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#alex recs fanfic

Alex’s IronDad Fic Rec Masterlist

Look friends. I’ve put more work into this fic rec series than I have anything in a long time. And I also realized having a masterlist that links to all of my fic recs could be helpful, especially as we all practice social distancing and/or are under quarantine. So I hope you enjoy! Here are all the fics I’ve rec’d so far! Note that these link to my fic rec posts for that fic, which includes the authors summary and a short review of why I love it and think you should read it.

1. Career Day by @superhusbands4ever

2. 5 Times Peter Accidentally Took Something of Tony’s to School  by @TheSecretUchiha.

3. A Complicated Thing by writerforlife/@such-geekiness

4. With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility by @katrinathe1st

5. Prompt: Tony Stark & Peter Parker by ReadingFanfics

6. Machine Wash Hot; Tumble Dry Low by @alice_in_ink

7. Call Me First by @aparvado

8. They see me swinging by Capiche

9. The Death of Tony Stark by @nerdystace

10. In Case of Emergency by @aliaoftwoworlds

11. Glitter & Gold by @allonsysilvertongue

12. Danger Pizza by @alice_in_ink

13. What the hell? You just shot me! by TheWeirdOneL

14. A Day In the Life of Peter Parker by boo_boo_keys36

15. An Anchor if He Needs One by LostGeekGwen

16. In Medias Res by @lafayette1777

17. Underoos by @englishteacakes

18. Honorary Stark by @imgoingtocrash

19. As Real as Anything by @sahiya

20. See You Tomorrow by crosspolination

21. Blue Morning by @englishteacakes

22. Raindrops by luna_e_stelle

23. Someone to Look Out For by @doctornineandthreequarters

24. Bittersweet by Kevy_Grayce

25 Turn back the clock (and I’ll try again in the morning) by @madasthesea

26. Flushed Away by @sumpetals

27. the suit isn’t here by whowhotellsyourstory

28. Hold Your Breath While Your Safe by @groo-ock

29. Amateurs At War, Strangers To Suffering by @losingmymindtonight

30. Lullabies For A Heavy Heart by Myrime (@blancheludis )

31. After the Flames by madmonette

32. Infinite Ends Where We Begin by @ironfamjam

33. Stark Internship…………… The Second One by Orpheus_I_Dont_Feel_So_Good

34. Cyanide? In My Shawarma? by @losingmymindtonight

35. Holdfasts by @groo-ock

36. Falling Sideways by @redblueunderoos 

37. Smile, the worst is yet to come by @shvook 

38. Bits of Happiness by alleinimmer

39. Infinity starts with you & ends with me by @peter-stank 

40. 5 times Tony Stark ignored Peter Parker (but not for very long) by umbrafix

41. Spider-Baby Mama by PinkEasterEggs

42. 5 Times Peter is Stuck with Tony by @iron–spider

43. He Doesn’t Know That We Know by questionmark007

44. 5 Times Peter Made Tony Laugh Out Loud by @upcamethesun

45. In Your Corner by @asterismsinyoureyes

46. For Good by @Madelinedear

47. For the love of freefall by @3wworms

48. Everything, All At Once by @ironfamjam

49. Gelato by @babochu

50. Things we said between the Wars by @writerforlife/@such-geekiness

51. I Thought I was a Hero (but I was just a child) by @akillerqueenwrites

52. Ghosts + Swimming Pools = A Bad Day for Tony Stark by @losingmymindtonight

53. The Secrets We Keep by me! Aka OnceUponaFangirl aka @euphoric-melancholyy

54. Cause and Effect by @pokeydotes

55. The Third Option by @signofuncertainty

56. A Far Green Country by @madasthesea

57. @ironman Follows You by @malynaa

58. Morgan Stark, M.D. by @whumphoarder

59. Sleepless Nights by alieenwood

60. Mystery of Love by @seek-rest

61. Nobody’s Bulletproof by Charlene66

62. Too bad (but it’s the life you lead) by jessicagoddamnjones

63. Quid Pro Quo by @pokeydotes

64. Fitting in (Tiny Spaces) by @captainkirkk

65. Occupational Hazzard by @captainkirkk

66. Superhero Business by SkyGiantz

67. Tangled Wires by @iron–spider

68. Better Together by Alieenwood

69. Topsy Turvy by @iron–spider

70. Sleeping As I Walk by @Theoceanismyinkwell

71. Lab Day by @ferretshark

72. To Hope is to Expect by @madasthesea

