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anyways here’s a ceramic piece i’m working on

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I’ve managed to sell one pair of earrings but the flower ones are still available 🌸 I’m gonna be making some cute Valentine’s Day earrings this week so if anyone is interested, please let me know! Check out my Etsy or DM me if you’re interested 💕

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to paint (and sand it a bit first) on this clay pendant thing i baked 🤔 the golden god himself

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@claytonwyatt​ / triangle refugee breakfast club

Clay was actually one of the first people that Shep had met. They had been out on a hike, he met his dog, fell in love, and the rest was history. Now they had a standing brunch date that Shep had labeled in their calendar’s as “Baby Triangle Refugee Brunch” - half because he thought it was funny and other half because it was fitting. Clay seemed to get the brunt of it. It had been an instagram scroll that Shep caught a photo and brought it up to him once he saw it. It was kinda funny, and Shep had always valued how people treated him verses anything else. Shep felt a little antsy, he was meeting Clay just before heading to Denver for a show and just after the fight the day before. “I’m buying your breakfast and your drink,” Shep said when he sat down across from Clay. “I don’t know how you do it.”

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January 19th 2021 (day #7-8)

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This moment when all the pots are in the kiln and the door is closed and the preheat burners are on is full of quiet anticipation. The studio is empty like the tide has gone out. I can wipe down my surfaces clean my brushes wash my towels and mop the floor. Often I wake up early to make adjustments to the gas and will find myself making paintings or writing. It’s like the optimism of the completion of a body of work fuels more work more insights more vocabulary. Its as if this moment sings with out words. Emily Dickenson said hope is this thing with feathers and it not only that it has feathers but a heartbeat and a fullness and x-ray vision into the future. I have always said that potters are optimists. We are always looking into the future; we can imagine how our material shrinks and how the glaze transforms from something chalky and opaque to something translucent and glass like. We are seeing in to the future with the wings of material.

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Custom wörm earrings for one of my favorite humans, in earthy green and soft pink

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over the weekend i was eager to try and work with clay as i had some ideas for the project. my idea was to try and create this abstract pattern as ive been very interested in vibrant colours and playful compostions and so this is what i came up with id like to try and paint this as well because i feel like it would come out very pretty. over all the clay was dry feeling and was hard to work with at first but i soon got used to it.

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gender neutral pronouns used.

just a short story type of thing bc i thought it was a cute idea lolo

summary : dream had been staying at your place, and because taking his pc with him would have been more to carry and too much, you decided to share with him. you weren’t too much of a gamer, and not the best one at that, but you still had games so you would be able to spend more time with dream - after all he is a streamer and youtuber, so it takes up a majority of his time. since you both were finally together in person, he decided to try and teach you how to play video games. it overall resulted in a very nice, cute time together; a memory you surely would never forget.

just a bunch of cute fluffy stuff! theres no tw’s or anything!


the sun had finally set, the moon eventually taking its place. an incent was burning at the window, which was cracked slightly so the smell didnt get overwhelming and a nice breeze seeped inside. 

a fuzzy blanket was draped over (y/n) ‘s shoulders, shielding them from the breeze. dream sat in the gaming chair across the room from (y/n), rambling on about minecraft statistics and things similar. there was a point when(y/n) had eventually zoned him out, too intoxicated by how the other slowly moved his hands around as he spoke, occasionally letting out a small snicker or chuckle, sometimes even cracking a small laugh. 

his smile was what they loved the most about it all, it showed how much interest he actually showed in the game. they could see it was something he was genuinely passionate about, along with streaming and making content. and as much as dream loved these things, he enjoyed (y/n) and their company more - which warmed their heart. the occasional eye contact they made, when dream would look back at (y/n) to make sure they were still listening and that they weren’t bothered or annoyed by his rambling about random things, it would make them smile. it made them happy to hear dream speak about the things he enjoyed with such passion, it was something they also admired about him. along with how he always made sure to check and see if they seemed to be bothered by what he was saying. 

dream looked back at (y/n), turning the chair so he faced them. “(y/n)?” he asked, noticing that they had zoned out.

