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I am sure this has already been discussed. But about this scene..

I watched F1 before diving into F2 on D+ Sunday night (for the first time in foreverrr!! Seriously. Since November when Frozen II hit theaters).

And I noticed something!

In this scene, it’s a hot minute after Kristoff and Anna fell cliff-side into snow and Kristoff noticed her hair turning white. They have that sweet tender gazing moment. And you can tell something is in the works between them. We all know this.

But that hot minute later, Kristoff notices Anna is cold and shivering while looking for Kristoff’s Love Experts. He kinda creeps up behind her a bit, his mits are up to touch her. Hesitates. She’s looking at him through the corners of her eyes almost like “what are you doing?” He really wants to give her warmth but not sure how. It’s fast. And she’s a princess who’s engaged so he looks troubled if it would be weird to touch her in such a compassionate way even for warming. You can see him double take to a nearby (inactive geiser?) steaming and guides her there instead.

He looks a little embarrassed even before mentioning the trolls.

I just think it’s a really sweet and kind moment. He always wanted to keep her warm. HE CARED!!

(Unlike some jerk who pours water onto fireplaces..)

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