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Herbert West x depressed!reader 

TW: Suicidal thoughts, mentions of death, self harm, angst

“S/o? are you home?” Herbert said as he closed the front door behind him only to be met with silence. “S/o?” He walked slowly around the house, checking in every room hoping to see your pretty face. When he couldn’t find you, he began to panic. You were always home at this time. You never leave without telling him. He basically slammed the basement door open, and running down the steps. foraged the entire basement, but you were no where to be found. Then he really began to panic. “S/o! S/o! Where are you!” He ran through the house and looked again, leaving behind a mess. He then saw the back door was slightly ajar and he rushed over to the door. he swung it open only to see the wide backyard. His eyes scanned the yard but couldn’t find you. But just as he was about to go back in the house to call your phone, he heard a sniffle. Then another. He looked up and in the large oak tree, you sat. “Dammit, s/o what are you doing out here? It’s freezing! Come back inside-” A choked out sob left your body. Oh. Now he’s really worried. He shrugs off his overcoat and began to climb the tree. 

There you sat, on a large branch near the top, crying. He didn’t know what to do exactly. he wasn’t good with this type of thing. He sat on the branch next to yours and finally saw you. Your face was shiny with tears, your eyes were puffy and you had this look in your eyes that made his heart clench. “s/o? What is the matter?” He spoke so softly to you, you could barely hear him over your sobs. You finally looked him in the eyes. Your eyes were full of pain, and he wanted to know why, so he could help you. As he cupped your right cheek in his warm hand, you heaved out a loud sob. As you continued to cry, your hand reached out and held his hand that cupped your cheek. Your hands were cold. Too cold. He noticed it immediately. “Darling, your hands are freezing. Let’s go inside.” He held your hand and guided you down the tree. As you both had descended the tree, he noticed you weren’t wearing a jacket, just a thin long sleeved shirt. He slipped his normal suit jacket off his delicate frame and draped it around your shoulders. 

He sat you down on the bed and looked at you intently, though you refused to make eye contact with him. “Now that we’re inside and you’re not out in the cold, tell me what is wrong. Please, Darling.” You both sat there in silence for what felt like hours before you finally looked at him. Your eyes were still puffy from crying but not as much. You then did what he least expected; you shed his jacket and slowly took off your shirt. Now he knew why. On your skin lay scars. So many of them. Some were very old, and there were many new ones, still swollen from the breaking of skin, and partially dried blood. His dark eyes widened. His mind went blank. All he could do was shift his eyes from your scars to your face over and over again. You began to sob again, hunching over and holding your face in your hands. “..What happened.” He said firmly while placing a warm, gentle hand on your back.

 “I…I don’t know. I was..I was cleaning and I came across..” 

“You came across what, S/o.” Herbert spoke gently.

You let out another cry. “I came across a picture of my best friend. The one who..the one who killed themselves.” Your face raised from your hands with a pained expression. You opened your mouth to cry but no sound came; only hot tears flowing from your eyes.

Herbert grabbed you and buried your face in his chest. He pet your hair softly while your body convulsed as you wept and screamed. “Darling why did you hurt yourself?” He whispered as he cradled you in his arms. 

“I see her everywhere! I see her in the day, and I hear her at night, There’s a pale imitation of her face burnt into my brain, I don’t want to be here, I don’t know what to do about it! Sometimes I’d rather be dead, at least then I’m with her! I miss her so, so much…” You practically screamed into his chest while you cried. He shushed you gently, while rocking you back and forth, while still petting your hair. 

“Oh Darling, I know. I know it’s painful. It’s hard, believe me, I get it. But you can’t go back and change it. What’s done is done.” 

“But what if it was my fault? I was the one who moved and now she’s gone!” You wailed, wrapping your arms around his waist.

“No. Don’t even say that. It is not your fault. It was her choice, not yours. Darling, This world would be bland and boring without you in it. I know you really miss her but, you’ll see her again someday. But let me tell you something. You are absolutely amazing, you’re kind, sweet, and all around beautiful.”

By this time, you had settled down just a bit; “But what about my scars? Aren’t they ugly to you?” 

“Not at all, my darling. No matter what, you’ll always be beautiful. Now, promise me you will NEVER hurt yourself again, okay? Because I will always be with you to love, help and cherish you.”

You smiled a tad bit. “I promise.” He pressed a feather light kiss on the top of your head while still rocking you gently. “Get some rest alright, Love?” He said resting his cheek on your head. “Can you stay with me? I want to fall asleep with you.” You said hugging his waist tighter. He smiled. “Of course, Darling.”

He let you go and laid down. You then laid your head on his chest while his arms held you in a firm grip. You sighed in content. “Goodnight, Herbert; I love you.”

“I love you too, my angel.”

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I just made a fancy dinner for four because my boyfriend is back today and my flatmate and her partner are joining us and we’re all dressed fancy. This is…. so good for me.

Edit: I did my makeup up and wearing a semi revealing look and honestly a bitch (me) is just trynna get fucked

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             ‘’mientes.’’     mugyeom interrumpió patético discurso, no de un modo cruel, sino…. herido.  clavando las uñas contra sus palmas cerradas.    ‘’los celos no son excusas para tratar a los demás como mierda, en especial.’’    la sentencia quebró antes de que pudiera completarla, cerrando iris alrededor de sus zapatos. quién diría que serían excelente distracción.     ‘’detesto que esta sea otra de tus artimañas.’’     hubo un tinte de desesperación en su voz, uno que lo jodió de tal manera que desconocía retorno. masticando el interior de sus mejillas.  

                                              “So what if I’m jealous?”     @vcinilla

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💜✨ This is an Amazing Creator Award! Your creations are incredible, and they light up every dashboard they land on. Pass this on to eight of your favorite creators to show your appreciation and let them know their art/fic is loved! ✨💜

Thank you so much omg!!!

Noooo you are amazing!! I love all your fics and art so much!!!

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So I binged Tangled The Series (except for the last season cause it’s not on Disney+) and I am VERY tempted to make a Rapunzel sideblog. Anna is still my number one but I’m very interested in what adventures Rapunzel would get into…

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