“uhm, my bad-” (y/n) apologized, letting out a small snicker. “its nice how much you enjoy this type of thing. you sure know a lot about minecraft, though. i’d never be able to know any of this if it weren’t for you, but its not like its needed since im bad at the game.”

dream let out a small chuckle, leaning against the arm rest with his elbow. “you aren’t bad, you just need to calm down when playing.”

“everyone always kills me, it makes me mad,” (y/n) said, crossing their arms. “the controls are so annoying.”

“here-, c’mere,” dream said, patting his knee. “i’ll teach you how to play.”

(y/n) let out a small huff jokingly, then headed over to dream. he spun the chair around so he faced the monitor, shooting the chair back slightly to give enough room for (y/n). he got onto a server, getting a game of bedwars ready.

before sitting down onto the others lap, (y/n) turned their led lights onto purple so the room was luminated - the moonlight that once lit the room was replaced.

“alright, i’ll guide you,” dream said, putting the two of them into a bedwars lobby to begin a game. “just put your hands on the keyboard. i’ll help you with the rest.”

(y/n) smiled slightly, looking at the monitor. they did as instructed, putting their hands onto the keyboard and mouse; dream eventually placed his hands on top of theirs and straightened his back slightly, so his head was right next to (y/n)’s to see the screen better. “we’re gonna die,”  (y/n) said with a small snicker.

“it’ll be alright, we will win a few games,” the other reassured. 

throughout the game, dream helped (y/n) with the controls, guiding them. as you would expect, though, it didnt go the best due to it being hard playing how they were. often times, one of them would slip up - (y/n) would often not move their hand in sync with dream, or move it too late, resulting in their death. during those times, they were laughing and yelling; overall just enjoying their time together, even if they weren’t winning.

it was their 6th game, they had played decently and made it to the end - there was one person left to fight. that person being someone who just camped and got loads of gear the whole game.

“dude, that guy is literally stacked. what the hell?” (y/n) said, leaning closer to the screen as they began to actually concentrate, dream doing the same so he could actually see. “that’s not fair. they have such an advantage.”

“calm down, you’re doing good, (y/n),” dream said, seeing (y/n) had been getting a bit upset and messing up simple actions from getting nervous. “just calm down. get some extra blocks and tnt, you can build above and blow up the blocks on the bed.”

(y/n) nodded, doing as told. whenever they weren’t in a pvp fight or building, dream didnt help them click the keys and mouse, but he always kept their hands on top of was comforting and nice, sometimes he’d even lean his head against the others whenever something wasnt happening. 

“alright, alright,” (y/n) said as they built, managing to calm down slightly with the help of dream. eventually they had made it above the others bed, and as dream instructed, they lit the tnt and it fell right onto the blocks guarding the bed - blowing up just enough to to break it. and they did exactly that. they ate a gapple, then engaged in the fight. at one point dream quit clicking the keys, letting them do it themselves - knowing that they would be able to kill the other.

when the victory fireworks flew up into the air and the message telling them they won the game, (y/n) flung their arms up into the air. 

“we did it!” (y/n) cheered, smiling a bit. they turned slightly so they faced dream, intertwining their hands with his. 

dream smiled, letting out a small chuckle. “you did it, good job” he complimented.

and with that, the two continued to play bedwars all night long - winning a few games here and there. most of the time dream let (y/n) play, not helping them with keys until they needed it. every time they won, he congratulated them. seeing their smile after they won games made him smile as well, he loved seeing them so proud - he was proud of them as well.

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trying out some stuff with their designs i guess

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Still working on it, but now I have both sides of Fiona’s dragon’s face done! I haven’t detailed the back of the skull yet because I need to do a different type of scales for that, and to do THAT I need more clay to do the neck/throat. It’s a whole process and a half. And I found another way of making scales. While I was doing this one. Neat. Can’t wait to finish it and send it in for AHWU

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I don’t really use clay so all things considered, I think I did ok!

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Originally posted by t3skni3

Not my GIF

Summary: When he suddenly disappeared you felt abandoned, and when he came back you realized that you would always come second to him.

