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Bea from Pokemon is an autistic lunarian nonbinary person who uses she/her and they/them pronouns, and her adoptive sibling Allister is an autistic crypticoric autigender altegender vocigender greyagender voidgender genderhoarder and pronoun hoarder with anxiety who, aside from many other sets, mainly uses gho/ghost, it/its, and 👻/👻s pronouns!

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Allister X Reader Fluff

(Heya keep in mind this is one from my wattpad one shot book. I was just lazy and needed some reference on my current abilities. Plot is the reader is Raihans little sister. They are a Dragon type main as well but also have a secret favorite type, ghost types to be precise.)

(Nobody’s P.O.V.)

Currently you and Raihan were taking a trip to a gym leader event. He had no one to watch you for today so he had you tag along. He knew you had your Pokemon so you would be fine if he left you be. This ended up being the case where you had to wait in one of the rooms of the gym.

(Y/N P.O.V.)

You played with the sleeves of your white turtle neck as you took out your team mates. Your team consisted of a noibat, goomy, dreepy, and a Mimikyu. Most people found Mimikyu as the odd one out due to its fairy typing. But your main excuse was that Mimikyu was your ace against Raihan. But that was a lie, in reality you loved ghost types. You kept that a little secret just due to the fact of Raihan thinking to let you take over the gym when you’re older.

You did want that sure but you really wanted to change it to ghost types. Sadly that couldn’t be the case due to a certain ghost boy. Dreepy happily went into the (f/c) scarf that was wrapped around your neck while Mimikyu rested on your (2/f/c) skirt. You were busy watching your Pokemon that you hadn’t notice a certain ghost boy come by.

(Allister P.O.V.)

I had walked out from the meeting that we had to attend. It wasn’t much just discussion about the gym challenge. I didn’t want to stay behind and talk with everyone. Instead I wanted to go back to my gym to play with my Pokemon. Though what stopped me was the Mimikyu that walked over. I was slightly confused but heard a girls voice. I gazed over to where the Mimikyu walked to and saw a cute girl.

Specifically Raihans sister (y/n). I remembered Raihan stopped to chat with Leon for a bit. So instead of leaving his sister alone with her team, I mustered up a bit of courage to go over and talk. Normally I wouldn’t do this but she would probably be waiting a while knowing how Leon and Raihan were. But another reason was so I could ask about her team.

I always found it strange she had Mimikyu on her team but never bothered to ask. I walked up to her and stuttered out, “Um e-excuse me (y/n) mind i-if I sit with you?” I saw her look up at me with those pretty (e/c) eyes of hers. She calmly nodded and I sat next to her and watched her Pokemon play.

(Y/N P.O.V.)

You had assumed the meeting was done since Allister was out. I knew Raihan decided to stop to chat with Leon. I had gotten used to it at this point so I didn’t mind at all. You heard Allister then ask, “s-so how are you?” You looked toward him for a second before turning away with a blush saying, “I’m good w-what about you Allister?”

He gave a simple, “I’m okay (y-y/n)” before saying, “u-um hey I h-have a question.” You looked towards him asking, “what is it?” You then heard him quietly ask the common question, “w-why do you h-have a Mimikyu?” Noibat flew onto my shoulder while I contemplated on telling Allister the truth. You decided to at least tell Allister on the little secret.

You faced him while asking, “promise you won’t tell Raihan?” He gave a simple nod before you quietly stated, “w-well I’m actually a-a ghost type person.” He gave a slightly surprised expression which was hidden by his mask. I then included, “I k-kept it a secret cause R-Raihan wanted to let me take over his gym w-when I’m older.” I looked away for a second till I heard the sound of opening pokeballs.

When I looked over I beamed with joy at the sight of Allister’s Pokemon. I heard Allister chuckle a bit which led me to blush. I wouldn’t be lying if I said I had a crush on him. Allister was my age and had a few of the same interest as me.

(Allister P.O.V.)

I was so glad I had my mask on or else (y/n) would have seen my blushing face. I never knew she has the same level of fascination to ghost types as I do. I decided to let her enjoy the company of my other Pokemon while we waited. I then decided to suggest, “h-hey maybe at some point I-I could take you t-to the watchtower ruins.” (Y/n)’s smile alone was enough for me to enjoy the decision I made.

She happily nodded with that adorable smile of hers which I smiled at. That turned out to be the day. The day I found the person I would spend almost all my time with.


It had been a while you and Allister always sneaking out whenever you had the free chance. Raihan had an iron grip on you since you were his, “precious little sister.” Little to your knowledge he had always known and took photos and videos of you and Allister when you snuck out. Let’s just say the next party you all threw was quite eventful.

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More Swsh playing new horizons

Part 1


  • Saved up to buy the animal crossing switch when it was first announced. It matches her favorite nail polish, she had too.
  • Loves Audie. Even if everyone says she looks like her fursona.
  • QR code queen. Always looking up and saving codes for all sorts of clothes and decor.
  • The most aesthetic screenshots.
  • First thing she does everyday is check out the able sisters.
  • All dog villagers are good villagers.