73. Planes, Trains, and the Trauma Response by @imgoingtocrash & @savvysass

76. Walk a mile in these louboutins by @thwip–thwip

74. IronFam Post Endgame Cuddle Fic Series by @sahiya

75. Hero by lady_oneder

77. Before the lesson of a hindsight view by @peterparkrr

78. The Unfortune Teller by @peterparkrr

79. Loving and Leaving by @Theoceanismyinkwell

80. Forgive me my salt (my decades of taking) by @blondsak

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For those not “in the know” (Don’t blame you. I had to learn this fandom too and this is a FFN thing even if the fics get cross posted to AO3) Spyfest is a weekly fic prompt for a month with voting and all the shenanigans that come with such things there’s also a fic exchange portion but we’ll get to that some other time. So many great stories have come out of it as a whole and in particular the weekly prompts, one shots, of course, but high quality high quality is apparently an Alex Rider fanfic trope based on the fics I’ve read so get used to hearing it. I would love for this fandom to pick up a monthly prompt just because one Spyfest is clearly not enough. 

I digress, today’s fic is from Spyfest 2019 Week 1. The prompt was “A SAS soldier meets the animal he was named after". That week in particular had exceptional quality and I can earnestly rec them all but the winner was Justmcshane’s “Felt My Slow Blood Warm” which explores Alex and Snake’s relationship. It’s not over fluffy or idealized just quiet and simple in the best way. Snake’s fandom blessed trait (pre-TV show) was that he was quiet and a medic. This fic picks that up and runs with it to a degree. It’s a sweet little character study and perfect for a nice lazy Sunday afternoon read or maybe a Monday morning skim between class and meetings, your call.

Special shout out to Dalekchung and others who take their time to organize this and also the other fills from that week particularly “Strays” which is more Ben and Alex fluff that I was mildly afraid to directly rec because I would probably get labeled as having a preference (I don’t, I love all Alex Rider fanfic. All of it and will rec accordingly. The next rec is a throwback and will not involve K Unit or Ben, I swear)

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So I feel like my next rec is just one of those “everyone knows about them” authors because they have that fic. “Synergy” is one of the “classics” of the fandom for good cause but if you’re sleeping on their other works, you’re really missing out. Sigma has brought us something the fandom needed - Fem!Alex and she’s not just relegated to dealing with Bond. She’s been in the Devil!Verse and even in a fantastic Sentinel AU WIP (my personal fav) as well. Their writing is stunning - evocative and descriptive and very personality driven. That’s not to say there isn’t action and angst but it all stems from the interactions from the characters which makes it that much more meaningful.

I would like to highlight that Fem!Alex is more than just a trope for the stories - she has a very distinct personality in each setting that is lovingly thought out and considers the challenges that she would face as a female in those universes compared to our traditional boy!Alex. Her personality and actions adjust accordingly and it is a breath of fresh air because you can just tell that the author has put a lot of time, effort, thought and heart into considering the implications that just aren’t discussed when it’s a male character.

I should note that the Devil fic can get a hair risqué (nothing explicit, though and it is rated M) but in a very, very tasteful and believable way that is just a natural progression of the dynamic Sigma crafted between them so if that’s not your thing, obey the tags. Just know you’re missing out because the way Sigma weaves together the complex and complicated emotions in that fic is just to die for.

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