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#pokemon shield

A new project is here! It is time to battle!

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I may not know what the shiny odds for quest are, but its been too long since i got more then one shiny on the same day outside of pokemon go lol!


This makes my 7th shiny on gen 8 and my 2nd shiny from a max lair! This was also my 3rd max lair run of the day.

Today’s question:

So how has the hunts in the max lair go for you lately?

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This ought to be fun lol
Also I’m sorry if Bede seems out of character, it’s been a very long time since I did anything Bede related in Shield


  • Milo would be surprised to see this
  • He would check to see if Hop was alright first
  • Once he does that, he talks to Bede
  • He mostly tells him that he should apologize to Hop
  • He isn’t really that good at these sorts of things, so he doesn’t think that Bede really listened to him


  • She got a little angry when she saw Bede insult him
  • She first yelled at Bede, anger getting the better of her
  • She wasn’t sure why this made her so angry, maybe because she was pretty close to Hop
  • It surprised Bede by how angry she was, but he tried to mostly ignore it
  • It did hit him a little bit, though
  • When she calmed down, she made sure Hop was fine, and told him that what Bede told him was completely wrong
  • In the future, she keeps an eye on Bede


  • Was kinda annoyed on how rude Bede was being, and brought him into a different room to talk to him
  • He was giving him a Dad Lecture ™, and suddenly realized how similar he was to Bede when he was younger
  • A bratty punk kid who was picking fights, insulting people, didn’t know when to quit, and was an overall jerk
  • Well, he was a lot worse when he was a kid compared to Bede, but he still saw the similarities
  • He just mostly told Bede that Hop didn’t really deserve it, and that he was a good kid and shouldn’t spend his time being rude to people like that
  • He wasn’t sure if Bede really listened to him though, but he hoped he listened
  • He later checked up on Hop, just to see if he was okay
  • He got him ice cream to cheer him up


  • He feels a little awkward, and isn’t sure what to do
  • When Bede’s gone, he tries to cheer Hop up
  • He isn’t really good at that sort of thing, so it’s pretty awkward
  • But Hop is just happy that Allister cared 
  • He doesn’t confront Bede, he’s too scared to do so
  • But that doesn’t mean that gengar won’t spook Bede for revenge


  • She’s pretty disappointed with Bede
  • She thought he knew better. Apparently not
  • She made sure that Hop was feeling okay, and sent him off to his brother. She then went to deal with Bede
  • She scolded him quite a bit
  • But when she was done with that, she tried to help him, giving a small heart-to-heart; mostly to just try to help him with his emotions
  • Bede refuses her help
  • She doesn’t pry, but she keeps her door open for him
  • She hopes that Bede will open up to her at some point though


  • Mom mode activated
  • She scolds Bede for what he did, lecturing him that he shouldn’t do these things
  • The lecture was quite long
  • She knew Bede wouldn’t listen, so sadly put on her Scary Mom Face and told him to not do that again
  • She then makes sure that Hop’s doing alright
  • Even when he says he’s fine, she knows he isn’t. She has five kids, she can read him like a book
  • She takes him out for ice cream as a treat to cheer him up


  • Doesn’t go and confront Bede
  • He knows that talking to Bede won’t do anything, and he’s more concerned with Hop
  • He talks to the kid; he’s an older brother, he knows what he’s doing
  • He tries to make him feeling better and assure that what Bede said was wrong and incorrect
  • He just wants the kid to feel better, he doesn’t like seeing usually happy Hop to be so sad and depressed


  • He was pissed off
  • Hop is almost like a little brother to him too, he’s seen the kid grow up when he met Leon when they were young
  • So seeing this made him angry
  • He told off Bede angrily and quickly–he didn’t do too much, just yelled at him, then went over to comfort Hop
  • He sat around next to him, giving him encouraged words, and even took a few selfies with the kid to put up on his social medias
  • It seems to work better than he expected
  • Afterwards he probably just tries to scare the kid
  • He doesn’t think talking will work so might as well scare the kid


  • Big Brother Mode activated
  • He immediately went to Hop first
  • Gave him a big hug and told him that Bede was lying and was wrong
  • That he’s the best little brother and promises that one day will become the champion
  • Probably takes him out for ice cream and his favorite dinner too
  • Once he knows that he’s fine (and he can tell if Hop’s actually better or if he’s just saying that he is–big brother instincts helps him a lot when it comes to Hop), then he goes to Bede
  • Just goes off on him
  • He doesn’t care what excuses Bede has, or what Opal has to say about Bede
  • He’s just gonna be angry and yell
  • It’s rare to see the champion angry, much less this angry; it’s quite scary
  • He just wants to make it very clear to leave his little brother alone, that’s all
  • He just kinda yells a lot then afterwards goes back to Hop and watches a movie with him
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Over the weekend, I trained my Shiny #Squirtle and evolved him into a #Blastoise. I’ll always love Blastoise’s original colors, but the purple, and green shell, has grown on me!

Also I was traded a shiny #Magmar and #Electabuzz, which unfortunately both only evolve through trade with a specific item. So if any of my (trustworthy) friends are playing, or are going to start playing, #Pokémon Sword or Shield, let me know!

#pokemon #shinyblastoise #shinysquirtle #shinymagmar #shinyelectabuzz #pokémonshield #pokémonhome #pokemonshield #shield #pokemonhome #nintendo #switch #nintendoswitch #shonenjonah #shonenphotos

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