  • Looks forward to seeing Leif every week.
  • Likes playing with his younger brother when he has time.
  • Views island planning like planning out a garden. So his island is very pretty. Flower gardens everywhere and a whole orchard of fruit trees.
  • Has his favorite bugs all over his house as pets.
  • Likes the sheep villagers. Is oddly fond of Muffy. When one of the baby wooloo was born shiny, he named her after the character.
  • Always watering plants. Has to always make watering cans two at a time.


  • To no ones surprise, is always fishing. Has the most fish in the museum aquarium. Is always in that section admiring her work.
  • So much sea shell decor. Her whole island has a very beachy/ mermaid theme.
  • Has at least three turtles in her house. They have their own room full of toys.
  • Timmy and Tommy are her baby boys. Loves that they follow her around the shop.
  • Likes hunting for villagers on mystery islands. As a result shes attached to Wilbur and Orville as well.


  • Live streams game play. Plays with Raihan a lot as a result.
  • Really good at terraforming. His map looks amazing.
  • Made his own little mountain for his house to sit on.
  • Likes hunting down rare/popular villagers.
  • Has to always mediate and help his younger siblings because the kids share a switch and sometimes has trouble sharing.


  • Cat villagers. Cat villagers everywhere.
  • Thinks Kicks is adorable.
  • Piers is really good at custom designs so shes constantly asking him to make her something.
  • Some members of Team Yell also play and they are constantly going to each others islands and helping one another out.
  • Overall has a pretty cute island but then you find spots like the graveyard behind her house.


  • What is planning? Hop plopped houses everywhere he could fit or seemed like a good spot. Build and decorated around them. 
  • Raihan showed him how to put memes in the game. They’re everywhere.
  • Gets attached to almost all of his villagers and hardly ever tells them to move.
  • Loves digging up fossils and collecting creatures for the museum. Then walking through it to see his progress. He was so excited when he finally collected all the fossils.


  • Was very reluctant to play. Eventually relented to the hype. No one saw him the rest of the week.
  • Has to get that 5 star rating. His island has to be pristine at all times.
  • Will diligently save his money for the next house upgrade, but has been known to splurge large amounts of it on cool decorations.
  • Was the first to get gold Rose’s and must flex everytime someone comes to his island.
  • So far his favorite villager he has is Julian.


  • Has the best luck with villagers. Somehow always gets the more popular ones quickly. Like they’ll pop up in the campsite or be on her second mystery island. Everyone both fears and envys her power.
  • Her favorite villager Is Merengue. Because she loves sweets, and because shes a rhino, an animal not known for being cute. Which makes Bea love her more.
  • Is always playing with Alister. They give each other gifts all the time. 
  • Does not know how to terraform no matter how many videos she watches. Shes doing her best.


  • named it Spookyville. Bea helped him get all the villagers he wanted like Lucky,muffy, and Ankha.
  • Is always excited to see wisp. Coco is his girl.
  • Heard about Redds paintings being haunted. Proceed to buy as many fakes as possible. Has not donated any art to the museum.
  • Always plays with Bea, but also likes to play with Marnie. Piers is one of the few people he’ll make custom designs for.
  • Cant decorate to save his life, but no ones says anything because he’s having fun. 
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He is baby!! Who let him run a gym. Like are there people helping him run it or is Allister in charge of paying the electric bills and managing finances. Allister how much do you know about the economic status of Galar you’re like eight

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Dark green Spiderman: Friend or Foe (part 2)

For couple of seconds they were silent. Allister kept looking at Yoshi with concern as his friend kept looking down, angry. Only his fist was clenched. The only good thing for Allister was that Yoshi doesn’t know that Spiderman is Allister himself. Or was it bad? It didn’t really care him that much, most important thing for him was Yoshi’s state.

Allister: Yoshi?

Yoshi: And where was this “loved by everyone” hero at that moment?…I bet somewhere in more “important” place, minding his own business…While such people like this family suffer from a bunch of idiots!

He punched the table with his fist, making Allister jump from a sudden. It was new to him, Yoshi usually is calm and humble. The anger didn’t go away yet and Allister tried to come up with a plan. But nothing was coming to his mind. He knew well that Yoshi was definitely blaming him for this. But could he know about it? He is not capable to safe everyone, right? Still, it didn’t cancel anything. The only thing he could try is to reach to him.

Allister: Pal?

Yoshi noticed that Allister’s hand was reaching to his and quickly changed the expression, moving his hand away.


Yoshi: Sorry for my reaction. It’s just….i rarely watch news, so it got me a bit.

Allister: Are you sure?

Yoshi nodded as took another sip. Suddenly Allister remembered that Yoshi’s parents got into almost the same accident. Probably that caused his reaction: a memory. And yet, what does Spiderman have to do with this accident?

Allister: Did it remind you about…..

Yoshi: No no no, it’s not like that. I’m fine, really. Plus, it’s in the past.