Warnings: Some curse words

Part 2 to Second Place- Part 1 here


I didn’t talk to Justin after leaving Clay’s house. I thought he would’ve left like he told Jessica, but he didn’t. He even came back to school. The day I went back to Clay’s house to get my car he didn’t come down and tried to talk to me, which I was very grateful for, but Clay and I felt weird when he came outside to give me my keys back and we both felt Justin looking at us from Clay’s bedroom window. 

People think that I’ve been doing okay, but the truth is that I’m the complete opposite of okay. Justin being back really took a bigger toll on me than I would’ve thought. I’ve been slacking off in school more than when he was gone. I’ve been trying to get my shit together but it’s been hard.

I was getting ready for school when I saw Justin’s sweater in my closet. I stared at it from my bed before getting up and grabbing it. I pulled it over my head and put my arms through the sleeves, the smell engulfing me immediately; cologne with a mix of cigarette. I sigh and carry on getting ready. When I was done I walked to the door, trying to leave without my mom hearing, knowing that I failed when I heard her voice calling my name from the kitchen.

“Y/N, honey, eat something. Please, I’ve been so worried about you ever since Justin came back. At least an apple,” She says before grabbing a green apple from the fruit bowl, rinsing it and handing it to me. “Fine, mom,” I say and take a bite. “Happy?” I ask, my mouth filled with the bite I took from the apple. “Very. By the way, speaking of Justin, how is he?” She asked. I hadn’t told her about what happened. I couldn’t tell her that he kissed me and that I pushed him away because she would go off about how much he loves me, not understanding how I felt about being used as a replacement.

“He’s fine, mom. I have to go, I’m going to be late for school,” I say and walk out of the kitchen and towards the door again. “Be safe! Love you!” She calls out from the kitchen. “Love you too!” I say and head out, closing the door behind me.

I got out of my car and threw the apple core in a nearby trash can. I sighed as I prepared myself for another slow day. I was just through the gate at the front of the school when I heard yelling. I looked back and saw Jessica’s dad pointing a finger at Justin who was standing next to Clay, Jessica trying to get her dad to go back in the car. She was finally able to, her dad walked back to his car and Jessica looked at Justin. They shared a look before he looked over at me. I just gave him a look of ‘see, told you’ before walking into the school.

“Y/N! Wait, please! I need to talk to you,” He said reaching for my arm. I turn around and looked at him with wide eyes. “I already told you, leave me alone,” I say and snatch my arm away. “Please, just let me explain,” He said still following me to my locker. “There is nothing to explain Justin, I got all of it,” I said and stopped when I saw the group of people huddled around my locker. 

I sigh and roll my eyes, already knowing what was going on. I push my way through the crowd of people and see pictures of me and Justin with the words ‘HE DOESN’T WANT YOU’ written on them with red ink. I look back at Justin and see him looking at the pictures. I huff and rip the pictures off, feeling tears fill my eyes already. Justin caught me off guard, yanking the pictures out of my hand and making his way down the hallway.

“Justin, what are you doing?” I yell at him while I follow him. “I know who’s doing this,” He says, still walking. “What?” I mumble confused before I see who he’s going to. Tyler. “‘Wait, Justin no!” I say but it was too late, he already had Tyler’s collar in his hands and had him pushed against the lockers. “What the fuck is this?” He asked him, holding the pictures up to his face. “I- I don’t know,” Tyler said, clearly scared. “Justin, leave him alone,” I said, trying to pull Justin back but he wouldn’t budge. “Don’t fucking lie to me!” Justin said, still not letting him go. “Justin, he’s not lying! I already asked him!” I said. This made him look at me, confused.

