cares a lot, and puts a lot of thought into said proposal, once he decided that he was going to do it, he would simply... do it.
Anyway, because he wants to honor Sokka鈥檚 culture, and he鈥檚 excited to propose, he gets really excited about making a proposal necklace. He talks to Hakoda and Katara, he comes up with this great design, and he spends hours carving it into whalebone. He messes up several times, and he starts over because it has to be perfect! Sokka will at least have the necklace for the rest of his life, if not wearing it every day.
So, when they鈥檙e in the Southern Water Tribe, Zuko brings them out by the ocean, and they look out over the water. He doesn鈥檛 wait very long into the evening to propose, because he鈥檚 impatient and doesn鈥檛 really believe in waiting for the 鈥渞ight鈥 moment anyway. Sokka says yes, of course. It takes until that moment for Zuko to realize that Sokka already has a necklace that he wears all the time.
And he鈥檚 like shoot, that was stupid of me! I mean obviously, you can still have this, but I don鈥檛 know what you鈥檙e going to do with it. But then, but then, Sokka takes off his walrus-whale choker and gives it to Zuko to wear so that he can wear the proposal necklace as well. And if Zuko cries a little when they each put their necklaces on, well, that鈥檚 between the two of them.
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