But Allister didn’t believe him. He knew that such wounds never heal just like that, even through thousands of years. And yet, to not make things worse, he didn’t go far with it and took another sip. Yoshi looked at the clock.

Yoshi: Well, it was nice to meet you again, Al, but i have to come back to work.

Allister: It’s okay, pal, i still have stuff at uni and…other stuff.

Yoshi: Hehe, true. Want me to accompany you?

Allister: Only to my bike, the rest i will do myself.

Yoshi nodded as they both went to garage and Allister got onto his motorbike. He looked at Yoshi again, who was already preparing instruments for work.

Allister: Yoshi.

Yoshi: Hm?

Allister: I….If something happens…Just call me or Kim, okay?

Yoshi: Don’t worry, I’m strong guy. Still, thank you

He smiled as waved to Allister, who did the same with little concern about Yoshi’s words. Unfortunately, he couldn’t influence on the situation, only try to fix it. As he put the helmet on, he started the bike and drove back home. As he was driving, he thought to himself.

Allister: Damn it, and why it always happens when i’m not around. Of course, i’m now an everyday hero for everyone, no calm life, no fun with friends, no time for your beloved one. And that’s the price for power, that i didn’t even ask for it….Gotta go and see what i can still fix in this situation.

And he drove faster back home. Meanwhile, Yoshi was almost ready for work. But his mind wasn’t. He kept thinking about today’s incident, about his past, and…Spiderman.

Yoshi: This freak is no better than politicians, who keep promising to make better life for us, citizens. Of course he has powers and fame. Everyone likes him, he is so equitable. But people don’t understand that no matter how much bad people spend time in prison, they will never change, neither their personality nor their actions. Even cruel killers won’t! It never happened! And never will!

He slammed the table with his fist, angrily, gritting his teeth.

Yoshi: They deserve much more punishment, than prison. They have to feel what their victims felt. Agony. Hopeless. Pain. Everything.

As he talked to himself, something was moving in his house. Only a little whine could be heard. A dog whine. But Yoshi didn’t turn his head around, he knew who was it.

Yoshi: I’m glad that at least someone shares the same thought. Am i right….Akela?

The creature walked out of the shadow, taking its dark and red furr dog form. Or better, hound form. Yoshi turned around as Akela walked to him. As he was closer to him, Yoshi hugged Akela, who was whinning and nuzzling him, trying to cheer him up.

Yoshi: I know, Akela. Those people will never change. And if Spiderman doesn’t want to give a proper punishment to them…..we will do it. Are you with me?

Akela looked at Yoshi with little hesitation about such idea, but nodded in agreement with his owner.

Yoshi: Good. Then, be ready for tonight, buddy.

A night hunt will begin soon.


And that’s the next part of Spiderman story ^^ Sorry for taking it a bit longer, couldn’t find motivation to continue it ^^“ Still hope you will like it^^

Yoshi and Akela belong to @jenniesart and @jenny626

Allister belongs to @wildstarfan and @milasartblog (both me)

Spiderman belongs to Marvel and Sony (?)

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Allister and Hop friendship.

They met each other in the Gym challenge. After Hop beat him Allister ran back into the graveyard to play /talk with his Pokémon. Hop ran after him because he had many questions about ghost pokemon. The Reaktion of the ghost pokemon was to scare hop, but he thought it was funny and knew that the pokemon won’t harm him.

Allister was confused by this (because normal humans run away from his friends) and they talked.

Hop had many questions and Allister actually liked to answer them.

They and their team became fast friends and Allister won’t hesitate to cures anyone who makes his first human friend sad and Hop protects Allister from pushy people.

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Here is my Allister cosplay from Pokemon Shield. I was gonna debut this during Fanime this weekend, but it didn’t happen so here it is anyway. I made about 6 pokeballs and I have no idea how I’m gonna attached them. And also this was my first time making a glove and it’s really bad. I have the template and materials to make his mask and I was gonna make it with LED lights but I lost motivation for this character and I don’t know if I wanna continue this cosplay.

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Canon Allister: Praises you when you beat him (but still pouts a bit because He’s 10), mumbles when he talks, Literally Anxiety Incarnate (he’s a gym leader AT 10 Y'ALL), maybe sees ghosts which is…a lot, also maybe has some PTSD

Fanon Allister: Oh Gremlin?? Oh Edgy Bastard Boy???

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Fandom: Pokémon Sword and Shield

Pairing: Allister


Crowds. He absolutely hated crowds. But with Y/n, it’s a bit more tolerable.

Tightly clinging to their hand, Allister allowed Y/n to guide him through Wyndon.

Y/n tried their best to avoid crowds and the media; unfortunately, it’s difficult when the Finals are still going on.

Keep reading

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Hop had many fake friends as a child

They only talked to him because of Leon and made fun of him. He once overheard them and it completely destroyed his trust in other humans. Hop would still act friendly, but he stopped hanging out with kids his age.

Leon became really worried about hop when he realized what was going on and talked with the Gym Leaders about it.

They decided to visit together and Hop became friends with Allister.

None of them knew how it happened, but Allister found his first and Hop his real friend.

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