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I will go down with these ships - part 2

Ben Wyatt x Leslie Knope - Parks and Rec


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David Rose x Patrick Brewer - Schitt’s Creek


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Brienne x Jaime - Game of Thrones


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Robron - Robert and Aaron Dingle - Emmerdale


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Dean Winchester x Castiel- Supernatural


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Jake Peralta x Amy Santiago - Brooklyn 99


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Schmico - Levi Schmitt x Nico Kim - Grey’s Anatomy


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Waverly Earp x Nicole Haught - Wynonna Earp


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Eleventh Doctor x River Song - Doctor Who


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Scotty Wendall x Kevin Walker - Brothers & Sisters


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Ok, here’s my gripe about counting Rex x MC as enemies to lovers. They were Teens. And Rex was a Bully. They weren’t enemies so much as social opposites. It wasn’t due to a clash of principles or moral conflict.

I consider them more as Rivals to Lovers (the YA version of Enemies to Lovers sjdhksjks).

But I DO love them skdhkss

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  • “i started seeing a fertility doctor and she has me taking hormones to help with ovulation and my emotions are in overdrive”
  • “you don’t understand” “you don’t have kids”
  • “i called the doctor to see if that was a common side effect and apparently it isn’t”
  • “are we having a baby?” “we’re having a baby”


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Hey, I’m right now at season 5 episode 17 of Brooklyn nine nine and I just met the precious angel Gary (or as I call him Amy the second). Rosa says he needs a Jake like Amy and well… I cant stop thinking about Amy seeing Gary being totally annoyed (and a little love struck) by a guy like Jake (and that guy just looks at him with so much love). She is filled with nostalgia and puts them always as a team because like Jake and her they work so well together.

(One time Gary and the other guy made a bet who was a better detective and Amy nearly died on the spot)

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