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#best idea ever

Okay but the utter disrespect to escargots here, like, it’s mega good (and no I don’t take criticism) 😂

I’m dead, the Lando one is sooooo true and Esteban killed me 😂😂😂 Please anon, pleaaaase do the rest of the grid it’s amazing, made my day 1000% better already

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Why in the heavens and on the earths and in the deeps and in all the universes and realities don’t time travelers just take the time to rest before they travel through time.

I mean, this seems like the best use of time travel to me: go back and get a good night’s (extra night’s) sleep.

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My Dudes, y’all HAVE to go check out this channel. Send so much love to @markiplier and @crankgameplays for being just amazing people😍😍😍😍😍 Mark and Ethan were already two of my favorite human beings on the planet but this idea is by far the best idea I’ve ever seen on the YouTube platform and I spend way too much time on Youtube…..Anyway, this is so stupidly and incredibly funny and they’re just all around amazing to watch. Whether you’re having a great string of days and want to keep the smiles going or having bad days (I can attest that this works, hospitals and chronic lung infections are fun), they are sure to get you pumped up and laughing without fail. Go give Unus Annus some love and be part of a literal once in a lifetime experience and remember: Memento Mori…Unus Annus. 

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