“This has happened more than once?” He asked finally letting Tyler go. “Go, Tyler. I’m sorry,” I said, he just nodded at me and left. “Answer my question,” Justin said, a little more calmly than with Tyler. “Yes, it’s happened three times before but it’s whatever. It’s just someone trying to scare me because of the trial,” I said and rolled my eyes, making my way back to my locker. “Wait, you’re testifying?” He asked. “Yeah, for the Bakers. They think I might be able to make the jury see that she was a good person, since she was always nice to me even if we weren’t actual friends. Why are you talking to me?” I asked, remembering I was mad at him. “Hey, you’re talking to me too.” He said and grinned. I just rolled my eyes and started opening my locker. “Please Y/N, I care about you and I know you care about me at least a little bit,”

“How are you so sure about that?” I asked, starting to take some books out of my locker and shoving them in my backpack. “You’re wearing my hoodie,” He said, the grin on his face not disappearing. I rolled my eyes once more and looked at him. “Okay, fine. What is it that you want to explain to me, that I don’t already know?” I asked, putting a hand on my hip after slamming my locker shut. “Meet me at our place, after school?” He asked, hopeful. “Justin, really?” I ask. “Please, I will explain everything that I need to and if you’re still mad at me by the end I will leave you alone like you asked,” He said. I thought about it for a while before hesitantly responding,


I swung my legs off the edge of the dock, waiting for Justin. I didn’t want to be here but I did at the same time? What I feel for Justin will never go away and I guess he kind of sees that and uses it to his own advantage. I heard light footsteps from behind me get closer which meant Justin was here. I looked back and he smiled, before sitting down.

We sat in silence for a while before I broke it. “So.. what did you want to explain?” I asked, looking down at my hands. “Well first of all, I wanted to apologize for everything. For leaving and for making you feel like I was using you. I wasn’t, Y/N, I seriously do love you,” I closed my eyes as I heard him say that. “And before you say I don’t, I truly do love you. I love you so much and I hate myself for ever leaving you.” He said and reached for my hand, rubbing his thumb over my knuckles. “Secondly, we’ve been trying to convince Jessica to let me testify for what Bryce did to her,” He said. “If you need any help I can try talking to her as well, it might be better if it doesn’t come from a guy,” I said. 

“Thanks, Y/N,” Justin said. We looked at each other for a moment before he glanced down at my lips like last time. “C- Can I kiss you?” He asked. “I need time Justin. With me testifying and everything that has been happening with someone to scare me, I just need your patience for now,” I said. “No worries I can wait, and about that someone trying to scare you don’t worry either, I’m always here to protect you,” He said, smiling and wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

“We the Jury, in the case of Andrew and Olivia Baker versus the Evergreen County School District, find the defendant not responsible,” My heart plummets down, just as everybody else’s. Justin gives my hand a squeeze trying to reassure me but I can tell that he’s upset too. When we walk out of the courthouse we see a whole bunch of paparazzi and reporters. I stand next to Justin and Clay, still holding Justin’s hand and listen to Mrs. Baker talking to the reporters. “Fucking Bryce,” Clay says, making us all look back to see him.

“Bryce Walker?” Officer Standall says nearing Bryce. “Yes?” Bryce says. “You’re under arrest for felony sexual assault,” He says and grabs Bryce’s arms putting them behind his back. I look at Justin and Clay, both of them already looking at each other and me in surprise. Bryce’s lawyer tries to stop it but Officer Standall tells him that he can talk to him at the station. They drag Bryce to the cop car as he glares at all of us before trying to stop at Jessica. 

“You’re making a big fucking mistake,” He says to her before he gets pushed away. “Justin Foley?” An officer asks Justin. Justin gives my hand a squeeze before letting it go. “You’re under arrest…” The officer says. “What?” Both me and Jessica say at the same time. “as an accessory for felony sexual assault,” The officer finishes and puts his arms behind his back, putting the handcuffs around his wrists. “Wait! Justin!” I yell out to him as he gets dragged away. “It’s okay, Y/N, it’s okay. I promise.” He says, looking back at me before cooperating with the officer and walking towards the car. “What? Clay!” I say and look back at Clay. “Mom, they- they arrested Justin,” He says to his mom. “I know, honey. Justin knew that was a risk he took, going on record about what happened,” She says. Of course he knew and didn’t tell us.

“Mom, he.. he saved my life. Alright? We have to help him,” He says as his mom looks between the both of us. “We will, I promise.” She says and grabs both of our hands. When she lets go and walks off, me and Clay look at each other, tears in both of our eyes. “We’re going to help him, we’ll get him out,” He says and wraps his arms around me. “I know,” I said, my voice breaking in the end.

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