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#baz grimm pitch
emmer-g · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I just felt like I needed some cute snowbaz in my life at the moment
it also reminded me that I really really need to get to the bookstore so I can finally read any way the wind blows (@rainbowrowell )
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posh-vampires-in-jeans · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
snowbaz tattoo snowbaz tattoo snowbaz tattoo snowbaz tattoo snowbaz tattoo snowbaz tattoo snowbaz tattoo snowbaz tattoo snowbaz tattoo snowbaz tattoo snowbaz tattoo snowbaz tattoo
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wisp-of-thought · 3 months ago
I don't think smut scenes are supposed to make you cry but clearly Rainbow Rowell didn't get the memo because "If I want him warm, I have to do it myself" and "I can see him, even when I cant, even with my eyes closed- I know him too well" and "Is this was people do? Get as close as they can and then push closer? Burn each other into every gap? And then what? Then just tomorrow and more?" and "Just kiss me for the sake of kissing me" and "I want my sheets to smell like you" and "Be gentle with me...even though you don't have to" and "Don't say please. Why not? Because you don't have to. I'll give you whatever you want" and "I couldn't break him if I tried. I won't try" and "Is this what he wants? Is this what I'm allowed to take?" and "I was never magic" and "Is this magic? Is this enough?" And now I'm sobbing.
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hey-thats-pretty-gay · 17 days ago
So I'm semi close to done with the first book of the Simon Snow series and I'm already so obsessed. Just about everything in this book is amazing. I love it
So I made fanart!
Hope it looks aight
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one-black-coffeee · 16 days ago
does anyone else randomly think about the parallels between the scene in Wayward Son where Simon and Baz are in the back of Shepard’s truck and Baz tells Simon he doesn’t need to ask and the scene in AWTWB where Simon keeps telling Baz he doesn’t need to beg for affection? cause i certainly do and it breaks my heart every time
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ikissyloki · a month ago
i have read too many snowbaz fics that i dont even know what’s canon and what’s not so i guess this is my own simon snow multiverse.
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Tumblr media
it could be argued that this is not an alternative/side ship but in fact the main plot. however - personally think it would be neat if they were both eaten by merwolves and Daphne Grimm inherited the earth.
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piano-rat · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
made a simon version <3
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april2244 · 6 months ago
List of details I noticed reading Carry On the second time around
Minor spoilers I guess (nth too relevant to the plot)
Baz spits on merwolves just to spite them
Simon wants a mustache
Simon feels vulnerable in pjs (sleeps in his clothes at the foster care) but still wears them in Baz’s presence
The next time the boys will get the chance to see their moms (if they do ever cross the Veil again) will be when they are 38/39 yrs old
Both Simon and Baz feel more at home in their room at Watford than anywhere else
Baz will probably live forever if nothing kills him
A large part of the Watford students believe Baz was at Ibiza during the 2 months he went missing
Penny and Simon weigh the same
Baz gets panic attacks in the dark after the kidnapping
Baz is suicidal
Simon’s handwriting is shit (he writes like “an animal”)
Baz’s dad is more disappointed in the fact that he is gay than that he is a vampire
Simon smells like a hospital and Baz smells like bergamot and cedar
Baz looks like a gangster first thing in the morning
Penny and Baz geek out about Natascha Pitch and Shakespeare
Baz genuinely admires Penny as a mage
Simon panicked when Baz invited him to have dinner with his family
Baz’s house is properly haunted (even the Normals know)
Simon observed Baz so much he still believes he has a soul despite Baz thinking otherwise
Baz wore his best suit (according to Fiona) to go on a first date mission with Simon
Simon’s mom and Penny’s mom were best friends
Agatha thinks Simon’s dad is handsome
Baz stole books from the British museum
Simon thinks of his and Baz’s outing to the museum, park, and restaurant as a date saying it’s no wonder no one would date Baz if that is his idea of a date (when in fact it’s a perfectly fine date??)
Penny considers Baz her friend after only a few days of scheming together (she only has 3 friends in total according to her)
Baz considers himself a half of Penny’s friend (saying she has 2 friends and a half)
Simon believes Baz is not dead nor a monster
Baz’s “I want to kiss you” face was interpreted as his “I want to kill you” face by Simon (and Penny)
Simon had an unconscious list of things he wanted to do to Baz
Simon prefers the Grimm’s cuisine to Watford’s (even though it was his favorite)
Simon’s grandma hangs out with Agatha’s mom
Simon’s magic smells green
Both Simon and Natasha Pitch like sour cherry scones
Baz makes shameless puns
That’s the stuff I found which I thought was not often mentioned, but if you have more facts please add on!
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shayberri789 · 29 days ago
Alright it’s been about 2 months since I read Carry On because Life but anyway from what I’ve seen the fandom is COMPLETELY sleeping on that part in CO when Baz returns to Watford after being kidnapped and he is LITERALLY like “I’m gonna announce myself before anyone else does and I’m going to be a Dramatic Gay™️ about it” and used magic to fucking FLING the cafeteria doors WIDE FUCKING OPEN while dressed all fancy like “I hope Simon notices me” Boy PLEASE
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the-entitties · 2 months ago
*crushes up the snowbaz forest-fire-kiss scene and snorts it to feel something*
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