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What does bed look like + do you sleep talk + what do you wear for pyjamas for Leon please!

  • What does your bed look like?

“The headboard’s…tall. The sheets and duvet are…white. Well, I could just show you.” He pauses, realizing what he’s just implied. “I mean, like, show you a picture!” He corrects himself, rushing to take a photo with his rotom phone.

  • Do you sleep talk?

“I don’t think so. I mean, not normally, but Hop says I have. Wonder what I talked about…” His voice lowers to a whisper toward the end of his rambling, a hand at his chin in thought.

  • What do you wear for pajamas?

“I go to sleep in athletic shorts and a tank top, but the tank top always ends up on the floor by morning. I guess I run a little warm?” He laughs.

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So I would love to thank the awesome @hayleyb100 for drawing this for my birthday (Yes…I was actually born on April 1st. No jokes here)!

Here we see that despite being the unbeatable champion of Galar with big biceps, apparently Leon can not beat Kabu in an arm wrestling match. Ever. How Kabu does it, we don’t know.

Anyways, y’all stay safe and please check out Hayley’s absolutely amazing artwork and stories!!

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Have a fun request for you :) Leon X Male Reader who is in the Gym challenge and his crush finally battling against him in the finals but has been using really weird teams like trick room or weather teams throughout the challenge but against Leon they just use the strongest team they have and Leon is like 😍

Leon is waiting with baited breath to see what Pokemon you’ll throw out to battle first, because that’s normally that biggest give away to what strategy you’ll be using. But when you throw out a Pokemon he’s never seen you use before he’s surprise and unsure what you’re trying to pull, he looks to you trying to read your expression, there’s a big grin on your features. 

“I saved this team just for our battle, there’s no strategy just the hard-work and strength of me and my team.” The thought of you training up this team just to battle with him, causes a large grin to form on his features, along with an unexplained amount of joy, while a spike of adrenaline runs through him.  

“That’s what I like to hear! Let’s see if your hard-work shows!” The audience is restless, loud shouts and cheers echoing and washing out any other sounds, but the only things that seems to matter to his at this point in time is you and your team.  

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🎵 A bit of Ambiance 🎵

Hello-hello everyone ! I hope you’re all doing well in these sad times of confinement and such. 👩‍⚕️😷

I come to you today with a little something I’ve been preparing for a while now : VOICE HEADCANONS (Gee, yeah, it was in the title 🙄)

Now, for those who have read my first Chapter, you’ve noticed I pay attention to every details (or so I’ve been told) which is also the reason why I take so heccin’ long to update!

Aaaaaaanyway, as promised, here are the headcanons to the characters of Pokemon Sword and Shield. I made a little board with the accents and special features regarding how they talk. I’ll share links down below to each character’s “voice actor” for you to hear it properly.

Enjoy 💜


Here are the links to each actors

Just a quick FYI, Emily is Zera’s mother. We will see her in the second Chapter, which you will be able to find here and on my 𝕸𝖆𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖑𝖎𝖘𝖙 when it’ll release in the incoming week.

There. I believe we’re all done. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments down below

(Also Chapter’s neeeeeearly releasing but i’m tweaking on some stuff. I’m a perfectionist)

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Hi, can I have a matchup for Pokemon swsh/Disney/marvel please? I’m a 5’3 bi Turkish girl. I’m reserved socially but very outgoing with friends, the joker of the group. I paint, draw and train dogs for a living- specifically PPD and competition obedience :P I have brown eyes and hair, average body but I do exercise often- my dogs never let me rest for too long! I’m a disciplined but fun loving person and I love to take up on a dare! I get into stupid shit often, but it’s fun! Thank you!!

Pokemon: Leon!

 - Leon would really love that, while you’re more quiet and reserved most of the time, you are comfortable with being yourself around him and your friends! He’d try to be as conscientious as possible and make sure you are comfortable with most social settings you find yourself in. 

Disney: Rapunzel! 

 - She loves to paint and draw, and after so many years of practice, she’s really good at it! Doing something like that with someone else who shares her passions would be great! She’d also be really interested in your dog training job, as that’s something she never experienced. 

Marvel: Thor! 

 - Thor could get a lot of good help from an s/o like you who is more disciplined. It’s a bit hard for him to have impulse control in certain situations, so having you there with him would help him a lot. You still being fun loving and excited to try new things would help him feel similar to you too! 

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Summary: Leon becomes Champion when Hop is five. Hop thinks there will never be anyone as amazing as his big brother, and Leon proves that to be true, again and again. Or: Ten times over the course of his time as Champion where Leon comes home to visit Hop.

 Leon approaches, looking over the coat appraisingly, then down at Hop. He sinks onto his knees in front of his brother and wraps the coat around his thin shoulders. Hop looks at it, then slowly puts his arms through the holes. The tips of his fingers barely poke through the bottom.

 “You’re smaller than I was,” Leon notes, “but I think you’ll grow into it.”


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For Leon! *playfully tugs at his hair* “How’d you get your hair so pretty? I just wanna spend like an hour toying with it or whatever...”


Leon’s eyes widen. He clears his throat while adjusting the cuffs of his suit jacket. It’s a nervous habit.

“Well, I have a routine…” He starts, but soon finds it difficult to think with your fingers twisted through his purple locks. “I could share it with you, If you want. Not my hair! My routine…”

Yes, he’s hopelessly flustered. Of course, he doesn’t let just anyone touch his hair. The list is short—his mum, Hop, Sonia, and you.

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