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#emma carstairs
oblivionsdream · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Happy release day for Queen of Air and Darkness! May all your ships sail and for us all to not dissolve into a puddle of tears!
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clockwork-angels · 2 years ago
TSC characters as of 2019
In honour of the new year here are the ages and years of events/characters in the TSC:
Clary, Jace and Izzy are: 28
Alec is: 30
Simon is: 29
and has been a Shadowhunter for: 11 years
Max has been dead for: 12 years
Sebastian has been dead for: 12 years
Jocelyn and Luke have been married for: 11 years
Magnus and Alec have been married for: 7 years
Will has been dead for: 82 years
Tessa is: 157
Jem is: 158
Emma is: 24
Julian is: 24
Helen is: 30
Mark is: 28
Cristina is: 25
Ty is: 22
Kit is: 22
Dru is: 20
Livvy has been dead for: 7
Tavvy is: 14
the Jessa baby is: 6 (most likely)
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oblivionsdream · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
My Top Ten Books of 2018
6. Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare
“Shining figures were emerging from the fire. Not Julian and Emma, or at least, not Julian and Emma as they had been.
“The flames had risen at least thirty feet in the air, and the figures that emerged from them were at least that tall. It was as if Julian and Emma had been carved from shining light....”
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mariakaestner · 2 years ago
City of Bones, page 62:
Jace was seated at the grand piano…She must have made some noise because he twisted around on the stool, blinking in the shadows. “Alec?” he said. “Is that you?”
Clockwork Angel, page 100:
A boy with a violin propped against his shoulder. His cheek rested against the instrument, and the bow sawed back and forth over the strings, wringing notes out of it, notes as fine and perfect as anything Tessa had ever heard. His eyes were closed. "Will?" he said, without opening his eyes or ceasing to play. "Will, is that you?"
Queen of Air and Darkness, page 19:
A door opened at the top of the steps, and light spilled onto the dark landing. "Julian?" Emma called. "Julian, is that you?"
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thesinglelogbridge · 2 years ago
The Dark Artifices Characters Ranked by Horniness
(mild QoAaD spoilers ahead)
Julian: Unequivocally the horniest. Nuts every time Emma so much as breathes in his direction.
Kieran: Horny disaster.
Christina: Seems like one of the least horny but is actually one of the most horny. Has Strong opinions about who the hottest fairy prince is.
Mark: Did not engineer the interruption of the harpyia demon and is eager to continue with their sexual congress.
Gwyn: A pretty horny dude.
Emma: Seems very horny at first glance but spends too much time being emotionally and morally conflicted to be all that horny.
Kit: Can’t handle looking in Ty’s direction for more then 4.5 seconds, however knows when to show some goddamn restraint.
Diana: A little horny but mostly wholesome and romantic.
Ty: Doesn’t have time to be horny.
Diego: Only horny for love.
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